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tv   CBS 2 News  CBS  February 6, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EST

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notice a few specks to the west. we don't expect that here. we expect plenty of sunshine and a beautiful start to your weekend. i suspect maybe well north and west of the city possibly a stray snow flake flying. otherwise looking really good to start your weekend off. breaking down the day by noon 36 feeling like 32. 43 feels like 35 and tonight at 6, 38 feeling like 31. lots of sunshine today. coming up more mild air for the weekend and a chance for snow. back to you. >> now to that deadly crane collapse in tribeca. investigators are on the scene trying to figure out how this happened. >> the 56 story crane came crashing down yesterday killing one person and hurting three others. ilana gold is live in tribeca where there's still a massive seen there. ilana. >> andrea it is a massive scene. there's so many questions about
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another big focus is the clean up. it is just getting started. take a look. this is just a small section of that crane collapse. you can see where it's blocking the intersection of west broadway and worth street. just moments ago we saw crews bring in heavy machinery. they are going to dismantle this crane taking it apart piece by piece and this could take days. investigators now focused on this terrifying collapse captured on camera friday morning by construction crews on a nearby building. >> it's falling! . >> the 565-foot tall crane that was just installed at 60 hudson street last saturday plunged onto worth street in tribeca. it shows a hook and weight ball leaving a gaping hope in the ceiling. >> you heard the boom and run to the windows and i saw a crane falling on the street. >> tons of metal slammed onto the street. the crane crashed into a dozen cars and trapped one driver
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>> it made a loud noise and all of us ran to help but they wouldn't let us go further. >> a 38-year-old man was killed instantly as he walked. 73-year-old thomas o'brien is now recovering from a head injury. he traveled to new york to visit his daughter. >> a lot of people are lucky >> the collapse happened because of wind approaching 20 miles per hour. manufacturers instructions a veteran operator was inside the control cab when it flipped upside down. cbs 2 obtained this meter of the wind inside the cab. it shows a steady wind of 18 miles per hour. >> the wind started blotching and on the second attempt it got out of control and collapsed. >> the crane was installed to replace generators and air conditioning on the building's roof. 24 hours before the crash inspectors from the department
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gave the crane the all clear. an extension was added and crews reported no problems. >> it was approved by my staff. >> this is one of several related crane accidents in the past year. after inspecting the damage the mayor ordered all 376 crawler cranes and 56 tower cranes to be put away for the day. here's another live look at the scene of this crane collapse where the clean up is just beginning. city officials are going to give us an update on this investigation at 1 this afternoon and of course we'll let you know what they have to say. live in tribeca this morning ilana gold cbs 2 news. >> thank you and we do invite you to stay with cbs 2 for continuing coverage of the crane collapse. on our website you find that entire clip of the crane as it collapsed and as ilana just mentioned we are expecting an update later today and will be posting on line.
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shot while patrolling a bronx housing complex is back home with his family this morning. fellow officers applauded as officer patrick left lincoln hospital yesterday afternoon. the 29-year-old was shot in the nose. his partner officer cruz was shot in the stomach. she's still in the hospital. bill bratton met with the officer yesterday and is happy both of them are doing well. the nypd has released video of a suspect accused of stabbing a woman with a needle on a subway platform. the woman says the man bumped into her wednesday night at the 49th and 7th avenue station. the 37-year-old woman felt a sharp pain in her arm and later noticed a puncture wound. doctors prescribed anti virals for h.i.v., hepatitis b and other illnesses. a brooklyn street will be
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governor cuomo who was murdered and also known as kerri gabae way. police have not made any arrests in this case. an update on the lane closure scandal from the george washington bridge. two former allies of governor christie will get another shot to force the release of documents from the law firm who's report found christie was not to blame. bill and bridget are accused of organize straiting the lane closures to punish fort lee's mayor for not endorsing the reelection. a judge ruled they can subpoena that law firm. the governor has not been charged and denies any wrong doing. now to campaign 2016 where seven republican presidential candidates including governor christie will square off tonight in the 8th debate three days before the new hampshire primary. >> we are live from manchester with the details. good morning.
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morning to everybody. political analysts say here in new hampshire voters tend to wait until the very last minute to make a decision as they try to make a personal connection with the candidate and we found just the place to do that. after canceling an event in new hampshire friday because of a snow storm donald trump held a rally in south carolina once again questioning the outcome of the iowa caucuses. >> so the person that came in result. but i came in second and they said trump didn't do so well. why? but i don't think i did come in second. i think i came in first, okay? >> god bless the great state of new hampshire. >> trump who placed second behind ted cruz in monday's caucuses has accused the texas senator of voter fraud. after finishing third in iowa marco rubio jumped ahead of cruz in the granite state and is nipping at trump's heels. >> if you get a call on tuesday
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isn't true it's a lie keep voting. >> many voters meeting a person makes all the difference. there's a good chance this will happen. >> it's been here since 1922. >> ellen has worked here for a decade serving up hot meals. >> boys are you ready too? >> and politics. presidential candidates often visit for a bite and campaign event. >> a lot of people come to talk to people in this area to get an idea of what they want and how they are feeling. >> this high school government classroom is studying the primary race waiting for their chance to meet a candidate. >> it's cool to see democracy in progress. >> even cooler he says to be a part of it. unfortunately those students did not get to meet a candidate but they might try again this weekend when everyone is giving a really hard final push for
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clinton on the democratic side trailing sanders especially among young people. live in manchester new hampshire cbs 2 news. >> we know you are working really hard out there. did you get to try anything at that historic diner you were at? [laughter] >> we did. we had breakfast there which is a staple and they have a specialty which is pork pie. they have minced pork and bacon like a pie with a shell and different vegetables. didn't try that but breakfast was awesome especially dessert which is a homemade twinkie. >> we'll take pork pie to go please thank you. >> thanks good to see you. time now 9:08. sucker punched in the street. see the disturbing video someone sent in to cbs 2. hear why the attacker isn't the only person police are looking for. plus it's something many of us are using to make shopping
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saying to steer clear of the self check out. and no double dipping or cutting in line. we have super bowl etiquette. >> i think the first a should be bring your own twinkies. those sound amazing. the weekend forecast looking great but then we are in this pattern of the possibility of snow so we'll talk about that coming up in my full forecast but first a check on the community calendar from cbs 2 and [ music ] t rit reio thioyoge99% twk liily d e stt -f aibl wi uoa afa a wnad t u soetomhi mo.a twk atanovasfa ayo bins esrit w,pgdeo os0meorigr teetndpheange$2 bk. llr ointoy.
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treatment with xarelto was the right move for us. ask your doctor about xarelto . we are counting down to the super bowl tomorrow. macy's fireworks lit up the san francisco bay area skyline to kick off super bowl game day weekend. the dazzling 12 minute show took place along the bay bridge last night. looks really pretty. >> looks really warm out there too. >> it does. vanessa has been telling us the difference in temperature. right now also on the west coast our very own otis livingston. >> he's in super bowl city with our cbs 2 sports update. >> good morning everyone i'm in
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bowl 50 and the teams went through their final full practices yesterday and as broncos head coach gary said the hay is in the barn they are ready. meanwhile it was a day full of housekeeping for the nfl. the vince lombardi trophy going sol o. coaches unable to pose with it. commissioner roger goodell gave his state of the nfl address. his biggest concerns is o'del beckham jr. and his battle with the panthers josh norman. he was given three personal foul penalties but wasn't ejected. he purposes if you get two you get tossed and will be voted on this summer. the giants one of the guys who always represents them positively eli manning a finalist for the walter peyton man of the year award. he talked about his big brother peyton and his future. he has career advice.
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control for the giants and earn a little respect and see if he can help out in the quarterback room a little bit i could probably make a call or two and find him a spot. >> eli's got pull with big blue. reporting from san francisco otis livingston cbs 2 news. >> i like that. >> he could make more than a few calls. we'll have to see. >> i'm guessing. >> millions of americans will be glued to the t.v. this sunday. >> if you do plan on watching the game at a party you may want to avoid etiquette fouls. hazel sanchez explains. >> this is the best part of the super bowl, the party. >> everybody is laughing, eating and you know just enjoying the moment and rooting for a good game. >> but you could easily become the loser of the night if you cross the etiquette line. >> there is an etiquette to both throwing and attending a super bowl party and you don't want to violate that because other guests will call a violation.
9:15 am
farley known as mr. manners says first and foremost guests should be team players. >> don't show up empty handed so for sure ask what you can bring. >> never eat in the food line and don't reenact the scenario made famous on this episode of seinfeld. >> you double dipped the chip. >> what are you talking about. >> you dipped the chip you took a bite and you dipped again. >> oh no, no, no, no double dipping. >> eat largely with your hands but don't go directly from food serving bowl in your mouth so grab yourself a plate. >> while someone is grabbing that plate of food no seat interception. >> when someone established their spot to sit that's sacred for the rest of the game. >> do you have a pet peeve that gets on your nerves. >> maybe talking through the whole thing. >> be courteous of those who are there to actually watch the game and those wanting to watch half time or commercials.
9:16 am
you want to hear and see what they actually put into the commercials so to me it's no talking during commercials. >> shut up. >> shut up guys. >> after you purchase your contribution to the super bowl party remember to be respectful of all of the guests no matter who they are rooting for because it is after all just a game. on the upper west side hazel sanchez cbs 2 news. >> one final tip don't be the first to arrive or the last to leave the super bowl party unless you are helping the host with clean up. >> be the first and the last and definitely help the host plate thing. don't use them and there's nothing left to watch. and special coverage of super bowl 50 starts right here on cbs 2 sunday at 11:00 a.m. the game starts at 6:30. make sure you stick around for a special live edition of the late show with steven colbert after the game. tina fey, will ferrell, megyn
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don't forget to watch cbs 2 news at 11 after that. >> remind people not to double dip? sometimes people forget. we are going to be cooking our own super bowl-- >> and no flip and dip either. >> flip and dip is worse. we are going to be cooking up our favorite super bowl advertisers and foods tomorrow morning. >> i'm totally double dipping i'm telling you right now. >> that will be tomorrow morning. vanessa has a look at the forecast and it's pretty warm out there in california. >> it is so much warmer tomorrow at least. 71 degrees for game day. here only in the 40s. so nearly a 30-degree difference. where would you rather be? i think the forecast here looks quite lovely for a february weekend. let's take you live outside show you this beautiful live picture from cross the city skyline high on top of the empire state building. to the north thin clouds 33
9:18 am
morning the general trend for today. cool and bright to start off your weekend. tomorrow a nice finish. warm it up even more and bring in thicker clouds for the end of your weekend. there's also a risk tomorrow evening for coastal flooding. we talk more about that moving ahead and also more on the potential for snow monday tuesday, wednesday. each of those days even next friday we have a chance for snow. as far as what's going to happen today it is going to be a nice one. 43 degrees the anticipated high, normal 40 so a few degrees above that and 5:19 tonight is when we'll have sunshine until. on the vortex satellite and radar picture we notice lots of clarity directly over head but clouds to the north south and east of the city. high thin clouds what we expect for today. the dominant feature is high pressure so that means it's going to be nice and dry. note these few snow showers. i wouldn't be surprised if
9:19 am
see a few stray flakes with thin clouds moving on through. possibility but not a probability. here we go bright and brisk for today with high pressure dominating. tomorrow it's going to be very nice and mild finish to your weekend. mid 40s out there. high pressure moving off the coast and what is happening is a low pressure system moving up the coast taking it's place. so late tomorrow we see clouds first. we could see coastal problems late tomorrow. however it is really on monday that we'll start to see some really rough seas as this area the coast. it may also bring us a little bit of snow on monday. that's monday. tuesday into wednesday another system sweeping across the country brings us additional opportunities for snow. as far as accumulations very early look 3 to 6-inches east of the city a trace to 3 as we look at the city points west and north. on your extended forecast 43 today lots of sun. tonight mainly clear 33.
9:20 am
thickening through the day. monday tuesday wednesday tracking that chance tomorrow snow. highs in the 30s even colder to end the week 33 on thursday partly sunny. friday a little clipper system might move through bringing us another little bit of snow but accumulations not expected to be huge with these several systems moving on through. but none the less expect some waves of snow through the work week. >> there was a lot of snow yesterday on long island when i was out there covering. >> nearly a foot and some cases over a foot. >> such a sharp contrast. >> incredible stuff. >> thank you. a new warning for shoppers. thieves are heading to the self check out lines to try to scam you. police found these scammers at a supermarket chain in maryland and fear they could show up at more places. if you tug and it wiggles that could be a sign of a skimmer and use chip enabled cards for extra protection. time now 9:20.
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massive earthquake rocked taiwan. new video of rescuers pulling a woman a baby and even a dog from the rubble. and it's impacting lives and making a difference. how a new film is putting a national spotlight on a center in the rock aways.
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morning. check this out, bro. what's that, broheim? i switched to geico and got more. more savings on car insurance? yeah bro-fessor, and more. like renters insurance. more ways to save. nice, bro-tato chip. that's not all, bro-tein shake. geico has motorcycle and rv insurance, too.
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oh yeah, i'm all about more, teddy brosevelt. geico. expect great savings and a whole lot more. they changed my life in a tremendous way. >> i cheer for this place because it cheered for me. >> for the past 15 years the action center has provided food clothes and empowerment programs for those living in the rock aways.
9:24 am
the people it served were faced with surviving superstorm sandy. thanks to a new documentary it's dedication and commitment to the community is now on the big screen. how to let go of the world debuted last week at sun dance at the film festival there and joining us to talk more about the film is aria doe. welcome. >> thank you so much for having us. >> you have been on a whirl wind. you are the executive director of the center out at the sun dance film festival. >> yes we've been working it at the film festival wanting to make sure as many people as possible got to see the movie and to see what was possible. >> let's start first for people who have never been to the action center what is the center all about? >> the action center is really a resilience hub. 15 years ago my husband and i saw the disparity in the rock aways. millionaires on one side and
9:25 am
the middle basically folks living 200% below poverty level. so we wanted to make sure there was more of a distribution of not just education and food and ballet and anything you name that a person would want to make sure that their children got to live up to their full potential. >> describe the damage to the center from sandy. >> the center was devastated. and we felt that it would be. water came up to waist high. my employees were walking through sewage and oil. we were all walking through things we didn't know if it could kill us or make us sick or whatever but one thing we knew was we had to act then and cry later because depending on us were 65,000 residents again in the poor population of the rock aways who didn't have food, shoes or warm blankets who were freezing in the cold drinking out of fire hydrants in order to get water.
9:26 am
tell us about the film. >> the film is a wonderful display of how you can get bad news and then you have to bounce back from it. because it gives a message that there's climate change which we feel is one of the reasons they hurricanes came to new york. josh goes to 12 different-- >> josh is the filmmaker. >> yes josh fox goes to 12 different countries six of seven continents and there's a thread that goes throughout. poor communities are really suffering more when climate change happens but then you also find that they never give up. there are no stronger communities than those communities who yes you are doing without but you are never, ever giving up so it didn't matter if he was in the rock aways in queens or in china where people are trying to breathe polluted air the common thread was we didn't give up.
9:27 am
let's fight and fix this. >> what is the status of the center today. >> the center is still working with folks from sandy. 1,000 days after superstorm sandy if you lost your job and need a plate of food to replace the $20 you need to get shoes for your kids we are there so the center is strong. people who were devastated during sandy have come back to help us and others who still continue to feel the effects today. >> thank you so much for coming in and talking about the center and the film. we appreciate it. >> thank you so much for having us. we really appreciate it. >> of course. aria doe with the action center and to learn more about it and
9:28 am
we'll be right back. r neorth messfa ayo bins.rit w,pgdeo os50egr gh iertanphe d t 50ac
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right now a live look at the scene of yesterday's deadly crane collapse. crews this morning are expected to start removing the fallen equipment. we'll have a live update and the latest on the investigation. >> plus he couldn't see it coming a man knocked out by a complete stranger. why police are looking for the attacker and somebody else involved in this crime. and get ready for a sunny super bowl weekend here in our area. after the fun ends there is a chance for snow on monday which
9:30 am
cbs 2 saturday starts right now. good morning it is 9:30 on saturday february 6 i'm andrea grymes. >> i'm diane macedo. today's top stories are straight ahead but first forecast. a lot of kids crossing fingers week. >> i don't think it's going to happen. we have several opportunities for snow but i don't know that there's going to be enough for the schools to call it quits for the days so we'll talk about that in my full forecast. first let's focus on the sunshine. the beautiful warmth we'll experience this weekend. maybe not as balmy as you might like but none the less temperatures slightly above the normal this weekend. starting off in the 30s and 20s, 27 in summit, 33 in central park. on the vortex and satellite radar picture this morning overall still going to be a beautiful day. cool and quiet to start our weekend.
9:31 am
a little bit of a breeze. tomorrow 47 degrees. we expect morning sun with clouds moving in by afternoon. now we are going to fast forward to tomorrow evening for super bowl 50 the golden game in santa clara california, 71 trees and mostly sunny. again that is not here. we are not going to hit 70. full forecast. back to you. >> thank you. now to the deadly crane collapse in tribeca. this is a live look at the scene this morning where the 56 story crane came crashing down. one person was killed yesterday and three others hurt. >> this morning investigators are on the scene trying to figure out how this happened. ilana gold is live in tribeca with the details. ilana? >> diane later on today city officials are going to give us an update on this collapse but we also want to tell you that the clean up out here is just beginning. take a look at the scene. it's going to be a long and difficult process because this
9:32 am
are out here with their heavy machinery and they are taking this crane apart piece by piece. also the department of buildings is investigating exactly what went wrong. construction workers are blaming the high winds for this disaster. investigators now focused on this terrifying collapse captured on camera friday morning by construction crews at a nearby building. >> it's falling. it's falling. >> the 565-foot tall crane that was just installed at 60 hudson street last saturday plunged onto worth street in tribeca showing a two ton hook and weight ball that crashed through the ceiling leaving a gaping hole. >> you heard the boom and then a crane falling on the street. >> tons of metal slammed onto the street crushing a dozen cars and trapping one driver in the middle of the road. >> we ran to help and saw a man trapped but they wouldn't let
9:33 am
>> david wichs was killed instantly as he walked along the street. three others were hurt and expected to be okay including 73-year-old thomas o'brien who is recovering from a head injury. he traveled to new york to visit his daughter. >> a lot of people are lucky they didn't lose their lives. >> the collapse happened because of wind approaching 20 miles per hour manufacturers instructions to lower. a veteran operator was inside the control cab when it flipped upside down. cbs 2 has obtained this picture a steady wind of 18 miles per hour. >> they started on the second attempt to lower it and then it collapsed. >> the crane was in24 hours before the crash inspectors for the city's department of buildings checked it out and gave the all clear. an extension was added and crews reported no problems. it was approved and submitted
9:34 am
>> this was one of several related accidents this year. after inspecting the damage the mayor ordered 376 crawler cranes to be secured. >> we have to make sure it doesn't happen again. >> so there are still a lot of questions this morning about exactly what happened. here's another live look at the scene where the clean up is just beginning and it could take days. that means the streets by worth and west broadway might not open until monday at the earliest. ilana gold cbs 2 news. >> an fdny chaplain managed to save a wedding. she was wearing her wedding gown and had just left a hair salon. she couldn't make it to her city hall ceremony since the streets were blocked but a
9:35 am
walked the bride to meet her groom. the chaplain even officiated. >> in times of need new yorkers really come together and when the crane first fell people off the street. the chaplain proved that new yorkers are really awesome. >> the bride calls cansfield the coolest chaplain ever. >> she looks great. >> congratulations to them. we do invite you for continuing coverage on our website. you find the entire clip of the crane as it collapsed and are expecting an update from the city on the situation later today. >> police in patterson new jersey are investigating a street after video surfaced on social media. the person is instigating a young man who sucker punches the victim. the video was sent to cbs 2 by
9:36 am
people in the neighborhood are disgusted. >> we will not tolerate that type of behavior or action in our city. >> he doesn't know the trouble he just got himself into. these kids are terrible. >> no word on any arrests in this case. a 50-year-old woman has been killed after she was hit by a school bus in brooklyn. this happened around 6:30 on atlantic avenue. investigators believe a car cutoff the school bus causing it to jump the curb and hit the woman on the sidewalk. police are investigating so far no arrests have been made. a new jersey man accused of crashing a drone into the arrested. he hit the 40th floor after he lost control thursday night and it fell to a 35th floor landing. the 27-year-old went inside the building and asked security guards to help him get it back. they told him no problem but then they called the police. riddle faces reckless endangerment charges. new information this
9:37 am
earthquake that rocked southern taiwan. the death toll stands at 13 and is expected to rise. the 6.4 magnitude earthquake that collapsed a residential high rise. the search continues this morning for survivors. a woman and baby were rescued earlier today along with a dog. at least 230 people have been pulled from the rubble. health officials seeking to stem the zika virus out break are urging pregnant woman to think twice about kissing anyone on the lips and urging them not to have unprotected serve if their partners have visited countries where the virus is present. pregnant employees of united airlines can stay away and delta put a similar policy in place more than two weeks ago. the uk is asking all airlines to spray their planes with insect side before returning from hot zones. the virus has been linked to
9:38 am
super bowl excitement is in the air. tickets are going for record prices the highest about $50,000 so how are these guys able to score them for much less? and stepping to sound with the sounds of brazil. hear how you can celebrate
9:39 am
city. living well your immununsystst rks s rd to keep you on top of your game. you can support it by eating healthy, drinking fluids, and getting some rest.
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no otherereading immunini brand gives you more vitamin c. plus it has a specially crafted blend of 13 vitamins, minerals and herbs. so when you want to support your immune system, take airborne, and enjoy living well. we are now just one day away from super bowl sunday. already the bay area super bowl city has reached maximum capacity around 9:00 last night people away. an estimated 100,000 people inside made the best of the tight space as you can see. enjoying themselves. let's head over to san francisco with a look at how big game. francisco.
9:41 am
>> good morning andrea and diane. i can tell you all of those fans were here to see one republic last night. that concert was loud and went late into the night. now early this morning just to my left i'm watching a fitness class get set-up. more than 100,000 people expected again today in super bowl city but when we went over to the nfl experience just a few blocks away there were tons of people over there as well not just here for the big game but to take part in all of the interactive exhibits taking pictures with the trophy making sure they get in on the interactive games families having so much fun. there's a ton of virtual technology out there because of course we are close to silicon valley but we found tons of fans really, really pumped up to get to tomorrow and that big game. >> i am super pumped. we have had just a great year and there's so much going with the number one defense and peyton manning.
9:42 am
long and horrible to okay and this season was just like oh my god blew everyone's mind. it's been incredible. >> it was so fun talking to both of those women because they are adamant their team is going to win so finally find that out tomorrow when the two teams hit the big stage. it was easy to find a broncos fan. she was all decked out but the panthers fans harder to find. they have to travel a lot further from the east coast but hoping to see a few more in town because they were hard to spot yesterday. here in super bowl city another free concert tonight alicia keys will take the stage. >> we've got a panthers fan in our control room. i want to ask you because a lot of people are excited have you seen cold play walking around at all jamie? >> well cold play was actually in los angeles last night meeting with kids as a part of the symphony that will be
9:43 am
and did the late late show with james corden last night i think getting in a few minutes of practice. at their press conference i got to meet chris martin and give him a quick hug, highlight of my week so far. can't wait to see what the super bowl holds but bruno mars now also confirmed to be part of the half time show along with cold play and beyonce. >> something tells me you are not getting much sleep this weekend jamie. >> i thought that was you. that's awesome. thank you. >> we appreciate it have a great time thank you. >> tickets for super bowl 50 are shaping up to be the most expensive in u.s. history. the site seat geek claims the average ticket price is just under $5,000. a pair of tickets recently sold for $20,500 each near the sideline. >> there are three fans guaranteed to get their tickets at face value at $850 one of the perks of being a member of the never miss a super bowl club. you might remember them from a
9:44 am
tom is one of only three people to attend all 50 super bowls and the pittsburgh native says he actually has a few favorites in there. >> well i have to go back to the steelers in 9, 10, 13 and shh were all so special. >> how long will you be going to the game? >> until they put me in a box. >> for the first super bowl he paid $12 to watch the packers beat the chiefs in l.a. >> super bowl 50 coverage starts here on cbs 2 tomorrow at 11:00 a.m. and the game at 6:30. make sure you stick around for a live edition of the late show with steven colbert after the game with tina fey, margo roby, megyn kelly and surprise guests. time now to check in with vanessa murdock with a look at
9:45 am
warmer in super bowl city than here but we can enjoy it still right? >> we really can't complain. the 40s throughout the weekend and no snow which i think after yesterday especially on long island people will be pleased to hear. we will talk snow for the work week though several chances lie there. first thing to do check in with weather watchers this morning. i have a couple of photos i'd love to share with you. here we go. first off this one from charley hoffman. i just think it's gorgeous. so charlie thank you for sharing this photo of bald eagles fishing for their breakfast this month. absolutely spectacular picture there. then mark and jeanine saying the daffodils are undaunted and determined to just come out early. so we'll see. the groundhog said an early spring. it's not going to look like spring at all in the up coming week. this weekend i think we have
9:46 am
live outside right now from on top of the empire state building thin clouds and 33 degrees feeling like 30. temperature trends looks like this for your weekend nice and mild and 37. monday temperatures get colder. by week's end many of us struggle to get out of the 20s. plenty of sunshine today milder tomorrow as i mentioned but we will see clouds thickening throughout the day tomorrow and then monday through wednesday there's a chance for snow each day and it's looking more likely now. we'll see more snow fall on monday. here we go on the vortex satellite and radar picture looking good out there right now. lots of sunshine and high pressure to thank for that and high thin clouds for today. take you through the forecast hour by hour today looking good tonight mainly clear. tomorrow morning starting with sun but as a low pressure system moves up the coast thickening clouds late tomorrow.
9:47 am
the first chance for snow into the work week. notice 5:00 a.m. the system looking to trend more to the west bringing snow for the morning commute especially east of the city and snow looking now to continue throughout much of the day on monday. that would lead to accumulations. then we get more waves of snow tuesday into wednesday. this is what snow fall totals look like through early tuesday morning. biggest totals still looking to be mainly east and south of the city close to the coast where that system will be moving up. smaller totals but still about 3-inches. so again tuesday morning we have a chance for snow tuesday and wednesday. we'll keep you posted. situation will obviously continue to change until we get closer to the moment of truth on monday. but for today it is 43 degrees looking lovely. lots of sunshine. overnight tonight 33 mainly clear. tomorrow 47 morning sun late day clouds. monday, tuesday, wednesday tracking that chance for snow and it keeps getting colder. another chance for snow friday.
9:48 am
>> when you think of alvin you may think of professional dancers you wouldn't think of trying yourself but there's something for everyone there. whether you want to learn new moves or burn off calories an ininstructor is here to get you moving and give us a preview of a special work shop to celebrate brazil. thank you so much for being here. >> thanks for having us. >> people are more the professional shows that the theater puts on. >> the extension has different classes, 80 kinds of different classes for everyone. there's dance for everyone. and i teach some from brazil but they have different styles of dance for everyone. >> what if you have no idea how to dance whatsoever. you've never taken a dance class at all. >> i think you have to be open to go and try and once you are there you are going to get to move and the music and then you are going to do the movement.
9:49 am
>> my class we have beginner intermediate and advance. all classes have different levels. >> talk to us about what you are planning for carnival. >> we are doing a work shop and then we do like high heels because the girls from the somba school have a different style of dancing in heels and then drums with nick. he's going to be teaching us how to do the drums. and then we have a class from 4 to 6 just in bia la style. every state in brazil has a different style. >> this is different. >> it's all different like dancing in different styles. >> i thought it was hard enough in it's own but there's different versions of it. >> we have some from rio. >> thank you so much. it sounds like you get the full experience. you did say this is for beginners but you say you can teach me how to somba.
9:50 am
it's the dance from brazil. >> all right and i love these out fits. explain why they are so decorative and what the meaning of carnival is. >> every year in rio they have things with costumes and floats for the whole week. once they finish they are planning for the next year and each community group has their own team and they kind of do the out fits and the floats. >> a competition? >> yes it's a competition but they talk about some story or someone that they want to tell the story about through the costumes. it's like a big theater on the street. >> well you guys are winning the competition here for sure but i didn't want to feel left out so you made me a head piece which is very beautiful. we are going to-- >> i don't want to mess up your hair. >> we are going to go for it absolutely. >> then we are going to-- >> how are we looking? >> looking great. >> very good.
9:51 am
there you go. you are going to step one two three. >> one two three one two three. and then you project your hips forward. >> oh forward. okay. >> yes forward forward. now the arm is the opposite of the leg in the front. >> something tells me this is going to get faster. >> yes. >> keep the arms in front of your torso. now project your hips forward. forward, forward. >> i don't know that i'm doing it correctly. >> forward, forward. >> you look good. >> this are really fun and a good work out. >> yes great work out for the legs hips arms and abc. >> it's really fun to do. the dance work shop is next saturday at 1:00 p.m. to learn more head to our website and after i completely butchered
9:52 am
us how it's really done. thank you so much for being here.
9:53 am
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cbs 2 is back with your top stories. investigators are on the scene of the deadly crane collapse in tribeca. cameras were rolling as the 56 story crane came crashing down onto worth street yesterday morning. 38-year-old david wichs was killed instantly as he walked along word street. three other people were hurt. the crane was being lowered because of wind approaching 20
9:56 am
investigators are trying to figure out exactly how this happened. seven republican presidential candidates will square off today two days after the new hampshire primary. much is at stake for donald trump who is leading in polls nationally and the granite state. after skipping the last debate he's facing a fierce challenge from ted cruz and marco rubio. >> excitement and fireworks are in the air with one day until super bowl sunday. special coverage starts right here tomorrow at 11:00 a.m. the game starts at 6:30. >> let's get a final check of your weather forecast with vanessa. >> for the weekend beautiful. tomorrow mid 40s for most of us. lots of sunshine for your entire week long and making our way monday tuesday and wednesday a chance for snow each and every day and that forecast keeps changing right now as of the latest model run. monday we could see accumulations three to six inches but it's early with the
9:57 am
make a big difference in totals so we'll watch it for everybody. thank you. that wraps up today's cbs 2 saturday morning. i'm andrea grymes. >> i'm diane macedo. thanks for watching everyone and have a great weekend. uoa afa wnad t u soetomhi mo.a twk atanovasfa ayo bins esrit w,pgdeo os0meorigr teetndpheange$2 bk. llr ointoy.
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