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tv   CBS 2 News at 6  CBS  January 22, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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that's where we're not so certain. the further north you go the less this storm is to play in your day tomorrow. it's going to be a saturday system. we showed you cape may maybe that gets in here tonight. i think it's overnight into saturday. worst hours i think about 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. tomorrow. coastal flood warning at the shore especially the jersey shore. vortex satellite and radar shows cape may and snow showers. this light color is a flurry. the bright white shows you the big snow. it's out there. and yeah, it is out there. there are dry slots. no doubt you have heard some of these big predictions like crazy numbers. you know, two feet of snow around new york city. if this fills any think it's a possibility but right now, i'm with it. i'm trying to be as -- honestly i want to predict
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i'd love to. i'm doing my best for you. it's tricky. i think these will play a role. they will limit the totals. you don't see that two-foot figure in new york city. i'm going 8 to 12 around the city with 12" or more as you go south. maybe that nips into staten island or so. and it will be less to the north. i'm going to follow all this for you. if i start to see something change in our ads where it fills in i'm going to sound at large. i'll let you know. those are my numbers. >> we trust you. thank you for that. we'll check back in with lonnie shortly. he talked about coastal flood warnings. christine sloan is live on the jersey shore. >> reporter: lonnie said we are expecting 60-mile-an-hour gusts down the jury jersey shore. injuriescy central power and light has crews on standby,
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look at this video in sea bright in new jersey. they have sand dunes and the beach to protect the community particularly vulnerable because it's between the ocean at shrewsbury river. business owners have placed sandbags in front of their stores some moving all their furniture out. >> it's nerve-racking. very. especially i live in town too so i have my house to worry about and i take care of my 100-year-old nana so i hope we don't lose power. >> reporter: you have taken all kinds of precautions. >> yes. i have had my sandbags ready to go. we have to finish it. all the furniture in. >> reporter: high tide and a full moon not a good combination as this blizzard moves in. again, residents all along the jersey shore being told to take precautions now to get their emergency supplies in place. we're live in union beach, new jersey, christine sloan, cbs2 news. >> thank you, kristine.
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christie spending too much time campaigning, the republican presidential candidate announced he is on the way back to his state. christie was in new hampshire and scheduled to stay there through the weekend. earlier today, he tweeted, i'm sorry, nh, but i gotta go home. we got snow coming. mayor de blasio is urging drivers to stay off city streets this weekend so the plows can do their work remove the snow and spread salt. maspeth, queens. >> reporter: sanitation garage behind me seen workers going inside because they have to get the vehicles ready and all their ducks in a row because they will be the ones who have to respond and spread out when the public is expected to. the opposite and hunker down. it's all about salt. piled high in city sanitation truck. easy to carry sizes top sellers in stock. shovels an sleds, too.
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the storm are bring it on, then be gone. >> it's the same turmoil every year. >> unless it's urgent, stay off the roads. it's simple. make your plans now to not be on the streets of this city. tomorrow and sunday, as well. 2300 workers on split shiftses 12 hours each operating 1800 snowplows and 579 salt spreaders. and the city's salt total? 300,000 tons. also boosted is the staffing of the first responders. some like these officers with nypd special ops were given water rescue refresher courses ahead of anticipated flooding. subway service will continue to roll to the best of the mta's ability but citibike city will be suspended systemwide at 11 p.m. no word when it will resume. for a variety of businesses and agencies, it's the preplanning that will make all the difference.
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>> reporter: city meals or wheels delivered extra food -- "citymeals on wheels" delivered extra food boxes to get through the tough weekend. >> it's security for them. they are 80, 90, we are feeding over 300 people who are 100 years old or older. they won't be able to leave their apartments tomorrow and they need the food on hand. >> reporter: check your elderly neighbors during the storm. dave carlin, cbs 2 news. >> dave, thank you. from queens, let's head to long island. cbs 2's carolyn gusoff in bellmore where flooding also a concern. >> reporter: a one-two punch for long islanders a blizzard with snow expected and high winds but it's also the flooding concerns for folks who live in places just like this on the bays and the canals along long island's south shore. they are most worried about
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evening which could bring three to four feet of additional water over the normal amounts into the streets and possibly into basements. >> this is an average high tide. >> reporter: for eric the numbers add up to concern. a nor'easter with a full moon and high tide could flood with waters three to four feet above normal. >> if your house is elevated there's nothing to worry about. >> reporter: some have elevated, others abandoned. but some did neither. their waterfront house just rebuilt after sandy stands vulnerable with precious family heirlooms inside. they will spread a sand berm around the house and pray through the next three high tides. >> it's a lot of work but we love it and want to stay here. >> i'm hoping it's not going to
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we have to save what we have left from the last storm. >> reporter: across long island, they are securing outdoors moving to higher ground. blowing snow can make roads impassible. towns are stocked with road salt untouched so far this winter. >> this is the big storm. we have been stocked since the end of last winter. >> reporter: wind gusts and snow could bring down power lines. since taking over since superstorm sandy, pseg said it cut outages in half with preventative trimming and overhauled customer service and shortened response time. >> we also have an enhanced social media team. we have an enhanced call center. all of that stuff is working to improve the community occasions to our customers and making things better for us. >> reporter: pseg is also bringing in crews from canada 340 strong and many municipalities towns across long island already declaring snow emergencies to get those cars off the roads. reporting live from bellmore,
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cbs 2 news. the storm already causing problems at the airports. here's a live look at newark. dozens of flights are delayed at all three new york airports. several airplanes have canceled. hundreds of flights for tomorrow during the storm. check with your individual carrier before you head out. a reminder, you can get the latest information on our website, along with any schools or events that are canceled tomorrow. this massive winter weather system is affecting millions of people already south of us. here's a live look at the white house tonight. a blanket of snow. a state of emergency has already been declared in washington, dc and a lot of other places. scott pelley has tonight's coverage coming up on the "cbs evening news." scott so many people -- [ overlapping speakers ] . >> reporter: didn't look so bad in washington at the moment but forecasters are
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areas around it could get more than two feet of snow in the next 36 hours. not nearly so much here in the new york city area. we are going to lead the broadcast with the big storm of 2016 tonight tell you about all the travel difficulties and the like all of that coming up for you in the "cbs evening news" at 6:30. >> all right, scott. thank you. we'll see you then. continuing our news here at 6:00, an update now on the murder at a scarsdale mansion. a judge denied bail today for the lawyer accused of killing his wife. cbs 2's tony aiello reports some shocking details about the crime revealed in court tase. >> reporter: family members of the suspect left court say the shocking allegations don't reflect the man they no. 61-year-old jules reich a successful lawyer now an accused killer. the district attorney says reich ambushed his wife in a bathroom at their scarsdale
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a trail of blood went to the kitchen, lit up a cigarette and eventually called 911. i asked the defense attorney about reich's state of mind. >> he is extremely upset about what happened to his wife and about the situation he is in right now. >> she is kind, caring, terrific mother great friend. >> reporter: this family friend says everyone is trying to make sense of the deadly violence. the prosecutor says the couple's divorce was applicable until recently when goldman grew fearful and changed the locks at their $3 million home. they had three adult children. the judge made reich sign an order of protection he cannot contact his son or daughters. in white plains, tony aiello hazel sanchez, cbs 2 news. a mother trying to protect her daughter is in critical condition after being shot during a robbery near kennedy airport. police say 53-year-old andrea koehler of baltimore was checking into the hampton inn last night when a gunman demanded money from her 20-
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it happened in the hotel's parking lot and when koehler intervened, she was shot in the chest. her daughter pistol-whipped. surveillance video shows the suspected gunman running to get back into a white vehicle and fleeing. the victim's daughter was planning to leave for south africa today for a semester abroad. coming up this friday night, lonnie quinn. >> all about the blizzard that's going to be moving in here tomorrow so we'll talk snow totals. let's not forget the winds. wind is the element of the blizzard. 40, 50-mile-per-hour gusts out there as you start off your saturday. i'll show you what they could get up to later on. >> thank you, lonnie. before you get your shovels out, we have advice on how to stay safe while you dig out this weekend. also, three people infected with the zika virus in new york. about the conditions. >> and gas prices seem to be we wondered why.
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gas prices in the country are falling but in new york not so much. and you may have notice the gas stations in the city are few an far between. cbs 2's sonia rincon takes a look. >> reporter: oil prices are plummeting but you wouldn't know that at some gas stations in manhattan. $2.89 on the upper west side and this station in hell's
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gas in the city now $3.59. making out-of-towners do a double-take. >> i don't like it a whole lot. but you know, you don't have much choice. >> reporter: but seasoned city drivers have the same complaint. >> you don't have options. you have to pay. >> reporter: blame humanity rent but manager alberto rodriguez says this gas station doesn't have many options either when it comes to suppliers. >> our prices are high. we barely can stay in business. we are not swimming in money. it's hard to stay in business. >> reporter: which is why the gas stations are disappearing in manhattan. this corner of 14th street under the high line used to have the most expensive gas in the city. now none. developers have big plans for this former gas station in chelsea and this one on 45th and tenth recently closed. aaa's robert sinclair says there are only 7 gas stations left below 59th street. >> without competition without three guys on the same corner selling gas and racing to the bottom as far as prices are concerned, you see higher prices. >> reporter: and that's perfectly legal.
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of gasoline unless there's a disaster. >> reporter: city councilman rafael espinal chairs the consumer affairs committee and says one way the city can protect gas stations and competitive prices is with zoning. >> one of the things we're looking at is where the gas stations are currently located to make sure we cut them out of the future rezoning. >> reporter: that would keep the land off limits to developers as real estate markets heat up in the outer boroughs. head uptown for cheaper gas. this is the cheapest gas at 182nd and broadway $1.97 a gallon. you have a 15-gallon tank it's less than $30 to fill it. and in hell's kitchen it would cost you more than $50. in washington heights, sonia rincon, cbs 2 news. a health alert tonight. three people from new york state are infected with the zika virus. they traveled outside the u.s. to areas where the virus is spreading. one patient recovered. mend.
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protect women about international travel because of zika spread by mosquitos. let's get back to lonnie with our "eye on the storm." we are in this together. our viewers, we're going to cover this all together. >> great point to bring up because that's when really the weather watcher system that we have set up here, we have over 1,000 of you out there and you play a huge role as you supply me with your data. reporting temperatures okay basically everybody below freezing. so precipitation moving in with that air mass you get snow but again i'd like to find out what your getting for snowfall totals. what you're dealing with for wind gusts. stay with me throughout this whole thing. i'd love to get your information on air. as the right now, skies get the clouds out there and we're starting to watch this system get close to the year. the low pressure system that is right now the storm way back around the tennessee valley you can see there's the rotation around it. you see how these snow showers being pushed up to the north right there? see that? on the back side they are
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that's your primary low. all right? that's the storm i have been tracking now for a couple of days of the starting to see leading snow showers just nipping at new jersey right now. but there's a big key here and the key is all of this activity that you start to see off the north carolina coast, this is an entirely different low pressure system. it's an enormous player in how the storm is going to results in our area. showers developing on the back side. this low has to continue to become bigger and stronger. then it's got to track up the eastern seaboard. and that will continue to pull in moisture from the ocean and some of those big winds we are talking about. it's a big player you domestic abuse reported on things already happening. >> i'm forecasting things expected to happen. if this continues on how we think it will play out, it's a big storm.
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will start dealing with the storm with the leading edge moving from cape may getting into central jersey. by 11 p.m. more snow in new york city's but it's more so overnight 4 a.m. that new york city will deal with it. toughest time period 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. tomorrow. it's just that. they are heavy bouts of snow of the it's not a constant long drawn-out period of snow because we have these areas of dry air. that's key to the amount of snow we get from the system. dry spots will keep the numbers down. no doubt you have heard this talk about, you know, 24" in portions of the area. let me tell you, if you get one of those dry spots it's going to lower the numbers. does that low come into play? i believe the numbers are going to play out like this. eight to 12 inches around the
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nipping at staten island possibly. area. it's going to be a messy day with winds and storm. i will say this much. on sunday, the sun is out. my little ones will be just itching to get outside and play in the snow. you will be able to do that. as a matter of fact, even going into next week temperatures are warming up. look at tuesday. 50 degrees outside with sunshine. so our day for this is beginning -- it's really saturday. >> thank you. if you are going to be shoveling that snow, there are some things you can do to avoid hurting yourself. try to grip the shovel with one hand as close as possible to the blade, the other on the handle. avoid twisting your back to move snow. always pivot your entire body. and keep the heaviest piles of snow close to your body at your center of gravity. don't extent your arms to throw snow in one direction. always worth repeating to stay safe. otis livingston with what's ahead in sports. otis.
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it looks like yoenis cespedes is down to queens or d.c. now, eli's older brother peyton manning, super bowl 50 in santa clara to get there he will have to get past his nemesis tom brady and another epic clash of the titans on sunday. in new york state, we believe tomorrow starts today. all across the state the economy is growing, with creative new business incentives, and the lowest taxes in decades, attracting the talent and companies of tomorrow.
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and on long island, where great universities are creating next generation technologies. let us help grow your company's tomorrow, today at the common core rollout was a disaster. parents knew it. teachers knew it. and now, governor cuomo's task force is doing what's right. state tests don't unfairly count against students.
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less testing. greater focus on learning. that's a start, but there's more to do. let's work together to support sensible and fair learning standards
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hearst otis talking about a very popular mets -- here's otis talking about a very popular mets player. it's unclear. >> we don't know what cespedes is going to do. 24 to 48 hours away from making a decision as to where yoenis cespedes will play baseball for the next three to five years, those are the lengths of the contracts the mets and nationals are willing to give him. the nationals have a five-year $100 million offer on the table while the mets are only willing to do three years with an opt out clause after the first season which would allow him to test the free agent market again next fall. stay tuned. tell me if you have heard this before. brady versus manning. this sunday the game in denver they will go head to head for the 17th time in the nfl.
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faced off in fact play-offs, four in the afc championship game and brady leads the overall series 11-5. neither of them is into creating bulletin board material. they do admire and respect one another. with the end of the road nearing -- nearing for peyton it could be the last time they face off. >> especially someone as great as him to play against peyton manning and the teams, you have to play 60 minutes. >> as a quarterback, it's always been a great honor and privilege to have competed against him that many times over the course of the past 16, 17ers. >> come on. give me some trash talk, guys. 17th and possibly last time we see these first ballot hall of famers go led to head sunday on cbs 2. the winner goes to super bowl 50 february 7th
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eli manning going to the pro bail replacing injured ben roethlisberger. david blatt is the first coach to get fired by the cavaliers while owning the best record in a conference since conferences began in 1970. got blasted by 34 monday night at home by the champion warriors. and they say lebron was not consulted. he wasn't consulted about it. it was a surprise to him.
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>> we'll be right back. it took joel silverman years to become a master dog trainer. but only a few commands to master depositing checks at chase atms. technology designed for you. so you can easily master the way you bank. tiacony per w,or799 moh li,t m fs teet tvndho f yr rs ye. orita ye aeentt 00ac
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coming up tonight at 11:00 we have our "eye on the storm." i'm kristine johnson in the newsroom. and here is the latest vortex. this big system heading our way and our weather team is working to give you the latest information. also,i test a relaxation pod. it's light therapy, sound therapy, and you're supposed to come out feeling refreshed. tell you all about my experience coming up tonight at 11. we'll all need that after the snow.
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