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tv   NBC10 News at 5pm  NBC  December 12, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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out a home waiting for alex robledo. the marshals' office told me the agents trying to bring him in. the police say he wouldn't obey the agents' commands and pulled out a gun. >> he pulled out a weapon and they fired, striking him a couple of times. >> he's not real like bright, like he has mental problems. he's like a loose cannon. so it didn't surprise me. >> reporter: she knew her son was involved in a shooting on huntington street in july. she says once he went on the run, she hasn't spoken to him. police say the spokesperson for the police seemed to say this was a pretty clear case. police are checking to see if robledo fired first at the agents. either way, they're convinced
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that it happened the way the agents say it did, that he first fired the gun at them. tim furlong, nbc 10 news. a solemn farewell today to a fallen new jersey state trooper. police officers from across the garden state, pennsylvania, delaware, and far beyond, paid their respects to trooper frankie williams in atlantic city. more than a thousand members of law enforcement game to boardwalk hall for williams' funeral. the 31-year-old rookie trooper and another driver lost their lives in an accident on route 55 in cumberland county a week ago. williams' death came 11 months after he joined the state police force. >> to see somebody cut down really in the most productive, wonderful time of their life, after being married just two months, is horrible. >> williams was remembered today as someone who always had the most positive outlook, no matter what the circumstances, he is the fourth member of the new jersey state police to die in a
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car accident in the past 18 months. today former u.s. congressman chaka fattah learned he'll spend a decade in jail for using government money and grants to pay his personal expenses. he learned his fate today. mitch blacher has more. >> reporter: he was stoic and emotionless. when he came out of the courtroom, he had a confident smile. it could have something to do with what he thinks of his chances on appeal. chaka fattah stands convicted of stealing hundreds of thousands of federal charitable and campaign dollars. his convictions include fraud, bribery and racketeering. the long fall from capitol hill to a decade in federal prison didn't appear to shake fattah. >> i want to thank my legal team and the support of my family and staff and friends through this very tough time. thank you very much. >> reporter: he didn't take questions. his father david fattah gave us
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a glimpse at why his son may be smiling. >> i feel extremely confident that chaka is going to be exonerated on appeal. >> reporter: that appeal could hinge on how and why a juror in the case was dismissed. right now details are sealed and not public. the u.s. attorney said only this, when we asked about it. >> i'm confident that we will be fine on appeal in this matter. >> reporter: in court, fattah's supporters spoke through the morning, asking for leniency. outside, his long time friend, state senator vincent hughes, couldn't separate his personal feelings from the corruption his friend is convicted of. >> it's hard because he's such a personal friend. >> reporter: and prosecutors were asking for originally 17 to 22 years. in court the government's lawyers said, quote, public corruption has eroded the public's confidence in its government and that type of
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action can't go unpunished. mitch blacher, nbc 10 news. >> mitch, how much support did fattah have in the courtroom? >> reporter: erin, he had a lot of support in the courtroom. ten people testified on his behalf. they were family, they were friends, they were people who were speaking about how fattah touched their lives over the course of his more than 30 years of public service. they spoke for about five to ten minutes. they wanted the judge to understand that chaka fattah had done things besides what landed him in that courtroom. >> mitch blacher reporting live for us, thank you, mitch. we'll bring you much more coverage of the fattah sentencing throughout the hour. a little later we'll look at how this political powerhouse came crashing down after more than two decades in office. and in just minutes, we'll talk to a legal expert about fattah's chances on appeal. this is a live look at boat house row, where things warmed up a little bit today.
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another arctic blast is coming straight for us. we also have a small chance for another wintry mix in part of our area tomorrow. >> nbc 10 first alert meteorologist sheena parveen is here with a look at your neighborhood forecast. >> small chance tomorrow, it depends on where you live. we'll be watching one weather system closely. otherwise, it is the bitter cold we're talking about later this week. locally we're nice and dry. the rain has moved offshore. we have no wet weather in the forecast tonight, just dropping temperatures and the clouds breaking up, helping the temperatures drop too. we're down to 48 degrees in philadelphia. past hour, we were at 50 degrees. so we're starting to cool down. 45 now wilmington. mt. holly, 45 degrees. poconos getting closer to freezing right now. tomorrow will be one of those days when we're dry, temperatures mostly in the 40s. we'll be watching one small weather system approaching. for the rest of tonight, by 7:00 p.m., 44 degrees. by 10:00, upper 30s. it will feel right around freezing by 10:00 p.m.
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tomorrow morning, another cold start to your day. a look at your weather system i was mentioning for a small chance of maybe wintry mix across part of the area. we're looking at tomorrow night now. the day tomorrow is going to stay dry. you'll notice clouds increasing again. snow will be up to our north, rain just to our south. this is all part of one weather system. we'll be kind of in the middle of both of these and in a little bit of a dry slot. if you're south of philadelphia, south jersey and delaware, you can see a stray shower. north, closer to the poconos, lehigh valley, you could see a stray snow shower. we'll be watching those chances closely. tomorrow doesn't look like a big deal but you will need the heavy ier coat in the morning. tomorrow morning even colder. late into this week, some areas feeling below zero. i'll show you who can expect that, coming up. now to a teen who died early this morning during a shooting in west philadelphia at 60th and market streets just after midnight. dozens of shots were fired, including several that hit the
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17-year-old victim. police hope surveillance video will help them solve this case. a retired corrections officer was taken into custody early this morning for allegedly drinking and driving. philadelphia police tell us the man hit three parked cars on north fifth street near dauphin and kept going. police caught up to the driver a few blocks away. an unidentified driver is dead after rear ending a new jersey transit bus near pleasantville this morning. police tell us the empty bus was heading to the garage when it was hit. the bus driver was not hurt. the pennsylvania turnpike is back open in both directions tonight after a fiery crash closed the stretch of the road for six hours this morning. two tractor trailers and a minivan collided eastbound between breeze wood and carlisle areas in berks county. four people were taken to the
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hospital. no word on their conditions. traffic signals in montgomery county and philadelphia are undergoing upgrades, spanning route 36 and lan casteder avenue. the northbound and 1984 lanes of city avenue will close between 9:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. every day. the goal is to improve traffic flow and pedestrian safety. so allow extra driving time if you are in that area. this weekend, president-elect trump took on the cia. it was over allegations that russia interfered with the election in order to help his campaign. now he's taking on another major u.s. corporation. we'll tell you who, coming up. plus more on a big decision handed down today in federal court. former congressman chaka fattah sentenced to a decade behind bars. coming up, the legal analyst tell us what's next for the long time local politician. and later, brain surgery without a knife. the high tech way doctors say they can fix your head.
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former pennsylvania congressman chaka fattah is heading to prison. today a judge sentenced the 60-year-old to ten years for a racketeering scheme. chaka has a few months to report
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to prison. we're joined by nbc legal expert enrique latoyse. >> explain what follows in the process. >> you file a notice of appeal and the judge sets a schedule. they'll have to get everything together, all the way from the beginning to the sentencing. you have a right to have a higher court look at the judge's decisions, and if you decided you thought they were not in accordance with the law or you thought those rulings were illegal or led to an unfair trial, you have a righted to ask a higher court to look at those decisions and you have an opportunity to be heard again. >> enrique, the sentence is ten years behind bars. how much time do you think he'll actually serve? >> remember, prison is supposed to have punishment and also rehabilitation. he will have the opportunity to work in programs and things of
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that nature. he can get off 54 days for every year he does. that works out to be 8 1/2 years. within your last year of release, you have the opportunity to possibly get house arrest or halfway house so you can migrate yourself back into society. if he does what he's supposed to do, he will get the good time and he will get 54 days off, resulting in about 85% of his sentence. >> enrique latoyse, nbc 10 legal expert, thank you for that. >> ahead in our next half hour, a closer look at how more than 30 years in politics came down to this, and the political decision that set it all in motion. a warehouse fire in western pennsylvania destroyed four boats. the fire happened overnight in mckeesport near pittsburgh. a dry-dock warehouse at a marina caught fire. no one was hurt. the cause is under investigation. tomorrow, investigators are
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expected to announce their findings in the deadly warehouse fire in oakland, california. people began moving flowers and candles closer to the burned-out barriers. so-called ghost ship warehouse, killed 36 people. the cause is still not known. today marks six months since the massacre at the pulse nightclub in orlando. a large crowd gathered for a moment of silence at 2:02 a.m. at the club, the exact time gunman omar mateen started shooting inside on june 12th. 49 people died. 53 others were injured. mateen was shot and killed by police. only those with a direct connection to the shooting attended this morning's ceremony. the latest now on the presidential transition. today president-elect donald trump took on defense contractor lockheed martin, as he continues to be at war with u.s. intelligence, specifically over
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the cia and russian hacking in nbc's steve handelsman has the latest from washington. >> reporter: donald trump is slamming the most expensive weapons program in history, the new f-35 by lockheed martin. the initial cost, $300 million a plane. out of control, trump tweeted. billions of dollars will be saved on military and other performance after january 20th when he takes office. in a new dis of the cia, trump called in former ceo carly fiorina to discuss u.s. intelligence. she has no experience. >> we talked about hacking, whether it's chinese hacking or purported russian hacking. >> reporter: the cia but not the fbi assesses that russia's hackers intended to hurt hillary clinton and help trump in the election. trump scoffing at that. >> i don't believe it. >> reporter: was rejected today at the white house. >> he called on russia to hack hillary clinton.
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>> reporter: the former head of the cia was appalled at trump. >> he frankly didn't have a lot of time for them. that's not a winning formula for him. >> reporter: congress will investigate. >> this cannot be a partisan issue. >> i think we ought to work to deter the russians, sanction the russians. >> reporter: trump is sending the opposite signal, talking up for secretary of state exxonmobil's ceo rex tillerson who has cut deals with vladimir putin. >> this is getting blown way out of proportion. it could be looked on as an asset, not a liability. >> reporter: no trump decision announced for secretary of state. if it is tillerson, senators from both parties worn confirmation could be tough. i'm steve handelsman, nbc news, capitol hill. within the hour, the department of state certified the results of the presidential election in pennsylvania. meanwhile, a federal judge has rejected an effort by the green party to force a recount of state.
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former green party presidential candidate jill stein requested recounts in pennsylvania, michigan, and wisconsin. president-elect trump won all three states with narrow margins over democrat hillary clinton. michigan's recount was also stopped by a federal judge. mr. trump remained the winner in wisconsin following the recount there. students in part of michigan got a day off from school today. this is why. look at this. it wasn't part of a holiday break. six to ten inches of snow fell in grand rapids just yesterday. that was on top of ten inches that fell saturday. residents did their best to shovel pathways. that's more than two feet of snow blanketing the area. already ten times more than the amount of snow they had during this time last year. not dealing with that, sheena. >> no, we are not dealing with that. but we have some very cold air on the way. that will give you a taste of winter, if you feel like it hasn't felt like winter yet.
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winter officially hasn't started. but it's coming. the bitter cold will be here first. a live look at center city, clear skies right now. that will set us up for a cold morning tomorrow. temperatures back around freezing for the morning. that bitter cold air will get here later in the day thursday, and very early on friday. neighborhood temperatures are mostly in the 40s. some areas in south jersey just seeing a little bit of low clouds, maybe some spotty fog coming in in the upper 30s. lehigh valley mostly in the upper 30s right now too. if you're in berks county, your temperature is 42 degrees. cooks town, 39. fleetwood 38 degrees already, you see the temperatures are now dropping. the clear skies will help with that too. whitehall township, 39 degrees. allentown, 38 degrees. these are the areas that woke up this morning or at least very early, if you were up, to some snow falling. then it switched to freezing rain for several hours. now we're looking nice and dry. 39 degrees in bethlehem. those will be some of the coldest spots tomorrow morning. temperatures in the upper 20s
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when you wake up. we're nice and dry. all the precip has moved out of here. we don't expect anymore until possibly late in the day tomorrow. chances are small. but we do have a weather system approaching. watch on future weather. areas of snow just to our west, all part of one weather system. it's not very impressive, there's not a lot of moisture with it. there's a slight chance if you're in south jersey or delaware, you could see rain showers during the day tomorrow. that moves through, leaves wednesday morning, we're dry wednesday afternoon. come thursday, we have this big area of high pressure setting up. wouldn't be surprised if a few snow showers blew in from the great lakes. that is going to be the bitter wind. that wind is going to pull down arctic air. we are talking about the coldest air we've seen so far, colder than last week, and some windchills could be below zero degrees when you wake up in the
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morning. take a look at our temperature trend. today we got to around 50 degrees. that was fairly warm after the rain moved through. over the next several days we're going to stay below normal for this time of the year. wednesday, 42. look at the drop into thursday, we get to a high of only 27 degrees. it won't feel that warm, it will stay feeling in the teens through most of the day with the wind by friday high temperature of 25 degrees, a very cold start to the weekend. and early friday morning we're talking about the feels-like temperature below zero for some areas. take a look at what our computer model does here. we start on wednesday. now we're going into thursday. look at these numbers. by thursday morning, earlier the model was showing some areas below zero. for the most part, maybe around single digits. i think some neighborhoods north and west could still get below zero. now we're looking at friday morning, 6:30. that's when we get spots below zero. doylestown minus five, pottstown
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minus three. if you're in allentown, you could be feeling seven degrees below zero. this is what it's going to feel like when you walk outside. the actual temperature, you won't be feeling that, you'll be feeling this, because winds will be gusting near 45 miles an hour. we do have a first alert out. because of it, you'll start to notice changes through the day on thursday. they set in thursday night and friday morning. that's going to be for pennsylvania and new jersey and delaware. throughout the night thursday and into friday morning, that's when we'll feel the coldness. we're talking about winds, again, gusting over 40 miles per hour. and that will cause some neighborhoods to be below zero. that's dangerous cold into friday morning. make sure you're prepared for that. we do stay fairly dry as we end out the week. those highs in the 20s, morning temperatures in the teens. that's going to set us up for our next weather system coming in on saturday. good chance of snow across part of the area. mostly a rain-snow mix. from saturday to saturday night, mostly run on sunday. we'll be watching that very closely. more details coming up. it's something almost all
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new parents have to endure, hearing their baby cry while they get their shot. now there's a new way to soothe the little one's pain, that's coming up. and when is a sale not really a sale? tonight, see why a new lawsuit says some store customers were duped into thinking they had gotten a good deal.
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in health news, about one in six american adults admit to taking psychiatric drugs. according to a new study from the institute for safe medication practices, researchers looked at the use of three types of psychoactive drugs in 2013. 8% of adults used sedatives and 1.5% took antisi sie kopsychotp medications. doctors in london are operating inside the resume brain without making a single incision. the team at st. mary's hospital paddington used ultrasound to destroy tissue, causing mistimed electrical signals to be sent to muscles. doctors say it could also be used to control tremors caused by parkinson's disease. >> it could help involuntary movements in parkinson's and
5:26 pm
tremor in multiple sclerosis as well as other neurological conditions emanating from the brain. >> so far four patients have been treated. there are more than 15 others who have been identified for the trial. researchers in canada say pain numbing cream may be the answer in the effort to get kids vaccinated. they studied the effects of parents putting solutions on children before vaccinations. they found the cream had a significant impact on the infant's pain. parents are more likely to complete their child's vaccinations if the experience is less traumatic. got a question for you. what's it like to have the next leader of the free world as your neighbor? >> coming up, we'll look at president-elect trump's decision to stay in new york city, and the impact that it's having on the small businesses nearby, ahead. plus the state of camden's
5:27 pm
schools. why a school district that's seen its share of struggles has a reason to celebrate. all new at 6:00, a group that's being offered a group of free tickets in this month's military bowl.
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this is nbc 10 news. fattah learns his fate. today a federal judge sentenced convicted former congressman
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chaka fattah to ten years in prison. he must turn himself in next month. the judge called the former congressman's crimes astonishing. >> fattah was convicted earlier this year of stealing hundreds of thousands of federal charitable and campaign dollars. our cameras were there as the fattah family left court today with a smile. his legal team was already vowing to appeal the 18-count conviction. fattah didn't take questions from reporters but did speak briefly. >> i want to thank my legal team and the support of my family and staff and friends through this very tough time. thank you very much. >> fattah actually got a lighter sentence than prosecutors had hoped for. they were asking for 17 to 22 years behind bars. >> the fbi has been building its case against fattah officially since 2012. the former congressman had been a local political powerhouse for more than 30 years. >> reporter: chaka fattah has been a household name in philadelphia since the 1980s.
5:31 pm
he was a rising political star, starting out in the pennsylvania statehouse and senate, then spending more than two decades in congress. but by 2006, his political empire started to crumble. >> i'm not coming home. to have a job. i'm coming home to do the job. >> reporter: that's when fattah announced he was in the running to become philadelphia's mayor. his may recall bid failed and it started a cascade of financial crises for fattah that got the attention of federal prosecutors. at the top of the list, an illegal million dollar loan that he tried to pay with taxpayer dollars. even with the fed spotlight on him, fattah easily won his 11th term to congress. but just eight months later, he was hit with more than two dozen criminal charges including bribery, racketeering, and four co-conspirators were charged for their role.
5:32 pm
>> the public expects their officials to act with honesty and integrity. >> reporter: after a high profile trial, fattah was he resigned his congressional seat two days later. and now he's set to spend the next decade in federal prison. >> i can't make any more statements at this time. >> fattah also must pay more than $600,000 in restitution. his sentence is the second longest prison term ever received by a member of congress. now to first alert weather. a warm-up followed by the return of extreme cold. >> we also have a chance of another wintry mix in part of our area tomorrow. nbc 10 first alert meteorologist sheena parveen is here now with more. sheena? >> a small chance of wintry mix tomorrow. even bigger chance, very likely that we could see windchills below zero degrees as we go from thursday night into early friday morning. a live look at satellite and radar, all the wet weather, the frozen precip north and west,
5:33 pm
has cleared the area. the clouds are starting to clear. we're going to get cold again through tonight. but cold by mid-30s to low 30s for most of the area. some spots in the upper 20s. that's nothing compared to what we'll see later this week. right now, 48 in philadelphia, 45 wilmington. we did rebound pretty well from the cold temperatures this morning, around 50 for the area this afternoon. allentown now down to 39 degrees. 38 degrees in vineland. some of the lower areas like vineland and mehlville right now are reporting some fog. that's really about it for most of the area. we're seeing clearing conditions. here is a look at future weather. we mentioned the chance of a wintry mix only for parts of the area tomorrow, definitely not everybody. here comes that next weather system. there is 10:00 p.m. tomorrow evening. snow to our north, rain to our south. we'll be in this little dry slot. the models have been pretty consistent showing that. we could see the chance of an isolated snow shower through the poconos, maybe the lehigh valley
5:34 pm
for a period of time, south jersey and delaware, maybe a couple of rain showers late tomorrow night. then we watch the approach of very cold air into thursday. take a look at what the model shows. this arctic air will drop down from canada with 45-mile-an-hour wind gusts. that air combined with the wind is going to make some neighborhoods feel below zero as we go into friday morning. that's the coldest air we've seen so far. coming up, i'll show you who can expect that. we'll take a look our next chance for winter weather. other top stories we're following, today u.s. marshals shot and killed a man wanted by philly police while serving a warrant. it happened this morning near a home in philadelphia's oxford circle neighborhood. officials say the suspect, alex robledo, pulled a gun on marshals prior to the shooting. today police officers from as far away as utah paid their respects to trooper frankie williams in atlantic city. more than a thousand members of
5:35 pm
law enforcement came to boardwalk hall for williams' funeral. the 31-year-old and another driver lost their lives in an accident a week ago on route 55 in cumberland county. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell told reporters today he supports a senate investigation into any foreign brea breach, calling for a bipartisan probe into russia's suspected interference in getting donald trump elected. parents and students in camden school district have reason to celebrate today. the superintendent delivered his state of the schools address this morning. among the improvements, the graduation rate rose from 49% in the 2011-2012 school year to 70% this year. the dropout rate got cut almost in half. one camden student is on his way to cornell university. >> i've had no clue when i was in middle school that kids didn't graduate. like i didn't know that half of
5:36 pm
my classmates wouldn't make it to the end. 50% is a really low number. 70%, you know, we could still do better. >> the superintendent says parents have told him they want the district to focus more on special education and parent/teacher relationships next year. we want you to take a look at this. hard to make out the man in the video here, but police say he punched a woman and took her purse. this is surveillance video recorded on november 29th, 2:30 a.m., on walnut street in society hill. the woman told police he grabbed her bag. when she turned around, she says the man punched her in the face and took off with everything she had. a fourth man pled guilty for his robbery at caesar's in atlantic city in 20 shareholder. aaron evans is facing theft charges and could spend up to eight years behind bars. evans and two other men admitted to robbing casino employees. a former caesar's security guard
5:37 pm
was also involved in the higheshigheseist. chilling new details in the trial of dylann roof. police testified he had a list of other black churches in his car when he was arrested. they found names and phone numbers for the statehouse complex in columbia, south carolina. roof is facing 33 federal charges including hate crimes. roof's defense team is not disputing the facts of the case. their goal is to avoid the death penalty. attorney general loretta lynch addressed the rise in hate crimes in the u.s. during an interfaith event in virginia today, joined by a large collection of faith leaders who denounced hate crimes. the number of hate crimes reported in the u.s. rose by 6% last year, led by a surge in attacks targeting muslims, according to the fbi. >> behind every statistic is someone whose rights have been
5:38 pm
violated. behind the pages of the reports lie communities who are now more afraid than before and more afraid than any american should ever feel. >> the fbi report shows a 67% increase in hate crimes committed against muslim-americans, the highest total of anti-muslim incidents since 2001. four major retailers have been slapped with lawsuits over alleged fake sales. jcpenney, sears, macy's and kohl's have been hit with lawsuits in los angeles over alleged false reference pricing. the lawsuits allegation customers were misled into thinking they were paying less on items they bought but the advertised original list and regular prices were never actually charged. the retailers are not commenting on the lawsuit. if you still need to wrap up your holiday shopping, free shipping day is this friday.
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currently there are more than 900 merchants participating this year, promising christmas eve delivery and no minimum purchase. to check out who is participating, log on to what do you get the pope for his birthday? people in one country have come up with a unique gift for the pontiff. we'll show you what it is, coming up. and separation surgery. a risky operation to allow a set of twins to live apart. wait 'til you hear how many people it took to pull it all off.
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a pair of california conjoined twins survived surgery that was more than two years in the making. erika and eva entered the hospital as one. more than 17 meticulous hours were devoted to dividing the twins.
5:42 pm
a medical team of 50 people successfully separated the 2-year-olds. now they each have half a bellybutton. the girls are recovering, for the first time sleeping in separate beds. >> a blessing right there, unbelievable. he's only between the lines for a handful of plays each game. but john dorenbos plays an important role. how long the eagles have have to cope without a player popular on and off the field. and get ready for the coldest air we've seen yet. we're talking about wind making it feel below zero degrees for parts of the area. i'll show you who can expect it, coming up. and all new at 6:00, a bird give gives gives back. how an eagle is helping to brighten the holidays of more than a hundred philadelphia families.
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my cookie exchange is super competitive. mine too! everything for the holidays. that's my giant.
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mstanding rib roast!ds to be wowed this year. wow. everything for the holidays. that's my giant.
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boeing will start making planes for iran, signing a $60 billion deal with the country, to build 80 commercial jets for iran. the planes will be delivered over the next decade. this is the biggest sale by a u.s. company to the islamic republic since the iranian revolution in 1979. ford says it's going ahead with plans to move its small car production to mexico, despite president-elect donald trump's threats to impose tariffs on companies that move operations overseas. in an interview, ford's ceo cited customer demand for lower priced cars as part of the reason for the move. he says no u.s. jobs will be lost because the company is adding two more small cars into production.
5:46 pm
here comes the launch. they hit him. the football is loose. fighting for the football. redskins have it. game is over. >> carson wentz tried to engineer a late game come back and once again he and his teammates fall short. washington 27, philly 22. it was the eagles' for there straight loss. >> they also lost a popular player who has become nationallily known for his career off the field. >> csn's john clark joins us with more on john dorenbos. >> it goes to show how important john dorenbos is to the eagles. he is lost for the season. he had surgery on his wrist. the eagles will have to find a new long snapper. he got hurt and couldn't continue. you see how much pain he's in. eagles needed real magic after
5:47 pm
that field goal attempt. brent sell i c canniic came in, snap the ball so well. brent sellic then got hurt. the emergency third string long snapper tray burton did okay, he did a good job, birds made that field goal. john dorenbos played in his 167th straight game matching the record for most consecutive games played but he won't be able to break the record now. we'll tell you who else is lost for the season at 6:20. the eagles have really been depleted because of injuries. i'm john clark, see you then. >> john, thanks. pope francis turns 80 next week. >> how about a pair of glasses media from a 1600-year-old olive street branch?
5:48 pm
a couple is making the glasses at their workshop in croatia, they were inspired after they made another pair of wooden glasses for a friend who said they were so good, even the pope could wear them. the couple will personally give the glasses to the pope on wednesday, very cool. the 2017 golden globe nominations are out. >> "la la land" is the one to beat, the romantic musical racking up several nominations. another contender, coming of age tale "moonlight," followed by "manchester by the sea" with five nominations. watch as jimmy fallon hosts the 2017 golden globe awards january 8th right here on nbc. >> announcer: now your nbc 10 first alert weather. well, after this morning's wet weather, temperatures have
5:49 pm
rebounded pretty nicely. we're kind of warm compared to where we should be. 45 in delaware. now that the sun has set, temperatures are dropping off. mid- to upper 30s through lehigh valley. many of our south jersey neighborhoods in about the mid- to upper 30s. 46 degrees in center city. we're looking at our philadelphia neighborhoods. 44 west mt. erie. it will be cooling down tonight to right around freezing in the morning with the skies clearing. things are drying out. it will be a cold one to start off your day tomorrow. then we talk about the cold as we go into thursday. this is going to be the coldest air we've seen so far. the wind plus the arctic air moving in could make some areas feel below zero degrees as we go into early friday. we're going to be watching that closely. coldest air that we have seen, and probably will see for a little while. and then we look at our next round of snow and rain as we go into the weekend. that's going to be another
5:50 pm
weather system affecting both weekend days. right now, we're nice and dry. the rain and wintry mix from this morning has moved far away. tomorrow we'll be on the dry side. tomorrow, we do have one little weather system approaching. not a lot of moisture with it. i wouldn't be surprised if some areas especially through the lehigh valley later in the day saw a scattered snow shower. temperatures mostly holding around the low 40s for most of the area. if you're in parts of south jersey or delaware, you could see a scattered rain shower with temperatures in mostly about the mid-40s through most of these areas. everyone will be waking up to temperatures around freezing. the weather system for tomorrow, not a big deal. here is what it looks like on future weather. so through the day you'll notice the clouds increasing. by lunchtime, 40 degrees, upper 30s north and west. then you see tomorrow night we'll kind of be in a dry slot through most of the area. by 11:00 p.m., snow near the north in the poconos. don't be surprised if you see a late snow shower. south jersey and delaware, maybe a late rain shower at best.
5:51 pm
then we clear out as we go into wednesday morning. now, what happens after wednesday, that's where we see the first alert coming in because of the bitter cold. a first alert out for pennsylvania, new jersey, and delaware. starting thursday night, you'll start feeling this during the day thursday, it will last into friday morning. we're talking about bitter cold. winds gusting near 45 miles per hour. making some neighborhoods feel below zero degrees. here is what it looks like with the future windchill. watch these numbers drop. now we're looking at friday morning. we could be seeing below zero feels-like temperatures. when you walk outside in doylestown, by 6:30 friday morning, could be feeling like five degrees below zero. philadelphia, maybe one below zero. farther to the south, single-digit feels-like temperatures. very cold. make sure you bundle up. plus our next rain and snow for the weekend, coming up. lester holt joins us now from washington, dc tonight. >> he has a look at what's
5:52 pm
coming up on "nbc nightly news." >> hi, keith and erin. ahead, what we know and don't know about russia, hacking, and the presidential election, and the president-elect trump at war with the cia. we'll look at the nation's top retailers, and allegations they staged so-called fake sales. and word on aleppo falling to syrian forces. back to you in philly. >> all right, lester, see you at 6:30. president-elect trump is continuing his plan to transition to midtown manhattan. >> what impact is that having on small businesses who are currently sharing a neighborhood with the future commander in chief? we'll have a look, coming up.
5:53 pm
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business owners near trump tower in new york voice their complaints over lost customers. >> as nbc's mark santiella tells us, since the election they've lost 20 to 30% of their business. >> reporter: no traffic. heavy security. it's becoming deja vu here at deja vu hair salon. eli says it's been this way since they've closed the street to keep the president-elect safe. they have a good relationship with customers, factoring in
5:56 pm
extra time and finding ways to survive in what's become a slow time. city comptroller scott stringer says extra security is hurting their bottom line. >> we found 50 store owners, two-thirds of them say they're having a real hardship making ends meet. some are actually talking about laying off their workers because foot traffic has ground to a halt. >> reporter: out of the 50 businesses surveyed, a quarter say they may have problems paying the rent. and half of them say layoffs, well, they may just be a possibility. in midtown, mark santiella, nbc 10 news. nbc 10 news at 6:00 is next. >> coming up next at 6:00, judgment day for a former long time local congressman. >> chaka fattah learned his fate today. we'll have his reaction to the sentence and the warning from the judge. and a show of support. they're a hot ticket for temple fans. one group is getting a chance to see the owls in this year's
5:57 pm
military bowl for free. and get ready for the coldest air we've seen so far. i'll show you which neighborhoods could see that feels-like temperature below zero. that's coming up next on nbc 10 news at 6:00.
5:58 pm
a ten-year sentence. former congressman chaka fattah learned his fate for a racketeering scheme. deadly confrontation.
5:59 pm
deputies open fire. the first alert weather team is tracking big changes for mid-week. >> announcer: nbc 10 news starts now. we have received the news, we respect the court's decision. >> former congressman chaka fattah will head to prison for a decade after being convicted on a racketeering scheme. i'm jim rosenfield. >> i'm jacqueline london. the former congressman had little to say following today's sentencing in federal court. nbc 10's mitch blacher was in the courtroom this morning as the sentence was read. >> mitch, how did fattah react to the sentence? >> reporter: throughout the court proceedings today, fattah's demeanor rarely changed, not as his friends and family spoke on his behalf or as the judge handed down the decades-long prison sentence. when chaka fattah walked into
6:00 pm
court this morning, he had no idea if he would leave a freeman. he emerged with a little bit of freedom left. >> we respect the court's decision. >> reporter: he has 43 days to turn himself in to begin his sentence. >> we want to thank all the witnesses who stepped forward. i want to thank the over 200 people who wrote letters to the court on my behalf. >> reporter: in and out of court, friends, family, and former staffers said he should be judged on his best moments, not on his worst. >> yes, we recognize that there were some problems here in this situation. but we demand that the full measure of the man's character be taken into account. >> reporter: fattah's supporters asked the judge to consider the good he had done in a political career stretching three decades. before handing down the sentence, the judge warned those in high places. >> unlike the state system, ten


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