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tv   CBS 2 News  CBS  February 29, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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the child was being escorted to school this morning when this happened. take a look. 7-year-old shiloh ricardo, a student at ps1 in new york was hit and killed by a driver this morning. in west new york, new jersey. the girl's mother was also injured and rushed here to the hospital by ambulance. but the girl died at the scene. a family friend, brimming with brimming with tears, urged the driver to turn himself in as soon as possible. listen. >> she just wanted to be close to her baby. so she couldn't stop hugging her. she said, wake up, wake up. and the guy was a hit-and-run. he left. he saw something -- if you saw something, whatever clue you have, whatever you know, please let us know. because they cannot find the guy. >> reporter: to be clear, they're not sure whether the
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witnesses describe the vehicle witnesses describe the vehicle as a ford tahoe, with tinted windows and say that after the accident happened, that someone got out of the passenger's side, looked at what had happened, saw the dead girl and her mother and got back in. and that's when the vehicle sped away. the west new york police, and the sheriff's office here are investigating. the mother is being treated for her injuries. but they are not believed to be life-threatening. her husband, javier ricardo is a construction worker. the woman, jamie ricardo, is a manicurist. and the dead child, 7-year-old shaila was their only child. we're live in north bergen, new jersey, lou young, cbs 2 news. >> all right, lou, thanks. more breaking news. another hit-and-run. >> around 8 30 this morning, a woman was killed when she was
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we talked to good samaritans who tried to rush to help the victim. steve? >> reporter: after a deadly weekend on the streets of new york city, five people hit by vehicles, three dead. monday morning here in midtown, an older woman trying to cross the street here at 36th and madison, hit and killed by a livery cab. >> reporter: the livery car on its side, in the middle of madison avenue, after good samaritans rushed to the vehicle that killed a woman. the victim, trapped under the car, after she was hit, crossing, with the light, about 8:30 a.m. >> we had to lift this car in order for us to save the lady. >> reporter: taxi driver, ronnie demoister. surveillance video showing his yellow cab making the turn to the right. before the dark sedan follow, hitting and pinning the woman. >> i don't know why he didn't see her. >> you can see the scene from
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>> i jumped back. immediately called 911. good samaritans ran by, helped lift the car. >> the driver of the vehicle appearing to pray, as police questioned him. onlookers haunted by the death of an old woman, crossing the street. >> very disturb. i've never seen anything like this in new york city in my life. >> reporter: police took the driver of the livery cab away. so far, no charges filed. live in midtown, steve langford, cbs 2 news. >> police are on the hunt for the drivers responsible for five hit-and-run crashes across new york city on sunday. surveillance video shows a tan, late-model nissan altima that, police say hit and killed a 41- year-old man in brooklyn. police are patrolling the intersection where it happened. >> you have seen the police over here. the man's sneakerless are on the floor. and police are looking at the floor am. >> i've got two daughters. my 15-year-old just asked me if she could bike to her summer
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now i'm inclined to say no. >> in the bronx, 61-year-old jose contrerras was killed. his family was celebrating a birthday. three other people were injured in crashes in sojo and jamaica and in park queen. a mother driving drunk with her 2-year-old son in the car. 26-year-old michelle manm was arrested. a 20-year-old driving the other car suffered minor injuries. mann's son was taken to the hospital but did not appear to be injured. she was charged with d wr i, without a -- dwi, without a license, and child endangerment. for the fourth year in a row, railroad's annual operating report shows train delays are getting increasingly worse. and for 2015, they're the worse they have been in 15 years.
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reaction from riders and the mta. for regular long island commuters this is becoming an all-too familiar scene. >> they had to merge trains. so crowded employed. >> like a can of sardines. >> reporter: about 9% of trains were late in 2015, marking the 2000. >> do you think that's acceptable? >> i don't think it's acceptable at all. i normally take a 7:06 train here, and it's late typically, two out of the five days. >> i have to do this to be on time. >> do you think it is frustrating? >> i definitely think we pay enough to get more. >> reporter: last year, the lirr even had a plane crash on the tracks. still, the mta said in a statement, the lirr is not satisfied with the recent trends and is working to turn them around. they say once finished, projects will improve the on-
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pushing for is to add a third line to hicksville. but residents who live along fight. >> you'd be taking a lot of property away. very loud. and to added add to that, i problem even worse. >> reporter: he says whatever the solution, the mta should find other ways to make it up to the rider. >> i don't think you should have to pay if you don't have a seat. >> reporter: and the east side access project in 2022. in mineola, diane macedo, cbs wo news. a fast-moving fire is under investigation. firefighters say it started around 9:00 in a home in west runnion street. and quickly spread to other interestinglies. the american red cross was on scene to help the other people who have been displaced. candidates are making one last big push before super tuesday.
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republican contenders is at an all-time high. marcia kramer joins us now with the latest. >> reporter: chris and mary, when one candidate starts questioning the size of another's manhood, you've probably gone as low as you can in a political campaign. yet that's where we are today. one day before super tuesday, and marco rubio and ted cruz desperate. >> he doesn't sweat because of the chunk of spray tan he uses. >> marco rubio hitting below the belt. >> he's always calling me little marco. and i'll admit, he's taller than me, 6'2," which i don't understand why his hands are the size of someone 5'2." have you seen his hands you know what they say about men with small hands -- you can't trust them. you can't trust them. >> the campaign has deteriorated rapidly.
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has trump ahead in virginia. but he trails ted cruz in texas. trump fails to take aim at supportive comments from former ku ku klux klan member david duke. >> i don't know david duke. him. about him. >> donald trump refused to disassociate himself and condemn white supremacists. every day, it's another thing. >> in my view, racism and bigotry has no place in politics. >> reporter: trump now says he had difficult with hearing. >> i am siting with a very bad ear piece. but what i heard was various groups and i don't mind disavowing anybody. and i disavowed david duke. >> meanwhile, anti-trump attacks started running in super tuesday primary states to highlight what they call trump's disturbing affection for dictators. >> i think russia can be a
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>> you know, whether you like saddam hussein or not, he used to kill terrorists. >> cbs's bob schiefery thought things -- bob schieffer thought things couldn't get any worse. >> i thought things couldn't get lower than they had reached in this campaign. i mean, the political discourse. i mean, no discussions of of the issues. but people arguing, screaming, hollering. >> reporter: on the democratic side, hillary clinton is trying to capitalize on her victory in south carolina. she also started taking on trump. saying there's no need to make proclaims. she says america is already great. now, the stakes are high tomorrow. 595 republican delegates and 865 democratic delegates are up for grabs. mary and chris? >> martha, thank you. coming up on cbs 2 news at noon. another cruz vacation cut short. the anthem of the seas is force back to port for a second time because of a storm. but that wasn't the only
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plus, a woman thought she scored tickets to broadway's hottest musical. but when she found out she had been scammed, the tables were turned on the thief. we'll have a wrap of winners and losers. celebrations into the hours. we'll take you to some of the hottest after-parties. johnny? >> we were lucky we were able to show up this morning, weren't we? if you look closely. there's a hint of blue to the west. change of weather going on right now.
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up. governor andrew cuomo: there is an unhealthy income inequality gap that is only growing.
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between paying the rent and buying food. i say lift up the working families of this state and pay a real decent wage. we fight until this nation fulfills its promise of opportunity for all and that's what this
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royal caribbean's anthem of the seas, battled by a storm earlier this week is cutting another trip short. the cruise ship is heading back to port in new jersey this morning. three weeks ago, the ship got caught in a severe storm off the coast of cape hatteras in south carolina. they tweeted that they would return to bayonne to avoid another storm. there's also a norovirus, outlining what the crews call a small percentage. a manhattan woman, wanted to see this woman. she found on craigs list, four tickets at $175 each. she met the seller in a public
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but the boyfriend thought it was a scam. turns out the tickets were fake. so boyfriend posed as another buyer. and police were there. >> he had a stack of these four again. crazy. >> reporter: the better business bureau always says use a reputable ticket seller like stub had you been -- stub hub or ticketmaster. excellence in the film industry. there were predictable winners winners and some shockers. cbs 2's joe nicholini has the story. >> reporter: and the oscar goes to spotlight. >> reporter: taking home the best picture award, the film follows a film journalist, who uncovers film in the catholic church. some thought mad max would win.
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thriller took thome six awards. leonardo dicaprio has finally taken home a golden statuette. he won for his epic role in the revenant. >> i thank you all for this award tonight. let us not take this planet for granted, i do not take this award for granted. >> brie larson also picked up her first oscar for best actress in "room." where she played a woman who was held captive and sexually abused. >> i feel really strong to hold this gold guy. >> reporter: lady gaga performed a powerful message, by performing the song "until it happens to you." it shows assault survivors with messages like, it's not your fault.
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work with one of the greatest storytellers of our time, steven spielberg, is such an honor. >> bridge of spies. many predicted stallone would win. alicia vigander took home the best supporting role. >> this year, chris rock addressed the diversity controversy. in his monologue. >> after the oscar ceremony, the celebrations began. one of the biggest parties, the governor's ball. leonardo dicaprio had his personalized right behind him. mini berger, smoked salmon, chicken pot pies. tiny chocolate oscars also handed out. wolfgang puck. that's his deal each and every year. straight ahead on cbs 2 news at noon.
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a man falls off a cliff in san diego. and you won't believe how he fell. now. just how long will these spring- like temperatures last?
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forecast after this. attention parents: before school this september all kids entering 7th and 12th grades must get the meningococcal vaccine. it protects against serious and sometimes deadly diseases like meningitis. call your health care provider today.
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a dramatic rescue in california. a 31-year-old man was rescued yesterday, after he fell off the edge of a cliff in san diego. authorities say the man was trying to retrieve a remote- controlled plane, when he lost his footing and fell 20 feet. the man was air-histed to -- air-lifted to the hospital with a fractured leg. photos you post on instagram to the current location you give on facebook, anyone can track your whereabouts, by following the trail of digital bread crumbs you are leaving behind on social media. >> it's good. time soon? >> yeah. >> how do you know that? >> some people think no one cares what they're doing. so what, i left my location services on. who cares? well, it's probably the people you don't know that care. >> strangers, using this and other information online to watch your every move. tonight, on cbs 2 news at 11:00, what you need to do right now to protect yourself
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>> let's talk weather now and get over to john elliott. everyone wants to know, when is this spring-like temperature going to leave? or is it going to stay? >> i think it will stay through this afternoon. our weather, we get to stroll on out. the sun is coming back. we'll see the numbers recover nicely. that transition under way. and the weather watchers, really, they're telling the tale, i should say, through pictures. just a real quick comment. 55 lisa, there in warden. but what started turned into a sunny afternoon. i like some of these pictures. this is less than on the island. sun gives way to clouds am then had light rain. we've already got flowers blooming. the deck is wet. but the rain is over. this is adam in littletown, north and west. he's got the sun coming out. beautiful there from charlie. and i tell you what, eva really knows how to get downful gorgeous creatures. and we're going to take night and see more sun this afternoon.
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and the numbers recover. i mean, nicely. 47. winds are variable at 5. ultimately, it's a west wind, so it's cooler tonight. 48 in sparta. 50 in babylon. 54 in belmar. i did have a few comments about how it feels nice and warm and windy down for the jersey shore. now, compared to yesterday, it's on average about 5 degrees cooler. we did hit 60 yesterday. so we're going to go with 58 today. planning on more of that sun and a bit of a bump. and you know, we'll be above normal. 69 and for your records, sun sets at 5:46. as far as the brightening skies. a little more sun, in through parts of the hudson valley. you can see, this is pretty steady rain, here through parts of nassau, into suffolk. it will continue its journey. and then the twin forks. and then we'll see a break. it's going to set up for a sunny day tomorrow. that line right there. could roll in later today. let's time it out for you, with the future cast, between now and, say, a little bit this afternoon.
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so even 3:00. north shore, you may see one other reenforcing blast. a quiet night. one other little shower pushing through, around 11:00. then tuesday, looks good. changing the timing now a bit it's early wednesday morning, where we see the rain return. for more of the area. and there will be heavy rain as well. but then that wraps up, and it's cooler. seven-day forecast, have to leave the possibility in for chance of snow. but most of the models are pushing this thing a little to the south. so that's the trend. we've got a busier day wednesday. it's cooler by week's end. and then the next day, we're going to be watching will be friday, with that chance of snow. but it is interesting. today, almost 60. and then, not even 40 on friday. >> okay. roller coaster continues.
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the cubs enjoyed a first birthday at the western plains zoo friday. the three african lions were the zoo. and were present for these treats. >> cute. look at this big frozen ice right? >> they're big. that's it for us at noon. for john and the entire cbs 2 news team, thanks for joining us. >> cbs 2 is back at 5:00. we'll see you tomorrow at 4:30.
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afternoon. >> well, the options are endless, really. local, destination, somewhere in between. of course, the time of year will play a huge factor. oh, which reminds me, uh, are you absolutely wedded -- excuse the pun -- to peonies as your flower of choice? because their season is relatively short in comparison -- victoria? >> victoria: oh. i'm sorry. my fianc\ wanted to be a part of this meeting. and i'm just wondering what's keeping him. >> billy: there's only one way to make this nightmare go away, jack. you go to the police. >> jack: i can't do that. >> billy: you have to. you take the evidence that luca compiled. that's it. victor goes down for bringing marco into your life, into all our lives. >> jack: it's not as simple as you think. >> billy: it doesn't get any simpler than this. because of victor, you were held


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