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tv   CBS 2 News Sunday  CBS  February 14, 2016 8:00am-9:00am EST

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continues right now. good morning. coming up on 8:00 a.m. on this sunday, february 14th. i'm diane macedo. >> and i'm andrea grymes. our top story is the forecast. let's get right to meteorologist vanessa murdock. our temperature down below showing zero degrees. >> it almost looks like a mistake when you look at it. >> almost does. >> it is a mistake. it's 1 below right now. >> fantastic. how does that improve the situation? all right, yes. it is frigid outside this morning. thankfully the cold, the extreme cold does not last long. it's today and then we're warming on up. right now brutally cold. 1 below in central park. zero in madison. the windchill feels like 33 below in waldon. franklin feeling 15 below.
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you need to know. we'll have plenty of sun. the winds will calm as we get into the afternoon as temperatures warm up. feeling better by this afternoon. 3:00, 17. feels like 3 coming up we'll talk snow then rain. much warmer temps. >> thanks. to top off those extremely cold temperatures, we could have snow on the way. >> people across our area will have to deal with another brutally cold day. of course today the snow tomorrow. ilana gold joins us live with the mobile weather lab in if bryant park braving those temps for us. >> it feels like it's getting colder as the morning goes on up. it feels like it's minus 19 so it's dangerous. to give you a good idea of how cold it is. my eyes are starting to hurt warmer temperatures, my face is stinging so you really need to be careful if you're heading out today. we are with the mobile weather lab.
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take a look at the temperature. a balmy 2.5 degrees. the wind, that is the really big problem out here. 10.7 miles per hour. this wind is going to continue as the morning goes on. as we mentioned earlier, if you're heading out you need to conditions. now this extreme cold is blasting the tristate area. being outside for a few minutes can be excruciating. mayor de blasio is warning all new yorkers to stay indoors in weather like this, it can only take 15 minutes to get frostbite. if you have to be outside, bundle up and cover up your exposed skin. we just talked to one woman struggling to get to work this to say. >> you're so bundled up. how many layers are you wearing? >> five. i feel like a butter ball. >> are they helping you? >> it is. it's just my legs that are cold because i didn't wear nothing underneath. >> if you're staying inside
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prepared for possible issues. pipes can easily burst so let warm water drip in the faucets. open your cabinet doors and set your thermostat to a steady temperature. it's also important to check on the elderly and people with health conditions. they're at highest risk. gold. >> thank you. switching gears. the death of supreme court justice antonin scalia has prompted an incidence battle. >> as tributes continue pouring in for one of the court's leading conservatives, the focus is starting to shift to the high court's future. >> reporter: supreme court justice antonin scalia is remembered for his brilliant legal mind and exuberant personality. he was born in trenton, new jersey and his family later moved to queens. college took him to georgetown university and harvard law school. >> i studied real hard. >> i antonin scalia do solemnly swear. >> it was 1986 when president reagan chose him to serve on
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>> embraced the law and a life beyond the court. >> justice scalia was a strong advocate for gun rights, privacy and he consistently voted to let state outlaw abortion. pledged to nominate a successor but first he praised the justice. >> justice scalia dedicated his life to the corner stone of our democracy. >> reporter: now the president can push for a third justice to the high court and possibly tilt the supreme court's 5-4 divide. five conservative and four liberal. he may not be able to get it confirmed by a republican congress with members who are already insisting it's a job for the next president. allen sanders is a political science professor. >> people now understand it's not just the politics of the day but the law of the future that will be at stake. >> may your de blasio ordered
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president obama has ordered all flags on federal property lowered until scalia's burial. the funeral plans have not been announced. in campaign 2016 the future of the supreme court has been catapulted to the forefront. it was the first topic in a fiery republican debate which aired last night right here on cbs. cindy hsu reports. >> wish the president would think about not nominating somebody. >> justice scalia provided for a rare case of agreement instead of acrimony. >> it's called delay, delay, delay. >> reporter: all six contenders vowed they would fight to maintain a conservative majority on the court. >> we should be thinking about how can we create some healing in this land. >> reporter: the civility soon faded and the insults started flying. in a discussion over national security. >> jeb is so wrong. jeb is absolutely so -- oh -- just so you understand, you
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that's jeb's special interests and lobbyists talking. >> reporter: trump drew boos. >> i am sick and tired of him going after my family. >> world trade center came down during your brother's reign. remember that. >> this is just crazy, huh? this is just nuts. >> reporter: trump then scuffled with cruz who revisited the supreme court issue. >> the single biggest liar. all right. this guy lied. let me tell you, this guy lied about ben carson when he took votes away from ben carson in iowa. >> if donald trump is president he will appoint liberals. if it donald trump is president, your second amendment will go away. >> reporter: this was also marco rubio's attempt at a reboot after being labeled a robot in the last debate. he took aim at ted cruz. >> he either wasn't telling the truth then or isn't telling the truth now. to argue he's a purist on immigration is just not true. i don't know how he knows what
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spanish. point i would make. -- [ speaking in foreign language ] -- >> the republican presidential primary in south carolina is next saturday. it is in two weeks for the democrats. last night the presidential candidates hillary clinton and bernie sanders were in colorado attending the democrats annual dinner. the white house hopefuls criticized those who want justice scalia's seat to remain vacant until the next president takes office. >> it is totally out of step with our history and our constitutional principles. >> supreme court of the united states has nine members, not eight. we need that ninth member. a lot of important issues coming up. >> the supreme court has heard cases involving abortion, climate change and the president's healthcare law. a major immigration case is scheduled to be argued in april. bernie sanders, donald trump and marco rubio will make
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>> john, you were the moderator of last night's republican debate in south carolina. what stood out to you in terms of stand out moments and players last night? of moments. just the -- the back and forth between the candidates which got so heated at times between donald trump who was taking incoming as the front runner but dishing it out to ted cruz and then to jeb bush. jeb bush defending his family, firing back. senator cruz attacking donald trump then rubio going back after cruz. it showed us that a lot is at stake in south carolina. it has a reputation for brass knuckle politics and they showed it last night. >> john, of course the first topic was the death of antonin scalia. you kind of tried to get to the facts about election year supreme court nominations. what is the precedent with that and how do you see this playing out over the year? >> well as far as i understand it it hasn't happened in 80
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appointment but it appears that's the case because there's -- it just hasn't come up. there have been people who have been confirmed in presidential election years, anthony kennedy was the last one. he was appointed in 87 but confirmed -- appointed by a republican but then confirmed by a democratic senate in 1988. and there have also been other years in which it was the presidential year and there have been confirmations. the thing of it is though, precedent doesn't matter in supreme court fights any more. antonin scalia himself, one of the great conservatives was a unanimously approved by the senate. that wouldn't happen in today's senate. >> and john, i no e you have sanders, trump and rubio on. what do you expect to tackle with them? >> in trump and rubio we'll talk about the debate itself. what's at stake here in south carolina. rubio we want to talk about his sort of revival in the debate last night. and that competition to see who can be the alternative to trump and cruz.
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talk about the state of his political revolution. that's important not only for his campaign to beat hillary clinton, he's moving into harder, tougher territory for him. but it's also his entire theory of governing that he's going to build such a revolution that the policies he promotes would pass. we'll have a great round table to try to put this in perspective. all the chaos on the stage last night and also what's going to happen in the contest down the road. >> it was a great debate. we appreciate you checking in with us this morning. we look forward to watching physically abuse the nation face face -- face the nation. secret texts exposed. >> these women had your name. >> marcia kramer grilled a well known politician about salacious messages found on his cell phone. we're getting ready for music's biggest night from
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grammys. we're looking at a stunning and possibly unprecedented development in the world of politics. adamant that an x-rated messages sent from his cell phone didn't come from him. >> the nassau county executive insists he's been hacked. cbs 2 political reporter has the story. >> i am a victim here. i am being hacked. this is a lie. and i will bring every legal action to catch this person and bring this to justice. >> nassau county executive ed
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out to get him, hacking into his phone, using a technique he calls spoofing that enabled someone, a him, a her or a they to send very lurid texts to several women, making it seem like the messages came from his cell phone. >> i don't know deny that's my number. it could be hacked. it's hoaxed it is hacked. >> reporter: there is one purporting to be from an ed m. that begins, i'd lay you down. the rest so x rated we can't even tell you what says. another claims to be from ed mangano followed by three cat emojis with hearts for eyes. it's unusual because it has a back and forth conversation with a woman. i really just want you next to me, nothing else, just that, i miss being alone with you. i wanted to see you, replies the woman. sorry, i'm tired. tomorrow, she asks? i will let you know, the mystery texter answers. i want you to blank my brains out even if it's in my car again, she says. sorry, left early, something came up.
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begins, i meant i hope you never stop loving me. if you woke up one day and didn't love me any more my world would end. i'd grow crazy not having you. >> these women had your name in their phone system. >> so disgusting this allegation is outrageous and disgusting. and hurtful. and it did not come from me. these words did not come from me. it was not done on my phone. it could only be done by a hacker. period. i am a victim here. that is the truth. and now this will be turned over to the police. >> former fbi agent and security expert manny gomez says the technology exists to hack an account. gomez does raise questions about one text, the one that includes a back and forth conversation. >> common sense dictates if they're having a conversation about an intimate moment in one of their vehicles where only they two would know about it happy they continue having that -- and they continue having that conversation as if the
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then that doesn't seem to me spoofing. >> it is boldface lie. it has never, ever occurred. issue. >> the situation complicated by the fact that a tweet of one of the texts reportedly turned up briefly on the twitter page of one of the women. it said, my fear was abandonment. his fear was exposure. this is how we settle. i contacted the woman. she said her twitter feed had been hacked. you? >> political opponents? i don't know. a warped individual. i don't know. but this is a hack job. or a hoax and it is very damaging and i will not stand for it and it will be turned over to the police. >> a spokesman for mangano says the investigation is active and the police electronics squad is trying to identify who used the county executive's phone number
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various women. the nassau county police department released a statement saying in part, quote, both parties have no record of such text or tweet and the department reviewed its social media monitor when which routinely monitors the county executive's account and has no such record of any tweet. time now for your forecast. meteorologist vanessa murdock is here with a look at record low temperatures. vanessa. >> still subzero out there. negative one in central park. feeling like roughly 20 below. let's take you live outside to show you the deceiving sunshine we'll experience today. we will have beautiful blue skies but it will not be warm. we have historic cold. we did break the record for the overnight low. it was 2 degrees set back 100 years ago. now negative is. winds are out of the northwest at 24 miles per hour. they will be settling as we get into the afternoon. we want to talk about what a
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christmas eve, 72 degrees. less than a month ago, nearly 27 inches of snow. today the low, 1 below. but the cold only lasts for today. here's the deal. we set a record with the overnight low. think we'll set one this afternoon, at least tie it. 17 degrees would be the coldest valentine's day high on record. we expect to tie that with the windchill. it will of course feel much colder than that. on the vortex, satellite and radar picture. we have clear skies. we'll stay this way for today change. here's the deal. we're starting you off at noon tomorrow. we have a storm system approaching. we'll see the clouds increase through the morning hours. then by midday tomorrow we start to see some snow. afternoon. expect slick roadways out there. this snow will stick quickly. after 6:00, watch what happens. this rain snow line starts to in. by midnight, what was snow,
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transition to all rain for all of us and then it will rain and be warm on tuesday. tuesday highs in the 50s with flooding rains possible. as far as rainfall goes, we think most of us get about 1 to 2 inches. do you see the intensity here? we could have isolated spots getting 3 inches of rain. it will be challenging to run this water off because the ground is frozen. it won't be able to seep in. we'll have localized flooding. before the rain, expect accumulating snowfall. a coating for much of long island, down along the jersey shore. 1 to 3 inches through the city. up through west chester. 3 to 6 well north and west of the city. for today, sunshine and cold. 17. will feel more like subzero and low single digits. tonight, mainly clear. tomorrow, 34. snow becoming steady. a slick evening commute. changes over to rain.
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we'll be drying out on wednesday, thursday, friday. we're back in the 30s. a nice warm up as we head into next weekend. >> a chilly valentine's day. one of our twitter followers asked why there are no roses on set for us. fellas. >> that is a good question. >> you want to answer for yourselves here? >> should be at least a few dozen. >> a lot of shrugs in the back ground. >> good news with the cold today is that a lot of people are home from work and they want to stay cozied up. >> exactly. >> thank you. time now is 8:20. the search for a missing mini van. why police want to find the vehicle and the people inside before they strike again. elmo and cookie monster have the moves and they will break them down, even give me a quick lesson after the break.
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if you're still wondering how to get to sesame street, look no further. the gang is here and ready to dance. just some of the stars of sesame street live. we have elmo and cookie monster here this morning along with molly jackson the show's performance trek tore. thanks so much for being here. how does the television show compare to the live performance? >> sesame street live let's dance is about celebrating creativity and having fun. this show is special because it's super interactive. the characters come into the audience to dance and play with the whole family. just like on the television show we try to extol values such as self-expression and working together and it's just a fun time. that up close interaction is just something you can't normally get from a television screen. >> normally when you think of a live performance you think of the kids sitting down in the
8:23 am
why is that interaction so valuable? >> we want the complete opposite. we want everyone up and dancing and having a great time. we have songs that everyone will know such as the itsy bitsy spider and wheels on the bus. everyone can get up and move and have fun. >> for parents trying to explain to their kids what to expect, what would you tell them? >> just to sing and dance and have fun. know that we're going to have a storyline and the characters are going to come in and interact throughout the story line. they just need to stay prepared. >> why do they call it a broadway many of style performance? >> these guys are singing and dancing and we have such a high caliber production value that for the cost it's such a bargain. >> how do they get tickets? >> we are playing now through february 21st at the theater at madison square garden. everyone can come down to the box office at the theater or check out for more ticket information. >> i'm trying to hold a
8:24 am
such a kick out of these two. can you show us a few moves? oh, this one. that's like the hokey pokey kind of, huh? i like it. so my dance moves, not so great. sesame street live, their dance runs through february 21st at matt sob square garden -- madison square garden. for more information, head to our website. and now elmo and cookie monster are going to show us how it's done. take a away. elmo's got the moves.
8:25 am
[ singing ] fascinated. >> as he should be. they're pretty fun. good moves there as well. >> i did try. >> you did the wop. >> i don't even know what i was doing. i clearly don't know how to do it. cookie and elmo got it. >> favorite time of the show. two beauties. first i'd like to introduce you to kirby. super chill. 6-year-old dachshund chihuahua mix. look at this little guy. very quiet. easy going when he's top dog in the home. he is definitely better off in
8:26 am
since i've held him he has not moved. last week i couldn't keep a little one in my arms. what a cutie pie. >> this here is timothy. he's a 6-year-old dachshund. he is a little more outgoing, i think than kirby. he likes to run around. very good at sitting and doing anything else that he thinks will get him a treat. but he also is a complete snuggle bunny and we're having a nice time together right now. so obviously both dogs looking for their forever home. they did come from the same home. >> they did. >> they should be adopted on their own. >> they're dressed so well. check out our furry friend finder. 'rouof% th ihohtmae he thgsou bbeerhed atswchg bteinrn isowasr anve
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usv d onfoa ic wee veofrebere ju $.9a ntonne d erist enn nu cora.ju gtoetosomrca 188etio
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looking at the frozen bryant park fountain. temperatures are record breaking. we have dangerous winds out
8:29 am
the cold continues to grip the tristate area and there's snow coming. plus the man hunt for a suspect accused of killing his over. how policemanned managed to catch up with him. a cruise ship that survived a nightmare at sea set sail again. why the trip ended up being a dream come true for one couple. cbs sunday morning continues right now. good morning. it is 8:30 on this sunday, february 14th. happy valentine's day. i'm andrea grymes. >> and i'm diane macedo. the days top stories are straight ahead. first meteorologist vanessa murdock is here with a look at the forecast. vanessa. >> good morning, everybody. it is frigid out there. we have set a new record. one below. the old record was 2 degrees set back in 1916. 100 years ago.
8:30 am
thankfully it will be getting warmer as we make our way forward. here's the deal, 4 in woodmooer. 4 below in newton. 7 in spring lake. feels like 32 below in liberty. bedford, feeling 24 below. as we roll through your sunday, your valentine's day, we'll see plenty of sunshine. no risk for snow showers today. however, the winds will be subsiding and temperatures will be warming. it is an improving scene out there. by noon, 8. will feel like 7 below. by 3, 17, will feel like 3 on the plus side. coming up we'll talk about going from these below zero in your opinions to 50s on tuesday. >> quite a switch. it may be valentine's day but the extreme cold has not that many people across our area feeling the love. >> not from mother nature. the arctic chill is not just record breaking, it can be
8:31 am
ilana gold joins us live from the mobile weather lab. >> be glad you are inside. it is brutal out here. the wind has been ramping up all morning and right now the windchill in bryant park, minus 19 degrees. at this point i'm wearing so many layers i can't count them. clothing. we've only been out here for a few minutes and my mouth is starting to freeze as well. as i show you the numbers here in the mobile weather lab, check out the temperature. 4.5 degrees. warmer than it was just a few minutes ago. only by about 2 or 3 degrees. the wind is really the big issue. 9.4 miles per hour. now it's going to 10. out here. it is making matters just so frigid and it's going to continue throughout the morning. if you're heading out you need to be prepared and be careful. extreme cold blasting the tristate area for the second day in a row. the arctic air bringing
8:32 am
>> how are you feeling? >> it's freezing. now. >> i see your eyes are watering. >> it is. usually i wear my glasses. >> the wind gusts leading to unforgiving windchill. this morning temperatures will feel like 10 below zero. >> like you're inside of a freezer and it's really the brutal. >> the cold is so brutal being out for just a few minutes can wearing many layers. >> tell me how many layers are you wearing? >> like five. i feel like a butterball. >> are they helping you? >> it is. it's just my legs that are cold because i didn't wear nothing underneath. >> imagine working outside in this. these construction workers on tenth avenue spent hours in the frigid elements and covered up. if your skin is exposed for 15 minutes, frostbite and hypothermia can set in. >> so important to take this seriously. to stay indoors to the maximum extent possible.
8:33 am
warning all new yorkers to indoors. >> if for any reason you have to go out, go out for as little time as possible. bundle up. lots of layers. do not have skin exposed. >> but this extreme cold can cause problems indoors too. burst pipes and emergency calls to plumbers, so make sure you let warm water drip in the faucets, open cabinet doors, and keep your thermostat set to the same temperature day and night. and we're back live at bryant park on this frigid morning. people are starting to come outside this morning. they're bundled up. a few of them seem to be enjoying their time out here. they're taking pictures by this frozen fountain. kudos to them. it is not pleasant out here, i can tell you that much. the mayor is warning people to stay inside. if you don't have heat, you're urged to call 311 right away. live in bryant park, ilana gold.
8:34 am
the man police say brutally stabbed his girlfriend and three children is behind bars. police got a tip and caught michael sykes at a friends house in queens yesterday. on wednesday investigators say sykes murdered his 28-year-old girlfriend rebecca cutler, their 4-month-old daughter maliyah and cutler's 1-year-old daughter ziana. a 2-year-old named miracle was the only survivor. police are searching for kidnapping. reletsed this surveillance video of the mini van used. two armed men jumped out of the vehicle on tuesday night, grabbed a man in his 60s, stabbed and robbed him and threw him in the van holding him there for more than an hour before pushing him out. it's not clear if the men knew the victim. the broadway community is missing dancer. jeffrey jl williams is a cast
8:35 am
broadway musical shuffle along. broadway musical shuffle along. friends and family say he did not show up for rehearsals wednesday. he was last seen near his apartment in the bronx at 167th street and jerome avenue. he apparently does not have his cell phone and has not updated his social media accounts in the past four days. driver in rockland county got quite a surprise after a sink hole nearly swallowed a car. police say this driver went around the barricades and ended up inside the hole. the water from the break likely caused the road to collapse. the driver did get a ticket. the cold did not stop crowds from lining the streets of flushing for a lunar new year parade. a dragon criss crossed down the street as revelers celebrated the year of the monkey. governor cuomo was among the marchers.
8:36 am
named him the lunar new year man of the year. >> the dragon looks cold. >> nice that everyone came out to celebrate. >> very determined to ring in the new year. time now 8:37. there's something different about the grammies this year. >> performances you'll see at that show on monday and some predictions about who will take home the awards. more than $1000 in underwear stolen from victoria's secret. first here's vanessa murdock. >> frigid right now. a big warm up on the way. in between we'll see some snow. and a lot of rain.
8:37 am
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people police say robbed a victoria's secret store twice and made off with thousands of dollars worth of merchandise. it happened last month. police say the duo stole more than 300 pairs of underwear. a storm tossed cruise ship is back to sea. >> anthem of the seas left new jersey yesterday afternoon. last week you might remember passengers were shaken up and the ship was damaged after it cruised into a major storm off the carolina coast. new passengers though say they were ready to head to warmer temperatures after the coast guard cleared the ship to sail. >> it is what it is. i'm confident they have everything taken care of. i'm looking forward to a great cruise. >> ship is off for an eight night trip. most passengers would like to forget their stormy experience.
8:39 am
a bit of a different memory. >> yes. >> rory garcia proposed to his girlfriend. he posted the emotional video on youtube with the message, she said yes. little did we know we were in for the ride of our lives. congratulations to them. they say for better, for worse. that trip was definitely -- >> you want someone you can weather the storm can; right? there you go. >> that's a good one. let's check in now with meteorologist vanessa murdock. not great cruise weather in new york. good time to get out to warmer weather. >> it definitely is. we will all be warming up. not today. today we stay stuck in the arctic cold and then we quickly rocket out of it. let's check in with our weather watchers at this point in time. see how temperatures are holding on we know it is not warm. frigid. zero degrees being reported in rock away, new jersey. windchill likely closer to 20
8:40 am
way up north where the actual temperature is 10 below, says morgan smith. winds at 5 miles per hour. certainly the windchill there down below 20. very cold. we'll quickly be warming up. live outside right now, beautiful blue skies. at present they pretty much stay that way. day progresses. right now in central park, the reading one below. winds out of the northwest at 24 miles per hour. below. headlines, record cold this morning. could be a record cold valentine's day on the whole. we did set a new record with that negative one reading. former record, 2 degrees set back in 1960. 100 years ago. as we make our way forward we will be warming on up. tomorrow in the 30s. but snow moves in in the afternoon. we'll see transition to rain as we head into the evening hours. tuesday, 50s and rain. we could see heavy rain come tuesday.
8:41 am
degrees in 1960. that was the old record. let's put 2016 on the grid for february 14th with the coldest morning, 1 below. on the vortex satellite and radar picture. beautiful blue skies. arctic high pressure is in control. stays in control for only today. then we have two areas of low pressure that will be building on in tomorrow into tuesday, bringing wet weather. first for today, frigid sunshine to end your weekend for your valentine's day. tomorrow low pressure making its approach. clouds increase in the morning. in the afternoon and start to snow, we'll see steady snow through the afternoon and evening commute. i expect it to be a slick one. after 6:00 we'll start to see it transition to a wintery mix and then rain as we head toward darkness. now tuesday pierce the deal. rain moving through. highs in the 50s. one to two inches of rain expected. isolated spots could be as much as three inches of rain. anticipate localized flooding on tuesday.
8:42 am
here's what we expect as far as snowfall goes. we do expect it to accumulate. a coating across long island and much of monmoth and ocean counties. points west and northeast. 3 to 6 well northwest of the city. after that rain washes it away. for today, 17 feeling more like single digits and just below zero. winds will settle. tonight, 12 and mostly clear. tomorrow, 34. snow moving on in. changing to rain after 6:00. it will be soaking. wednesday, we start to clear it out. 43. it cools off for weeks end. over to you. >> it is music's biggest night. to monday.
8:43 am
talented singers to receive a nomination. deputy editor of culture for joins us with a preview and predictions welcome. >> thank you somewhere we were just watching bruno mars. record of the year. that's one of the records nominated. >> most definitely. i think that mark ronson and bruno mars are going to win for uptown funk. now for the super bowl of music the grammys, i think he's going to win record of the year. this was the number one song of 2015. it was number one on the billboard hot 100 for 14 straight weeks. only one other song in history has topped that. pretty amazing. >> we have a full screen of who he is up against in this category for record of the year. can't feel my face from the weeknd. thinking out loud, ed sheeran.
8:44 am
>> it gave us a music videost that the fourth most watched youtube video of all time. it could be blank space, which is the number two most watched of all time. >> so the next category we'll talk about is album of the year. >> yeah. absolutely. this is going to be where taylor swift really shines. 1989 is one of her most successful albums. it sold over 5 million copies. that album. >> shake it off, blank space, style, bad blood. hit after hit after hit. it represents a complete transto formation from country to pop. >> let's see who she is up against. she does have competition. we have sound and color from alabama shakes, kendrick lamar, chris stapleton. kendrick lamar has the most nominations. >> he has 11 nominations. that's the most ever for a hip hop album, actually. he could be a contender to win
8:45 am
but i do think it's going to be 1989. >> so hip hop, let's switch over to country. that's one of my favorite categories. we'll talk about country album of the year. let's show the full screen of the nominees in this category. sam hunt, little big town, ashley monroe, chris stapleton. it's interesting to see what the grammys nominates in terms of country categories versus what like the academy of country music awards nominates. very different. >> very different. absolutely. casey musgraves doesn't get as much radio play for big country fans. but she's beloved by the grammys for sure. i think for best country album it's going to be chris stapleton. what a year he had. he has been a song writer in nashville for years. he's only 37 but he's written hits if for george strait,
8:46 am
his debut album was a huge hit. >> i do love sam hunt too. we'll have to see. not just about the awards. it really is about the performances too. rihanna, kendrick lamar, lady gaga. going to be giving a bb king tribute. we have a first -- >> i was goings to say. >> which is, broadway at the grammys. >> broadway at the grammys. hamilton, smash hit musical is going to be performing. live via satellite. that's the first time a broadcast live from its theater. going to be the opening number really unique.
8:47 am
>> hamilton is going to be exciting. i have to say. taylor swift, there's been controversy. khany saying he made her famous -- kanye saying he made her famous. she released a statement saying that was not the case. >> i'm sure she'll be asked about it. >> i'm sure. >> thank you so much. >> we appreciate your expertise. don't forget the grammy awards airs tomorrow night right here on cbs 2 starting at 8:00. don't forget to stay tuned
8:48 am
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it's a chilly one out there, in case you're just tuning in. negative 1 degrees. record breaking cold. if it's too cold to wine and dine your sweet heart on this valentine's day, why not cook for them at home. >> it is a great idea. the managing director here with a unique spin on a traditional spin. >> happy valentine's. >> happy valentine's to you. liking the touch of red. >> right. yeah, i think i overdid it maybe. >> this specials delicious. tell us what you brought. >> it tastes a lot better than it looks. seafood vegetable lasagna. we're doing our own spin and instead of the pasta noodles light vegetable lasagna. yellow squash, zucchini and that's the base. >> very nice. let's get started. mold. it's really cool.
8:51 am
we grab that and start layering this. make sure the bottom has enough vegetables to support the lasagna. you just shingle it. left, right. it'll look really pretty. >> what if you don't have a wing mold? >> you know what, you could lasagna. the vegetables and then the crab meat and lobster and let's get cooking. so we have a little pan over here. we'll throw in our little butter. we have garlic. you want to slightly warm the pan. what we do is we brought some lobster meat that's been precooked. you don't want to to be too hot. >> happy valentine's day. >> everything is better with butter. throw the crab -- you hear that sizzling? here we go. time for the party. right? now we throw the crab meat in. keep it separate. lightly coat it. i'm going to get some hadders in there, grab a little bit -- one of my favorite things here.
8:52 am
a little bit of thyme. we have some tarragon. chives. do you smell that? >> it smells delicious. >> right. >> very aromatic. >> oh my lord. let's start building our lasagna. >> it was barely in the pan for a minute. >> we'll finish it off in the oven. this is only a couple of seconds. >> so you just pile it on in there. no technique needed. >> usually have a lot of fun. >> right. i like it. >> just like that. we have circular cut. i've roasted, preroasted mizzou key knee and yellow squash with garlic and thyme. that's going to give it flavors and textures. >> now round two.
8:53 am
>> i'm getting hungry. >> what do you pair this dish with? >> by the way, you want to get a little bit -- you want to get your groove on for valentine's day. you want to get aphrodisiac- quality ingredients. a little bit of passion fruit. people today? >> some wine, i would think. >> i like passion fruit. i like strawberry. let's have some fun. let's fold this in. >> how am i doing? >> i've never had this before. >> just have some fun. it's an american version of an italian icee.
8:54 am
throw this in. grab lemon juice. mix that in. >> -- >> no rules but you want to make sure you cover the whole top. >> a lot of bread crumbs. i love bread crumbs. >> i'm going to add one more layer. >> now let's take a look. >> you put it in the oven for how long? >> finish off in the oven about 5 to 10 minutes. >> that looks beautiful. >> we'll try it in just a minute. thank you. we appreciate it. we have the recipes posted on let's check in to see what's coming up on cbs sunday morning. >> good morning. coming up, we'll hear from the stars of that film they're together again in a play about love letters.
8:55 am
day weekend, a reunion of presidential families. we'll talk with lady gaga and song writer diane warren. comedian paul reiser has thoughts about valentine's day and we'll look back on the legacy of supreme court justice antonin scalia. much more coming up on sunday morning. >> happy valentine's day to you, charles. thanks for checking in with us. let's get a quick look at the weather while we taste test the great food. >> the lobster, the heat of it coming off and it feels really good on this frigid, historically cold day. we set a record this morning, this afternoon, same deal. expected. today. it will still feel like single digits out there, even subski row this afternoon. >> this is delicious. >> thank you. >> thank you so much. >> as is this dessert. all nice and light. >> thank you for joining us. cbs 2 is back tonight at 6:30 and 11:00.
8:56 am
8:57 am
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