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tv   NBC10 News at 5pm  NBC  August 19, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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for the ride. for the early mornings... long days... and late nights. for the love. ♪ apologizes for causing an international incident. i'm jacqueline london live in rio tracking new developments in this olympic drama. hitting the airwaves. the trump campaign puts its first attack ad on tv. we asked the voters what they think. travel trouble. the zika virus has hit another
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u.s. city. now pregnant women are being told to stay away. good evening. thank you for watching nbc 10 news at 5:00. i'm keith jones. >> and i'm rosemary connors. joining us live from rio de janeiro is nbc 10's jacqueline london. jackie, we've been following this controversy surrounding ryan lochte for several days. now the olympic swimmer is apologizing. >> reporter: he did apologize for some things, but he stopped short of admitting to accusations of public drunkenness and vandalism. ryan lochte broke his silence today, as questions swirled about his account of an alleged armed robbery. he posted a statement on social media. here's what it said. he says, i want to apologize for my behavior last weekend, for not being more careful and candid in how i described the events of that early morning.
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end quote. lochte had told the "today" show's bully bush that he and three teammates were robbed at gun point outside a rio gas station. they were on their way back to the athletes village from a party. but this video was released yesterday. the swimmers were drunk when they vandalized a bathroom and got in an argument with the armed security guards. they pointed their guns at the swimmers and asked them to pay for the damage. lochte said, it's traumatic to be out late with your friends in a strange country and have a stranger point a gun at you. regardless of behavior of anyone else that night, i should have been much more responsible in how i handled myself. we can tell you that lochte also apologized to fans, teammates, and fellow competitors. this is what he said. he said he's very proud to represent this country and this is a situation that could and
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should have been avoided. we'll have more as the situation continues to develop from rio. turning now to the competition here in rio de janeiro, brazil, and what to watch this evening. some big events coming up. on the track at olympic stadium, usain bolt said he will run the last race of his career tonight. he will compete in the 4x100 relay. he won gold in the men's 200 last night. english gardner and team usa compete in the 4x100 this evening. she qualified for the final after a botched handoff in the first heat. the second qualifying time is the fastest against anyone tonight. philly native nia ali, i had the pleasure of interviewing her and the two others in the sweep in the 100-meter hurdles. they came here to the broadcast center. i had the opportunity to talk to them. you'll hear what they had to say coming up in just a few minutes
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here in rio de janeiro. but for now back to you in the studio in philadelphia. >> we'll see you at 5:30. a lot going on in rio. >> a lot to look forward to. now to decision 2016. we're following several developments in the donald trump campaign today. right now, though, the presidential candidate is holding a rally near lansing, michigan. he's expected to discuss national security. earlier today, though, trump was in louisiana to tour that state's devastating flood damage. trump's plane landed in baton rouge this morning. his running mate, mike pence, joined him for the tour. but his day started with the resignation. paul manafort announced he's stepping down as campaign chairman. manafort has come under fire in recent days for his previous work with pro-russian politicians in ukraine. >> also today, trump took his campaign to the airwaves. he released his first tv ad for the general election and voters right here in pennsylvania are
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one of his biggest target audiences. >> it's a reinforcing ad about immigration policy. >> donald trump's trump america is secure. terrorists and dangerous criminals kept out. >> reporter: in his first general election ad, donald trump takes aim at hillary clinton, but according to political science experts like dr. matthew kerble, trump does not confront the ads against him. >> those who are convinced donald trump is the candidate who can handle problems with immigration, and believe there are problems with immigration, are likely to have their opinions reinforced. >> is that something that speaks to you? >> it's very important to me. yeah, i think with everything going on in our world today, we need to have our borders in check. >> reporter: sherri stewart of newtown square who works it in the school district said she's undecided. >> hillary clinton's america stays rigged. >> reporter: and a mother and
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nurse have made up their mind. what kind of impact does it have on you? >> i think it emphasizes that he's not qualified for the job. >> you can tell them to go [ bleep ] themselves. >> reporter: the clinton campaign has been running ads like this one, for most of the summer in pennsylvania, spending millions of dollars. trump will spend just under a million to air his in the keystone state. luis ortiz in lancaster county tells me it doesn't make a difference. so this ad from trump and the attack ads that hillary clinton has been running for weeks in pennsylvania, not making a difference to you? not swaying you in any way? >> no, i wouldn't say so. >> now, in addition to pennsylvania, trump will run his ads in florida and north carolina. turning to your first alert weather now. nbc 10 in norristown, we found
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these kids cooling off at the spray park. so much nicer without all that humidity. >> this morning it felt actually pretty cool. let's check in with first alert meteorologist sheena parveen. sheena, can we expect more pleasant weather like this for the weekend? >> yes, we can. but i'll tell you, it will be a little more humid and we'll have storms move in on monday especially. but for the most part temperatures will hang around 90 degrees like today. in philadelphia right now, it is 90 degrees. 87 degrees in wilmington, 82 in the pennsylvania suburbs. 88 degrees in south jersey. but it is not as oppressive today with the humidity. neighborhood temperatures in philadelphia, 88 degrees germantown. rittenhouse coming in 91 degrees right now. 88 west mount airy. so it is still hot outside. it's going to stay hot through the weekend. if you look at the seven-day at the bottom of your screen, you'll see that. and you'll see a big break as we go into next week. if you're heading out this
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evening, live look at center city, expect it to stay dry, mostly sunny right now. by 7:00 p.m. in the philadelphia area, 86 degrees. by 10:00 this evening, temperatures right around 80 degrees. so your weekend looks good. i am tracking thunderstorms, though, for part of it. i'll show you that timing k078ing up. a live look down at the beach in cape may. the summer season may be winding down, but that doesn't mean people are ready to throw in the towel just yet. cydney long shows us how people are making plans at the jersey shore still coming up at 5:15. one of our other top stories this afternoon is from delaware, where police have announced they've arrested the boyfriend of precious hoskins. she's the young woman found dead inside a trash bin on wednesday. s.w.a.t. officers took 20-year-old merritt into custody yesterday at a home on locust street close to where hoskins' body was found. merritt faces first-degree murder charges. there is an alarming number
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of fentanyl deaths in philadelphia. the number of overdoses outpaced murders in the city. 700 people died last year. fentanyl is far more powerful than heroin. the city is increasing treatment programs in outreach for opioid addicts. atlantic city roofer is charged with stealing money from the public. william hadley was the building coordinator of the all wars memorial building. he accepted money orders to rent meeting rooms at the building and deposited that money into his perm account. he "accused of taking more than $6,500. the government is telling pregnant women to stay away from yet another city in the united states. where the mosquitoes are spreading the zika virus, coming up at 5:00. t-minus two weeks and counting into labor day weekend. with the temperatures a few
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degrees shy of heat wave hot, the jersey shore may be the place to spend the last weekend of the summer. in rio de janeiro, we're about to show you the latest medal count, so look away for a few seconds if you're waiting to watch some of those events tonight. we'll be right back. [ hip hop beat throughout ] [ fans cheering ]
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♪ olympics 2016, let me get you on my level. ♪ ♪ so you never miss a moment, ♪ ♪ miss a minute, miss a medal. ♪ why settle when you can have it all? ♪ ♪ soccer to wrestling. track and field to basketball. ♪ ♪ fencing to cycling. diving to balance beam. ♪ ♪ all you have to say is, ♪ "show me," and boom it's on the screen. ♪ ♪ from the bottom of the mat, ♪ ♪ to the couch where you at? ♪ ♪ "show me the latest medal count?" ♪ ♪ dang they even got that! welcome to it all. watch the rio olympics on nbc networks starting august 5th.
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a new jersey transit bus broadsided another leaving one person dead and 18 others injured. this crash happened this morning around 6:00 in newark. there were about 20 people on the bus that was hit. the driver was the only person on the other bus.
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that driver died. new jersey transit's police chief said he believes all of the injured will survive. authorities are now checking to see if one of the buses ran a red light. staying in the garden state, they're cracking down on drunk drivers. the statewide drive sober campaign runs from today through labor day. local and state police will set up sobriety check points to find people who may be drunk behind the wheel. they'll have roving patrols all across the state. a lot of those cars will be headed down to the jersey shore as we get closer to the labor day weekend. >> i can't believe we're getting to the end of august. where did the summer go? five heat waves now in the rear-view mirror. cydney, you covered quite a bit of ground down at the shore today. not a bad assignment for a friday. >> reporter: not at all, rosemary. in fact, we started on the beach in brigantine, then we went over and made friends on the bay before coming across the bridge to hit the beach and boardwalk here in atlantic city. i can tell you, we didn't find anyone who's ready to throw in
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the towel this summer. a hit, a hit, and you just can't miss if you're spending the final weeks of summer at the jersey shore. >> the best time of year here, heading into the fall. >> reporter: with two weekends left before labor day, thoughts of back to school and work are still sitting far on the horizon. >> the crowds kind of go away and the water's still warm. you shut the air conditioning off and open the windows and listen to the waves crash all night long. >> reporter: these cousins, here all week, are perfecting their sand castles, from bicycles to boogie boards -- >> watching the sunset has been fun, the air show. we've had ice cream festivals. >> reporter: families like this are making every moment count. >> we got boogie boards, the tent to keep us koom, chairs, buckets, shovels. the whole nine yards. it's been great. the kids are having a blast. >> reporter: this black lab fetching her toys.
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this woman and her son had an end of season memory. a school of dolphins came within three feet. >> we were on the wave runner over in the cove, at brigantine, and the dolphins came right on in. we know they were chasing their bait. they were just chasing the wave runners. >> reporter: the perfect temperatures have many wanting to stretch the lazy days of summer as long as they can. >> rough life down here, but somebody has to do it all summer. >> reporter: some good news, guys, if you didn't get to get your toes in the water, the sand, play frisbee, i did some checking with realtor friends from here to sea isle, ocean city and cape may, they say the last three weeks they were booked solid about 100% on their rentals. they say the next two weeks and through september there's still plenty of vacancies so the time is now.
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cydney long, nbc 10 news. >> all right. good to know. thanks for that, cyd. even if you're not going to be at the shore, although the pictures there were enticing, if you're going to be in the mountains, burbs, city, we've got the weather. >> hey, sheena. >> it's going to be a nice weekend, though. temperatures are still going to be feeling like summer. so it should not be feeling like summer's coming to an end at any point this weekend. we'll have some late week thunderstorms, too. not until later in the day sunday, but this is a live look out right now, rehoboth beach. nice conditions. it's going to be warm this weekend. if you look at the seven-day scrolling at the bottom of your screen, you'll notice next week we have a big cooldown. morning temperatures in the 60s for much of the area. we'll take a look at that in just a minute. right now we're sitting around 90 degrees in philadelphia. pennsylvania suburbs 89. we'll take a look at the shore temperatures. ocean temperature now 73 degrees. 78 degrees right now upper
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township. 86 stone harbor. 85 cape may point. if you're in ventnor city, 83 degrees. summer point coming in 81 degrees. warm at the shore. but a very nice day. radar is looking dry. for the most part now. we have seen a couple small showers trying to pop up along the shore, nothing major. one right across the expressway, fairly light heading to atlantic city. that's really about it. that's our best chance for the rest of this evening. maybe a pop of shower for new jersey. we will be dry for tnt. if you have the friday night plans, you're in the clear. now we're looking into tomorrow morning. tomorrow morning, dry to start your saturday, through the afternoon. could see an isolated shower. but as we go into sunday, you'll notice more cloud cover. by sunday afternoon and evening, that's when we'll see a round of thunderstorms moving in. so later in the day sunday, that's when you want to make sure you keep the umbrella handy. it's all part of a cold front. after that passes, we'll be cooler and drier going into next week. now, here's a look at your
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neighborhood temperatures for tomorrow. allentown 88 degrees. expect mostly sunny skies. 86 in robbinsville. longport coming in 79 degrees tomorrow. along the shore, dover, 87. kill ming t wilmington coming in at 89 degrees. there's the thunderstorms chances as we go into sunday evening. afternoon and evening, the shore will be seeing the showers and storms much later. but then we go into next week, and it's going to be much nicer weather. i think you're really going to like it. sunday coming in around 81 degrees in brigantine. 83 saturday in wildwood. 83 degrees on sunday. really nice. in cape may, temperatures will be about the mid to upper 80s across the weekend. very late sunday thunderstorms. we'll stay mostly dry sunday. a closer look at your neighborhood weather coming up. >> thank you, sheena.
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water was bubbling above the streets in hunting park today. at 6th and west of bristol streets. crews are busy repairing this water main break here. people are able to drive through this mess, however. in montgomery county, a new bike path opened across the schuylkill river, connecting the schuylkill river trail to valley forge historical park. sullivan's bridge, named after a revolutionary war officer, opened this morning for a ribbon cutting ceremony. how many times has this happened to you, you answer the phone, don't recognize the number, turns out it's a robocall on the other end. now a new group is promising to silence them, for good. that's coming up. parents, listen up. a new american girl doll is about to hit the shelves and soon you'll be able to buy them at one of our local malls.
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a warning for customers at eddie bauer. your credit card may have been breached. the registers were infected with malware earlier this year. eddie bauer said online sales were not affected. some of the world's most powerful companies now teaming up to silence the pesky calls that plague our phones. the fcc launched the robocall strike force today. the group includes all the major wireless providers. the goal is to create a free service to block robocalls for all customers. >> robocalls are a scourge. it's the number one complaint that we hear from consumers on a daily basis.
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>> the strike force will present its plan to the fcc in mid-october. comcast, which is the parent company of nbc 10, is part of that coalition. they have captured the hearts of little girls at the expense of their parents' wallets. full disclosure here, i was one of those little girls who wore down my parents to get an american girl doll. this latest historical doll is bringing history to life in detroit. 9-year-old melody elison is an aspiring singer from motown who finds her voice in the civil rights movement in the 1960s. and guess what, parents, the american girl store will open next month at the king of prussia mall ahead of the holiday shopping season. but the store is just a temporary pop-up. the dolls are scheduled to leave town by january 31st. i'm jacqueline london live in rio. there was a stunning loss for
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the athletes today. who won gold and who's leaving the olympic games heart broken. ♪ we buy any car dot com ♪
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the outbreak of zika virus in florida has now spread. officials announced five cases in popular miami beach.
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>> erica edwards reports the virus is now threatening florida's important tourism industry. >> reporter: beautiful miami beach. now shrouded in a fog of mosquito repellant. florida's governor announced five people there have been infected with the zika virus. >> we believe we have a new area where local transmissions are occurring. >> reporter: a 1 1/2-mile section of miami beach, including much of popular south beach. because the zika infection in pregnant women can cause severe birth defects, the centers for disease control and prevention now say pregnant women should stay away from the impacted area. >> the key area is pregnant women. pregnant women are at the greatest risk because of the risk of microcephaly and other serious birth defects. >> reporter: one concern is how it will affect florida's $24 billion tourism industry. more than half of the hotel rooms in miami-dade county are located in miami beach.
5:31 pm
>> walking around this afternoon, it certainly was a lot less tourists around. >> reporter: while zika can spread sexually, the main transmitters are mosquitoes that can breed in just a teaspoon of water. >> this is our biggest problem. >> reporter: sanitation workers in miami are now walking the streets going door to door, stepping up efforts to rid the city of standing water. erica edwards, nbc news. south jersey is stepping up the fight against zika. camden county unveiled a web tool today that allows people to report mosquito hot spots. they logon through the county's website to let officials know exactly where mosquitoes are most prevalent. the county will use the information to see where spraying is needed. local researchers are looking for volunteers willing to be infected with the zika virus all in the name of science. we'll have more on how to apply, and the quest to find a vaccine coming up at 6:00 this evening.
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back here live in rio de janeiro, it is a gold medal for princeton's ashly johnson and team usa in women's water polo. take a look. johnson head italy to just five goals this afternoon. usa scored 12 points for the win. back-to-back medals for the women's team. the team celebrates by pushing their coaches in the pool. what a shocking upset for defending world champion and south jersey native jason burroughs. he lost to russia in the quarterfinals of the freestyle wrestling tournament and will be returning home without a medal in rio. flying over ten hurdles in 12 seconds and doing it faster than anyone in the world. three ladies from team usa have the honor of saying that, and i had the pleasure of sitting down with the gold, silver and bronze
5:33 pm
winners today. take a look. how does it feel, one, two, three? >> sweet. >> awesome sauce. >> a trio of track history. the ladies who swept and flew faster than anyone in the world. >> kind of take a deep breath and let it go. honestly. you've got it. just relax, go. execute. >> when you looked up and saw your time, and you got silver, take me through that emotion. >> i mean, this was the first time that i crossed the line and i knew i actually had a medal. i knew bri was gold, and i knew i was silver. i was like, i think we swept. i don't know what happened on the other side of the track, but i looked at bri, and i said, did we do it? she's like, i don't know. almost like, please stop talking to me until i figure it out myself. >> hoping their voices can be heard for positive change. both christie and nia lost their fathers in acts of gun violence. >> it's up to us to kind of, you know, be ahead of our fathers'
5:34 pm
legacy. we've done the right things. there are a lot of opportunities for us not to do the right things, so it's just not about us as individuals, but for our families. >> your dad would be so proud. >> yes, he would. >> he would be a sports fan all of a sudden. >> all of a sudden. he would be red, white and blue down. >> yes, she said her dad wasn't a sports fan, but he likely would be now. you may have noticed that philadelphia's nia ali was not wearing her silver medal around her neck. the other two ladies were. she said her family's here in rio, and they were having fun with it, taking pictures with it, so that's where it was. her little boy, hard to imagine she has a 14-year-old baby, to get into training shape after having a 14-month-old, but she did, the baby was on the track with her after her win with the american flag. he was probably holding on to that medal as well and she just didn't want to pull it away from him. reporting from rio de janeiro, jacqueline london, back to you,
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keith and rosemary. >> jackie, thank you so much. let's talk about our first alert weather now. sunshine and blue skies in old city today. nbc 10 is at race street pier where folks are enjoying the view and getting in a little exercise in. i've avoided it the past few days because it's been so darn hot, but i think i'll be back out there the next few days. >> and humid, too. finally it's enjoyable. sheena parveen is here with more on your neighborhood forecast. hey, sheena. >> hey, guys, yes, rosemary, you can go running, it's not as bad. the humidity is quite a few lower over the weekend. it will still be hot. but we're just calling it not as oppressive because it's definitely still feeling like summer. we're still a little bit above normal for this time of the year. we're at 90 degrees in philadelphia. 90 in our pennsylvania suburbs. near 90 through much of delaware, along the shore, we're in the low 80s right now. south jersey temperatures coming in mostly in the mid to upper 80s.
5:36 pm
if you're in new jersey, voorhees 87. mount laurel, medford, all coming in at 90 degrees right now. hamilton township 87. florence coming in at 86 degrees. we are dry on radar. a few small pop-up showers trying to develop this afternoon. close to the shore. but really not too much. if you're heading out tonight, expect it to stay dry. here's tonight's forecast by 7:30 p.m., quaker town coming in 78 degrees. if you are in wilmington, 82. atlantic city 77. philadelphia still coming in around 80 degrees tonight. and then if you're still out by 11:00 p.m., pretty comfortable. temperatures mid to low 70s. 72 exton. allentown 72. and we start off your weekend and it is looking pretty good. 72 quakertown. allentown 70. wilmington 77 degrees. along the shore in atlantic city, morning temperatures right near the upper 70s. we'll look at the rest of your
5:37 pm
weekend forecast, because we do have thunderstorms for part of your weekend. i'll show you the timing coming up. one suspect arrested, another wanted. both accused of killing an innocent man who was driving in a car with his daughter. philadelphia police captured jameel bird yesterday. but they're still looking for another suspect called saku monte. ford was driving down germantown avenue, and shot last month. his daughter was unharmed. anyone with information on this case should call 911. meanwhile, a delaware teen will not be tried as an adult for allegedly punching a fellow student, who later died. prosecutors say that 16-year-old hit amy joyner-francis last may. she decide of a heart condition. but that she wouldn't have died if she hadn't been assaulted. four people were sent to the
5:38 pm
hospital, including a 6-year-old boy. a tractor-trailer collided with a ford pickup truck around 2:00 in the morning in glasgow. we're still waiting for officials to give us details on the victims' conditions. the state police are looking into exactly what caused this crash. accused of doping. ryan howard has been fighting reports that he took performance-enhancing drugs. now we're hearing from league officials about what they found. that's coming up. [ hip hop beat throughout ] [ fans cheering ]
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♪ olympics 2016, let me get you on my level. ♪ ♪ so you never miss a moment, ♪
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♪ miss a minute, miss a medal. ♪ why settle when you can have it all? ♪ ♪ soccer to wrestling. track and field to basketball. ♪ ♪ fencing to cycling. diving to balance beam. ♪ ♪ all you have to say is, ♪ "show me," and boom it's on the screen. ♪ ♪ from the bottom of the mat, ♪ ♪ to the couch where you at? ♪ ♪ "show me the latest medal count?" ♪ ♪ dang they even got that! welcome to it all. watch the rio olympics on nbc networks starting august 5th. students moved into their dorms today at chestnut hill college. the class of 2020 arrived on campus for the first time, along with transfer students. they're beginning a three-day orientation program.
5:41 pm
classes at the four-year co-ed catholic college start on monday. more than 80 doctors, nurses and staff from cooper university health care fanned out across camden for a day of service. we caught up to the folks at sprouts garden. they pulled weeds, cut grass and planted seeds for the garden. they served breakfast for families at the ronald mcdonald house and prepared lunches at the cathedral kitchen. an annual tradition for the greatest generation. >> more than 70 years later, only 13 soldiers from the 80th division are still with us. today the world war ii veterans all in their 90s gathered in washington, d.c. for their annual reunion. they visited the world war ii memorial, sharing war stories, and remembering all of their brothers and sisters who are no longer here. >> makes me feel very proud. this isn't my first time here. i've been here about four times. and each time you get the same
5:42 pm
feeling, you know. makes you want to cry. >> the 80th division fought across normandy, northern france, luxembourg, belgium and into germany where they helped liberate a concentration camp. they lost more than 17,000 soldiers in combat. and coming up, your weekend forecast. it's going to be hot, but we'll also have some thunderstorms. i'll tell you the timing and when to expect it across your weekend. that's next.
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cleared phillies slugger ryan howard of any wrongdoing after a tv news network linked him and other pro athletes to performance-enhancing drugs. the al jazeera network issued a report in november that showed a pharmacist boasting that howard was one of his clients. but the mlb said a thorough investigation did not find any violations by howard. howard cooperated fully with them, which also cleared washington national star ryan zimmerman. howard released a statement reading in part, quote, the accusations from al jazeera came out of nowhere, and i was shocked and outraged. i look forward to holding the
5:46 pm
responsible people accountable for these false and defamatory claims. from the phils to the birds. the eagles moved to 2-0 in the preseason with a shutout with their cross-state rivals. they intercepted four pittsburgh steelers passes in the 17-0 win. for more on the eagles' big win, let's send it over to csn. >> you've got to love a shutout. >> going into last night's game, most of the focus had to be on bradford and the team getting their first extended playing time. the defense stole the show. it was that 17-0 shutout victory over the pittsburgh steelers. eagles did intercept four passes, including this one by nolan for a touchdown, 38 yards. winning their first two games of the preseason. doug peterson said the lineup has a lot to do with that.
5:47 pm
>> the pressure we've put on these quarterbacks, and the pressure we've put on our defensive line can cause these interceptions. the guys are just making great plays, too. balls are legit catchable balls and our guys are in position to make plays and they're doing it. >> at 6:00, we'll hear from some of the defensive players on their preseason play and see how the offense is coming along after these first two preseason games. >> thanks for that. fans have to wait until next saturday to see their team's progress in the preseason. the eagles head to indianapolis to take on the colts. catch that game right here on nbc 10. the sixers season doesn't start for two more months but they managed to chalk up an early win today. more than 150 sixers employees helped spruce up schools in philadelphia. and kits each student will find waiting on september 7th. how fun. delaware celebrating big
5:48 pm
hoops happenings. wilmington dedicated two new basketballs at kirkwood court today. they're not just any courts. they'll allow the basketball league to return here to its home. the league left kirkwood park several years ago. it is known throughout wilmington for mentoring kids throughout the city. now, your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> well, another hot day. temperatures still around 90 degrees. but the humidity not as oppressive today. so it doesn't feel as bad as it has lately. 90 for pennsylvania suburbs. philadelphia near 90. the shore right around the low 80s. we'll take a close-up look at the delaware neighborhood temperatures. harmony hills coming in at 90. in dover, your temperature is 87 degrees right now. with a more comfortable wind direction. that's why the humidity is a bit lower. now, if you are along the beaches in sussex county, rehoboth beach 82 degrees. long neck coming in 84.
5:49 pm
so a little bit cooler as you get closer to the water. as we go through the weekend, it's still going to be fairly hot. not so much along the shore. it will be a little bit of a relief. but temperatures still around 90 for your saturday. we do have thunderstorm chances mostly late in the day sunday. i'll show you the timing in just a minute. we have a lot more relief coming. the seven-day at the bottom of your screen, you'll notice relief coming. the summer calendar. for august, at least the month of august, all those red days, those are 90-degree-plus days. that was our big heat wave we just had. this weekend around 90. look at the stretch of 80-degree temperatures coming. that's the relief, it will also come with low humidity. it will feel really nice as we go into next week. something to certainly look forward to. live look at the radar. we're fairly dry. we've had a few pop-up small showers along the shore. not a big deal. right now we could see a few sprinkles, but mostly dry. for tonight, future weather,
5:50 pm
mostly dry for your friday evening. if you have plans. saturday, mostly sunny. can't rule out an isolated shower. we could see one, but small chance. most of sunday dry. more clouds around. a little more humid, too. then we go through sunday afternoon. there's 5:00 p.m., showers and storms starting west of philadelphia. moving into philadelphia closer to about 7:30 or so. the shore is going to be the last place to see it, along with the delaware beaches. that's not until sunday night, though. these are late-day showers and storms moving from west to east. now, it's all part of a cold front. once that moves through, cooler and drier air moves in to start next week. so monday we'll be noticeably cooler and drier, and the morning low temperatures will be very comfortable. so for your weekend, saturday, 90 philadelphia. sunday around 90 degrees. late day storms. the rest of the area sitting around 90 both saturday and sunday. if you're along the shore, you'll be right around 80 degrees. your shore forecast, if you're in the jersey shore or rehoboth beach maybe, or any of the delaware beaches, temperatures
5:51 pm
mostly around 80 degrees. some spots about the mid-80les. it does look dry across the weekend, except for those very late day sunday thunderstorms. but again, for the shore points it's going to be much later in your sunday. look at the big difference between the weekend into next week. monday 83. 81 tuesday. 85 wednesday. look at the morning lows, though. 64 tuesday morning. 62 wednesday morning. and with low humidity, it might even feel a little bit chilly to some of you. then we go into next weekend and we'll warm up again to the mid to upper 80s. so far it is actually looking really good. we'll take a closer look at your weekend forecast coming up. >> i like the sound of that, sheena. thank you. in our continuing effort to help clear the shelters, we want to let you know this weekend is a great time to adopt a pet. and save a life. the animal care and control team of philadelphia is waiving adoption fees this weekend to help empty full kennels. the free adoptions are available tomorrow and sunday from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
5:52 pm
plenty of music happening in the philadelphia region this weekend. first let's talk about the philadelphia folk festival in upper southford township. the three-day event is taking place at the old pool farm, about 35 miles outside of the city. there are eight stages where dozens of acts will perform. >> speaking of music, also tonight in philly, the goo goo dolls perform. the show begins at 7:00. the goo goo dolls take the stage at 8:00. a live look at the wells fargo center in south philly where barbra streisand will perform tomorrow night. this will be the first event since all the renovations after the dnc. the show begins at 8:30 in the evening. tickets are still available, but it's going to cost you. we checked online, prices range from about $99 to $510. let's turn to lester holt.
5:53 pm
he joins us live from rio de janeiro. >> look at what's coming up on "nbc nightly news." fill us in, lester. >> good to see you guys. you were talking about music performances. one of the stories i'll have is michael will visit some of the jazz clubs here in rio. also tonight, a new zika infection zone in miami prompting a government travel warning to pregnant women. ryan lochte's apology for his false robbery story, closed the case. we'll tell you what the status is now, on all four american swimmers. an update on the still critical wildfire disaster near los angeles. all tonight for "nbc nightly news." now back to you in philly. >> lester, thanks for that. see you at 6:30. jacqueline london is also live in rio. jacqueline, we're in the final countdown now. >> reporter: it really is, keith. we've been focusing a lot on the athletes these past few weeks. but we also met a young girl who
5:54 pm
had her own olympic experience. i'll have her story, next. one day, history was made. the greatest olympic career of all time. a dog, talked. we're decedent from the mighty wolf. a voice was heard. if you build it, he will come. a girl discovered magic. a revolution began. welcome, to the wonders that happen, everyday.
5:55 pm
welcome, to it all. comcast.
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steeped slowly in cold water for small batches with an ultra-smooth, full-bodied flavor. discover the craft of cold brew today and keep on. america runs on dunkin'. back here live in rio de janeiro. what better way to show pride for your country than selling it out. members of team usa did just
5:57 pm
that this morning along copacabana beach for the finally oh broadcast. among the athletes, seven medal winners from yesterday who pushed usa's total over 100. welcoming kids at the boys and girls club to the world of science and technology. our parent company entered into a five-year partnership with the boys and girls club of america. they are doing that to support the launch of what's called my future. what an experience for whitney stewart, the national youth of the year for the boys and girls club. learning about technology and the value of story telling. her pictures tell the story. meeting with the biggest stars of the games, michael phelps, simone biles and visiting the biggest tourist attraction, christ the redeemer and the olympic rings on the beach. the most winning gold medal
5:58 pm
experience imaginable for whitney stewart. so happy for her. what a great time she had. you probably heard of the 22 push-up challenge, and you've seen it all over social media, for kids, celebrities, and now olympic athletes are taking that challenge. it's all to raise awareness about veteran suicide. >> one, two, three -- >> team usa gymnast sam cranked out the push jops on the "today" show. and simone biles did the same. and duane "the rock" johnson. ryan murphy completed the challenge. then called on fellow swimmer michael phelps to complete 23 push-ups. for him, likely no problem. organizers are hoping that this will raise just as much
5:59 pm
awareness about vet advance' suicides, the als ice bucket challenge also. covering the summer olympic games. for now back to you in the studio. >> great cause, jacqueline. we'll check in with you in just a bit. thank you. coming up next on nbc 10 news at 6:00, donald trump's nearly $5 million push for your vote. you're about to see the republicans' first tv ad of the general election in our next commercial break. at 6:00, we watch with a political expert who weighs in on the message and points out what he thinks is missing. plus, the race for a zika vaccine. local researchers need volunteers who can help. but it means you need to be under the weather this winter. sheena? >> i'll show you what your weekend looks like, still feeling like summer. we'll take a look at that forecast coming up next.


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