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tv   CBS 2 News Saturday  CBS  February 6, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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it tbeer it tfi. you heard the boom then run to the windows and i see a crane falling on the street. a tragedy in did i--in tribeca. we are live as crews work to remove the fallen machine. plus the snow is gone for now but temperatures could make for a dangerous drive. we have a warning about black ice. and we are counting down to
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game is shaping up to be the most expensive in u.s. sports history. cbs 2 news saturday morning starts right now. good morning. it is 6:00 on saturday february 6 i'm andrea grymes. >> i'm diane macedo. first we have a look at the forecast. good morning. >> good morning. it is going to be a beautiful weekend but black ice could definitely be a problem this morning. temperatures are below freezing for everybody. it is cold and melting could be refrozen. so black ice look out for it. temperatures 31 in the city, 19 in sparta, 14 in babylon. it is cold out there and we do have a wind chill for some.
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as we look at the vortex satellite and radar picture this morning skies are beautifully clear. it is spectacular out there if you are bundled up. we see some snow off to the north and do have potential for snow in our future but not this weekend. 9:00 a.m., 31 feels like 30. by noon feeling like 32. then at 3 our afternoon high of 43 feeling like the 30s with plenty of sunshine. coming up in your full forecast we will talk about the potential for snow moving into the work week. back to you. >> thank you vanessa. now to the deadly crane collapse in tribeca. investigators are still searching for answers. >> the 56 story crane came crashing down killing one person and hurting three others. ilana gold is live with the very latest.
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are so many questions about what led to this. the scene out here is absolutely incredible. take a look this is just part of it and you can see where the crane is blocking the intersection of west broadway and worth street. there were no signs of trauma before it came crashing down. it passed a city inspection a day before and the department of buildings has launched a full investigation. investigators focused on this terrifying collapse captured friday morning by construction crews in a nearby building. >> it's falling! . >> the 565-foot tall crane plunged onto worth street in tribeca. pictures show a two ton hook and weight ball crashing through the ceiling leaving a gaping hole and broken windows. >> you heard the boom then you see a crane falling on the street. >> tons of metal. the crane crashed into a dozen
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the middle of the road. >> it made a loud noise and they wouldn't let us help the man who was trapped. >> david wings was killed instantly as he walked along worth street. three others are expected to be okay. thomas o'brien traveled to new york to visit his daughter. the collapse happened when the crane was being lowered because of wind approaching 20 miles per hour, manufacturer's instructions. a veteran operator was inside the patrol cab when it flipped upside down. a succeedy win at 18 miles per hour as the process began. >> the wind started blowing so they went back up with it. on the second attempt it got out of control and collapsed. >> the crane was installed to replace air conditioning and generators on a building's roof 24 hours after the city checked
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an extension was added and crews showed no problems. >> it was approved and went over my by staff. >> this is one of the biggest accidents. mayor de blasio ordered all cranes operating in the city to be secured. >> i'm not going to minimize what's happening here. we have to make sure this doesn't happen again. >> and a lot of questions this morning about the clean up process out here. it could take several days. crews are going to have to unfold what's left of the crane, cut it up into pieces and haul it out of the neighborhood. city officials are going to give us an update and we'll tell you what they have to say. ilana gold cbs 2 news. >> we do invite you to stay with us for continuing coverage of the collapse on our website.
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have an update from the city on the situation later today. one of two nypd officers shot while patrolling a bronx housing complex is back home with his family this morning. fellow officers applauded as officer patrick left lincoln hospital yesterday afternoon. the 29-year-old was shot in the nose. his partner was shot in the stomach remains hospitalized. police commissioner bill bratton says he's happy both officers are doing well. the nypd has released video of a suspect accused of stabbing a woman with the needle on a subway platform. the woman said the man bumped into her at the 7th avenue station. she felt a sharp pain in her arm and later noticed a puncture wound. doctors have prescribed her
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hepatitis b and other illnesses. an update on the lane closure governor christie will get another shot to force the release of documents who's report found that christie was not to blame. bill and bridget kelly are to punish fort lee's mayor for not endorsing christie's reelection. a judge ruled yesterday they can now subpoena that law firm who did the report. the governor denies any wrong doing. seven republican presidential candidates square off tonight in their 8th debate three days before tuesday's new hampshire primary. >> we have the latest from manchester. >> after canceling an event in new hampshire friday because of a snow storm donald trump held a rally in south carolina questioning the outcome of the iowa caucuses.
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third they said unbelievable result but they came in second and they said trump didn't do so well. does the i don't think i came in second. i think i came in first. >> god bless the great state of new hampshire. >> trump who placed second behind ted cruz in monday's caucuses has accused the texas senator of voter fraud. after finishing third marco rubio jumped ahead of cruz and is nipping at trump's heels. >> if you get a call saying i dropped out it isn't true it's a lie keep voting. >> meeting a candidate in person makes all of the difference. here in manchester there's a good chance there that will happen. >> it's been here since 1922. >> ellen has worked here for a decade serving up hot meals and politics. presidential contenders often visit for a bite or i am prompt yu campaign event.
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talk to people in this area and get an idea of what they want and how they feeling. >> this high school government classroom is studying the race waiting for their chance to meet a candidate. >> it's cool to see democracy at work, in progress. >> even cooler to be a part of it. cbs news manchester, new hampshire. >> hilary clinton and bernie sanders will hold one rally today. clinton will hold three including a town hall with students. time now 6:09. sucker punched on the street. disturbing video of the attack sent into cbs 2. why the attacker is not the only person police are looking for. and something many of us use to make shopping easier so why are some experts saying to steer clear of self check out. here's vanessa murdock. >> we have a beautiful weekend
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discuss. i'll have details coming up in my full forecast but first
6:11 am fireworks lit up the san francisco bay area to kick off super bowl game day weekend. the dazzling 12 minute show took place on the bay bridge last night. we are used to macy's fireworks here at home. >> they look pretty though. >> our very own otis livingston has your sports update. >> good morning everyone. i'm otis livingston in san francisco covering superboy 50 and the teams went through their final full practices and broncos coach said the hay is in the barn they are ready.
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sol o. coaches unable to pose with it. roger goodell gave the state of the nfl address. o'del was given three personal foul penalties but wasn't ejected during that game earlier this season. the commissioner proposed if a player gets two he gets tossed. from a not so shining moment for the giants to one much the guys who always represents them positively. eli manning one of the three finalists for the walter peyton man of the year. he talked about his brother and his future. >> i offered if he wants to be a quality control for the giants and maybe earn a little respect and see if he can know anything and help out a quarterback in the quarterback room i could make a call or two and find him a spot. >> eli's got pull with big blue.
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>> exciting special coverage of super bowl 50 starts right here on cbs 2 tomorrow at 11:00 a.m. of course the game starts at 6:30 and make sure you stick around for a special live edition of the late show with steven colbert after the game. tina fey, margo roby, will ferrell, megyn kelly and some surprise guests and the news at 11 tomorrow night too. very exciting line up. >> i know right. maybe some people are off on monday morning. >> we'll dvr it on monday afternoon. let's check it out with vanessa and see how the weather will hold up. >> listen the weather will be nice here and it is going to be stunning there. low 70, sunshine. so we wish we could pull it back here. >> isn't it always like that over there? those california people.
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weather than them but it's rare i think. here's the deal. it's going to be a pleasant weekend and then snow on the way yet again. we are going to talk about waves of snow for the start of your work week but first sunshine and unseasonable warmth for your weekend. beautiful picture from top of the empire state building. wind chill into the 20s. headlines today look like this. sunshine for today. a nice finish tomorrow with a few more clouds moving on in and a snowy week ahead and that might sound. snow fall totals not looking that impressive over a few days but none the less we are obviously going to watch everything very closely and keep you posted but note we are anticipating a few days with snow here and there. snow fall to date so far this year we've gotten nearly 30- inches ahead of last year's
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up to this point 13.8-inches. high today 43 degrees so slightly above the normal of 40. sunrise at 7:01, sunset at 5:19. daylight is lengthening and i love it. big area of high pressure will dominate today and tomorrow's forecast but then things start to change. for today bright and brisk very dry with high pressure. tomorrow high pressure starts to shift off the coast. a few more clouds building in late in the day because high pressure gets the boot and an area of low pressure starts skirting up the coast so monday what is happening is this. first low pressure is making it's way close to us along the coast. we could see snow showers late in the day as a result of system number one. then as we make our way into late monday through tuesday system number two will be coming across the country and that brings us an even better
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not going to be continuous snow for days but it will be waves. the most likely day for consistent steady snow does look to be on tuesday. monday through wednesday snow is in the forecast. here's how we see totals shaping up right now. obviously it is still very early to break it down for you but a trace to three inches for many of us. eastern long island just as yesterday you got the brunt of the storm with nearly 12-inches in spots. this is where we anticipate the higher totals across long island three to six inches possible over the stretch of a few days. yesterday we got a foot in 12 hours. today 43 degrees feeling like the 30s tonight. mostly clear and cold 33 for your day tomorrow we warm it up. 47 degrees to end your weekend. sunshine to start, clouds move in late. then as we make your way into monday 39 degrees getting colder and watching the coat.
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in the forecast. then it gets down right cold. 33 on thursday, friday 33 as well and it's going to feel like the 20s. >> but a nice weekend this weekend. >> beautiful weekend this weekend. >> i've totally been spoiled. every time i hear the 30s i start to cringe. >> we could have 20 degrees highs later next worry. >> we'll bundle up thank you. thieves are heading to the self check out lines to scam you. they fear they could show up in more places. if you tug at a check out term terminal and it wiggles it could be a sign of a skimmer and use crip cards for protection. >> i guess i should be tugging at the terminal. >> i need a description of what that looks like. you'll likely see texas red grapefruit in season and packs a punch. >> here's tony tantillo with
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>> today's tip of the day is texas red grapefruit. they've been around for a while but prices are fantastic and nutritional value is even better. about 35 calories per serving. you can't beat it and they are called texas red because when you open up inside isn't that beautiful. the old days you put in sugar to make it sweet. you don't have to with these. they are sweet enough. nice red color on the outside and the inside. bring them home and store them on the counter. in the market, priced great. it's the season. always remember to eat fresh and stay healthy. that smells so good. >> time now 6:20. police have made an arrest after a drone crash landed into a city land mark. how police caught up with the owner.
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earthquake in taiwan and the search for survivors. and it's the pet's paradise we have one of the largest
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it tbeer it tfi. pet products and styles trending across the country are here in our area.
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and tomorrow at the new jersey convention center in edison and we have the producer of the show and founder of the ultimate air dogs to tell us all about it. thanks so much for being here and of course nash. look at him posing for the camera i love it. so tell me about the event and what you are here for. >> this is our 16th annual event new jersey superpet expo. it's fun filled family event. you can bring your dog and there's a ton of different activities and we like to create that pet friendly experience. >> it's not just nor dolls there. >> we have a parakeet encounter where you walk into a tent with 1,000 parakeets and they can climb all over you and you feed them. fun neat and exciting. we have your dog go on the track and follow and get a work out. >> do you have that for children too? i'm sure a lot of parents would
6:23 am
>> that would keep them busy >> that would keep them busy right. >> tell me about the educational side of things as well. >> we promote proper pet adoption. so when people want to get a fete we check out the local shelter and rescue. to educate people on what's available and how to go about adopting. >> tell me about your organization and how this all ties in together. >> what we did is i love dogs and i used to have a dog to run and jump off our dock and we decided people would like to see that and my dogs love it and dogs are into dock jumping so we started that out and we provide entertainment for events like this pet expo. we go all over the united states for it. >> why do you say that. >> because of the way he runs it. there's not just dock jumping. animal shelters there. pet foods there.
6:24 am
there that cater to animals. he's got this parakeet thing where you walk in and all of the birds flying all over you. it's pretty cool and an experience to see in a great area with a lot of people. >> come and have a good time and see lots of animals. we have a reptile discovery. they do a presentation on the benefits of reptiles to the environment. we have a wolf exhibit and they are tame and you can get your picture with them. it's about pet and animal fun. >> if you want a pet it's a good way for that too. >> there's adoption there you can adopt one too. >> and super bowl obviously is on everyone's minds. i understand you are doing something different for that right? >> we are doing something at 11: 00 today nash is going to pick the winner of the super bowl. >> guaranteed right? >> don't listen to the experts we've got the expert right here. >> how is nash going to do that?
6:25 am
the dock diving pool put up a boom and two flags one for each team and nash at queue is going to run down the dock leap hugh into the air and pick a flag. >> and he's never missed. >> he's ever tried? >> he's going to predict the winner of the super bowl. that's today at 11. >> i'm putting my my on nash then. thank you so much for bringing him. check out the pet expo from 10:00 a.m. to 7 tonight and 10 to 5 tomorrow at the new jersey convention center in edison. go and bring your pet or maybe go get a pet there. we have more information on our website back to you. time now is 6:27. up next today's top stories including continuing coverage of the deadly crane collapse. >> live on the scene of a massive crane collapse in tribeca that killed one man and injured three others. we are going to have the latest
6:26 am
mess. >> plus the extra layer of protection to stop the spread of the zika virus.
6:27 am
morning. right now this is a live look at the scene of yesterday's deadly crane collapse. crews are expect ed to begin removing the fallen equipment. we'll have a live update and the latest on the investigation. plus he didn't see it coming a man knocked out cold by a complete stranger. why police are looking for his attacker and the person behind the camera. and get ready for a sunny super bowl weekend but after the fun ends a chance for snow on monday. a pretty live shot out right now. cbs 2 news saturday morning continues now. morning 6:30 on saturday february 6 i'm diane macedo.
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today's top stories straight ahead but first a look at the forecast and a gorgeous shot from outside. a nice sunrise today. >> it's going to be a beauty. we will have beautiful blue skies. >> so many colors. it's going to be a great weekend overall. that kind of beauty will be repeated tomorrow. sound good? it is beautiful but cold out there to start things off. most of us below the freezing mark. in fact all of us are. 31 in the city. 19 the actual temperature in madison. 18 in walden. 20 in sea girt. as we look at the vortex picture this morning skies are clear. it is gorgeous. expect sunshine today, a lot of it. maybe a few high thin clouds but a great start to your week. temperatures warming up by noon feeling like 30 out there. at 3:00 p.m. 43 degrees will feel like the
6:29 am
40s today but it will feel like the 30s. lots of sunshine and a little bit of a breeze. now we show you the icing on the cake if you will for the weekend. if you are heading out to santa clara for the super bowl tomorrow night if you are not watching it here on cbs but will see it in person 71 degrees and mostly sunny out in california. how does that sound? >> a little jealous. we'll talk the opposite of 71, we'll talk snow coming up. vanessa thank you. now to the deadly crane collapse in tribeca. you are looking at new video of the scene where the 56 story crane came crashing down. >> one person killed three more hurt. this morning investigators are still trying to uncover exactly what happened. ilana gold is live with more on that. >> diane later on today city officials are going to give us an update on this crane collapse.
6:30 am
here is a massive one. this is just part of it. the crane is upside down blocking the intersection of west broadway and worth. the department of buildings are trying to figure out what went wrong. crews are blaming high winds for the disaster. >> investigators focused on this terrifying collapse captured on camera friday morning by construction crews at a nearby building. >> it's falling! . >> the 565-foot tall crane that was just installed last saturday plunged onto worth street in tribeca. a two ton hook and weight ball crashed through a ceiling leaving a gaping hole. >> you heard the boom and then run to the windows and see a crane falling on the street. >> tons of metal slammed onto the street. the crane trapped a dozen cars and one driver in the middle of the road. >> it made a loud noise and all
6:31 am
wouldn't let us go any further. >> david wichs was killed as we walked along the street. three others were hurt but are expected to be okay including 73-year-old thomas o'brien who traveled to new york to visit his daughter. >> a lot of people are lucky they don't lose their lives. >> the wind was 20 miles per hour. a veteran operator was inside when it flipped upside down. it shows a steady wind at 18 miles per hour as the process began. >> the wind started blowing and on the second attempt it got out of control and collapsed. >> the crane was installed to replace generators and air conditioning on the building's roof. 24 hours before the crash the crane got the all clear. an extension was added and crews reported no problems.
6:32 am
engineer and went over by my staff. >> this was one of several crane related accidents in the past year. mayor de blasio ordered all 376 crawler crane and 56 tower cranes to be minimized for the day. >> we have to make sure what happened here doesn't happen again. >> this morning so many questions what led to this. investigators questioned the crane operator and no signs of impairment. clean up could take several days. ill yan ynoa gold cbs 2 news. >> a massive seen. thank you. an fdny chap labor managed to save a wedding. she had just left a hair salon when the crane crashed. at first it appeared she would not be able to make it but fdny
6:33 am
afterring her coat and walking to meet her groom. she even officiated. >> in times of need new yorkers really come together and when the crane first fell people off the street ran to help and they proved that new yorkers are really awesome. errors are awesome. the bride calls her the coolest chaplain ever. we invite you to stay with us for continuing coverage of the crane collapse on the website. you'll find the entire clip of the crane as it collapsed. we are expecting an update on the situation later today. police in patterson, new jersey are investigating a street corner attack after a disturbing video on social media. the person behind the video can be heard instigating a young man and walked up and sucker punches a victim.
6:34 am
neighborhood say they are disgusting. >> we will not tolerate that type of behavior or action in our city. >> he doesn't know the trouble he just got into. these kids are terrible. >> still no word on any arrests. a 50-year-old woman has been killed after police say she was hit by a school bus in brooklyn. this happened around 6:30 last night on atlantic avenue. investigators believe a car cutoff the school bus causing it to jump the curb and hit the woman on the sidewalk. no one has been arrested. police are still investigating. police did arrest a new jersey man accused of crashing a drone into the empire state building. he hit the 40th floor of the building on thursday night and it fell to a 35th floor landing. police say the 27-year-old went inside the building and asked security guards to help him get the drone back. they agreed but called police instead.
6:35 am
we have new information on the powerful earthquake that rocked southern taiwan. the death toll rose to 11 today. an infant and small child are among the dead in the quake that caused a residential high rise to collapse. the search continues this morning for survivors. at least 230 people have been pulled out of the rubble. health officials seeking to stem the zika virus out break are urging pregnant woman to think twice about kissing anyone on the lips and men are being advised to not have unprotected sex with pregnant partners if they have visited countries where the virus is present. meanwhile pregnant employees can request to stay away from zika hot zones. britain is asking all airlines to play their planes before returning. it's been linked to severe birth defect. time now 6:38. super bowl excitement is in the air. find out why tomorrow's big
6:36 am
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we are now just one day away from super bowl sunday and already the bay area super bowl city reached maximum capacity. police cruising the venue turned thousands of people away. an estimated 100,000 people inside made the best of the tight space turning any patch of sidewalk into a dance floor. >> hard to blame them for that. tickets are shaping up to be the most expensive in u.s. sports history. the site seat geek claims the average ticket price is $5,000. >> three fans are guaranteed to buy tickets at face value at $850.
6:39 am
three members of never miss a super bowl club. the pittsburgh native has a few favorites. >> i have to go back to the steelers in 9, 10, 13 and 14. all four of them were so special. >> how long will you be going? >> until they put me in a box. >> for the super bowl the first time he paid $12 to watch the packers beat the chiefs. >> can you imagine going for $12? he's not quite a member of the club but otis is covering all of the action. >> he is in super bowl city with your cbs 2 sports update. >> good morning everyone. i'm otis livingston in san francisco covering super bowl 50. the teams went through the final full practice yesterday and the hay is in the born they are ready to play but it was a
6:40 am
the vince lombardi trophy going sol o. roger goodell gave the state of the nfl address. josh norman. o'del was given three personal foul penalties but wasn't ejected. if he gets two he should get tossed. eli manning one of three finalists for the walter peyton man of the year award for his charitable work off the field. he talked about his big brother and his future. if this is his final game eli has career advice. >> i offered him to be quality control for the giants and earn respect and see if he can know anything and help out at quarterback in the room a little bit i could probably make a call or two and find him a spot. >> two time super bowl mvp has pull with big blue. the back drop friday morning
6:41 am
marshall and he gave me his thoughts on camera newton. >> this year i think people have embraced him but the older people, they are the ones that are criticizing him on the dapsing. we got to distance that the o'del beckham jr. andjarvis landry and cam newton this is the new nfl football league, it's the entertainment business. >> get your super bowl started with us at 11:00 a.m. through 6:30 and mosque game coverage for you. super bowl 50 one day away. from san francisco otis livingston cbs 2 news. >> he needs a victory dance of his own. >> he does. >> don't forget to stick around for steven colbert after the game. tina fey, margo roby, megyn kelly, will ferrell and surprise guests on top of that. >> i don't know if otis is ever
6:42 am
>> we would not blame you but we would miss you. >> i know we would. >> let's check out the forecast. >> let's take about 30 degrees off of that forecast and be in the 40s over the weekend but it will be mild, more mild tomorrow than today. low to mid 40s for the weekend. weather watchers first this morning see what's happening. 23 degrees says bruce adams in north port got 8-inches of snow. that was one of the spots that got quite a bit. as high as a foot and as low as a trace. 19 degrees as we look northwest to the city. clear skies for all this morning. high pressure is dominating this weekend forecast and it will look beautiful. live outside right now we are 16 minutes off of sunrise. clear and cold. 31 degrees northwest winds at 6. that's what's happening right now moving forward here's what you can expect. today plenty of sunshine. tomorrow even milder
6:43 am
then late tomorrow the clouds start to build in advance of quite a few days with the poem for--potential for some snow. not talking major pile ups but talking about seeing things awfully snowy for a few days in a row. satellite and radar picture what's happening out there right now just a few clear skies and high pressure. so yes it will keep us bright and beautiful to start your weekend. show you what it looks like hour by hour. 8:00 a.m. still looking lovely. lots of sun and high thin clouds as we go through your saturday. overnight skies are clear. sunny and clouds moving in late in the day. why? system number one a coastal low that will be moving off shore getting close enough to us to toss clouds in our direction late tomorrow and on monday close enough to us to maybe bring a little bit of precipitation in the form of snow for most of us. so this is happening monday afternoon.
6:44 am
through monday evening and overnight monday into tuesday is when we start to see more steady snow and a possibility in the forecast all the way through wednesday. not just wednesday morning but the day on wednesday. here's an early glance at the potential for totals here. biggest totals look to be east of the city just as we had yesterday. lower totals to the west. the city about three inches. so again not major pile ups here but just consecutive days of snow and nuisance road conditions. as we look at high temperatures for today bypassing the snow. it's not happening today. beautiful bright skies 43 in the city, 40 for wayne. overnight tonight temperatures dropping into the 30s, 20s north and wes. tomorrow it is 47 to end your weekend. beautiful beginning clouds moving in late. monday tuesday and wednesday watching that snow for you and temperatures just above the
6:45 am
really cold to end the week. i do anticipate many places on friday won't even get out of the 20s. >> thank you vanessa. >> i don't know if i can say thank you. we are just going to move on. today's living large takes us to the upper east side. >> this place has a luxurious presidential suite with an air conditioning no, huge price tag. >> this hotel has a special suite on the 14th floor. world class services and 3400 feet of luxurious living space. [ music ] >> my name is from town residential. >> it begins with a massive living room, rich wood paneling and private out door space. >> this terrace overlooks central park perfect for morning coffee or unjoying the sunset. >> it's beautiful. >> everything on top of the
6:46 am
furniture such as this leather chair. >> perfect for relatching and enjoying a cocktail. >> if you don't know the recipe it's all on the chase. >> down a hall way we walked past a grand piano into the dining room suitable for ten guests. >> you can enjoy music upon request. it's a baby grand piano. >> everything you need is possible here. >> the master suite has the finest linens. >> it's the master piece, the master bathroom. soaking tub as well. >> oh there's the t.v. how cool. >> and a private cedar sauna. there's another bedroom with two cozy beds. >> everything is like black and white and gray. >> we have a little touch of red. >> tell me how much does it cost to live large here. >> actually believe it or not,
6:47 am
only $125,000 monthly. >> that's living large in this hotel. >> only $125,000 a month. >> a month. >> time now is 6:49. it's the year of the monkey. >> we are kicking off the linear new year with a big
6:48 am
you don't want to miss it. after people were enjoying truvia in their coffee and everything else... ...sugar would come along and go, "hey, i'm sweet too." "sure, sugar, you're very sweet, but we've already got sweetness minus calorie-ness." it would be kinda awkward. truvia. life with less sugar is just as sweet.
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the chinese new year gibbs on monday and here to help you prepare four celebration is chef danielle chang. >> she's also a sheik china town in it's 7ed year. >> you have a lot to show us but first tell us about your big celebration this week. what's it all about. >> it's the year of the monkey so we are bringing it in style but also i'm introducing my new book lucky rice which is born out of my life long object session for asian food and story telling containing 100 recipes and also tells stories of behind the dishes, the cultural traditions and that. >> i love that. >> that's also the name of the celebration you are hosting this week. >> lucky tuesday that's right. >> and this is one of the most interesting spreads we've seen. i want you to talk a lit bill in the theme of lucky rice about this because i thought it was ice cream and andrea thought this was cheese but
6:50 am
>> this is sticky rice. for a chinese new year it's all about feasting with family and friends and all of the dishes that you have during the celebration are meant to be so these are sticky rice balls. >> but that's a dessert. >> it's sticky rice balls representing togetherness. >> is there a right or wrong way to do this? >> no just put them in your mouth. they have a bit of sesame and chocolate. >> thank you. >> i also have a whole fish which is a must for any chinese new year celebration. you have to serve the fish whole and easily you. >> there you go. >> i love the sesame in this. >> we are showing the fish now. tell us you point the head of it. >> to the best of honor so it's an added symbolism. >> do they have to eat it then? >> of course they have to eat it.
6:51 am
>> we are looking at the recipe now for that. wonderful. >> we also have oranges. sweet candy to bring you sweetness throughout the new year. like i said everything at the chinese new year table has a meaning behind it whether it's good fortune, prosperity, longevity. >> and then a salad. tell us how to make this. >> yes but before we get to the greens i want you guys to try this cocktail, silk journey. i like to cook and have a cocktail mixing the old and new. >> looks like tea. smells like it too. >> it has olong tea in it and oranges. >> that's really tasty. >> i'm still eating this which is really good but we are going to run out of time so tell us about the salad. >> okay fantastic this is so easy you just essentially
6:52 am
the greens, cilantro. >> scallions and then-- >> soy sauce. >> i'll put the sauces on the side in a mixing bowl. soy sauce, rice vinegar, sesame oil, salt, pepper and sugar. and then you just kind of whisk it up. do you want to do that for me. >> yup. >> take this firm tofu and crumble it with your hands. >> i like getting messy. getting all in there. >> it's really, really fun. >> you are doing a good job with the whisk. >> thank you. i practice. >> go ahead and pour that in here. >> what does the year of the monkey mean. >> it's a playful year all about monkeying around. and it's about being clever and playful. so it's going to be a really fun creative year. how are your cocktails? >> delicious. a little early probably to drink the full thing but very tasty.
6:53 am
it's really assembling and tossing. so it's a great last minute salad. and the greens represent ease. it's a beautiful flower that they really favor. >> wow, very nice. >> we are done here. can i serve you. >> and use you serve vanessa is going to tell us about the weather for the week for lunar new year. >> so it starts monday am i correct in saying that. >> it is yes. >> monday is not looking to be the best day but the weekend is beautiful for precipitations. today beautiful sunshine 43 degrees. it will feel like the 30s out there with a little bit of a breeze so please keep that in mind. as far as what to expect moving forward tomorrow 47 degrees another beauty but we see more clouds late monday tuesday and wednesday tracking the potential for waves of snow but no day is a complete white out as it looks right now. >> good week to celebrate. >> i believe so. >> this is very good danielle.
6:54 am
also wanted to give you guys a copy of the book. >> thank you. >> you can cook from it. >> making sticky rice. >> maybe you'll get lucky. [laughter] >> thank you danielle. to find out more information
6:55 am
>> we'll see you at 9:00. here in the city, parking is hard to find. seems like everyone drives. and those who do should switch to geico because you could save hundreds on car insurance. ah, perfect. valet parking. hello! here's the keys. and, uh, go easy on my ride, mate. hm, wouldn't mind some of that beef wellington...
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