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tv   CBS Overnight News  CBS  February 24, 2016 3:07am-4:00am EST

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>> announcer: this is the "cbs overnight news." >> a tough day turning into a rough night in much of the deep south. multiple tornados have been spotted as well as a water spout near new orleans. we have been told of fatalities at an rv park in st. james parish in louisiana. about 100 rvs overturned there. as many as 10 million people in five states will be under tornado watches over the next 24 hours. david begnaud begins our coverage. >> reporter: it started during the lunch hour in louisiana. triple tornadic water spouts developed over lake ponchatrain in new orleans. an hour west in white castle, louisiana, a motorist cap whurd -- captured a wall cloud with a tornado wrapped in it. another in prairieville, east of the baton rouge. a gold's gym took a powerful punch. a wall ripped off the building. this its what it looked like in
3:11 am
a tornado plowed a path of destruction. >> look up. look up. >> southeast of baton rouge. >> right in front of us. >> reporter: a tornado crossed interstate 10. >> oh, my god. >> reporter: downed trees strewn across livingston parish. within hours, this afternoon, reports of 11 tornados across louisiana, mississippi, alabama. dozens of schools closed early ahead of the severe weather. which knocked down power lines and damaged cars and homes. along the gulf coast, more rain is expected to cause flash flooding. scott, that rv park you mentioned a short time ago in convent, louisiana, got off the phone with the manager. he has done a walk-through. he said there are injuries, and rvs tossed like toys and a search-and-rescue operation under way. >> david begnaud, thank you. eric fisher chief meteorologist at wbz in boston. eric, what is next? >> scott, watching the powerful
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tornado watches out including, pds, particularly dangerous situation tornado watch from new orleans into the western florida panhandle tonight. we'll be tracking storms eastward. tornado risk goes up during the overnight. storms moving across alabama, florida panhandle, georgia in the overnight hours. urging everyone to stay weather aware tonight. the severe threat moves to the east coast tomorrow. in fact, all the way up to the dc area in particular. focus on a chance for severe weather in the carolinas during the day tomorrow. also a cold side to the storm. watching heavy snow across eastern illinois, north western indiana, up through michigan. totals could top a foot in some towns. mostly rain. some severe storms. scott, wintry element to the storm also. >> the president proposed closing guantanamo bay prison for terrorist suspects by end of
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guantanamo opened in 2002 on the u.s. naval base in cuba which allowed prisoners from afghanistan and elsewhere to be held without charges or trials. 779 prisoners had been held there. today, 91 remain. margaret brennan is at the white house. >> the politics of this are tough. >> reporter: tough politics because the president's proposal involves bringing nearly 60 guantanamo prisoners to the united states. >> we are already holding a bunch of really dangerous terrorists here in the united states. because, we threw the book at them. and there have been no incidents. >> reporter: of the 91 prisoners at guantanamo, 35 transferred to other countries. 46 held in the u.s. under military guard. 10 would face trial in criminal or military courts. includes, 9/11 khalid sheikh mow haemd never convicted in 13
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pentagon officials looked at 13 locations for housing prisoners including naval brig in south carolina, super max prison in colorado, military prison in leavenworth, kansas. in 2011, congress made it illegal to transfer guantanamo inmates to the u.s. and republicans in congress almost universally opposed to changing the law. kansas senator pat roberts made his opinion clear today. >> this its what i think of the president's plan to send terrorists to the united states. >> reporter: so did colorado republican congressman, mike coffman. >> he knows in fact the will of congress is not going to change. we are not going to amend existing law. that would in fact allow the detainees to come to u.s. soil. >> reporter: president obama said that closing guantanamo will save taxpayers tens of millions of dollars.
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would not rule out taking executive action to shutter the prison if congress does not act. >> margaret, mentioned, khalid sheikh mohamed, he was captured by u.s. forces in pakistan in 2003. for the most part been at guantanamo bay since. his case is in a military court there. lawyers have filed more than 200 motions, many of them claiming abuse and torture. and after more than a dozen round of pretrial hearings, his trial is still likely years away. sexual transmission of zika virus is more widespread than we knew. apple warns what might happen if it is unforced to unlock a terrorist iphone.
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possible cases of zika virus that may have been spread through sex. these new cases include two pregnant women. and zika is suspected of causing severe birth defects. here is dr. jon lapook. >> angelica, who asked not to be seen and husband dustin were living in brazil when dustin was diagnosed with zika. earlier this month. doctors told them to practice safe sex. >> the doctor suggested us to use protection. >> reporter: the advice to abstain from sex or use latex condoms during sex is being given by the cdc to all pregnant women whose male partners have been to zika affected countries. with today's 14th suspected cases, the cdc is rethinking how the disease is spread. >> with the new suspected cases that we are investigating, we are really becoming more aware that sexual transmission may happen more often than we previously thought. zika has been linked to microcephaly, small heads and developmental delays.
3:20 am
for one week but can say in semen for much longer. 262 days in one case. there is no evidence of sexual transmission from women to men. angelica is due in april. so far so good. scott, you may be wondering why every day there is new information about zika. ten years ago this infection was almost unheard of. now exploding and being gang tackled by the scientific community. jon, thank you very much.
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privacy. the families of two people killed in the san bernardino terrorist attack plan to file court papers urging apple to help investigators. apple is fighting a court order to unlock the iphone of one of the killers. there are many families anxious for a decision. >> reporter: last april in baton rouge, louisiana, britney mills, 8 months pregnant was shot when she answered her door. she and her unborn child were kid. police suspect she knew the killer and her locked iphone could contain clues. police lieutenant johnny dunham. >> her phone was encrypted we are unable to obtain her password. >> reporter: since the california magistrate ruling that apple had to help the fbi break into the iphone used by
3:23 am
farook, there has been focus on locked smart phones. >> this is a very, very slippery slope. >> apple's attorney used to represent the u.s. government before the supreme court. >> reporter: you think part of the slippery slope here is that ultimately the government could develop a back door with apple's help to listen in to eavesdrop on phone calls that are happening now? >> yes. >> reporter: olsen knows about terrorism. his wife barbara was a passenger on the plane that crashed into the pentagon on 9/11. he believes terror cases can lead to government overreach. >> terrorists want to take away our civil liberties. they want to barack down our system. they want us to overreact. they want us to say, well, privacy goes out the window. >> reporter: the district attorney in baton rouge, hiller moore says, britney mills' case its about catching a killer.
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wanting to live in civilized fro -- civilized free society, and you want justice, you have to give up some of your liberties. and this is one that, i think is reasonable for you to give up. >> the fbi reject the argument that the san bernardino case would set a precedent. scott, apple expects the case to ultimately end up at the supreme court. >> jeff, thank you. well, phones had cord back when sonny james recorded his first number one single in 1956. young love first love >> reporter: in the '60s and number one country singles. sonny james, the southern
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right back. in the house of windsor there is trouble about. so we sent mark phillips to sniff it out. >> reporter: normally as far as they can manage it, what happens in the palace stays in the palace. but the special 90th queen's birthday issue of the high society "town & country" magazine contains the spectacular revelation of a spectacular revelation of a family rift of such vicious infighting that a psychologist had to be called in. a rift between -- the queen's corgis. the dog breed she is famously fond of. >> there were fights. fights between the dogs. let alone between the family, but between the dogs. pet psychologist, roger mugford,
3:28 am
how the royals work. he discovered a possible reason for the dischord. the corgis were at each other's throats at the same time the royal family were at each other's throats over the breakdown of princess diana and prince charles' marriage. >> when you are distracted by at fairs of state and other things going on within the family as they were at that time with princess diana situation. >> reporter: the royal dogs life seem like the royal family's life. pampered. eat off good crockery. >> bells are leftovers. silver dish here. and a cracked piece of porcelain there. >> mother. daughter. >> reporter: another way the royal corgis are like the royal family. the royal line of people are direct descendants of a single person, queen victoria. the royal line of corgis are direct descendants of a top dog
3:29 am
at the palace as in dogs and in people it seems breeding counts. mark phillips, cbs news, london. that's the "cbs overnight news" for this wednesday. for some of you the news continues. for others, check back with us a little bit later for the morning news and cbs this morning. from the broadcast center in new york city.
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>> announcer: this is the "cbs >> announcer: this is the "cbs overnight news." welcome to the "cbs overnight news." president obama's latest effort to close the terrorist prison camp at guantanamo bay, cuba is already running into republican road block in congress. the president unveiled his plan to shutter the facility once and for all, sending detainees to prisons in the united states. house speaker paul ryan wasted no time pointing out that is against the law. margaret brennan has more. >> the politics of this are tough. tough politics because the president's proposal involves bringing nearly 60 guantanamo prisoners to the united states. >> we are already holding a bunch of dangerous terrorists here in the united states. because -- we threw the book at them. and there have been no incidents. >> reporter: of the 91 prisoners at guantanamo, 35 transferred to other countries. 46 held in the united states under military guard.
3:31 am
in criminal or military courts. that includes so-called 9/11, mastermind khalid sheikh mohamed never convicted in 13 years in u.s. custody. pentagon looked at places to houtz the prisoners including, south carolina, super max prison in colorado and military prison in leavenworth, kansas. in 2011, congress made it illegal to transfer guantanamo inmates to the u.s. republicans in congress are almost universally opposed. kansas senator, pat roberts made his opinion clear today. >> this is what i think of the president's plan to send terrorists to the united states. >> reporter: so did colorado republican congressman mike
3:32 am
>> he knows in fact the will of congress is not going to change. that well are not going to amend existing law. that would in fact allow the detainees to come to u.s. soil. >> reporter: president obama said that shutting guantanamo would save taxpayers tens of millions of dollars. the white house would not rule out taking executive action to shutter the prison if congress does not act. margaret brennan, cbs news, the white house. also on capitol hill, senate majority leader mitch mcconnell said the senate will refuse to consider any one president obama nominates to the supreme court. he would not be inclined to meet a nominee let alone hold confirmation hearings. he wants all that left to the next president. jan crawford has more. >> action on supreme court nomination must be put off until the election campaign is over. >> then senate judiciary committee chairman, joe biden,
3:33 am
with blocking any election year nominees when president george h.w. bush was in the white house. president bush should kid following the practice of a majority of his predecessors. and not -- and not -- name a nominee. until after the november election is completed. >> reporter: current judiciary committee chair, chuck grassley immediately agreed to what he called the biden rules. >> in his heart of hearts, he understands why this senate must do what he said it must do in 1992. >> reporter: with president obama poised to move the court to liberal majority. republicans are vowing to block any nominee. democrats like senate minority leader harry reid are
3:34 am
>> a full blown effort to -- >> democrats like reid and then senator obama, have blocked or tried to block republican nominees when they controlled the senate. and republican whose were in the senate minority cried foul. >> any president, judicial nominees after full debate deserve a simple up or down vote. >> senate majority leader mitch mcconnell yesterday. >> it is, today, the american people who are best positions to help make this important decision. now, when biden made that so-called biden rule. and he really left the door open for a compromise in a statement he said he was talking about a hypothetical vacancy. and the white house says, then senator obama. he now regrets his vote to filibuster, aleto. memories are long in the u.s. senate. republicans are not quite ready to forget. clue why an uber driver went on a shooting rampage killing six people and wounding two others. one of the wounded, a pronounced dead but continues to fight for her life. anna werner reports. >> are you jason dalton?
3:35 am
>> reporter: jason brian dalton had little to say as he appeared by video conference monday and was arraigned on charge after charge. >> count nine. >> reporter: the uber driver faces 16 felonies and six counts of murder. authorities are still trying to determine the motive but say dalton admitted his involvement in the shooting. >> this was not a, just a momentary lapse. there is videotapes of the incidences. he walked up on the people and shot them. >> my daughter is not dead. she is a life. and she is fighting for her life. 14-year-old abigail kauf, the youngest shot. remains on a ventilator. >> she was a beautiful, vibrant young lady. she did not deserve this. neither did her grandmother or victims. >> reporter: when the rampage unfolded tammy george was at home and thought she heard fireworks. >> so this is your closet. >> yes.
3:36 am
bottom way down there. >> she walked outside to find her neighbor, tiana carruthers covered in blood. >> she was asking about her kids. asking why did he shoot me? >> she said why did he shoot me? >> yes. >> carruthers survived. possibly saving the lives of several children with her, telling them to run. >> i think she went mama bear. she protected them. >> reporter: authorities recovered the handgun used in the shootings and found a large number of firearms here at dalton's home. dalton is expected back in court next week. in a statement, his family expressed their condolences for the victims saying there are no word which can express our shock and disbelief. virgin galactic one step closer to sending tourists into orbit. carter evans got an up close look at virgin's space plane. >> reporter: this newly revealed space ship could be the future of private space travel. helping ordinary citizens become astronauts.
3:37 am
accessible. in a way, that has only been dreamt of before now. >> unlike space x and blue origin which are testing reusable rockets. to move cargo. branson is focused on tourism. scheduled to detach. turn on the rocket engine and blast into suborbital space. from 50 miles above earth. passengers will be able to experience weightlessness, 700 people have put down deposits of $250,000 to reserve the seats. amid the celebration, eat vent took a somber tone as the company addressed the deadly test flight in 2014. an ntsb investigation revealed the pilot relocked part of the re-entry system into early. the company says the new ship has more fail saves to prevent pilot error. branson questioned continuing the program after the crash but felt it was too important to walk away. >> what a great testament this space ship is to what can be achieved.
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the united states has a policy of not negotiating with terrorists when they're holding americans hostage. the wife of one american kidnapped in pakistan has a harrowing tale to tell about her efforts to win her husband's freedom. lesley stahl has the story for "60 minutes." it is actually against the law for a citizen look you to give money to a terrorist. >> right. >> and the fbi was facilitating it? >> yes. >> how does that happen? >> the fbi said to me in the beginning it is against the law for you to pay a ransom for your husband. but nobody has ever been prosecuted for that. elaine had hired an experienced hostage negotiation firm that was working with the fbi to advise her. >> as far as i was concerned, give them the money. and i kept, can't we just give them the money. all of it.
3:41 am
give them the money. >> reporter: it wasn't that simple. before turning over any money, elaine was told to get confirmation that warren was still alive. she asked for proof of life. she wanted a detail that only warren would know. they wrote back in broken english quoting warren. i look forward to a starday dime some with her. elaine had no idea what the message meant. >> then the agent on my side said, dimsum. i said, my god that's warren. he said we are going to have dimsum every sunday that he was home. we went for dimsum. some times saturday and sunday. >> chinese food. >> that was the proof of life. nobody else could have possibly known these little things. >> whenever elaine talked to the kidnappers she would follow notes like these from the fbi can we set up a team to talk
3:42 am
or, can i e-mail you? we both have goals. i need to know warren is okay. the kidnappers were getting impatient. they messaged. if you send the money, we free him. if we not sending the money. then we kill him. and we send you the death video of warren. elaine wrote back. please, do not hurt him. the kidnappers then upped the pressure by having warren himself call and urge her to pay the money. money. they're not going to deliver me. >> reporter: to make sure the kidnappers didn't keep upping the ransom demand she took the fbi advice on huh to answer warren that day. >> it is very dangerous to give them the money, warren. we went have anything left. we will have to give them our entire life savings. they'll keep asking for money. until we have nothing left to
3:43 am
you go. >> the guy i'm any with is saying if you give him money. i think they'll bring me to islamabad. >> she delivered the message she needed to deliver. even though she was listening to her husband in cap tich tee. her husband in captivity. being prodded to ask her, to do something different. i don't know that i could do that. >> eric lebson worked on president obama's national security staff specializing in pakistan. after the white house, he and his company, levic volunteered to help elaine during negotiations. >> this is an older woman now living by herself. dealing with stress. taking phone calls from 3:00 in the morning from kidnappers holding her husband. >> reporter: logs from the hostage team show the calls would come in waves. on one night the records show the kidnappers called elaine 18 times between 1:00 a.m. and 6:00 in the morning. >> on my mind all the time was you keep it together.
3:44 am
hands. and this went on for almost four years? >> yeah. >> daily pressure. >> yeah. >> reporter: the kidnappers in pakistan finally agreed to $243,000. but the most important part of the process was how to make the swap. she got conflicting advice. the fbi and her private negotiators disagreed. she had to decide what to do. the thing is, my word is the last word. can you imagine my word is the last word. i have to decide what to do. >> reporter: were you prepared for this? >> how could you be prepared for this? >> reporter: you can't. >> i never held life and death in my hand. i tell you i held his life in my hands. >> reporter: the nightmares. >> yes. >> reporter: every decision. did i make the right decision? >> right. again you asked about publicity. >> reporter: yeah. >> some said, shout it from the
3:45 am
some people said, shh don't tell any body. then this is not just my team, this is also, people weighing in. friend. family. calling me. why didn't you do this? why didn't you do that? you know, give me a break. >> reporter: elaine decide to follow the fbi's recommendation and pay the ransom in installments. the plan was that after the last of three payments was delivered, in front of this mosque in pashewar, warren would be delivered to a hotel disguised as devout muslim woman wearing a black burka. after the money was given. warren was not returned. now they wanted more. >> reporter: they got almost all, all of the money.
3:46 am
i got no warren. >> my name is warren winestein. >> over time she watched her husband deteriorate in publicly released videos on al qaeda web sites. he became more haggard. elaine would notice he had lost a tooth. >> we may never see each other again. >> reporter: she came to realize warren had been transferred to a different group who didn't want money, they wanted prisoners re-released from pakistani prisons. the u.s. government has a policy of not negotiating with terrorists which left many hostage families feeling abandoned. still she went to see top u.s. officials including secretary of state john kerry and deputy national security adviser lisa monaco to ask for help. >> do something. you're the strongest country in the entire world. do something. and they did nothing. elaine began worrying abut a threat to warren. u.s. drone strikes.
3:47 am
public phones. the fbi believed that warren was being held in the north, a prime target area for the strikes. she says she told lisa monaco of her fears in january 2014. >> reporter: she had the foresight to worry that the bombing could affect your husband? >> of course. she said, we believe warren is in the north. please make sure you don't accidentally kill him. and that's exactly what happened. >> you can see more of this story on our web site. the "cbs overnight news" will be right back. for your joints, cartilage and bones. and unlike the big osteo-bi flex pills, it's all in one tiny pill. move free ultra. get your move on. in our house, imagination runs wild. but at my table, i keep the food real. like country crock's recipe made with real simple ingredients. and no artificial flavors or preservatives.
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go pro revolutionized the way we view extreme sports. the cameras bring to life the thrill of everything. from surfing to base jumping. don dahler caught up with professional go pro photographers at a ski mountain in vermont. >> reporter: when you come to a ski mountain you see guys with go pro cameras taking videos or tricks on the half pipe. we recently met a group of go pro photographers who take the amazing videos of extreme athletes all over the world. the difference is, they take the videos while doing the same tricks, same jumps going backwards. we have all seen videos like
3:51 am
extreme athletes pulling insane maneuvers. in other worldly locations. but have you ever thought about how they capture these images. for every one of the daredevils in front of the lens, there is often another equally adventurous adrenaline behind the camera. shadowing the athletes. doing the same stunts but with one eye fixed on getting the shot. >> when you see the shots, we are literally six inches to two feet away from them in the air going, 30 miles an hour off a 90 foot jump. >> meet abe kislovitz, a usc engineering student with a hobby. >> i was making videos. we just had those original go pros. and i was putting videos up online on my youtube channel. the ceo ended up e-mailing me saying we love what you are doing and would love for you to
3:52 am
>> reporter: that ceo was go profounder nick woodman who hired kislovitz as one of the earliest employees. i'm caleb and christopher. >> he tapped, usc grads and identical twins, chris and caleb farlow. >> we graduated, nick hired us one after another. our entire ski team from sophomores in college. works at go pro now. >> this is a classic story. you guys are doing something you love for the fun of it. now it is your career. >> yeah, pretty awesome. i don't think, don't feel like i am going to work in the morning. the idea is to stay close and on him. >> reporter: on the day we caught up with them. going to work meant their office was the winter x games in aspen, colorado. the course is juicy fruit. >> and their job was to shoot point of view action footage of competitors like 23-year-old champion skier, emma dahlstrom. >> jumps are pretty big. to hit the course you need to know what you are doing on your skis or board. so they should have a lot of props for doing what they're
3:53 am
>> ready when you are. >> to be honest, you are doing a follow cam, following them. so focused on getting the camera, the shot is framed. not moving. staying steady in the air. speed. you don't really process exactly what they're doing. i can hardly ever tell you what tricks they did on their run. >> reporter: in fact they rarely know what they have got until the end of each run. >> oh! >> yeah! >> while they're working they try to stay out of the spotlight. >> good job for us if they don't know we are there. >> it's what we have been waiting for. >> every once in ail while they accidentally get some attention. >> got his entire run, via live go pro angles. >> at last year's x games. caleb was following an olympic gold medalist. >> live broadcast. i knew i was on. like they were using my feed. >> just a dirty grab on that. >> a little embarrassing. you know, we are getting cool
3:54 am
go back to the trail. everyone goes, live tv. saw you go down. >> these are the big jumps. the big dog playing field. you get butterflies in your stomach. >> reporter: but those butterflies usually disappear with the rushing wind of a downhill run. if a kid was going to ask you how do i do what you do? what would you tell them? >> probably tell them to follow their passions. that's how we all got here. that's the best way to got to what you love to do. >> reporter: although at the end of each slope is a paycheck, these guys believe. the real reward is up in the air. >> we have the best seat in the house. we are in the air with the athletes. so, pretty rad. >> the brothers told me when they first started taking the videos, athletes gave them a cold shoulder until they saw how great they are as photographers and athletes.
3:55 am
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a small village in scanning the license plate of every vehicle that passes through town. officials say -- the ring of steel is designed to keep residents safe from criminals. for the most part the cameras find vehicles with expired registration stickers. anna werner reports. >> suspended or revoked registration. >> reporter: you better not have anything to hide if you drive into free port, new york. >> okay. >> stolen license plate. >> reporter: chief bermudez, and his 95 officers, track every vehicle with 27 fixed cameras that read license plates at all 11 entry points. >> whether a stolen vehicle, amber alert. if your plate shows up on a list of offenders an alarm goats out to the entire police force. why did you want to be able to track people? >> we want to try to reduce crime? >> reporter: the police have made 28 arrests including a murder suspect from norfolk, virginia.
3:58 am
and coming. >> revoked registration. >> reporter: mostly for suspended registrations. is that what you thought the system would do when you got it? >> no. no. we were looking at -- at stolen vehicles. or vehicles wanted in crimes. >> after three months the free port cameras tracked 17 million plates in a village of 50,000. in exchange for the security, the police are drowning in data. overtime is way up. now the chief is asking state and federal governments for help. >> have a force of 95 officers. we could use many more. >> the readers do make mistakes. this one misread the 800 number on the rider truck for the plate of the stolen car. there is the question of where all this information winds up. jason star of the american civil liberties union. >> all of that data its being stored some where. it can be shared.
3:59 am
sent to other law enforcement agencies. it can be breached by third parties. >> license plate readers are used. in all most every state. the aclu filed three lawsuits. two involving the scope of information collected. there have been complaints about abuse. chief bermudez is adamant the plate information is never linked to a person unless a crime is indicated and dumped after 180 days. >> do you understand why some would be offended being tracked when they're completely innocent? >> we are not looking at that data though. >> you could be. >> there is so much coming in. impossible to look at that kind of n formation. of information. >> suspended or revoked registration. >> so much information he need
4:00 am
up with it. captioning funded by cbs it's wednesday, february 24th, 2016. this is the "cbs morning news." a big night in nevada for donald trump. he walked away with another win, while the candidates in his wake fight for second place. killer storms. at least three people are dead after tornadoes tear through the south, while people in the storm's path wait for its next move. and celine dion proves her heart will go on, returning to the stage with a powerful performance for the first time since her husband's death. i can't leave without a trace


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