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tv   CBS 2 News at 5  CBS  January 15, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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and -- he knew that america was under attack. >> reporter: captain william burke, jr., died on the 27th floor of tower one. he got his men out but stayed behind to help a man in a wheelchair. michael burke says republican presidential candidate ted cruz doesn't understand new york values the sacrifices like his brother made on 9/11. >> everyone understands that the values in new york city are socially liberal, pro- abortion or pro gay marriage, focused around money and the media. >> i have to tell you that was a very insulting statement that ted made. when the world trade center came down, i saw something that no place on earth could have handled more beautifully, more humanely than new yorkers. >> i welcome the opportunity to show him my brother's truck and still him the story of a great pleasure. >> reporter: michael burke wants cruz to go to the 9/11 museum with him.
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is one of two on display. the entire front is burned- out. >> i am disgusted at the insult that ted cruz threw at this city and its people. i think ted cruz owes the people of new york city an apology. he owes the first responders an apology. >> reporter: right after the debate, cruz was e-mailing new yorkers to pony up for his campaign. i'm counting on you, new york, he said. can i ask to you make an urgent gift of at least $25? or if you can afford more, $100 or even $500. >> ted cruz by attacking new york and asking for money from new york shows what a hypocrite he is. secondly, and most importantly, anyone from new york who gives ted cruz any money at all should have their head examined. >> reporter: governor cuomo says cruz is trying to divide people to highlight differences to win the nomination. about the money? >> sure he is going to send back all the donations that he received and i'm sure he won't accept any donations from new york. >> reporter: but experts say the attack may have been calculated.
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new york values, he is talking to evangelicals who are voting in iowa and saying he is not one of you. and that's quite effective to sow those kinds of seeds of doubt. >> reporter: as for donald trump, he summed up the debate saying, to at ted cruz he didn't have a good night. >> same reason action locally. thank you. cruz's comments struck a chord on social media, as well. so what are new york values? here's how our viewers weighed in. >> we want to hear from you. head over to to tell us what you think. a sea of red on wall street where the dow dropped more than 500 points in the
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closing bell the index recovering a little but it was still down 391 points dipping below 16,000 for the first time since february 2014. meanwhile the nasdaq plunged triple digits as well and is the is dropped 41 points. take a look now at how much the numbers have fallen since the start of the year. the dow was above 17,000 and the nasdaq was above 5,000. more on today's plunge, let's go to jessica schneider live on wall street. bad day on wall street, >> reporter: yeah. very tough day, dick. at one point today as you mentioned the dow was down 536 grip the u.s. markets. today capped off a very rough week of intense fluctuation as well as global uncertainty. the ticker tells it all outside the new york stock exchange. stock prices plunging throughout the trading day just before the three-day
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>> historically that's a pattern of selling before a three-day weekend especially in an environment like this when it's going down like this. >> reporter: this financial analysts says he has seen it like this before. in 1998 the market was way down just before it set off on a positive multi-year run. the markets are off to an abysmal start to the year. the dow and s&p are both down 8%, the nasdaq down 10%. all the indices are on pace for the worst month in at least five years. stocks closed friday down 2% after hitting a near 15-month low. oil prices are below $30 a barrel and a sell-off of chinese stocks are adding to the mounting concern about slowing global growth. the dow was dragged down in part by the two oil companies in the index, exxonmobil and chevron. but the component that fared the worst was intel, which came out with a disappointinger, report. its stock was down more than 9%. but he says investors should
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>> i would say the best thing to do now is to be patient and ride it out. the fundamentals economy are generally okay. we're still adding between 2 and 300,000 jobs a month which is a huge positive and i think that once this settles down, the market could continue on the upward trajectory. >> reporter: the market of course closed on monday for the holiday. but, of course, that just means another day for those investors to fret. live tonight on wall street, jessica schneider, cbs 2 news. one tennessee couple certainly doesn't have to worry about the stock market. they showed the world one of the three winning powerball tickets. cbs 2's brian conybeare reports they are from a small town but now have a very large fortune. >> reporter: john and lisa robinson were joined by their lawyer, their daughter and their dog as they went public with tennessee lottery officials this afternoon. >> we're going to take the lump sum. >> you are. >> because we're not
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>> reporter: the couple in their 50s posed with a giant check worth $528.8 million. but because they took the lump sum they will receive approximately $328 million less taxes. >> we're common people. we just like y'all are. >> reporter: mumford tennessee is a small town population 6,000 with only one stop light but john robinson stopped at a local convenience store on the way home from work on wednesday evening. even though he didn't really want to. >> she told me she said you gonna pick us up a couple lottery tickets? and i told her i said i really don't feel like picking 'em up but i'll stop at the store. >> reporter: john works in information technology and lisa is employed at a dermatologist's office and they say they don't plan to quit their jobs or move out of munford just yet. lisa robinson described the moment she realized they had the winning ticket while her husband napped on the couch. >> well, i was running down the hallway screaming and crying and i said, you got to check the numbers. he woke up in a dead sleep so he is all startled.
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>> reporter: the couple plans to pay off their daughter's student loans and their mortgage and donate some money to their local church. they will have plenty of time to figure out what to do with the rest. brian conybeare, cbs 2 news. >> now, the two other winning tickets were sold in california and florida. but those winners have yet to come forward. life changing. >> take a little time, maybe -- [ overlapping speakers ] >> paying off the student loan and mortgage, that would be good. a developing story. severe turbulence tossed around a flight from laguardia to mm. five passengers were injured and flight attendant hospitalized when the american flight landed safely first responders putting the flight attendant on a stretcher. she had a broken nose. american airlines says flight 1410 encountered the turbulence about 40 minutes from the miami airport. the five passengers who were hurt were treated on the scene. long island bank customers and employees faced real danger during a bank heist and shootout in franklin square.
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surgery after being wounded in the attempted heist. cbs 2's jennifer mclogan reports police are now trying to determine if he is responsible for several other bank robberies. >> reporter: seven employees and eight customers inside the chase bank in franklin square witnessed chaos and panic as an armed robber announced a holdup and waved a semi- automatic handgun. >> that's a really scary feeling to hear shots fired and not not what's going on. >> reporter: nassau police arrived within three minutes of the harried 911 calms. wounded. >> he pointed that handgun at the armed security guard. the security guard fired three or four shots at the subject. >> reporter: the busy strip mall on franklin avenue filled with shoppers, patrons in the adjoining starbucks ran for cover and the cvs next door reacted swiftly to the emergency. you had to lock the doors? >> everybody was fine.
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want to share its surveillance video, nor discuss multiple robberies here recently. >> thank you. appreciate it. >> this one here has been robbed five times. you know? it's about time they do something. >> very concerned. i live here. i live in franklin square. it's very scary. you're afraid to walk out of your door these days. >> reporter: in fact, over a 36-hour period, 4 violent armed bank robberies across long island, franklin square, valley stream, east northport and bay shore. some here suggest more banks retired or off-duty police officers trained in firearms and tactics wearing a uniform with a gun belt as a deterrent t jennifer mclogan, cbs 2 news. >> police say it appears bank robbers target the franklin square area because they can make a quick getaway on the nearby southern state parkway. for the first time in 12 years there's a new man in charge of the new york giants. after officially replacing tom
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was introduced as the 17th giants. cbs 2's otis livingston was there and he joins us now. >> he beat out five other candidates and the giants feel good about him promoting him to head coach. the past two seasons ben mcadoo has been in charge of the giants's explosive offense given praise for eli manning's sections. now he is in charge of everything. >> this job is not for the faint of heart and i'm the right man for the job. >> reporter: he declared himself ready to become the coach of the new york giants. he better be because after four straight years without a play-off appearance, the pressure to win is now. >> i like the pressure. this what you live for. this is the opportunity of a lifetime. it's the capital world, the football capital of the world. what could be better than this type of opportunity and pressure. and you prepare for it. i have been a guy that's always i guess been baptized by fire and i'm comfortable with it. we want to put that fifth lombardi trophy in the case.
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that's just as important as anything. >> reporter: he said putting together the coaching staff is a fluid ongoing situation and that personnel decisions will only be handled by gm jerry reese but he did add -- >> we're not looking to rebuild. we're looking to reload. we're going to start in a couple minutes. >> reporter: they will be five minutes ahead of schedule as a tribute to former coach tom coughlin the giants will keep all the clocks in the building 5 minutes fast a tradition he began 12 years ago. >> when i walked he he said, don't mess with the clock. and, um, when you look to the right here we have our digital minutes fast. with that. that's it. c time of. that's a part of giants culture now, that's tc time. >> reporter: there might be a few adjectives around don't mess with the clock. like everyone on social media, mcadoo's suit was big on him. he lost about 60 pounds. he says he is expecting to
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dress suits when coaching but four-year deal a lot of money coming. >> buy some suits. >> might as well buy some tailor-made. >> and very big shoes to fill. >> indeed. >> a lot wardrobe talk. >> funny what people notice. isn't it? >> yeah. everyone is talking about his suit. >> they will notice the wins and losses quickly. let's hope more wins than losses. >> thank you. still ahead, a team effort to storm a local grandfather from getting scammed. how dispatchers and police swooped in and saved him from a huge mistake. >> also call them the blender bandits. the couple accused of a strange crime spree at several local stores. >> and at home eye exam. the risk and rewards of skipping the eye doctor's office. >> plus giving kids the freedom to finger. how some people think these classroom additions could help their education. >> as we speak the clouds are getting thicker, the precipitation is getting clear, not all the precipitation for us is going to be just rain.
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new jersey state police on the hunt for a couple allegedly swiping blenders from more than a dozen stores. investigators had their identities thanks to social media after posting their pictures online. now cbs 2's christine sloan has video. >> reporter: the couple seen walking out of a walmart in new jersey, they got a ninja blender in their shopping cart under a bag that they allegedly didn't pay for. a stunt state police say they pulled at more than a dozen walmart's in the area. >> both parties would go into the store. he would go right to the blender section, select the blender put it in the shopping cart. he would selects a few items check out at the electronics counter. meet her in the store, put the bags on top of the blender on top of the box and then walk right out the front of the store with the blender and the shopping cart. >> reporter: popular ninja blenders have sharp blades and run just over $100. dubbed as the couple that blends together stays
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police posted surveillance pictures of them on their facebook page. a social media-loving public wasn't about to let these alleged ninja blenders thieves get away. >> the reaction was overwhelming. within 20 minutes we received numerous phone calls identifying the individuals along with the vehicle. >> reporter: police know who their trail. the male in his 30s the woman with him 22. it seems their whole love story blended well on facebook. >> it looks like from their facebook page that they were a couple. that's how we identified them. >> reporter: state police credit a budding loss prevention specialist at walmart with cracking the case. but they say they still don't know what the couple was doing with the blenders. in augusta, new jersey, in sussex county, christine sloan, cbs2 news. >> police haven't made an arrest. they are asking the public to reach out to them if they
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a high-flying visitor in new jersey has residents concerned. valerie castro reports on the hoboken hawk. >> reporter: the talk of this block in hoboken. >> it nearby wondering if it's hurt or in danger. >> i think it's scared and hurt. usually they're not this low. >> but this time of year the climate is really cold. it can be really hard on them. so it could be that he is having a rough time and needs >> reporter: the liberty humane society in jersey city says they have been keeping on a on the hawk >> he was sort of flying from the steps. >> reporter: officials won't know if the bird is hurt until
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she urges the public to stay away. >> no one should approach wildlife particularly a hawk. they are gorgeous but can be dangerous with sharp talons. >> reporter: the hawk was last seen here around 10 a.m. a rescue group came out to try to capture it but it was nowhere to be found. some wonder if he is just fed up. >> he had his five minutes of lonnie. >> i'm going to start off now with the cloud cover that has moved in around the area. mostly cloudy 49 degrees as high as 51 today in new york city. you were 56 around belmar. 46 for belmar now. 49 in the city. notice this area though. monticello sparta coming in in the mid- to upper 30s now. you will be dropping down north and west of the city down to the freezing mark or below and that's why some of this wet weather that is moving in and it is
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majority of this is going to be rain. very heavy at times. some of it is even going to be frozen north and west. let me show you how it looks on the computer models. it start to nudge into the area between 11 p.m. to midnight, the leading edge with plight little showers come through. notice the signature though. heavier activity is offshore. that's where i believe the heaviest activity will stay but places east of new york
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city you're the spots that e real ones. do you think it's easy riding a 1200-pound animal? tonight, meg baker holds on tight at madison square garden. those stories and more tonight at 6:00. the cowboys back in town. thank you, dana. >> hope she doesn't get on a real bull. it could get ugly. sean penn broke his silence about his trip to mexico to meet notorious drug lord joaquin "el chapo" guzman.
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interview since the pair's secret encounter was revealed, penn spoke at length with charlie rose to offer his side of the story. kept craig has a preview of this sunday's edition of 60 minutes. >> there is this myth about the visit that we made. >> reporter: sean penn tells "60 minutes'" charlie rose that he do not believe his october interview with joaquin "el chapo" guzman led to the drug lord's capture last week. >> so as far as you know, you had nothing to do and your visit had nothing to do with his recapture? >> the mexican government, they were clearly very humiliated by the notion that someone found him before they did. nobody found him before they did. we didn't -- we're not smarter than the dea or the mexican intelligence. we had a contact upon which we were able to facilitate an invitation. >> reporter: guzman escaped one of mexico's maximum security prisons last july by
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shower and then a mile long tunnel 30 feet underground. guzman is believed to be responsible for as many as 34,000 deaths. officials say his sinaloa cartel is the number one supplier of heroin, cocaine and marijuana to the united
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d l t pmi miechne f aeageouofheas g fs. this drugstore parking lot the scene of a scam. how a police officer saved the day with just 5:30 now, cbs 2's lou young has the story. >> reporter: a cell phone call a demand for money and an elderly victim willing to do anything for a grandchild. the victim's daughter told
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rushed out to get money after lucky. mel goldstein fell for the same scam. how much money did you give them? >> $7,500. >> reporter: cops say a week hardly goes by without a another victim rushing to give cash away out of fear. >> they operate on a sense of urgency and they want to you make a move like this gentleman did yesterday. he left his house within
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>> bergen county rescue. >> they are extremely affectionate. >> reporter: there's been a steady stream of dog lovers eager to take one of these
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>> in new york state, we believe tomorrow starts today. all across the state the economy is growing, with creative new business incentives, the lowest taxes in decades, and university partnerships, attracting the talent and companies of tomorrow. like in utica, where a new kind of workforce is being trained. and in albany, the nanotechnology capital of the world. let us help grow your company's tomorrow, today
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move over, "star wars." a comedy sequel is expected to take the top spot at the box office this weekend. also hitting the big screen the story of the attacks on americans in libya.
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>> die for your country. >> reporter: 13 hours the secret soldiers of benghazi, is the film about the terror attacks on the u.s. consulate in benghazi, libya. >> we know about hillary clinton. we know about the emails. we know that a u.s. ambassador is killed in benghazi. we don't know about these six secret soldiers who save a number of american lives. >> i don't think any of us had any intention of telling the hollywood version of this. we wanted to tell the real story. >> that's my home! >> reporter: in norman the north a polar bar travels to manhattan to try to stop a developer from building condos where he lives works for the bad guy. >> i'm not your servant. >> you are what i say you are! >> reporter: kevin hart and ice cube reunite for a ride- along too. >> they are in miami facing off on a mission together. this is a movie that will win the weekend. another big thing it's going to be the one that beats "star wars." >> we are willing to help.
5:28 pm
two aide workers try to help clean. the only challenge is they need to remove a dead body from the town's only well. >> can't get the body out. we have no room. >> i know where you find. >> reporter: the film takes war. >> how do you get the madness of what it is to be in a war zone? sometimes the madness is as simple as the fact that you can't find rope. >> reporter: besides these films, also in theaters is the offbeat comedy band of roners that tells the story of huckleberry finn and tom sawyer. >> other notable mentions include the psychological thriller 400 days that stars dane cook. >> we have learned. another death in the entertainment world. dan hagerty star of the life
5:29 pm
hagerty's manager says he died today in burbank hospital after battling cancer of the spine. he was 47. coming up next kate middleton getting a new job. >> testing your eyes with your cell phone? new services claim to find the perfect prescription for your glasses without a trip to the doctor. >> dana tyler has a look at what's coming up at 6:00. >> reporter: here's what we're working on. >> we were quick and got there in time and we saved the pup. >> firefighters rushed to save a puppy in an ice cold lake. tonight, the problem they encountered and a message from
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>> also armed bandits, guns one person is brain-dead and five others hospitalized after a bchedthe hospital after getting sick. hospital officials say besides
5:31 pm
others could have irreversible brain damage through a translator doctors described the first patient's condition. >> we thought it was a vasccondition of cerebral death and the other patients it became more glasses or contacts without ever leaving your home. new technology offers do it yourself eye exams using just a laptop and smartphone. as cbs 2's dr. max gomez properties, these tests are having some eye professionals seeing red. >> reporter: this person has worn glasses and contacts since he was in the third grade. yearly appointments to the eye doctor were tiring so he
5:32 pm
an online eye exam he can take at home. >> a little hesitant at first but once i got the hang of it, just breezed right through it. >> reporter: a day later he had his new prescription in hand. >> saved me time as far as getting to the eye doctor. >> reporter: and he is not alone. the ceo and cofounder of otperna tive says they have had tens of thousands of people to date sign up to take an at-home exam. >> all you need is a computer and smartphone. it takes just 20 to 25 minutes. and you need ten to 12 feet of space. >> reporter: he says the online eye exam which is just a vision test using letters and shapes is similar to what you might find in an eye doctor's office. >> over here the system instructed me to cover my left eye, look at the screen and choosing which number i see. >> reporter: once you finish the test your results are sent to an ophthalmologist in your state who evaluates them and writes you a prescription you can use anywhere.
5:33 pm
the president of the american optometric association worries that patients will be misled into thinking they have had a complete exam. when in reality, vision is only a small part of what eye doctors look for. >> examine the cornea, the tear film, all the components of the external portion of the eye. >> reporter: the company insists that the system is only designed to supplement traditional eye exams. that's why a patient can't use it any more than four years in a row. the cost is 40 to $60 for glasses and contacts but it's not yet covered by insurance. dr. max gomez, cbs 2 news. >> so right now this eye exam is only for patients 18 to 40 years old. >> i don't know if that's going to work. i could always move the phone closer an pass the test. >> true. >> people with glasses know these things. time for your exclusive cbs 2 foreign. lonnie quinn standing by. and today felt so much more pleasant outside. >> hard to imagine that 24 hours ago, you had some spots with wind chills 24 hours ago
5:34 pm
and so much warmer today. check in on where we stand right now. mid- to upper 40s around the area. 49 in nassau county right now. i want to talk about what we saw for some high temperatures today. riverhead 50. new york city a little above 50. right now for the city, one world trade in the background. mostly cloudy overhead. 49 as of now. the city hit 51 degrees today. much of your saturday will be fine. i don't see any big bad weather during saturday afternoon. i see some problems to start off the weekend a little bit of rain out there. and for some of you could be more than a little bit of rain and some flurries possibly
5:35 pm
sunday night going into this would be going offshore. i still believe it is. but this is just a little more to contend with pushing inland. again with the colder air temperatures north and west of the city, the higher elevations, some of this ends up being snow. i'm talking a quick little burst but could come down as a good clip say 3, 4 hours pick up maybe half inch an hour for a place like monticello which the computer models are saying you could see up to 3 inches. it's going to be elevation- driven. it's 49 degrees right now. tomorrow you're going to be 50. it's too warm for snow. you have to have cold air as the other component outside of the moisture. we'll have the moisture because look after this! we're seeing maybe like a half inch to an inch for anybody in the area. bigger totals further east you go. smaller totals inland. but again, inland is where you find the colder air and that's why some of that could end up being frozen.
5:36 pm
working out across the board? i see 50 degrees for a high temperature tomorrow. i mean, basically every bit as warm as you were today. and i think the afternoon hours you're going to see some breaks notice clouds waking up to early-morning rain showers in new york city. blustery tomorrow. not as decent as today. colder air starts to set up on thunder. 38 degrees. sunday night into monday, there is a system that's going to be offshore that just may have enough behind it though with the cold air to pull a little bit of snow flurry action through here sunday night into monday. doesn't look like a big storm. >> i was thinking a little golf maybe saturday afternoon. >> me, too. >> 50 degrees! ski or golf. who knows. >> make it a later tee time. >> think about it, golf in january. >> you know? the next day you got your snowboard.
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i don't see it. >> we're in no rush, okay? thanks. >> not going to touch that. >> that will do it. a reminder monday is a remembers martin luther king, jr. all federal offices and post offices will be closed. and also most banks will be closed. as for transit, subways will schedule. reduced. the long island rail road, trains. new jersey transit will operate on a holiday schedule. the duchess of cambridge has a new job. kate middleton will put on her editor's hat at the "huffington post" at the uk, guest editorday >> there you go. not a bad deal. coming up a lot of kids spend hours stuck behind a desk but not in these classrooms. how they could be biking and bouncing their way to better
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apparently sitting still in class is so old school. some new jersey teachers are encourage students to move it. cbs 2's vanessa murdoch shows us what a difference it's making. >> reporter: these aren't your typical classrooms. students bound of bouncing their feet bouncing on their bottom, bouncing even cycling. >> it helps me focus more in class. it helps my posture. i move a lot. >> so i'm anxious to get up all the time. >> reporter: you're fidgeting in an acceptable way. >> exactly. >> reporter: teachers tell me inactive body equals inactive mind. they find students are more productive in the classroom and less distracted. that's right. teachers not only condone this, but made it possible through grants and donations. we visited two new jersey schools.
5:42 pm
academy in paterson. so far, two teachers here have their students moving. [ non-english language ] with bouncy balls and caitlyn brock with bouncy bands. >> i have this is the when they are in the classroom -- i have noticed when they are in the classroom they are less fidgety. >> they were exerting energy in a more positive direction. >> reporter: before this he got in trouble. >> i got in trouble. >> reporter: now he is content with sitting down. arlene says she is knows the only thing moving. so are her grades. >> last time i had a b and now i have a a. >> reporter: eckland ridge high school history turned into an interactive experience. >> i think if they are sitting down in one position for, you know, a long period of time, that they are not going to be as focused. >> the entire classroom is outfitted with equipment to keep students on the go. minutes.
5:43 pm
more for exampled on the lesson. >> all this fun stuff keeps kids moving. he it does wonders for classroom concentration. vanessa murdoch, cbs 2 news. >> i think this generation multitasks. they have to have six different things going on at once. >> those balls in the classroom someone is going to start throwing them. >> you think so? >> i don't know. there's a lot of energy in there. a lot of energy. >> well, because of all these positive results, both schools plan to increase their number of active classrooms. >> good luck. that's our report at 5:00. i'll see you tonight at 11:00. the news at 6:00 starts right now. captions by: caption colorado right now this friday night at 6:00, a dog in danger. frantically paddling in an ice cold lake, inside the complicated water rescue that ended with a handshake. plus taking on ted cruz, rudy giuliani sounds off against the republican presidential
5:44 pm
that have new yorkers furious. >> and casino controversy. why are some long islanders against a plan that could help the economy? republican presidential candidate received a loud bronx cheer for bashing new york values at last night's presidential debate and he gets an unexpected invitation to come to new york to see some things that might change his mind. our cbs 2 political reporter marcia kramer with the story tonight. >> everyone understands that the values in new york city are socially liberal, pro- abortion or pro gay marriage, focus around money and the media. >> i have to tell you, that was a very insulting statement that ted made. >> reporter: republican presidential candidate ted cruz did something he probably never expected. his attack on so-called new york values at last night's gop presidential debate brought unity to new york's fractious political world. there was former mayor rudy giuliani, america's mayor, a
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