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tv   CBS 2 News  CBS  February 11, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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these numbers compared to yesterday anywhere from about 10 to 15 degrees colder. throw in the wind, wind gusts now exceeding 30 miles per hour into greenwich and babylon 29 miles per hour wind gusts in the city so feeling like 18. single digit wind chills with stronger winds through nassau and suffolk county. 6 in greenwich, 6 in white plains. one of the model driven looks at projection temperatures through this afternoon. single digits for much of the area. then overnight tonight look at that tomorrow morning in the city 1 will feel like 3 and even through lunch time tomorrow just feels like 0. so cold temperatures. a few snow squalls as well and the potential for record cold if you can believe it this weekend. right now send it back to the desk. >> john thank you breaking news at noon four people have been indicted for last year's
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two people in the east village. >> dave carlin is live in the news room with the story. dave? >> chris and mary this tragedy was foreseeable, preventible and avoidable so the charges are severe for the building's owner and others. this is new from the fdny of firefighters trying to put out the flames that engulfed three buildings on second avenue on march 2015. the building owner the son who managed it the contractor and arrested accuseed illegally rigging a gas line and send a strong message that creating short cuts can have consequences and result in jail time. >> you have in effect weaponnized the building and you could be held here
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>> the blast injured more than a dozen people and killed restaurant worker israel and diner patron nicholas figueroa and also a fifth person faces less serious charges. cbs 2 news. >> dave thank you. thousands of cruise passengers are thankful to be back on solid ground after their seven day cruise turned into a nightmare. janelle is live where the ship is docked. >> the ship came in last night but because a lot of the passengers on board did not have flights or a way to get home most of the 4500 actually stayed on the ship overnight and we've been speaking with a lot of them here today. a lot of them told us they honestly thought that during the short storm the ship was going to go down and all of them are happy to be on their way home. it's the first cruise cynthia jordan can ever remember she
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at one point she wasn't sure she'd live to talk about it. >> sheer terror hoping i could see my daughter again. >> so you thought you might not survive. >> yes it was really scary. the ship was shaking so bad and with 180 miles per hour winds and 50-foot seas. >> the royal caribbean anthem of the seas left bayonne last saturday heading to florida traveling right into a storm off the coast of north carolina a storm the captain thought the ship could be able to out run. whipping winds and waves crashing right up against the cruise liner ordering everyone on board to stay in their rooms. >> the ship started to lean and we thought it was never going to come back and we were so afraid we ran downstairs to the fourth floor. >> did you have to hold on. >> of course yes. >> what was going through your mind? >> we don't think when something like that happens you don't think you just hope for the best. >> we are a religious family.
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knew we were going to be safe. >> randy one of the few who says he found the voyage to be entertaining. >> it was so much fun the rocking back and forth. we enjoyed it. where else can you get basically a disney cruise for free and then 50% off for the next cruise. >> he's referring to royal caribbean's offer for 50% off another cruise for all passengers as well as a full reimbursement for this trip. >> it should never have happened and we are looking for any possible way to improve our processes. >> not everyone is as open to the apology. >> terrible. it was horrifying. but we made it through. so that's all that matters. we want to go home. >> now most of the passengers did in fact commend the captain and the crew. the coast guard is scheduled to do an inspection of the ship and then repairs made for all of the damage that was done and
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around and set sail once again for it's next scheduled trip this saturday. reporting live from bayonne new jersey janelle burrell cbs 2 news. >> thank you. new at noon the long island man charged in the death of a police officer has been found not guilty on the charge of aggravated vehicular homicide. james ryan was not behind the wheel of the car that killed but ryan's action set in motion the chain of events. he was drunk when he crashed on the lie. the officer was killed responding to the accident. ryan was found guilty on ten lesser charges. a search continues for the man who went on a stabbing rampage at a staten island hotel accused of killing two children and his girlfriend. andrea grymes joins us live from the west new brighton section where the lone survivor is hospitalized. andrea?
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condition. police initially said they believed her attacker and the man who murdered her family michael sykes might commit suicide but sources this afternoon believe he is still alive. people who saw him before the murders told us something didn't seem right. >> he had an attitude like he was frustrated with something. >> workers at the deli in the castle ton corner of staten island said he seemed suspicious when he came into their shop for a coke and cigarettes yesterday morning. >> his face was like he didn't want to look at him. >> they had no idea a little over an hour later he would go on a murderous rampage at the nearby ramada inn. he stabbed his girlfriend rebecca cut cutler inside their
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daughters. only miracle survived. >> we find him going into the room at 8:50 in the morning and leaves four minutes later so we believe that's when the attack happens. he then gets on a bus and takes it to the ferry. >> police officers do have video of him getting off the ferry in manhattan. sykes had no criminal record or psychological history. cutler and her girls were living there temporarily as part of a shelter program. after the murders it's no longer being used to house the homeless and are offering free security to the other private hotels they work with. this morning wanted posters hung outside the hotel. >> police initially say they knew of one prior argument between sykes and cutler from tuesday afternoon when cutler reported that sykes took her
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sykes lives in brownsville and they are scowerring brooklyn for any sign of him as the manhunt for him continues. live in the west new brighton section of staten island andrea grymes cbs 2 news. >> the state sent a letter to the city department of homeless services demanding increased security including round the clock law enforcement for emergency shelters. >> police in brooklyn investigating the stabbing of a man in crown heights as a possible hate crime. police say this 25-year-old victim dressed in clothing was walking on empire boulevard yesterday morning when he was stabbed in the back. no words were exchanged. the victim ran into a check cashing store for help. >> it's scary for us jews because it was broad daylight and it's like a main street here and people are stabbing you and walking away? >> the attacker ran on albany
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treated for a collapsed lung. chanel, louie vaton bags snatched from a store. >> they basically fished the bags from a store. >> and the thieves never stepped foot inside. exclusive video of the heist. >> a market drop on wall street this morning. we'll take a closer look at the break. >> unfortunately my numbers are down too. we could even see records broken this weekend as far as
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now to a story you'll see only on cbs 2 with the defensive in a high end store without ever setting foot inside. >> more on the handbag heist. >> we are looking at 21,000. >> as in dollars. quite a hit in the pocketbook for the owner of this store from burglars with a taste for chanel and other accessories sold in the shop at forest hills. the burglars the very definition of braises everyone breaking through a skylight above the store. >> poking through a ceiling near a light fixture to realize the goods were out of reach so they tried again this time in the ceiling behind the counter gaining easy access to high end hand bags on a shelf. >> they were using tools and
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bags out of the store. >> fished them. >> that's the term i'm using. the only way i can describe it is sneaky. >> and greedy at one point over reaching for a large bag on the side wall sending it toppling to the floor. >> it's sad that people have to take from people and can't work on their own. >> he's boosted security and hopes the long arm of the law will hook the handbag burglars,. fresh off his victory bernie sanders appeared last night on the late show with steven colbert to give him a pep talk. >> you can do what you want and be responsible. >> but senator these shows are supposed to start with the host camera. >> steven that's what the elites want you to think. >> colbert gives him tips about his home state of south carolina. his democratic primary is on
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he said eating boiled peanuts will give him a leg up. it's his home state. donald trump is no stranger to the cameras but you've never seen him like that before. >> you are donald trump. >> that is my name don't wear it out. >> he started streaming a parody movie presenting donald trump's the art of the deal the movie. it was kept under wraps. johnny depp stars at the billionaire turned presidential hopeful. trump. the republican's next chance to face off will be this saturday right here on cbs live coverage from south carolina begins at 9:00 p.m. hilary clinton and bernie sanders will face off tonight in milwaukee. turning now to wall street where the dow plunged triple digits this morning after the markets in europe and asia closed way down. the market down over 320 points at the current moment.
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pollons but many people avoid the test because it's uncomfortable. alternative. >> 38-year-old sarah was a nursing mom and avid runner when she started using weight passing blood and being constantly exhausted. a colonoscopy revealed bad news it was colon cancer. >> it disrupted my whole life, my kids, my career. >> she did chemo for four years is. >> only half of the population screening. >> maybe more people would get screened if it were easier than a colonoscopy. a test will develop here at the clinic promise to do it. it works by looking for cancer dna in stool samples. it's quick and private and
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there's little access. it's catching on and has been prescribed 100,000 times. >> it's equivalent to colonoscopy in terms of early stage cancer and in perspective of 100,000 tests to detect 500 new cancers. >> but not all doctors think it's accurate enough. >> one out of five people are going to get the wrong answer when they do that test. >> sarah has been through 71 rounds of chemo and it's a battle she doesn't want anyone else to share. >> you can prevent going through everything i've been through by going to get a test done. >> the draw back is the color guard does suggest you may still need it and if it finds as well. it costs $600 and covered by some insurance plans.
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other this weekend. john? >> dangerous if folks aren't ready for it and uncomfortable obviously but be mindful of the mechanical parts of your life. this is interesting i want to share what happened with dan. he's got 27 degrees in west bury and a little bit of snow last night but the sun just dried it up. what's interesting a fellow weather watcher far cooler 17 degrees for sherry same deal. a little snow squall but then the sun breaks through and melts it away. these numbers though this is what everybody is talking about. 24 degrees feels like 10 and tammie here at 23 feeling it right outside the front coor. so i'll tell you what i like what they say stay nice and warm and think warm thoughts. makes you want to just purr. here's the deal don't forget the pets this weekend. it will be hard on them. they'll need extra water limiting your time outside and
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fantasy for some as you have to out. right now 26 wind out of the northwest at 30 miles per hour. numbers around the area, 24, 26 for the jersey shore, 25 in, 22 in sussex. he's are air temperature readings. a bigger view for you just to show you turn around 12 in buffalo. with the wind the chill in buffalo is 6 degrees below 0. close to home sullivan, orange, rockland single digit wind chills. the wind chill in new york is 18 and philly is 10 so 28 won't feel like it and way below normal of 41. 65 and below your record sunset at 5:25. it's a mix of sun and clouds and for many of us it's 10 to 15 on average and some will see 15 to 20 as we are right now at 18 degrees. tonight into saturday wind
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saturday during the day 10 to 10 below, 0 to 15 below. want to set the stage. both saturday and sunday highs around 19. the mechanics though you hit the high early on saturday and then the wind will fill in so the really cold period will be overnight saturday into sunday. records in jeopardy. sadly yes. newark could break one. laguardia close but may not see one. very close call in central park. likely a new record with a sub zero air temperature reading. also jfk could see new records. the bottom line is those wind chills sunday morning, 15 to 25 degrees below zero will not be uncommon at all. further to the north those numbers continue to go down. so snow coming down. another quick cavot. these snow squalls blind you and then they just leave a quick coating and they are gone so that's not as big of a
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slippery surfaces and get ready for the cold. >> i cannot believe how cold it is. >> big change yeah. thanks john. well a wish came true for an iron man fan. >> see how this nine-year-old battling cystic f.b.i. rose yes saved the day and the
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coming up on cbs 2 news beginning at 5 why would someone install a stop sign in the middle. that's what they want to know. and at 6 without standing warrants that's the proposal for city council. there's a lot of opposition. the stories and much more tonight on cbs 2 news beginning at 5. a sick little boy with superhero dreams gets the chance to be iron boy for the day. >> this nine-year-old battling cystic fibrosis got to forget about his life threatening disorder and suit up for an adventure. he made a daring rescue and kept the city safe from the bad guys. the story caught the attention of actor robert downey junior who plays iron man on the big screen. >> i don't do this often but i'm making you an honorary member of the avengers.
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>> back in 2013 when the city teamed up with the make a wish foundation to grant the boy's wish to become bat man for the day drawing worldwide attention. we remember that. >> that was a great story but that young little iron boy did you see him save that woman. >> well done. >> real quick before we go just again you got to be careful out there it is really cold. >> the snow squalls is a feature but the bigger feature the arctic air a break tomorrow and it gets cold this weekend. >> thanks for joining us i'm mary calvi.
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