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tv   CBS 2 News at 6  CBS  February 8, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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and third avenue. at first the suspect seemed intent on terrorizing the victim until he told her he felt bad about what he had done. >> workers on the upper east side say this is the man who attacked a 36-year-old woman over the weekend. the surveillance video of the victim moments before her attacker followed her into the store. police sources say she was walking west on 94th street headed to work and the man grabbed her, put her in a choke hold, threw her to the ground, and demanded money. he allegedly sexually assaulted her. and the man tried to give the money back and told her he felt bad. she ran to the market where the employee there says she asked him to call the police. the man walked in a minute later. and the clerk said he claimed
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>> he said where is my wife. i said what? i don't know who is your wife? >> reporter: the man eventually left after just a couple of minutes. the woman is a regular customer who knows the layout of the store. she ran to the back and hid in a downstairs storage area until police arrived. call police if you have information about the suspect in this case. reporting live, valorie castro, cbs 2 news. in connecticut, a bus overturned on i-95 leaving 30 people hurt. the charter bug was heading to the casino at the time of the accident. dick brennan has the story. what can you tell us? >> reporter: it was an incredible scene on the connecticut turnpike. this happened around 12:30 in
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the bus was headed to sun casino. it's not clear what triggered the accident. but as you pointed out. the snow was falling and that could have contributed obviously. and more than 30 people suffered injuries and but none were life-threatening. >> are we expecting more significant injuries. a vast majority of the patients were able to walk off the bus which is a good thing. >> reporter: the american red cross was providing mass care assistance including opening a receiving center. the bus operator said that they are saddened and will see that all the passengers are safely returned to their family.
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turned around until conditions improve. all lanes are re-hoped on the connecticut turnpike. snow has been falling across the region with parts of long island the hardest hit. traveling on the south shore was treacherous today. cars and flowing kicked up slush. if you're driving cautiously you can drive safely out there. but if you can avoid being out there you should. >> south hampton had to shut down a town hall. in the broad channel section of queens, homes and cars were damaged by flood waters. several streets are being raised as part of a flood control plan. >> thanks goodness the help has started. but it needs to get done as
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this can't happen every time there's a major storm. >> it's not expected to be complete for another year. >> this is the scene in coastal new jersey. and speaking of the snow and colder temperatures, lonnie quinn is wok only that and joins us in just a few minutes. we're hearing from the college student who was slashed by a teenager. she was walking to her car sunday morning and was attacked in jackson heights. the st. john student says a jogger ran by and slashed her leg with an unknown on. in a television exclusive, they talked about the recent rise in slashings. >> that means they don't think there's enough repercussions. there needs to be something
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>> she says she won't live in fear but will be more aware of her surroundings. the city is introducing tougher safety regulations. friday, the mayor said the city had strict laws in place. >> reporter: it's still a work in progress. crews work around the clock to repair the massive damage. >> the dirt and the gas games make it impossible for us to >> many are without water or utilities and have cottonnen to leave until the neighborhood is back to normal. the top priority is finding what caused the crane to topple over. >> we won't know until the investigation is complete.
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and david wicks was killed. mayor de blasio said it was for the but by the weekend he was making changes. >> on reviewing this situation, we thought there were areas. new crawler crane restrictions require cranes in safety mode when high winds are forecast. and community notification when a crane is being concerned. and a crane safety tax force. >> i hope that nothing this will happen. ways. diables owe says his task force will look into new comes.
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face state offer fines. closing arguments are set for tomorrow in the trial of an nypd officer accused of killing an unarmed man. he's charged with manslaughter in the shooting death of a 28- year-old at the lewis pink houses in east new york. he broke down on the witness stand and he was paroling. his mother had a message for -- >> it was no accident. you murdered my son. i need justice for. >> i need a conviction. >> he did not radio for help
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antibias training will be given to police officers. >> the perception of the police bias is incorrect. >> every one of us has biases. we're humans. >> our public servants have to work hard to make sure that no bias seeps into the work we do. >> the training will protect conflicts. participantery. a group of students were there marcia-- >> reporter: it's one teacher's
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get them out of the classroom and into the ere. and what better place to do it. you have the candidate and the campaigns and voters all in one fish bowl. >> a green of high school students, in strong position to challenge the leader of the pack, donald trump. they are among 115 to work on a number of campaigns. mcmcs, bernie sanders, and marco rubio. and they are here to experience depreciation and amortization in action. >> it's much to take them outside the classroom.
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they have to engage in it. the students in 2012 that came up me stayed engaged and volunteered for campaigns the next election cycle. and they write to me and tell me who they are voting for. >> and what will you tell people about marco rubio? >> he understands the most important institution in america is the family. >> and bernie sanders believes that our current economic system is not doing enough for the middle class and lower classes both classes with improve wealth and close the gap between the rich and poor. >> reporter: i asked this republican, jimmy quinn if he could vote for michael bloomberg?
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running. they plan to vote in the primary or the general election, depending on where they you were the, it's snowing. i'm marcia kramer, cbs 2 news. fists fly at a high school hockey game. some parents are accused of tacking a wreck. here from peculiars on who tried to outrun a storm. for the first thing, things are trying to quiet down in suffolk county. this system will legal and thin one is on its heels. scott pelley is here with more on the zika virus.
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has hit hardest. there's a fascinating story on how the connection was made between zika and birth defects. an issue at the front. later no longer with the
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the anthem of the seas is high tailing it back after hitting a storm off the coast of north carolina. the storm tossed around anything not nailed down. the cruise operator said four people had minor injuries. if captain said we'll put the ship full speed ahead and try to outrun the storm. >> i'm on the 7th floor and had waves up to my deck. until wednesday morning. it's not at all unusual to see a fight break out at a hockey game. >> parents are accused of attacking a ref. at 6:00.
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participants can get too involved in teenager's sports. >> i had to apologize for my last time out. it's an emotional game, high stakes. >> reporter: the police confirmed the most recent may lee happened at ice world. a referee called a mom a curse word and told her to exit the game. immediately after the game, two participants followed the ref into this changing room and this is where the fight took place. >> reporter: it was the hockey mom's husband and friend who took on the referee. >> they started arguing and fighting. >> they were just hitting each other, pulling their shirts over each other's heads. >> reporter: students say it was an intense game that ended in a tie with a store of 1-1.
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the hospital for a sprained neck. he tweeted am home resting. connor han southbound says he knows the mother. >> i think the ref was having a bad day or was fed up or i don't know. >> like any other husband would do. he retaliated. that's not something appropriate for hockey. >> we know one of the two referees is the president of the new york, new jersey chapter of the national ice hockey officials association. both referees went to the hospital for minor operations. if surveillance video was taken, whoever initiated could be charged with all the and typed. we called the school district but they wouldn't comment since students were not
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no return from the ice hockey's association. we tried several times. lonnie quinn is looking ahead to more action. >> we'll talk about another system moving in. there's a chance for snowy weather tomorrow. and i think it's later tomorrow to wednesday. that's the picture now in new york city. you have a cloudy sky overhead and it's 32 degrees right now. notice suffolk county no longer under a winter storm warning. that just expired. and now we're getting ready for a new one. we have a winter storm warning that will go into affect for ocean county at midnight tonight. the areas shaded in purple have a winter weather advisory. south hampton, picked up a half foot of snow.
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in with the biggest number in nose. and central park. coastal flooding problems, it's in the process of having a second round because the next beginning. middlesex county, queens, brooklyn and nassau county. and in suffolk county, a coastal flood warning, and an astronomical flood any aware. vortex satellite and radar. here's the exiting system. not so much in suffolk county. and now they're up to can you give me a total. and the national weather service doesn't have it. you may pull off the western
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and i can update it for you. the next system -- you can see it on the map. rain to the south. and know in the admit section. we'll take with the now. get in the -- ulster county could see a few snow showers. and then you get into the day on tuesday, and flirting with this. but it's going to be later in the day. watch what happens as you get into the early hours of wednesday. and now here's 10:30. and looks like 3 to 6 inches around ocean county. and anywhere from zero to 7:00. temperatures lancaster the story by the weekend. 39 wednesday, 31 thursday. and each of the three days will have a snow chance. 27 friday and look at saturday. saturday's high 24.
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>> the
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derek fisher out. >> i mean curious timing for this major announcement for the new york knicks. and one of the toughest jobs i guess for a team president is deciding when to make a coaching change. midseason coaching changes rarely happen. and the knicks have chosen to fire derek fisher. he spent less than two years at the helm with disastrous results. he had the second worst record in the team's history. will it breed new life into the playoff hopes. phil jackson has been left no choice. >> nine losses on the last 10 games, i think it's the business of winning. i think obviously, there's some games in which we didn't get off to a very good start recently. >> i'm going to do the best job i can to finish out this year and get in the playoffs. that's my goal.
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after we get as far as we can get. peyton manning will be labeled a two time super bowl winning quarterback. let's be honest. the real super bowl heroes were the denver broncos defense. they virtually shut down the number one scores offense in the nfl. cam newton was sacked for a super bowl record. >> we know what type of team we are. we know what type of game we can play and we focused around that and enjoyed the moment. >> it was electric. just explosive. a couple times i felt like they should have had flags on him. >> he's a beast. he made two big plays that got us over the hill. >> he was more physical and played faster, and everybody
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didn't play them scared. >> one of the highest trending videos happened to include a new york giant. this is eli mannings' reaction when the broncos scored the final touchdown. he can hardly contain his excitement. payton came to his brother's defense saying eli was quote unquote analyzing the game and wasn't going to relax until the final second ticked off. >> that's because he wanted him to lose. >> he's the only brother with 2 mvps. >> two super bowl mvps. back in just a minute. when you're told you have cancer start with a specialist. start with a team of experts
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coming up tonight on cbs 2 news at 11:00, a bizarre trend that could prove to be dangerous. >> almost got kidnapped. >> tied up with a gun to your head, all part of a game? that's tonight at 11:00. and next on the cbs evening
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>> we'll see you back at 11:00.
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