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tv   CBS 2 News at 11  CBS  February 13, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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live from the cbs broadcast center in new york city, this is cbs2 news at 11. saying good-bye to a supreme court justice hours after antonin scalia's death a fight is brewing over his successor. the weather is going to get worse. temperatures tomorrow could shatter a century old record. but first. >> this allegations is outrageous and disgusting. >> a stunning and possibly unprecedented development in the world of politics. ed mangano adamant that x-rated messages from his cell phone did not come from him. he insists he has been hacked. good evening.
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>> i am kristine johnson. marcia kramer has the exclusive story. >> i am a victim here. i am being hacked. this is a lie and i will bring every legal action to catch this person and bring this to justice. >> reporter: ed mangano claims he has enemies out to get him. hacking into his phone, using a technique called spoofing that enabled someone to send lurid texts to several women, making it seem like the messages came >> it is hacked. >> reporter: there is one purporting to be from an ed m. that begins i'd lay you down. the rest so x-rated we can't tell you what it says. the other is from ed mangano followed by three cat emojis. it has a back and forth conversation with a woman. i really just want you next to nothing else.
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i wanted to see you, replies. woman. sorry, i'm tired. tomorrow? she asked. i will let you know the mystery texter answers. i want you to blank my brains out, even if it's my car again, she says. sorry. left early. something came up. and there was another text that begins, i meant i hope you never stop loving me. if you woke up one day and didn't love me any more, my world would end. i would grow crazy not having you. these women had your name in their phone system. >> this is so disgusting, this allegations is outrageous and disgusting and hurtful, and it did not come from me. these words did not come from me. it was not done on my phone. it could only be done by a hacker. i am a victim here. that is the truth. and now this will be turned over to the police. >> reporter: former fbi agent and security expert manny gomez says the technology exists to
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text. the one that includes the back and forth conversation. >> as common sense dictates, if they are having a conversation about an intimate moment in one of their vehicles where only they two would know about it and they continue having that conversation as if the occurrence really happened, that doesn't seem to me like it's an act of hacking or spoofing. >> it is a bold face lie. it has never, ever occurred. issue. never ever has occurred. >> reporter: the situation complicated by the fact that a tweet of one of the texts reportedly turned up briefly on the twitter page of one of the women. it said, my fear was abandonment. his fear was exposure. this is how we settle. i contacted the woman. she said her twitter feed had been hacked. who would want to go after you? >> political opponents? i don't know. a warped individual? i don't know, marcia.
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and it is very damaging and i will not stand for it and it will be turned over to the police. >> reporter: a spokesman for mangano says the investigation is, quote, active and that the police electronic squad is trying to find out who used the phone number. so the investigation is continuing. >> thank you, marcia. bundle up in this bitter cold. if you think tonight's bad, wait until you wake up in the morning. west side with more on the extreme cold and when we will see some relief. lonnie. >> all right. k.j., right now i am on 11th and 57th. i, like everybody, you know, who watches enough news reports, i hate cliches. arctic blast. brutally cold. i am telling you it's you brutally cold right here. i have the weather lab on the corner.
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oh, whoa! we have gone up a half a degree. 7.7 as of right now. the winds have been gusting. we have seen gusts to 25 miles per hour. a little low right now. take a peek at current temperatures around the area. i hope i'm enunciating okay. i can't feel my mouth. the winds in monticello 22 miles. new york city the winds are 31-mile-per-hour gusts. belmar 35-mile-per-hour gusts. we have had some 40-mile-per-hour gusts. feels like 9 below in new york city. feels like 6 below in belmar. the wind chill is the worst. we have a chance to set or tie a record tomorrow for the morning low. the record is a 100-year-old record set in 1916 of 2 degrees to start off valentine's day. that's what i'm forecasting. here we are getting a gusty right now. i will be inside shortly.
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well, only hours after the death the of supreme court justice antonin scalia a battle is raging over who should appoint his successor. tonight as tributes come in from one of the court's leading conservatives, the focus is shifting to the high court's future. dave carlin with reaction. dave. >> reporter: maurice, a shock, a loss, and now a fight over the high supreme court. justice scalia was quail hunting in west texas yesterday and died sometime overnight apparently from natural causes. supreme court justice antonin scalia is remembered for his brilliant mind. he was born to italian implant in trenton, new jersey, and his family moved to elmhurst, queens. he went to harvard law school. it was 1986 when president reagan chose him to serve on the high court.
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life beyond the court. >> reporter: justice scalia was a strong advocate for gun rights, privacy. president obama pledged to nominate a successor. but first he praised the staunchly conservative justice. >> justice scalia dedicated his life to the cornerstone of our democracy. the rule of law. >> reporter: now now the president can push for a third justice to the high court and possibly tilt the supreme court's 5-4 divide. 5 conservative and four liberal. he may not be able to get it confirmed by a republican congress with members who were already insisting it's a job for the next president. alan sanders is a political science professor. >> people understand it's not just the politics of the day, but the law of the future that will be at stake. >> reporter: outside the supreme court the flag is at half-staff
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flags on federal property lowered until scalia's burial. >> thank you. turning now to campaign 2016. the future of the court now catapulted to the forefront. >> in fact, it was the first topic in a fiery republican debate which aired right here on cbs. cbs2's cindy hsu has more. >> i wish the president would think about not nominating somebody. >> reporter: justice scalia provided for a rare case of agreement instead of acrimony among the candidates. all six contenders vowed they would fight to maintain a conservative majority on the court. >> we should be thinking about how could we create healing in the land. >> reporter: the civility fade and a discussion over national security. >> jeb is so wrong. jeb is absolutely -- just so you understand, you know who that is?
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>> reporter: he drew boos while bush had the crowds smacking. after my family. >> the world trade center came down during -- >> i got to tell you, this is just crazy, huh? this is just nuts, okay? >> reporter: trump then scuffled with cruz, who revisited the supreme court issues. >> you are the single biggest -- this guy lied. let me just say it. had guy lied about ben carson ben carson in iowa. >> if donald trump is president he will appoint liberals. if donald trump is president, your second -- >> this was marco rubio's attempt at a reboot. tonight he took came at ted cruz. >> he either wasn't telling the truth then or he isn't telling the truth now. to argue he is a purist on immigration is nuts. >> i don't know how he knows what i said on univision
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he doesn't speak spanish. >> the primary in south carolina is one week from tonight. two weeks for the democrats. the question is how many of the six on stage tonight will still be in it after next saturday. >> cindy, thank you. the state department has released another 1,000 pages of hillary clinton's emails. portions of some were upgraded to classification level, but none to top secret. the state department says none of the emails were marked confidential at the time they were sent. judge ordered clinton's end of the month. pope francis urges the leaders of mexico to confront drugs, violence and corruption. he ended his day in the country by celebratings mass at the basilica of the virgin guadalupe. earlier in the day pope francis called on mexican bishops to
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the drug trade. still to come, breaking news. a suspect arrested in the stabbing of a mother and her children. still ahead, how the day's long manhunt came to an end. the search for a missing minivan. why police want to find that vehicle and the people inside before they strike again. and many called it the cruise from hell, so why is one couple saying it's the best trip
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breaking news on staten island. police say the man who allegedly killed his girlfriend and two of her young daughters during a stabbing rampage has been arrested and charged. cbs2's brian con bear. >> reporter: christine, after hours of questioning, michael sykes has now just been charged and he is leaving the 121st precinct as we speak. he is now facing three counts first-degree murder. one count of. >> amber: ed murder, and one robbery charge in the brutal stabbing of his girlfriend and three baby girls at a staten island hotel that doubles as a shelter for homeless families. michael sykes of brownsville, brooklyn, was the subject of annan intense three day manhunt.
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staten island ferry after the blooding stabbing in the will owe brook section of staten homeless families. investigators say six murdered his 28-year-old girlfriend rebecca cutler, their four-month-old daughter maiyah, and cutler's one-year-old daughter ziana. the only survivor was a miracle. cutler's uncle told cbs2 this week he was heartbroken by the vicious attack. >> the kids was beautiful. the kids was beautiful. >> reporter: cutler and the three little girls were placed at the hotel by the city's department of homeland security services. mayor de blasio immediately ordered all other families to be moved out of the ram at a inn and added security at other hotels. investigators say six called his mother to confess to the murders and threatened to kill himself as well. investigators say six thought
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phone during an argument a day before the murders. just moments ago michael sykes was walked out of the 121st precinct here in staten island. he did not say a word as nypd detectives walked him out of the precinct after several hours of questioning, put him into a car. again he has now been charged with first-degree murder. sources tell cbs2 that they got a tip that six may have been hiding out with a friend on 31st avenue in queens. they staked out that home and they made the arrest late today. now, tonight mayor de blasio issued a statement praising the nypd for making this arrest and he said he hopes it brings some closure to the victim's families. reporting live from staten island, brian coneybear. police are searching for a minivan that they say was used. police releasing this security video of the van.
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jumped out of it tuesday night, grabbed a man in his 60s, stabbed and robbed him. the victim was held in the vehicle for an hour and pushed out near east 93rd street and foster avenue. the broadway community is asking for help tracking down a missing dancer. jeffrey j.l. williams is a cast member for shuffle along. but friends and family say he didn't show up for rehersals wednesday. he was last seen near his apartment in the bronx at 167th street and jerome avenue. he apparently doesn't have a cell phone and hasn't updated his social media accounts in the past three days. a storm tossed cruise ship is back at sea tonight. anthem of the seas left new jersey this afternoon. last week passengers were shaken up and the ship damaged after it cruised into major storm off the carolina coast.
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ready to go. >> it is what it is. i am confident they got everything taken care of and i am looking forward to a cruise. >> this ship is headed for the bahamas on an eight-night trip. most passengers on that last cruise would like to forget that stormy experience. for one happy couple, well, there is a different memory. >> oh my god! >> they have the video to prove it. roy garcia proposed to his girlfriend as the ship sailed under the verrazano bridge last sea. garcia posted the emotional video on youtube with the message, she said yes. little did we know we were in for the ride of our lives. congrats. >> thank goodness that tossing and turning, they didn't lose the ring. >> glad to worked out. >> definitely. good luck to them. let's look at our forecast. lonnie quinn back from the outside elements.
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caught in one of the wind gusts. look, truth be told, i rode my bike to work tonight. i came in during a lull when the winds weren't whipping. just now you saw me on the corner and the winds are gusting strong. you catch that and the combination of the temperatures and that's when you get -- i call it brutal cold. that's what it is. a live picture outside right now shows you the shake of the camera because the winds of skipping around out there. 6 degrees. a gusty right now of 31 miles per hour. everybody across the area feels like your temperatures are in the negative numbers when you factor in the wind chill. look at this. we have got wind chill warnings. we have wind chill advisories. the area shaded in pink will feel like 20 below to 40 below. if it's shaded in blue, it will be feeling anywhere from 10 to 20 below zero. this stays in effect to 1 p.m. tomorrow afternoon. now, by the time you get into the afternoon hours sunday, the winds won't be as strong. tomorrow morning's forecasted
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that's the record that was set in 1916. also the coldest temperature we had at any point during that horrible winter we had last year. everyone thinks it was so cold, so snowy. we are going to be as cold on the thermometer, but colder because we have stiffer winds this time around. coldest ever in central park 1934 we were 15 below. that was an actual temperature redding. i don't see that happening. we could be sing records -- setting records out there. bridgeport you establish a new record at 4 below. jfk a record for you at 2. islip a record -- boy, that's a big drop -- at 2 below from what was the record at 7. vortex satellite and radar we are clear. high pressure is in control. your front has come through the area. you know you get a frontal passage when the winds shift. yesterday -- and maybe some of you were laughing when i said we are watching a warming southwest breeze, right? we didn't make it to freezing. that southwest breeze compared to right now, worlds apart. it is so cold out there. we are looking at the chance
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bait of snow by the time we get into monday. you are dealing with sunshine tomorrow. it's a cold start to your day. then you get into monday, and monday's where it starts off as snow and turns to a mix. so let me get you to the extended forecast and show you how things are going to be stacking up out there. 17 degrees a high temperature for your valentine's day. 34 on monday. a storm is coming. a lot of moisture in the storm. i mean, the amount of moisture, almost as much moisture as the blizzard supplied. however, i this starts off as snow and turns to rain. tuesday's high temperature is 51 degrees. >> we will see some measurable snow before it's washed away by the rain. >> first things first, we snuggle up tonight, lonnie. >> right. we will talk sports in a
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don't go away. aifiacors
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norticl eene.tu vlegrolba.d w trucg liou biui wh mo bte oreat tt. the biggest story for the nba all-star weekend is centered around the knicks. is a blockbuster trade in the works? the daily news is reporting the knicks are working on a three way deal centered around carmelo
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if it happens the cavs end up with melo. the celtics get kevin loves. the knicks get some highly coveted draft mix. melo has a clause in his contract. at the all-star game practice today anthony was still answering questions about these trade rumors. >> haven't even thought about that. i am being quiet on this. i haven't thought about that. as far as trade exceptions and teams and trades, i haven't even thought about that. in new york they always report. it's always a report. it's always who's next? what's next? i don't care about no rumors. >> all-star saturday, we had an upset in the three-point shooting contest. klay thompson taking out his teammate and fellow splash brother steph curry. thompson finished with a record tying 27 points. check out the final round the of dunk contest. this is aaron gordon. he is sitting in an air chair.
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it should have won. but everybody's got this thing for free-throw line dunks. last year's champ zach levine was half a step inside the free-throw line. impressive enough. gordon won over the crowd, but levine wins over the judges in his second straight dunk contest. we knew that st. john's basketball was going through growing pain. a new system, a first time coach, a roster that has turned over. they have shown some flashes this year. if they can put it together, this could be a night that transforms the season because they are facing villanova. the number one team in the nation. 31 years before they knocked off a number one school. chris mullin as with a senior. his boys came out to play. down by one at the break. st. john's trailing at the break and they might have poked a sleeping bear. a wildcat for that matter.
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chipping in 13 more as villanova handing st. john's 16 straight losses. the storm 7-19 this season. 0-13 in the big east. islanders going for a fourth straight in carolina. that would have been the longest street in two months. halak had his worst game of the season 1-3 the final there. the flyers in overtime. new jersey has a man advantage. when they have a man advantage, it's really been their bread and butter. adam henrique scoring new jersey's 11th power play goal. in the last 725 games, devils win 2-1. rarely do we clear another team scoring a goal against the rangers. a few weeks ago young fans in ottawa were told by their dad they would buy them a dog if their favorite player bobby ryan could score a goal. he did. and dad held up his end of the bargain.
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of course, they named him bobby. >> a sweet story. i love, love, love it.
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have a great night, everyone.
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