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tv   CBS 2 News Sunday  CBS  February 28, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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on "toni on." breaking news, another slashing in the city. we are live in chelsea where a woman and a man were attacked by two suspects looking for trouble. i will address little rubio. >> the gop in fighting continues. hillary clinton takes south carolina as the race for the white house goes full speed ahead to super tuesday. spring is in the air. we get warm sunshine and warmer temperatures today. it's all on the way. cbs 2 news sunday morning starts right now. good morning. 6:00 a.m. on this sunday, february 28th. i'm diane macedo. >> and i'm andrea grymes. the day's top stories are
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vanessa murdock is here with a looing at the forecast. guess whose birthday it is today. >> hmm. could it be the lady in red's birthday? >> it is. [ laughter ] >> me? happy birthday diane. >> thank you very much. i got an adorable gift from one of our stage guys. you can't see it at this angle. it's a wine glass with frank on it. >> and mother nature knew you wanted a warm day so that's what we have in store. >> thank you. i will take it. >> i called her up and i said diane hates the cold, please can we raise the temperature. 20 degrees is how much she's going to up the ante. we're going to be pushing 60 degrees this afternoon. it is going to be a beautiful end to your weekend. let's take a look at where we are right now. 38 in the city. 26 in somerville.
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temperatures are going to climb to nearly 60. since yesterday morning at this time, 11 degrees warmer in the city. 14 degrees warmer in andover. in bridgeport it's 12 degrees warmer. we do see clouds to the north and east of the city. general trend will be mostly sunny skies. 9:00 a.m., 43 degrees. it's feeling like 38. still chilly this morning. by noon we're up to 52 degrees. and it's feeling like 49. 3:00 this afternoon the high is 60 and that is just over 15 degrees above where we should be today. coming up in my full forecast we'll talk about whether or not the warmth is here to stay. back to you. >> thank you. we are following breaking news in manhattan. police are investigating another slashing. >> it happened this morning in chelsea. now police are looking for two suspects. cbs 2's ilana gold is on the scene with details. >> reporter: this all happened
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take a look at the scene. police are out here collecting evidence and have this area blocked off while they investigate. sources tell us a woman was randomly slashed and the suspects then tried slashing a man as well. here's what we know. sources tell us the suspects, two men, got kicked out of a club called shade. they supposedly rt is ad a fight with the bouncers and took off. seconds later they randomly confronted a woman on the sidewalk and slashed her. we don't know where she was slashed and there's no word on her condition. the suspects tried slashing a man nearby but cut his coat. he was not injured. the culprits then ran off. we just talked to a worker at that club in question and here's what she had to say. >> when i left they were like make sure if you need somebody to walk you to the car. you get somebody. >> what do you think? >> super scary. right now i'm freaking out.
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work any more. >> reporter: definitely a scary situation considering there was another slashing two blocks away last month. a 24-year-old woman was slashed in the face. police say slashings are up 21% in the city compared to the same time last year and a man was just slashed in the face on friday morning getting on a subway when he bumped into a suspect. back out here live on 6th avenue where there was another slashing at 3:30 this morning. if you have any information on the suspects, police want you to come forward right away. >> thank you. new this morning a pedestrian was struck and killed by a hit and run driver in the bronx. investigators say the man was standing at the ramp of the cross bronx expressway and webster avenue in tremont just after 1:00 when he was hit. the driver took off in a black suv. the victim a 26-year-old man
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police are looking for a killer. 21-year-old jamal gaines was shot. two men stormed the store one hour after closing time. their motive may have been robbery. >> he would have given them anything they asked for. he would have just given it to them. torn the family completely up and i ask why. >> there are now candles lit outside of the east coast boutique for gaines. his family says he was a role model. a firefighter had to be given cpr at the scene of a raging house fire along the jersey shore. the flames raced through a two and a half story wood-framed home yesterday. the firefighter was revived and rushed to the hospital. the flames were so stubborn fire crews from several neighboring towns were called in.
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the pilot of a small plane that crashed into a tree is recovering. it happened yesterday in pennsylvania and took rescuers about four hours to get to the pilot. he was taken to the hospital but only had a few scrapes on his hands. the cause of the crash is under investigation. now to campaign 2016. it is two straight victories for hillary clinton. she won the south carolina democratic presidential primary. >> clinton got three times the amount of votes of bernie sanders. the question, what it means heading into super tuesday. >> thank you so much, south carolina. >> reporter: democratic voters in south carolina overwhelmingly picked hillary clinton as the person they want as their nominee for president. exit polls show 84% of black voters went with clinton and nearly 50% of women. >> we are going to make sure
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bush left office we were losing bush left office we were losing 800,000 jobs a month. >> her opponent bernie sanders was in in minnesota and texas. both states participating in super tuesday this week. clinton also looked to the future campaigning in alabama before returning to south carolina where she took a jab at the republican front runner. >> despite what you hear, we don't need to make america great again. america has never stopped being great. >> and she wasn't the only one. >> donald trump will never be the nominee of the party of lincoln and reagan. >> marco rubio firing insults aimed at donald trump. >> donald trump likes to sue people. he should sue whoever did that to his face. the guy with the worst spray tan in america. >> trump firing straight back. >> i will address little rubio. this guy has a fresh mouth, he's a very nasty guy and i actually thought that ted cruz was a liar but rubio is worse. i mean he's worse. lightweight rubio. total lightweight. >> governor chris christie joined trump on the campaign trail and targeted rubio. >> one message to senator rubio wherever you are right now. unlike the united states senate, president of the united states is not a no show job so you're not qualified. >> while another republican contender attempted to elevate the tone of things. >> i don't think it's a good thing to see presidential candidates just behaving like school children bickering. >> about a dozen states will vote next week on super tuesday. later this morning you can hear from marco rubio, ted cruz, donald trump and bernie southbound oregon. that's at 10:30 this morning. we'll be talking with john around 8:00. time now 6:08.
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antiimmigration rally. at least three people were stabbed, more than a dozen arrested when a group came face to face with the kkk. a loss for the met museum. the one word that set off a legal battle over admission prices. warnings about the spread of lice. why common treatments won't stop the newest strain. but first let's check in with vanessa. >> going to be a beautiful end to your weekend then we'll talk tumbling temperatures. doesn't happen immediately but it does happen in the next seven days. chances for snow too. first a check on the community
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a virginia police officer has been killed while responding to a call just one the department. the prince william county police department says 29-year- old ashley gwendyn died after getting shot during a domestic dispute yesterday. a suspect is in custody. the officer was sworn in friday after rejoining the department she served with previously. two other officers were shot and wounded. three people were stabbed when violence erupted at a kkk rally in california. police in anaheim say counterprotesters showed up
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when the kkk arrived tempers flared and fighting broke out. one stabbing victim was struck pole. oscar gold will fill tinsel town for the academy awards. after five nominations will it finally be leonardo dicaprio's year to take home the gold? brie larson is a front runner for best actress. amid the preparations and suspense, demonstrators are planning to lack the diversity in nominees. >> i was pulling for leo back when titanic came out. i hope he does. >> i do wonder though if experts are expecting surprise winners are they surprise z after all? >> we'll have to watch and see. let's check in with vanessa murdock who has a surprise forecast for those who have gotten used to the winter
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>> if yesterday felt bone chilling to you. today is going to feel so much nicer. we're going to be pushing 60. i think we hit 60 today. it is going to be a tremendous end to your weekend. beautiful skies and unseasonable warmth. let's take you live outside. beautiful picture. this is what it will look like when the sunrises. 38 degrees. mostly clear skies. southwest winds at 9 miles per hour. as we look at your weather headlines. yes, a chilly start to your day. a very mild end. today is dry. tomorrow we do have a chance for showers, especially during the morning hours. don't expect a big impact here. but nonetheless an umbrella not a bad idea. and then a better bet for weather midweek. looking to be wet and windy. then yes, maybe some snow showers later in the week. we'll talk more about that in a moment. first let's take a look at the temperature trend.
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felt more like 35 at that time. today, 60. tomorrow, 60. tuesday, 53. general trend is well above seasonable. normal high is 45 degrees. the high of 60 today is typical of april 12th. certainly we're fast forwarding big time in the ranks. on the vortex satellite and radar picture. lots of clear skies. to the south, more clouds. it is going to be a mostly sunny day. big area of high pressure in control of this forecast. it's made its way to the east. now today winds will be pumping in out of the southwest. hence the lovely warm up. then as we make our way into the day tomorrow this area of low pressure out to the west, this is what will bring us that opportunity for showers moving forward. so let's show you what it looks like hour by hour. for today, it's mostly sunny skies. lovely to end your weekend breezy. overnight, mainly clear. tomorrow morning we start to see more clouds building in. it does look like your morning commute will be dry. if you get a late start you may run into showers.
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skies will clear again. let's go ahead, shall we? 60 degrees and mostly sunny. certainly spring-like. winds out of the southwest at 10 to 15. tonight, 45, mainly clear until the early morning hours. more clouds. then maybe a shower. 60 tomorrow. 53 on tuesday. the clouds thicken late tuesday in advance of what we expect to be pretty soggy and windy day on wednesday. breezy. friday, 37 with a chance for passing snow showers. saturday, most of the day looking great. it is looking like maybe overnight saturday into sunday we could get a little bit of light snow sweeping through the region. >> enjoy that warmth while it's here because it's short lived. >> not technically spring yet. >> thank you. on the ice you can call ryan mcdunna rescue ranger. the captain's crucial save helped new york fight off a
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it really has been abject l and hyde season for the rangers. they had a stretch where they lost 11 of 14. in the past 12 games they have earned a whopping 19 points. great teams when the playoffs come around. dallas taking on the stars. a stars team that is leading the west in points and how about henrik lundqvist enjoying his tenth consecutive season of at least 30 wins. he made 36 saves in this one. he did give up a late equalizer in the third. but that momentum was short lived for dallas. kevin cline for the second time in a week with the game winning goal. the rangers win by a goal in dallas. they are 9-3-1 the month of february. they now have the second best record in the east. , joe johnson fans will be happy to learn he has found a new team. it's the miami heat. coincidentally the former brooklyn guard's game will be
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the knicks host the heat today at the garden. for cbs 2 sports, have a great day. time now 6:17. who wouldn't want sarah jessica parker as their neighbor? residents share their concerns over her plan to build a home in the west village. frightening moments when a speeding dump truck plowed
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listen up new york. there's a new drug out there. and it's trying to destroy our generation. it's called synthetics. . . so, some guy thought it might be a good idea to spray poison on some herbs, and then sell it to you. no, it's not marijuana. it goes by names like k2, spice, rocks. causes hallucinations, rapid heart-beat. vomiting, seizures. and it can kill you the first time you smoke it. we gotta have each other's backs. this is our future. and the future of new york is saying no to synthetics!
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three men were arrested after police say they were caught trying to transport about $1 million worth of marijuana. officers say they saw the men hauling a huge wooden crate into a building on bleaker street. inside the crate police found 150 pounds of pot then another 150 pounds on a delivery truck. all three men now face charges for possession. celebrity couple sarah jessica parker and matthew broderick have reportedly inked a deal to build a home in the west village. not every is happy about that. >> a mega mansion is really a mansion that's wider than 25 feet. >> realtor adam brook tells us sarah jessica parker and
6:22 am
living the good life. they reportedly own this $19 million townhouse but now have purchased not one but these two town homes on west 11th street for $35 million. >> the property is so appealing because of the exact location. people kind of leave celebrities alone in that area. >> this property was used for nonprofit and is almost 14,000 square feet. it has nine bedrooms and eight bathrooms and would be combined into one mega home. >> right now it's basically a blank slate. you'd have to come in with an architect ankara et your mega mansion from the bottom up. >> a rep denied there was impending construction on her homes but would the neighbors mind? >> i don't think we have anything to say about that. >> neighbors are going to be upset because they'll be walking under scaffolding. they'll see construction on the street. >> there's going to be more protection. big money come, big police come. >> celebs like madonna may have started this trend.
6:23 am
mansion with private gates, probably about 18,000 square feet on the upper east side and she really defines the celebrity mega mansion there. >> also there are great schools in the west village as well as chelsea, which is close by and that makes it an even better location for celebrities that have children. >> the west village is landmarked, therefore homes in the neighborhood cannot be built higher which means if you like the charming character of the area it'll stay that way. >> it would be exciting to have them as neighbors, i this i. >> i wouldn't mind. a police chase takes a new surprise. the wild ending that left a car damaged. shopping at the cosmetic counter just got easier. we'll show you new apps turning mirrors. this is cbs 2 news sunday morning. the feeling of doing.
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perfect lip color or foundation just by looking at the box. it's also hard to find the time to sit down at a makeup counter. >> there's a high-tech solution for busy women who still want to look their best. bloger, author and mother jordan reid loves her busy lifestyle. sometimes it's hard to find time for history, especially when shopping for beauty products. >> it would be lovely to have an hour or two to just hit up the makeup counter and experiment with products. a lot of the time what i'm doing is grabbing something hoping it's fine. >> and sometimes it's not. >> there was an orange lipstick incident we don't like to talk about. >> it's a common problem with a new high-tech solution. >> women are asking how can you make the shopping process easier and more intuitive. we're really fortunate that technology and mobile apps can enable that for women. >> new apps which turn your smart device into a virtual makeup mirror. >> looks at the shape of your
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tone and then it also asks you a number of questions about what types of look you might like. it actually recommends the products that are going to be the best for your facial features. >> some apps let you test out celebrity looks. maybe you love naomi watts. you can keep scrolling until you find one you like. >> even opi a nail poll irk brand will show you what colors will look great. >> not only saves you time, it saves you money. >> you don't have to go to a store and pick out a product take it home and risk not liking the shade. >> reid says she's learned a few things. >> i discovered i can sort of pull off a plum lipstick, which i did not know before. >> you did always use the technology to reassure yourself to just stick with the usual. >> how cool. >> it was so fun playing around with those apps. >> you were showing me them too.
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in the right lighting it looks so real. >> and it's great because like we were talking about, just going to the -- it's so expensive to try something different and if you don't like it you're out the money. you can try it out that way. time now is 6:28. up next today's top stories. we're following breaking news in chelsea. police are investigating another slashing. we'll have a live report from the scene. and meet a westminster show dog who has a side job even more impressive than his main gig. as they are energy efficient, insulating your home in warm weather and cold. right now, take 25% off hundreds of styles and colors just in time for winter!
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breaking news in chelsea. police are called out to another slashing. we're live with the search for the suspects. plus this. >> i heard skidding noises and a crash. pretty crazy. >> see the fiery ending to a police chase in new jersey. and we've got a beautiful day on tap with temperatures expected in the upper 50s. maybe even 60s for some, cbs 2 news sunday morning continues right now. good morning. it is 6:31 on this sunday, february 28th. i'm andrea grymes. >> and i'm diane macedo. the day's top stories are straight ahead. i'm excited to get to vanessa murdock who has my kind of a
6:32 am
>> it is going to be about 15 degrees above normal today pushing 60 this afternoon. looking lovely. we do have some clouds out there right now. they'll be giving way to more sunshine as the morning progresses. overall i think it's a great end to the weekend. 30 right now in tom's river. 25 in liberty. 35 in scarsdale. this past 24 hour temperature change will climb even more. right now it is 13 degrees warmer in sussex. this afternoon i expect temperatures to be about 15 degrees warmer than they were yesterday. windchill. if you couple that with the so here's the deal. now, yes. we will see lots of sunshine as the temperatures warm up. 9:00, 42 is feeling like 38. will be breezy with winds out of the southwest. by noon, 52. feels like 49.
6:33 am
how's that for a feels like temperature. typically when we get up that high we don't talk windchill. we'll talk about whether the warmth sticks around. andrea and diane back to you. police are investigating another slashing. >> this happened this morning in chelsea. police are now looking for two suspects. cbs 2's ilana gold is live on the scene. >> reporter: we just checked in with police and they tell us two men were slashed out here. this happened at 3:30 this morning here at 6th and 21st. police have this corner blocked off. we've seen them collecting evidence and they're trying to figure out who these suspects are. here's what we know. police say two suspects, both of them men, were at a club called slate. they got kicked out. when the situation escalated they started problems with the bouncers and took off. seconds later police say they confronted a 27-year-old man on the corner. they got into a verbal
6:34 am
the victim was slashed in the hand. another man who met the suspects tried to intervene. that's when he was slashed in the shoulder and chest. both victims are now at the hospital. we spoke with a worker from the club just moments later and take a listen to what she had to say. >> when i left they were like, maybe sure if you need somebody to walk to the car we'll get them. you get somebody. >> what do you think? >> super scary. like right now i'm freaking out. i'm just like, don't want to freaking even come to work any more. >> reporter: a frightening situation considering there was another slashing two blocks away here in chelsea last month. that's when a 24-year-old woman police say slashings are up 21% in new york city compared to the same time last year. and most recently a man was slashed in the face friday morning getting on the subway in midtown when he accidentally bumped into a suspect. here's another live look on 6th avenue where two men were
6:35 am
this is at 6th and 21st. police are still searching for the suspects. if you have any information, right away. live in chelsea, ilana gold. a wild police chase came to a fiery end when a car went up house. police in saddle brook say they tried to pull over a driver who morning. but they say he sped through several towns and crashed right into the side of the house. the car then burst into flames. no one inside the house or the car was hurt. police say the driver, 25-year- old marlon van cuten made a run for it. >> i went outside. cops outside. tackled the woman down. that's about it. pretty crazy. >> officers grabbed van cuten as he was climbing over a fence. he may have had fraudulent
6:36 am
family and friends are searching for a man who vanished after a plane crash on long island. he hasn't been seen since the plane plunged into the harbor eight days another. findings the 23-year-old. >> we searched along the shoreline where he could have washed up. we'll keep doing this until we find him. a truck carrying more than 6000-gallons of home heating oil leaked, leaving behind an oil slick. about 2000-gallons spilled yesterday morning. some of the oil made its way into the bronx river through a storm drain.
6:37 am
special equipment to help contain the oil. a cruise ship is returning to its new jersey port early storm. royal caribbean says the anthem of the seas is heading back ahead of schedule to avoid a severe storm off the coast of north carolina. the cruise ship navigated heading to florida. hurricane-force winds rocked the ship violently. tossing around passengers and causing some damage. senator charles schumer wants the federal government to step in and set rules on the size of airline seats. commercial airlines have been shrinking the size of seats and reducing leg room for the last few decades, forcing passengers to sit on planes like sardines. he wants the faa to institute minimum seat size rules. the average distance has dropped from 35 inches in 1970 to a current average of 16 and a half inches.
6:38 am
art is clarifying an admissions didn't know about. policy. signs reading quote, recommended $25 admission left some thinking that amount was the museum settled a lawsuit ago. now it has to change the signs to say suggested admission admission. month. time now is 6:38. coming up, saved at sea. a cruise ship makes an unexpected stop in the middle of the ocean and a famous football player witnessed it all. it's kind of an itchy problem and it's spreading across the country. we have a warning about austrian of lice that's -- a strain of lice that's resistant to common treatments. first here's vanessa murdock with your forecast. >> looking beautiful to end the weekend. then we have some wet weather to discuss and some much colder weather to talk about as well.
6:39 am
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my full forecast. smoking causes 16 different types of cancer. es that can kill you fast. ones that can change how you see yourself. ones that can take away life's most basic pleasures.
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of cancer caused by smoking. you have one clear way to reduce your risk. you can quit smoking. talk with your doctor. you play have heard about super life -- lice. tougher to get rid of than ever. >> super life sounds way cooler than lice. >> super lice. >> what they are and how to get rid of them. >> the so-called super lice, you may have been hearing about, are not as scary as they sound. the bad news is they've evolved to become pesticide resistant. the good news is there are still effective treatments. according to research presented last year at the american
6:42 am
25 states, the pink ones have gene mutations that make the pesticides in in regular antilice shampoos ineffective. making getting rid of them much more difficult. >> we have to just keep trying to do what we can. we generally go with the more natural products anyway. >> what we had heard was the best way was really the pain staking way of going through everybody's hair, hair by hair and i believe there are people that you can have help you do that if you need to. >> people at places like lice centers with its free screenings. treatments can set you back a few hundred dollars but since they're enzyme-based they still work no matter how much the offending lice have evolved. >> just because they're super doesn't mean they can fly from one head to the other. they act in a similar way. they're just a lot tougher than they used to be. >> people who would rather treat lice at home can buy the products be you you still have to nitpick. >> no matter what if if someone
6:43 am
have to comb out an egg they're not being completely honest with you about the process. >> no one likes the comb. >> and it really pulls your hair. and it hurts. and the tip of them is pointy. >> but there's really no way around that comb and the time investment to get rid of lice no matter how super your treatment is. on the upper east side. >> to avoid the risk, don't share hats or hair brushes been try to avoid contact with someone else's hair in my fashion. we have wild new dash cam video of a dump truck barreling into a silver honda. the driver of that honda was waiting at a red light in austin texas when the out of control dump truck pushed it into the intersection. the truck crashed into another car before plowing into a concrete barrier, went over the edge and landed at the bottom of a creek. if you can believe it everyone survived.
6:44 am
rescue at sea, pittsburgh steelers star james harrison shared these photos on instagram. harrison and other athletes were on a cruise ship that encountered a boat with 16 migrants near cuba. everyone was brought on board. they were turned over to immigration authorities in mexico. a new ticket price structure is taking effect at 'tisny theme parks. disney is breaking single day passes into three categories. peak, regular and value. it's a way to counter overcrowding. a value ticket in orlando will cost $105. the same as the current ticket price. a peak ticket will cost $124. he's competed in the westminster dog show five times but wyatt is not your typical show dog. >> as cindy hsu shows us his day job is even more impressive. >> reporter: here's wyatt. his real job is service dog to his owner who has a seizure disorder.
6:45 am
maria is brought to tears remembering her own dog. >> i love that dog. >> i know. >> there you go. there. >> reporter: the 7-year-old goes from resident to resident at the oakland rehabilitation and healthcare center. >> his real name is grand champion champion rambles jcscaom. >> or call him wyatt. >> were you surprised to hear he's been at westminster? >> yes. i guess the watched the dog show. i didn't realize that was wyatt. now he'll be a star. i'll have to follow his career. >> reporter: which includes helping children with special needs. janice started the nonprofit group which rescues and rehabilitates shelter dogs into service dogs for children and veterans. ben peer is autistic and wyatt visits him as he waits for his own service dog. his parents say it's normally
6:46 am
get him to sleep peacefully. >> just noticed while he was sitting down with him like he wants to go to sleep and ben needs to be -- ben can be a handful sometimes. >> you know what i feel like with the dog lays on me like this, i feel like closing my eyes. >> he dreams of getting a service dog as wonderful as wyatt. >> i would feel so happy. >> janice is amazing. she's sent from heaven, i think with what she does with the dog and not only does she rescue dogs but i think that she saves peoples lives. >> reporter: you'll find a lot of people who agree. in allendale, new jersey, cindy hsu. >> janice says ben will likely have his own service dog within the next six months. ben certainly seemed happy. but wyatt looked happy there too. his eyes were kind of rolling back. >> so calm. that's my kind of dog. long name. >> we'll just stick with wyatt.
6:47 am
let's head over to vanessa murdock. >> high nearing 60 degrees. lots of sunshine. i'll be honest, it's not so warm just yet. let's check in with our weather watchers this morning. see what they have to say. most temperatures right now in the 20s and 30s. there is a little bit of a windchill. clear skies. relative humidity at just 52%. we'll head up to the northwest. 27 degrees to start off the day. we have sunny skies out there not warm yet. we'll get there. 38 degrees. partly cloudy in central park. that is critical in today's forecast. the southwest winds are going to pull warm air into the
6:48 am
it is going to be a spring-like end to the weekend with highs around 60. tomorrow, still mild. forecasting 60 tomorrow again. better chance for wet weather midweek. wednesday looking to be wet and windy. but after that moves on through colder air will be dropping on in. it will be -- we have snow flurries in the forecast friday. maybe snow saturday night into sunday. with that as we're talking about wet weather, february. so far when we melt all the wintery precipitation, combine it with the rain. over four and a quarter inches. normal is three. month. that i think is good news. as we go into spring and see more lightning we do not want dry earth. good news we're going in with a surplus to the spring season.
6:49 am
satellite and radar picture here. we have clouds out there. generally today will be a day with lots of sunshine courtesy of high pressure. yesterday it was a little more to the west. now it's moved to the east. with that the winds have switched. they're out of the southwest. so we're going to see lots of sunshine today. very mild temperatures. tomorrow things change up with the front moving on through. today, nice spring finish with the warm southwest winds cranking on in. that front moves through tomorrow. could see morning showers. won't be an all morning wash out. i think it comes right after that am commute. 9, 10 a.m. we see our best bet for showers. tuesday, going to be a nice day. still mild. yes, march will be rolling in like a lamb out there. let's take a look at what you can expect for today. to me this is the kicker of the 60 degrees. mostly sunny. breezy still. tonight, mostly clear. 45.
6:50 am
southwest. that front does roll on early. showers possible through really midday. even early afternoon on the east end of long island. no wash out in store. tuesday is a beauty. 53 degrees. increasing clouds. wednesday, 52, wet and windy. thursday, it is 41 degrees. bright and cold for friday. 37, maybe a few snow flurries out there. saturday is looking good. 42. mostly sunny. overnight saturday into sunday i do foresee the potential for light snow moving through. >> grabbed my puffy jacket this morning, you need for the morning but won't need for later. what do you wear? >> go put on the sweater. trade in the jacket. >> thank you. in sports you can call ryan mcdunna rescue ranger. the captain's crucial save helped new york fight off a comeback by the dallas stars. well it's been a jekyll and
6:51 am
they had a stretch where they lost 11 of 14. but in the past 12 games they have earned 19 points. great teams round into form when the playoffs come near. they're in dallas taking on the stars. the team that's leading the west in points. and how about henrik lundqvist enjoying his tenth consecutive season of at least 30 wins. he gives up the equalizer late in the third but the king did have 36 saves in this game. that momentum was short lived for dallas. kevin cline with his second game-winning goal of the week. the rangers win by a goal in dallas. they are 9-3-1 in the month of february. they now have the second best record in the east. joe johnson fans, you'll be happy to learn he's found a new team. it is the miami heat. this brooklyn guard's game will be in new york. the knicks host the heat later today in the garden. rutgers basketball season has been anything but
6:52 am
they are now approaching historical. the night knights are on the doorstep of being the first team to go winless in the big ten. ironically that honor belonged to northwestern which shot 17 of 28 from deep. beating northwestern on the road probably a tough task. how about this effort from the free throw line. come on. been that kind of season who have now lost 31 straight conference games. 98-59 the final there. american pharaoh winning the triple crown gave the sport of horse racing a shot of energy. american pharaoh is going to be a daddy. in eleven months we are expected to see his first mini pharaoh. we're about three months away from the first leg of this year's triple crown. the number six horse is the projected favorite. but he's got to qualify first. this is the fountain of youth stakes.
6:53 am
leading up to the run of the res. not the jazziest of names when it comes to name value, but he wins going away. he remains undefeated in five races so far. for cbs 2 sports, have a great day. >> steve, you too. time now is 6:53. a sunday morning preview with sir elton john. [ singing ] >> find out why he shies away from playing his new music for
6:54 am
6:55 am
morning. for more than half a century sir elton john has been a veritable hit machine. >> as anthony mason tells us, he did it with a flare all his own. >> reporter: for nearly half a century he's been one of music's most flamboyant performers.
6:56 am
was uneasy when he took the stage at the wilturn theater in los angeles last month. >> the audience wouldn't know it. i was so nervous. i think it's probably a good thing. [ singing ] >> he has more than 50 top 40 hits but this night sir elton was also debuting some new songs. >> you can't really play more than three or four because the audience really doesn't want to know. >> what is that feeling like? >> horrible. >> it is. >> it's like oh. i've written a song and i like toilet. [ singing ] >> on wonderful crazy nights sir elton's 33rd studio album his wonderful life. [ singing ] this record. >> i wanted a joyous tone.
6:57 am
sounded as it was made now. >> sir elton john plus a sneak peek at movie trailers and films based on a true story, fact or fiction. those stories and more this morning on sunday morning beginning at 9:00 right here on cbs 2. i just so appreciate artists like elton john. you go to see their concerts and they appreciate that you want to hear all the hits. >> it's nice. he is writing new songs and he's saying he wants it to still sound like him. very helpful since he still sounds the same. his voice is just incredible. time now is 6:57. coming up, a look inside the city's most expensive and controversial building. before its doors open to the public on thursday. we'll check on the day's
6:58 am
6:59 am
murdock's forecast. breaking news.
7:00 am
we're live in chelsea where two men were attacked by suspects looking for trouble. plus this. >> can a person with the worst spray tan in america attack me -- >> i will address little rubio. >> the gop in fighting continues and hillary clinton takes south carolina as the race for the white house goes full speed ahead to super tuesday. >> spring is in the air. we get more sunshine and much warmer temperatures today. we'll check in with vanessa murdock on that. cbs 2 news sunday morning continues right now. good morning. coming up on 7:00 a.m. on this sunday, february 28th. i'm diane macedo. >> happy birthday to the birthday girl. i'm andrea grymes been the day's top stories are straight ahead. meteorologist vanessa murdock. a lot of people wondering about the forecast.


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