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tv   CBS 2 News at 6  CBS  February 9, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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driveway and wouldn't notice the crashing sounds of their car coming off wheels. a neighbor pointed out a morning shocker to juanita gonzalez. the mercedes in her hempstead driveway was propped up on bricks. all four tires and rims stolen. >> you feel violated and i'm angry. >> reporter: it's a familiar feeling to this doctor. >> i just came out one morning and i found my car on four bricks. >> reporter: his honda stripped of all tires and rims, the second time tire thieves have struck on his valley stream block. 117 cases since september. more than two dozen since the new year most recently in valley stream and elmont, mostly going after mercedes, hondas and toyotas.
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seconds to swipe tires and rims worth $3,000. >> think about a nascar race. usually within 30 seconds all the tires are off. >> reporter: your best protection? >> have to be vigilant and keep your eyes open and watch out for your neighbors. >> reporter: wood lee's also installed locks two on each wheel and police advise make sure your driveway is well lit. if possible, garage your car. install surveillance cameras. meanwhile, they say they are stepping up patrols in areas hardest hit. gonzalez didn't hear her tires ripped off. police say thieves often strike during stormy weather to mask the sounds. >> from you in your house and you hear the wind blowing and hear a thump usually you think it's a tree limb or something else. you're not necessarily going to look out your car at that point. >> reporter: so police are warning with tonight's weather be on alert.
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staking out their target cars. they may even be loosening lugnuts in advance. carolyn gusoff, cbs 2 news, mineola, long island. the new jersey teen who was seen on video punching a man in the face surrendered to the police today. the video which was posersed on facebook -- posted on facebook shows the man getting hit in paterson back in december. the teenager, who was 17 at the time of the attack but is now 18, was identified by his attorney as kristian gonzalez. a second teen who allegedly shot the video and encouraged the attack turned himself in over the weekend. paterson's police director won't tolerate this. >> someone that was just an innocent bystander that was standing on a street corner that ends up getting sucker- punched and knocked cold off his feet. >> prosecutors haven't said whether they will try either teen as an adult. jury deliberations are under way in the trial of an nypd officer charged in the
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peter liang fired a single shot in a dark stairwell killing akai gurley. liang had his gun drawn as he and his partner patroled the lewis pink projects in 2014. the gun went off when the officer heard a noise but the prosecution says liang should never have had his finger on the trigger. >> no matter what sudden movements, right, or no matter getting bumped, no matter what eventuality, my finger is still here. >> what happened is a tragedy be a terrible tragedy. but it's not a crime. >> charges against liang include manslaughter, criminally negligent homicide, and official misconduct. for the second day, coastal communities across the tri- state area flooded during high tides. street after street submerged. it is something that seems to be happening more with each passing storm. so is this the new normal?
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the question. she is live tonight in belmar, new jersey. elise. >> reporter: well, maurice, there are levels of flooding after a coastal storm, one level we have seen recently is likely part of a temporary pattern. but another level appears to be part of a permanent change to our weather. >> reporter: for the past 48 hours high tide has been synonymous with significant flooding. >> the untensety is off the hook off the charts is scary to all the neighborhoods. i mean, you know, when you watch it on tv it's one thing but when you're in knee-deep water and live through it, that's reality. >> reporter: the scenes that started on monday were repeated across the area today. people did what it took to get through floodwater on foot and waited for help. >> when you go down to south freeport we were driving through 2.5 feet of water. >> reporter: the peconic
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in lindenhurst officers kept nonresidents off this needed street. there was flooded streets in sea bright. >> two straight days like this. >> maybe seven. when i grew up, there was none of this stuff. it's discouraging. >> reporter: gary conte is a warning and coordination meteorologist with the national weather service. he says small scale events may indeed be the new norm. >> mainly because of increasing sea level rise caused by the melting glaciers and the expansion of the ocean. and that alone together with our new and full moon does cause an increase of minor tidal flooding. >> reporter: conte says this year's el nino pattern boosts coastal activity but he also says the major and most damaging flood events are not permanent. >> reporter: we have seen it before. that's cyclical. >> reporter: now, we are expecting both minor and moderate flooding tonight and again tomorrow morning during high tide so as a result,
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we are live in belmar, new jersey, elise finch cbs 2 news. >> thank you. a construction worker was rescued after falling into a pit. the cell phone video shows the worker being pulled out of the hole by members of the fdny. it happened this morning on west 35th street near tenth avenue. we are told the worker was on a ladder and then fell 10 feet. he was taken to bellevue hospital in good condition. part one of the city's annual homeless count is now complete. 3,000 volunteers hit the streets before dawn to take the official count and fill out questionnaires on each person. the next step will be forwarding the paperwork to the federal government. the results will ultimately be used to help secure funding. >> hopefully we may be able to subway, you know, people to be more pro-active. >> we need to provide u.s. citizens with at least shelter at night. >> mayor de blasio and council speaker mark-viverito took part in the count.
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primary day in new hampshire and polls close in an hour or so. cbs 2 political reporter marcia kramer live in manchester with more on the candidates' final primary day push. marcia. >> reporter: well, maurice and kristine, in addition to telling you about the new hampshire primary, i'm going to take you behind the scenes and show you some of the surrogates who turned out to campaign for their candidates here in manchester. and this just in. they are rich and they're famous! >> reporter: the webster elementary school in manchester, new hampshire may be one of the most famous polling places on the planet. [ chanting ] >> reporter: every four years, during the new hampshire presidential primary, candidates visit. so do storm famous people who act as standins for the candidates' base support. that's where i met ted danson, the star of cbs popular crime drama csi, who wanted to dig up votes for hillary clinton. why are you here for hillary? >> because i have known her
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i care about the issues she is talking about and she is the one who can truly make change, truly work with people to get these big ideas accomplish. >> reporter: actress mary steenburgen was born in arkansas where bill clinton was governor. she says hillary has been her best friend for 38 years. >> i'm constantly blown away by, um, her humor and her caring for the world. >> reporter: a well-known new yorker was on the bus with jeb bush. though jets owner woody johnson had traded in his signature jets cap for a jeb cap. he even got a thrill taking pictures of the mob scene around his candidate. >> game day. [ laughter ] >> it's fun. very, ver optimistic. he has a great record. >> reporter: voters at that polling place didn't get to meet donald trump and bernie sanders, who are leading in the polls. but they did get to meet jeb bush and his wife, florida senator marco rubio and new jersey governor chris christie
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showing in new hampshire. are you trying to be the comeback kid? >> i don't know. marcia, call me whatever you want. after tonight if that's it, then it's your phrase not mine. i'd be happy to accept it. >> reporter: chris christie has spent 72 days in new hampshire. so if he can't make it here, well -- [ pause ] >> i guess he is going to go back to new jersey. live in manchester, i'm marcia kramer, cbs 2 news. >> okay, marcia. exciting night coming up. we'll see you at 11:00 with the results. >> johnson had a hat and phone case. >> did he. >> did you city that on the back there? >> without the word jets on it. >> jeb. [ laughter ] you don't always get what you pay for. travelers are finding that out in pricy hotels plagued with bedbugs. how to spot them and make sure that you don't take them home. >> me and my family are very heartbroken. >> also tonight the search for a family's beloved pet that's
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boy. >> and we are watching more wintry weather make its move into the area. but winter doesn't just mean snow fall. we are going to talk about the whole picture in just a few minutes. >> coming up on the "cbs evening news," an investigation into a company that claims it can detect early cancer. >> scott pelley now with a look ahead. hi, scott. >> reporter: hey, maurice and kristine, great to be with you. it sounds too good to be true. a blood test that you can take at home that will tell you whether there is cancer somewhere in your body long before you have any symptoms. well, we're looking into this. we have a cbs news investigation tonight. many things that sound too good to be true as you well know certainly are. we'll tell you all about it coming up on the "cbs evening news." >> thank you. >> and later tonight, cam newton with a message for his
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five-star city new york hotels are not immune when it comes to bedbugs so we sent cbs 2's dave carlin to the experts and he has tips for avoiding bedbugs for every traveler. >> i can't believe it. >> reporter: this disturbing video posted on social media last month and viewed millions of times shows bedbugs where
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manhattan hotel room where a pair of tourists from california spent several nights. >> she had a rash down her arms. >> reporter: they were staying at the aster on the park at 106th overlooking central park. the man at the front desk didn't want to talk about it. >> i'm sorry. >> reporter: reports of bedbugs in new york city hotels including five-star ones appear to be skyrocketing according to the onlin bedbug registry. it's been up over 40% this year from last. it doesn't substantiate the claims. bedbug removal experts say their business is way up over last year including at new york city hotels. >> year to dated up almost 300%. >> reporter: the bug doctor says all hotels need monitoring. mattress covers and other safeguards. the city's hotel association says bedbugs are a global issue that extend beyond hotels. every member of the hotel
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aware of has an active anti- bedbug program in place. if a problem arises, it is dealt with immediately and effectively. so what should you do? >> always pull up the comforter in the mattress see if there's any bugs. >> reporter: don't stop there. this person says put all bags on the hotel room luggage rack or in the bathtub and when you get home -- >> run a vacuum, you know, through the luggage and just shake off the clothes. >> reporter: maybe it all sounds paranoid. but it could work so you don't wind up living with these. in midtown, dave carlin, cbs 2 news. >> also, once your home, the experts say to put the clothes that you have in a hot, drier for at least 30 minutes and steam clean your luggage. a therapy dog is missing on staten island. the maltese helps the disabled boy. now his grandmother has launched a search fearing that the dog was stolen when their
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our reporter heard the pleas from the little boy's cousin. >> we are heartbroken. >> reporter: a plea to find charlie has over 19,000 views on facebook. the family is hopeful it will help because his best friends are missing him. especially roman who has tumors in the chest and has had 20 surgeries in his five years. >> the dog would come, pull the sock, throw the ball, throw sock it gave him like physical therapy. >> reporter: the woman and her husband came home from dinner on saturday and found their door unlocked, this gate open. and no dog. >> he usually greets us at the top of the steps. there was silence. i don't want to believe that he is dead somewhere. he didn't even make it past my house. please give him back. >> reporter: she is canvassing her staten island neighborhood. >> so call. i hope you are nice and warm. >> reporter: while roman is in philadelphia today going through yet another surgery r.
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is going to say grandma, did grandma get the dog? did grandma get charlie yet? i'm so broken-hearted. >> reporter: roman is expected home friday. hopefully charlie will be there, too. on staten island, magdalena doris, cbs 2 news. >> the family is offering a $500 reward for charlie's return. >> we certainly hope that works out. goodness. let's talk weather now. lonnie is here getting ready for serious cold. >> couple of snow showers out there, as well. so let me get you outside and show you things. we check in on the temperature because we have watched the temperature drop now over the last hour. went from 35 down to 33. so it is getting colder. clouds are in place overhead. we do see a few snow showers out there. i'll point them out to you on the vortex in just a bit bugloss that snow shower chance it's going to be with us for the next couple of days even into your day on thursday. we are not talking huge totals. we'll be talking about cold air arriving in the area. take a look at the dip in the jet stream that we're
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dip which will eventually come here. we know that when you get that dip in the jet stream, you fill in with that cold canadian air. this is about a steep -- it's almost a drop-off. my goodness! look at the temperatures that it's holding up to the north. you're 33 below zero in the beautiful scenic town of resolute, canada. you're 20 below in baker lake. lynn lake 8 below zero. you get down to winnipeg it's a balmy 1. well, readings like 1 degree maybe, you know, 2 below zero, 3 below zero, some readings could make their way into our area by the time you get to sunday morning especially those places outside the city. up like around sullivan county. i wouldn't be surprised to see that. what we have out there as far as the snowfall, not real big totals we are looking at time period through thursday. a lot of us are dealing with a coating to two inches with isolated spots seeing 3" maybe
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but most of us are a coating to 2." it's sporadic on-again, off- again snow showers. it merits a winter weather advisory for all those counties in purple which is a lot of area until noon on your day tomorrow. we also have to worry about flooding out there. we have coastal flood warnings, coastal flood advisories that are in effect. the warnings are right now the areas shaded in dark green which would be monmouth county to middlesex county, as well. everyone else has to be careful with the high tide cycle and the water coming up and over into your neighborhood. vortex satellite and radar a few showers out there right now. they are snow showers. and they will make their way into the metro areas but very support rattic out there. we are not seeing them consistent there on again off. now they are back now they are off here comes some more. that's what you deal with all through your day on thursday. so right across the board, 39 wednesday. only 29 on thursday. so temperatures are dropping. friday you're 26 degrees. saturday. you're 22.
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sunday morning you're waking up to 7 degrees outside. monday morning colder still. monday morning the record is 2 degrees, we could get close. >> all righty, then. thank you. otis livingston is here now with a look ahead at sports. >> kristine, cam newton explains why he acted the way did he after losing super bowl 50. if you're looking for an apology, keep looking. as far as the eye can see a sea of original as the broncos celebrated their title with thousands in denver. enfyatrn
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the e e ndofitybos,e afmeofomrce sttinrn aillewi uoa utox st anab. t 0 g lo a dnldspds
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it tbeer it tfi. otis here now talking sports and how many days after the super bowl it's about cam. >> i hope it stops after today though. super bowl 50 like maurice said is over but the backlash continues for cam newton. the panther quarterback called a sore loser after leaving his press conference after the game early. today he and his panther teammates cleaned out their lockers officially headed into the off season. he had a great year winning the mvp but what he is remembered for now giving short answers, not the usual jovial cam. he tackled that top nick front of his locker today and was unapologetic>> i ain't got no more tears to cry. i have had a lot of time to think about it. i have seen so much, you know, blown out proportion. .but, you know, at the end of the day, um, when you spend so much time and sacrifice so much and things don't go as planned, um, i think emotions take over. i'm human. i'm not perfect. we got all these person that's
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he should have did this, that and the third but what makes your way right? i have been on record to say i'm a sore loser. who likes to lose? you show me a good loser and i'll show you a loser. i'm not here to -- to -- to -- it's not a popularity contest, you know what i'm saying, i'm here to win football games. >> while, cam and the panthers are packing up, thousands of broncos fans were packing the streets of denver, a sea of orange saluting their conquering hero. peyton manning was of course the center of attention still not answering the question if he will return to defend the crown or retire. there weren't really any signature moments during the speeches. the most fun was via super bowl mvp von miller on the bus ride to the parade. >> i got a ring! >> we got one too! >> okay. i got a ring! >> we got one too! >> okay. one more, i got a ring. >> we got one, too. >> when you win you can have fun like that. [ laughter ] the knicks host the wizard tonight the first game since firing head coach derek fisher yesterday. kurt rambus is the interim coach.
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week but mets are already down in port st. lucie well in advance. report date including wilmer flores who will be a bench player this season every since he cried blue and orange last year he will always be a fan favorite. >> i showed the lows and highs for this team, and nobody knows how, you know, how comfortable we feel here how good we feel here and, you know, that's what happened i was just leaving the family and i think a lot of people identify with that. >> a lot of people think that was a turning point last season. finally, there are those who fall on either side of the fence with cam newton. and how he handled his post- game press conference. but there's one group of guys that are unquestioned kam backers. his teammates. >> what did the players have to say about your efforts? >> what's already -- [ simultaneous speakers love him, love him. love cam! yo, cam! love him! [ applause ] >> whoo! [ singing and yelling, hooray
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>> and really, those are the only guys that count. >> at the end of the day >> you know what i mean? there's a lot of criticism coming from this way, that way, but, you know, the guys that are in the locker room that go to battle with you all the time, those are the guys that really count. >> on the other side, i got a ring. >> i got a ring. [ laughter ] >> we have one too. >> we have one too. >> peyton manning talked about cam newton after and how gracious he was when they met after the game. >> he did look very gracious smiling and yeah. >> sportsmanship. >> things happen. >> thank you.
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coming up on cbs 2 news at 11:00, may look like any other traffic stop but it's not what you think. why a new jersey driver is thanking police for pulling him over and how he says the stop saved his life. >> plus, local dads note to school getting a lot of attention why he is blaming a star for his kids being tardy for class. that and more tonight at 11:00. plus the latest from new hampshire. >> up next on the "cbs evening news with scott pelley," a mortgage company promises 8- minute approvals using your smartphone. is this the wave of the future? >> thank you for joining us here at 6:00. we'll see you at 11:00. captions by: caption colorado
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