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tv   CBS 2 News  CBS  February 9, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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flooding and snow. >> worries persist because during sandy these boats literally floated down the canal. even now with full moons new moons and high tides converging neighborhoods are covered with water. >> carl covered his shoes with tiny plastic bags. the bigger ones taped up over her boots the only one to wade to work today in free port. sally miller put out an sos for a hum v rescue. school is for the birds. >> what's the worst part about flooding in your community. >> trying to get out and go to work and all of the things you should do. >> these roads are horrible. this is definitely not something people should be driving through every day. >> the surge of salt water effected by winds, low pressure
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the canal and came up through the storm drains. >> honestly i don't know what the solution would be. it's the entire town. we were driving through two and a half feet of water. >> town officials gathered with chuck schumer seeking a solution funding for an army core of engineers to protect south shore homes from flooding. >> this is an incrediblely important issue. three years past hurricane sandy when i think coastal flooding along the south shore throughout the town of hem stead from the five towns across the free port where we are now into communities like meriweatheric and bell more it's a critical issue. >> that new plan installs a back flow valve system to literally have shutters to open and close during high tide. jennifer mclogan cbs 2 news. >> along the jersey shore live
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the water is starting to recede. janelle? >> chris you can still see here on ocean avenue they have the road partially closed down because of all of the water and if you take a look around the corner here this is center street where it's coming from the banks of the river over flowing after high tide this morning. this is one of those flood prone areas of the jersey shore but no matter how often this happens people here say it's something you never get used to. >> for anyone standing along these flooding pockets of ocean avenue. add to that a new moon a soggy combination as the river over flowed it's banks this morning lapping onto the residential side streets. a propane tank and trash cans floating along with other debris. in some places you couldn't make out the pavement.
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river over the bulk heads mostly on the side streets in downtown sea bright. >> two straight days it's been like this. >> andre saunders is a construction worker in sea bright working on the homes that get this routine flooding many hit hard by hurricane sandy. >> we are trying to help them out but you come home to this you can't get to your house. >> further along the shore in normany beach and britt new jersey waves were lapping onto the dunes. while in sea bright sand bags are out as people wait for the water to recede. >> you can't go on the side streets. they are not a place to be. they are difficult to get through as it is. >> now back live you can see the water line on some of those houses here on center street so you can see just how far down it's gone even within this last hour or so so the good news is that the water is receding but
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for the people who live and work here. reporting live this afternoon from sea bright, new jersey janelle burrell cbs 2 news. >> when can we expect the high tides to come back? >> john olive elliot has more on this. >> the bad news is that water will go back up. free port at 9:06. east rock away at 8:24 but even flooding on the drive as jennifer mclogan is pointing out the concernen the vigorous low pressure and the new moon cycle as well. in the city it's been down graded there is some improvement. it is just a flood advisory anticipating more moderate to major flooding for parts of the jersey shore and also the national weather service river flooding concerns into parts of the hudson valley. right now the other side of the story the snow not a lot of it. there will be a little bit tonight into tomorrow and then the big story is the
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these are current readings in the upper lakes just in the way. more on that in a bit but right >> john thank you. you can keep track of all of the changes in the forecast with this cbs new york weather app and check live weather. it is free in the itunes store. closing arguments today in an unarmed man shooting. diane macedo has more this noon. >> chris and mary defense attorney robert brown is still giving his closing arguments. i had to leave the courtroom to come do this live shot. he's talking for almost two hours trying to hammer the point that the officer shot akai gurley because of an accident not recklessness. it was reasonable for him to and did everything he reasonably could to save gurley and all of this to an absolutely packed courtroom. he arrived around 9:45 this
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prosecutors and friends and family of him and gurley. one big point the defense attorney tries to hammer home was how dark the stair well was in east new york when all of this happened in november of 2014 and he tried to ask the jury is it really unreasonable for an officer to have his gun out when it's this dark in this kind of environment known to be dangerous. another issue is whether or not he had his hand on the trigger as he entered that stair well. the defense attorney tried to show that even as holding the gun with his hand on the frame that it's easy for him to have been startled and pull the trigger again as he claims to have done. another big point of contention has been why he didn't radio for help right away. the defense is saying he did and one reason that might be misunderstood is that the radios weren't working properly. it's one part where the defense seems ton pointing the finger
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weren't working properly, he didn't administer cpr because he was never properly trained during his time at the police academy and the trigger pressure on the gun was lighter than it should have been according to nypd standards and that officer guns are not inspected until after something like this happens. so they are definitely trying to paint the picture that liang acted reasonably by going into the stair well with his gun drawn holding it in a reasonable fashion and gurley was hit by a bullet that came off the wall so pointing a gun in the same direction. the defense still going right now. they haven't wrapped up yet and we expect to hear from the prosecutors after lunch. macedo cbs 2 news. >> thank you. voters head to the polls in new hampshire donald trump repeated a dirty word used by one of his supporters is drawing fire but voters?
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from manchester. marsha. >> leave it to a rash new yorker and a certain new jersey governor to inject controversy on a day in new hampshire that's supposed to be the kulemin of months and months of wassing and courting in the national spotlight. >> i wouldn't do it. but he did. it's kind of amazing to be in a race where someone will say things more direct than i do. but you know i don't think it's the kind of thing that a presidential candidate says. >> governor chris christie going after rival donald trump for repeating a vulgar and offensive word a woman yelled using to describe texas senator ted cruz. >> she just said a terrible thing. you know what she said? shout it out. she said he's a [bleep]. that's terrible. terrible. >> governor. how do you feel about what mr. trump said last night using the p word? >> i don't think that's aappropriate for candidates
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>> as new hampshire voters went to the polls it's not clear that any candidate attacks and counterattacks would matter supporters. >> donald trump. >> donald trump. >> yes i did. >> why? >> well i kind of felt that he's saying all of the right things that everybody wants to say but they are afraid to. >> he voted at the webster school in manchester new hampshire which is something of a traditional campaign spot on primary day. every campaign makes sure to send chanting supporters with signs and many candidates stop off as well. >> mr. rubio your thoughts today? >> i feel great. >> the florida senator hoping for a strong finish in new hampshire to propel him into major contention bittering for the top spot made him a target. waiting for arrival is robot rubio adopting the robotic preprograms message.
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everything is a talking point. i'm tired of the bs. i'm tired of the talking points. i want these guys to get real and start talking about the things that matter. >> well it's a tough crowd in new hampshire but just for the record the voting at midnight last night trump john kasich and ted cruz were tied with nine votes each. chris christie got three. bush and rubio two each. on the democratic side bernie sanders got 17 and hilary clinton 9. reporting outside of polling place in manchester new hampshire i'm marcia kramer cbs 2 news. >> thank you marsha. we'll check back in with you tonight. credits on will unvail his 8th and final budget today that calls for a $10 per barrel tax hike on oil to fund infrastructure and transportation projects and is also expected to include money
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wealthy. republicans already have rejected many of the proposals. mayor de blasio comes face- problem. he spent his morning helping with the homeless count. ilana gold helps us with what they found. >> three volunteers one of the coldest mornings of the year so far on the streets of new york city tracking the homeless temperatures. volunteer? >> it's a problem that's going to continue to grow if we don't continue to address it. >> mayor de blasio addressing it too. pictures show him as he canvassed the homeless hub m midtown on west 31st street. he recorded 23 people in an hour. the temperature 28 degrees. >> it's deeply troubling but not surprising. >> his effort comes after heavy criticism for how he addressed the city's homeless crisis. homeless sprawled across the streets at tour gist
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fountain and living at the airport. de blasio is the first new york city mayor to go on this yearly federally mandated homeless count giving him a better sense of the issue and how to solve it. >> there are several thousand peoples on the streets and that's a huge problem. >> they encountered a problem plaguing the city. they tried to help a homeless person. >> we told her we are concerned. we told her we would like her if she would like to, to go to a safe warm place. >> it's sad. these are people that obviously need support and resources. >> the purpose of this count is to get a scope of this issue then help the city find ways to get the homeless off the streets. >> when resources are appropriated, new york gets a resources. >> the u.s. department of housing and urban services says new york city could get additional funding. numbers for this homeless count
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fall expected to far surveillance pass last year. in union square ilana gold cbs 2 news. >> last year that number was nearly 3200. a devastating crash in germany. two trains collide. what went wrong. and the warning from actor hugh jackman. the message he sent with this selfie.
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taught to play video games. at least eight people are dead after two trains collide in germany. >> don champion reports. >> hundreds of first responders sifted through the trains that collided in southern germany. here one of the train cars is barely recognizable. the trains crashed head on as the morning rush was getting under way. the impact derailed several cars. at least 150 people were hurt. a steady stream of ambulances were seen rushing to the scene. some of the more severely injured were flown to hospitals and the rail line used by commuters who work in munich. the accident happened on a single line which complicated
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no word yet what led to the collision. don champion cbs news. actor hugh jackman is stressing the importance of sun screen with a bandage on his nose in a photo on twitter. an example of what happens when bassal cell. use sun screen please. he was treated in 2013 and 2014 and posted similar warnings at the time. still ahead making the zoo experience interactive in a whole new way.
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apes are going ape for apps. these orangutans are trying their hand at electronic activities keeping them entertained including a slide show where they respond to different photos. they also love watching movies shrek being the favorite. it could soon allow the animals to have more control over their environment. >> they might be able to choose the temperature, how much shade, whether blinds go up or down. who knows where this could go. >> the animals still have
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the findings from this research will be applied to other animals in zoos around the world. >> that's incredible. as soon as they throw a barrel at you get out of there. >> watch out. we've been dealing with a lot of weather these days. >> with these apes all they do is text and they want the car this weekend. it's kids what are you going to do. we have flooding concerns. the next high tide cycle into the evening hours and some snow. models are backing away from the totals. we'll take a look at model runs in just a bit but it is cold. a lot of weather watchers with the wind chills in the 20s. mark and jeanine this was interesting the heaviest snow they've seen this year was last night into this morning and it wasn't much but it was enough to slow you down. appreciate this comment from adele. she has 35 with snow just enough to be annoying.
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coating to an inch on average but it was cold and slippery. and again it is pizza day but along the shore in neptune city flooding is a concern. you've got the next cycle through tonight you still have warnings for the jersey shore. in the city right now the sun has been out warming up a little bit and drying things out a little bit and then it turns gray and cold. 33, winds calm, relative humidity at 66%. 27, 29 in babylon and the hamptons. that snow sticking around on axel a little warmer for long island but colder to the west with the wind. we have wind chills in the mid 20s shooting for the mid 30s on the thermometer. that's shy of where you should be. 63 and 15 below your record, sunset at 5:23. it's going to be a mix of sun and clouds but it's bright through orange county into rockland and parts of bergen as well.
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low trying to breakthrough and slide in. there's snow in the neighborhood. really just a chance today. it eases north so there's a better bet we see snow overnight tonight and into the first part of your day tomorrow. some left over flakes and there's not a lot of available moisture. the gfs is the one model that gives us a bit of a bulls eye shifting off again to long island two to three inches. but look at the na m backed off and this is through wednesday night where you just see half an inch of snow so we are not talking about a lot of snow. after that the big feature this arctic air. ten to 25 degrees below normal. wind chills below 0. that period is saturday into sunday. high on valentines day just 19 degrees. >> wow. holy cow. >> brr. >> light a fire.
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>> people in costumes danced their way down the street marking the end of mardi gras season. tomorrow is the beginning of lent in the catholic city. >> it's such a tame celebration down there, mardi gras. really hasn't caught on yet. it's going to do it for us at noon for john and the entire cbs 2 news team. thanks for joining us. i'm chris wragge. >> i'm mary calvi. we'll see you tomorrow morning beginning at 4:30.
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