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tv   CBS 2 News at 5  CBS  February 29, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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the driver gets out and approaches. he sees what he's done. there's a jump in the video and the next thing you see is the injured woman clutching her dead child. >> she just want to be close to her baby so she couldn't stop holding her. she said wake up, wake up. >> the mother works in the nail salon with other immigrants numb from the awful news. >> reporter: he was called from his job by news of his only child's death and his wife's injury. he showed us a picture of the daughter now gone. >> they've immigrated from mexico. >> the school system has counselors helping the young kids, and we're working with the community. >> are you trying to get help with the funeral. >> absolutely.
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office says law enforcement has make an arrest. >> he can run but not hide. we was the resources, the personnel, the technology. we'll find him. >> the sheriff's office is circulating new images from the video you just saw to get some help from the public. but they believe they can find this guy. a funeral fund has been created for the family. and a large donation has been made by the pba, the police union, here in west new york, hudson county, new jersey, lou young, cbs news. jennifer mclogan reports. purple and black bunting over the arch of vincent harrison's precinct and rockaway beach not far from where the respected cop grew up.
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>> and it truly angers us. it's always the good one that is go this way. without him. >> anything you needed he was right there. and it didn't matter what time of day, what time of night. he was always right there. and that's my little brother. >> he was involved in a minor turnpike. he was mowed down by a hit-and- run driver. >> everyone is mourning. it's never easy. >> police officer anthony bird and other colleagues were emotional as their shields were covered with black bands of mourning. >> it's sad. hard days. we lost someone, you know? >> police in new jersey have located the driver of the car that hit harrison and are determining appropriate charges.
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>> he's one of those officers trying to do good, marriage a difference. >> we fulfilled his dream of being a cop while doing standup comedy and acting on the side. losing his life at age 25. >> someone would flee the scene. why? and all the questions went to ask. >> messages of support and sympathy are pouring in from colleagues and from officers in new jersey where he was killed and here in nassau where he lived. jennifer mclogan, cbs 2 news. and officer harrison had been on the force less than two years. >> there were five other hit- and-run crashes in the city. we report on the hunt for the drivers who killed three
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now to ted cruz. he is facing a primary court fight in new york. a judge will hear the lawsuit. they raised the issue, saying the texas senator is not a natural born citizen of the country. he was born in alberta, canada, his father was a cuban native. the final push is ugly right now. the mud slinging among the republican contenders is indescribable right now. ted cruz and marco rubio are hammering donald trump. >> and trump had problems of his own making. marcia kramer joins us with the latest on that angle fulfill make america great again donald trump showed his angry you're fired side and an apoll
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a member of a secret service detail attacked a reporter. it's a video that no campaign wants to see a day before election. >> tempers flared. >> he grabbed me by the neck and started choking me. >> an angry trump ordered protester after protester evicted. get them out. get them out. >> reporter: he walked away from the podium to confront a protester with an icy glare. are you from mexico? right smack in the middle of my punch line. >> get her out, please. get her out. out, out, out! >> reporter: trump dismissed
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and marco rubio as little marco rubio. >> he's calling me little marco. and i'll admit he's like 6'2". i don't understand why his hands are the size of someone who is 5'2". have you seen his hands? and you know what they say about men with small hands? you can't trust them. >> reporter: with 13 states holding primaries or caucuses, the strategy is to try and stop the trump juggernaut. >> a nominee refuses to condemn the ku klux klan. >> every day it's another thing. >> acism and bigotry -- racism
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>> you could hardly hear. i heard various groups and i don't mind disavowing anybody. and i disavow david duke. >> whether you like saddam hussein or not, he used to kill terrorists. >> bob schieffer thought things were bad enough after the ugly debate. >> i thought things couldn't reached. >> marco rubio needled trump for the having his clothing line made in china. a scam. the stakes are high tomorrow. 595 republican delegates and grabs. and i cannot hardly imagine what tomorrow will bring. >> after tomorrow we'll see. >> thanks, marcia.
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students were shot when police say a 14-year-old boy hoped morning. the shootings happened inside the cafeteria of a high school north of cincinnati. two other students were also hurt either trying to escape or hit by shrapnel. the teenage suspect is in custody. a cruise ship battered by a storm has another voyage cut short. anthem of the seas is returning to the port in new jersey because of a storm that's gaining strength off north carolina. there's also a norovirus outbreak and the cruise line says that did not affect the decision. anthem of the seas was damaged after hurricane force winds and 30-foot waves. 2015 is not a good year for thousands who rely on the long island railroad.
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and for 2015, the worst in 15 years. diane macedo has reaction from riders and the mta. >> it's becoming a familiar scene. >> delays, cancellations, and then they have to merge trains and it's crowded. >> like a can of sardines. >> about 9% of trains were late in 2015, marking the worst on time record since 2000. >> doing that's acceptable? >> i don't think it's acceptable at all. my train is late two out of five days. >> i take a train long before work just to be on time. >> does that frustrate you? >> i think we pay a lot to get more. >> reporter: last year there was a plane crash on the tracks. the, iir is not satisfied with
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projects like the -- and east side access project will improve on time performance. >> the governor is pushing for a third track out to hicksville. and residents on the route are promising a fight. >> you'd be taking some of the property away. a lot of trains are coming through and it's very loud. >> whatever the solution, the mta should find other ways to make it up to riders. >> i don't think you should have to pay if you don't have a seat. >> the project will be completed in late 2016 and the east side access project in 2022. diane macedo, cbs 2 news. scott kelly is getting ready to come home after a year in space.
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scientists could study space travel on the human body. he's spent the most cumulative astronaut. >> following him on twitter, the pictures are unbelievable. >> and he can throw a football all the way to the super bowl. >> that was pretty amazing. up next, secrets from the afterparties, including the star couple who showed up separately and caused a stir. how vandals have hurt a charity that hands out healthy food to the needy. the irs admits that the much higher. and how you could get beauty treatments delivered to your doorstep. tomorrow the sun is going to stick around.
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governor andrew cuomo: there is an unhealthy income inequality gap that is only growing. if you work full-time you shouldn't have to choose between paying the rent and buying food. i say lift up the working families of this state and pay a real decent wage. we fight until this nation fulfills its promise of opportunity for all and that's what this
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this consumer alert tonight. a data breach of irs taxpayer accounts was much bigger than first thought. hackers accessed 724,000 accounts. it originally reported 114,000 accounts compromised. hackers stole information from other sources to answer questions on the get transcript page and that allows you to get tax history. >> the irs is not doing enough to protect us. >> the agency did disable the get transcript program last year. it's sending letters to affected taxpayers and will offer free credit protection. if you plan on disney for
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the park will offer value, regular, and price. $105, the regular, $110, peak including holidays and summer weekends will shoot up to 124 there are a day. other disney theme parks will offer similar pricing. spotlight won best picture. and leonardo dicaprio got his first oscar for the revenant. >> you predicted that, didn't you? >> it's the parties that people want to know about. and kevin frazier takes us to the hot spots. >> reporter: the stars hit the party circuit hard including ben affleck and jennifer garner.
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that some would call a revenge dress. she arrived head held high, toned arms and time at the gym. and then an hour and a half later, stopping for five seconds, and -- admitted she's hurting. >> i think she's doing well. dealing with stress and pain. >> and best supporting actress alicia -- and at the governor's ball, the only guy on alicia's arm, oscar. >> this is like a dream come true. >> i'm trying to take it all in. i just got my name on this thing. >> i'm trying to believe it's actually true.
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>> reporter: alicia and leonardo dicaprio had their oscars engraved. >> and brie larson waited for her award. >> oh, my gosh. >> she inspected the name plate and posed with her boyfriend. >> after she hit the party, she got to chow down on a burger. winning leaves you starved. back to you. it's all the dieting before hand to get in the dress. to get the scoop, check on the ideaser tonight at 7:00 follows by entertainment tonight at 7:30. i had a bowl of pasta watching the oscars. gone with the wind won eight awards including best picture. and hattie mcdaniel was the
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>> i don't know nothing about birthin' no babies. >> and i saw spike lee and they were shining, gold, sparkling. >> i know. >> in other words i haven't seen any movie this is year. >> is that your excuse? >> that's basically it. the weather picture, lonnie is here. that was springtime today. what was up? >> look at today and yesterday a great run of days. and february ended up pretty temperatures. we're mostly clear and 58 degrees as of now. the high was 61 degrees. and yesterday that groceries sunday, the high was 62 degrees. we had raindrops for a few of you. and 16 with the sunshine by the got to love that. and here you go. as far as what we'll be talking about in the next 24 hours, it's going to be dry and cooler. don't expect temperatures in the 60s tomorrow.
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looking at a snow chance by friday. and yet, we are talking spring being 20 days away. as we look on the month of february, snowfall-wise, we were below normal. we picked up 4 inches, 5.2 inches, and temperature-wise we were hinting at how we were significantly above average. the average high temperature, the average high, if you average them all together. it should be 41.6. so that's a pretty warm february right there. for our night tonight it's colder, down to 38 degrees. and rain, snow chance north and west. and it shouldn't be much of anything. but it's a possibility north and west of the city. and tomorrow, high temp, 51 degrees. a decent start to march and not calling for 60, 61, 62 degrees.
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and we'll be talking about the friday chance for snow. back to you maurice and kristine. with six months to go before u.s. open tennis, construction is underway in queens to make sure this year's event is one to remember forever. the new retractible roof over arthur ashe stadium. and a new expanded set of grand stands at the stadium. and several side courts will have additional seating. and u.s. open begins august 29th. coming up next, she's called the beyonce of declutterring, and she has specific ideas on how to cut down on the chaos in your home. what she says you should tackle first. and bacteria already in your body could help you lose weight. >> tomorrow morning, getting rid of ago sunrising headaches without medication.
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great prices on over 800 items.
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coming up at 6:00, robbed while sleeping, a single mom and her two young daughters wake up to find items missing from their home. chris christie is back in
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take questions. >> permission denied. >> see what happens when we pressed him on issues affecting the state coming up on cbs 2 news at 6:00. do you have a messy room? or maybe a few rooms? getting organized these days is very trendy thanks to one best selling author. >> this long line of people is not here to see a holiday celebrity. they are here to see a japanese guru who wrote spark joy. the art of organizing and tidying up. she's been called the beyonce of declutterring. >> i'm honored that they call me that. >> people are mesmerized by the folding method. the art of clothing is standing upright. and some of the fans in
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show why they need her guidance. >> i desperately need this book. >> her approach to downsizing follows a specific order. clothes, books, paperwork, and then toiletries and kitchen items before moving on to photos. it's not just about cleaning up physical space. it's about cleaning up emotional space. keeping only the things that spark joy. >> it's appreciating what you've had in your life and not holding on. >> the goal of my message is not to discard everything but to figure out what makes you happy. >> she urges people to quietly thank the things they get rid of. >> it's what you want in life, what your priorities are, and having a joyful life. >> she's launching an app this spring to help people clean up.
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declutterring tv show. >> the way i fold is messy. >> i looked up on how to fold a fitted sheet and it's life changing. she is -- the sheet is so hard to fold. now i figured it up. i looked it up on youtube. >> and i believe in throwing things out. nice knowing you. >> coming up next, charity takes a hit when vandals strike. two women try to serve up food in needy neighborhoods. and how strangers helped a pedestrian partnershipped under a car. and a new poll reveals that the subway. we asked the mayor what he's
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city. two bronx women trying to make the community healthier need help from the community food truck. i'm kristine johnson. >> and i'm maurice dubois.
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living to the neighborhood in the form of fresh fruits and vegetables. >> reporter: this decorated former school bus is the cornerstone of the organization aiming to bring healthy food and food education. >> we have the bus and you were the it into a clean vehicle. and we do cooking demos using the food we've grown at our farm. >> our interest is to make sure to educate the community on the types of food they're taking in, why it's important, the types of nutrition they can get from the food. >> the founders are preparing to open a farm stand this spring but the entire project ran into a major road block after the bus was recently vandalized.
5:32 pm
raised enough money to have the bus towed away but not enough to have it cleaned and repaired. >> it was not easy for me to be able to rehab this bus. >> it feels like a setback and it's hard not to give up. >> the community doesn't want them to give up. >> anything that keeps the kids healthy is a good thing. >> i'd like to see the community get it together enough. >> reporter: through donations of money or time. the mobile market bus is scheduled to appear at a farming conference next month. they are racing to make repairs so that can happen. go to to find out how to help. a crash killed a woman crossing the street on the east
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77-year-old carol -- was hit while crossing. good samaritans flipped the car on the side trying to help the she was pronounced dead at the hospital. >> i don't know why he didn't see her. >> i jumped back and immediately called 911. good samaritans ran by and helped to lift the car. >> the driver is charged with failure to yield. half of new yorkers are friday to ride the subway at night. it may be explained by the rides in subway crimes and city slashings. the number has jumped more than 20%. and this year there have been 645 dips over the same period.
5:34 pm
who say the city needs to find a way to curb the crime. >> do you feel safe riding the subway at night? >> i am afraid. it's too much crime. >> and many other riders feel the same according to a recent city poll. 51% of new yorkers polled are afraid to ride the subway at night. riders like kim -- blame the slashings. >> someone could not know anything about the story and it will affect the way they feel. >> what is your response? >> i understand why people are worried and they're going to see more police presence. >> reporter: it's going to take more than just stepped up police presence to increase their sense of security in the subway system.
5:35 pm
it will deplete the money from the city. >> subway crime this year to date is up 17% compared to last year. some believe safety issues could stem from the academic crisis and the lack of affordable housing. >> people are getting pushed to the point where they can't provide for themselves. >> riders are hoping the rise in subway crime is a trend. and as quick as it's arrived, it will fade. >> and mayor de blasio says he and commissioner bratten will lay out a plan over the next few days. stalkers no longer have to creep around corners to stalk on you. anyone can track you by
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crumbs you're leaving behind. >> how were the cakes? >> good. >> going back to london any time soon. how do you know that? >> so i left my location on? who cares? >> strangers using this and other things online to watch your every move. what you need to do right now to protect yourself against social stalking. lose weight with the help of your own body. the foods that could trigger a fat burping bacteria. the act of courage that named a navy seal the military's highest honor. in 1960, the first playboy club opened in chicago.
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our intestinal tracks could be the key to treating all kinds of ailments. the micro biome. >> she felt something was wrong with her health for most of her life. she was always tired. >> doctors said it was psychological. >> i was dying. i had no life left in me. >> she met the author of the microbiome diet. >> the reason why we're suffering from obesity and why so many people can't lose weight is they are forgetting about the micro biome. >> it's the trillions of bacteria that live in our digestive track. each combination is unique, at least partly passed on from mother to baby at birth. the foods we eat change its makeup. >> these bacteria not only help us prevent disease and keep us
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but they actually could play a role in reversing disease too. >> fermented foods like sauerkraut and vegetables with complex carbohydrates. that's a generally healthy diet and others say the micro biome is so different from person to person that it's too soon to know how or whether we can affect it enough to make a difference in our help. her problem turned out to be a failing thyroid. and that led to a 40-pound weight loss. >> my face used to be swollen. and my stomach used to stick out like really bad. >> the science behind the microbiome diets is a little soft.
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bacteria to know what fiddling health. these diets for the most part with healthy. you probably won't do harm by following them assuming you can stay on them. >> is this different than the probiotics. >> those are the so called good bacteria. and this is a way of supporting them or adding to them through that's the difference. and whether or not you can actually change much in your gut remains to be seen. >> we just don't know. >> not enough. >> but eating healthy like you said -- coming up. will winter stick around or is spring in the air? >> and we can say we knew her when. how a new jersey basketball player got the chance to hit the big time with a lakers star. and new information on the hit-and-run death of a little girl in new jersey. police just released these
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>> don't forget to follow us on facebook and like our page. find us at new york. the nation's highest military honor was presented today in washington. president obama awarded the medal of honor to edward byers jr. he was part of a daring raid that rescued an american taken hostage in afghanistan. a seals team rushed the building where the hostage was being held and one seal died. >> the doorway was covered by a layer of blankets. ed started ripping them down, exposing himself to fire. >> my teammate, friend, and brother, the award is truly his. he was an american hero and he was the hero of the operation. he was killed during that operation.
5:47 pm
and he died to bring back another american. >> byers is the first living american active duty member of the navy to receive the medal of honor in the past four decades. a new jersey girl battling cerebral palsy comes face to face with her favorite player, kobe bryant. he signed a jersey and then hung out with her before the game. this was a dream come true. >> i will never shower again. i mean, i never experienced anything like this ever. this is like the best day ever. >> best day ever. >> kobe didn't play due to an injury and made time to meet
5:48 pm
she's never going to take a shower. >> no soap, no water. and a good jump shot. kind of looked like kobe. today. >> and yesterday and it's not going to last. some significant changes and that's what i want to talk to you about. your best chance for tomorrow. but it is going to be rain. and then it turns very cold by the time you get into the day on friday, especially early friday morning. snow becomes a possibility for friday and then look at this one. you could be seeing 70 degrees in about 10 days. we are starting to see the trend. spring is 20 days away. we have the feeling in the air today. and it's going to start getting
5:49 pm
58degrees tomorrow. a lot of 58s. 46 monticello. and what happens tomorrow morning. you're walking out the door and heading out at 6:00 in the morning. and close to the freezing mark. below freezing north and west of the area. and then you get into the meat of the afternoon. and about 45 degrees for a high in new york. and you squeeze out a couple of extra degrees. here's the deal. skies have been beautiful today. we do have a snow flurry and a little bit of a rain shower around the eastern great lakes. passage. and it's basically a dry frontal passage. maybe a smidgen of precipitation. i think for most people we keep it on the dry side. and then you get to the day tuesday. a sunny looking day. there could be clouds that flow through. and mostly sunny, cooler, and
5:50 pm
you'll be doing your best to find the 50s tomorrow. and then you look at the rain chance. and the best, most likely time is wednesday. but it's going to be rain and the reason is the moisture here is associated with a cold front. so that should bring in cold enough air for frozen precipitation. not on wednesday, ahead of the front you get a burst of southwest air. and that's going to set the scene for the moisture to make its way to a warmer air mass. by the time you get to friday. now you're in the cold air. and now you tap into a little bit of added moisture. and friday you could see snowy weather. you go through the overnight hours just fine. and then tuesday looking just great. and look at this. late attitudes to wednesday we see the rain chance. and early wednesday, a wintry mix north and west of the city. and then into the day on wednesday here comes the front.
5:51 pm
afternoon, it's actually a good looking day. and the colder air is going to be setting up. tomorrow it's a decent start to the first day of march. 48degrees or so. and skies looking pretty good. and sun and cloud mix. and let's give the edge to the sun. wednesday, 53 degrees and that's the chance to see the wet weather. on thursday, 39 degrees. and friday, 37. and then friday comes with the possibility of a snowflake. and saturday 42, and sunday, 46. and i hinted at 10 days from now you could possibly see 70 degrees. >> it's because it's a leap year. >> there you have it. >> a little something for you. >> an extra day. change of taste for wine connoisseurs. kosher wine is fast becoming a preference. >> reporter: it's a celebration of wine and food par ex- lawrence.
5:52 pm
>> how much can a bottle of wine go for? >> easily, $200. >> all the wine that is you see on display and ripe for the tasting are kosher and a far cry from the old passover wine. more than 350 different kinds from all over the world. new zealand, italy, australia. all part of the kosher food and wine experience. more than 40 vendors selling to buyers from around the world. and kosher dishes from gourmet restaurants. what is kosher wine exactly. >> from the crushing of the grape until the bottle is sealed the entire process is handled by an observant jewish crew. >> experts say the kosher wine business is a burgeoning industry, $20 million a year in sales and growing.
5:53 pm
showing their best at this previews. varieties. >> essence cabernet from one of israel's largest wineries. >> and the venerable roth child family. clearly, this is not your grandparent's kosher wine. >> now you have wines from the finest vineyards in italy, california. >> the next generation of kosher wines, available right now. scott rapoport, cbs 2 news. think of it as uber for glamour. the new service is bringing spa services right to your doorstep. and summer, winter, springtime, fall. ever wonder what would happen
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app and an outlet. you're ready to primp and pretty. a living room can be transformed into a salon. >> within an hour you can book a glam squad manicure at the touch of a button. >> from afternoon today, to party ready tonight. barbara is prepping for her husband's leap year birthday party. and that means running around. >> this was easiest rather than going to three separate locations and spending an hour at a nail salon and then a makeup counter and then having my hair blown dry. >> it's actually attainable. you're talking about $50 for a blowout. >> if you need a few moments of relaxation. a massage therapist can rescue you.
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>> for massage therapists it works too. >> i can work when i want. it's a great way to supplement your income. >> and employees are licensed and fully vetted. and whoever is coming in to your home to make your feel and look your best is trustworthy. >> and glam squad is available in manhattan and parts of the four boroughs. >> and that's going to do it for the news at 5:00. >> the news at 6:00 starts right now. live from studio 46, this is cbs 2 news at 6:00. >> if you have a heart, if you're part human, please come and show yourself. don't be a coward. >> desperate pleas for the
5:59 pm
come forward after the child died in her mother's arms. a single mom wakes up to discover someone had been in the home. i won't permit you to. there's only -- permission denied. i'm maurice dubois. >> and i'm kristine johnson. we begin with the search for the driver who hit a mother and her daughter and left them in the middle of the street. >> police just released pictures of the chevy tahoe they are looking for. lou young is live at the scene. >> the memorial continues to grow. and people are coming around to see it. the first grader was being walked to school. mom had plans to drop her off and then go to her job at a
6:00 pm
dad was already at his construction job and in a split second, all that changed. >> the late model chevy tahoe will destroy their world. it mows them down. her 7-year-old daughter was killed at the scene. what happens next underlines the callous nature of the crime. the mother is up trying to help her daughter and the driver gets out and approaches. he sees what he's done. there's a jump in the video and you see the car driving off, clutching her child. >> he can run but not hide. we have the resources, the personnel, the technology. we will find him. >> the mother brought the child to the hospital. and they are mexican immigrants. the child was born here and


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