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tv   CBS 2 News at 6  CBS  January 30, 2016 6:00pm-6:35pm EST

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right now, shelter security. mayor deblasio puts part of a cbs 2 proposal into action, after an unsolved murder. plus, all in the family. a father and son accused of selling drugs out of their suburban home. >> and long islanders protest a proposal that could change their neighborhood. good evening, i'm cindy hsu. mayor deblasio is beefing up security at homeless shelters for the mentally ill three days after a homeless man was murdered by his roommate at a shelter in east harlem. the suspect is still on the loose. brian is outside the shelter with more. brian? >> reporter: well, cindy at the shelter here at lexington avenue behind me, residents say they are glad the city is finally doing something about the chronic violence they say they face every day.
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officers are patrolling lexington area where former teacher devon black was brutally murdered. >> it makes me feel safe. >> reporter: jeffrey martin has lived at the boulevard since november and welcomes the changes. >> to let us know that they are concerned with our well-being. >> reporter: the suspects, 21- year-old anthony white, suffers from psychiatric problems and still on the run. nypd says white nearly decapitated the 62-year-old victim, after threatening for days to kill someone over his lost cell phone. the mayor announced in the enhanced patrols today, and also directed the nypd to do security reviews at certain shelters. other measures being implemented, include new mental health teams at shelters. 24/7 peace officers. posted at all shelters that house the mentally ill. additional funding for mental health services. improved communication protocols between hospital and homeless agencies to target difficult individuals. the announcement comes just 24 hours, after cbs 2 news consultant and former
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deputy commissioner robert mascalli made this recommendation. >> my suggestion is that the nypd go in and do a security assessment of every shelter. >> while the mayor's announcement stops short of doing that, the more than 200 homeless shelters citywide, the new measures will be instituted at the boulevard and 26 other shelters for the mentally ill. unfortunately, it took the horrific murder of devon black to get those changes made. >> this is a disgrace, really. i mean something like this should never happen. security needs to be upgraded seriously. >> reporter: robert mascalli tells me that the changes announced by mayor deblasio today are a very good start but we like to see them implemented citywide, at all homeless shelters. to help protect new york's most vulnerable are thes. reporting live in east harlem, cbs 2 news. >> brian, thank you. a major drug bust on long island as suffolk county cracks down on drug houses. investigators say a father and
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of their apartment on avalon pines drive in quorum. 40-year-old joseph feron and 23- year-old son are facing charges. according to police, officers seized $200,000 in cash. along with cocaine, heroin, and $60,000 worth of oxycodone. investigators say residents are fed up with the drugs in their communities. >> people shouldn't have to go out and get their paper and see someone completely strung out getting their next fix at the neighbor's house. that is unacceptable. >> reporter: the raid was conducted as part of a new initiative that allows the precinct special operations warrants. breaking news, one person is dead after a shooting and stabbing at a motorcycle expo in denver. police say more people were also hurt, but right now, they could not specify how many. it happened this afternoon, at the national western complex, the site of this weekend's colorado motorcycle expo. people were quickly evacuated
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whether gangs were involved in the violence. no word yet on any arrests. a developing story out of california. where all three escaped inmates are now in custody. hossein nayeri and jonathan tieu were found hiding in a stolen white van this morning. parked at a whole foods in san francisco nearly 400-miles from the orange county jail where they escaped from. the third inmate surrendered to police yesterday. a prison english teacher was also arrested in connection to the escape. >> the focus shifts to continuing to look at where the system failed us, and where policies and procedures were not followed. >> officers found the remaining two fugitives after receiving a tip from a woman who recognized the stolen van from news coverage. well, plan to build a new casino at belmont park drew more opposition today. cbs 2 steve langford reports, hundreds paraded to belmont at noon. >> we say no. no casino.
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through the snowbanks of floral park and almont saturday. >> we say no. no casino. >> reporter: the quest to stop the 1,000 video lottery terminals set up at belmont park. >> we are not supporting this. >> reporter: the latest mobilization against the plan to open the video gaming parlor in this community. straddling the city nassau county line. 2,000 protesters jammed a rally in mid january. the mayor of floral park, a driving force, behind opposition to the belmont plan. >> i really think that it is short-sighted by our local leaders. >> no casino in belmont park. >> these residents say they fear more gambling here will mean increased crime and traffic and lower property values. >> we bought that house because it was our next egg. and i don't want to lose any value in that nest egg. >> reporter: mary ann geraldo pushed her double stroller the length of the march to register her objection to the casino plan.
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appropriate, for the community, or any of the surrounding area. >> i don't think it is a good idea. >> reporter: at the gas station across the street from belmont, mixed feelings. >> i think it is good. i play poker. so hopefully it will enhance the neighborhood. and give people a place to go. >> reporter: voters in the streets on a cold winter day may make plans for a casino at belmont, anything but a sure bet. in longmont, long island, steve langford, cbs 2 news. >> we have not heard back for comment. a child falls out of a window in jersey city. investigators say the 4-year- old plunged from a 66th story window on newark avenue. it happened earlier this evening. condition. the jersey city police department is calling the situation a tragedy and says the hudson county prosecutor's office is investigating. now to campaign 2016. with iowa caucus voting just two days away, hillary clinton's last-minute
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overshadowed by more e-mail issues. craig bosswell has more from iowa. >> reporter: hillary clinton got a big endorsement from gabrielle giffords, a former congressman turned gun rights advocate after she was shot and injured in 2011. >> i want to say these two words. madam president. >> clinton clinging to a narrow lead in iowa says she is best qualified to take office from day one. >> go out and please stand up for me on monday night and if you do, i will stand up and fight for you for the next four years. >> some lined up to hear clinton talk about another issue, her e-mail scandal. >> and these people are undecided voters and disappointed she didn't address the issue. >> what do you think now? >> i think it is a very high level national security issue. >> so at some point, between now and monday, you want to hear more about this. >> i want to hear more about it.
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sanders says he is staying focused on the issues that impact voters. >> right now, with the election today, i would say it is a toss- up. >> the republicans are also crisscrossing the state for support. >> don't we all like winning? we got to win, okay? >> in sioux city, marco rubio says clinton is not qualified to run the country. >> she believes she is above the law. >> he is polling in third behind ted cruz and donald trump. giants player under investigation after a night out. a woman accuses the defensive tackle jay bromly of breaking the law. what she says happened behind closed doors and in public. >> plus, a final request from david bowie. new information on his final resting place. and what he is leave together people he loved the most. >> and then later, holes in the wall, and on the ceiling. restaurants in a battle with their -- tenants in a battle with their landlord. >> a nice day out there today. milder temperatures heading our way. and several chances for rain. the details are coming up. steve? >> serena williams has never
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rare occasions that she actually loses, so why is she smiling so big while finishing second at the australian open? we will show you how she may
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in a loss, later in sports. new information on a former nyack college softball coach accused of improperly touching players.
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touching. the 44-year-old originally faced nearly 200 counts. accused of kissing, touching and sexually harassing players. he will now have to complete three years of probation, and community service. suit. well, tenants claimed harassment by the owner of the building today. >> tenants say since their buildings were bought in 2014, by bcb property management, they have turned into active construction zones. they claim extensive work is being done on empty apartments, on needed repairs and rent stabilized units are ignored. >> bcb partners, owned by mary ann and charlton hearst, engaging in despicable tactics here. that are harassing these tenants. in an attempt to push them out. >> earlier this evening, we spoke with an attorney for the
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we were told a statement would not be released until monday. well, tonight, we are learning more about david bowie's final wishes. according to his will, bowie wanted his ashes scattered in bali in accordance with buddhist rituals and left half of his $100 million estate including the soho home, fans gathered after his death, to his wife super model imon and the rest shared between his son and daughter and a personal assistant and a former nanny. bowie died earlier this month of cancer. he was 69 years old. elise finch is in next with the warming forecast. plus, clocks made out of records, bags that were once bicycles. see the hottest new products that are helping the environment. >> and don't forget to follow cbs 2 news on facebook.
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.com/cbs new york. buraeth anrdofeah re
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lo nth from things made of metal
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latest trends in home decor and design have arrived in midtown. as retailers get their first glimpse of products for 2016. the general public is not allowed in but cbs it ilana gold takes you there for a sneak peek. >> reporter: the home decor and design industry trade show sponsored by new york now is taking over the javitz center this weekend. >> this is the platform for stores to restock and see what is new. >> thousands of vendors are putting their hand crafted products on display, for buyers scoping out the latest trends, and this year, it is all about recyclables and sustainable materials. >> what is really catching your eye here? >> i love this stuck. ba us it is all recycled metal. >> check out these bags. they are made from the inner tubes of bicycle tires. and these mirrors pots and bowls have been transformed from vintage vital records. >> we are trying to innovate and come up with the next idea that we can utilize records to make. >> they are definitely going to be popular. >> home decor including pillows and vases are taking on neutral tones with a hint of metal.
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more pieces mixed with gold and silver. >> the recent trend is oxidized and gold plated. a lot of oxidized and gold plated. >> the look of jewelry is going natural too. the public can expect to see a lot of different stones including turquoise and those stones will keep their original shapes. >> there is also plenty of color. glass pieces are bright, with big patterns. >> on this designer, he is taking his handbags to another level with wild paintings. he is even tacking on artificial food, to show a sense of humor. >> i think that it is great when people see the artistry in my work, but i also want people to smile. >> from the abstract to the toned down, these items will be hitting a store near you in the next few months. >> in midtown, ilana gold, cbs 2 news. >> the trade show runs through february 3. and again, only for buyers. for buyers, from retailers, rather, not open to the public. elise finch has the clusive cbs 2 forecast. >> you want a doughnut bag? >> i do. yes.
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want a doughnut bag. who doesn't love one. good stuff. very, very creative. >> let's check in with some of our weather watchers tonight and see how creative the weather has been inner that area. i don't think we can complain too much about this day. temperaturewise where we should be and plenty of sunshine. one of the warmest readings from beverly in brooklyn, says it is 37 degrees where she is. sunny, this affect. not too cold. beautiful sunset. and not too many complaints to be had. and the temperatures right now, sort of around the mid-30s. this is cathy in new york, and new jersey, and she says 36 degrees. and warmer again today, but not much snow melting. agreed. we didn't get a ton of snow melting but hopefully the temperatures sort of warm up tomorrow and in the next couple of day, we will see a little bit more. here is a look outside, it looks pretty nice out there. we have the clear sky, 39 degrees, the winds are out of the south/southwest, at 9 miles an hour. check out the highs around the area today, pretty much upper 30s. that's pretty much where we have been. all day.
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lot of locations. degrees. for you. at 39 degrees, that is exactly of the year. 39 is the norm. it is exactly what we got to today. even on our low temperature this morning, pretty much where we should be. and january 2016, so far, the average temperature, 40.3 degrees. and the norm is 38. so this is definitely a warm january, in spite of a massive snowstorm. so take a look, vortex satellite and radar not showing a lot of activity. and by that, i mean dry. here is the set-up. circulation around an area of high pressure, nice and dry. and tomorrow is the warmer part of the weekend. tonight, a little bit of a moon lit chill, if you will. kind of cold tonight and tomorrow, a warmer finish to the weekend and as we head into your monday, we will have a chance for a couple of drops of rain. in fact, we will have several chances this week. we have a chance for rain on monday. and then again late tuesday into wednesday. for tonight, a few clouds. not as cold. and 34 degrees. and tomorrow, looking good. and partly sunny, and the temperatures jumped by almost
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and 48 is the forecast high for tomorrow. and get used to the warmer temperatures and the outlook for this coming week, 10 to 20 degrees, above normal. i don't think i am going to get too many complaints with that one. tomorrow, we get sunshine. and 48 degrees. we have mild raindrops on your monday with. a high of 52. ground hog day, 49 degrees. and then on wednesday, another chance for some rain. but at 58 degrees, obviously, rain and not snow. so overall, the temperatures are very, very mild this coming week. >> i am definitely not complaining. >> thank you, cindy. >> elise, thank you very much. serena williams was smiling after her upset loss at the australian open. we will explain why. and trouble for a giants defensive player.
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sports is next. a big upset at the australian open. sports. >> maybe we are seeing another sign of serena williams or maybe a side that people have not seen so much in the public >> serena williams is as zom nantz a player as the world has ever seen and known for the power and courage but not sportsmanship. and what happened today, it might change your mind. >> serena trying to tie steffi graf's record, 22 grand slam titles and would have to get past another german, who barely made it out of the opening round last week. you knew there was blood in the water when serena dropped her first set of the entire tournament, 6-4. she did grab the second set, 6-3. clearly though not at the top of her game. while the german player was playing like she had nothing to lose and also playing with words of encouragement from steffi graf herself and
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match point. serena, who has built a reputation for her surliness admitted she was disappointed but she was also very happy for her opponent. the nypd are investigating the giants player jay bromley, accused of attempted rape. bromley is a 123-year-old backup defensive lineman. according to the -- 23-year-old back up defensive lineman. a woman told police she went to the hotel in bromley and engaged in some activity and then nothing further and when he left, she admitted to climbing on his car. and he will most likely not be charged. the giants released a statement, saying they are aware of the situation. let us know if you can figure out this. some weeks they are looking like they are clicking on all cylinders for the knicks and other weeks they can't get out of their own way the playoff hopes can be on the way with a
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>> carmelo anthony nearly had a triple-double, the knicks snapping a four-game slide and a blowout win that couldn't have come at a better time because it rests their starters and they need all their strength for the tomorrow night. the nba champions golden state warriors face these guys and happen to be on a record- setting pace for victories. >> we need to be ready. whether we're ready or not, we better be ready to come here sunday. i don't think it is about them. it is more about us and how we prepare and how we come into the game. >> and watching them play, and it is where they're playing at an amazing level right now. so it definitely won't be an easy game for us. but it is an opportunity, as i said. >> finally, what would you do for an autograph? some inventive fans in philly went fishing. this is steph curry of the golden state wars signing autographs for some fans who dropped a jersey and magazine down, with a string and clipboard.
6:25 pm
who clearly hooked the nba's mvp, who was a little bit more than just amused at the extra effort. he was taking video of it and posting it as well. >> it is impressive. >> it is. >> meanwhile, super fans everywhere, were all taking notes. clipboards. ersys. check. fishing line. >> his head is through the bars and hold on a second, and let me get my head through the bars here. >> is this guy like he-man, did he stretch open those bars? >> glad he reacted well with the little boy watching verse get out of my face kind of thing. >> and they were so grateful, and thanking him, which is probably why they weren't from philly. >> ooh. >> and that does it for the cbs 2 news team. thanks for joining us.
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>> pelley: manhunt over. two dangerous fugitives are recaptured in california eight days after their brazen jailbreak, the inmates are found 400 miles away. . >> the entire state can breathe a sigh of relief. >> pelley: 48 hours before the first votes of campaign 2016. the candidates make their final sales pitches in iowa. holding rank-- disgraced general david petreaus gets to keep his four stars and full pension. and hockey's most unlikely all-star, a 6'8" bruiser with
6:28 pm
with the league. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news." >> axelrod: good evening. i'm jim axelrod. an intense week-long manhunt in california ended today with the arrest of two escaped fugitives. the men, who were being held on charges that included murder and torture, broke out of a maximum security jail? nsouthern california eight days ago. they were recaptured today 400 miles north of that jail. outside a whole foods market in san francisco. a third inmate who had escaped with them, surrendered yesterday. more now from carter evans in los angeles. >> i think i did a big whoop in the air, you know. >> reporter: orange county sheriff sandra hutcheppens says the two remaining fugitives were discovered after a man spotted their stolen van in a whole foods park lot.
6:29 pm
in the van, according to san francisco police officer. >> it was clear to us these people were armed and dangerous. when we conducted a search of the man, we did find rounds inside. we're still looking for a weapon if they had one. >> reporter: the third escapee, bac duong, had already returned to southern california. he turned nims on friday. the inmates broke out from the orange county men's central jail eight days ago after they cut through a steel screen, snaked flew threw plumbing tunnels and repelled from the roof. a teacher who worked in the jail is accused of providing the men a google map showing the roof of the facility they used to plan their escape, and while they were on the run. >> my fear was that someone in the community was going to get hurt because they really had nothing to lose. this is one of the sheriff's worst nightmares. >> reporter: and now with the three in custody once again. >> i can say this morning that the entire state can breathe a
6:30 pm
the focus shifts to continuing to look at where the system failed us. believe me, we will be look top to bottom on that. >> reporter: the inmates will now be returned to the same jail from which they escaped, but this time, they'll be kept in separate cells and, jim, there's $200,000 in reward money that may go to the san francisco man who tipped off police. . >> axelrod: tonight, we are just about 48 hours from the first votes being cast in campaign 2016. the. >>s.iowa caucuses take placemonday night. the latest forecast calls for snow that night, but already there is a blizzard of last-minute campaign speeches under way. major garrett is covering the republicans. >> vision is very important. you're running for president, you need vision. >> reporter: donald trump pulling away from ted cruz in recent polls here urged his gung ho crowd to show up on caucus night or risk defeat. >> we have to get out there and
6:31 pm
this we have to do or we've all wasted our time. >> reporter: in an interview with "face the nation," trump said he's taken cruz down by raising birther questions. >> there are many lawyers coming up on the, top constitutional lawyers that ted cruz cannot run for president. he can't be president because of the fact he was born in canada. i think that has a huge effect. >> reporter: cruz contends no legal uncertainties hang over his eligibility for the presidency, and said his superior iowa organization will surprise trump. >> if we stand together, we will win the iowa caucuss. we will win the nomination, and we will win the general election in november 2016 and turn this country around. ( applause ) >> reporter: iowa republican governor terry brandstad told us g.o.p. turnout of out monday could set a record. he gave trump a lot of credit. >> i think donald trump has added a new dimension. the turnout he's gotten in place where's republicans generally don't do well. >> reporter: in sioux city, marco rubio, who has been
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stretch, faulted cruz's recent
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