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tv   CBS 2 News Saturday  CBS  February 20, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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>> it' a right now breaking news. two police officers and a suspect rushed to the hospital after a shooting in brooklyn. we're live on the scene. >> plus on investigation launched at buffalo state college after a senior from brooklyn dies. why police think his death may be related to hazing. >> get ready for a warm weekend. temperatures are expected in the upper 50s and top 60s in some places. >> cbs 2 news saturday morning starts right now. >> live from studio 46, this is cbs 2 news this morning. good morning. it's 6:00 on this saturday, february 20th. i'm andrea grymes and i'm diane macedo.
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forecast. >> a much warmer day today. 15 degree above normal saturday. >> we'll take it. >> i think many will be happy to feel the change out there. cool start. it is right now 43 in the city. that's the normal daytime high. 34 in the hamptons, 34 monticello and summerville. now note how much warmer it is than yesterday. 18 degrees warmer in the city, 37 degrees warmer in the hamptons. lots of drizzle and then north of the city, north of 84 this morning please keep in mind there could be some slick spots because it's a wintery mix. some slick roadways possible early this morning. by this afternoon it's going to be a very pleasant
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53 degrees and partly sunny. feeling 58 at 3:00 and then at 9:0047. i'll have details on what's coming up for the rest of your weekend and your work week >> thank you. in brooklyn two police officers were shot during a sthoot out with a suspect. >> ilana gold is live from the scene. what's the latest? >> reporter: right now the two officers are at the hospital and we're hold their injuries are not life-threatening. the shooting happened at mall con x boulevard and lexington. you can see there's a massive police presence out here. just a moment ago commissioner bratton showed up. he's getting an update from officials on scene. officials are trying to piece together exactly what happened but tell us the suspect was shot and is in custody. we want to show you this cell phone video of the scene after it happened
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you can see the officers being put in an ambulance. one of them was hit with a bullet proof vest, the other struck in the back. it's unclear what led to this, why they were called here in the first case and what prompted to shoot out. the suspect was hit with at least one budget. she is in custody. we're waiting for word on his condition. there are a lot of questions ability this officer-involved shooting. some top officials with the nypd are at king's hospital with the officers. they are supposed to have a press later later on this morning. ilana gold, cbs 2 news. >> thank you. new this morning, a brooklyn man has died in a possible hazing incident at buffalo state college. bradley doily played on the men's basketball team. the 21-year-old senior business major died at the hospital.
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may have been hazed off campus while pledging to alpha fhi fraternity. the unlicensed driver who killed a 4-year-old girl will spend up to 9 years in prison. franklin reyes, june were was 17 when he struck aerial russo and her grandmother being chased by police on the upper west side in 2013. the little girl died. before sentencing yesterday reyes apologize ed d for the first time to the little girl's family but aerial's mother said his words are not enough. >> reyes, junior is l jib for parole in august of next year. the russo family said there will be there to oppose his release
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a new revolution in the sexting scandal. despite magano's calls for a criminal investigation he's yet to stein a complaint. he claims x rated texts were sent by a hacker and he issued a statement back on february 14th saying he file add criminal complaint with the police department. his spokesman said his office will issue additional comments once the investigation is complete. service at pn -- at pen station is back to normal after a fire last night. the power outage led to the suspension of new jersey transit and amtrack service. the lyre lirr was not effected. on going roadway raising project.
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until 5:00 sunday morning. similar close clurs will be in place next weekend. during the closures traffic will be diverted to the gotheles bridge. time now 6:06. a final fair well for supreme court justice antonin scalia. >> who is the favorite ahead of today's races in nevada and south carolina. >> plus, new video of a dangerous cyclone that's headed straight for fiji. >> first, don't need many layers this weekend. >> no. i think they will be shed. we're going to warm into the 50s today, pushing 60. the warmth does not last long. we'll talk winter weather on the way for the start of your work week in my full forecast. >> first a check on the
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now to campaign 2016. republican candidates are gearing up for today's south carolina primary. it could help weed out the crowded gop field f donald trump is just 5 points ahead of ted cruz. ted cruz
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striking distance since last week's debate. >> i'm straight and tell it like it is. >> the next 24 hours we are fighting to determine if the next generation will have the same constitutional liberties every one of us has been blessed to enjoy. >> the democrats hold their nevada caucuses today. it will be the candidates first content in andy verse state. polls show hillary clinton with a slight lead over bernie sanders. speaking of hillary clinton, the state department has released 562 more documents from clinton's e-mail account, her private e-mail account on hour private server. portions of 64 documents were upgraded to the confidential level. officials say none of that information was marked classified when the e-mails were sent. the funeral for supreme court an stoen scalia is set for this morning in washington. the president and first lady were among thousands who paid their respects at a public viewing yesterday. scalia's flag-drape casket was placed in the
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his son, paul, who is a catholic priest led a prayer service. vice president joe biden and his wife will attend the funeral today. new video out of fiji. the prime minister is calling for citizens to be alert and prepared for what some are calling one of the most powerful cyclones in the country's recorded history. with 186 mile per hour winds the category 5 storm is on track to slam many of the country's ie lands for the next 12 hours. >> i wish everyone there stays safe. let's check in with meteorologist vanessa murdock. a big warm er up here. >> we are. highs this afternoon will push 60 degrees. >> i'm excited about this weekend forecast. i feel like it's been too long since we've been able to discuss such unseasonable warmth. >> let's go live outside to start things oh off this morning. we have some clouds over head and a few sprinkles as well. 43 degrees.
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per hour. could be some slick spots on the roadways, especially north of the city 678 your headlines for today, spring-like feeling out there. some clouds and some sun. late tomorrow we will be discussing the chance for rain and snow to make its way on through sunday night into early monday morning. slick roads anticipated not just tomorrow night but still during that monday morning commute. we are really watching a midweek system that could be quite a pounding for us. the winds at this point in time look together cranking big time with that wednesday into thursday storm. something that is still a ways away but we are watching it closely. your temperature trend is this, yesterday the high was 39. today 58. a 20 degree warm up on average in general out there. so much warmer than normal. the normal high is 43. tomorrow cooler and 54. mrp
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monday 45 degrees after that wet weather moves on through. this 58 degree high for today is the normal high for april 7th. that would officially be spring. as we look at the satellite and radar we have wet weather to the north of the city. lots of sprinkles out there, a little bit of a wintery mix this morning. that's why i caution about those slick roadways. as we look at the bigger picture on the vortex satellite and radar picture, a warm front lifting through right now. today the warm sector. we're pushing nearly 60. a fixture of sunshine and clouds today, very mild temperatures and then an area of low pressure to our south tomorrow. increasing clouds but we'll see rain pushing in and then likely if the moisture fills in more it will be snow north and west of the city at this point in time.
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air starting to sooif on down. with that rain may change over the snow as we make our way towards monday morning. as far as what's going to be left on the ground after all this is said and done, not a whole lot but a messy commute mopped morning especially with wet weather on the roadways in general. probably a dusting up to an inch well north and west of the city. with this system as it makes its way through sunday night into monday. for today let's not worry about that, let's end ji this 58 degrees, a mixture of sunshine and clouds. a little breezy. winds out of the southwest at 10 to 15 miles per hour. over night 43 degrees and partly cloudy. 30s in the suburbs. tomorrow thickening clouds rain and snow moving in late in the day. it will still be warm during the daylight hours with a high of 54. monday after that low pressure moves off the
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whopper of a storm. right now mainly rain especially on thursday but we'll have high winds as well and then after that system starts to exit cold air jumps back in and we'll see snow showers as it exits on friday. >> i still like the fives and fours across the board. >> over night is when you won't feel it because you'll be inside. >> thank you. now to a sort of east coast, west coast food rivalry, scallions or food onions. >> tony tantillo has it with his tip of the today. >> today's tip of the day will be with green onions. on the east coast they're called school yankeeses. what's great is i talk about don't waist any of it. use the whole green onion, the whole length of it. the flavor profile changes every inch. the texture, the profile is incredible. a little stronger to the mild. now when you buy them straight, the
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they start to age they will start to turn and being like a u. nice and straight means nice and fresh. when you bring them home store them in the fridge right away. shelf life only 3 to 4 days at the very most. now, the very top right here i cut in small pieces like chooifs. i sprinkle it on tom of a dish, like a pasta dish. the flavor is incredible. i'm tony tantillo your fresh grocer. eat french and stay healthy. slash scallions. >> being very mritically correct. survivor resurrected the brains burr versus beauty theme. >> a group of dedicated fans contestants some such questions. >> season 32 of survivor is being described as one of the
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seasons in the show's history featuring 18 cast aways put in tribes based on physical strength, looks or brains. >> people said i see brain as a quality, i don't see beauty as a quality. i said you don't think doors open for beautiful women. every day. you see that on survivor. >> these fans are undecided on the winner too but sure of one thing. >> it's all real because you can't script that. >> all things survivor former contestants were grilled by hopefuls. >> do you think you would go under brains, brawns or beauty? >> [laughter] >> spoken like a true future survivor. >> i put me on brain although my iq is not that high. >> the young fans even had
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>> they should make a kids survivor. they shoot shoot it from long island. >> survivors will continue to battle it out weekly on cbs while these young ones sharpen their skills. >> it will air at wednesday at 8:00 on cbs 2. a police department is asking residents for help in named a feathers friend. clarkstown police put this video on you tube of a red tailed hawk as her personal perch. she thaifr head to facebook or twitter and use the hash tame #namethathawk. i like how he looks at the watched. >> -- he like -- we have good morning, everyone. you
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here at port saint lucy, florida. 1,500 mets fanned showed up. the mets said that's a record for the first day that the pitchers and catchers have had since 1988. my photographer is already in mid season form keeping up with the guys as they went from field to field. it's not all about baseball yesterday. matt harvey took time out to meet with seth proctor. a harvey fan who was stricken with huntington disease but still managers to work out every day. david wright and curtis granderson with were there continue together get some early work in. it was a successful day for terry collins. full of excitement for the players and the people who route them on. >> what a frequent -- you know, our fans coming out today was incredible. it was very, very fun to see that. it was very very fun to see the guys out there. we didn't have much to say besides let's go get them.
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home with our mom and dad and wives and kids you get a chance to look forward to be with your brother, your army, your team that you'll do battle with. knicks and nets facing off. wayne elevatoring ton caps off a 20-2 rudd in the 3rd as brooklyn takes a 13 point lead. the knicks kept it close but not close enough. a 123 -- a 13-0 run in the 4th. the knicks have now lost 11 of 12. the islanders beat the devils 1-0. for cbs 2 news i'm otis livingston. have a great day. >> thank you. his job was to clean the city but police say a city worker was caught on camera din the -- doing the opposite. >> he was throwing whatever he could find. >> find out what happened when officers confronted him about it. >> you need them to stay warm but your winter layers are
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there was man spreading on subways and now winter spreading in restaurants where people shed their winter gear and pile it on empty tables and chairs. >> it's not just a nuisance to
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>> dining out during winter means peeling off layers of clothing. aufb times people put it on near by tables and chairs. that can be bad for business. >> i see people coming in saying there's nowhere to sit. >> many times they don't come inside to see if someone is sitting there, they go somewhere else. >> people are too embarrassed to ask people to move their stuff so it becomes a concern for us. >> especially in small establishments with no coat checks and limited racks. >> taking up space when there's limited space and you have all your jackets and everything. >> it's common courtesy to put it on your chair, put your hair other pocket. >> experpts say treat your space in a restaurant similar the way you treat your space on make sure everything you have fits on your chair or underneath it. >> putting your coat on the idea. when you lay it down put
6:25 am
into the sleeves but also bring the sleeves together and tie them so you're not spreading out 2 feet to either side of you. it's not the most -- it's not the most comfortable thing but it's mindful and respectful towards other diners. >> there's other business owners and customers who say it doesn't bother them. >> people have a lot of stuff. sometimes they leave it on the next table. it's okay. >> i try to be as polite as possible and ask people to move something. >> experts say you shouldn't have to tolerate winter spreading and you won't as long as everyone remembers to mind finch, cbs 2 #23450uz. >> -- cbs 2 news. >> i don't understand what the problem is. >> just get a few more hooks. >> it's tough in the winter . it's freezing out expect for vanessa will have up. time now 6:25. today's top stories. where two nypd officers have with a suspect.
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we have breaking news in brooklyn, two officers shot after a shoot out with a suspect who was also injured. we are live with the latest. >> plus, caught on camera. a sfi -- a city san itation worker accused of littering on the job. what he said when police
6:29 am
>> a bus full of children barely clears the train tracks in time. guess who the driver is blaming? cbs 2 news saturday morning starts right now. >> live from studio 46, this is cbs 2 news this morning. good morning. it's coming up on 6:30 on this saturday, february 20th. i'm diane macedo. >> i'm andrea grymes. first meteorologist have necessary a murdock is here with a look at the forecast. we don't need as many layers as we've been used to. >> no. you can leave the bulk at home today. it will be warm warming up into the 50s this afternoon. >> nice. >> yes, big changes over yesterday. about 20 degrees warmer as we start off your weekend. let's go ahead and take a look at where we stand right now. 43 central park. it's important to note that 43 is our normal daytime high right now. 39 in sussex, 42
6:30 am
the 24 hour temperature change is impressive. right now in sussex it's 26 degrees warmer than yesterday at 6:29. in the city it is 18 degrees warmer. as we look at the vortex satellite and radar picture we have some showers making their way through right now dropping some very light rain across long island and north of the city earlier it was more of a wintery mix. so please be cautious, we could have some slick spots on the roadways this morning. the forecast today looking lovely. by noon it is 53 degrees, feeling like 53. partly sunny skies. then at noon, 58 degrees is your high and partly sunny. lots of thumb's up here from our floor director this morning. i hope you're feeling the same. i hope you feel that this forecast makes you happy and you're looking forward to the unseasonable warmth because it does not last. your item forecast coming up. we'll talk about a storm system moving
6:31 am
innocent another whooper of a midweek to the end of the week. >> thank you. two police officers and a suspect have been shot during a shoot out. >> ilana gold is live from the scene in bed sty. ilana. >> reporter: andrea, police tell us the two officers are expected to be okay. they were shot out here on malcolm x boulevard by lexington avenue. right now investigators are out here with this aifr blocked off as they piece together what happened. we want to show you officers in plain clothes getting put in the ambulance. one was shot in the chest. the vest. the other officer shot in the lower back. the nypd they say this is the revolver they found suspect. commissioner bratton just got on scene here a few here's what we know, police say the officers heard shots fired around 3:00 a.m., car and followed him. a few
6:32 am
head-on crash with the suspects. seconds later he opened fire at those cops who then fired back. the suspect was hit with at least one bullet. she's now in custody at the hospital and we are waiting for word on his condition. back out here live where two officers very shot and injured in brooklyn. mayor de blasio just showed up at king's county hospital to check on them. he's expected to have a news conference later this morning. live in brooklyn this morning, ilana gold, cbs 2 news. new video this morning of the teenager police say slashed a worker at a restaurant. investigators say he is seen inside this silver spurs restaurant with someone wearing a hoodie. the teen was reportedly asking patrons for donations for a bogus basketball league. the worker asked him to leave. police say he letter returns and slashed the worker across the face. investigators also released video showing the
6:33 am
with three other teens, a boy and two girls. this happened earlier this week. police have arrested a city sanitation worker accused of throwing trash over a church fence and leading police officers on a chase in his street sweeper. investigators say roman protas was on duty when he was caught on camera throwing trash at a statute of jesus outside church church catholic church in borough park brooklyn. >> he was throwing bibles, he was throwing stones, whatever he could find over into there, course -- cursing and yelling. he started drinking. >> investigators say the 38-year-old returned to the church 40 minutes later and threw flowers at a statute of pope john paul ii. police tried to pull him over but he tried to out run them in the street sweeper. 56-year-old girl is recovering after nearly drowning at a queens spa. the girl was
6:34 am
afternoon when police say her hair got caught in a jet and she was pulled understood water. a man near by rushed to save her. >> the gentleman noticed the shadow figure so just went down and removed the child from the water and told the people around to call 911. >> other people stepped in as well to help with cpr until paramedics arrived. the girl is expected to be okay and no charges will be filed. new jersey taxpayers are out of more than $10 million of governor chris christie's bridge scandal. the hefty bill is for legal services performed for christie's administration in the george washington bridge lane millions more has been spent on outside lawyers by a legislative committee and the new jersey. allies are accused of orchestrating a traffic jam in mayor
6:35 am
thatsnassau medical center rolled out zika testing yesterday. hospital. symptoms seem like many people returning from trips from central and south america are concerned. >> a lot of people are returning from these trips with illnesses or had some sort of illness while they were away. their concerned it might have >> one of only three that can the results are available in two or three days. the mta said the w train is coming back. it's part of a big bigger plan to help get the long awaited 2nd avenue subway up and running. the proposed service changing would return the w to hispanic to yeah where it will operate local service into manhattan as rly as this fall. it would replace the current q service in queens that's set to be rerouted to run on the new second avenue subway line. >> i kind of never stopped saying nrw. it's just one of those things thatst a habit.
6:36 am
i don't know. time now 6:35. a new warning about an old scam. how thieves are using jury duty to trick people into handing over >> some frightening moments when a school bus comes inches of a fast moving train. why the bus driver is blaming it on students. >> here's your forecast. storms on the way that will weather. details coming up in my full forecast. have the forecast any time with the cbs new york weather app. you can check live radar, send us your weather pictures and video. it's free in the itunes store. if
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good saturday morning to you-all. you might notice that 43 degrees there on the right side of the scene. it's a -- screen. it's a warm upcoming our way. 6:38 and that temperature will continue to climb. we'll check in with have necessary a coming up. first a close call in houston. look at this train. it nearly slams into the back of a school bus full of high school students. a the kids were on their way home when they recorded the incident. the driver drove back to the school and said the students were too loud and couldn't drive safely. the students said they were scared. >> we were all screaming and telling her to move forward and everyone was just really freaking out and really terrified at the moment. >> the school fired the driver saying she didn't follow protocol. drivers have to stop at least 15 feet from the track, open the door, look and listen first approaching trains. fans of singer kesha gathered outside a manhattan court to support her as she fights a legal battle against her record label and former producer. she love a
6:40 am
her out of her contract with sony music and producer dr. luke dr. luke. kesha claims that dr. luke drugged and sexually abused her. fans were out rajraged by the court's decision. >> i'm pretty heartbroken right now. if it weren't for kesah and her-- kesha and her music i don't know where i would be. >> it's sickening. >> sony said it would not comment on on going litigation. an old scam is targeting new victims across the country. scammers posing as authorities are calling people and tell ing them they will be arrested for missing jury duty. then they demand money to get out of it. the federal trade commission said these kinds of scams are on the rise nationwide. >> i get a phone call that said that there was a bench warrant out for my arrest that i had missed jury duty. >> he said all you need to do is send some money via paypal.
6:41 am
>> i'm not sure the courts use paypal all that often. the criminals use technology called spoofing to make it look lookike it comes from a court or police department. time now is 6:40. we've been talking about a warm up. it's not the 70s today. >> even i'm not being that greedy. >> all right. well, listen, we'll get close to 60 today. >> i'll take that. >> that's 20 degrees warmer than yesterday. >> crazy. >> so no need for come mrabts today. if you were hoping for warmer weather it's here but this morning we have some clouds over head and even a few showers passing on by. right now we'll check in with weather watchers purchase temperature close -- temperatures close to that 40 degree mark. david said it's 40 degrees. lynn brook said mainly cloudy skies there. up torte north 38 degrees coming in from daniel. also mainly cloudy skies there. very few reporting
6:42 am
it is moving across long island. it's dropping some drizzle this morning and that's about it. there could be some slick spots out on the roadways, especially north of the city where earlier this morning a wintery mix was falling. over central park it's mostly cloudy, 43, south, southwest winds at 10 miles per hour. it will be a little bit breezy today. winds will be at 10 to 15 for the dur rig of your day, gusts up to 25. what can you expect? a spring-like weekend. temperatures today will be pushing 60, most of us will be in the mid and upper 50s. then tomorrow still mild out there with highs in the 50s. we'll see even more cloud cover tomorrow and a chance for wet weather moving in. here's the deal, late tomorrow we'll start with rain that will become snow for us. it will be a quick mover. by monday afternoon sun returns to the forecast. midweek starting wednesday but ramping up on thursday we're look b at a larger system that will im pact wednesday shsz thursday and friday with
6:43 am
now what looks to be a lot of wet weather and some wintery weather. out there today, 58 degrees the forecasted high. normal is 43. so 15 degrees above normal today. 20 degrees warmer than yesterday. when compared to last week, welsh even warmer than that. 36 degrees warmer today than it was last saturday. 22 degrees was the high. do you remember how hisable it was last weekend? it was brutal. today significant improvement ps on those numbers. on the vortex satellite and radar picture right now, plenty of clouds over head at present. wet weather making its way to the east and out of here. a across long island expect light rain to make its way to the east over the next hour or so. after that skies will partially clear. here's the deal, this wet weather associated with the warm front lifting up right now. very soon we'll be into what we
6:44 am
those temperatures really start to climb and we'll see a little more sun this afternoon. hour by hour what we'd like to do with this is start you off looking at that storm system passing to our south bringing us some wet weather. tomorrow morning a little bit of sun. at 4:00 still looks to be dry at this point in time. as we get closer to the evening hours, closer to 7:00, 8:00 and now you see at 10:00 rape will be making its way in. however, if the moisture fills in a little bit more to the north and west, which i think it will at this point in time, expect it to start as snow well north and west of the city. as we make our bay into monday morning, over night saturday and into sunday cold air starts to dive in. whatever precipitation is falling will wrap up as out as snow. as far as accumulations go not a lot on the ground after this thing is over. many places well north and west of the city
6:45 am
elsewhere a dust inging at most because it will have been so warm that it will find trouble sticking to the ground. please note that over night sunday and into monday morning those roadways could be very slick as this mix of wintery weather moves on through. for today don't worry about that focus, on the present. it's looking good for today, 58 degrees, a mixture of sun and clouds. breezy, winds out of the southwest at 10 to 15 miles per hour. over night tonight partly cloudy and 43. th willis will transplait to 30s in the suburbs. through the day tomorrow thicker cloud cover with that rain moves in late starting as snow north and west of the city and then wraps up by monday morning. tomorrow still mild, 54 degrees. your extended forecast now as we make our way into monday skies will be clearing and it will be getting colder, 45. tuesday it's 42 with a mix of sunshine and clouds. then starting on wednesday, 43 degrees. we'll have plenty of clouds and showers make their way in. wednesday will not be the main event.
6:46 am
high of 40 we'll see heavy rain, the winds will be cranking and then as we head into friday that signature storm will be also sticking around still dropping snow showers through the day on friday. >> so like everything is going to hit us this week. >> yeah. >> we've got it all. >> variety. >> closer to spring it's going to be this great variety of weather. every other day will be something different. s if you live here you're one week. >> thank you so much. sports now. the mets say have have energy by all the fans who trained up for spring training in florida. >> here's otis livingston with your sports update. good morning, everyone. you want to talk about excitement here at port saint lucy, florida. yesterday 1,500 mets fans turns outside. the
6:47 am
you want to talk about something photographer joe mcglaughlin. yesterday. matt harvey took time out to meet with sat proctor. he's a harvey fan from connecticut who was struck with continuing to get some early work in. a successful day one for the skipper terry collins. a the people who route them on. >> our fans coming out today was incredible. it was very, very fun to see that. it was very fun to see the guys out there and the energy level in the morning. didn't have much to say today but let's go get them. >> as much as we want to be home with our mom and dad and wives and kids you look forward to getting a chance to be with your brother, to be with your army, to be with your team that
6:48 am
it-- to do battle with. all eyes on cc esbathia. he was pitching great in suspect when he shut out down. checked himself sgoo program on the eve of the he admits to being an alcoholic since 2012 but he's working with a sponsor now as he >> i'll be able to kind of keep video games, hanging out with teammates. that's something that i kind of years. just kind of shut myself into my hotel room and did my deed. i'll be out with my teammates with the guys in the same role that i was when i first got here, very social. knicks and nets facing off in brooklyn. nets played in front of their new gm shawn marks purchase elevatoring ton caps off a 20-2 run in the 3rd as brooklyn takes a 13 point lied. the knicks kept it close but not close enough. a 13-0
6:49 am
never looked back. the knicks have now lost 109-9 the final from brooklyn. islanders on the ice last night. the islanders blaing the devils 1-50. for cbs 2 i'm otis livingston. have a great day. it was a rough finish at the series opener in day to that last night. kristopher bells trip flipped nearly 10 time ins the air. he was able to get out on his own. he was released from the hospital this morning. >> that's amazing to consider. it's a rare find in sew hee. living large in a condo loeft loft with plenty of privacy and touches of glits and glam. update. the bayne bridge will be closed for a long time construction project. motorists should use the gotheles as an out gnat p from midnight to sunday the brooklyn battery bridge will be closed.
6:50 am
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it tbeer it tfi. this morning's living large takes us to soho. >> it's a building that was originally contracted in the 1800s and has a full floor condo that redefines loft living. here's cbs 2's emily smith. >> at 50 wore chester street a
6:53 am
>> hi, i'm emily. >> hi. >> it's never been lived in before but the homeowner designed the space with details specific only to this unit such as curved walls, cove lighting and lots of volume. >> it's 50 feed wide, which is rare. even town homes are 20, 25 feet sglchls the home has out door space with exposed brick. building with its own private terrace. >> the floors out here are 7 inch wide oak, which is really nice. what i want you to do is kind of touch the kitchen wood. >> wow. >> it's rubbery. it's rubber pine. the tire wall is full of storage. also you don't want to have your coffee maker and blender so it's hidden. >> if you want to make it into a king, it's easily movable. i'm wearing 5 inch heels and you can really just move it.
6:54 am
we're not hall enough to it's motorized so it comes down. >> this is when you enter the master suite. my favorite is this beautiful master bathroom. >> the bath rub a rare copper tub t toilets from it will are egg shaped. >> if between the titles she used glitters. >> the windows go down from the push of a button. >> you have a large king size bed facing a fireplace on the other side a garden view. >> in the wintertime you want to look at the fireplace n the summertime you don't need the fireplace so you have your garden. these come up. those come down. you just face the garden. >> finally the powder room with custom back lighting. >> i love it. >> it changes speed, co lors or can be paused on one color. >> just under 5,000 skweet you
6:55 am
>> to live large in soho it will cost you $169,500,000 >> that would be the most high-tech high we've seen. >> that bathroom was bb gun -- like being in the club. >> i need that. i have some trouble reach ing ing stuff. taxes and fees on the house run $42,000 a year. >> it's time now to see what's coming up next on cbs this morning saturday. >> anthony and venita have a preview. >> coming up it could change the way we watch sports. details on the case in new jersey that could lead to legalized sporting betting across america. >> also he was caught in the cross fire of the mexican drug cartels. inside the oscar no, ma'am nominated video cartel sand. >> saving the planet by drinking beer? the company that's burning unwanted bread
6:56 am
>> all that and the dish and music from wyonna judd. that's just ahead on cbs this morning saturday. >> interesting to see that beer story. thank you. >> i like bread though . >> me too. can i ooet bread while i'm drining the beer. thank you so much. look ing forward to the show. one more final check of the forecast this hour with vanessa. >> very warm for today. about 15 degrees above normal this afternoon. we'll be in the 50s. they'll be a mixture of sunshine and clouds today. the highs across the region, some will hit 60 in freehold and tom's river. cooler in monticello, 51. also cooler east in in montage, 47. winds will be off the water today coming out of the southwest. that's why you see a significant difference. today dry after a few showers move through this morning. tonight partly cloudy and 43. tomorrow another very mild day at 54. they'll be plenty of clouds but here's what is happening late tomorrow, an area of low
6:57 am
it will bring rain more many but city. as it exits over night subbed into very early monday morning it will transition to about a dusting to an inch at most. the accumulating snow will be north and west of the city. regardless, monday morning's commute could be slick for some. monday afternoon it's 45 and clearing. tuesday looking okay at 42. the clouds thicken. showers on wednesday. thursday into friday a major storm system as it looks right now will bring rain, a lot of wind and then snow as it makes its exit. a little bit of something for everybody this week. >> thank you. this is cbs 2 news saturday morning. coming up when we come back at 9:00 it's billed as a faster way to find a parking spot but could it trigger roadway. >> more on that police-involved shooting in brooklyn where an those stories and
6:58 am
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. iii . captioning funded by cbs good morning. it's february 20th, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning: saturday." a primary push and the countdown to caucus. with two contests to be decided today, the candidates try to make their cases to undecided voters. and borrowing the keys to crack the code. the justice department offers a compmise to apple over a gunman's cell phone. a single book, she changed american literature. a look being backat the legacy of harper lee. andaving t planet by drinking beer!


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