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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  February 5, 2016 4:00am-4:30am EST

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and good morning. it is 4: 00 in the morning. 37 degrees on friday february 5 on a special time. what a difference a day makes. going to be a messy commute with snow and slush beginning to come into the area. i'm chris wragge along with mary calvi. the system moved in overnight
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we have live eye on the storm team coverage. john elliot has your forecast first. what can we expect? >> changes that's what it's all about minute by minute and then we settle into the pattern that's going to cause headaches for the morning drive. in the city right now a new number from the park has us down to 34 degrees. that's the real kind of key to all of this, the colder air meeting the precipitation. i know you are thinking wait a minute two days ago was 60 degrees but the cold air is going to take over. 34 with winds out much the northeast at 8 miles per hour. the green line retreating. this is radar scanning the atmosphere so it's going to change over right back to rain before it hits the streets and central sussex where you see a bulls eye and we are going to see the significant totals to the east with the possibility
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a lot of roadways wet for the morning drive but then they turn snowy. the heaviest snow period will be 7 to 10 this morning and then 10: 1 the snow tapers off and we'll see the sun this afternoon. we are dealing with a morning event. timing is not good at all. north and west a trace to two, two to four in the central corridor and four to six in central sussex and a lot of this start to melt and definitely a lot more melting into the weekend. we talk about those encouraging numbers in a bit but please we are up early and you should probably get going a little earlier too. what's going on now alex. >> not a lot of people on the roads but we do have construction that may impede your ride. the bridge closed until 5 so
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or outer bridge crossings. in jersey city that bridge is closed for road work. a live look through is an accident blocking two lanes at eagle avenue currently delay free as you make your way through the area to the george washington bridge. inbound lower level closed for construction. you are delay here and there's that hazy mix john has been discussing so please coach andy be careful. alternate side is suspended today. remember to be safe. don't text and drive. mary and chris back to you. >> alex thank you. let's check the conditions on the roadways with ilana gold live from the southern state parkway in nassau county this morning monitoring the conditions. >> right now we are heading east through bellmore and driving here from manhattan we were dealing with quite a bit of rain and sleet but now this is snow and it's really
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this is more of a wet snow we are dealing with here. i just checked my rear view mirror and we can see salt and plow trucks behind us so that's good news for drivers this morning. as you can see roads are empty and no drivers having problems but the roadways are wet and drivers could be dealing with slush during morning commutes and slick conditions so if you are heading out make sure you allow for extra time and take it slow. live in bellmore nassau county ilana gold cbs 2 news. >> thanks so much. state of mind safe out there. >> andrea grymes joins us live from the lirr station in miniola. >> it's really not that bad yet. we are here at the train administration station where they are all on time so far.
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here about an hour ago. you can see a slight accumulation on the tracks and the cars parked here at the station. it has not been an easy go of it the last couple weeks with lirr riders dealing with the effects of the blizzard a couple weeks ago and last night there was a signal problem that caused delays and cancellations occurring the evening rush so hoping the weather doesn't put a kink in their commute. reporting live andrea grymes cbs 2 news. >> thank you. some new yorkers are fed up over streets that remain historic blizzard. snow pile. sanitation trucks have closed off the entire street. no word on when the snow will
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let us know of unplowed streets by posting them on new york. two police officers recovering from bullet wounds. >> the gunman kid by his own hands. janelle burrell is live in motte haven where the officers are being treated. janelle? >> mary this morning we can tell you both of those officers are stable here at lincoln hospital with their families by their side. all of this starting as a routine patrol that ended with shots fired. >> we have a shot at 320 east. >> police telling of the chaotic scene. gunfire sending residents running from the housing development around 8 wednesday night. officers shot, the suspects escaping, police quickly swarming the area. >> i heard a few very loud
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because the helicopter was there right away. >> a 25-year-old male officer with a graze wound on his face and a female shot in the stomach requiring surgery. it began as a routine patrol in the houses on east 156th and courtland avenue. the officers asked the suspects for id and then the shots were fired. >> three officers were conducting a vertical patrol in single mom six floor stair well area. they encountered two individuals one of whom produced a firearm and shot at officers. the suspect then fled to an apartment on the 7th floor. >> responding officers found several people inside the apartment along with one of the suspects dead from an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound. >> i see a bunch of cops, helicopters, ambulance, more
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corners, everybody was wondering what happened. >> nearly 3,000 residents were kept out of their apartments as investigators search the building looking for additional evidence. mayor diblazio praising police work and both officers injured and expected to recover. >> it's another example of what our officers confront every day keeping us safe not only in the streets but in the stair wells housing developments. >> so far police have not released the names of those two officers who were injured. they are questioning a second person in this case. that person surrendered to police late last night. released. janelle burrell cbs 2 news. >> thank you. business in the big apple is booming part of the state of
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we would create a five bureau economy and it's already happening. in the last two years jobs in the outer burroughs grew at twice the rate of manhattan. >> the mayor has plans tomorrow a street car line funded with $2.5 billion in city money likely financed by bonds. still to come some of the other news of the day. >> and one of the big stories is the weather. what a mess out there. we've got heavy rain right now and then it's-- >> you know this is interesting you guys because this is a snap shot right in front of our building and you can see through the lights of the cab those are flakes. it's just changed over on the west side. the schein on the scene
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that change over under way. mike on camera two from the east end had 40 degrees and as he hits the bronx the numbers start to drop and it's going to get challenging over the next half hour to an hour and right in the middle of the commute. light snow and wind 8 miles per hour. numbers around the area going to start as snow for some of our neighbors north and west. when i came in from the west it was rain and changed over on the way in it. 37 in the hamptons hanging onto some heat but without exception. it's colder now and that's a key ingredient of the change over that's under way. you really can tell right here can't you? there's the line and it gives way to notch in the atmosphere. --to snow in the atmosphere. warm streak will end. staten island you see that hold
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over as well. heavier snow starting to fall in the atmosphere through central nassau and sussex where you could see a bulls eye of sorts. that push of warm air that goes back and forth but it changes over we see heavier bands and the good manity of this story that's where we see the higher totals over half a foot. the big area for you the area of low pressure we pulled in the front that did just what we thought it would and there's enough available moisture to deal with significant totals. as far as timing this outlets set our watches about 5:30 changing to snow with everybody but the south fork and heavier snow through nassau and sussex. this is the challenging part of the commute but you are going to tap in as well. see that filling in for
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this is now the 9:00 hour. still snowing. i mean it's snowing and the warm streets have given a bit of that heat away and it starts to turn slushy, challenging still at lunch time but the focus has totally shifted to the west and we wrap it up really early in the afternoon but the lingering snow through the middle part of the afternoon you see the numbers really start to climb and then the weekend looks pretty good for your super bowl fun. 2-4 easy to do for the city north and west. this purple may kick more into parts of westchester and fairfield as well with the 4-6 range and some parts of central sussex could see a half a foot of snow. and it's going to be the wet dense snow that at first is easy to get through but then it's heavy to shovel and manage. snow ending by mid day, 41 we warm up this afternoon. another concern for us
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first part of your saturday you are going to see more refreezing with numbers like that but then saturday nice turn around. 45 and nice crisp sunshine and sunday is a nice day warmer before another blast of cold air rolls in next week. we are up getting you rolling early because it's going to be a challenging one. what's going on? >> john thank you. the ban bridge is closed so you want to stick with the gothel's bridge. jersey city that stretch of road is closed between jersey and tunnel avenue. john mentioned slick streets. there's a 45 miles per hour speed zone between 102 and 145. salting operations are under way there. and an accident blocking the right lane on the eastbound side of the southern state parkway at eagle avenue. mass transit everything on or
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alternate side parking is suspended today but you still need to feed the meters and be safe, don't text and drive. back to you. >> thank you very much. still to come some of the other news of the day including the vote that will not happen in the new york city council. the mayor and others reacting. bernie sanders and hilary clinton go at it before the new hampshire primary. the snow begins to blanket the tristate area.
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good morning as we welcome you back to this special early edition of cbs 2 news this morning at 4: 16. these are live pictures from the southern state parkway. the over head sign said slippery conditions be wear. 34 degrees as rain snow and sleet starting to fall in some areas. first happening today the new york city council votes on raising their own pay and other city officials bringing pay to $148,000 a year a 32% increase from $112,000 more than what was recommended by the advisory panel. the higher pay would come with new restrictions on outside income.
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earlier agreement. they are not confident this will provide a viable industry. >> they would cut 50% of horses and also you are going to hurt our horses. >> we have had a good faith agreement and they didn't keep it. it's as simple as that. >> it would reduce the numbers of horses and restricted the areas where peddie cabs could work. a woman was hit by a man driving a stolen suv. the man was speeding the wrong way burg a police chase, hit a car and plowed into a 52-year- old woman walking her dog. the victim not only survived but was alert and speaking. >> she was talking like somebody please help me. somebody help me. >> the woman was taken to
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unfortunately her dog was killed. no one else was seriously hurt. the car thief was taken into custody. hilary clinton and bernie sanders faced off in their first one on one debate. sanders is new hampshire and clinton is gaining ground. or thing from the university of new hampshire in durham. >> hilary clinton and bernie sanders squared off in the first post iowa debate. >> secretary clinton does represent the establishment. i represent ordinary americans. >> senator standards is the only person who would characterize me a woman running to be the first woman president as exemplifying the establishment. >> who is the real progressive. >> instead of arguing about the definitions. >> you did it yesterday with the comments. >> let's talk about what we should do. >> they clashed over obamacare. >> what it has not done is
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million people today who have zero health insurance. >> i'm not going to plunge back into a national debate with very little chance of succeeding. >> sanders is well ahead of clinton in the polls here in new hampshire with one survey showing he more than doubled her support. clinton took heat from her speaking fees from goldman sachs. >> goldman sachs is one of the companies who's illegal activity helped destroy the country. >> we both want to rain in the excesses of wall street. >> both want to see action at the polls. durham, new hampshire. >> they gathered on saturday. >> a former drug executive made lots of faces but had little to say on capitol hill. lawyers called martin scarelie
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the price of one life saving drug by 5,000%. he didn't want to talk about it. >> on the advice of counsel i invoke my fifth amendment privilege and respectfully decline to answer the questions. ilana gold is behind the wheel of mobile 2 joining us live in nassau county. ilana? >> mary we are heading east into sussex county through babylon and take a look, it is snowing and it's really coming down after we get through this bridge you can see just a few minutes ago we were dealing with tough visibility so that's something to keep in mind for your morning commute. as far as road conditions go there's not much accumulation. we did see salt trucks go by
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definitely change as the morning goes on. the big concern is that these roads are going to freeze. the temperature is dropping. our gauge here in the truck says 31 degrees so icy conditions that's a big concern and it is snowing. you could be dealing with a slushy wet mess if you have heading to work going to drop your kids off at school so when you are heading out just be prepared for tough conditions take it slow and allow for extra time. live in babylon mobile 2 ilana gold cbs 2 news. >> ilana thanks so much. let's get to traffic and weather on the 2s. john what do you think? >> deteriorating. that's what's going to happen. you hear the temperatures on long island already dropping critically cold enough for icing on driveways and sidewalks and then the roadways particularly on and off ramps. this is 57 street.
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over the next few hours as well. park 34 degrees winds out of the northeast. very important advisory to tell you about it's a winter storm warning for sussex county and the likelihood you are totals being in new england. fairfield county dealing with significant numbers as well. meaning you got to watch out winter driving conditions you are going to see them and look at that there goes the green line pushing out hanging onto a little bit of wet weather there around linden to giveway to snow. it's a question of degrees. that's really what it's about. that's that interesting little hook but again there's more liquid in the atmosphere here as well in addition to the fact the snow is going to linger there longer to see the more significant totals and then afternoon. interesting you look at the models the gfs still is on
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friend the na m is leading to on average 3-6 through the city and over 6-inches for parts of sussex county. we are here all morning long so let's get you there with alex. >> thank you john. the bayonne bridge is closed in both directions. stick with the outer bridge crossing. also in jersey city the covered roadway closed in both directions for roadway between jersey and tunnely avenues. there's a speed in the parkway in both directions between 102 and 145 salting operations are under way there. a live look at laguardia the slick roadway as john has been mentioning we assume it's going to be a rough rush hour commute for you.
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>> millions will be tuning on to watch super bowl 50 on sunday. >> you might want to avoid some etiquette fouls. >> this is the best part, the party. >> everybody is laughing, eating and just enjoying the moment rooting for a good game. >> you could become the loser of the line. >> there is an etiquette to throwing and attending the super bowl party and you don't want to violate that because other guests call a violation. >> thomas farley known as mr. manners says guests should be team players. >> you don't want to show up empty handed so for sure ask what you can bring. >> never eat in the food line and don't reenact the scenario. >> you double dipped the chip. >> double dipped? what are you talking about. >> you dipped the chip, you took a bite and you dipped
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>> oh no, no, no, no double dipping. >> eat largely with your hands but don't go directly from food serving bowl into your mouth so grab yourself a plate. >> no seat inception. >> when somebody established this is their spot to sit that's sacred for the rest of the game. >> it's a pet eve of what some people do at a super bowl party that gets on your nerves. >> maybe talking through the whole thing. >> be courteous for those who are watching the game or half time or the commercials. >> companies spent $1 million and you want to hear and see what they put into it so to me it's no talking during commercials. >> shut up guys. >> so after you purchase your contribution to the super bowl party remember to be respectful of all of the guests no matter who they are rooting for because it is after all just a game. on the upper west side hazel
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>> one final tip don't be the first to arrive or last to leave unless you are helping the host with clean up. i'm all for everybody staying and cleaning up. >> you don't want to show up at half time. >> 4: 26. when we come back more eye on the storm team coverage. we have reporters checking out the conditions all over and john and allen have the forecast and commute--alex have the forecast and commute for you. and two new york city police officers were shot and are at the hospital recovering.
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