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tv   CBS 2 News at 6  CBS  February 23, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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that's round as far as the rain is concerned. it hasn't been a huge rainmaker. that's round 1. belmar half in: round 2 is going to be a soaker. that arrives tomorrow. so what you can expect between now and then mostly wet roads especially around new york city. some slick spots north and west where we have seen wet and slushy snow. slushy one to two inches on the grass and round 2 comes in tomorrow. details coming up with the full forecast coming up. questions about the number of slashings in the city. the commissioner lost his cool and became defensive when asked whether the nypd has a quota system for arrests and tickets. cbs 2's political reporter marcia kramer has the story. >> reporter: it was a press conference to talk about technology advances in the nypd. and the department's comstat
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question about whether the system is used quota that the drove the commissioner to profanity. >> bull [ censored ] is my response to that. if any of my cops out there still think we're pushing for the summons, et cetera, i'm sorry, we're pushing to reduce crime. >> reporter: the nypd is being sued by a number of minority officers one in particular, who claimed they are required to meet fixed numerical goals, quotas, for arrests and summons. >> that officer one of 36,000, that may be his impression. he is entitled to that impression. but those are not the practices, policies and procedures i'm putting into this. >> reporter: a 21% increase in the number of slashings and stabbings since the beginning of the year. still playing defense. >> shootings and murders are down so you've lost interest in them. when was the last time any of you reported on that? if it bleeds it leads. >> reporter: the mayor and police commissioner trying to tamp down public fear by saying that only a handful of
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>> i fully understand many new yorkers are concerned with. >> i think what people are very concerned about is could something happen to them randomly? the facts presented has been over 500 of any type of staning slashing cutting et cetera in the course of this year. only 7 were identified that could be random. >> reporter: the mayor says the nypd is well equipped to handle the situation. >> as the finest police force in the country they have driven down crime for years. the thing that scares people is random slashing is very, very rare. >> reporter: the latest nypd figures indicate there have been 578 stabbing and slashing incidents first january 1. officials say if you stabbed dinner table and called the police, that would also be reported as a stabbing. >> on a related note a 16-year- old is facing charges tonight slashing cases.
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video and a tip from crimestoppers led to the arrest. according to police, the teen was caught on camera last week near silver spurs restaurant in greenwich village. after being asked to leave, police say the teen returned with a box cutter and slashed the bus boy who asked him to go. police are questioning a mother after her 2-year-old daughter started in a house fire in brooklyn. it was at 3 a.m. in a three-story home in bedford-stuyvesant but hours later investigators say the child's mother identified as leila aquino told firefighters inside. floor under a bed. shock. girl. >> it's sad. i have a young girl myself. something like that. >> no charges are filed. the cause of the fire is under investigation. in city, the size of new
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and tourists on the streets, getting an ambulance where it's needed fast is a daunting task. now the crush of emergency calls is straining the stadium. steve langford reports city officials are pointing to basic flaws. >> reporter: more than half a million calls to the fdny last year alone for life- threatening medical emergencies a 17% increase over the previous year, the city straining to respond. >> how long is too long to wait for an ambulance when help? >> reporter: the average fdny threatening medical emergencies by ambulance units 9 minutes 30 seconds in 2014. the average response now up to 9 minutes 22 seconds in 2015. one glaring problem, most city ambulances don't have gps. the fdny says its ems
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the areas they work in but just in case, are provided with these. >> we are issued maps and when we get a call we don't know where it is we have to find it on the map. >> what's an acceptable amount of time for somebody who is in a life-threatening situation to have to wait for an ambulance to come? >> reporter: a city council committee wants answers from the brass. >> we are striving to reduce the time. we are experiencing unprecedented numbers and responses. the most ever in the history of the fdny. >> reporter: fire officials say a new on board computer navigation problem. >> does that mean every, next year? >> yes. >> reporter: and there's funding for a new pilot program to put paramedics in the lead or so-called fly car that will be tested out in the bronx. >> just part of it is to get qualified medical responders, qualified paramedics on the scene faster. >> reporter: without anyone ever having to stop for
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at city hall, steve langford, cbs 2 news. >> the fdny says ems personnel may use their cell phones for directions as long as they are not driving. the family of eric garner has reached a $1 million settlement with a staten island hospital. cell phone video shows an nypd officer using an apparent chokehold while arresting garner in 2014. richmond university medical center dispatched the paramedics to the scene. the question was, did they do the -- take the appropriate actions? the emts were suspended without pay and have been reinstated. the agreement is not part of a $5.9 million settlement the family reached with the city. the hospital did not comment. a fired mta bus driver is jailed accused of taking a bus for a joyride r the woman was arrested this morning in harlem. she was smoking on an m101 bus and refused to put it out. the bus driver stopped at 97th
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to another bus and that's when headley allegedly jumped behind the wheel. she is charged with unauthorized use of a vehicle. it was high drama high above midtown today as two window washers had to be rescued 62 stories up. the workers got trapped near the top of the 68-story marriott at 54th and broadway. they were working in the rain when their scaffolding got stuck. firefighters broke a window and pulled them in. >> they were in no immediate danger. they just couldn't move. it wasn't serious. they were laughing. nothing was wrong with them. >> the building is about 750 feet tall [ applause and cheers ] a police officer shot in brooklyn, dozens of officers and firefighters gathered at kings county hospital for the
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reddin who suffered a gunshot wound to his hip seath morning. he allegedly pointed a gun at officers and drove away and crashed into a patrol car in bed-stuy. another officer shot in his bulletproof vest was released from the hospital yesterday. an injured firefighter is asking the city not to appeal his award. a jury gave millions to firefighters affected by the black sunday tragedy. two firefighters jumped to their deaths and four more injured in 2005. the group had been fighting a fire at an illegal tenement in the bronx when they became trapped. the plaintiffs arked the city was at fault for taking away their safety ropes that could have help them escape. >> let it rest. i think, you know what, there's no money in the world that's ever going to change us and make us whole again. they took our fail-safe away from us. it's like taking a bulletproof vest away from a police officer. >> the building owner was also found liable. she was trying to prove a point.
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backfired on a 25-year-old who thought she was under paid. >> it's called paying your dues. paying your dues is very important. that's learning on the job. >> new at 6:00 how the millennial mindset could be affecting work ethic. >> supervised heroin we told but an upstate mayor's plans to open a facility for user to shoot up. today opponents started lining up. >> coming up on the "cbs evening news," president obama's announcement about guantanomo bay. scott pelley has a preview. >> reporter: maurice and kristine, great to be with you. the president said today he wanted to close guantanomo and ship out its remaining 91 prisoners by the end of the year. it has long been a campaign promise of the president's but the republican congress has prevented him from getting it done. they have you to do it again today. that and the rest of the world is coming up on the "cbs evening news with scott pelley." thank you. also ahead here at 6:00, lots
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a former new jersey mayor
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so what happens now? patients across the country have spoken. they recently rated their care experience at over 3,500 hospitals nationwide in a survey conducted for the centers for medicare and medicaid services. fewer than 6% received 5 stars. among them was cancer treatment centers of america in philadelphia. learn more at slash eastern. cancer treatment centers of america. care that never quits.
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combating heroin use by giving addicts a place to inject is a proposal from an upstate mayor that's getting mixed reaction tonight. the mayor of ithaca is proposing a clinic allowing addicts to shoot up and out supervision of medical professionals.
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to users if they overdoe. mayor myrick says it's successful in canada and europe but some people are not sure. >> there's no way to use heroin safely. it kills families. it kills communities. and it's been destroying the new york state area. >> not in favor of just, you know, people using the drugs. but something has to be done. so if that is going to help them, i'm for it. unless the state health department declares a heroin health crisis in ithaca the proposal needs state and federal approval. an open letter from a millennial to the ceo of her company complaining about her salary recently went viral. and it's also getting a heated response from more experienced workers. cbs 2's emily smith has the story. >> i dreamed of having a car and a credit card and my own apartment. i told my 8-year-old self, this is what it means to be an adult. >> reporter: it's an open
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a 25-year-old named talia writing the ceo at yelp on social media to say making about $12 an hour in a starter position has her all but starving. >> did not anticipate a decade and a half ago that a car, a credit card and my own apartment would all be symbols of stress, not success. >> reporter: this workplace guru helps people find employment and he is calling this letter whiny and wimpy. general. >> public shaming is not the way to keep or land a job. >> reporter: he says this group ranging in age from 19 to 29 doesn't seem to want to >> they need to be patient. in talia's case she was concerned that one year in customer service was too long. really, talia?! >> reporter: we know she lost her position with the company in the san francisco bay area just hours after she posted the letter. grievances such as saying her
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that she lives 30 miles away from work because it's the cheapest place she can find. >> it's groceries. it's everything. drinks. >> reporter: millennials we spoke with mostly took her side agreeing with her choice to confront yelp's ceo on social media. >> social media publicity gets change done. that's one of the biggest things. >> reporter: a spokesman for yelp says, talia was let go from yelp eat24 for mull i am reasons including violations to our code of conduct. submit. >> after taxes she made about $8 an hour. our expert says you have to start somewhere. even if that means rock bottom. a man in new jersey has finally returned a library book. 72 years past due. 84-year-old frank ryan recently found the book in the attic in his home in bound brook. it is called, football through the years. it was checked out 23 years
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with a due date of june 8, 1944. we don't know what the overdue fees were supposed to be because the library waived them. kindly enough. ryan used to be the town's mayor. we also know that football has changes over the years. >> it has. >> since then. but the helmets back then. [ laughter ] >> that card brings you bark, right, with the stamp on there? do you remember that? >> oh, you write down your name and all that stuff, i think. >> absolutely. miss those days. >> i know. >> the date. remember those? >> i remember them. >> i know. >> my mother's a librarian. yes, i remember it well. >> yeah. >> indeed. those were the good old days. >> all that good stuff. if you like rain, you'll love today's weather. more rain tomorrow as round 2 of our weather ramps up. primarily light rain, winds out of the east up to 24 miles per hour.
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below average. temperatures not much of an issue this week. they spike again tomorrow and wednesday. excuse me, thursday. look at what we had. 55 degrees on sunday. 52 monday. 40 degrees today. but we are back into the 50s for wednesday and thursday. problem you will need your umbrella both days. so take a look. we were seeing heavy rain on the twin forks of long island. now we are seeing a burst of heavy snow so still very active in the area although it's trending east at this point. a larger look at our vortex satellite and radar shows dry air. we are starting to see in our western suburbs a lot of a break in the rain and snow and, of course, some of that heavier precipitation now shifting east as it prepares to move offshore. we get a huge break it between this system and system 2 but this system number 2 is packing quite a bit of a punch. it's got a lot of moisture to work with. so basically what happens 9:00 tonight still seeing some of that rain. the heaviest is east as this system pushes east.
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could also be seeing a little bit of sleet and freezing rain of freezing rain in northern counties but look what happens at 9:00. we are seeing dry air moving in. some folks seeing a little bit of drizzle. we get a lull into the overnight hours and early wednesday morning. just some drizzle for your wednesday morning. as we head into the afternoon, that's when system 2 pushes in. so we'll start to at first see some widely scattered but moderate and heavy rain in your afternoon hours. by the time we head into your evening commute and beyond, we're looking at heavy rain a very significant soaking with that system. it continues overnight. so early thursday we are still seeing heavy rain especially east as we head to eastern long island throughout the rest of the day on thursday still some scattered showers. when it's all said and done, anywhere from an inch to potentially 3 1/2 inches of rain for some locations. so we are looking at a significant soaking with this system. winds also significant. wednesday morning we get a lull in both rain and winds
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gusty winds 25 to 50 miles per hour by wednesday afternoon. and midnight we are still looking at wind gusts in the 50s. here's your seven-day forecast. for tomorrow, 52 degrees as i said. a spike in temperatures as we watch that next system move in. heavy rain, strong winds, thursday residual rain still 54 degrees and then we dry out on friday as we head into the weekend lots of sunshine for saturday and sunday cooler this weekend than last weekend. otis livingston joins us for a look at sports from yankees spring training. otis. >> reporter: that's right, we start off with the mets yoenis cespedes who is one of the flashiest players out there including the wheels he is riding over at port st. lucie and here in tampa we are still awaiting word on if major league baseball is going to suspend aroldis chapman. until then it's business as usual for the yankees which
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to know his new closer. a lot going on in yankees and mets camps. otis livingston is live in tampa.
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chapman was back in yank camp today after a personal day yesterday. plenty of eyes watching his bullpen session. the flame lower to was popping the catchers mitt along betances. a possible suspension for chapman for domestic violence, he said earlier today he didn't heard anyone and that's being portrayed wrongly. we asked his new manager joe girardi about a new player. >> i think you give players the benefit of the doubt until they let you down or you feel that they haven't been truthful with you because it's important that players feel that a manager trusts them on the field and off. when you hear things you will pay attention and watch closely to see if a player is being honest or not. >> the yankees full squad reports to camp tomorrow. the yankees position players report wednesday, as well. but as we have been reporting,
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of position players already working out in port st. lucie. second year outfielder michael conforto has been there more than a week. the 22-year-old made a lot of noise last year. the midseason callup had 9 home runs and 26 rbis in 56 games. game four of the fall classic he hit two home runs in the world series game so he set the bar high for 2016. >> i don't think you need to take it any differently. i think it's a blessing that i'm here with this team. but i think i need to have and same hungry attitude just trying to improve myself as best way to go. >> reporter: and finally tonight sticking with mets camp, they may call matt harvey "the dark knight" but it's yoenis cespedes riding something that looks like it's out of batman.
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today in port st. lucie. a $68,000 three-wheeled vehicle called a polaris slingshot with an exhaust system that spits fire. what does it sound like rolling away? [ engine noise ] >> there you have it, folks. word is he has eight customized cars including a $400,000 lamborghini. that was before he signed his three-year $75 million contract. it's good to be yoenis cespedes these days. [ laughter ] >> reporter: live from tampa, otis livingston, back to you. >> those things are street- legal? >> it is. cespedes-legal i guess. [ laughter ] >> he better hit with a car like that. i'm sure that's what the fans
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we'll be right back. don't forget to follow us on facebook and like our page. you can follow us and find us there at coming up tonight on cbs 2 news at 11:00, your first look inside the city's priciest and most controversial building before its doors even open to the public.
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to an artist who can draw the city's entire skyline by memory. real-life superpowers. that and much more tonight on cbs 2 news at 11:00. finally at 6:00 hundreds of dancers lined up in midtown for the opportunity of a lifetime to become a rockette. the line stretched down the block outside radio city music hall this morning. some of those dancers put on makeup and fake eyelashes, others listened to music as they waited for hours for a chance to show off their talents. this year's rockettes new york spectacular not to be confused with the christmas spectacular begins june 15. coming up next on the "cbs evening news with scott pelley," new zika virus developments. reports of sexually transmitted cases in the country. at 6:00. have a great evening. 11:00. good night.
6:30 pm >> pelley: dangerous weather hit the south. millions of people in five states are on alert for tornadoes. also tonight, more cases of zika in the u.s., spread by sexual transmission. apple's lawyers say unlocking the iphone of a terrorist is a slippery slope. >> apple knows how to do lots of things, buof but it is not an employee of the united states. >> pelley: and who let the dogs out? wait till you see. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: a tough day is turning into a rough night in much of the deep south. multiple tornadoes have been spotted, as well as a water spout, near new orleans. we've been told of fatalities at an r.v. park in st. james paris in louisiana. as many as 10 million people in


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