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tv   CBS Overnight News  CBS  February 9, 2016 3:07am-4:00am EST

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in another important story tonight, after five years of stalemate, syria's civil war may be reaching a turning point. the assad dictatorship now backed by relentless russian air strikes is close to surrounding the town of aleppo. the rebel stronghold. thousands have fled. only to be caught in a no-man's land on the turkish border. to date u.n. described the dictator's offensive on civilians as quote, extermination. holly williams has been reporting on the horror of this war which is also captured in these pictures you are about to see. >> reporter: another child victim of a war that even adults struggle to understand. this little boy trapped under a slab of concrete until a
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to free him. we can't verify these videos but they appear to show the death and brutal offensive by syrian regime around the city of aleppo backed by russian air strikes. with the help of its ally, iran on the ground, the syrian regime has almost entirely surrounded aleppo. and is now less than 20 miles from the turkish border. that's where tens of thousands of civilians have fled for their lives. though they still haven't been allowed to cross into safety. turkey's absorbed more than 2 million syrian refugees. and now says it has reached its limit. leaving these exhausted people stranded. mohamed hussein al-ahmed is
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they have lost their supply route. how long can you hold out? how long is it until aleppo falls to the regime? >> translator: i can't say for sure how long it will be until aleppo falls to the regime. or iran and russia, he told us. we'll stand and fight who ever attacks us. >> reporter: the syrian rebels, some of which are backed by the u.s., rose up against the regime nearly five years ago. if they're now defeated, scott, syria would be divided between isis on one hand and the regime which has indiscriminately bombed its own people. >> holly williams covering the war for us tonight. holly, thank you. in that interview with the president, gayle king also want to know how mr. obama has changed. after years of challenges such
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>> i'm curious how the presidency has changed you as a president. now eight years in. how you have changed as a president and how you have changed as a man in the time you have been in te office? >> you know, i think my basic character is unchanged. and michelle and close friends of mine who have known me for years would say, he's the same guy. there is obviously some hard-won wisdom from -- >> uh-huh. >> from overcoming challenges. figuring out really hard problems. i told somebody in, in -- another interview though that, probably the most important thing and maybe this is just a function of age as well as -- having been around the track a while. as president. you lose that fear. you lose that sense of, oh, what if something goes wrong. because there are going to be things that go wrong.
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that comes from being very self-conscious about not making mistakes. at a certain point, you realize, look, you do your best. you make, make your call, make your decision. most of the time it is going to work. but not going to work perfectly. going to have to continue to make adjustments. that gives you a certain confidence that allows you to play a little better. >> the president with gayle king in the oval office. i can't remember seeing the president and first lady do a joint interview. >> you can't remember because it never happened. first time they have sat together live. you knee what i was thinking -- first time i interviewed a president and first lady together live. we were all in the same bet. we were all in the same boat. i was flattered and honored they allowed us come into the white house, invade super bowl sunday to take the time to sit down and talk with us. >> terrific interview, gayle king. thank you for joining us. see much more of gayle avenue interview with the president and first lady on "cbs this
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that interview preceded the super bowl on cbs. it turns out the game had super ratings too. nearly 112 million viewers which makes it the third most watched event in u.s. television history. late to date broncos returned to denver with the lombardi trophy after surprising the carolina panthers 24-10 in a defense tour de force. but there will be no blocking of the victory parade. cruise ship passengers thought they were going down in a violent storm. why chipotle closed its restaurants for lunch today. and bei-bei in the tree top. the "cbs overnight news" will be right back. (sounds of birds whistling) music introducing new k-y touch gel cr me.
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tonight, 4,500 passengers on their way back after their royal caribbean cruise sailed into a violent atlantic storm. jericka duncan has this. >> reporter: 25 foot waves and wind over 100 miles per hour forced this cruise ship to make
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sail. >> oh, my god. george sycip told us during skype, his balcony door appeared to be lifting from the frame. >> you could hear the waves crashing the hull, metal twisting and banging. it was scary. >> reporter: the "anthem of the seas" cruise ship left new york saturday heading to port canaveral. when it got caught in a storm. jared johnson shot the video after the captain ordered everyone to their rooms. >> at one point people were falling over. they said hold the wheelchair, myself and others were, standing over holding the wheelchair. so they weren't going to be sliding around. while the worst is over, george sycip is still worried. >> we are rocking a lot right now. makes me wonder if there are issues with the stablizing on
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>> royal caribbean says the ship experienced wind speeds higher than what was the coast guard reported the winds reached up to 115 miles per hour. hit. >> jericka duncan. jericka, thank you very much.
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virus and birth defects. today president obama asked congress for nearly $2 billion to fight the zika virus.
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alert level. at least 57 cases have been reported in the u.s. and dr. jon lapook is just back from brazil, ground zero of the outbreak. he talked to the doctor who found the link between zika and birth defects. pediatric neurologist dr. vanessa vander linden saw her first case with microcephaly, in august, and soon, more babies with the same condition, and then more with an unusually small head. >> two weeks in the middle of september, five cases of babies with microcephaly. >> reporter: her mother anna a doctor phoned with troubling news. >> she called me, vanessa, now i see seven babies with microcephaly in the same day. >> reporter: when you heard that what did you think? >> it is a new disease. something very strange. you need to think of agents that cause many cases at the same time. >> reporter: you were like detectives? >> yes, yes. >> reporter: after ruling out usual causes they looked for other clues. 70% of the women reported a rash during pregnancy. a symptom that helped lead them
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zika. rayane and elvis' baby evelyn was born in october. this is her first child. >> translator: if any mother or father could choose, she said, they would choose to have a normal baby, a healthy baby. but because you cannot choose i am going to love my daughter. >> we can't go back and change something here in brazil. but you can help the other places of the world. dr. van der linden helped sound the alarm. scott so many questions remain. does zika help cause microcephaly. is something else playing a role? how do we protect ourselves from the virus? finally what will happen to the babies as they grow up? >> dr. jon lapook tonight. jon, thank you. every chipotle restaurant in the country closed for four hours today so employees could get a briefing on food safety. via the internet. chipotle had a number of health
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outbreak. the cdc gave it the all clear just last week. the national zoo is sharing pictures of bei-bei, the panda cub. learned to climb a tree. then it got stuck. fortunately mom was there to make sure the cub didn't tumble. he will figure it out soon enough. from bei-bei to beyonce, putting her mark on the halftime
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finally, the super bowl any most powerful performance may have come during halftime. here's michelle miller. >> okay, lady, now let's get in formation. >> reporter: yes, singing, dancing too. but this was not a typical super bowl halftime performance. for starters, few had ever heard the song before. that's because beyonce had just released it the day before. a departure for musicians singing their greatest hits in front of the biggest television audience of the year. beyonce's backup dancers, all african-american, all female troupe, dressed in tribute to the black panthers. her message of empowerment for
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>> what happened at the new or leans? >> it's the striking images from her music video that drive her point home. beyonce is seen atop a sinking police car in what looks like scenes from hurricane katrina. a young black boy confronted by police. stop shooting us in graffiti. all seen as support for the black lives matter movement. she had this reaction after the show. >> make me proud. that's what i wanted. i wanted people to be proud. it's being called a turning point for beyonce. known more for pop hits. now joining the ranks of those who use music to demand social change.
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of "ebony" magazine. now she has moved the needle further and made a bold statement about black lives matter. to do that on super bowl night unprecedented in a lot of ways. i think we will be talk ing about the song, video and performance long after who won yesterday's game. michelle miller, cbs news. santa clara, california. i'm a star. that's the "overnight news" for this tuesday. for some of you the news continues. for others check back with us a little later for the morning news and cbs this morning.
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york city, i'm scott pelley. welcome to the overnight news. the people of new hampshire head to the polls today to cast the primary votes in the race for the white house. much of the state is in the grips of a snowstorm and that should affect voter turnout. the latest polls show bernie sanders and donald trump with commanding leads. for the gop, donald trump is at 30%. with john kasich a strong push at 14%, followed by marco rubio, jeb bush and ted cruz. for the democrats, sanders over hillary clinton by 22 points. john dickerson spoke to both democratic candidates for face the nation. >> senator, while you were in new york, north koreans launched a long-range missile. as president you would face that thing all the time. very often. what secretary clinton is saying
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challenges on day one? >> well that's what she said turned out not to be true. i'm impressed by the quality of his foreign policy. furthermore, on the most important foreign policy issue, in modern history, the war in iraq, i voted against the war. i led the opposition against the war., you will see that much of what i feared would happen, in fact, did happen. on the other hand. secretary clinton voted for the war. so, i think it is not just experience, obviously, she has been a secretary of state for four years. bit is judgment as well. but it is judgment as well. i am confident i can put together a strong team to provide great foreign policy for the people of the united states. >> when you're president and there is a crisis you need to instill confidence in the country. in looking at the debates it is clear you're confident talking
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inequality. when it comes to foreign policy, you are less confident. how would you, how would you show confidence as a president on the issues? >> john, i think that is a media narrative that goes round and round and round. i don't accept that media narrative. again on the most important issue of our time. i was right. hillary clinton was wrong. this is the same argument made against barack obama in 2008. i will assemble a topnotch foreign policy team. and we will provide excellent and strong foreign policy for the people of the united states. what i believe right now is that we have got to learn the lessons of iraq. that its that the united states of america cannot do it alone. that we have to work in coalition, we have to work in coalition with major countries and with muslim countries whose troops will be on the ground.
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mideast, is to make certain that the united states does not get involved in perpetual warfare in the quagmire of iraq and syria. in afghanistan. >> you have talked a lot about donations hillary clinton receives from service sector. in debate she called that an artful smear. what is your response to that? >> it is a fact. when in the last reporting period, her superpac received $25 million. $15 million from wall street. what is the smear. that is the fact. >> she says you can't point to a single vote that she changed or an opinion that she changed, can you? >> nobody who has a superpac, gets money, republican or democrat from the pharmaceutical industry from fossil fuel industry from wall street there has never been a politician in history who said that money influences me. it's just, people have thrown millions and millions into the campaign, but there is no reason why they're throwing that money
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i think, you know the american people know better. so i have never impugned a secretary clinton's integrity. i like secretary clinton. but we have a corrupt campaign finance system. i am proud, i do not have a super pac. we have raised $3.5 million individual contributions averaging $27 apiece. >> barack obama received a lot of money from the same groups. is he in the same fix as hillary clinton? >> it is a corrupt, it is a corrupt campaign finance system. let me tell you something, john. at the very top of my list, of goals that i want to accomplish, as president of the united states. it does not mean that billionaires should be annal to buy elections. >>en the townhall the other night you said the financial interests "are not giving me very much money now." according to "the washington post" analysis, donors at hedge funds, banks, insurance companies and other financial
3:31 am
least $21.4 million. 10% of what you raised. that's a lot of money. >> that's no the calculation that we have done. that's somebody's analysis the i will not argue with it. what is really going on here, john is disturbing to me. i'll be frank with you. what the sanders campaign is trying to do is link donations to my political campaign or really donations to any one's political campaign with undue influence with changing people's views and votes. i have never, ever done that. i really do resent the implication or i said the other night the insinuation. it would be like saying, president obama who took probably more money from wall street, any democrat has in 2008 with his successful campaign was therefore, disqualified. we know that was not true. he signed the toughest,
3:32 am
1930s with the dodd frank bill. you know this is -- a very artful smear. and i am just not going to sit and take it anymore. >> are you saying on the questions that, people from the financial services industry have no greater access to you than anybody else? >> i'm saying that i am available to and open to listening to people from all walks of life. i always have been. i've always will be. talk to the, if people want to donate to me. they know i called them out on the mortgage market mess before the great crash happened. i always like to remind people it was not me, senator sanders who voted to deregulate swaps and derivatives which gave lyman brothers extra leverage one of the contributing factors to their collapse which obviously contribute to what happened in
3:33 am
we could take these step by step and try to unwind them. it doesn't change the basic facts. people know where i stand. i have rolled out. toughest, effective effort to rein in financial abuse of anybody in the campaign. goes further than dodd frank and glass steegle, and goes into shadow banking, hedge funds, carried interest loophole. that is full disclosure. i am on the record. if somebody in one of the firms wants to give me money. hope they know they're giving money to someone that makes sure they never wreck the economy again.
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for republicans the new hampshire primary has become a race to see who will come in second. donald trump has a wild lead. john kasich leapfrogged marco rubio who had a tough time in the weekend's gop debate. >> let's dispel with the fiction. that barack obama doesn't know what he is doing. he knows exactly. i would add this, let's dispel with this fiction, that barack obama doesn't know what he is doing. he knows exactly what he is doing. the bottom line. the notion that barack obama doesn't know what he is doing. he knows exactly what he is doing. >> there it is. the memorized, 25 second speech. there it is. questions from charlie, gayle and nora. on "cbs this morning." >> we wanted to replay your best lines from the debate saturday night. want to give you the opportunity. rather than repeating that about president obama why not discuss the charge lodged against you that you are eloquent but don't have the experience to be
3:36 am
>> my experience is understood all. all over the website. we have discussed it repeatedly. i was the speaker of the florida house. imminent domain abuse stopped in florida because of me. despite the fact the democrats controlled the senate, i have accomplished things in the senate, restrictions on hezbollah, the effort for the bailout, the va accountability. but the core out campaign is that statement. i am going to continue to say it. barack obama is deliberately carrying out a strategy to change america. he wants to redefine the country. one of the main reasons i am running. one of the reasons i feel so good about our debate performance. despite whatever the media people want to say. the biggest fund-raising night we have had in all of the debates. so i feel great. we will say the truth. barack obama is systematically trying to carry out an effort to change the country. this election is important. need to stop that from continuing.
3:37 am
no doubt that president obama was a one-term senator he can give a good speech but hasn't turned out to be a good president is the charge. >> yeah, barack obama has seven years of presidential experience. as the bad today as he was in the first year. if experience was the issue. after seven years of presidential experience he would have improved. the issue is he is carrying out an effort to chaining the country to make it like the rest of the world. obama care was not an accident. dodd frank was not an accident. the deal with iran was not an accident they may have been incompetent how they manage government daily basis. in terms of the policies they're improving. these are strategies to redefine the role of the government and the country and that's one of main reasons i'm running. if we continue on the road it will deny our children to live in the greatest country. i hope they keep replaying the
3:38 am
>> all right. lot of people are wondering abut your strategy on that. let's move on. you said coming out of iowa. you were the guy, marco rubio. marco rubio. after the debate. he took a big fall. how do you feel about your debate performance? how are you feeling going into new hampshire? >> i feel great about it. voters across the country and here in new hampshire got to hear me say repeatedly the truth. barack obama is trying to redefine the role of our government in the country and america's role in the world. the evidence, we raised more money in the first hour of the debate than any other debate. we feel great. end of the day. new hampshire voters among the most serious voters in the country if not the most. they look at issues. underlying factors. they've want candidates that don't just know. have a plan and strategy moving forward. that's what we built our campaign on it. we feel great about the dividend it will pay in 24 hours. >> senator, can i ask you, your campaign is taking heat for a mailer you send, pac sent. jeb bush wearing a crown alluding to members of his
3:39 am
barbara bush. donald trump derided him for asking his mommy for help. should barbara bush be should,000 jeb -- should jeb bush's 90-year-old mother, barbara bush, be off-limits in the campaign. do you denounce the mailer that your pac sent. >> i haven't seen the mailer. second not from my campaign. third, we are at a stage where i had close to $35 million of adds run against me. many from jeb bush's super pac. down to the final moments. i have tremendous respect for the bush family, jeb, no matter what happens in the campaign. i will have admiration, respect, and affection for him. this is not about him, his family. it's about america. future of the country. what kind of country this is going to be in the 21st century. >> we feel very good. did well in iowa. we came in a strong second. would have come in first had the votes not shifted from ben which was a terrible thing that was done to ben carson in my
3:40 am
frankly i think we are doing really well in new hampshire. i hope to do well. i hope, charlie, talking about a snowstorm tomorrow. not what i want. >> you want a big turnout. >> i want a big turnout. snowstorms generally don't help. >> boy, looks like. >> we are doing really well. we watched the debate. it seemed like you and jeb bush really got into it. he stepped up his attacks on you. >> well, you know he is trying to show he is a tough guy. he is not. he is the opposite. he spent $25 million on ads against me. $100 million on his campaign. it has the gone nowhere. you know, very stiff guy. sort of sad to watch if you want to know the truth. spent a lot of money on ad. then goes into the debate. he tries to show he is tough about imminent domain. came out that his family is used imminent dough min to do a
3:41 am
in texas. he doesn't mention little things. i don't think he is going anywhere. don't see him having the personality to go much further. >> want to give you've the opportunity to response. he was especially tough at a townhall in new hampshire. yesterday where he called you a loser. listen. >> here is a sign of real weakness. when you call john mccain or leo thoreson, or anybody else, a pow, served the country in a way admired. american heroes. calling them losers. donald trump you are the loser. >> how would you respond to that? >> just shows the you how they lied. number one i never called john mccain a loser as you know. i like john mccain. and supported john mccain. i said he was a hero. because the he got caught. to ape certain extent. i said he was ape hero. because he got caught. if you remember. i didn't call him a loser. he lied when he made that up. leo. i don't know who leo is. making some other name. probably an american hero. american hero. made that up. and honestly. >> another pow.
3:42 am
yeah, i just don't know him, charlie. never made a comment about him. never said that about john mccain. look at jeb. a loser. spent $110 million so far. at the bottom of the pack. going nowhere. the only thing he does is attack me. he thinks if he attacks me that will show he is tough. every time he attacks me. melts like butter. just a guy. really sad. every time i see an ad about myself. it is him, spending a lot of money. special interest. money. he spends money from the lobbyist and special interest to attack me. i don't see him going anywhere. last thing we need is another bush. >> story out of new hampshire so far is one that you have a huge lead. second story is that marco rubio suffered in the debate. all analysts after the debate said he really took a hard blow from the governors. what do you think of that? >> well, he did. standing next to him, to my right.
3:43 am
interesting to watch. he made one statement. i'm one with a good memory. hearing the one statement. then a couple minutes later, he made the statement. almost identical. i said we have repeated ourselves on occasion, charlie, right. other than nora and gayle. charlie and i repeat ourselves constantly, right. then i heard all it again. a third time. fourth time. even a fifth time. and i said, wow that's really change. i didn't know it would turn out to be a massive blowup. but it was different. i mean, i'm standing there, saying did i hear that five times. what's going on here? obviously a sound bite he likes. use it once. not five times. doesn't work. >> the cbs overnight news will be right back. jill and kate use the same dishwasher.
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former florida governor jeb bush having a difficult time gaining traction in his race. for the white house. bush finished sixth in iowa, and and hoping for second place in new hampshire. nora o'donnell caught up with jeb and his mother. former first lady barbara bush in new hampshire.
3:47 am
>> hello. >> how are you? >> you look beautiful. >> at age 90, mrs. bush flew up from houston to be along side her son as he campaigns for president for a few reasons. >> thank you, mama. >> i love my son. i know that america needs him. he is honest. dependable. loyal. relatively funny. good-looking. but funny. he's got the same values that america seems to have lost. he is almost too polite. i don't advise him. but if i gave him advice, i would say why don't you interrupt like the other people do. >> really? >> yes, i would say that. >> i have gotten better at interrupting, mom. come on. >> in the debate. he is so polite. we brought him up that way. he does not brag like some people we know. >> who are you talking about? >> i can't remember.
3:48 am
that is running for president is bragging to much? >> uh-huh. i am not getting in a spitting match with him the he can spit further than i can. when push comes to shove, people are going to realize jeb has real solutions rather than talking about how popular they are. or how great they are. >> you taped an ad that is running here in new hampshire. and you talk about your son. you said he had a big heart. >> he does. >> i don't know if you know what donald trump tweeted about the ad. he mocked your son turning to you. he tweeted saying just watched jeb's ad where he desperately needed mommy to help him. jeb, mom can't help you with isis, the chinese or putin. >> putin endorsed him. for heaven's sake. putin the killer. putkin the worse. >> didn't endorse me. just for the record. >> no, endorsed trump. an endorsement you don't want. >> i'm proud of being a bush. >> mrs. bush, coming to new hampshire, your brother, george w. bush will be in south carolina.
3:49 am
is it a sign of strength or desperation? >> strength. your son has said i am my own man. >> that's right. >> sort of walking this line. trying to run as himself. and trying to distinguish from your brother the former president? tough line to walk? >> no, because -- >> 2016 is different than 2000, 1998. the country changed the issues are different. i'm different. people understand that. we're different. my life experience is different than that of george. certainly different than my dad, the greatest man alive. not better, worse. shapes how i think what my believes are. >> you said it is okay to have another bush in the white house. what about another clinton? >> i don't think so. >> another bush is going to beat another clinton. >> do you think america is ready for the first female president? >> yes. i don't think either one running is, is the one we need.
3:50 am
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a man from new jersey booked a vacation in iceland. before it was through. he was practically -- a national hero. kind of like mr. magoo visits the arctic. >> reporter: he set off for iceland to unplug from the world. >> i was craving that really big adventure. something unique. >> reporter: little did he know the rental car gps was to take him down the road less traveled. >> after 45 minutes of driving to an hour maybe, i figured out i the wasn't going in the right direction. >> reporter: he stopped at a gas station. as he told me over skype from iceland the attendant didn't speak english. he just kept driving. he was looking for a hotel on laugavegur in reykjavik. instead he typed laugarvegur, the extra r took six hours through steep mountains and icy paths to a house in a small town on the island's northern tip.
3:52 am
the woman answers. she starts laughing at me. >> reporter: that woman found him a place to stay not before posting the story on facebook. by the following morning, he was town legend. by the time he reached reykjavik he was an island celebrity being stopped in the streets. nicknamed the lost tourist at bars. he graced the front page of the country's paper and landed himself on tv. he even got lost again while heading to the famous blue lagoon. he learned his lesson this time and interrupted a conference. >> i barged in. asking for directions because the gps got me lost. they asked me are you the guy that got lost and went up north? >> sound like you are terrible with directions? >> i have a really good sense of direction in america. but over here it is just weird. >> reporter: suppose to fly home to new jersey.
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