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tv   NBC10 News at 5pm  NBC  August 8, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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fright known phone call. a husband hears his wife get hit by a car. tonight the driver is still on the loose. what went wrong? family members reveal new details what led up to a tragic murder-suicide in burks county. going for gold. michael phelps is back in the water and more of our local athletes step on to the global stage for the first time. nbc 10 has your exclusive ticket to the olympic games right now. good evening. i'm keith jones. >> and i'm denise knackna.
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here at the nbc 10 studios and thanks to crack lynn london we have our all-access pass to the olympics games. >> and shied she joins us live from olympic park in rio de janiero, a whopping 4,800 miles from the city of philadelphia. our local athletes have been very busy today, and you know what. there's more action tonight. >> reporter: they really have, keith and denise. i can tell you right behind me are the tennis courts where serena williams and rafael nadal will take to the courts and will play in just a moment. there's so much excitement from tennis to you will al of the different sports. a lot of it happening right here at baja olympic park behind me. let's take a look above so you can see the aerial vantage point of this park and how vast it is. there's several arenas next to the tennis court. team usa women's and men's basketball teams played there earlier today. further over is the gymnastics arena where the men will be competing later tonight, and to the south is the olympic aquatic
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stadium where our local swimmers are going for gold and they are putting on quite a show. those are just some of the events that our local athletes competed in today. also, fencing and rowing which has a large presence in the delaware valley. we'll have those stories coming up on a windy day. wind was the big story yesterday, but it's also continuing today. we don't believe it will affect play. if it does, we will keep you posted. reporting now from rio de janiero, brazil, back to you, keith and denise. >> i see it somewhat affecting the reports from jackie. look forward to those stories. jacqueline london live from rye oh. don't miss a minute of the olympic action. nbc is live streaming every single event. can you find it oall on the nbc 10 a. >> a deadly hit and run a victim's husband heard it happen all over the phone and now police are looking for the driver who took off. nbc 10 jersey shore reporter ted
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greenberg has the latest. >> very upsetting. >> reporter: it will be hard for serita scott to forget what she saw while out with her dog this morning. >> i saw this lady just laid out like that with her arms straight out. the guy was giving her cpr >> reporter: 61-year-old victim was on her regular walk along an undeveloped section of ridgeway street just before 8:00 a.m. when she was struck and killed by a large suv that left the scene. authorities say the woman was on the phone with her husband at the time. >> he heard a loud sound, like a thud, and then, you know, the line essentially went dead so her husband tried calling back. wasn't sure what had happened and, you know, came out looking for her. >> reporter: a public works employee found the victim on the road where investigators later used a drone and sophisticated laser measuring equipment in their search for clues. >> it's just terrible. you don't -- somebody must have been texting or on the phone or something because how could you miss somebody just walking there. >> reporter: there were no witnesses, but based on debris
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found at the scene, investigators believe the suv involved was a chevy silverado, tahoe or suburban at least a decade old that now has damage to the right front part of the vehicle. >> you had to know. that is so awful. how can anybody be that cruel? >> reporter: police want to hear from anyone with information about who was behind the wheel. the street where the crash happened is popular for biking, jogging and walking, but serita scott says after what she saw today she and her dog will be avoiding it. >> i'm not going to do it anymore. i'll stay in the complex when i walk with her now. >> reporter: ted greenberg, nbc 10 news. >> also tonight, nbc 10 has new details about the family of five found dead in burks county. police believe it was a murder-suicide and for the first time family members are telling nbc 10 more about what led up to this tragedy. >> lauren mayk joins us with this story. i know we're hoping to get more
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answers from the medical examiner's office. any luck? >> reporter: that's right, keith and denies. we've learned an autopsy was performed here this afternoon on the body of mark short. it's the only autopsy requested by the d.a.'s office. now, we are still waiting on the results of that, but we are learning more about short himself from his family in fulcroft. for the family of mark short it's been hard to absorb. >> it's just so devastating what has happened. we just don't understand it. >> reporter: that is short's aunt who got the news that shocked this quiet neighborhood. the family of five found dead in their living room, all with gunshot wounds. police found an apparent murder-suicide note in the home and a handgun near one. adults. >> i kept waiting for the phone call to find out that it was true, what my son had said on the phone that they were all dead, and i just didn't believe it. >> reporter: authorities have not revealed the contents of the note found or said who pulled the trigger, but they have said there were domestic issues
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between husband and wife. mark short's aunt shared more details. >> mark was really trying to make it work, and he took them to disney world in february to try to bond the family together and evidently it didn't work because she still wanted to get out of the marriage. >> reporter: the couple had three young children, including 2-year-old willow. the little girl had a heart transplant when she was just days old. >> and they did everything for the kids. they spent every moment with willow in the hospital. >> reporter: james short describes his cousin mark as calm and collected and all about family. >> mark's a great guy. i mean, whatever the situation happened, don't think any less of him because he's a real, really good guy. he would do anything for anybody. >> reporter: the aunt we spoke with said that mark short's family are handling funeral arrangements for him while megan short's family is handling the arrangements for her and the children. live in reading, i'm lauren
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mayk, nbc 10 news. meanwhile, we have new video of people scrambling for cover as someone opens fire into a crowd on a philadelphia street corner. we must warn you now some of this video you might find disturbing. [ gunfire ] >> you can hear 20 shots fired as people scattered along essington avenue in southwest philadelphia early sunday morning. several bullets struck and killed a well-known racer who goes by the name mexican rob. no one else in the crowd was hurt. nine other shootings happened the same night in philadelphia. in a five-hour span from saturday into sunday, two people were shot to death, three others are now in critical condition. >> a delaware teen accused of an attack that left a classmate dead will have to wait until friday to learn if she will be charged as an adult. today a judge heard arguments about whether the case should be kept in family court. you'll remember amy joyner francis was attacked in the
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bathroom at howard high school of technology in april. she had a pre-existing heart condition. buying booze will soon be easier in pennsylvania. starting today restaurants and hotels that sell beer to go can apply for permits to also sell takeout wine. also more gas stations and grocery stores can apply to sell six packs and wine. wine lovers can now have bottles slipped to them from other states and state stores can open up on holidays and stay open longer on sunday. it's day three of competition in baja olympic park. what you see behind me is much different now than when we initially arrive. now that this park is open to the public, it's swarming with people who are so anxious to immerse themselves in anything olympics related. the games here in rio are off to an exciting start for team usa. the local athletes are not disappointing in the least with their dominating performances.
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making a splash less than 24 hours after winning his 19th gnld, michael phelps is back in the pool today for the 200 meter butterfly finishing third in his heat. he'll go for his third gold tomorrow night. >> reporter: on the court wilmington's elana deadon and team usa routing spain by 40 points and making history was the superstar with the saber, muslim-american fencer al mohammed is the first american to compete in the americans wearing a hijab. she beat her ukraine opponent in the opening bell. >> the women verdict to us. >> reporter: the women finish their first round of rio rowing competitions several boat lengths ahead of netherlands proving all their practice at princeton university is paying off. >> executing was the best part. >> the fake and a shot.
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it's in and count it for the united states. they lead it 1-0. >> reporter: and on the field three local athletes carry team usa to another field hockey victory, upsetting australia. michelle batiste from philadelphia and kaitlin advancinger from wilmington score the winning goal. >> we've had some tough moments in our career and now it's time to shine on that. >> reporter: in about an hour villanova basketball star kyle lowry and team usa will take on venezuela, and here in rio we came across a family who has been to the olympic games 18 times. hard to believe. we spoke to them. have you to stick around and hear their story, and i have a feeling that keith is going to stick around to watch villanova alum kyle lowry. reporting from rio de janiero, back to you. >> that's right. he's actually my former roommate from my junior here at
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villanova. so i'll watch kyle lowry awfully close. >> glued to the set for sure. >> great moments. >> all right, jacqueline, thank you. also tonight, a stranded dolphin is safe thanks to a group from the jersey shore. see how this remarkable rescue unfolded coming up at 5:00. >> losing his livelihood. the victim of a freak elevator accident is still struggling in the hospital tonight. we'll hear from friends and co-workers who are trying to help him pull through. >> reporter: and the rain stayed to our south today and now there's more rain in the forecast. that's all coming up along with a heat wave, too. that's next. >> before we go, a live look right now at olympic torch in rio. 2016. nbc 10 keeping track of every olympic event. showing you the latest medal count. so if you're worried about spoilers avert your eyes for the next few seconds. we'll be right back. ♪ everything is awesome
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i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. how do we make the economy work for everyone? hillary clinton's plan starts here... by making big corporations and those at the top finally pay their fair share in taxes. and those companies that move overseas? she'd charge them an exit tax. then she'd use that money to make the largest investment in creating good paying jobs since world war ii. millions of jobs. you can read the plan here.
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there's the hidden victims of a power struggle unfolding in philadelphia. >> with the arrival of ride-sharing companies like uber and lyft taxi cab use has plummeted and now some of the city's most vulnerable are caught in the middle. nbc 10's george spencer has a preview of our investigation. >> if something comes up at the drop of a dime, then that's when i get caught in the middle because i have nobody else to call. >> reporter: for latoya maddox the question is very real. what would you do if you were
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stuck without a ride? >> this is a violation of our civil rights. >> reporter: we uncover why some say taxi and ride services are neglecting the disabled, so we take their concerns to the top. >> there's been a lot of concerns about disabled riders. >> reporter: and we ask what the companies and local leaders are doing to address the gap. >> this would never be happening if these companies, for example, were saying we're not going to pick up women or we're not going to pick up african-americans. >> and investigative reporter george spencer is with us now. george, how did this gap in service originate in the first place? >> you could really think of it as a perfect storm that really started about two years ago when leaders approved additional wheelchair accessible taxis. that approval though came right around the same time that ride-sharing companies started to get very popular here, and what it meant was that no one wanted to bid on those new taxi medallions which left a lot of
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the riders really in limbo. >> george, where do we go from here and how can it get fixed? >> that's the big part of the story is asking local leaders and some of the ride-sharing companies what their plans are, what they are doing about that gap and keep in mind this is a big group of people, guys. advocates estimate the disabled community is about 160,000 people around our city, so it is a story that impacts loved ones, family members, friends, neighbors, a lot of people. >> no question, george spencer, thank you very much. >> looking forward to your investigation tonight on nbc 10. that is after the olympics. >> let's go now to meteorologist sheena par convenient for an update on your neighborhood forecast. sheena? >> yeah, and a very comfortable day today. temperatures a little bit cooler. the clouds around, too, but no rain, and now we're seeing more sflin through the lehigh valley and new jersey coming in mid to low 80s and very comfortable still, pennsylvania suburbs 83 degrees and still have the clouds around the philadelphia area right now but temperatures are still on the comfortable side. cooler than what we have seen
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lately, but that will be changing as we go into the rest of this week. neighborhood temperatures, germantown 75 degrees and "sex and the city" 85 and rittenhouse 83 and fox chase 83 and torresdale coming in at 83 degrees. the seven-day at the bottom of screen shows we have another heat wave in the forecast, so that's the first headline here. heat wave number five is coming. yes, it's going to be hot again. we'll have several 90-degree days in a row so after today and tomorrow staying mainly in the 80s. wednesday will be back into the low 90s and mid-90s thursday into the weekend, and in that time frame it's also going to be very humid so it's going to feel closer to 100 degrees. it is going to be hot as we end out the week. at the same time we have showers and thunderstorms in the forecast so have your umbrella wednesday and through the weekend the weekend rain chances will be in the forecast pretty much both weekend days. show you the timing of the rain in a minute. still clouds are around and the
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rain has stayed to the south so that rain will remain to our south until we go into about wednesday and then we'll see the rain chances go up. by tomorrow we're still looking at dry conditions, still a nice day, but warmer than today, and then we go into wednesday, starting wednesday morning, there is a chance we can see some showers for the morning commute and through the afternoon the rain chances hang around so have that umbrella and keep it handy as we go from wednesday through the rest of the week. we're going to be seeing rain chances through the weekend. not tomorrow though. here's a look at your neighborhood high. 88 degrees for a fair amount and allentown coming in at 88 degrees, so, again, warmer than today but a little bit more sunshine. robinsville 83 degrees and avalon 82 and if you're in wilmington expect temperatures right around about 86 degrees. the eagles preseason game, that's going to be this thursday at 7:00 p.m. temperatures will be in the mid to low 90s but feeling around 100 degrees at some points. we do have a chance of showers and storms as we go from
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tailgating through kickoff by the end of the game. still very warm. temperatures feeling still around 90 degrees. your ten-day on 10 there, you see the heat wave coming, not so much tomorrow but we'll be in the upper 80s and low 990s wednesday and thursday and as we go into friday and there's a look at your weekend rain chances. temperatures mid-90s saturday and low 90s saturday with the thunderstorm chances. we'll go into next week and we'll be back in the 80s and still looking pretty warm in your ten-day forecast. coming up a look at the rest of the areas' neighborhood weather. >> thank you so much. the long wait is almost over. just talked about the forecast looking nice. the eagles back in action this week in the very first preseason game. a live look at lincoln financial field as soon as we can. that's where the birds are going to take on tampa bay on thursday night. nbc 10 is your official eagles station, and we're getting you ready for the team's debut. join us before the game for eagles preseason kickoff. you'll hear from the only two quarterbacks to lead the eagles
5:21 pm
to super bowl appearances. they will discuss their advice for carson wentz. that's thursday night at 6:30 on csn and cozy-tv. here's you a how to find us. csn is channel 847 for comcast customers and 576 for verizon customers. and cozy is channel 248 for comcast, 460 for verizon and 10.2 over the air. well, it is safe to say jeb bush and donald trump did not get along during the presidential campaign. now one of jeb's family members is getting behind his former foe. we'll have that story next at 5:00. plus, switching cell phone companies can be tempting especially when you hear about the sweet deals to lower your phone will. one deem seemed to go to true and nbc 10 responds is on the case.
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moms know their kids need love.
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and encouragement. they also know milk is a nutrient powerhouse. with 8 grams of natural protein, plus 8 other essential nutrients. it's no surprise 9 out of 10 u.s. olympians grew up drinking milk. moms know kids grow strong when they milk life. to decision 2016 now. the economy is in the spotlight this week on the campaign trail for both presidential candidates. today in detroit donald trump outlined his plan to boost jobs and make america more competitive. he proposed reducing the number of tax brackets from seven to three. lowering the tax on businesses from 35% to 15% and offering a tax deduction on child care costs for middle and lower income families. >> the rich will pay their fair share but no one will pay so
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much that it destroys jobs or undermines our ability as a nation to compete at a campaign event. >> trump blasted hillary clinton as a candidate of the past that supports bad trade deals. >> clinton is expected to reveal her economic plan on thursday in detroit. economics was her focus while campaigning today in florida but did not directly address trump's remarks. she promised more support for small businesses as she toured a brewery in st. petersburg and again at a rally this afternoon. >> you want to start a business, we're going to put a moratorium on your student loan payments so you can actually borrow the money to get the business started. >> meanwhile, donald trump appears to have won over at least one member of the bush family. jeb bush's son is the first in the political family to push republicans to back trump. texas land commissioner george p. bush told party activists on saturday it's time to rally
5:26 pm
around the nominee, but he stopped short of an actual endorsement. >> it's a bitter pill to swallow and get back up. we may not have won but we need to make sure we stop clinton. >> jeb bush said he won't vote for trump and former presidents george w. bush and george h.w. bush will not support trump. a look at a sheriff's sergeant who was injured in a freak elevator accident. >> and our jacqueline london live from rio. meet the family whose favorite pastime is the olympics. we'll detail all the cities they visited and yes they just love it so much. welcome to the wonder of the olympic games.
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work is going back to normal at the criminal justice center in philadelphia after a dangerous elevator accident. >> life will not go back to normal very soon for one of the victims that have accident. nbc 10's cydney long has been talking to people close to sergeant paul owens and you spoke with the sheriff right after he visited owens' family? >> reporter: denise, that's right, i did. i spoke to sheriff joel williams as he left the sergeant's bedside and hahnemann hospital earlier this afternoon. he confirmed three things for
5:30 pm
us, that not only is it sergeant oerns in a medically induced coma but he's paralyzed from the waist down and will likely never return to the job he loved so much. >> it's a very somber time for us. >> reporter: philadelphia sheriff confirmed sergeant paul owens may not regain the use of his legs. >> he is temporarily paralyzed. >> reporter: this after an elevator malfunctioned that essentially slingshoted the elevator owens was riding through cement ceiling thursday, trapping and critically injuring him. williams confirmed social pedia posts by owens' colleagues which read in part, quote, his serious injuries from the unprecedented elevator accident at the criminal justice center will preclude him from returning as we say to the job. >> we'll get all of the support as a retired person or person who goes out on a work-related injury. >> reporter: it comes as some 6,000 people who moved through the court system each day did so in a staggered fashion on monday
5:31 pm
because the staff elevators that malfunctioned remained off limits. each public elevator was numbered. >> they have signs up. there's six elevators, and each elevator is going to different floors. >> we are moving the judges, jurors and the secured sheriff's deputy elevator in the rear of the build. >> reporter: out font a mr. softy truck stayed put complements of court employees. >> wouldn't have been surprised if he wasn't returning, but, geez, he'll be paralyze and not being able to return, that's horrible. >> reporter: and we do know that all elevators in the 17th floor building were tested over the weekend. the city told me a third-party contractor has been hired to investigate what caused thursday's tragic elevator malfunction and we also know there's no deadline for that report with some limited elevator access. now the sheriff's department is asking all court employees to
5:32 pm
arrive early each morning to prevent some of that congestion. live in center city, cydney long, nbc 10 news. a police car responding to a car collided with a minivan. 22nd at montgomery in north philadelphia. police tell us the officer was taken to roxborough hospital. he's expected to be okay. the driver of the minivan was also taken to the hospital. >> jury selection began today in the trial of a soldier accused of killing the mother of his 14-year-old girlfriend. 22-year-old kayla barnes allegedly killed as the daughter helped and helped cover up the crime. barnes allegedly stabbed the woman's mother mull pal times in her neck as she sat in her car back in early 2015.
5:33 pm
bands and jamie plotted to call the woman because they disagreed of the relationship. as part of a plea deal the teen agreed to testify against barnes. pennsylvania's attorney general goes on trial. kathleen kane is accused of leaking secret grand jury information and lying under oath. >> right now both sides are picking their injury and nbc 10's deanna durante joins us live with more from the courtroom in montgomery county. deanna. >> reporter: this has been a day long process as the state's highest ranking law enforcement official is now sitting at the table in the courtroom. she is on the defense side. a defendant in this case, a case that if found guilty she could end up serving time in jail. nbc 10 is the only tv station that is there to get a shot of kathleen kane as she and the security team walk into the montgomery county courthouse. kane's arrival is tomorrow
5:34 pm
morning. a jury people of 100 has been told the trial will last at least a week. kane is accused of leak as story to the newspaper and then lying about it to a grand jury. kane has amassed a large legal team and recently adding a former montgomery county district attorney who specializes in white collar crime. kane has said she's done nothing wrong and this is the result of angry political foes trying to retaliate against her all because she uncovered pornographic and sensitive e-mail on state servers. >> the judge barred that argument from coming into court and for any use in her defense. prosecutors have argued kane is the one looking to retaliate, that she leaked the information to embarrass former staffers who disagreed with her handling of prior cases as attorney general. she is not speaking another term in office after the charges citing family reasons.
5:35 pm
now, the jury pool right now stands at about 100 people. all montgomery county residents, they have been asked individual individually, some in the courtroom being asked if kane's position as attorney general would affect how impartial they could be in the trial or if they believe a law enforcement officer over another individual in the case. we do know jury selection is still going on. so far no one has been picked for this jury. reporting live in norristown, deanna durante, nbc 10 news. >> reporter: back here live at the olympic games in rio de janiero. we have been coming across so many interesting people, not just here at baja olympic park but all over this gorgeous seaside city, and we came across one family who has been to the olympic games 18 times. it's clearly their favorite pastime, and they don't plan on slowing down any time soon.
5:36 pm
this guy got to go to beijing. he got to go to the opening ceremonies, and we baby-sat for these two when they were lick, and -- and they came home starry-eyed and my daughter-in-law says i want to always go to opening ceremonies. >> reporter: you've been to other olympics in. >> yes. >> reporter: which ones? >> torino, beijing, sochi, vancouver and london and this one is my sixth. >> reporter: and how old are you? >> i am 12. >> reporter: you are very well-traveled for 12. >> yeah, i guess. >> reporter: wow. hasn't she seen a lot in her little life in the entire family travels together, nine of them. we're talking about grandma, grandpa, two sons, a daughter-in-law and four grandkids, so they have definitely been enjoying themselves. it's almost a sport, if you will, the way they travel around
5:37 pm
and visit all. olympic games. turning to a real sport now and the hardwood, and one of the best to play the game. >> so every time you want to jump off your left foot, okay, and then right leg is attached to your right arm as a string. >> the best player in delaware basketball history spoke to kids at a camp and is also a national ambassador at the special olympics, recently earning that distinction and is a furs time olympian with team usa. we sat down with her and asked her what it might feel like if her team wins gold in rio. >> i've always dreamt of this morning and stepping on a podium and god willing gold and that would be an awesome moment and i think i would reflect on all the
5:38 pm
work and years that went into it. that's the pinnacle of your career if you going to the olympics and put a gold medal around your neck. i can't even imagine what that would feel like. ♪ >> you can get much more on elena's amazing story in our "going for gold" special right here on saturday at 10:00 p.m. eastern. tonight on "the olympic zone," meese a new face of the olympic games, new jersey's own gymnast who is poised to be a breakout star here in rio. definitely making hire way. that's ahead at 7:30, and we'll talk to the woman's eighth seat rowing team and train in new jersey and they have a powerhouse and dominate the games here and have done it time after time after time. we'll have their incredible story and much more from rio. foy now i'm jacqueline london and i send it back to you, keith
5:39 pm
and denise. >> looking forward to see that in sports. >> still ahead at 5:00. nbc 10 responds and gets result for a family having i approve this message.
5:40 pm
donald trump: i could stand in the middle of 5th avenue and shoot somebody and i wouldn't lose any voters, okay? and you can tell them to go f--- themselves! you know, you could see there was blood coming out of her eyes,
5:41 pm
blood coming out of her wherever... you gotta see this guy. ahh, i don't know what i said, ahh. "i don't remember." he's going like "i don't remember!" and those are the sounds of a rare rescue playing out at the jersey shore. look at this. the marine mammal stranding center and firefighters spent ten hours working to get a stranded dolphin out of a middle township creek sunday. rescuers struggled through knee-deep mud to rescue or wrestle the seven-foot dolphin into a net and water.
5:42 pm
then he drove him to freedom in the delaware bay instead of the ocean. >> we assumed letting him go there where he it was more familiar with it than on the oceanside where there's tons more people. >> neighbors say this is the first time in 30 years they remember a dolphin getting stranded in a creek off the bay. experts say the animal may have been looking for food and then got trapped during low tide. well, from dolphins to eagles. it's a big week for the philadelphia eagles. the bird's season kicks off on thursday with the first preseason matchup. >> can't wait for that. the players got some special visitors at training camp today. u.s. senator bob casey and marine sergeant sam peca stopped by. invited as part of the nfl salute to service. he says the experience was unforgettable. >> i'm a huge eagles fan and this is a dream come true. i got to go to the training camp last year and i'm actually going to the game on thursday, but i can't even explain how incredible this is.
5:43 pm
>> reporter: >> peca is a combat marine who served in afghanistan. >> the eagles are back in action this thursday night as they take on tampa bay in the first preseason game. that game is at 7:00 and tune in at 6:30 for eagles preseason kickoff. for live reports from the link and an exclusive interview of the new head coach doug pederson. thursday night at 6:30 on csn and cozy toff. here's how to find it on your tv. csn is 847 for comcast customers and 576 for verizon customers and cozy is channel 248 for come kvt, 460 for verizon and 10.10 over the air. >> and i have that eagles forecast coming up. it is going to be hot for the game. temperatures will be heating up this week. we also have some showers and storms in the forecast along with a heat wave. i'll share all the details on that coming up next.
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it's a pretty simple question: is pat toomey's agenda your agenda? toomey voted seven times to defund planned parenthood. he even tried to shut down the federal government in order to eliminate funding for planned parenthood. and toomey's against a woman's right to choose and supports overturning roe v. wade which would allow states to criminalize abortion. pat toomey: he's focused on his own agenda,
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not us. majority forward is responsible for the content of this advertising. if my child is sick in the middle of the negotiate i can't go with him to the hospital. >> what would you do if you were stuck wowed a ride? scl this is a violation of our civil rights. >> your nbc 10 investigators uncover why some say taxi and ride services are neglecting the disabled. >> this would never be happening if these companies were saying
5:46 pm
we're in the going to pick up women or we're not going to pick up african-americans. >> an nbc 10 investigation tonight after the olympics. count on it. switching telephone companies can be tempting especially when you hear about sweet deals to lower that phone bill. >> our nbc 10 simmonds team is expanding to our sister station telemundo 62. it's called telemundo responde, and our newest reporter go the to the bottom of one deal that just seemed too good to be deal. >> one viewer's switchover turned into a nightmare when the company told her there was nothing they could do. she turned to nbc 10 responds. >> hi, dada. >> reporter: erica pedro and her children can't imagine life without frequent calls to their family in brazil. the single mother of three recently switched from at&t to sprint to save money on her bills. >> started to tell me about the wonderful things sprint could do. >> reporter: a sprint sales rep said the company would buy her own phone from her, help her may
5:47 pm
off her at&t bill and throw in a $250 gift card. >> i kept inquiring. are you sure about that because no other carry has that promo. we are good, trying to grow. >> reporter: she signed up but turned out that deal didn't exist. pedro says the manager at the sprint store told her the sales rep gave her wrong information. the money for her old phone had to be helped to use to buy a new phone from sprint and she still owed $606 and that gift card couldn't be used to pay off the at&t balance either. >> he said, man, i'm sory. >> that's when pedro called nbc 10 responds. >> i'm stuck and i can't get out. >> reporter: we went to work for her contacting the sprint and the company reached out to pedro with a fix giving her a $523 credit on her account she she won't have to pay her sprint phone bill for the next ten months. >> thank you for all your
5:48 pm
actions. >> and sprint e-mailed nbc 10 responds a statement saying in mart, quote, there was a miscommunication earlier which we apologize for, and the issue has been resolved. so we'll add her $523 to our nbc 10 responds recovery counter. that number now stands at $69,1668. >> and we started this campaign what in april? >> incredible. >> just keeps going up. >> it does. >> thank you so much. if you have a consumer complaint for nbc 10 respond or telemondayo responde, reach out to us. the phone numbers and websites are right there on your screen. and coming up tomorrow on nbc 10 responds, a woman can't get a refund on her own from a nursing home after more than a month of waiting and then she called harry. that story is tomorrow on "nbc 10 news at 5:00." a new jersey lawmaker is trying to give distracted drivers a stronger red light by expanding what they can't do behind the wheel. current law already prohibits
5:49 pm
texting or talking without a hands-free device and the new legislation is broader and bars distracted driving generally. the bill doesn't specify what actions would be banned. it's just anything that could interfere with safe driving. well, some parts of the area today seeing sunshine. rehoboth beach not so much. we have rain just to the south of delaware, and that's where the clouds are from. overcast skies here at rehoboth beach but at least most of the area today has stayed dry. temperatures mostly in the mid-80s. pennsylvania suburbs really nice now, right around 80 degrees, sunshine, air in place and 8384 degrees and temperatures will be heating up later on this week. if you look at the seven-day controlling at the bottom you'll notice a stretch of 90s, our next heat would he have. cape may port is coming in at 83
5:50 pm
degrees. mays landing 83 and atlantic city coming in at 78 degrees right now. we'll be getting warmer tomorrow and then into the 9 the 0s by wednesday. the cloud cover is going to least area for the most part tomorrow, not as cloudy as today. cruz linger and here's what i told you about in sussex county in delaware. don't expect that rain to be moving in tonight and tomorrow moy in the way of sunshine. if you're in the lehigh valley robinsville 87 degrees and dover tomorrow is coming in right around 85. and then we'll be into the 9 a 0s on wednesday. tomorrow afternoon we're still dry and could see some scattered showers in the afternoon. have the umbrella wednesday and we'll go through the rest of the
5:51 pm
weekend into the weekend and the rain chances are still around, but also here comes the heat so if we go through the end. week and into the weekend temperatures back into the 90s. that is the heat wave and for the eagles game going into thursday evening it's going to be a hot one. if you're tail getting temperatures will feel like 100 degrees and even at kickoff, conditions fueling the 990 degrees. coming up, a look at your ten-day forecast. >> as the zika threat comes to the united states a local business is on the front line to stop the virus from spreading. >> how one hardware company is it going beyond bug spray to keeps yards affected by mosquitos away. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message.
5:52 pm
how do we make the economy work for everyone? hillary clinton's plan starts here... by making big corporations and those at the top finally pay their fair share in taxes. and those companies that move overseas? she'd charge them an exit tax. then she'd use that money to make the largest investment in creating good paying jobs since world war ii. millions of jobs. you can read the plan here.
5:53 pm
one day, the worlde wonder came together. games. a dog, talked. we're decedent from the mighty wolf. a voice was heard.
5:54 pm
if you build it, he will come. a girl discovered magic. a revolution began. welcome, to the wonders that happen, everyday. welcome, to it all. comcast. florida health officials are investigating a new case of zika in florida that was likely contracted in the united states. the infected person had recently traveled to miami-dade county where more than a dozen non-travel-related cases were discovered last week. meanwhile hillary clinton will address the zika threat on a campaign trail in florida tomorrow. and here at home several
5:55 pm
companies and medical professionals across southgersy are on the front lines in the ongoing fight to prevent and control the spread of the zika virus. >> but it's not just the medical community. it includes a family-owned camden hardware business. nbc 10 south jersey burro reporter cydney long explains. >> nestled in a quiet industrial corner of camden they have created the first of its kind, flexible window screen. it's bendable, pliable and quickly clicks into place corner by corner. the third generation hardware retailer hopes to touch every corner of the world to help prevent the spread of zika. >> one of the best ways to protect yourself is avoid exposure of mosque those. >> it's called the flex screen designed to provide that cdc-recommended added layer of protection beyond insect repellant. there's zero hardware that are made to orderbly measurements that you enter into an online wizard and it will fit any window they say on the planet. some 1,200 of them are being baggaged and shipped from camden each day.
5:56 pm
>> a lot of problems throughout the country is people have ripped and torn screens and they don't know where to get them fixed. we provide a solution. >> they are also in conversations with the cdc to develop a frame insert for the screens to be used in third world countries. >> we've seen patients last year from 20 other countries across the world. >> reporter: 20 minutes away at the reproductive medical association of new jersey -- >> almost a daily basis we're answering questions by patients about the sooishs. >> reporter: this doctor is fielding constant concerns about travel, preventing zika exposure and helping expectant moms and fathers. >> we've had patients whose partners are traveling to the endemic areas and we'll freeze their sperm before they go and have any exposure to the zika virus so they don't have that risk of transmission. >> reporter: both added layers of prevention and protection close to home in a wooirld fight that -- worldwide fight that's
5:57 pm
constantly evolving. >> the cupping craze. nbc 10 looks into a distinctive therapy that athletes are using at thelismics. >> and jacqueline london caught up with local rowers after their race this morning in rio. >> and i'm tracking another heat wave in the near future. when it's going to start feeling like 100 degrees again. i approve this message.
5:58 pm
donald trump: i could stand in the middle of 5th avenue and shoot somebody and i wouldn't lose any voters, okay? and you can tell them to go f--- themselves! you know, you could see there was blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of her wherever... you gotta see this guy. ahh, i don't know what i said, ahh. "i don't remember." he's going like "i don't remember!"
5:59 pm
troubled marriage. new details about what a wife was planning before her family of five was killed in a murder-suicide. >> economic plans donald trump and hillary clinton revealed their tax plans and who would pay more. red circles. it's called cupping and olympic athletes are doing it. does it hurt or help? we sent nbc 10's tim furlong to find out. >> back in the pool and ready for another gold, michael phelps tries to do it again. it's a busy night here in rio. good evening. i'm jacqueline london in rio de janiero. i'm overlooking baja olympic park where so many events take place where the swimmers and gymnasts compete, among others. a look at what happened today in rio. michael phelps took part in his very first individual event and
6:00 pm
came third in his heat and is opening to win gold tomorrow night in that same event. also the new jersey fence r ibtihaj muhammad became the first american to win an olympic medal wearing a hijab. also tonight, team usa and men's basketball teams on venezuela. and we have a really interesting story about a powerhouse that's built right in our backyard. we're talking about the women's crew team for team usa. all of that cheering going on. the incredible rowers who train in princeton, new jersey, and they are almost unbeatable. we'll have their story and much more coming up in just a few minutes and now we'll send


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