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tv   Today  NBC  December 14, 2016 7:00am-10:01am EST

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>> take the first alert seriously. >> we'll have local updates throughout the morning and get the nbc 10 app. good morning. standing by his man. president-elect trump goes on offense for his pick of rex tillerson as secretary of state. >> rex is friendly with many of the leaders in the world that we don't get along with and some people don't like that. that's why i'm doing the deal with rex, because i like what this is all about. >> as some new yorkers turn their eyes to the sky and get a scare. why it was all tied to security for the incoming commander in chief. today exclusive, famed astronaut buzz aldrin speaks out for the first time since his emergency evacuation from the south pole. this morning what he's saying about that harrowing journey and the loss of his good friend, john glenn. indecent proposal. a bizarre scene at an alabama
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gas station. police pulling their tasers on a man in front of his girlfriend. turns out it was all an elaborate proposal. she may have said yes, but a lot of other people are saying no. and breaking overnight, actor alan thicke dies suddenly of an apparent heart attack while playing hockey with his son. the touching tributes to the 69-year-old "growing pains" star from his family, his co-stars and his many fans. today, wednesday, december 14th, 2016. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with matt lauer and savannah guthrie. live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> good morning, everyone, welcome to "today" on this wednesday morning. what shocking news to wake up to, the death of alan thicke. >> i couldn't believe -- you know, it was funny. i looked at my phone this morning because i went to bed
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early, i saw that and it just took my breath away. there was something about a guy who was part of "growing pains" and he's a frequent guest with us. >> he co-hosted not long with go with alan thicke. >> he has a way of making everyone next to him better. look on alan's twitter feed and you'll see what an amazing guy he really is. >> we are going to begin with that story this morning. alan thicke was only 69 years old. miguel almaguer is in los angeles with more on this. miguel, good morning. >> good morning. alan thicke was playing hockey with his teenage son in burbank when he suffered an apparent heart attack. his death shocking to his fans and his tv family. >> yeah, but he sat not three feet away from me and he said, dad, i swear it, i'm ready for total responsibility. >> jason, you are not ready for total responsibility. >> best known for his role on the '80s sitcom "growing pains"
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alan thicke played loveable bad jason seaver. >> does mom know about this? >> how do you think we met? >> a tv star perhaps as popular on television as he was in real life. >> there has been a marriage there of my real life as a father, a single father as it turns out, and the jason seaver character. >> on tuesday, 69-year-old thicke, a long-time hockey fan, was on the ice with his teenage son when he suffered a heart attack. >> i said, alan, they want you to sit up. he said no, no, no, i'm breathing, i'm fine, i've got pain in my chest and i'm kind of numb. >> carter thicke writing you are a legend, i love you. born in canada, thicke was a tv host before and after he became an actor, always in demand. >> break a leg, kid. >> thicke had appearances on "this is us" and the show "fuller house." just hours before his death
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tweeting season 2 "fuller house" looking good. i even like the ones i'm not in. a husband and father of three, thicke's famous son, musician robin thicke on instagram writing he was the best man i ever knew, the best friend i ever had. alan thicke wrote theme songs to some of the most popular shows in tv history, including "different strokes," and "the facts of life." tuesday his own life ended too soon, but his legacy is cement end as the loveable dad so many will remember. overnight "growing pains" co-star kirk cameron released a statement saying i spent monday through friday for seven important years with alan thicke as my tv dad. i am so blessed to have grown up with him. chelsea and i send our love and prayers to his family tonight.
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we will cherish the memories sharing the love and laughter. this morning that is what so many are doing. back to you. >> others are weighing in as well. >> there are so many tweets. john stamos saying damn, loved this guy, loved his self depp railway kagt sense of humor. >> and ellen degeneres saying america loved alan thicke, i'm so sad he's gone. sending so much love to his family. again, alan thicke, just 69 years old. let's turn now to politics. president-elect trump using the latest stop on his thank you tour to defend picking exxonmobil ceo rex tillerson for secretary of state. this as people watch the revolving door of politicians, business leaders and stars like kanye west now visiting trump tower. we've got it all covered beginning with nbc national correspondent peter alexander. peter, good morning. >> reporter: hey, hoda, good morning to you. ticking off that latest stop on his thank you tour, donald trump heaped praise on his secretary
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of state pick, speaking directly to critics of rex tillerson, even as that announcement was at least for a period of time eclipsed by more theatrics right here at trump tower. donald trump in wisconsin feeling festive. >> we are going to say merry christmas again. merry christmas. >> reporter: highlighting his pick for secretary of state, exxonmobil ceo rex tillerson. >> people are looking at this resume and honestly they have never seen a resume like this before. >> reporter: but some republican senators remain skeptical, including john mccain, questioning the friendship between tillerson and russian president vladimir putin. >> he was given an award by vladimir putin. i was sanctioned by vladimir putin. that concerns me a great deal. >> reporter: but trump is casting those global relationships as an asset, not a liability. >> you know, rex is friendly with many of the leaders in the
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world that we don't get along with, and some people don't like that. they don't want him to be friendly. that's why i'm doing the deal with rex. >> reporter: if tillerson is confirmed, it guarantees that trump's four most influential departments will be led by white men, the first time that's happened since george h.w. bush's first cabinet in 1989. also with the event last night, house speaker paul ryan, booed by the hometown crowd, but trump trying to mend fences quickly came to ryan's defense, sort of. >> speaker paul ryan -- i've really come to -- oh, no. i've come to appreciate him. he has been terrific. and you know honestly, he's like a fine wine. every day goes by, i get to appreciate his genius more and more. if he ever goes against me, i'm not going to say that. >> reporter: also joining trump's team, montana congressman ryan zinke. although his support for fossil
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fuel exploration is already raising red flags for environmentalists. the revolving doors at trump tower keep spinning. among the latest guests, microsoft founder bill gates. >> is administration is going to organize things, get rid of regulatory barriers and have american leadership through innovation bow one of the things that he gets behind. >> reporter: and while trump postponed his planned announcement about how he'll avoid potential conflicts of interest, he's had plenty of time to host celebrities like nfl greats jim brown and ray lewis. >> the reception we got was fantastic. >> he's wide open to really helping us change what hasn't been changed. >> reporter: but stealing the show, kanye west. >> we've been friends for a long time. >> reporter: upstairs the famous rapper posed for photos alongside trump and daughter ivanka. west later tweeting he wanted to discuss multi-cultural issues and hinting about his own political aspirations tweeting 2024. and for the president-elect,
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never afraid of a feud, a proposed truce from chef jose n andres. he's suggesting they skip the suits and donate to a veterans group instead. also this morning donald trump is making his pick for energy secretary official tapping the former texas governor rick perry, a man who just a few years ago famously said he wanted to eliminate that agency. today right back here donald trump will host a summit with some of the leaders of the tech world, including the heads at google, amazon, apple and facebook. hoda. >> peter, thanks so much. >> as peter did mention, the president-elect also facing scrutiny with what he plans to do with his business empire during his time in the white house. nbc's andrea mitchell has that part of the story. andrea, good morning. >> good morning, matt.
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as peter said, the president-elect is postponing that news conference. it was scheduled for tomorrow, to explain how he's going to avoid conflicts of interest as president. and today facing new questions about how he will wall off his business interests from the country's interests. candidate donald trump's biggest selling point, his success as a businessman. >> i built a phenomenal business with incredible iconic assets. >> reporter: but his global real estate empire stretching back four decades could become a political liability. trump postponing that long-awaited press conference this week, now promising one in the near future, in the new year, also tweeting even though i am not mandated by law to do so, i will be leaving my businesses before january 20th, turning his company over to sons don jr. and eric, and other executives, pledging no new deals will be done during by terms in office. that's not good enough for senate democrats warning trump
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about potential conflicts of interest, calling on the president-elect to divest his holdings and establish a real blind trust, not one controlled by his family members, following the lead of past presidents. that's something trump dismissed almost a year ago during a republican primary debate. >> but i would probably have my children run it with my executives and i wouldn't ever be involved because i wouldn't care about anything but our country. >> reporter: two former lawyers for presidents obama and george w. bush said his announcement falls short. writing if trump maintains an ownership interest in the businesses and his kids are running them, that is an invitation for scandal. the lawyers call trump's no new deals is incomplete and say he will actually be violating the constitution. adding fuel to the fire, a "newsweek" report that turkey's president erdogan is already using trump's business interests as leverage against his political opponents.
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another indication of how complicated it can be to have an american president with complex business holdings around the world. >> the idea that president trump will be dogged from day one by questions about whether he is acting in his own personal interests, his business interests or the country's interest is no small matter. >> also unclear is what role, if any, will trump's daughter ivanka have and her husband, jared kushner. they are reportedly moving to washington and trump has said that kushner could indeed play a role in middle east negotiations. matt and hoda. >> andrea, thanks so much. overseas now, despite a newly announced cease-fire deal, clashes are again raging in war-ravaged aleppo this morning, so where does that leave thousands of civilians in syria's second largest city? bill neely has the latest on all this. bill, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, hoda. well, it did appear that the battle for aleppo was all but over after four years of war. but there are reports this
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morning of shooting and shelling and it is quite clear that civilians are far from safe. they were meant to be evacuated along with rebels this morning. that has now been abandoned. an exodus of misery. tens of thousands fleeing an onslaught, carrying the few possessions they have left after months under siege, years of killing. but the buses meant to take them and rebels out of the city at dawn remain empty. rebels and regime blaming each other for breaking a cease-fire deal. that was meant to ending the ferocious final assault by president assad's forces and the rebels' last stand. it's not over yet. one activist posted what he said was shelling this morning. and trapped civilians are terrified, sending out what they
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call their final messages. >> assad militias are maybe 300 meters away, no place now to go. >> every bomb -- save aleppo. save humanity. >> reporter: the final days of aleppo's war have been brutal. the u.n. alleging more than 80 men, women and children were shot by assad militias in cold blood. syrian attacks and russian air strikes prompting american fury at the u.n. >> is there literally nothing that can shame you? >> reporter: president assad's troops are celebrating victory, their biggest yet, denying they have massacred civilians. but in a city of war crimes, no one is safe. the u.s. is protesting what's happening in aleppo, but it is powerless to stop it or to change it. president assad's forces are now in almost complete control of
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aleppo and of all syria's major cities. mal neely, bill, thank you very much. here at home, all eyes on the federal reserve expected to wrap up a policy meeting today by raising a key interest rate. nbc's ali velshi is here to help us walk through these. everybody is saying the interest rates are going up, probably a quarter of a percent. that sounds like bad news and yet what it signals is something positive. >> it signals that the fed thinks the economy is strong enough to be able to handle a little interest rate increase. generally speaking an interest rate increase is like tapping the brakes on a car, it slows the economy down just a little bit. if you lower interest rates, it's like hitting the gas a little bit. they're saying they can raise them. >> but it is a rate hike nonetheless. tell people how they can expect to be impacted by this in the short term. >> probably three different ways. if you have short term variable interest rate loans, they will go up, short term car loans, variable interest mortgages, so
7:16 am
borrowing costs generally increase. not all of those costs are tied directly to the fed, but the fed rate sets the tone. you'll see 30-year fixed rates about a month ago going up in anticipation. >> another way that you'll see an impact, the stock market has been soaring, the dow is near 20,000, uncharted territory, that might get impacted. >> i'd rather not predict because we get our predictions wrong often with stock markets but i would say stock markets become less appealing because there are other options, other investments that pay interest. when interest was basically zero why would you invest in anything except the stock market. now you'll see people making oar choices. >> you're predicting without predicting. let's leave people with good news. where might this help them? >> a little bit more money in your bank account, your cd. right now if you tried to get a cd for six months, you'd get under 1%. after today you might actually get a percentage point. still lower than inflation, but for the savers, for those who
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have been safe for their money and not been getting rewarded for it, a little bit of a reward now. if this increase works, the fed will do it a couple of times over the next couple of years. >> ali, thank you very much. appreciate it. hoda. >> thanks so much. we have more dramatic testimony expected today in the federal trial of dylann roof. as prosecutors lay out new information about how he planned that massacre at an historic church in south carolina. nbc's gabe gutierrez is at the courthouse in charleston. gabe, good morning. >> reporter: hoda, this morning we're expecting to hear from the prosecution's final witness. one of three survivors that often night at bible study who says dylann roof only spared her so she could tell the story. these newly released videos played in court show roof in target practice. investigators say he was carefully planning out to carry out his rampage and had even staked out charleston's emanuel ame church multiple times. in court they retraced his steps using gps data alleging that he
7:18 am
stopped at plantations and other historic sites in the months before the shooting. prosecutors laid out his racially inflammatory writings, photos of the confederate flag and a potential hit list of other churches found in his car. during roof's chilling confession after his arrest, fbi agents asked whether he wanted to kill more black people. >> i was worn out. >> reporter: roof is charged with 33 federal counts including hate crimes. his defense team has offered to plead guilty in change sfot death penalty being taken off the table. prulters have refused. roof has told the court that he wants to represent himself during sentencing. after the defense calls a few witnesses this afternoon and the prosecution wraps up its case, closing arguments are set for tomorrow. we're going to go outside in a little while. we decided on no coats today because it's probably the last day for a long time. >> that's right. >> i didn't decide on no coats.
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>> you can wear a coat. >> and no shoulders obviously. anyway, we are talking about some blizzard-like conditions. look at this, this is michigan and they are looking at a ton of snow. almost like whiteout conditions. a lot of folks around the great lakes are going to be looking at the same thing today. and we're also talking cold air and winds. windchill advisories and watches, 33 million people from the dakotas all the way to new england under some sort of windchill advisory. look at this, it feels like 25 below right now in fargo. minneapolis 8 below, green bay 7 below, chicago came thing. as you look at thursday, we still have these windchills. look at the air temperature in chicago, 1 below tomorrow morning. as we move into friday, more of the same. windchills well below zero, near that from new york city all the way into the great lakes. and cold air coming over the warm water of the lakes. heavy snow, gusty winds. we're looking at lake-effect
7:20 am
snow advisories or warnings for about 5 million people. and in western new york, upwards of a foot and a half of snow over the next 36 hours. we're good morning. i'm meteorologist bill henley. plenty of sunshine today and a pretty decent warm-up, too. 42 degrees this afternoon with mostly sunny skies for philadelphia. right up to 40 degrees for the suburbs. and at the shore, 44 degrees, while inland areas of new jersey with sunshine, 41 the high temperature. a little bit chillier in the lehigh valley, sunny skies and
7:21 am
38 degrees, and 45 degrees for delaware. that's the day. the cold air, really cold air arrives for tomorrow and stays on friday. have a great day. >> and that's your latest weather. >> you're a busy man today, because coming up you've got an exclusive conversation with buzz aldrin. that's his first since that emergency evacuation from the south pole. what the legendary astronaut is revealing about his health scare and his tribute to his friend, john glenn. and then on a new rossen reports, do they work. we're trying out gadgets that promise to make your life easier, this time in the kitchen. but first, this is "today" on nbc.
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coming up, an alarming scene caught on tape at an alabama gas station that was a surprise
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good wednesday morning. i'm tracy davidson. just about 7:30. let's get right to your first alert neighborhood forecast. meteorologist bill henley has that. bill? >> tracy, the sun's been up just over ten minutes and this is typically the coldest time of day, just after sunrise. that's when we're losing more heat than we're getting from that low-angle sun. 35 degrees right now in philadelphia, down just below freezing in the lehigh valley and just above for delaware, south jersey at 35 degrees. an hour ago we saw temperatures in the 40s in center city, now just down to 37 degrees. back into the 40s this afternoon. >> if you're heading out the door, let's get a check of the roads with nbc 10 first alert traffic reporter katy zachry. >> serious backup on the blue route. 476 southbound. it starts at route 1, even a little bit north of route 1, and goes all the way down to
7:27 am
baltimore pike. there's an accident between route 1, which is exit 5, and baltimore pike, which is exit 3. so considerable backup. the drive time in the last few minutes is actually getting a little better. it's going to take you 71 minutes making your way southbound between the schuylkill expressway and 95. >> katy, thanks. bill cosby returns to court today in his sex assault case, a continuation of yesterday's hearing that included outbursts by lawyers and cosby himself. cosby is charged with sexually assaulting a woman in 2004. the judge has to decide whether the prosecution can call 13 other accusers as witnesses in this case. today's the deadline for proposals to revive a philadelphia neighborhood destroyed in a bombing and fire. the philadelphia redevelopment authority wants developers to buy 36 properties on osage avenue in cobbs creek. those properties were destroyed in 1985 after a standoff between philadelphia police and move activists that killed 11 people.
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7:30 now on a wednesday morning. it's the 14th day of december, 2016. we have a nice crowd out there. one lady holding a sign that says orlando loves al roker. this time tomorrow you'll be in orlando. it's going to be cold out there. meanwhile inside studio 1a let's get a check of the headlines. we have sad news. family and friends remembering actor alan thicke this morning. the star of the '80s sitcom "growing pains" died suddenly of an apparent heart attack. he was playing hockey with his teenage son at the time. we'll have more on thicke's life and career coming up. president-elect trump thanks supporters at a late-night rally
7:31 am
in wisconsin. during his speech he also heaped praise on his pick for exxonmobil ceo rex tillerson for secretary of state, briefly addressing tillerson's ties to russia. >> rex is friendly with many of the leaders in the world that we don't get along, with and some people don't like that. they don't want him to be friendly. that's why i'm doing the deal with rex, because i like what this is all about. >> mr. trump will hold more rallies this week in pennsylvania, florida and alabama. >> i don't know if you guys saw this, but military planes and helicopters flew low over new york city briefly on tuesday and it led to some widespread confusion. officials tell nbc news the flights were authorized in coordination with the faa, the secret service requested them for aerial mapping tied to security for mr. trump. in the past, similar flights were conducted in chicago for president obama, in texas for george w. bush. i will tell you, i was walking on the streets yesterday, and it does stop you in your tracks when you see a plane like that
7:32 am
flying so low over the city. >> a lot of people in new york were calling into the local television stations trying to figure out what was going on. >> when you hear it -- >> yeah. because after 9/11, we are not used to seeing planes fly low over the city. >> we'll begin with al, your exclusive conversation with legendary astronaut buzz aldrin. >> oh, my gosh, what an icon. we traveled to the kennedy space center in florida to talk to buzz about his historic trip to the south pole, the health scare that forced him to be evacuated and the loss of his friend and colleague, john glenn. >> that's one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind. >> july 20th, 1969, buzz aldrin, along with the late neil armstrong, become instant american icons as the first humans to step foot on the moon. >> we feel that this stands as a symbol of the insatiable curiosity of all mankind to explore the unknown. >> now nearly half a century
7:33 am
later, aldrin is still trying to satisfy his own curiosity. earlier this month, the 86-year-old attempting to cross an item off of his bucket list, venturing to the south pole but a health scare cuts the trip short. >> we get the news that you had to be evacuated. what happened? >> i got out of breath. you know, that's nothing new except it's a little more concentrated. it's cold, you've got a lot of heavy stuff and not much air to breathe there. >> at an elevation of 9,000 feet, aldrin begins showing signs of altitude sickness. he's evacuated from the scientific research station and taken to a hospital in new zealand where he spends a week recovering from congestion in his lungs. >> were you worried at all? maybe you shouldn't come on this trip. >> when turning back is as difficult as pressing on, you press on because you've got an objective, especially when they
7:34 am
tell me that i just set a record. the oldest guy to the south pole. see, now it was worth it, really. >> while he was hospitalized, aldrin learned of the passing of his friend and fellow astronaut, john glenn. honoring glenn with this tweet, calling him a world space icon. the two space pioneers first met in 1953 while serving as fighter pilots during the korean war. >> while you were recovering, you lost a dear friend and we lost a hero in john glenn. >> typical, all-american guy. admired that guy so much, even though he was a marine. but he knew how to fly that airplane, i can tell you that. >> an amazing man. he's been really pioneering trying to get people to go to mars. he really wants -- that's the next frontier. he says he's not going to go, but he's going to try to help others. >> interesting what he said about when you get to a point
7:35 am
you may be having difficulties but going back is as hard as going forward. that's what the south pole is all about. >> i was shocked because we already had him on the books to do an interview for our living legend series. when i got the word, i knew i wouldn't have chance to talk to him. he's amiazing at 86. >> still tons of spunk and energy and personality. personality plus, this guy. >> back to work. >> let's show you what we have. we have a system that's going to start in california and we're all in the northern tier of states going to feel it. you can see tons of moisture now making its way into the pacific northwest and northern california. flooding is a really big problem as we get on toward the latter part of the week. over 6 million people under flash flood watches, upwards of 10 inches of rain possible for northern california and parts of southern oregon. this system makes its way across the country. minneapolis, snow on friday evening. chicago, snow. probably airport delays. it makes its way on saturday into the northeast and
7:36 am
midatlantic states with an icy mix from chicago all the way to washington. snow into new york, on up into boston. we could be talking about upwards of 3 to 8 inches of snow stretching from the pacific northwest all the way into the northeast. we're going to get to your good morning. i'm meteorologist bill henley. plenty of sunshine today and a pretty decent warm-up, too. 42 degrees this afternoon with mostly sunny skies for philadelphia. right up to 40 degrees for the suburbs. and at the shore, 44 degrees, while inland areas of new jersey with sunshine, 41 the high temperature. a little bit chillier in the lehigh valley. sunny skies and 38 degrees. and 45 degrees for delaware. that's the day. the cold air, really cold air arrives for tomorrow and stays on friday. have a great day. >> a lot of weather going on. get your latest on the weather channel on cable. >> hardest working man right here. also ahead, are starbucks
7:37 am
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why not feel this good everyday? emerge and see. 7:41. we have more of our special
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rossen reports series now called "does it work" and this time we're heading into the kitchen. >> today national investigative correspondent jeff rossen is here to try out some products that you may recognize. hey, jeff. >> good morning to you. breakfast time right now across america. how cool would it be to shave a few minutes off your morning routine? you've seen all the commercials, products that promise to do it, making your life easier in the kitchen from cooking to cleaning, and they look kind of cool too. but this morning before you buy them, we're trying them. first up, the angry mama. >> the hot tempered little lady that deep cleans your microwave with the power of steam. >> the commercial says it powers through grease to dissolve hard caked-on messes. >> now just wipe clean and you're done. >> so my producers make a mess in this brand new microwave, even cooking a bowl of tomato
7:43 am
sauce so it splartters. i follow the mama instructions adding water, vinegar and a squeeze of lemon. then put mama in for seven minutes. she spins and spins, until -- >> i'm going to take the angry mama out like that. i'm going to grab a cloth and see what we can do. wow, it does come right off, look at that. it comes right off. now let me try to get this stuff caked on the plate. >> that gunk won't come off. the maker of the angry mama telling nbc news for more caked on food, consumers may need to pour the remaining liquid onto the plate and run the microwave another minute or so to further soften the spill. next up, this product called the rollie egg master. >> the best easy pan-freeway to make perfect eggs every time. >> we're going to follow the instructions and it says you have to spray some cooking spray
7:44 am
into the opening there, so we did that. then we cracked two eggs and put it right into the rollie. second egg right in. and then we just let it go for six to eight minutes and we should get perfectly cooked eggs that come right up. so we wait. >> and wait. and finally. >> it's been eight minutes. they say you should pour it out at this point. oh, my god, look at that. >> i cut it up and take a bite. >> tastes fine. i've had better, i've had worse, but the bigger problem here is this egg is not fully cooked through. the maker of the rollie telling nbc news the food may be poured out at any time during the cooking process for a desired taste. and cook times vary depending on many factors. but that's not the only product promising perfect eggs. >> it peels hard boiled eggs.
7:45 am
>> the commercial says it takes the hassle out of the whole process. >> let's give this a shot. we take the egg, we take the small side and tap it on that. then we come here, tap it on the table. small side up like that, and here we go. uh, no, this did not work. this did not work at all. >> so i try it again. small side up. there it is. and no. the shell is still on it here and it comes right off like that. and again. nope, didn't work that time either. the shell is still on and the yolk is coming out. nope, nope, nope, nope. does not work. >> the company saying it based on sound scientific principles, but there is a learning curve to getting it to work well. in the end, for us these products didn't work as
7:46 am
advertised, but there's always the old-fashioned way. >> my first time in the kitchen in many years, as you can probably tell. the lesson here, do your research before you buy these products you see on tv instead of just ordering online. most of them have reviews online and some videos of actual customers using them so you can look at that before you buy it. >> your series is reminding us of how lazy we are. oh, my god, we can't peel an egg? >> the people at the eggstractor were trashing you a little bit with the learning curve. maybe someone more qualified could make it work. >> with a little bit of upper body strength. >> all right, jeff, thanks. up next, tamron has the story behind what could be one of the most controversial wedding proposals you've ever seen. ♪ ♪
7:47 am
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we know you care about reducing the sugar in your family's diet, and we're working to support your efforts. more beverage choices. smaller portions. less sugar. 7:50. we're back in time to talk about that unusual marriage proposal. unusual to say the least. we showed it to you earlier.
7:51 am
tamron is in the orange room with the story behind it. tal r tamron. >> good morning guys. dywan mcpherson reached out to the police department for a little help. things went off the rails. he worked with officers to set up a fake stand-off at a gas station. his girlfriend was expecting to go on a date but instead arrived to see police point guns at her boyfriend. she tried to diffuse the situation asking mcpherson to hand over his gun. instead he reached into his pocket, kneeled there and pulled out a ring. her panic turned to happiness, the cheers you hear there. she learned that police were actually holding unloaded stun guns. she called it the perfect proposal and, guess what, not everyone is agreeing with it. here's some of the tweets. no type of joke, prank, prom invitation or proposal involving black men and the police will never be funny. nothing funny or romantic about
7:52 am
a staged police brutality engagement proposal. mcpherson said it was supposed to be a positive statement about police brutality and apologized to anyone who took it the wrong way. let us know what you think about it. use #orangeroom. guys. >> apparently the police department thought that it would be a good way to show that the police can work with the community. >> i think there are other ways to do that. >> i think your face during the playing of that could have said it all. >> wow. >> tamron, thank you. coming up, mastering irresistibly smooth. the lindor truffle from the lindt master chocolatiers. a hard outer shell with a smooth center. welcome... to the best time of your day. unwrap. unwind. experience the melt. only the lindor truffle. for the holidays, experience our meltingly-smooth
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five minutes before 8:00. good morning. i'm tracy davidson. let's get first to your first alert neighborhood forecast and bill henley's watching that. >> tracy, we have sunshine, but the temperatures are reluctant to move. we're still looking at temperatures in the 30s, just below freezing in the lehigh valley. the suburbs, 34 degrees, sunshine. blue sky over king of prussia. and we'll see that temperature slowly creep up. at 1:00 this afternoon, 36 degrees. that should top out right around 40 degrees in the suburbs, 42 in the city. and a little bit warmer in delaware, a little bit chillier in the lehigh valley. now take a look at the roads, including a backup on the blue route that nbc 10 first alert traffic reporter katy zachry's been following. do you have an update? >> i do. unfortunately, it's getting worse. last i saw you, the drive time between 76 and 95 on the blue route was about an hour because of an accident between route 1 and baltimore pike, but that has creeped up to an hour and a
7:57 am
half. it's going to take you 91 minutes if you're taking the blue route southbound between 76 and 95. a lot of backup. we know volume is heavy at this time of morning and this crash is not helping. tracy? a portion of the schuylkill river trail is now closed at all times for safety. crews are reconstructing a wall along the river. walkers and bikers can use a detour that runs from franklin payne skate park through eakins oval to 22nd street. the city expects the project to be completed by january 20th. and today at 11:00, jeff collins will be introduced as temple's new head football coach. he is leaving his job as the defensive coordinator the university of florida after owls head coach matt rhule accepted the same position at baylor. i'm tracy davidson. we'll have another update in about 25 minutes. you can always stay updated on the go with news and weather with the nbc 10 app. it's a free download. the "today" show continues in just a couple of minutes.
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
it's 8:00 on "today." coming up, remembering alan thicke. >> you've got to promise me a lot more responsibility. >> the beloved sitcom star's sudden death shocks family, fans and fellow actors, as tributes pour in from hollywood and around the world. plus making strides. natalie's passion for running inspires her to design her very own running shoes for kids. >> i definitely want big, bold, fun. >> with hopes of motivating children to put their best foot forward. and man of many talents. >> you don't think i'm strong enough? >> i don't know if you're cruel enough. >> men don't have to be cruel. >> oscar winner ben affleck swings by studio 1a to talk
8:01 am
about writing, producing, directing and starring in his new action-packed movie. today, wednesday, december 14th, 2016. >> hey, jackson and everyone from seattle, we're on "today"! >> this is our chance to be here and we brought our friends too! >> hi, virginia beach! >> good morning, south dakota! >> shoutout to our parents in lubbock, texas! >> 8:00 now on this wednesday morning, the 14th day of december, 2016. nice crowd enjoying what is probably the last moderate day of our week here in new york
8:02 am
city. >> can we talk about the fact that you boys are not wearing coats? no coats. >> we've got warmer jackets on. >> because it's all coming tomorrow. >> i took my gloves off. tomorrow we will have layers and layers. >> yeah. >> coming up, our biggest holiday gift guide ever. we have so many ideas that if you're worried about christmas shopping, don't worry. we'll have all the stuff for that hard-to-shop for person on your list so stop looking. >> and there's really good ideas there, we've been looking at the table. first let's get to some headlines. here's the news at 8:00. >> we begin with the death of alan thicke. i'm miguel almaguer. known as america's tv dad, alan thicke was playing hockey with his teenage son when he suffered a heart attack. this morning he's being remembered by those who knew him and those of us who just felt like we did. >> does mom know about this? >> how do you think we met? >> best known for his role on the '80s sitcom "growing pains" alan thicke played loveable dad,
8:03 am
jason seaver. >> you can't have this many people in the bed. >> a tv star perhaps as popular on television as he was in real life. >> there has been a marriage there of my real life as a father, a single father as it turns out, and the jason seaver character. >> on tuesday, 69-year-old thicke, a long-time hockey fan, was on the ice with his teenage son when he suffered a heart attack. on twitter, carter thicke writing you are a legend. i love you. born in canada, thicke was a tv host before and after he became an actor. always in demand. >> break a leg, kid. >> thicke had recent appearances on the nbc drama "this is us" and the show "fuller house." >> he played sort of like a very like all-american dad. i think that really just like i grash yated him to american
8:04 am
audiences. he was beloved. >> kirk cameron who played thicke son on "growing pains" released say statement saying in part i spent monday through friday for seven important years with alan thicke as my tv dad. i am shocked and truly heart broken today at the news of his death. alan was a generous, kind and loving man. i am so blessed to have grown up with him. thicke's real-life son, musician robin thicke, on instagram writing he was the best man i ever knew, the best friend i ever had. a friend and father both on and off screen that so many will remember. this morning two words seem to be reverberating across hollywood, shock and sadness. alan thicke was just 69 years old and seemed to be in great health before he passed. matt. >> miguel, such a sad story, thank you very much. now to politics. silicon valley leaders are meeting today with the president-elect, donald trump. some of those leaders are worried that when trump is
8:05 am
president he'll stifle innovation and infringe on consumers' digital privacy. among those planning to attend, apple's tim cook, amazon's jeff bezos. meantime the president-elect made a stop in wisconsin last night as part of his thank you tour. he praised his controversial secretary of state pick, rex tillerson, calling him a fierce advocate for america's interests around the world. authorities in boulder, colorado, confirm they're looking at new dna technology to review one of the country's most famous unsolved murders. the body of 6-year-old jonbenet ramsey was found in the basement of her family home the day after christmas nearly 21 years ago. the new tests would tap into an fbi database that includes the genetic profiles of more than 15 million known offenders and suspects. a recent investigation by media outlets in colorado apparently uncovered serious flaws in the interpretation of previous dna results. we're going to take a break. coming up, new shoes from natalie. she'll join us to reveal her
8:06 am
"today's" original that's meant for a good cause. and then on trending, the video proof that dylan's husband is really anxious for that baby to get here. and we're catching up with one of hollywood's biggest stars one of hollywood's biggest stars and busiest stars, ben affleck. i wiso you'll notice every little thing. when you notice dry skin, try johnson's new extra moisturizing wash and cream. a rich nourishing bath routine. with ten times more moisturizer. so you can notice other things mom, like how much i love you. soyou don't eat meat?me uh, nope. (cheering) vizio® 60" 4k ultra hd tv with google casttm, $678
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grandma is so happy to be here for your very first christmas. i hear you're quite the expert at waking people up in the morning. let me show you how grandma does it. your daddy made this when he was a little boy. this is your dad at my house, where he had his first christmas. thanks for making the coffee. well look who's up. i'm really glad you're here mom. me too. look who's here!
8:11 am
it is coming up on 8:11. i think it is time to trend. >> absolutely. >> so tuesday we were talking about how to find the perfect gift for the person on your list, but what do you do when you get a gift from someone and you open it and you simply do not like it. how do you handle that situation? >> i just smile. >> i say i like it. >> i do too. >> i totally say i like it and thank you and wow. >> is it convincing? >> i think so. >> you start thinking of who you're going to give it to. oh, thank you. >> i always say where did you find this? oh! >> that is good. >> in a new survey from groupon, 73% say when they get a bad gift, they pretend to like it. how do they hide it, they kiss the gift giver. they give them a long hug and
8:12 am
that way it avoids those awkward question. >> maybe this has happened to you guys before. you go to starbucks, give your barista your name and when you get your cup the name is nowhere close to yours. one guy said his name was mark with a c and here's what he got back. there's a conspiracy theory floating around online about why this happens. it comes from the youtube channel super deluxe. it says starbucks does this on purpose. they think it's a way to get free advertising when people post all those wacky misspellingings. >> do you think that's true? >> no. >> i don't think the barista really is that invested. >> let's see yours, al, what have you got? >> roper. >> like i'm on "three's company." >> what have you got? >> i don't say my name. i just say tracy.
8:13 am
tamron? >> why tracy? >> because i think it's easy. >> they get matt right. >> how about mine. >> this is what they used to call me in new orleans and sometimes it happens. it's photocopy. >> you order your coffee under photocopy? >> but you give them your full name when you go there? >> we dug too deep. >> that is terrible. >> you know who i think i am? i'm hoda kotb. i'm photocopy. >> this next video comes from the what were they thinking files. check out in yacht race. watch this closely. the yachts, these are big yachts speeding through a harbor but nobody told these other pleasure boaters that this race was happening. that's a ferry, that first boat. look how close this is. >> it looks like battleship. >> and there was a guy getting engaged on that boat.
8:14 am
>> and by the way, it's not like these boats all of a sudden appear. they're big, you can see them coming. >> and to maneuver away, wow. we love this one, our friend dylan just left on maternity leave. she's supposed to give birth any day now. she's not the only one who's ready for that little baby to come out. her husband, brian, is too so he tried this. he tried to scare her into going into labor. >> go in labor. >> oh, my god. you can't scare me like that. >> did it happen? did it work? >> it didn't work. it didn't work. >> what could have gone wrong? >> doesn't it tell you everything about dylan? she just said, oh, don't scare me like that. >> her energy is gone. >> i want her to do it today because it's my sister's birthday. >> it's all about you, there's no question. >> tamron, you've got popstart. >> here we go, first up, the surprising season finale of "the
8:15 am
voice." our friend carson doing the honors of crowning a winner. it came down to sundance head and former child star billy gilman from team adam. the winner, sundance. that gives blake shelton his record fifth victory as if winning the show weren't enough, sundance got another gift playing with kiss. ♪ ♪ i want to rock 'n' roll all night and party every day ♪ >> sundance, how cool is that name? wasn't the only kiss fan in the house. carson could not resist. do you see carson in that picture? >> yes, i do. >> he'll be back tomorrow. next up, though, hillary duff hitting back at the haters. she recently took her 4-year-old son, luka, to disneyland and posted this picture. some called her out for kissing her own child on the lips. i hate this story.
8:16 am
she did not mince words in her response. for anyone commenting that a kiss on the lips with my 4-year-old son is inappropriate. go ahead and click a quick unfollow with your warped minds and judgment. that tweet has now been liked more than 5,000 times. i don't understand, why do people have an issue -- this has happened before. it happened with david beckham, help me everybody. >> judge judy. everyone wants to be the judge on this. >> it's crazy. she says unfollow her and she's got plenty of other nice people following her. that's just nuts. >> people do not -- they're not shy about sharing their opinions online. >> what sensory does that hit -- >> how long do we have? >> move on. >> thank you. now some big news from uber. willie slipped in during popstart and talked to the company's ceo exclusively. willie, hey, good morning. >> good morning. good to see you guys. the idea for uber came in 2008 on a snowy night in paris when the founders couldn't hail a taxi and thought there has to be a better way.
8:17 am
today the company operates on six continents and is estimated to be as valuable as some major automobile manufacturers. this morning, an exclusive announcement. uber's self-driving car is coming to a new city. since its founding in 2010, uber has evolved from a name to a verb. 50 million people uber worldwide. more than 5 million trips a day, making for one of the fastest growing companies in history. ceo, travis calnick. >> you definitely don't have time to look back and see where you've been and can only see so far ahead. but if you enjoy the ride, if you enjoy the drive, that's all that matters. >> the latest frontier is self-driving cars, a program uber started earlier this year in pittsburgh, now ready for a bigger city. the company's hometown of san francisco. >> ultimately we'll make the roads safer because 1.3 million people die from human error
8:18 am
on -- die on the roads every year worldwide. so the opportunity when software ultimately gets it right is that you have a dramatic reduction in number of people injured and killed on the road. >> it's the job of uber engineers like eric mayhoffer to make sure the self-driving cars can handle those obstacles. >> right up there on top, the black chicken bucket looking thing is a laser. >> with all those lasers and cameras, for now uber puts an engineer in the car to ensure a safe ride and put passengers at ease. >> our objective is to make the car a better driver than you, and that will happen. an elevator was a scary concept. they needed to have a person in the elevator to make them feel comfortable using it. then the person wasn't in an elevator and now it's a normal thing. >> seat belts, yep, yep, yep. feeling good. >> i strapped in to take a test drive. >> it will read every traffic light that's up there.
8:19 am
>> the cyclist right here. >> you'll see him. do you see him? >> the car knows not only that there's something there but what it is specifically? >> we love to drive this road because it gives us a lot of different obstacles. >> a lot for the car to look at. wow. >> yeah, people don't care. like what is that? >> that guy. he's looking back at the car like uber car's fault. >> so i asked travis about the concern that self-driving cars will cost human jobs. he points out the widespread use of the cars is still a ways off and that eventually they will expand not just uber's business but the larger ride-sharing industry, he says, create get need for more employees. one thing i'll point out, i know there's some fear about that. first of all, they keep an engineer in the front so you feel better about this. this car will not break the law. so if there's a yellow light, it's not going through the yellow light, it stops. if the speed limit is 55 on the highway, it won't go more than 55. it's the most law-abiding driver
8:20 am
i've ever met. >> it uses gps. >> it uses lasers, all kinds of things to identify the road. it's got a lot more than the gps in your car. >> mr. ker. >> troha i'm meteorologist bill henley. warmup to 42 degrees this afternoon. up to 40e degrees for the spushz and at the shore 4 degrees and inland areas of new jersey, sunshine, 41 the high temperature. chillier in the lehigh valley, sunny skies, 38 degrees and 45 degrees for tell del. that's today. the cold air, really cold air arrives tomorrow and stays on friday. have a great day. weather. matt. mr. roker, thank you very much. oscar winner ben affleck is once again putting on his director, writer, producer and actor hat in his new movie "live by night." his role in "route law" in 1920s
8:21 am
and '30s boston. take a look. >> ain't too many people had much success doing that. >> we'd like you to try. >> and what would the reason be? >> self preservation. he needs to stop shooting at my clubs. >> clubs. what kind of clubs? i belong to the greater tampa rotary club and i don't recall ever seeing you. >> do you think we got where we are by letting in inbred muscle us? >> good morning, ben. good to have you back. by my count this is your fourth directing gig. >> yes. >> when you get projects coming across your desk, what makes you decide to direct one versus staying in front of the camera. >> naturally obviously some of it depends on what's attached to it. i was in the middle of watching a lot of classic hollywood movies. i was in a classic movie phase.
8:22 am
i got this script and it just felt like a great love letter to those classic hollywood gangster movies of the '30s and '40s and i really wanted to direct it. >> does any part of the decision come with how complex the role is? in other words, if it's an extraordinarily complex acting gig, do you feel comfortable saying i can divide my time in front and behind the camera? >> i think if it's a really tricky directing movie, that might put me off trying to direct in it as well but it feels pretty natural to want to act and direct in movies. >> in one is based on a novel, i think it's the second time you've done that. what is it about his work that draw you say and you like so much? >> dennis is just a great writer. he has great, sort of punchy characters and crackling dialogue and very visual. the images kind of jump off the page. he deals a lot with moral ambiguity. just interesting stories. >> let's talk about boston as a backdrop. new york steals most of the on-camera spotlight in the film
8:23 am
industry. i would imagine far and away. >> yeah. >> what does boston bring to a project? what as a story teller, as a director, what do you get, which i know you love boston, what do you get from the city of boston? >> i think there's a specificity to it. it's not generic. it's not just anywhere usa. it's a real place that's rooted in a certain set of values and it's very concrete and you know -- you might not be sure what boston is, but you know it when you see it. >> good news/bad news. good news is the last time you directed a movie, it was "argo" and it won the academy award. the bad news is the last time you directed a movie, it won the academy award. how much pressure? >> there's pressure every time you make a movie. >> pressure from outside or from within? >> from within for sure. i put a lot of pressure on myself to make every movie great and work as hard as i possibly can. luckily i had great partners, great crew, fabulous cast, it was well supported. >> i bring up the academy awards. can we also tell you that we had your brother, casey, here and i
8:24 am
watch you smile. he was here not long ago. he's getting an awful lot of talk for his roll in "manchester by the sea." i know you've been a big supporter of the movie. he didn't seem to be all that nervous about the hype of academy awards for him. are you? >> i'm very excited. it's -- knock wood, i think it's great. i cast him in a movie years ago. i've always known what a great actor he is. i'm so glad to see him getting this kind of recognition now. it's really thrilling. >> do you think he fully understands what would change in his life and career if he were to be so lucky? >> you know, i think it's very hard to understand those kinds of changes when they're happening to you. it's like when you're in the middle of a car accident, you're not really aware of the fact that you're about to crash into a wall. >> slow motion. >> exactly. >> by the way, there have been brother combinations that won academy awards, i think like ten times. one sibling combination, brother-sister, warren beatty, shirley mcclain. so no pressure here.
8:25 am
so how are you doing? >> doing great. looking forward to christmas. the kids all got their lists ready so we're in good shape. >> do you want to whisper what the big gift is for kids this season? >> i'm afraid i have to keep that top secret, otherwise i'd get in trouble. >> yours are younger than mine but we can share some ideas afterward. it's good to see you. >> thank you very much. >> i'm going to tell people "live by night" hits select theaters on christmas day and opens nationwide on january 13th. just ahead, we'll do some shopping. the biggest holiday gift guide ever and it comes up right after your local news.
8:26 am
8:26 this wednesday morning. i'm tracy davidson. let's get to your first alert neighborhood forecast with erika martin. >> we're tracking an arctic blast, dangerously cold conditions thursday and friday especially through those overnight hours. notice temperatures only topping out in the 20s. overnight lows in the low teens. feels like temperatures in the single digits to get ready to bundle up again. dangerously cold conditions. now let's check on the roads, katy zachry has your update. >> it is clear that crash on 476 southbound between route one and
8:27 am
baltimore pike cleared. we're seeing some resid yul delays, taking you 30 minutes southbound between 76 and 95. we're following an incident on 95, so right around girard avenue you'll see major hiccups, it will take you 35 minutes southwoodhaven and the vine. delaware senator chris coons will elect donald trump to the national prayer breakfast, held on the first day of february. and a dog rescued from horrible conditions are ready for adoption. total of 14 dogs were press cued from a home in millsboro around thanksgiving. three of the dogs are ready to be adopted. i'm tracy davidson. stay updated with news and weather updates with our nbc 10 app. the "today" show continues in a couple of minutes.
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
♪ >> we're back now, 8:30 on this wednesday morning. it's the 14th day of december, 2016. will you look who that is. look who our elf is this morning. that is megan mullally, one of the stars of the new movie "why him" collecting gifts for our annual holiday toy drive. we'll talk to megan in just a couple of minutes. also ahead, the ultimate gift guide for absolutely everybody in your life, so whether there's something nostalgic or something cutting edge, if you haven't finished your christmas shopping, we've got it all covered. >> and we are so thrilled, our pal natalie joining us to fill us in on her today's original, inspiring young ones to have fun and get fit at the same time.
8:31 am
nobody better than natalie to do that. >> queen of fitness. meantime, charlie has had an exciting week. he took the train down for the troop celebration. charlie met some of the biggest stars backstage and was happy to sit ringside so we're proud to see him supporting our military veterans perfectly in line with his mission to be one of america's vet dogs. by the way, you can catch the annual tribute to the troops tonight at 8:00 p.m. on our sister network usa. you did great, buddy. >> all right, kids. let's say a quick hello to our celebrity elf, a favorite, megan mullally is here. >> hi, megan. >> megan just rolled up. you just made it, didn't you? you just made it under the wire. >> i walked in and walked right out here to you. >> so what plans do you have for the holidays? >> i thought we were hanging out? >> good answer. >> i'm accepting your invitation. i don't know.
8:32 am
no, we're just going to go to oklahoma city and see my 95-year-old mom. yeah. >> can we just talk about "why him." it looks like the most fun group of people making that movie. we've been hanging out with some of your friends on that. >> uh-huh, i've heard, yeah. it was such a fun movie to shoot. i wish we were still -- i could still be doing it now. it's a really funny movie. a lot of huge laughs in it and a great cast. >> you're going to be back with us in the 9:00 hour. >> you're not leaving us. >> you are not leaving. >> by the way, "why him" hits theaters on december the 23rd. >> yeah. >> by the way, can we do a little bigger "will & grace" reunion, please? >> we'll try to get the gang back together. >> she said yes. >> mr. roker, check of the weather. >> let's start off with today, and we are looking at a big storm system moving into the pacific northwest. lake-effect snow and bitter cold in the plains. southern tier of states actually temperatures a little above normal. then as we look at tomorrow, we've got more lake-effect snow
8:33 am
around the great lakes, western new york, upstate new york and we're looking at heavy rain. central california into the pacific northwest with snow through the plains and frigid conditions move into the mississippi river valley. shat's what' good morning, i'm meterologist hb-. plenty of sunshine and a pretty decent warmup today, 42 degrees this afternoon, with mostly sunny skies for philadelphia. up to 40 degrees for the suburbs and at the shore 44 degrees and inland areas of new jersey, sunshine, 41 the high temperature. chillier in the lehigh valley, sunny skies, 38 degrees and 45 degrees for delaware. that's today. the cold air, really cold air arrives tomorrow and stays on friday. have a great day. got a nice group of folks here. a few of your favorite things. one of my favorite things is making sure when i need the nee weather, i check out my pals at the weather channel on cable.
8:34 am
guys. all right, al, thank you very much. now to today's stress-free holiday and our biggest gift guide ever. >> ever. don't believe us? just take a look. the gifts start here all the way around the studio. so many, in fact, we won't be able to fit them into one segment so guess what we're going to do? we are going to stream it all live on, anything we don't get to now you're going to find on our website but it's all here. so lori is good housekeeping's style director. lori, good morning. >> good morning. thanks for having me. >> you hand picked all of these for us. >> we did. along with the "today" crew and good housekeeping. >> this one is flying off the shelves. >> did you play nintendo? >> i have a different version. this is $60 and as matt said it is flying off the shelves. it is the mini version of the original that was in 1985. you can get it at >> speaking of mini versions. >> yes. >> i love this. >> this is the echo dot.
8:35 am
this is like a personal assistant at amazon. what we love about it is you can call an uber from it, order a pizza from it, it can play music. you can now get cleaning tips from the good housekeeping institute. >> people love personalized stuff. >> that's my grandmother's recipe down there. you can take recipes, poems, pictures, will foil press, letter press them for you, really personal. we go from art to photo. this is the hp sprocket photo printer. >> you put it in your purse. >> i got one with you, matt. it's portable. and you just print it. it's wireless. so fun for the whole family. hoda, you'll have to help me out. >> okay, i will. >> this is the irig karaoke. all i want for christmas is you. portable karaoke, so fun. >> jewelry. >> the forever gift. these are from mckenzie leatodd. it's real gemstones, real
8:36 am
sapphires, under $100. high quality, incredible price. >> how do they do this? these roses last a year. >> they start at $39. they're dipped in a wax-based solution that is safe, nontoxic. it starts at $39. great gift, lasts for the whole year. >> i have one in my house, it's going on six months. >> speaking of selling out, this is the vialetti original pasta pot that has the strainer. >> you pour out the water. >> it's so cool. also i like warm butter. this knife, it's a heat conducting knife. now, i probably have enough body heat. see how it's melting the butter as you go along. >> no. oh, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. >> $20. speaking of body heat, good segue -- >> so cute. >> unicorns are out, mermaids are in.
8:37 am
anything with a fishtail. these are from blanki e-tails personal creations and mom even gets in on the action. >> i love a cozy. anything cozy. >> feel this. >> faux, faux. >> faux fur. let's make that very clear, faux fur from restoration hardware. so sumptuous, a great thing for anybody's home. >> this is a throw? >> it's a throw but it's huge, it's beautiful. >> what is this? >> i colored this so thank you very much. this is from oh my. and these start at $10. they're frameable color posters, giant. you can get them for the kids, for the family, really fun. >> grownups are coloring. >> how many different versions are there? >> there's so many different versions, italy, paris, usa, dinosaurs, fantastic. >> as we get closer, i can see you did color this. you have some line problems here. it's great from a distance, it looks fantastic. all right, look, we're going to pause here.
8:38 am
we're going to keep this going streaming live at to talk about the rest of the gifts. again, you can find the entire list, including ten more bonus ideas from lori on our website as well. >> meantime, up next on "today," getting in shape with super fast workouts, some as short as ten minutes. first, this is "today" on nbc, and we're still going. are still going.we
8:39 am
8:40 am
we are back at 8:40 with a workout trend that's making a lot of waves recently. it's called high intensity interval training or h.i.t. and it's designed for busy people who don't have several hours to spend in the gym. dr. jordan metsel has a new book, "workout prescription." busy people who don't have time or people who don't find that much enjoyment in working out. this is a way to get it in and get it done. >> that's right. i'm really excited about this concept. for people that don't have much time at all, my last book was
8:41 am
for people that had an hour. if you have 10 minutes, 20 minutes, 30 minutes. if you're a mom and have a commute and have two kids, this is how to put high intensity workouts in a short period of time. >> how is this different than 30 minutes on a treadmill or 45 minutes on a bike. >> if you only have ten minutes, i can give you a great ten minutes. the key thing about that is that you really need to talk to your doctor before you do these intense workouts, especially if you're over 40, because we want to make sure everybody is healthy. i have people doing these from 5 to 80 so they're helpful. >> so this would vary from individual to individual and age group. >> that's right. >> so you break it down into 10, 20 and 30-minute workouts. let's look at the ten-minute workout. what are we doing? >> we're going to start with a three-minute warmup just to get your muscles nice and loose. then you get to rest and catch your best. then we have six minutes of high intensity interval training. this is people doing jumping jacks just to get our muscles -- our filming of our new workout we just filmed. now i'm doing something called a
8:42 am
squat or jump squat. i'm strengthening glute muscles, quads and hamstrings. this gets your heart rate up and strengthens your muscles at the same time. this is a plank with a pushup so that challenges the core muscles and it's really super helpful for that. and then so that's the second part of our hit. the third part we'll put in a different exercise, which is coming, which is again this walkout pushup. >> let's go to the 20-minute, what's the prescription for that if you have the extra ten on your hands? >> again, the three-minute warmup you'll start with. then take your rest and we'll put in six minutes of h.i.t. and then rest and then nine minutes of h.i.t. these are things like different types of lunges. we have a beg your pardurpie. >> let's go to the 30 minutes. we do the three-minute warmup, one-minute rest and six minutes again. >> that's right. in the 30-minute we'll have
8:43 am
one-minute rest, six minutes of h.i.t., one minute rest, nine minutes of h.i.t. you're just doing 15 minutes of h.i.t. total, this is 20 minutes total to get your full time in. >> what are the overall benefits, that you're building your strength, your endurance, what's the overall benefit for us? >> people may be scared of intensity, but i'm here to tell you that intensity is wonderful for people to do. it can build strength and really ramp up your metabolic furnace. if you have 10 or 20 minutes, we can give you a great workout. it's safe, it's healthy and can do great things for you. >> new year's resolution, a lot of people will say i'm going to launch in, how do you keep the motivation going? >> we run these classes for free all over the city as heart of our iron strength community program and we have people of all ages. if you can do it with a family member, get your son, your daughter, your partner or your parents, get them going on a h.i.t. workout and make a little community in your area, that would be super helpful.
8:44 am
but if you have 10 or 15 or 20 minutes, i can give you a great workout with this and i want you to not be afraid to do that. >> thank you very muso much. up next, natalie's push to get your kids to be healthy and active. she'll reveal today's original. but first this is "today" on nbc. ♪ i said i really can't stay
8:45 am
♪ baby it's cold outside ♪ i have to go away ♪ baby it's cold outside ♪ i really can't stay ♪ baby it's cold outside! you never know who you'll meet at barnes & noble. hi. this is governor tom wolf. thousands of families across pennsylvania have been affected by the opioid epidemic. together, we can fight this disease.
8:46 am
if you or someone you know is struggling with addiction, help is available. visit for resources and information on substance abuse. for treatment options, call 1-800-662-help. paid for with pennsylvania taxpayer dollars. we're back now, 8:46, with our next installment of today's original. over the last few months we've each created special products to raise money for various charities. >> matt, you made those thank you cards, savannah designed those adorable t-shirts with spiritual gangster. al, you crafted that great burger at shake shack. this morning it is natalie's turn. she's at the reebok showroom in l.a. natalie, hi. >> hey, guys. i don't know if i can top al's burger, it was delicious. i'm here at the reebok showroom.
8:47 am
you know how much i love running. i've run a couple of marathons and i'm really excited to share my passion of running. i've teamed up with reebok to create a special shoe for kids for my "today" show original. running is my meditation, my therapy, my time to rock out and even my time to pray. with the rhythm of my stride, i often think my best thoughts, clear my head and find my inner cheerleader, who is always pushing me to my limits. this is why i run. for my "today's original" i worked with reebok to design kids' running shoes because i know my love of running started when i could first lace up my shoes all on my own. and now as a mom with two boys, i am passionate about fitness. >> the reebok brand has always been a brand that's about empowering people. >> from exercise classes for their employees to their be more
8:48 am
human campaign, reebok inspires people to be their best. including kids. proceeds from the sale of my shoes will go to boks build our kids success, a program that gives kids across the country an opportunity to do some physical exercise before their school day starts. why? because not only does it do the body good, it helps kids feel confident and learn better too. according to the cdc, physical activity helps build and maintain healthy bones and muscles, helps reduce the risk of obesity and diseases such as diabetes, promotes psychological well-being and may help improve students' academic performance. yet for a lot of public schoolchildren across the country, physical education classes are one of the first to be eliminated because of budget cuts. so reebok stepped in to help fill this void by partnering with boks. first up, designing my kids shoes. i met up with my own reebok design team in l.a. >> i definitely want big, bold,
8:49 am
fun, graphic patterns, you name it. think spots and stuff on the bottom. i love that. because i know that's what my kids like too. >> from the colors. >> let's do that one. >> to the material. >> i like that. i guess seeing it. that's the rock 'n' roll. >> from the laces to the soles. >> something like this. >> yes, that's on there too. definitely. >> finally we have a design for our girls and boys shoes with a hint of the "today" show worked in. sunrise and sunset and our favorite color, orange. next, meeting some of the kids who would benefit from the sales of my shoes. i participated alongside them in a program in new york. >> boks teaches these kids to love play, to love movement. it teaches them functional fitness movements that they no longer learn because p.e. has been taken out. >> i've created some pretty cool-looking sneakers that i think will inspire these kids to get up and move some more. the proceeds of the sales of the
8:50 am
shoe will go towards boks. how far will that take this program? >> if we can create that awareness through you designing the shoes and getting kids involved and becoming advocates, we can start to create a fitness revolution, and that's what we need. we need a fitness revolution. >> with the samples of my shoes ready, we asked the kids in my class to give the shoes a test run and they all seemed pretty happy with them. >> i like the neon orange. >> cool. >> we're hoping by participating in this project with natalie that we can get more people to understand what is our simple message that everyone needs to be more human, and to be more human, you need to be physically active. >> my running motto, it's not how you start or even how you finish, it's really about how you feel as you go. i hope you will help share my love of running and fitness with kids across the country. >> all right. are we ready for the big unveiling now? here we go.
8:51 am
my "today" show original. i've got these great kids from gladstone street elementary school. mariah, oscar, what do you guys think? >> they're awesome. >> look at them. look at the soles. they're so cool. i'm going to tell you guys how to get them. just go on our website, right now, because supplies are limited. i want to make sure you get a "today" show original. now each purchase, $10 of each purchase will be donated to a program at a school near you. the programs are widespread across the country, all 50 states. reebok has gotten us started off on the right foot with a $10,000 donation for boks programs across the country. i'm so excited about these. if you guys get these shoes now, be sure to text us, tweet us, whatever, hash tag us lace up and take a picture with your kids wearing them. >> they're great. first of all, they're great looking. how big can you get these, natalie?
8:52 am
what size? >> well, matt, you might not qualify. i think the top is size 7. if you can squeeze your foot into a size 7 but they start at 10 1/2 for kids to 7. >> can we say how awesome it is to see you. we miss you like crazy. it's great to see you. >> i'll see you guys in january. miss you too. i love you, guys. log on now, great christmas gifts, guys. >> absolutely. we'll be back in a moment. first this is "today" on nbc.
8:53 am
8:54 am
smucker's celebrates "today" is sponsored by smucker's. with a name like smucker's, it has to be good. we're back this morning and we're celebrating more than just birthdays with our friends at smucker's. tamron. >> this is so sweet, guys. in honor of the holiday season, our viewers have been celebrating the most generous people in their lives. and donna shows her sister vivian saying she constantly gives to those who have less. jillian celebrating her husband and the sacrifices he makes to serve our country. and casey is honoring her mom saying she is the reason i was able to go to nursing school and help me with my kids the entire way. so keep celebrating special people in your life. go to and we'll be looking for it. guys. >> great idea, tamron, thank you very much. look who's sitting here with us. this is 16-year-old singer
8:55 am
jackie evanko. it's been six years since you were on "america's got talent." you have come here to join us with a big announcement. so tell us. >> all right. so i have recently been asked by the president-elect to perform the national anthem for the swearing-in ceremony at the inauguration. i am so excited. it's going to be awesome. >> so just a little event. oh, my goodness. what was it like to get that call? >> i felt really honored. to be able to sing for the office, it's a great honor. >> it's not the first time you've sung for the office. you're 16 and you already did it once before. you sung for the obamas? >> yes. >> what was that like? >> that was awesome. i got to meet him, he was really nice. i felt really honored to have the chance to perform for the president again. >> it's still hard to believe that it was 2010 when we first met you. >> shocking. >> and now we are here. has it still all sunk in for
8:56 am
you, this roller coaster you're on? >> no, i kind of live in the moment. it doesn't really register until like years, years in the future. >> here's what's great, you're going to sing a little later from your new album, right? >> yes, yes. >> we're excited for that. >> so poised. >> i know. >> congratulations, by the way. >> thank you. also ahead, mark wahlberg.
8:57 am
bill cosby is back in court in norristown for a hearing in his sex assault case, the comedian making his way to the montgomery county courthouse moments ago. today is a resumption of yesterday's hearing that included outbursts by lawyers and cosby himself. cosby is charged with sexually assaulting a woman in 2004. the judge has to decide whether the prosecution can call 13 other accusers as witnesses in this case. newtown, connecticut, will pause to mark the fourth anniversary of the sandy hook massacre. officials are asking town employees to stop work for 15 minutes today in order to remember the 26 people killed
8:58 am
inside sandy hook elementary school. a church in our area is honoring the vichlz. the presbyterian chump at chestnut hill will hold a prayer circle at 11:00 this morning and set up 26 t-shirts on frames as a memorial. another update in 25 minutes and of course you can always get the latest news and the weather with the nbc 10 app. now back to the to"today" show. i'm vai sikahema. see you at the bottom of the hour. drive me wild ♪
8:59 am
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this morning on "today's take" actor mark wahlberg joins our funky bunch talking about his new movie, plus megan mullally on her star-studded film "why him." and it's a bird, it's a plane, it's a super co-host, dean cain. >> announcer: from nnews, this is "today's take" live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> hey now, welcome to "today," wednesday morning, december 14th. my sister, alisa's birthday. you've got a super birthday. >> look what we got you. >> would you like some bacon? >> i would love some bacon. i've never turned down bacon in my lifetime. >> i like really smoky.
9:01 am
what's that brand i like? >> newske. >> i love it. it's wisconsin. >> they're double thick -- they even made a triple thick cut bacon. it's like a bacon steak. >> you like thin. >> i like a thin, crispy, maybe even a little burnt bacon. >> you like it like that? okay. >> we're doing a segment a little later, some gifts that you can -- it's a homemade bacon kit. you can make your own bacon. >> why would i do that? >> for people who want to be a little more artisanal and crafty. >> what part coulddo i start, w pig? does that mean from the beginning of where bacon comes from? >> there's a great joke that says you don't eat a pig like that all at once. but anyway, it's a good thing. >> this is a christmas idea and we're going to show you because the king of christmas is here. how did you get that title? >> i've made about 172 christmas films now at this point in time. >> are you serious? >> not that many.
9:02 am
but maybe closer to 72. no, i've made a whole bunch. and hallmark, i've done a bunch for hallmark. hallmark just came out and said their ratings for the season are up 50%. >> really? that's awesome. >> i think films like yours and those they show on hallmark are in keeping with people at this point in our lives want to just feel good. >> some love. >> there's a lot of madness going on and a lot of things you see everywhere, so it's nice to have family fun, where you can see, learn something and feel good. >> macy's thanksgiving day parade, biggest numbers in 13 years. the tree lighting, the biggest numbers in six years. people want what you guys are doing. >> how about the hollywood christmas parade coming up this friday that i co-host. >> you do? nice. >> on the cw. >> what are you wearing? >> there. a suit and a red scarf. but i'm hosting and throwing to all the musical acts and such. there's tons of them.
9:03 am
>> i loved them. >> did you see that jacket? >> i'm getting that for next year. >> would you wear such a bold statement outfit? because you always see so subdued, very manly. >> thank you. >> you're talking to a man who is wearing blue and red tights. >> that's why i got the blue and red on right here, exactly. >> that's true. >> i don't think i could kick that red paisley thing. al could get away with it. >> i don't know about that. >> look at you today. >> well, we had a good time. if i'm a little subdued this morning, it's just because i didn't get home until about 12:30 this morning because i went down to central florida to the kennedy space center to interview buzz aldrin. >> wow. >> amazing, right? >> and what was kind of crazy, we were already on the books to do this for our living legends series, our seniors -- >> he is so cool. can we just absorb the coolness. the bomber jacket, the beard, everything about buzz. >> and fit as a fiddle. and then we got the news that he was being evacuated from the south pole and i thought, okay, there's no way we're going to be
9:04 am
able to interview him. no, they called a week ago and said, no, no, buzz is good. he'll see you down there. >> that guy is amazing. look at that. look at that shot. really cool. as a matter of fact, freezing cold. >> and what did he say about john glenn? >> that he was the epitome of what this country is all about. he said just a good, solid guy from the midwest, from ohio that really epitomized everything about the space program and everything that's good about this country. and he said -- he goes, look, he's a pretty good pilot even though he was a marine. >> it never stops. >> but they first met each other in '53 during the korean war. and then hook up again together in 1963 at nasa. >> so cool. >> what a legacy. >> that was a good day for you. >> listen, i was actually out on one of the launch pads, which i had never been before. and you just -- it's awe-inspiring. you're standing there then with buzz aldrin. >> who was inside one of those
9:05 am
things that went up. >> and here's the interesting thing he said. i said what does it feel like, this 600 million pounds of thrust. he said you don't feel it. on those -- on the rocket they went up on, he said the only reason they know they were going up is they could see the instruments. >> really? that's incredible. >> because they're back in those couches. >> couches. >> that's what he called them. >> i was at the final space launch -- shuttle launch rather, and the vibration -- first of all, i started crying. i didn't expect it, i just started crying live on air because it's majestic. but the vibration as far away as we were, it's like -- i describe it it was like a spiritual experience meets just some kind of kinetic energy that i could not -- >> your soul vibrates. >> i never felt that way again. >> i took my son a couple of weeks ago for the launch of the gozar satellite. you can feel it. it's unbelievable. >> when do we get to see that thing with buzz? >> it's online now.
9:06 am
>> we had the interview this morning for that part, but we'll have the fuller interview about his secret for longevity, that will be coming up in a couple of weeks. >> he's just so cool. so while you were doing that. >> yes. >> i was on msnbc yesterday -- >> hey. >> it's a party over there. and i was thinking about al roker because one of his favorite people was just a few blocks away. >> what was that like when you saw that video, the video of kanye west going into trump tower and meeting with the president-elect. >> in full disclosure here, i got this video sent to me right before al was leaving the building yesterday. i ran up to him and said you've got to see this, al, guess who's at trump tower. kanye west with new blond hair visiting the president-elect. after the meeting he said i wanted to meet with trump today to discuss multi-cultural issues. he said they talked about bullying, supporting teachers, the violence in chicago, kanye
9:07 am
is from there. he ended it, though, with this, #2024. >> why wouldn't he have gone with 2020. >> because he thinks trump will have two terms. he actually got booed at a concert, he said he didn't vote but if he had, he would have voted with trump. his fans took issue with that. now he's believing that trump will have two terms and he'll perhaps come in. >> i do wish he had voted, though. >> that sends a bad signal. >> 45% i think of the available electorate didn't vote and that surprises me. >> especially not to get too political about this, but given the number of people who fought and died for the right to vote -- >> well, the president-elect had not voted in a couple of general elections either, so the current -- so the bottom line is you should. you don't have to, but it is -- >> that's the thing, you don't have to, but you probably should. >> but in 2024 you could be voting for ckanye west.
9:08 am
>> maybe i'll make an exception. just kidding. >> that will provoke a lot of conversation. >> yes, it will. >> absolutely. >> the other thing there's so much conversation, people were calling me, i was getting on my e-mails about just the shock of the sudden death of alan thicke. >> i was at dinner and the hollywood reporter, my tweets went off and i saw it. he was just here with his wife. he was visiting us, talking about his reality show. >> yeah, 69 years old. and in great shape, playing hockey with his son. >> yeah. that's amazing. i feel like everybody lost a dad, you know what i mean? he was like the dad to america. and for me growing up watching him for all those years, he just seems like the nicest guy. >> he is. >> he was just on "this is us." in the commercial break, you've been on our show, some people will engage and talk and others kind of zone it. he was the exact same person in the commercial break talking to her team, talking to us. there was once he came on, we
9:09 am
didn't even know the camera was -- we were back live because the conversation was just like -- he was amazing. >> he was one of those people, he's exactlywhat you wanted him to be when you met him. he exceeded your expectations. >> and, dean, you know when you play an iconic television character, people really think they know you and want you to be as nice as you are. >> like i said, i feel like america lost a dad in a sense. what a tragedy. however, having a son, if i were to go, i would like to go with my son. >> and a legacy of work that will -- >> and the music. >> everything. >> the television theme songs he wrote, just unbelievable. coming up next -- and our hearts and prayers go out to them. up next, a photo of hillary duff and her son igniting a firestorm on the internet. another reason why the internet sometimes should just shut up. can't see it. can't taste it.
9:10 am
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we are back with more of "today's take" and dean cain is still here. he did not leave you in the commercial break. i can't wait to hear your thoughts on this. you have a son. >> i have a 16-year-old. >> and you talk about your son a lot and your closeness. >> love him. >> hillary duff, who we love, recently went to disney with her 4-year-old son, luca. she posted a picture online of her kissing her child on the lips. there you have it. a lot of people went on her social media page to take issue with her, and she responded to the backlash. she said for anyone commenting that a kiss on the lips with my 4-year-old is inappropriate, go ahead and click a quick unfollow with your warped minds and judgment. so the question -- >> mike drop. >> kissing kids on the lips. i don't have children but i would kiss my children. i don't have a problem with it. i kiss my nieces, my nephew. i don't -- i really don't understand the issue here. >> i'm with her 100%. i kiss my son up until he wouldn't let me kiss him anymore
9:14 am
and he's taller than me now so i get the neck but i still get him. >> does he give you the guy hug? >> i call it the giraffe. >> my 14-year-old the same way. and you know i've said before he's told me i can't call him sweetheart anymore. but i which see anything wrong with it. especially a 4-year-old boy? come on. >> i agree with her 100%, no way. i would kiss my son now if he would let me, seriously. >> and that you're so outraged that you go on her instagram page. >> so you're upset, fine, that's it. >> and the beckhams had an you. >> once will smith. >> come on, stop it. stop it. >> stop it! >> let love happen. >> it's your kid! >> get lives, internet. >> al said it. >> what happened -- >> oh, gosh, here he goes. >> what's happened to you people that your emotional has just
9:15 am
shriveled up and it's now just a raisin on the grapevine of life. >> oh, yes. it's going to fall off too. >> stop that! stop! when there's love, embrace. don't -- >> don't tell me what i can do with my kid. >> that's true. speaking of love and embracing it, one of the property brothers, because i still can't tell them apart, is officially off the market. drew, which one is drew? >> that one right there. >> that one. >> that's him right there. >> congrats to him and his long-time girlfriend linda. he recorded himself singing "marry me" and had it play off and a cake was brought out with her favorite dr. seuss's oh, the places you'll go. he actually gave her an engagement ring. >> and then he built her a house. >> and then he purchased another one -- who knows, that's
9:16 am
craziness. where do you go from there? >> that's true. talk about marrying up. >> that's pretty good. >> that's like a guy who can put stuff together. >> kind of ruins it for the rest of us, though. >> luckily we're already married. >> i'm not. >> oh, i'm sorry. >> you're the other property brother. >> i'm his brother, that's exactly it. >> and drew and jonathan will be here and will have name tags so we'll know which one got engaged. >> so you've played the rock, paper scissors. >> i only learned rock, paper, scissors when i started this show. >> oh, my gosh, it solves disputes. rock, paper, scissors. >> so take a look at this one. you will not believe how they do it in japan.
9:17 am
>> unbelievable! >> it's done. >> and she's crying? >> yes. japanese super group holding a rock, paper, scissors tournament to see which members would get to record a cd. >> wait a minute, what? >> yes! the young woman in the clip ultimately the winner and she's the front woman of the group. rock, paper, scissors, baby. >> i'm japanese so those are my people. that's how we do it. >> do you know how to play? >> don't you start with me. >> i'm the person in the middle. >> is it 1, 2, 3, throw or 1, 2, throw. 1, 2, 3 -- >> you go after 3. >> it's after 3. >> so i'll go 1, 2, 3 -- don't do it yet. all right, here we go. 1, 2, 3, throw. oh! how'd you know i was going to do that? i think he cheated. >> you know how i knew? you had your hand in a fist the whole time.
9:18 am
i'll be honest, i throw rock first every time. >> adam, what was it, there was a story we did -- >> i know, it's so easy. >> on how to win rock, paper, scissors every time. >> that's right. >> we did the story. >> doesn't rock always win? >> rock should win. paper covers rock. >> there's a formula, we did the story. if you follow this formula, you will win rock, paper, scissors, every time. >> i don't buy it. >> although in the midwest, rock would win because it's so windy out, paper and scissors go away. >> is that your transition to weather? >> it is. >> can't get much by her. we've got 33 million people under some sort of a windchill advisory or watch stretching from the dakotas all the way to new england. look at these windchills right now. to 22 below to 5 above and it's just going to get worse as we move through next week and then we're looking at more wet weather coming into the pacific northwest. storm moves across the country and it's going to bring snow in the northern tier of states. unbelievable.
9:19 am
take a three shot. that's what i do. good morning, i'm meterologist bill henley. plenty of sunshine and a pretty decent warmup today, 42 degrees this afternoon, with mostly sunny skies for philadelphia. up to 40 degrees for the suburbs and at the shore 44 degrees and inland areas of new jersey, sunshine, 41 the high temperature. chillier in the lehigh valley, sunny skies, 38 degrees and 45 degrees for delaware. that's today. the cold air, really cold air arrives tomorrow and stays on friday. have a great day. >> that's your latest weather. >> thank you, sir. up next, one of "america's got talent's" most memorable stars, jackie s, jackie evancho huge announcement today. she is going and at progressive, we let you compare our progressive direct rate... great deals for reals! ...and our competitors' rates side-by-side, so you know you're getting a great deal.
9:20 am
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9:22 am
it's been six years since jackie evancho stunned the judges and the country, honestly all of us, with her breath-taking vocals on season five of "america's got talent." >> her renditions of classical favorites took her to second place and it all happened before her 11th birthday. >> now all grown up at 16 years old, jackie has been asked to take one of the biggest stages yet of her career. she's going to be singing the national anthem at the
9:23 am
swearing-in ceremony at the inauguration of president-elect donald trump in january. jackie, congratulations. >> thank you. >> good morning. >> good morning. >> congratulations. >> what was that like getting that call? >> if i'm going to be honest, it's a little nerve racking, but i'm actually -- i'm honored i get to perform for the office. i'm just -- i'm very excited. >> now this makes two brushes with presidents now -- >> yes. >> you performed for president obama. >> yep. >> what was that like? >> it was amazing. he is so kind. he pulled me aside so i could meet him and i had such a great time. i couldn't wait to do it again. >> that wasn't for the inauguration, was it? >> no. >> so this is a big, big stage. >> yeah. >> but although you are only 16, you have been on the biggest stages in the world time and time again. do you still get nervous? >> oh, definitely. i'm nervous right now. i get nervous for everything. >> wow. >> do you have a trick? so here you are, a child on that stage, just bringing us to tears. what's your trick to deal with
9:24 am
your nerves? >> i suck it up. i don't really have a trick. >> you just go for it. >> just go for it. >> i love that. >> by the way, this is a great idea. the "america's got talent" holiday spectacular. in fact we've got a little clip of your performance. let's take a look. ♪ some day all our dreams will come to be ♪ ♪ someday where men are free ♪ maybe not -- >> wow, that's beautiful, jackie. that's stunning. >> you sing classic songs too. i've seen so many online because i was doing my homework checking it out. first of all, i can't believe that you're only 16 years old and second that you have such an amazing voice and you get to sing these wonderful classics. it's just amazing, it shocks me. >> thank you. >> well, we're so proud of you and congratulations on
9:25 am
everything, it's well deserved. you can catch "america's got talent" holiday spectacular december 19th right here on nbc. jackie is
9:26 am
good morning. i'm vai sikahema. just about 9:to, let's get right to your first alert neighborhood forecast with meteorologist erika martin. >> good morning, vai. we're tracking arctic blast settling into place tomorrow into friday. here's the deal. notice temperatures topping out in the 20s on thursday and friday, overnight lows in the low teens, but we're really tracking feels like temperatures that will dip into the single digits, so keep that in mind. we warm up by sunday but we are tracking a potential for flurries here, light snow moving in friday to saturday so a little bit of mixed bag for the next couple of days. back to you. bill cosby is back in montgomery county court right now for a hearing in his sex assault case. nbc 10 was in norristown as he made his way into the courthouse
9:27 am
about 45 minutes ago. yesterday's hearing included outbursts from cosby and his lawyers. cosby is charged with sexually assaulting a woman in 2004. the judge has to decide whether the prosecution can call 13 other accusers as witnesses in this case. another ally of former congressman fattah will be sentenced today. bonnie bowzer was the long time district office manager. today's proceeding follows the sentencing yesterday of two other co-defendants. on monday, fatth was sentenced to ten years in prison, due to report in a month. today senator chris coons will be one two of people to invite president-elect donald trump for the national prayer breakfast. the bipartisan event is held every year on the first thursday in february. it's 9:27. 37 degrees right now. we'll have another update for you coming up in 25 minutes and you can always get the latest news and weather with the nbc 10
9:28 am
app. i'm vai sikahema. back to the "today" show. see you at the top of the hour.
9:29 am
9:30 am
mark wahlberg has been a hollywood fixture for so long he even made a tv show based on his life, you may have seen it, a little show called "entourage." >> it's not only an oscar and nominated golden globe actor and producer, but he's taking on a deeply personal emotional project. >> it's about patriots day, the things that took place before, during and immediately after the boston marathon bombing. >> going to hunt them down, catch them, kill them, all that. they're still going to get us. no way can it be entirely preventible. wrap our arms around each other.
9:31 am
i don't think there's any way that they can ever win. >> we're so happy mark is with us in studio. good morning. >> good morning. >> the timing, what made you confident that this was the right time for us to see this film? >> you know, the question was posed right away, is it too soon. you see what happened in cairo on sunday and it's just happening all over the world. it's really not soon enough to promote the message that love will be victorious and we have to come together and be there for one another. so obviously it was a very difficult story to tell, but i have such pride being from boston and seeing how my city responded in the face of this tragedy. >> there's so many facets to this story that is so emotional, and you've got to feel a real deep responsibility for telling it correctly. >> absolutely. you know, i think people were relieved when they heard that i was involved with the movie because they could then put a
9:32 am
face and they could come to me directly and hold me accountable. i wanted to make sure that everybody also involved with the project both in front of and behind the camera was held to that same standard. it's my hometown, and the amount of pride that i felt and the way they responded, it redefined the term "hero" for me. growingup in boston and having so many sports me rheroes but sg so many people running to helping, it's really inspiring. >> i watched the film and it has that feeling like -- it happened so recently. i remember watching it unfold on television, and what i felt then. watching the film brought all that right back because i felt like i was watching it unfold again. did you guys mix some real footage in with -- >> there's a lot of real footage, especially if you look at the two brothers, the tsarnaev brothers, the actors that we cast have an uncanny resemblance. so the footage of them going into whole foods or the bank or the gas station and of course all the closed circuit tv
9:33 am
footage and boylston street, we were able to use a lot of that footage. >> i know tonight you're going to watch it with some 3,000 people. >> in boston. >> in boston. i cannot imagine the reaction they're going to have. >> it's going to be very emotional, but i think, you know, i was deeply concerned when i first went to boston, my first public appearance after announcing the movie was out at the celtics game with my wife and my kids. they butt me on the jumbotron and they started chanting "boston strong." everybody was chanting "boston strong." i got out and got on the roof of the car. i think it's going to be extremely emotional but extremely triumphant. people came together and stood up and held hands and i think they'll do that tonight. >> we're so proud of you. i just have a little housekeeping before we let you go. wahlburgers coming to times square? >> that's a way to have some fun with the family. >> and when you open here in new york, maybe you'll bring some
9:34 am
over. >> absolutely. >> we love your family. >> we're going to send the truck over here. we have a truck in philadelphia. we'll send the truck here. >> i love that. >> i ate there two weeks ago. >> this film is brilliant. please go see it. "patriots day" limited release december 21st, nationwide january 3rd. congratulations, sir. >> thank you. and up next, one of our pals, megan mullally, hitting the big screen opposite bryan cranston in the new film "why him." we'll catch [burke] at farmers, we've seen almost everything, so we know how to cover almost anything. even a rodent ride-along. [dad] alright, buddy, don't forget anything! [kid] i won't, dad... [captain rod] happy tuesday morning! captain rod here. it's pretty hairy out on the interstate.traffic is literally crawling, but there is some movement on the eastside overpass. getting word of another collision. [burke] it happened. december 14th, 2015. and we covered it. talk to farmers. we know a thing or two because we've seen a thing or two. ♪ we are farmers. bum-pa-dum, bum-bum-bum-bum ♪
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9:39 am
laugh. for eight years she had us in stitches on the hit nbc comedy "will & grace," a role which earned her two emmy wins. >> and she keeps the laughs coming in the new movie "why him" playing barb, a mom who's trying to embrace her daughter's new boyfriend. the guy is not making it easy. >> hi ya handsome. >> oh, you look great. >> oh, come on. >> no, you do. >> thank you. i'm just getting in the holiday spirit. right? he ate it. >> wow. >> good morning! >> good morning. >> that's a great line. that was hysterical. >> you kind of improvised that. >> i improvised that line, yeah. >> was there a lot of that going on? >> there was a lot. the script was great. john hamburg and ian wrote the
9:40 am
script but they let us do a lot of improv. i think they had 240 hours of film that they cut down to 90 minutes. >> that's incredible. >> what a cast, though. cranston is unbelievable. franco is hysterical. i'll be honest, i started watching the movie, i was like where's megan. i realized you had already been on and i didn't realize it was you which is the greatest testament to an actor. you did such a great job. what a lot of fun that was. >> it's such a funny movie. i think that movie has at least half a dozen really big laughs, like big laughs in addition to all the nuanced -- >> i think you're selling it short. >> many more than that, yes. >> i don't want to give anything away but there was a scene where you were in the bedroom with mr. cranston that i had to watch it over and over again. >> you had to watch it? >> i was laughing hysterically. some of the things you did were amazing. >> thank you. well, that scene wasn't in the original script, and so we were
9:41 am
having rehearsals and some meetings to talk about everything before we started shooting and i said, hey, it would be great if there was a scene where me and bryan where we're very, very conservative and i'm sort of starting to come out of my shell a little bit and i'm getting a little frisky and he's like, oh, my gosh, barb, what's come over you? and then they added this extra element to the scene which i won't reveal which allows me to kinda do anything i want. so it turned into a really fun scene. >> what can you reveal about this mini "will & grace" that popped up last month and is this leading us to a longer reunion? >> well, we did a will & grace election video that was like nine minutes long and it got a lot of hits on youtube. and it's still up there, if you guys want to see it. we had so much fun doing it. we kept it top secret. so ever since then we had such a good time doing it, there's been a lot of rumors about coming back. and so i think, you know, we all
9:42 am
really love each other and it's the whole team, the whole everybody, the director, the whole thing. and so if we could do it, it would be fun. but at this point there's nothing official. >> nbc. >> love to see it happen. >> nbc. >> all right. megan, thank you so much. >> thank you. >> "why him" hitting theaters december 23rd. >> it's really funny. >> it is, it is. >> and she is very funny. >> let's take a quick look at your weather. we've got for today some bitter cold making it through the plains. lake-effect snow for today. southern third of the country, warmer than average. everybody else awfully chilly. and then for tomorrow more lake-effect snow in the northeast, plains looking at snow as well. frigid conditions make their way into the mid-mississippi valley. lot of heavy rain with the possibility of flooding northern calirnia into centralfo good morning, i'm meterologist bill henley.
9:43 am
plenty of sunshine and a pretty decent warmup today, 42 degrees this afternoon, with mostly sunny skies for philadelphia. up to 40 degrees for the suburbs and at the shore 44 degrees and inland areas of new jersey, sunshine, 41 the high temperature. chillier in the lehigh valley, sunny skies, 38 degrees and 45 degrees for delaware. that's today. the cold air, really cold air arrives tomorrow and stays on friday. have a great day. by the way, you've got a comedy special coming up with your husband. >> yes, my husband and i tour a show called summer of 69, no apostrophe, and we're shooting a special in irvine, two shows on january 14th, so please come see it and be part of our special. >> that's a serious beard your boy has going. >> i know, all man. >> don't know what to get the special guy in your life? we've got the ultimate gifts for the man cave, and when you have a cold,
9:44 am
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9:48 am
for your fella. we've got items for the man cave, the home cook, but first a gift for the guy who's at i've and my buddy, matt bean, has put together a cool list of things starting off with something very special. >> absolutely. not only can you support your team but support your country with the nfl salute to service garb. we've got my bears, 3-10. i'll still rep it. cowboys, the giants. >> my cowboys, do you want to say how well they're doing? >> they're doing better than the bears this year. but the great thing about these is every bit of the profit goes to a charity supported by the armed forces. all great ways to rep your team. >> i love that. okay, moving on to this cup holder. >> speaking of bears, yeti is famous for their coolers. you can get in the game with these guys. we've got the rambler. $29 and engrave them for even 10
9:49 am
more. >> this is a boxed set isn't. >> it's for the active outdoorsy guy. 25 bucks up to $200 and you'll get this awesome selection of stuff. every month, quarterly or one at a time. >> i didn't know guys have a blanket like linus was the only guy i knew. >> it's such a fetching color. >> what is it? >> it's like a reverse engineered sleeping back. toasty and warm but it takes away all the zippers and all the fuss. >> i'm obsessed with this. >> it's cool. eagle creek makes this cargo bag. for only $89 up to $115. you'll stow everything in there. it is the bag for you. >> matt, thank you so much. let's go down to dean and see what he has. >> i love that salute to service gear, i have that myself. guys always love gifts for the man cave. here with very unique ideas, the host of fyi's network, mr. frank fontana. how are you doing?
9:50 am
>> i'm doing well, sir. >> we've got some sound stuff. >> exactly. we like our speaker systems and i got two for you. this is the sonos 1 and the sonos 5. this is great because you can go from room to room and each speaker picks up on the signal from your phone. you can shut it off in the living room, walk into the dining room and it picks up right where you left off. >> they tried to sell me one of these at apple was outstanding. and this here? >> this is the amazon echo and amazon dot. watch this, alexa, who won the world series in 2016? >> chicago cubs won the world series in 2016. >> represent, baby, represent. >> well done, alexa. and she's right, that's true. what is this thing? i like this already. >> this is from summit racing. this is a drink dispenser modeled after a 1930s vintage gas pump. check that out. >> you have orange juice in there? >> yeah, because we're going to make some manmosas later.
9:51 am
>> i like these. >> this is from if you're throwing a party, i like to have these versus simple bookends. >> i actually own books so that's a cool thing. leather. >> holt leather is a family owned company who makes fine leather products. i made your own personalized leather tray to take with you. it's a great product that's under $50. any time you can personalize a gift, great stuff. >> we've got to get out of here real quick. sending it over to the kitchen with al but these are t-shirts and they're really good. >> dean, thank you so much. we've got deputy editor in chief of bon appetit magazine. an indoor smoker. >> can't go inside to smoke, look at that, you can smoke in your kitchen. you can do a wet or a dry, does ribs really well. >> that's fantastic. >> so everyone steals my grilling tools, so this you can get it personalized with your name, al roker right here. >> love that. >> nobody takes it. >> never take another man's
9:52 am
tools. >> this is my favorite. this is a 2-in-1 griddle. >> stainless steel? >> it will last forever. it's $200. this is what i want for christmas. >> and bacon. >> make your own bacon. just buy the pork belly. you've got maple syrup, and invite your friends over for blts. >> and man crates. >> man crates. you get sesame sood, sunflower seed bacon, popcorn, bacon galore. >> andrew, this is great stuff all on our website. thank you so much. >> happy holidays. >> and we are back in a moment, but first this is "today" on nbc.
9:53 am
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visit or call 1-888-get-fios to learn more. that's 150 meg internet, tv and phone for 79.99 per month. only from fios. so far more than $7 million in gifts are on their way to needy kids all across the country. donating to our toy drive today, andrew from tpf toys is here
9:55 am
with a helper. nice to see both of you. thank you for helping us out this year. >> our pleasure. it's always good to give back this time of the year. >> and what are you doing for us this year? >> we are donating as a part of our 25-year tradition of donating to children's charities, we're going to be donating some wonderful splash links toys and underwater girls collectibles that's very popular and the peppy pups that sophie is carrying. >> how do you like the peppy pup? >> i love it. >> there you go. you guys have been so great to us. thank you so much. >> my pleasure. absolutely. we really are in a position to donate toys, especially those in the toy industry, and actually challenge those in the toy industry to step it up, especially this time of year. >> thank you so much. >> to donate to those less fortunate than us. >> thank you for being here. >> so much fun. >> we've got more coming up with >> we've got more coming up with hoda this is violet. she's been waiting for this moment for awhile.
9:56 am
a moment other kids wouldn't think twice about. her first bowl of cheerios. because now that cheerios are gluten free, violet, and many others are enjoying their first bowl today. good morning. i'm vai sikahema. it is just about 10:00, 37 degrees right now and let's check in with our forecast with meteorologist erika martin. we're iffing to get into the low 40s. >> we have an arctic blast in effect sliding in, so temperatures are only going to top out pretty much in the 20s by tomorrow, 40s for today and 20s by friday. the big story is these feels like temperature, right now mainly in the 20s and as we get this into motion i'll pause this early thursday morning. single digits for your feels
9:57 am
like temperatures, same deal on friday. we're expecting potential for a wintry mix friday into saturday. the feels like temperatures in the single digits for the region thursday morning, the same deal on friday. back to you. >> erika martin thank you. police are investigating what they're calling an execution-style shooting death in the philadelphia frankfurt neighborhood. officers found a man laying on adams avenue with several gunshot wounds just after 12:30 this morning. authorities say evidence shows the gunman fired 28 shots at the victim, some from just inches away, so far there are no arrests. and today montgomery county, 30 cadets will begin their law enforcement careers after graduating from the police academy. the ceremony will be held at montgomery county community college at 7:00. at least nine cadets will start right away at local police departments. we'll have another update for you coming up in 250 minutes and of course you can get the latest news and the weather with the nbc 10 app. we'll send you back to the "today" show. i'm vai sikahema. have a great day.
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we'll see you at the bottom of the hour.
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>> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. hello, everybody. it's wines day wednesday. it's hump day. it's -- >> all of those things. >> december 14th. "perfect illusion" by lady gaga. i think her mom is with us later. >> cynthia, here with us. doing so much to spread kindness. they're partners. the more -- lady gaga is becoming the more you know, the more you like. joining us in a game of "who knew?" >> and sang lik


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