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tv   CBS 2 News at 6  CBS  February 15, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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the snow is right now. and the link of bunch first thing. you can see you've got ice all over mercer county. ice is going to be a huge problem. and let's talk about snowfall. in new york city and north, anywhere from a coating to 3 inches. and could be 3 inches or more. a winter weather advisories is it's not just snow we're talking about. the ice is going to end up being a big threat. and this will take place in the nighttime hours. a trace to a tenth in the an hour, snow is only part of the problem in the storm but it
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weekend. >> we have the mobile weather lab in paramus, new jersey. we are here in par ram us. >> there's not much of it. a little more than an inch on the ground but the timing commuters. communities on the jersey shore were the first to see snow today. it started in toms river before noon. side streets and grassy ores are covered. by 4:00. a thin blanket covered most of paramus.
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>> you can't hit your car without the. that driver narrowly avoided being hit by another car. and things will gets better. we are live with the mobile weather lab in paramus. a check on the roast with request out and about checking it out for us. we have here near mount we want to show you the traffic problems that this weather. it's just a line of cars, lots of brailles. weaver going to back -- the
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and it's really snow packed at this point on the hole. >> you can see the snow is starting to accumulate on the roadways. and causing problems for drivers. if you do have to head out this evening or trying to get ohm, taking we know that things are start to turn to rain in the next our or two. reporting from. definitely need to take it low. crews are working to repair a power outage that's left parts of grand central term. the mta had to escort passengers up to the main floor. a burst water pipe shorted a
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train systems. and some are drift with spoiled foot. arrest a time team hopefully, it goes on soon. >> lights are out. atm, ticket machine, all that. >> technologies are asking the police released a surveillance woman who splashed paula on friday as the calmed home. she pulled away and he. three recent robberies near
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has students rethinking the safety. a senior calls it the new normal. >> at this three tacks, the most recent on saturday night. just one block away from rutgers main drag, college avenue. three men approached a man not affiliated with rutgers. >> my parents are scared about this. they're life >> reporter: she became a commuter student after her home was robbed while she was in it. >> reporter: another tack on wednesday. a member of the rutgers community. the attacker checked the victim's
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managing the smoke shop near the train station was held up at 6:50 p.m. we spoke to her via test. it'ses scary concept. he boss is working two ate. he works next to the >> reporter: you pay so much money, and hope you're in a safe things and the thing you want to worry about the safety and being robbed. >> it concerned, i think to 40 rutgers has added including apology
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eliot spitzer after a woman says he assaulted her. she told officers that he choked her at the plaza hotel. the woman have been in a relationship for the couple argued when she told him she was returning to. is the nassau county executive the victim of a hacking scandal or did he send the x rated messages themselves. >> the hate ever. nassau county police are not saying much about the phone -- >> this is not membership, this
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possible >> reporter: cbs news two leaderships that police looked at his phone and questions a she says she has never texted with the married mangano. and does not have his cell phone number. >> i've been inspired by you. >> reporter: but she's done an daily blue. >> all the things that you're involving in. there's no doubt the job is 24 hours a day. one text begins i'd lay you down. the rest is too x rated to share. >> he's been victimized and he
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footsteps of anthony weaner who >> t >> it's a bald faced lie. and it has never ever occurred. i can't be more clear on this issue. of nasa >> i do have faith in the testimony that will discovery whoever these people are. >> wefts questioned by police yet the we were unable to to cops. be more. >> yes, there will. and sounds like a page out of winy the poo.
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>> everybody has their form of a struggle. and any way you can make that better, you'll want to help. he's partially blind and raising money for a cause close to his >> we've got snow. and we'll go to ice and win. we are time it out in just a phone number. the death of justice scalia. it's going to be one of the most consequential supreme court battles of modern times. who will replace. the senate is determined not to let him have his way. we'll have that and the rest of
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the cbs 2 news at 6:30. a literature.
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in new york state, we believe tomorrow starts today. all across the state the economy is growing, with creative new business incentives, the lowest taxes in decades, and university partnerships, attracting the talent and companies of tomorrow. like in utica, where a new kind of workforce is being trained. and in albany, the nanotechnology capital of the world. let us help grow your company's tomorrow, today
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several beehives at a home in morris county were vandalized. the culprit caught on camera here. it's a winy the poo type of situation.
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scattered on the ground. >> the top part at this time of year would hold the honey supplies and the bees would be in a big ball in the bottom box. >> a brazen thief with sticky fingers or paws destroyed the beehives in the front, side, and backyard. >> you can see the muddy paw prints. i don't know how many were specifically in these. but 30 to 50,000 in a hive would be reasonable. we lost them all. >> one hive was initially damaged in early december. he was not sure who or what was responsible. after the first act of vandalism, the homeowner set up this camera with a closeup view of some of the hives. the motion sensor camera caught a black bear knocking over the beehives and licking the honey.
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row, and once during dinner time. >> it was not at all intimidated. he just looked up and went back to eating. >> reporter: in the 15 years of bee keeping, he's never had a bear on the farm property. he points out the bear didn't go for the pot belly pigs or the cat steve. he says he can't blame the bear though. >> much better than most store bought honey. he is not too worry add. >> hen't been back. >> but that could be because the bear licked the hives clean. >> top quality honey, clearly, right. a very special fund raising effort is netting big returning for a 13-year-old boy on long island.
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raising money for a cause that's personal. >> 13-year-old matt red line knows what it's like to navigate life's obstacles. >> my brother is blind and i'm blind in my right eye. >> when i had him 24 years ago. they said it was a one in a million chance that it would happen again. shock. 36 it makes things harder. and you have to work through it and do the best you can can what you've gop goth. >> the grader is on a mission. struggle. better, >> reporter: from nickels and dimes to hundreds and now thousands of donated dollars.
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service dogs, to help veterans with combat disabilities. >> a way to get a lot of the stress and hardships away from him. >> reporter: while a guide or service dog is free to the recipient, it costs $50,000 to raise, train, and place each one. >> and sponsoring a puppy costs $6000. >> they get no regular government funding. >> reporter: a very independent college student hopes to have his own piece of metal. to know. it would open the world. will transform lives. one service dog at the time.
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>> what a great young guy. the guide dog foundation trains and raises 300 dogs a year. he created his own web page for the fundraiser. >> such maturity. >> but. >> we've got to be careful tonight. >> driving especially outside the city, the city is not under a huge risk of ice. but i never discount it. just outside the city is where we'll see decent ice accession. and right now the temperatures -- it's painting the city. south of the city, a 35-degree reading. and north of tom's river, this is leo mcconnell. >> leo, i wish you had written something. i'd like to read your words. the snow is falling in the city.
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29 is the warmest temperature all today you were 13 degrees at 3:00 this morning. it's gotten warmer with each passing hour. it's going into an icy, sleety mix. and all rain eventually. and here we are at 10 p.m. about 34 in the city. and 40 on the jersey shore. and 40 throughout long island. and colder as you go north. and ice as well. 33 in t neck. and an icing situation at 10 p.m. and now watch the overnight hours. and it's 2:00 in the morning. and everybody now, the coldest spot is 34 degrees. and you're switching to rain and then into the afternoon on tuesday, and forget about it. look at the numbers. i said we'll be pushing 60.
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and i have to look at a lot of models. the cold spot, 52 in liberty, and bridgeport, connecticut. take a look. we've been watching the rain line. and sleet right now. nipping at staten island. and then sleet in inland portions of monmouth ocean county. and some heavy bands of snow north of the city. this is your timeline. steady snow. especially north and west. and then 10 p.m. to midnight. and rain for most folks. we could have the icing problem. and a lighter precipitation. and then 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. heavier bands of rain. the models numbers are down on the amount of rain. anywhere from an inch to an inch and a half. they were pushing close to 3 inches.
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46 wednesday and 40 on thursday. and by the weekend, back to 50. port saint lucy. sports is next. it took joel silverman years to become a master dog trainer.
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just so you know, only one of us is packing for spring training. >> somebody's got to do it. >> short straw again. >> it's not going to be that warm i hear. >> pitchers and catchers port on wednesday and many got to take part in the sendoff from queens this afternoon. up. cow bell man was there to cheer on the national league champs. some got vouchers for home games and accommodations for two. but the main attraction, mr. and mrs. met packing up the equipment truck as it hits the road. and that's where most of the mets already are. he's a year removed from tommy john surgery. he say it has mets haven't
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long-term deal and he's open to do so. he ran right through it. how does he feel going to 2016. >> my body feels great and all of us as a staff and as a whole organization feel great about this year. year. our experiences and it's fun being here in spring training, and we're all excited to get started. >> loving the world series video. >> the yankees pitchers and catchers report in tampa thursday. islanders hosting the red wings. and nelson's second goal of the season. and then two more goals in the span of 66 seconds. josh bailey on a power play. and the slick move in front. they win 4-1 over detroit.
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franchise tag to keep wilkerson in next season. the all star festivities all wrapped up for the nba. and a salute to kobe bryant in the 18th and final all star game. he left to a standing ovation which was a necessity during a slam dunk contest. clearly the highlight of the weekend as the orlando magic's aaron gordon -- this is incredible. zach levine treated us to an old fashioned throwdown. graft defying dunks. levine took off and went between the legs. back to back titles. >> next year, what are they going to the come up with? >> a jump off the empire state
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>> we'll be right back. e sttinrn aillewi uoa utox st anab. t 0 g lo a dnldspds
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it tbeer it tfi. coming up on the news after the grammys. it takes a lot of trust to hand your child over to a nanny. what happens when her attention shifts from your kids to your husband. >> it's the nanny attraction
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>> the cbs evening news with scott pelley is next. >> see you back at 11:00. good night. >> pelley: the supreme court after scalia. with a senate battle brewing over his successor, will the court be gridlocked? also tonight, trump and cruz keep firing at each other. jeb bush looks to "w" to put him in the win column. first the freeze, then the storms and plenty of accidents. and the odd couple. opposites on the bench, best buddies in life. >> we agree on a whole lot of stuff. we do. ruth is really bad only on the knee-jerk stuff. >> this is the "cbs evening captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: tonight the stars and stripes fly at half-staff at the supreme court. a quiet memorial to justice antonin scalia in sharp contrast


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