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tv   CBS 2 News at 11  CBS  February 27, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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a home destroyed by flames.
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a secret revealed. live from the cbs broadcast scepter in new york city, this is eyewitness news at 11:00. -- this is cbs news at 11:00. a show of support now in new jersey. dozens of candles in remembrance for a man murdered, doing what he loves. >> reporter: a murder mystery has a community coming together to grieve. friends and family gathered outside a sneaker store to remember the young owner who was killed by a gunman still on the run tonight. dave is live at 11:00 with the story. dave? >> reporter: look at this tribute in candles for the store owner who died right here where he worked. and the suspect is on the loose. >> reporter: several hundred candles held up high in front
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boutique, honoring the memory of its 21-year-old owner, jamal gaines. this sneaker business, his family said he built up from nothing. >> he knew how it was not to have, you know. and he helped out people. >> reporter: he was hattie monake's only grandson. >> you wanted to be around him. >> reporter: she joined other relatives and friends that were inspired by gaines' success. earlier in the day, we talked she held. >> this is what he wore that he kissed me on the cheek like always. he said, i love you, mom. see you later. >> reporter: they're searching for both the gunman and the motive which may have been robbery. his mother says a witness told her how it went down with two men invading the store after closeing time.
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he had a gun and they shot him and everyone ran out. >> reporter: they struggle to understand why anyone would shoot and kill someone they describe as popular, hardworking, and humble. >> he would have given anything they wanted! would've given to them! mess a family completely up! and i ask, why? >> reporter: there is a $10,000 crimestoppers reward offered in this case. live in rahway, new jersey, dave carlin, cbs2 news. >> dave, thank you. a huge house fire along the jersey shore. the flames race through a 2 1/2 story wood framed house in mantoloking. the flames were so stubborn that fire crews from several other areas were called in. the fire is under control now. no word, yet, on how it started.
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campaign 2016, hillary clinton burying bernie sanders in a south carolina landslide. clinton got three time it is votes as her contender in the primary. we have more on what it means heading into super tuesday. >> thank you so much, south carolina! [ chanting "hilary" ] >> reporter: black voters in south carolina overwhelmingly picked hillary clinton as the president they want. 84% of black voters went with clinton and nearly 50% of women. >> we are going to make sure that our republican friends do not forget that when president bush left office, we were losing 800,000 jobs a month. >> reporter: her opponent, bernie sanders, spent the day in minnesota and texas, both states participating in super tuesday this week. clinton also looked to the future, campaigning in alabama today before returning to south carolina where she took a jab
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>> despite what you hear, we don't need to make america great again. america has never stopped being great! [cheers and applause] >> reporter: and she wasn't the only one. >> donald trump will never be the nominee of the party of lincoln and reagan. >> reporter: marco rubio firing more insults in the form of one- liners, again, aimed at donald trump. >> donald trump likes to sue people, he should sue whoever did that on his face. a guy with the worst hair in america -- >> reporter: trump firing straight back. >> i will address, you know, little rubio. [ laughter ] >> this guy has a fresh mouth. he's a very nasty guy. and i actually thought that ted cruz was a liar. but rubio is worst! i mean, he's worst! this light weight rubio. total light weight. >> reporter: chris christie joined trump on the campaign trail and also targeted rubio. >> one message to senator rubio wherever you are right now, unlike the united states
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states is not a no show job, so you're not qualified. >> reporter: while another republican contender tried to elevate the tone of things. >> i don't think it's a good thing to see presidential candidates just may having like schoolchildren bickering -- behaving like schoolchildren bickering. >> reporter: 13 states will vote this tuesday, known as super tuesday. and bill clinton, trying to help his wife, had a heated exchange with a he can letter. >> -- heckler. >> wait, wait, wait. can i answer? are you going to let me answer? this is america. i get to answer back. you listen to me. i heard you. do i have a right to answer? i'm not your commander in chief anymore, but if i were, i'd tell you to be more polite. sit down. >> reporter: he was an iraq war veteran. he was accusing hillary clinton of lying at the benghazi terror attacks. they're searching for a man
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island. gerson hasn't been seen since the plane plunged near port jefferson last weekend. three others on the plane were rescued the night of the crash. his family and friends say they're not giving up. >> we searched pretty much all along the shore line where he could've washed up. we didn't find anything. and, you know, we'll keep doing this until we find him. >> the plane went down after the pilot reported engine trouble. new tonight, a small plane crashed into a tree in pennsylvania and was left dangling 50 feet off the ground with the pilot trapped inside. happened this afternoon near the gettysburg airport. took rescuesers about four hours to get -- rescuers about four hours to get to the 87- year-old pilot. he was taken to the hospital but only had a few scrapes on his hands. the plane will stay in the tree so inspectors can look at the damage.
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after crashing into a house. cbs2's bryan reports from paramus. >> reporter: in saddlebrook, new jersey, police pulled over a car for allegedly running over a red light. the car sped off and came to a screeching halt here in paramus when the out of control vehicle went right through the side of this house. this is what's left of a black nissan that left police on a wild chase through bergen county saturday morning. the car smashed into the side of a house at the corner of spring valley avenue and far view avenue in paramus. >> i heard a screech and a crash. >> reporter: the commotion woke up this neighbor at 4:30 in the morning. >> i went outside and there were cops outside. talking to the woman. and that's about it. looks pretty crazy. >> reporter: the car was stuck in the side of the house and actually burst into flames. you can still see the smoke damage and debris in the yard.
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house or the car was injured. saddlebrook police say, the driver, 25-year-old marlon vancooten of brooklyn, made a run for it, leaving his female passenger behind. >> he took off. >> reporter: sergeant leigh cadigan and another took off toward him. >> as he got toward the fence, we grabbed him and took him down from the fence. >> reporter: the foundation of the house did such structural damage. the family now staying at a hotel. the suspect charged with escaping from police. he may have had fraudulent credit cards on him, one of which he allegedly used to rent that now destroyed car. reporting from paramus, new jersey, bryan conybeare, cbs2 news. this man is 31-year-old
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he was initially arrested after a burglary last saturday. police say many of the goods taken from prior crimes were taken from his home and owners. >> many have been reunited with property, jewelry, maybe passed down from one to the next in the same family. >> reporter: he faces a maximum holdup . new information on the health of yoko ono. she's back at home tonight a day after emergency crews were called to the dakota. she lives in the apartment she once shared with husband lennon. she may have had a stroke. but ono's representative now said the artist had flu-like symptoms. well, a story every shopper needs to hear. we reveal the secret to saving money without relying on sales or coupons. >> and the met museum loses a lawsuit. the one word that set off a
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>> plus, a cruise ship makes an unexpected stop in the middle of the ocean. and a famous football player sees it all happen. >> and prince william says his children are a handful. why he's worried about more drama in the future. >> and no drama in the weather department. we had lots of sunshine today, even though there was a cold start to the day. tomorrow, feeling more like spring. i'll have the details coming up in your full forecast. steve? >> elise, did we see the good or bad version of the rangers tonight? we'll show you that later on. even though american pharoah has retired, he received some
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closed captioning on cbs2 news is brought to you by ford, go further. at least one pirate and a penguin were witness to a rescue at sea and also james harrison who shared these pictures on instagram. he and other professional athletes from pittsburgh were on a cruise ship when they recovered a boat with 16 migrants from cuba. they'll be turned over to immigration authorities in mexico. an oil spill in yonkers today on bronx river road. a truck carrying 6,000 gallons of home heating oil leaked this morning. the fire department says about 2,000 gallons spilled out, some getting into the bronx river
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they put out containment booms to minimize the damage. the met has a so-called, pay what you like policy. but signs saying, recommended $25 admission, left some thinking it was mandatory. a lawsuit was filed two years ago and they must change signs to say, suggested admission instead of recommended admission. new signs will go up next month. new tonight, everyone likes a good deal. but when it comes to saving money, turns out a lot of shoppers may be missing out on an easy opportunity to spend less. as cbs2 explains, stores are willing to give you a bargain. but you have to ask for first. >> reporter: shoppers don't always need a sale or a coupon to save money. >> they may not advertise it. but a lot of stars have price- matching policies. >> reporter: find an item for less at a nearby store or online, and many big chains will honor the better price.
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>> reporter: sent mystery shoppers out to put these price match policies to the test. for the most part, it wasn't a hassle at all to get a better deal. >> we thought we'd run into problems doing this honestly. and in the end, we found it was extraordinarily easy. >> reporter: but it seems plenty of bargain owners don't even ask for the lower price once they reach the register. >> less than 5% of customers take advantage of price- matching policies. >> reporter: here's a look at the possible savings. $70 when bed, bath, and beyond matched a price on a vacuum. best buy cut $140 of a sound bar to match home depot sold a $99 kit for the lowes price. shoppers did have to put in extra effort. >> home depot, we always had to get a manager on the scene. and sometimes our mystery shopper had to explain to the manager what the store's own matching policy was.
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in a big way. >> it takes two seconds and saves a lot of money. >> reporter: make sure when you're comparing prices, it's for the exact same item. and these price-match policies vary from store to store but can be found on the companies' websites. >> some stores try to get around price matching by carrying merchandise that's slightly different than what their competitors have. a new ticket price structure is taking effect at disneyland theme parks. they'll offer single day prices into three categories. value. overcrowding. a value ticket to the magic kingdom in orlando will cost $105. and a peak ticket will cost $124. talk about a royal handful. prince william gives inside on his children's sibling rivalry in wales. he says there's been no broken
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old george and 11-month-old charlotte are always pushing at each other and jumping on things and expects more drama as the two got older. they met with rugby players ahead of wales' victory over france and six nations. elise finch is here. isn't that nice to hear, though? it it sounds more normal. >> very sweet. everything when they put their pictures out, their little faces! very, very sweet. and some sweet weather in the forecast, i think. i think. some people are very excited for the temperatures for your sunday and monday. let's check in with our weather watchers, see what we're seeing out there right now. one of the warmest is 38 from alana in -- elena in brooklyn. can't wait for spring. we are doing the countdown. but i think tomorrow will give a lot of people the spring feeling for sure. we head into the lower hudson valley. this is aldo.
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highs in the 50s tomorrow. sunday funday. oh, yeah, wait until you see the temperatures for tomorrow. fantastic. a live look outside tonight. this is from our camera ahigh atop the empire state building. mostly clear skies. 39 degrees. winds out of the southwest at 9 miles per hour. so here are the high temperatures today. upper 30s, low 40s. the warmest locations, well, laguardia and newark with a high of 42. central park behind with 41 degrees. now, it was a cold start to the day. 26 is where we started. colder. so it was definitely a cold start. still, we managed to warm up in the 40s. that's below where we should be. should be at 44. didn't get there. tomorrow, expecting a 60-degree temperature at central park. that's the normal high for april 12th. so get ready for an incredibly warmer sunday. just a little cloud cover. not a whole lot to talk about by way of active weather, at least not tonight or throughout the day tomorrow. things are really going to be dry. we do have some colder air that
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but for tonight, it's dry and quiet. so not a lot to talk about tonight. we head into the day tomorrow. we get this surge of warm air. so a nice spring finish to your weekend. very, very mild. we do have a chance to see some early rain drops on monday with the passage of a front. but doesn't do much to cool things down. so incredibly warm on your monday. then we start to get a decrease in the temperatures. overnight tonight, mostly clear. still brisk. 35. that's in the city. we will have temps below freezing for a number of our suburbs. tomorrow, as i mentioned, feeling like spring. 60 expected in the city. we'll have a lot of 50-degree temps around the area. the official countdown to spring gives us just 22 days! so in just over three weeks action we'll say hello to spring. these numbers, feeling like spring temperature-wise for your sunday and monday. not bad for tuesday, either, as we say hello to march. we have a chance for rain early monday and on wednesday. watching a system for friday as temperatures cool down.
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beauty. enjoy it if you can. >> what do i do every time you have these temperatures? >> happy dance? >> aaaahh! [ laughter ] >> thank you, elise! a blooper you have to see to believe. >> and the rangers take on the best of the west tonight. steve is coming up next in sports.
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call our tip line. now your jeep sports desk. >> the rangers really shining on the ice. steve's here with sports! >> the playoffs just around the corner. but this really has been a jekyll and hyde season for the rangers. they had this stretch where they lost 11-14. but in the last few games, they've won 19 points. great teams form when the playoffs are near. that's what the rangers are doing. they took on the stars. a team leading in the west for points. henry lundqvist is enjoying his 10th consecutive season of at
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he joins patrick rowy. he gave -- roy. he gave up the equalizer in the 3rd. that was short-lived for dallas. kevin klein. for the second time in a week with the game-winning goal. they win in dallas. they're now 9-3-1 in the month of february. they have the second best record in the east. it's been a loss season for the mets. we'll have to look back for the first time since december. baby steps, right? they were in the step of the right direction when they grabbed the lead at the break. and as usual, brooke lopez remains one of the few shining stars for the nets. they lead by 12 over the utah jazz. they're in the 4th quarter right now. >> and joe johnson fans, you'll be happy to learn he's found a new team, the miami heat. the former brooklyn guard's first game will be in new york! the knicks host the heat tomorrow at the garden. meanwhile, rutgers' basketball season has been anything but memorable but they're now approaching
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the knights are on the doorstep to become the first team to go winless in the big ten 16 seasons. that belonged to northwestern which shot 17-28 downtown. beating northwestern on the road, probably a tough task. but how about the effort from the free throw line? know. been that kind of season for the knight knights. 98-59. american pharoah gave the sport of horseracing a long awaited shot of vitality last year. now he'll be a daddy. we're set to see our first mini pharoah. we're three months away from the first leg of the triple crown. the no. 6 horse, mo hay men is predicted to be the favorite. today the fountain of youth stakes one of the prep races leading up to the roses on may
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mo handled it well. not the jazziest of names when it comes to name value. but he wins, remaining undefeated in five races so far. finally, you're not going to believe what happened in the rangers game tonight. keep an eye on no. 5. dan jerardi. he gets hid with a puck in the face and it sticks in his -- a stick in his eye! >> oh! >> oh! >> and he's laughing! the visier's existence is to protect him from flying pucks. you had one job, visier! and you couldn't do it! -- visor! and you couldn't do it! >> whoa! >> i think he's a cyborg. i think it proves he's half term nay to. >> you're right! that's exactly! >> there's too much blood and stuff in the hockey games. [ laughter ] that.
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don't forget to follow cbs 2 news on facebook. you can find us at york. that does it for cbs 2 at 11:00. from the entire cbs 2 news team, thank sos much for
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have a great night. e u ti lkyhas?
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