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tv   CBS 2 News  CBS  February 8, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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>> we are tracking snow moving across our area with parts of long island getting hit the hardest. >> communities in new jersey and queens are also dealing with coastal flooding. we have live team coverage. but first, john elliott is here with a look at the forecast. >> thank you, mary and chris. hi everybody. it's this big area of low pressure. what's it mean for the city right now, light snow pushing through. and again, it is is trying to break through and push -- it is trying to break through and push to the west but the banding is into suffolk county and here where it started snowing sooner and will linger longer. that's where you will see the more significant totals. and 880 reporting a lot of slushy conditions through fairfield county, connecticut and much of the state where colder temperatures are existing. it's relatively snow-starved to the west but all of this around this big area of low pressure. again, more significant totals to the east, parts of the island 2 to 4 and some will see
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wind is adding to flood warnings for the north shore, the city and the jersey shore with readings 2 to 3 feet above high tide. now back to the desk. >> thank you. as mentioned, long island getting most of the snow right now. diane macedo riding around with the babylon department of works with a look at how the crews are battling the storm. >> reporter: i am here with one of about a hundred crew members of the department of public works of babylon working to stay ahead of the storm. and they're doing a good job here but nick is explaining that it can be extra challenging in this kind of a storm because the snow is especially wet and as a result, it's especially heavy. scott is one of many long islanders who takes snow in stride. >> january wasn't too bad. par for the course, i think.
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blizzard-like conditions expected, even he admits he's concerned. >> the snow weighs down the power lines. and loose lines on the ground. >> reporter: the back don department of works says the worries well founded since the snow is particularly wet and heavy. >> we already have snow on some limbs and now we will have more snow on the limbs. so the weight of the snow is probably going to make more trees -- if they were damaged in the friday storm, today they may finish off and snap off the branches. >> reporter: and the slush is difficult to drive or walk in. >> horrible. horrible. slippery. >> reporter: and while the town has been dropping salt and sand since 3:00 a.m., plowing can be a challenge. >> heavy, wet snow is harder to push so the trucks that we use can't push the snow back as far so we need the bigger trucks so it takes longer to clear the streets. >> reporter: the department of public works has their hands
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nick, tell us what can residents do to help you out? >> me and behalf of every other worker, plow operator, it would help if everybody pleased keep their cars off the road. it does help us extremely by getting them off the road and opening up the roads so we can do our job and make the roads safe. and open the roads up for any future storms. get this snow off the road nice and clear. >> reporter: and any other tips we have been hearing is making sure that residents aren't shoveling and plowing back on to the streets. and that winter storm warning is in effect for the area right now scheduled until about 7:00 p.m. tonight. again, the department of public works is asking drivers to stay off the roads in terms of driving and parking. macedo, cbs 2 news. >> thank you. even before the brunt of
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we are live in belmar with the latest on this. christine -- >> reporter: mary, a tale of two new jerseys. driving here from union county, not a drop of snow. as we got closer to the shore, you can see the snow is coming down, windy ask coastal flood. i am standing -- windy and coastal flooding. and i am standing here in belmar, new jersey. the water choppy. and the area was flooded just a couple hours ago around route 35. the water has receded. and look at what else we saw along the way. folks tweeting out pictures in union beach, a bay community devastated by superstorm sandy, several streets impassable, under water. and south concourse underwater by the marina. that water has since receded. in hoboken, another community crippled when sandy hit parts of the train terminal flooding. new jersey transit had to close the door to a ferry slip because of high tide.
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and now we are told by new jersey transit that the water has receded but folks here, especially in belmar, along the jersey shore, bracing tonight. and that happens at 6:00. more flooding. we're live in belmar, new jersey, christine sloan, cbs 2 news. >> all right. thank you. flooding created problems for some queens residents. rockaway. streets flooded this morning just after high tide. the pictures are from facebook. scott rapoport joins us live with more on the scene there. >> reporter: yeah, here people had to deal with both snow and high tide this morning which created some messy and very wet streets in parts of the neighborhood. we have some pictures from social media that we want to show you. take a look at this, streets flooded with water spilling over from jamaica bay. this is high tide came rolling in at 7:37 this morning.
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one point, the water was 2 to 3 feet high in the streets. james says all of this left him with a flooded basement and that he was surprised despite coastal flood advisories issued. >> it was pretty bad. it came in quickly. we had no warning. we didn't know this was going to happen. >> reporter: how bad is it? >> it's very bad. i lost my burner, i believe. >> reporter: and there could be more folks saying they're worried there could be more high tide tonight set for 7:37 p.m. live this afternoon, scott rapoport, cbs 2 news. >> thank you. a royal caribbean cruiseship that left new jersey on saturday night hit rough seas in the atlantic. they ran into a powerful storm yesterday. passengers sent us videos and photos as they were forced to stay in the cabins. the ship is headed to florida. royal caribbean reports some damage in public areas of the injured. new safety measures are in
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following last week's deadly crane collapse. they tithenned restrictions on crane operations and increased the fines if rules aren't obeyed. hazel sanchez reports. >> reporter: crews are working around the clock and inching closer to bringing the street back to normal after the crane collapse. >> i think everyone is excited to get back to work. >> reporter: the final pieces of the crawler crane have been painstakingly and strategically cut away, in hopes of revealing what caused the boom to topple over. >> we do not know was it human element, structural? the wind? >> reporter: city officials say the crew working on the crane was doing the what was require of them. >> they were moving to put the crane into a secure position. >> reporter: but was the reaction to the conditions too late? today mayor de blasio is
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policies to prevent whatever mistakes occurred from happening again. including new crawler crane restrictions that require cranes to go into safety mode when high winds are forecast. more sidewalk pedestrian protection and community notification when a crane is being secured. and the creation of a crane safety task force. >> i just hope that the precautions that are put in now will -- nothing like this will happen again. >> we are going to make sure that the people of new york city are safe during the construction boom. and if we have to take strong measures to put limits on construction, we will do so. there's no building that is worth a person's life. >> reporter: a 38-year-old david wicks of the upper west side was killed in the collapse. his grieving widow in the hat and sunglasses was among hundreds who gathered for his funeral on sunday morning. mayor de blasio said it was fortunate that there weren't more casualties and that the city had strict crane laws but over the weekend, he made
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new safety policies for today. we will find out why he made the changes and have the latest on cbs 2 news at 5:00. in the newsroom, hazel sanchez, cbs 2 news. >> thank you. the knicks have fired head coach derrick fisher. the knicks hired him for who played for team president phil jacksons. he had compiled a less than impressive 40-96 record. still ahead, the last push before the first primary. >> we will have a live report from new hampshire where candidates are making their last pitch before tomorrow's vote. plus -- >> favorite spot. are you ready for this >> you mess within the wrong daddy. >> a look at the super bowl
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turning to campaign 2016. the presidential candidates are all in new hampshire today battling for the hearts and minds of primary voters. >> and that's where we find marcia kramer who spoke to the candidates from our area who want to be president. >> reporter: well, mary, donald trump is way ahead in the polls here in new hampshire but when i spoke to him this morning, he
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he is working hard for votes. >> we've known each other a longtime. >> reporter: like forever. i spoke to donald trump today as he left his hotel. he was humble, intent on working hard. >> i hope i win tomorrow. we are expect, we hope. but we're having bad weather coming in. so let's see what happens. >> reporter: trump is ahead of the pack by double digits but it could spell the end of the road for a number of campaigns. new jersey governor chris christie, former florida jeb bush. >> there will be some people dropping out. >> reporter: trump had nothing >> jeb's a stiff. >> reporter: chris christie has success in notary public and and he has been campaigning hard, shaking as many hands as possible. governor, what's in your head and heart today? >> just working hard, you know, we have more work to do. another 48 hours until people vote. we've worked hard up here. and people have gotten to know me well. >> reporter: but in new
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you will run into when i campaign. for christie, it was a man who believe it or not is running for president as a democrat. >> so is this the last hoorah for the governor of new jersey? >> the question is, is that log jam then people like bush and christie and kasich, they may live to fight another day if they don't get clobbered here. >> reporter: well, on the democratic side, bernie sanders is way ahead of hillary rodham clinton. 23-point edge. but as you can see, it's snowing here in manchester. and nobody knows how that will affect the turnout. reporting live from manchester, new hampshire, marcia kramer, cbs 2 news. >> all right. i lived there for two years out of college, they can handle it. that's for sure. time is now 12:14. money's worth. we will take a look at some of last night's commercials
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it's a little bit funny this feeling inside >> a music legend hops in the car with james corden for car pool karaoke.
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john. what's with them? oh, those two? they're always fighting for attention. there's more to a legendary city than its legends.
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it wasn't all about the big game. as alex tells us. >> reporter: a slew of big name celebrities took center stage. you used to call me on my cellphone >> cut! >> perfect. here are the changes. >> i love changes. >> when you say call me on my cellphone, add device eligible for upgrade after 24 months. >> reporter: kevin hart played the most overprotective dad on the planet following his daughter's every move. even lil wayne got in on the action. >> man, that's what i'm talking about, george, dope. >> word. >> so what should i do with the
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>> reporter: and a hungry marilyn monroe turned into an agitated actor. >> this is a disaster! whose the genius who puts a grate? >> eat a snickers. >> reporter: dorito's strikes again going for humor. >> really? >> reporter: watch as the baby follows the chip in his father's hand. [ laughter ] >> give me that. [ crying ] >> reporter: the mountain dew ad left many with unanswered questions. and pulling at the heart strings -- >> three, two, one. >> reporter: a former astronaut finds happiness again with the
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and fast cars. >> unlike in year's past, advertisers steered away from controversial ads. another highlight was a special addition of the late show with james corden. elton john jumped in the passenger seat for car pool karaoke. they dressed up to belt out "crocodile rock." >> the muppets. had so much fun holding hands and skimming stones and a place of my own was the biggest kick i ever got was doing a thing called the crocodile rock while the other kids are rocking around the clock we were hopping and bopping to the crocodile rock >> john explained, have you ever felt like a sex symbol. he had fun with the outfits over the years. that's for sure. >> who will he get next? >> i could watch an entire show of those.
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together, might be an idea there. and the weather right now. more issues coming. let's turn it over to meteorologist john elliott. >> you have issues with snow a cumulating snow and the slippery surfaces and then the heavy wet snow and then the winds out of the east and that's causing problems with flooding. we want to show you what's going on around the area. checking in with the weather watchers and you know, you get the observations north and west and it's no snow, no snow, no snow. we would like some snow but no snow. closer to the city up and into parts of westchester, steve has got 30. and he's got snow blowing every which way, limiting visibility. that's another key concern. here on staten island, i've got john here. right there. and he hasn't seen a flake. but then his neighbor closer to brooklyn, michael has it blowing every which way as well. so there's a lot of variety even in the city. and now this is a shot where you obviously have some accumulating snow.
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and problems. look at the slippery streets. and you've got some nasty conditions as well. driveway. for the birds. i would just say stay inside and enjoy some tv. i'll tell you what, here's where we come to you from. this is the west side. a few minutes ago, the snow was everywhere. and now we're in a break. that's just the way it's been here on the west side. 31 in the park with the wind per hour. and numbers, well, you've got 26 in the hamptons. and 27 in white plains. and across the board, it's colder, seven to 16 degrees colder than yesterday. and wind chills as low as 12. wind chills in the teens common. so you've got to later up. going to be cold for the kids. fog and blowing snow limiting visibility through westchester county and on the island as well. and a lot to deal with. see the snow, it's retreating a bit through the west side and
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you have the banding through nassau county. very slushy conditions through connecticut. with you it's starting to pull away. so less in the way of snow for parts of the jersey shore but the wrap-around effect felt with the persistent east wind, more significant totals to the east. don't forget that next high tide cycle, that's when you're going to be dealing with another round of coastal flooding. and it will come in and it will race out 2 to .5 to 3.5 feet above normal. and with the wind, wind chills in the teens. and then another round tomorrow and then even colder by the weekend. your high on friday just 29 degrees. >> looking at the two word, arctic front, doesn't look good.
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handcuffed to a pipe, duct taped up and thrown in the closet. >> it's apartment of what has become a fascination with kidnapping as entertainment. tonight at 11:00, cbs 4 news the game. well, the votes are in and the new polar bear at the >> adorable. he has been named nora. she was born november 6th. and she's being raised by the staff after her mother started negligenting her. >> how can you negligent that? >> the two weeks of online voting for the name drew more than 88,000 votes from 115 she's adorable. >> adorable is right. that's it for us at noon. for john and the entire cbs 2 news team, thanks for joining i'm mary calvi. >> and i'm chris wragge. cbs 2 news is back at 5:00. we will see you tomorrow
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