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tv   NBC10 News at 5pm  NBC  November 21, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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windy conditions in the southeast, high atop the new comcast technology center in center city. look at this, they've got to work close to that edge, erin, no way, not me. the wind shaking it around like crazy, making it difficult to do anything outside. >> let's get right to nbc 10 first alert meteorologist sheena parve parveen. >> the wind will continue tonight and tomorrow especially in the morning. we know the wind makes it feel a lot colder this time of year. temperatures right now are mostly around 40 degrees. we've gotten to 38 degrees at this moment in allentown. 44 in philadelphia. 36 coatesville. take a look at what it feels like when you walk outside. now, the wind is making it feel like 30 degrees in philadelphia and allentown. if you're in coatesville, feels like 23 degrees. if you're up in the poconos, feels like 16 degrees there at mt. pocono. mt. holly feels like 30 degrees.
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atlantic city feels like 31. wilmington feels like 29. yes, another cold night just like it was last night. tomorrow morning will be another cold start. there you see the winds, 30 miles per hour, gusting to 36 miles per hour. this is in the philadelphia area, but very similar across parts of new jersey and delaware. this is all because of this big weather system centered to our north. we have snow coming in from the great lakes as well. parts of upstate new york and the wind around it, that's really keeping our temperatures on the cold side. that wind direction and the wind speed like i just showed you, that will keep it feeling quite a bit colder through tonight. take a look for tonight, we'll be dropping to around freezing as you wake up tomorrow morning. it's going to be another cold and windy morning. these are the actual temperatures, these are not the feels-like temperatures. it will feel colder in the morning once again. the good news is we will be nice and dry. the wind however is going to make it feel for some areas like the upper teens when you walk
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outside, right around sun rise. coming up, we'll take a closer look at that and talk about your thanksgiving day forecast and check on your thanksgiving day travel, that's straight ahead. philadelphia international airport leaders tell us the wind has not affected many of its flights today. but there have been a few ca cancellations and delays. this is a busy week for travelers in the air and on the roads, triple a expecting many people to start driving to their destinations as early as tomorrow. coming up at 5:30, first alert meteorologist krystal klei will break down the forecast for your travel destination region by region. we're following breaking news from north philadelphia. a worker at a clothing store was stabbed during a robbery. nbc 10's monique braxton is live on the scene for us. monique, what have you found out? >> reporter: hi, keith. the manager of the city blue tells us the employee stabbed in the hand is going to be okay. and police have just released
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this crime scene, departing a short time ago. the other store employees are being interviewed by police. police say this is the aftermath of the would-be masked robber fighting with the store manager. we're told the masked man walked up to the register and demanded money. when the store manager refused, the two of them fought inside the store, knocking over displays as well as mannequins. then the masked robber ran away. investigators are searching for him at this point. they do want us to let everybody know they plan to reopen the store at 10:00 in the morning. this investigation is far from over. live for now are north philadelphia, monique braxton, nbc 10 news. now to breaking news out of japan. a magnitude 6.9 earthquake has hit off fukushima. a tsunami warning has been issued, although there is no danger of a tsunami on the u.s. west coast or hawaii. you may remember there was a disaster at the fukushima
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nuclear power plant after an earthquake several years ago. this is file video of that plant. it was destroyed by a huge tsunami following an offshore quake in 2011. again, a magnitude 6.9 quake has struck off fukushima, japan. we will continue to monitor the situation there. right now at 5:00, two fires in new jersey have devastated families tonight. nbc 10 was in trenton and in woodbury as neighbors got their first look at the damage left behind. flames tore through a stretch of row homes on weinberg place in trenton around 3:00 this morning. in the end more than two dozen people lost their homes. three people went to the hospital, including a firefighter with an injured leg. it's not yet known what started the fire. many people lost almost everything they owned. >> completely destroyed. my documents, my medical school diploma, everything destroyed. >> firefighters were initially slowed down by falling
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electrical lines and had to wait until the power was shut off. about 40 miles down the highway, a fire in woodbury, gloucester county, sent several people to the hospital. firefighters say the l. made fighting the flames even more difficult. nbc 10's south jersey reporter cydney long is live at the scene of that fire tonight. cydney, neighbors initially said they heard an explosion. >> reporter: erin, that's right. the fire chief told me that was probably the noise of the car fires bursting from the homes this morning. two homes were destroyed as well as these two cars. then a third home damaged. the little who lives there says of the four victims who remain hospitalized here at this home in the center of this block, and one man who jumped from the second story i wouwindow, they should make a full recovery. 19-year-old ian pickins said it's surreal that where he laid
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his head last night is now a pile of burned did ebris. a loud boom and almost immediate flames woke up and six others who rent the home from the landlord next door. he said at 3:30 this morning, it was chaos. the flames quickly spread to a vacant home for sale next door to the left. and on the right where a family of three was sound asleep. >> it was scary because of the wind. >> reporter: neighbors recorded cellphone video as it happened. >> ambulances started coming. i saw them take three of the guys out. >> there was a 5-month-old baby. they got out. >> one guy looked out the window and there was fire everyowhere, he yelled fire. >> reporter: he lost everything including a cellphone and eyeglasses. the fire chief lost his cool with pse&g, fearing for his firefighters. >> you have the wind blowing the wires around, they're still hot on the ground. >> reporter: pse&g tells nbc 10
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they sent technicians to turn off the electric lines within an hour. he says there are no preliminary signs of an explosions. pickins is glad he got out safely. >> i definitely was fortunate enough, god was taking care of me. >> reporter: the home over here was for sale and vacant, so no one was injured there. but ian and some others who live in the center home are christian brothers who attend the nearby cavalry church in south jersey. the church together with the neighbors and landlord on this bla block plan to hold a fundraiser to help the men get back on their feet. nbc 10 cydney long. the fbi announced the arrest of a man they say tried to join isis and talked about wanting to attack times square. agents say the suspect posted to social media about hoping to carry out the attack. he's from yemen, and a legal
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resident of the united states. authorities say he traveled in yemen last year in an attempt to join isis but was unsuccessful. his attack on times square, he said, was going to be like the one in nice, france in july. 86 people were killed, more than 400 were hurt there in nice. a bucks county man accused of sexually assaulting six girls in the same family will head to trial after waiving a preliminary hearing this morning. authorities claim lee kaplan fathered two children with a then 14-year-old girl who had been gifted to him for helping her parents financially. additionally charges were filed last month alleging the 52-year-old sexually assaulted five of the girl's sisters. kaplan's defense attorney says his client maintains his innocence but didn't want to make the girls testify during the holiday season. >> he took these people and he educated them and he helped
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support them financially. he didn't have a sexual relationship with the minor children. he had what he believed to be a family relationship with them. >> a trial date has not been set. the nation's second largest commuter railroad is no longer allowing engineers to operate trains while they're being treated for sleep apnea. new jersey transit leaders made the change last month after the engineer in the deadly train cash in hoboken was later found to have sleep apnea. federal regulators are targeting the fatigue-inducing disorder this week with a new bulletin warning railroads to screen engineers. governor tom wolf is vetoing information that he says would have withheld public information from the public. it would have immediately released the names of police officers that illegally fired their weapon. the bill would also have
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required the release of the officer's name if he or she was charged with a crime. but the officer's name would have been withheld if an investigation didn't produce charges. $100 million. that's how much a philadelphia charity is committing to philadelphia's neediest neighborhoods. the william penn foundation is donating the money to mayor jim kenney's community rebuilding initiative. it will help rehabilitate parks, libraries, and playgrounds. it's the single largest grant in the foundation's history. coming up also tonight, we have seen the surveillance photos time and time again. robbers showing up at banks and taking off with cash. >> the banks are making themselves more customer friendly. and this makes it more robber friendly at the same time. >> tonight, the nbc 10 investigators show us why we're all paying for these crimes, and if banks are doing enough to stop them.
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new tonight, bank bandits. robbers get the cash and we all pay the price. >> are banks doing enough to prevent robberies? >> tonight, as you just heard, the nbc 10 investigators ask that very question. >> investigative reporter george spencer got ahold of the fbi's records and shows us what he found.
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>> reporter: through the camera's eye, we all get a teller's view of bank robberies in progress. wanted by police, the safety vest robber. the so-called straw hat bandit. and occasionally a female robber, hidden only by her sunglasses. the crime is jarring. yet almost familiar. >> there seems to be something personal about it. i was in that bank, kind of feeling that people have. >> reporter: robert mccree has made tracking bank robberies a big part of his 45-year career as professor of security management at john jay college in new york. fbi records show a downward trend in robberies across the country except for a small bump last year. in fbi data from around our region, we discovered that trend has wobbled, declining from 2010 to 2012, creeping up through 2013 and '14, then dropping again in 2015.
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are we doing enough to prevent bank robberies? >> no, we aren't. >> reporter: he says when robberies aren't prevented, we all bear the costs of prosecuting the criminals. we found six out of ten local bank robberies are marked as solved or closed, the remaining four still open or pending. we also discovered outliers with lower solve rates, like camden, delawa delaware, and montgomery countys, at 37% solved. the fbi offers no explanation for the differences in those areas. the local task force declined to speak with us for this story. in general, mccree believes modern bank design, with lower counters and fewer plexiglas dividers, makes robberies easier. >> banks are making themselves more customer-friendly, and this makes it more robber-friendly at the same time. >> reporter: he's also troubled
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by uneven surveillance technology from branch to branch, which sometimes leaves investigators with only the grainiest camera images for evidence. >> that is deplorable. it's showing that the bank just is totally ignoring technology that's available to get really sharp, welhigh-resolution pictu. >> reporter: doug johnson, senior vice president of the american bankers association, says declining technology costs make upgrades increasingly affordable. he also tells us bank design changes reflect changing desires of bank customers. >> what we're trying to do is balance, you know, the desire of our customers to have a friendly environment, with the need to protect that environment. >> reporter: the federal government maintains only general guidelines about bank branch security like requiring that they establish procedures that will assist in identifying
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persons committing crimes against the bank. but it leaves the specific execution to individual banks. and johnson believes it should stay that way, individual branches deciding on the design and camera surveillance which best fits their own level of bank robbery risk. for the investigators, george spencer, nbc 10 news. >> it's worth noting, among the three states in our area, pennsylvania stood out. last year it had more bank robberies than any other state except the much larger texas and california. the nbc 10 investigators found out much more about bank robberies in our area, and you can learn more about who is committing these crimes, which types of banks are most likely to get hit, and when. you can find that out right now on oh, boy. you hear that? that is the sound of winter. people in central new york are
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digging out, following their first snowfall this season yesterday. some places like here in utica got six inches of snow. they could see more through tomorrow. back here at home, though, take a look, skiers and snowboarders have a reason to celebrate. camelback resort in the poconos is making snow, thanks to chilly conditions. those plunging temperatures hit us fast, didn't they? >> and the wind making it feel even colder out there. let's get the latest from meteorologist sheena parveen. >> it will continue to do that into tonight and tomorrow. this is the top of the aramark building. cold and windy as we go through tonight. winds still gusting in the morning and windy tomorrow. 40 for many of our south jersey neighborhoods. upper 30s now for our pennsylvania suburbs. parts of delaware, lehigh valley in the upper 30s. we'll take a look at our philadelphia neighborhood. 40 degrees in rittenhouse
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currently. 41 in fox chase. when you factor in the wind, it feels cold. here is the wind gusting anywhere from about 30 to 35 miles per hour on average. so it's still going to be like this tonight, it's still going to be windy. especially tomorrow morning. look at the feels-like temperature. this is what it feels like when you walk out the door. it feels like 10 degrees colder, with the wind feeling like 29 degrees in wilmington, 24 in coatesville, 30 in allentown and philadelphia. we are dry, some snow showers up in the poconos still, which is great for the ski resorts, but the big weather system, that is still just up to our north. it is giving the poconos those snow showers. you see even more snow in parts of upstate new york. that's going to continue for a little while longer. but we'll stay on the dry side of that. here is future weather as we go into tomorrow. we'll be dry through the afternoon. still a cold day with highs in the 40s.
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then we cgo into wednesday. approaching thanksgiving day, the morning looks dry. we'll have to watch the timing of this precip to our west. that could be moving in for the morning commute. we have rain if the forecast for the first half of thanksgiving. here is 2:30 p.m., expect some showers moving through. so if you are doing any holiday shopping for food or anything like that, you're good, you're nice and clear the rest of this week up until thanksgiving morning, especially for local travel as well. of course coming up at 5:30 we'll have a closer look at travel around the area, around the northeast. if you're traveling anywhere or have anyone traveling here. temperature trend-wise, normal highs 54 degrees. today we're 10 degrees below that. wednesday we'll be back around 50. and by thanksgiving day, low 50s. so cool for thanksgiving day. and by friday, we'll be back in the mid-50s, right around where we should be this time of year. your thanksgiving forecast, 44 by 9:00 a.m. in philadelphia.
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morning showers are expected across the area. 44 for south jersey by 9:00 a.m. 45 degrees for parts of delaware. through the afternoon, we should be seeing most of the shower activity starting to clear. but of course we'll be updating you on the timing of this as we do get closer. so that timing could be changing slightly. here's your ten-day as we go through tomorrow and wednesday. nice and dry locally. showers come in on thursday. then by friday and the weekend, we do start to dry out quite a bit going into next week. then we have the rain moving back in. look at the temperatures, we don't have any 60s on the map. so looks like the colder air is going to stick around for a while. coming up at 5:30, meteorologist krystal klei will have a look at your travel forecast for thanksgiving. >> thank you, sheena. we're just three days away from the 90th annual macy's thanksgiving day parade. today new york city leaders gathered to unveil a permanent plaque marking the official starting line of the parade. santa claus was there for all the action. the plaque is dedicated to the thousands of volunteers that have made the parade possible.
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and of course you can catch the macy's thanksgiving day parade on thursday. the fun begins at 9:00 a.m. right here on nbc 10. >> can't wait for that. americans are projected to shell out more than $650 billion on retail in the coming weeks. and they plan to spend half of their holiday budget online this year. getting the best deal online has a lot to do with when to log in and out of websites. how to use multiple devices to outsmart retailers. find out how to keep cash in your wallet, coming up on "nbc nightly news." a list of the possible names for a trump administration is growing and getting more interesting. we'll break down the latest comings and goings, next on nbc 10 news at 5:00. as we head into the holiday shopping season, porch pirates are looking to swipe your
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packages. >> don't become a victim. what you need to do to keep criminals from stealing your deliveries around the holidays. make your list and check it twice, your step by step guide to spending and saving by the holidays. that plus breaking news, first alert weather and traffic, right here on nbc 10.
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pope francis is allowing all
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catholic priests the right to forgive abortion. in a letter to priests made public today by the vatican, the pope wrote there is no question abortion is considered a grave sin under catholic law, but, quote, there is no sin that god's mercy can't reach and wipe away, end quote. the announcement permanently extends a special permission francis granted last year. new details about a looming strike at o'hare international at chicago. 500 workers say they will wait until after the thanksgiving holiday to hit the picket line and instead strike on november 29th. the group are seeking union rights and a $15 an hour wage. if you're heading to chicago or somewhere else this thanksgiving, maybe like florida where it's a little warmer than here if you're lucky enough, nbc 10 has your holiday travel survival guide. >> next, the first alert weather
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team will break down the forecast for the top thanksgiving destinations.
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a blustery day at the jersey shore where there was practically no one to be found at the boardwalk. definitely a day to stay indoors.
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>> it was a bit more crowded in newark, newcastle county today. people were bundled up as they made their way along a windy main street. tonight the nbc 10 first alert weather team has you covered with the holiday forecast, whether you're going near or far. let's start with sheena parveen. sheena, this windy weather will be here a bit longer. >> yes, it will stay here tonight and be here tomorrow when you wake up. the wind is making it feel co colder. that will continue to be the case tonight and tomorrow. bundle up, you'll want that jacket again tomorrow. 41 degrees the temperature now in philadelphia, 40 mt. holly, 30 the actual temperature in allentown, 39 in wilmington. gusty winds gusting near 35 miles per hour in some spots, making temperatures feel below freezing. feels like 24 now in coatesville, feels like 30 in philadelphia, mt. pocono,
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feeling like 13 degrees. tonight, 40 degrees, winds gusts to 25 miles per hour, make it feel like 29 degrees. by 10:00 p.m., winds gusting to 21 making it feel like 27 degrees. that's the big difference that these winds are going to continue to provide, as we go through the day tomorrow. locally, we're dry. the poconos seeing a few snow showers. but that big weather system, that is still staying just up to our north. new york, upstate new york seeing heavy snowfall. that will stay just to our north. it's going to continue to give us this north west and west wind, it will continue to give us the cold air. again, tomorrow a cold day. as we get closer to thanksgiving, that's when we'll be tracking rain showers in the forecast, we'll take a look at that coming up. if you're planning on flying in the next few days for thanksgiving, you know how busy it can get. a live look at philadelphia national airport. officials there tell us tomorrow
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is the busiest arrivals day. monday is the busiest day overall at the airport, 600,000 travelers are expected there next week. meteorologist krystal klei joins us. you're covering what's happening in chicago and florida, depending on where people are headed. >> we're looking at if you're taking a drive over the next couple of days or taking a train, how the weather might affect you. let's talk about the conditions out there both in terms of temperatures and if you'll see any rain or snow outside. so you're looking right now at radar and satellite. what we're seeing here, as sheena just mentioned, we do have some of that lake-effect snow in upstate new york, something we're going to be continuing to watch. overall, as we stretch from chicago all the way through to boston here, you're satisfying mostly clear conditions aside from the lake-effect snow. if we check out our future track model, what we're going to be seeing is that those conditions
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are going to be okay for your tuesday at least. we put this into motion, we start tonight, the lake-effect snow starting to break apart into your tuesday morning. we see clouds increasing out west on tuesday. for the most part, that's all we're worried about on tuesday. the rest of the region is staying in the clear. if you have travel plans on your tuesday. then we go from 7:00 tuesday night. overnight we start to see the system building in. we're bringing in showers, maybe a little rain/snow mix along chicago. that's 8:00 a.m. wednesday. everywhere else is still clear. if you're traveling wednesday and not going further west, you should be okay. thursday, a.m. hours, now we see showers clipping into pennsylvania. that does continue on, tracking to the east. temperature-wise, in the 40s in chicago, the same for cincinnati, just a tad bit warmer. in pittsburgh, i think late day is when we'll see that chance of showers starting to build in. in washington, 7sunshine.
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wednesday, 52 degrees. mt. pocono staying cold in the 30s tuesday and dry. traveling east, tuesday and wednesday, things are better. if you're staying local, we'll have the thanksgiving forecast coming up. >> krystal, thank you. nbc 10 is your holiday travel survival guide. all week long, before you hit the road, get weather and traffic updates with the nbc 10 morning team, they're on the air starting at 4:30. some of the top stories we're following on nbc 10 news at 5:00. we continue to follow breaking news from north philadelphia where a worker was stabbed in the hand during an attempted robbery inside a clothing hair at city blue on north broad. we're told a masked man walked up to the cash register and demanded money. when the store manager refused to open the register, the two of them fought. the robber then ran off. the red cross is helping more than two dozen people tonight after a fire destroyed nine homes in trenton.
5:35 pm
flames tore through the stretch of row homes on weinberg place starting at 3:00 this morning. three people went to the hospital, including a firefighter with an injured leg. it's not yet known what sparked the blaze. another fire in new jersey sent seven people to the hospital. the flames swept through three homes in woodbury, gloucester county overnight. firefighters say strong winds made fighting the flames even more difficult. it's not clear what started that fire. now to the transition of president-elect donald trump. the list of possible trump cabinet members is growing and getting more interesting as nbc brian mooar reports. they include an oklahoma governor, a bernie backer, and a bitter rival. >> reporter: the cabinet candidates parading through trump tower are selling themselves, and not just to the president-elect. >> i'm not competing with anybody. i think i'm the best person. but there are some tremendous people out there.
5:36 pm
>> reporter: former massachusetts senator scott brown wants to run veterans affairs. oklahoma governor mary fallon was a little more low key. >> i wasn't offered a position. it was an initial meeting to discuss a wide range of topics. >> reporter: democratic congresswoman was a bernie backer. the weekend get-together with mitt romney was stunning. >> president-elect trump has been doing this flurry of non-stop meetings and really needs time to reflect and discuss on the many different people from diverse backgrounds he's met with over the last two weeks. >> reporter: that includes members of the news business trump attacked during the campaign. as donald trump prepares to take over the white house, there are business empire and conflicts of interest. separate the president and first family from the name that is their brand. the luxurious trump hotel a few blocks away from here as become
5:37 pm
an obvious example. it has become the place to stay for diplomats looking to curry favor with the new leader. brian mooar, nbc news, washington. there is still speculation over whether new jersey governor chris christie could join the trump administration, this after he met with the president-elect yesterday. today the governor held a meeting with the cabinet in trenton. the lieutenant governor was among those in attendance. it's not clear what they discussed. yesterday's face-to-face between president-elect trump and christie lasted about 30 minutes. mr. trump told reporters the governor is, quote, a very talented guy. 24 hours, three cities, and three police officers shot. next at 5:00, the manhunt has in inten intensified for one of those suspects. tonight, new video of him just hours before the shooting. plus it started and just didn't stop. see how the snow keeps piling up in parts of the northeast.
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a violent weekend for law enforcement across the country, three police officers shot, one killed. >> in at least two of the shootings, the officers were targeted. an all-out manhunt is under way in texas for the killer of ben marconi. police released surveillance it's unclear why he was there. marconi was writing a traffic ticket in his cruiser when a man drove up, got out of his car, walked to the window, fired twice and took off. the target. the first person that happened >> police commanders are encouraging officers to patrol
5:41 pm
with partners as the manhunt continues. a police sergeant is expected to survive after he was shot twice in the face last night. officers say the 46-year-old officer was alone in his police suv when the suspect pulled up and opened fire. the suspect was killed in a shootout with police. in kansas city, an officer is out of surgery and expected to make a full recovery after being shot after a passenger jumped out a vehicle and ran. one of the suspects was killed. coming up, we still have the wind in the forecast, and the cold temperatures. i'll show you how cold it will feel tomorrow and we'll look ahead to your thanksgiving day forecast with showers, next.
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a major winter storm slamming the northeast, and the timing is making for some tricky holiday travel as an estimated 49 million americans prepare to hit the road and take to the skies. nbc's blake mccoy has more. >> reporter: i'm blake mccoy here in syracuse, new york, where, look at this, they're getting a huge dose of wind. jolted by this. that's because as relate as friday and saturday, it was in the 60s. it went from beautiful to this in matter of 24, 48 hours. the snow has been falling since about yesterday afternoon. you can see how deep it is already, look at that. that's a good foot of snow already. and they're saying by the end of this snowstorm, 20 inches of snow is possible for upstate new york in and around the syracuse area. this is a very significant snowfall. and it is the first are the
5:45 pm
season. it's waking people up to the fact that hey, winter is coming here. of course monday of thanksgiving week is the start of a businey, busy travel week. we're keeping an eye on the airports. delays aren't too big of a concern, it's really the roads that are the issue, they are slick. we're seeing slide-offs, jackknifed semi trucks shutting down highways in and around upstate new york. so right now the roads are the biggest concern. as i said, 20 inches expected in parts of the syracuse area later tonight and tomorrow morning. >> that is a lot of snow, blake mccoy reporting from a very wintry syracuse, new york. >> i can report five noes from erin here. no easing for us? >> we don't have snow, anything like that, but it got cold very quickly. saturday and sunday this past weekend, two very different days. it went from feeling like spring on saturday to winter on sunday.
5:46 pm
as we go into tomorrow morning it's going to continue, we stay cold and windy. the wind will feel like 17 to 21 degrees early tomorrow morning. this is right around sunrise. this morning, whatever you are bundled up in, if it works, you'll want it again tomorrow. thursday, thanksgiving, we have some showers in the forecast. mostly the first half of the day. we'll see drying later thursday afternoon and thursday evening. we'll take a closer look at that in a second. temperatures currently still around 40 degrees for the area. but it does feel colder with the wind. actual temperatures for new jersey neighborhoods, 40 robb s robbinsville, 37 degrees in princeton. like the wind, it always makes us feel colder this time of the year, temperatures feeling below freezing. feels like 16 degrees in mt. pocono, 23 in coatesville, 29 is what it feels like in wilmington. vineland, feels like 30 degrees. the future feels-like
5:47 pm
temperature, as we go to 11:00 tonight, we can already start to feel like the upper teens in parts of the area. and now we look at early tomorrow morning when you walk outside. this is actually 9:30 in the morning. we could still be feeling around 20 degrees. it's going to be another cold, windy start through the afternoon, feeling around freezing, a day a lot like today, not as gusty but still windy. local locally, dry on radar. snow showers in the poconos. this big weather system is sitting barely to our north, enough to keep us dry. some of those snow showers are reaching the higher elevations of the poconos. ski resorts definitely liking the colder weather. tomorrow afternoon, we stay dry, still a cold day. wednesday, we're staying dry. notice clouds start to move in wednesday night. thursday, early morning, mostly dry. you see the ranges to our west. we'll have to watch the timing
5:48 pm
of that very closely. by 2:30 p.m., showers across the area. your thanksgiving day is going to have some rain in it. the days leading up to it, at least nice and dry for a local travel and any shopping you have to do. by 9:00 a.m. thanksgiving day, lehigh valley, 38 degrees, some showers around. along the shore, 45 degrees. by afternoon, we'll see highs reaching the 50s, mostly the low 50s. at least later in the day, we start to clear out a bit more. we're clear for black friday. it's looking dry, if you're doing any shopping, if you're brave enough to get out there. saturday and sunday, looking dry as well. but if you notice, in the next ten days, we have a stretch of 50s going on. we're not going to see temperatures above normal for this time of year as we go through the next ten days right now. we in fact have many below normal days or seasonable days. this is really where we should be this time of the year. closer look at your neighborhood weather coming up at 6:00. lester holt joint us from
5:49 pm
nbc studios in new york. >> ahead for us tonight, keith and erin, several stories we're shuffling. a school bus crash with a number of injuries, some of serious, in tennessee. also a massive earthquake and tsunami warning in japan. and why black friday could be a thing of the past. and the story of a 55-year-old who just made college football history. >> a lot going on. we'll see you then. 150 students from philadelphia area schools learn the importance of physical activity and healthy eating with some help from the eagles. the elementary and middle school students took part in drills and did some exercising during fuel-up to play 60 at lincoln financial field. the kids toured interactive stations to learn about physical activity, leadership, and nutrition. and speaking of the birds, we'll have a special edition of eagles game day kickoff sunday at 9:30 a.m., which includes a look at the career of jeremiah trotter,
5:50 pm
who will be inducted into the eagles hall of fame monday night along with broadcaster merrill reese. >> well deserved for the two of them. what is thanksgiving without football? vote for the nbc 10 high school blitz of the week, thanksgiving day on nbc 10 news at 6:00. choices are ridley and interborough, lenape and shawnee. vote now on the nbc 10 app and at you know that music. the ultimate underdog story is celebrating a big birthday. "rocky" is turning 40. the film first hit theaters on this day in 1976. the story of a down on his luck prize fighter helped shape philadelphia's identity as a city of underdogs. the movie made the art museum steps forever famous.
5:51 pm
it also won best picture and spawned five sequels and a spinoff. >> taking a picture next to the rocky statue, you have to do it if you're if philadelphia. when you think about major shopping centers, you might think king of prussia mall or cherry hill mall. >> how philadelphia leaders are trying to turn it into the next big shopping destination.
5:52 pm
5:53 pm
5:54 pm
walmart is kicking off cyber monday a few days early. the store will offer web-only deals starting on black friday. the retailer recently said it would boost online inventory by more than half this year. this cyber money is expected to be the largest online shopping day ever, with sales expected to hit upwards of $3.3 billion. that's "billion" with a "b." my goodness. because this weekend is about turkey and shopping. >> after thanksgiving begins the busy holiday shopping season. local leaders want you to keep local businesses in mind. >> nbc 10 delaware bureau reporter tim furlong has more on the push for small business saturday in wilmington. >> i have an americanno! >> reporter: this is where a lot
5:55 pm
of people get their daily joe. they've seen more people stopping into their market street cafe. >> people are starting to one by one hear about and come and check it out. >> reporter: they're not the only business seeing this. today delaware's congresswoman-elect joined business leaders on a walking tour to remind people to support small businesses. this business owner loves the possibility of more shoppers finding her. >> people are coming in the city to support local businesses. >> reporter: wilmington's mayor-elect was on the tour too, he knows how hard it can be because he is a small business owner himself. he has advice to business owners. >> get the storefronts on. i don't care if you're not open. put the lights on. >> reporter: he insists if businesses make the area look cool and welcoming, more people will visit, move downtown, and
5:56 pm
this could become a hotspot for foodies and shoppers. some businesses have been fighting the good fight for years. they're hoping small business saturday 2016 creates even more momentum. in wilmington, tim furlong, nbc 10 news. >> small business saturday has become a nationwide event. according to a new report, 95 million people took part last year and spent more than $16 billion. 63% of consumers also said they are willing to pay slightly more for something if the item is sold at a small business. >> got to consider going down to delaware for sure. >> yeah. nbc 10 news at 6:00 is next. >> tonight at 6:00, a worker stabbed. we're live with the developing story inside a clothing store. also ahead at 6:00, a local runner not only crossed the finish line at a marathon but pushed his friend the whole way. all new at 6:00, a dog stuck in a tough situation. tonight the coast guard comes to the rescue.
5:57 pm
that story all new at 6:00, glenn. up next, your thanksgiving holiday forecast. will you need your umbrella? stay with us.
5:58 pm
neighborhoods leveled. tonight, neighbors are left picking up the pieces after a devastating fire, days before thanksgiving. clothing store chaos. we're live outside city blue where a robber roughed up a worker inside.
5:59 pm
marathon men. tonight, why a runner decided to push his friend the entire way and over the finish line. >> announcer: nbc 10 news starts now. you hear it, the roar of that wind, leaves blowing everywhere. the wind is turning a walk down the street into an adventure. good evening, i'm jacqueline london. >> i'm jim rosenfield. it's one of those nights when you need several layers to be out there. nbc 10 in huntington park this afternoon. right here we saw plenty of people bundled up in sweatshirts. their winter coats are out too. how much longer will this windy weather last? >> nbc 10 chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz is here with your neighborhood. >> i would say another 24 hours before the wind goes down significantly. it will not be quite as windy tomorrow as today.
6:00 pm
but these flags will be blowing pretty hard tomorrow as well. right now, the wind is making it feel like it's 19 in the poconos, 24 in coatesville, 29 in philadelphia, 27 in wilmington. that's pretty cold for this time of year. especially consider it was 72 degrees on saturday. the current wind gusts, still 30 to 40 miles an hour in some spots. 31 miles an hour in coatesville. it was 43 miles an hour for the wind gusts just an hour ago. it's coming down a little bit because the sun has come down. but that's still pretty strong sustained wind. 8:00, 11:00 tonight, these are the temperatures as we go through the night. it's going to clear out. and so these are the feels-like temperatures in philadelphia, 31 now, going down into the mid-20s. so yeah, it's going to be cold. it's going to be windy again tomorrow. we'll let you know how much it might warm up by thanksgiving. and if there'sny


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