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tv   CBS Overnight News  CBS  January 25, 2016 3:00am-3:30am EST

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provided by -- so let's start celebrating birthdays this weekend. now, which law and order svu star's father was a mr. universe? that is ma rish ka hargitay who turns 52. her father, mickey hargitay, was mr. universe in 1955. >> one time winner halle berry, nominee lady gaga and sly sta len's co-star on snub. the bachelor's premature proposal? >> will you marry -- >> only four weeks in so why is ben onhis his knee. >> and vegas's little white chapel. >> you will follow me into the desert, into the bottomless pit. >> we'the set after new manson movie. that's monday. >> we're out of time. but for more breaking news go to our website. >> before we go, check out the
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her song "hands." >> it is off her album revival. >> they are getting hot and heavy with model christopher mason. enjoy it. and the rest of your weekend, everyone. bye.
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cleaning process is going to be a long process for me. >> reporter: but for the majority of new yorkers it was a good old-fashioned snow day. well, families had so much fun with all this snow in central park. the mayor says students are headed back to class tomorrow. and vinita, more than 850 plows are still out, targesing the hardest-hit areas. >> jamie yuccas tonight. thank you. on the jersey shore, full moon high tides sent sea water and chunks of snow and ice flowing through the streets. jericka duncan is in wildwood,
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>> reporter: the water in wildwood is so high in some places cars can't get through. >> this gets to be a real mess in here. >> reporter: mayor ernie troiano drove us through the neighborhoods hit the hardest. he says this storm's tides were higher than super storm sandy's. >> there's hundreds and hundreds of cars that were caught in these tides. >> reporter: marisa rigby returned today and found her car not working. >> we had beautiful snow for all of a few hours before it just became a river of icebergs. >> reporter: restaurant owner dave bannon spent sunday drying out. he says the water was up to a foot during the height of the storm. >> as you can see, the sign's gone. when i came in, the water was about up to here. >> reporter: at one point more than 18,000 customers lost power along the jersey shore. most shore towns saw minor to moderate flooding and new jersey governor chris christie said overall his state did well. regular workweek starting tomorrow. >> yeah, we got some water this
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>> reporter: but for people in southern new jersey forced to trudge through flood waters the storm was another reminder of how vulnerable coastal communities still are. >> did he do better up there? because we didn't do so good down here. >> reporter: the mayor of wildwood says about 100 people were forced to evacuate from this neighborhood. he's hoping that by tomorrow, vinita, most of those people will be able to return home.
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well, now to the presidential race, which was dominated today by the talk of another name brand new york billionaire who may just in as an independent. here's julianna goldman. >> as of now he's just a private citizen who owns a big company. >> reporter: with michael bloomberg exploring a third-party bid, presidential candidates dismissed what would be the latest curveball in the 2016 race. >> if that takes place, i am confident that we will win it. >> reporter: the former new york city mayor has told associates
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if the election comes down to donald trump or ted cruz versus bernie sanders. >> well, i'm going to relieve him of that and get the nomination so he doesn't have to. >> reporter: trump encouraged his fellow new yorker to get in. >> then i'm going to have to deal against hillary if she doesn't go to jail or i'm going to have to deal against bernie. or somebody. or bloomberg comes in, which would be great. i'd love to have him come in because i love the competition. >> reporter: with the caucuses just eight days away candidates blanketed iowa where trump and texas senator ted cruz are battling for conservative voters. the republican front-runner attended church on sunday and continued to raise questions about cruz's eligibility to be president. >> he'll run for president. then he'll run for prime minister of canada. >> and so we have an opportunity again. >> reporter: over the weekend iowa senator charles grassley appeared at a rally with trump. it is a sign that the establishment is warming to the idea of trump as its nominee. even as he doubles down on yet
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>> you said yesterday you could shoot someone on 5th avenue and wouldn't lose voters. is you're that confident, huh? >> well, i have a very great group of people, john. i have people that are so loyal. >> reporter: over the weekend the "des moines register" endorsed senator marco rubio and hillary clinton. it could give rubio a boost, but the endorsement is probably less influential than it once was in iowa. vinita, over the summer the paper's editorial board called for trump to get out of the race. didn't exactly hurt his poll numbers. >> julianna goldman, thank you. just over a week before the iowa caucuses, a new cbs battleground tracker poll shows donald trump has regained his lead over ted cruz in iowa and now has a five-point lead. here with more on the presidential race is elections director anthony salvanto. what is behind trump's surge? >> he's made gains with key groups in iowa. evangelicals, tea party voters. and then added that to his existing support, which he's retained over this campaign better than any other candidate.
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things -- shake up the system and fix the economy. and then almost 80% of iowans say they feel like trump just gets, it understands how they feel. that may be the kind of emotional connection that explains why the recent attacks on him just aren't working. >> well, the emotions and the numbers are two very different things. so when you look at those numbers and the polls, do you see anything that could derail him? >> turnout is always a question. his voters do say, though, that they're strongly committed to him and ready to caucus. but he may have a hard time convincing those on the fence. people who aren't already with him largely say in the poll that they won't consider him. so his challenge is really to grow support beyond that base, vinita, as we get deeper into the primaries. >> on the democratic side right now hillary clinton is one point behind bernie sanders in iowa. what does she need to do? >> well, sanders has been making gains by trying to tie clinton to big donor money. in fact, most iowa democrats now
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over regular people. but her supporters see her as electable and her plans more realistic. i think that's the argument she'll continue to press in this final week. >> one of the big headlines today was certainly the possibility that former new york city mayor michael bloomberg could be running, could be running as an independent. is that realistic, to run as an independent? >> it's a challenge for any independent candidate. remember, the presidency is won state by state and the hurdle is getting to 270. that candidate needs to win states that are reliably democratic or reliably republican. places like texas and california. it's not just about swinging the battlegrounds from the middle, vinita. >> cbs news elections director anthony salvanto. anthony, thank you. >> thank you. a powerful earthquake rattled anchorage, alaska overnight. it was a magnitude 7.1 centered about 160 miles west of the city. one home near the epicenter was damaged by a gas explosion that followed the quake, but there are no reports of injuries. a community in canada is in mourning after a mass shooting,
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a teenager killed four people in the remote village of la loche, saskatchewan. with more details here's jonathan vigliotti. >> reporter: residents of la loche are doing something they've never done before. mourning a mass shooting. the remote aboriginal community of 2,600 has long been known for its rampant drug abuse and long-standing poverty. until now the town has remained immune to american-style gun violence. on friday scenes once thought foreign shattered the already fragile town. it began at this house around noon. police say the 17-year-old attacker, whose name is being withheld, shot open the front door and killed two teenage brothers. don herman is their uncle. >> it's hard. it's hard for me to talk about this right now. it's hard. >> reporter: the violence continued at the suspect's local high school, where he shot through the front door and opened fire. seven people were injured, two killed.
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35-year-old teacher adam wood and 21-year-old educational assistant marie genvier as the two victims. kalisha janvier is marie's cousin. >> she seemed so happy. i walked past her, said hi. that was the last time. >> reporter: police arrested the gunman at the school. classmates described him as a silent guy who usually kept to himself. it's still unclear what fueled his attack. jonathan vigliotti, cbs news, london. an intense manhunt is under way for three escaped prisoners. officials reveal how they broke out. and an officer calls for basketball backup and gets shaq. the cbs overnight news will be right back.
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the manhunt continues for three escaped inmates in southern california. they broke out of a maximum security jail in santa ana on friday. as mireya villarreal reports they are considered armed and dangerous. >> we will not stop until these individuals are back in our custody. >> reporter: authorities say jonathan tieu, bac duong, and hossein nayeri may have spent months plotting their daring escape from the orange county jail. sheriff sandra hutchins. >> it appears to be a very sophisticated operation. >> reporter: the planning was
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lieutenant jeff halleck. >> it seems that the inmates cut their way through half-inch steel bars, cut their way through the plumbing tunnels and ultimately gained access to an unsecured area of the roof. from the roof the inmates rappelled down to the ground. >> reporter: authorities say it's likely they used bed sheets and other clothing to fashion a makeshift rope. as to what tools they used to escape, how they got them or if they had help, all those questions got the same response. >> we are still looking into that. >> reporter: they're also look at whether a disturbance inside the jail just prior to the nightly head count may have been a ruse by other inmates to help the three men escape. and now, says sheriff hutchins, there's a more immediate concern. >> we have notified the victims of some of these crimes and the people that investigated those crimes to ensure that everybody who was involved in these cases is safe. >> reporter: authorities don't
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country. they say tips have poured in but so far no confirmed sightings. mireya villarreal, cbs news, los angeles. up next, airlines are making more money than ever.
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passengers a break? can lower fuel price have airline profits soaring to record highs. for example, this past week united airlines reported profits of $4.5 billion for 2015. southwest airlines reported nearly 2.5 billion in profits. both airlines at least doubled what they made in 2014.
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will come down? here is cbs news business analyst jill schlesinger with all answers. we all hopefully think they'll come down. is there a chance? >> think about this. the major airlines saved $46 billion on jet fuel costs last year. unfortunately, just a fraction of that gets passed along to the passengers. according to the transportation statistics bureau, we know that the average domestic flight last year, $385. that was down 2.8% from the year before. so a little bit. it seems pretty good, though, compared to the peak. 1999, the highest airfare inflation adjusted, 473 bucks. >> what about the little fees? we've all gotten so used to paying them. do you think those will come down? >> i think we'll continue to get nickelled and dimed unfortunately. some of the numbers are pretty remarkable. we've got the six largest u.s. airlines making $18 billion in fees. and that's a 19% increase from 2014.
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now, globally all airlines make about $59 billion from these ancillary revenue sources. so i don't think those fees are going away anytime soon. it's such an important component to the airline. >> with all that profit how are their stocks performing? >> amazingly. profits soaring. stocks not so much. the airline index down 23% from a year ago. investors fear that these regional airlines are trying to eat into the big guys' business and it could cause a price war. good news for consumers, though. go out and get yourself a cheap fare right now. >> all right. cbs news business analyst jill schlesinger. thank you so much. >> thanks. a pickup game in gainesville, florida had a surprise visitor this weekend. nba great shaquille o'neal. he showed up as a guest of local police after seeing a viral video of an officer who played with kids instead of yelling at them after a noise complaint. the seven-foot big man was rusty but as you can see he still had some moves. still ahead, an officer who
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pick a new partner. we close tonight in texas, where a policeman is trying to do the impossible. he is looking for a replacement for his best friend, a k-9 officer killed in the line of duty. here's contessa brewer. >> shots fired. shots fired. my partner's been shot. >> reporter: officer ryan davis was devastated. his k-9 jethro was shot three times and killed earlier this month responding to a burglary in canton, ohio. he talked about it to our steve hartman. >> he's left a hole that will never be filled. he gave his life for me.
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received a full police funeral at the civic center on what would have been jethro's third birthday. despite the tragedy the work of the police goes on, and so it's time for officer davis to get a new partner. he's choosing among three candidates at this k-9 training center in houston. >> they go through a very intense selection testing. they have to pass certain things for us. >> reporter: it will be different. jethro came into the davis family as an 8-week-old puppy. and davis trained the k-9 for policework by day. by night he was a beloved family pet. the new k-9 is grown, fully trained, and doesn't understand english. so davis will spend the next few days in training himself,
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hungarian commands and working he was a hero. >> reporter: no matter how big for others check back with us a little later for the morning news and "cbs this morning."
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