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tv   NBC10 News at 11pm  NBC  September 27, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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ugly allegations. a former beauty queen says donald trump humiliated her for gaining weight. why trump says she was in the wrong. run down and nearly gunned down. the motive behind this violence on the streets of philadelphia. and rush hour relief.
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the new plan that could ease one of our region's most notorious traffic bottlenecks. chased and shot, a gunman tries to rob a man, gets nothing and shoots him anyway. i'm jim rosenfield. the man who pulled the trigger is still on the loose. nbc 10's denice denice nakano i. >> reporter: police have released this surveillance video they want you to check out. a man in a hoodie is picked up on two neighborhood surveillance cameras following the victim and demanding whatever is on him. the victim does a 180, the suspect chases him from thompson to elkhart street in port richmond 6:30 sunday morning. just adds the victim is about to get away, the gunman takes aim and witnesses hear --
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>> pop pop pop. >> reporter: the gunman fires four rounds. the victim falls into the middle of the street after he's shot in the leg. >> i heard somebody say "help me, help me." >> reporter: we tracked down the victim's neighbor. she says she's glad he's going to be okay. >> thank god he's fine. i can't wait to see him. i can't believe it's my neighbor. crazy. >> reporter: neighbors heard the getaway car which was also caught on camera. >> i looked out the window and seen that car driving away real fast. >> reporter: you can see here the gunman got into a dark-colored four door vehicle, an accomplice is behind the wheel. both took off on thompson street. here he is again, another look at the gunman. and police say somebody's got to recognize the gunman who's in his 20s, last seen in a gray hoodie and jeans. if you have any information, you're asked to contact philadelphia police. reporting live from headquarters, i'm denice nakano, nbc 10 news. former israeli president
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shimon peres has died. it comes two weeks after he suffered a major stroke. he was one of israel's most admired leaders at home and abroad. he'd held nearly every office and he won a nobel peace prize in 1994. he was 93 years old. tonight donald trump declared victory in his debate showdown with hillary clinton last night. despite a number of polls and bun dids declaring the opposite. here's what he had to say at a rally in florida. >> last night was very exciting and almost every single poll had us winning the debate against crooked hillary clinton big league. big league. >> reporter: trump got a financial boost after the debate and the republican party raised around $18 million following the faceoff. hillary clinton got a different kind of boost following last night's debate. today the arizona "republic"
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endorsed her. the first time a newspaper has endorsed a democrat since 1890. meantime, clinton criticized trump's debate performance in north carolina today. she said he didn't prepare and attacked him on foreign affairs. >> >> what we hare from my opponent is dangerously incoherent. it's unclear exactly what he is saying. but words matter. >> tomorrow clinton will campaign alongside senator bernie sanders in new hampshire. last night's faceoff was the most-watched presidential debate in history. more than 81 million viewers tuned in. only the super bowl had more viewers this year. last night donald trump said he'd revive a controversial practice, a police tactic called stop and frisk. a judge declared new york's program unconstitutional because it discriminated against
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minorities and that wasn't the only city that used the technique. philly did as well. as nbc 10's brandon hudson reports, it's still a hot button issue. >> reporter: the group power interfaith shouted their message outside philadelphia fraternal order of police headquarters. a disagreement with the f.o.p.'s donald trump endorsement and use of stop and frisk. >> it's unlawful, it's unconstitutional and it's racially discriminatory as practiced in the city of philadelphia. >> when you have 4,000 people killed in chicago by guns from the beginning of the presidency of barack obama his hometown, you have to have stop and frisk. >> at last night's presidential debate, the republican presidential candidate says stop and frisk would cut killings in chicago. trump said stop and frisk worked in the big apple but according to the nypd, stops have decreased nearly 97% in nyc since 2011 and as stops
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declined, violent crime plummeted, too, during that same period. >> you hear some people next to you like, yeah, you're right, trump. and i was just like wow. >> reporter: philadelphia community activist anton moore attended the debate. he thinks there are other solutions to policing our community. >> you had to get into the communities and roll your sleeves up. you have to spend time with these young men. >> reporter: the pennsylvania aclu sued philadelphia over police use of stop and frisk. data obtained by the nbc 10 investigators shows from january to june, 2014, 80% of the people stopped by police were african-american or hispanic. 89% of those frisked were minority. at tonight's protest, police welcomed the protesters and said they are open to conversation on change. >> if we can do things in a productive, intelligent, civil manner using words i think we'll go a lock way in solving problems. >> reporter: philadelphia does not have an official written stop and frisk policy. mayor jim kenny says he's working with the police
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commissioner to eliminate that tactic. in northeast philadelphia, brandon hudson, nbc 10 news. donald trump is not apologizing for controversial remarks he made about a miss universe winner. last night hillary clinton attacked trump for his past comments about former miss universe alicia machado, including calling her miss piggy. trump told fox and friends today machado was "the worst we'd ever had" referring to past pageant winners. >> she gained a massive amount of weight and it was -- it was a real problem. >> clinton released this ad an hour after the debate, showing trump bringing tv cameras to watch machado speak out. now machado is speaking out. >> you're still -- you get emotional talking about this. >> yes. >> because it hurt you d(í.2eññ >> yes, it's hard for me. i don't want to remember that moment. i work really hard to forget
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that moment. that experience, i was 18 years old, that hurts me. it really did inside of me. >> you can catch the rest moof chad doe's interview tomorrow morning on the "today" show right here on nbc 10. vice president joe biden went on the attack as he campaigned for hillary clinton in philadelphia today. the vp spoke to hundreds of students at direction serexel u. he criticized donald trump for his debate performance calling the republican nominee painfully uninformed and the vice president called trump out for saying he's smart for not paying his taxes. >> this is a guy who says and wants to be president that it was good business for him to see the housing market fail. what in the hell is he talking about? >> mr. biden tried to appeal to millennial voters telling them clinton would push for affordable college and lgbt rights. tomorrow another big day will
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campaign for the democratic candidate. first lady michelle obama is set to appear at lasalle university at noon. the event is open to the public but you have to rest vice president on line. the first lady will continue her push for pennsylvania at the university of pittsburgh later tomorrow afternoon. let's move on to skyforce 10 over the willow grove mall in montgomery county after calls with a man in a gun in a store tonight. police say it was determined the man in question was holding a cell phone not a gun. several stores voluntarily closed their doors as a precaution but they soon reopened. a local community is one step closer to disbanding its police force in favor of a new one. earlier this month, east greenville voted to break away from the upper perk yeoman police force. tonight inside a packed fire hall the council passed the motion to bring in a mediator to help resolve the issue. the mayor of east greenville says a shared police force is
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placing too heavy a tax burden on the community. >> based on our research, it's suggested that local government's current future financial expenses -- [ inaudible ] >> tonight council president jim young put in his letter of resignation there. new jersey governor chris christie was told about the lane closures at the george washington bridge in 2013 as they were happening. that's according to testimony today from a former port authority executive. david wildstein testified in the so-called bridge gate trial. two of his colleagues pleaded guilty to conspiracy and fraud charges. wildstein says he and barony told christie at a 2011 event in 2013 but once again christie denied any wrongdoing. >> i had no knowledge prior to
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or during these lane realignments. i had no role in authorizing it. i had no knowledge of it. and there has been no evidence ever put forward that i did. >> the gauche has not been charged with a crime. wells fargo ceo is forfeiting a huge chunk of change as the bank launches a probe into its phony account scandal. john stumpf says he'll forgo $41 million in stock awards after the company agreed to pay $185 million to settle allegations its employees opened millions of accounts without customers' permission. meanwhile, the woman who headed the division that created the fake accounts has left the company. the decisions come ahead of a wells fargo hearing on capitol hill thursday. imagine biting into your meal and swallowing plastic along with your food? it's a real risk. we'll tell you about a recall that could affect something in
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your refrigeratorefrigerator. >> reporter: less traffic on the schuylkill. like the sound of that? i do. my name is keith jones. i'll give you the how and when it could happen when we come back. and keep the umbrella handy. i'll show you how many days you can expect rain this week and when it will linger or how long it will linger into the weekend. that's coming up next. ♪
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it may be hard to believe but it's been a year since pope francis's visit to philadelphia. thousands watched as the pontiff rode through the city and visited independence hall before wrapping up his trip with the world meeting of families mass on the parkway. tonight st. joseph's anniversary celebrated the visit. students read passes for several of the pope's addresses during his time in philly. they collected signatures for a banner that will be sent to the vatican thanking pope francis for that visit. now to a new plan designed to ease your commute.
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skyforce 10 live over i-76 in montgomery county, always packed with cars during rush hour, as you probably know. soon you'll have another lane. the shoulder. it's part of a new penndot proposal to improve travel along the schuylkill expressway between philadelphia and king of pruss prussia. keith jones is live with the details. help us out, keith. >> reporter: we did our own test and becrawl we crawled along th schuylkill expressway behind me but penndot says it could take five years for drivers to drive along the shoulders so they'll monitor ramps like this one and take control of some of the traffic lights a i loening the highway. off we go ready for the schuylkill, ready for the daily haik. from city avenue we merge, stop and go rush hour traffic westbound on our way to king of prussia. the trek is a long one. energily it's 18 minutes,
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tonight double that. tonight penndot wants to change that to allow drivers to use the shoulder in some areas like between valley forge and the 476 interchange. >> it's an excellent idea. >> it could take five years, penndot says. >> yeah, probably not a good idea. >> reporter: much like traffic, jessica hart was stop and go. other drivers like amy d'alessandro. >> it does sound like a good idea. >> reporter: she takes the back roads which factors into penndot's plan. control traffic lights on secondary roads along 76. they'll add more signs showing delays and monitor ramps so they don't back up which is a familiar nightmare scenario for driver kevin glickman. >> it's tough. it's -- both ways it's tough. >> reporter: to survive, penndot wants you go off road. septa says it will beef up service from norristown to center city and even add double-decker train cars. but this huge project on a
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congested highway more than 60 years old will take years, half a decade to be exact. >> that doesn't sound good. i'm from here and i remember they talked about the blue route and that took about 15 years. so five years, i don't know. >> reporter: why five years is the question. penndot says it will take that long to widen the shoulder but also to make it even all the way down. they say at some point the entire schuylkill expressway might be three lanes but that is way farther down the road. keith jones, nbc 10 news. >> keith, imagine that. three lanes, sheena parveen. tomorrow in the morning going to be nice throughout? >> nice and maybe i'll take it if it's three lanes but like keith said, not for a long time few from now. tomorrow will be chilly but the rain won't be getting here until later in the day. most of tomorrow will be nice. we will have temperatures in the upper 40s, especially in the lehigh valley. bus stop forecast we should see the upper 40s by 7:30 in
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allentown so the lehigh valley going to be the coolest, reading 48 degrees, wilmington 58 degrees, philadelphia 57 by 7:30 tomorrow morning and nice and dry. we have rain in the forecast, you can see that with your seven day at the bottom of the screen and a rainy stretch here so a rainy cooler pattern will set up. take a look at our rain chances over the next several days. for philadelphia, reading, atlantic city and dover, they go up the most on thursday, that i stay up friday. this is going to begin tomorrow night so you want to hang on to the up l.a. going through the end of the week and even to start your weekend we have rain chances. for the weekend a cooler start and the showers look to be hanging around at least for your saturday. sunday looks better. live look at the radar, we are dry, the rain and a lot of the cloud cover has moved offshore. so tomorrow to start your day will be nice and most of the day will be nice. this is future weather going into tomorrow morning is. don't expect rain for the
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morning commute. the model trying to pick up some south of baltimore. it could be moving into delaware early in the day. the clouds increase in the afternoon, rain chances increase tomorrow afternoon and tomorrow evening. that's 11:00 p.m. more rain moves in by thursday morning so rainy thursday morning commute through the day thursday. periods of heavy rain thursday afternoon and thursday night more rain moving in, friday we are not out of the pattern just yet. showers in the forecast for friday. make sure you have your umbrella. by friday evening we can see anywhere from one to two inches of rain across the philadelphia area. looks like it could be heavier and accumulating to our south and west. we'll watch that closely but keep in mind we are going to keep the wet pattern in the forecast starting tomorrow afternoon. you'll see the changes later in the day. 76 philadelphia, but look at the cool pattern setting up thursday and friday, upper 60s, tomorrow thursday and friday we're in the 60s. lehigh valley, that rainy pattern thursday and friday and
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new jersey along the shore and delaware make sure you have your umbrella to end out the week. we'll look at the ten day coming up. stay tuned.
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tyson's foods is voluntarily recalling more than 130,000 pounds of chicken nuggets. comes after customers reported finding hard white plastic in some nuggets. the recall involves five-pound bags of fully-cooked panko chicken nuggets with a use-by date of july 18, 2017, sold at costco. it also includes a small number of 20-pound cases of chicken patties sold to a wholesaler in pennsylvania under the spare time brand. a driver in washington state learned donald trump won't help you get a ride in the car pool lane. look at this giant cardboard cutout of the republican presidential nominee's head.
11:24 pm
the washington state patrol says someone tried to use that and use the car pool lane with trump's head as the passenger. state trooper didn't fall for that one. the driver was pulled over. the driver faces a fine of at least $136. john clark, you'd never try that, would you? >> no, i'll use a cardboard cut out of you, though. >> that works. >> what does haven't joe biden say about carson wentz? why does former player chris therrian have a stick in the pre-season opener? ryan howard does it again. that's all next.
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>> my wife's a philly girl.
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[ cheers and applause ] i'm getting so damn angry, she's getting so excited about wentz, i can't stand it, you know what i mean? >> that's vice president joe biden at directirexel today, se the wentz wagon. the sixers open training camp today and they have three centers. sometimes three is a crowd. nowell says he doesn't see how this could work. brett brown, what say you? >> i don't begrudge noel at all for what he said. i don't have any problems with it. and i said to him and i've said to you and the public from day one i will coach him until he is not here. i will coach him until maybe he's here for a long time and none of us can know what will happen down the road. >> the center of attention number one overall pick ben simmons is out there. look at ben simmons.
11:29 pm
he says he's gained 33 pounds since leaving lsu and he's ready to be a leader. >> i believe i'm a leader no matter what it is. if we're playing scrabble ormonly, pictionary, whatever the game is. i try and lead wherever the occasion rises. i'm looking forward to getting the season started. >> on to the phillies. the manager wants a bat and he says the coaches and him are going to go to the front office and say we need to sign a bat, a hit her in the off season. phillies in atlanta, rain delay. ryan howard did it early on. ryan howard with a grand slam second of the year. he's got 15 in his career. that is the most in philly's history so the phillies lead right now 6-2, it's getting worse, 6-what? i think the braves are scoring more. flyers didn't score any goals in
11:30 pm
their pre-season games last night but in their pre-season home opener, wayne simmons wearing the visor for the first time, he says the gm told them to do it. he looks fine with it in this game. already 1-0. wayne simmons, how about the wentz wagon? we have the wayne train, jump on board both of them, another goal for wayne simmons. 4-0 flyers and look at this. a scrum and former flyer now csn broadcaster chris therrian, don't mess with him. he'll grab a stick. still intimidating. he won't give it back. flyers with the shutout 4-0. here are the candidates for this week's high school football game of the week. you can call our text your vote to the number on the screen, vote at and vote on the nbc 10 app. we are right back after this.
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well, tomorrow morning some areas, especial live in the lehigh valley, could be in the upper 40s. most of the day wednesday will be dry, but in the afternoon you'll see more clouds, rain chances especially, thursday we can have heavy rain, temperatures upper 60s. keep the umbrella through saturday. >> all the way through saturday? >> yeah, rainy forecast. >> all right, that's our news. thanks for being here. have a great night. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- kate hudson -- david oyelowo --


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