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tv   CBS 2 News at 11  CBS  March 28, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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a car jumped a curb in new
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person. it's okay. it's okay. stay down. >> chaotic moments on capitol hill, visitors running for cover as a man points a gun at police. new tonight hear from a woman who took a $600 cab ride and pay the driver. first from falling debris on the upper west side to flying plywood, strong winds causing dangerous conditions tonight. i'm maurice dubois. >> and i'm kristine johnson. live pictures show gusts so
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camera around. they are not expected to die down anytime soon. on manhattan's west side, lonnie quinn is monitoring high winds with the mobile weather lab live for us. lonnie? >> reporter: yeah. the winds are whipping at a pretty good clip as of right now, you can't tell by the picture of me and my crummy hairdo. take a look at the american flag on the corner of 57th and 11th, on the west side of manhattan. what i want to do is bring this picture backed up here, let's go to the mobile weather lab on the corner, the saving grace is it is not biting cold, 51.4 degrees, so the wind is heavy but it doesn't feel all that cold. it will in the morning. take a look at this, wind gusts as of late on the corner, around 31 miles per hour. so we've got a wind advisory in effect for every single county in our area until 6:00 p.m.
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now you tack on the temperatures dropping, look at this, by 6:00 in the morning, temperatures in the 30s and 40s, 40 for new york city, winds also blowing in the 30s and 40s with potential for 50 mile-per- hour gusts so it makes everyone feel like you are waking up tomorrow morning like your temperature is below freezing. it's going to be a cold start to your day, high temp goes oh -- the wind is with you all day long. we are live here, like i said in the studio. i'll have your extended forecast a little bit later. >> thank you. now to the cell phone video of the chaos on capitol hill today, people scrambling for cover after police shot a man, the suspect somebody accused of prior problems, even disrupting congress, cbs2's jessica schneider has more video from inside the capital. >> it's okay. it's okay. stay down. >> reporter: a california tourist capturing the initial duck and cover. >> stay with me.
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the capitol visitors center. >> all staff moved to your safe location. >> reporter: armored trucks moved in. a 66-year-old man named larry dawson allegedly pointed a gun at officers at the security checkpoint and capitol police fired at him. >> we believe this is an act of a single person. he has frequented the capitol grounds before. there is no reason to believe in that this is anything more than a criminal act. >> reporter: dawson has been arrested inside the capital before. that's in allegedly yelling out on the c-span video back in october. he was arrested then for causing a disturbance. and dawson is still in hospital tonight but he has already been charged with assault on a police officer and assault with a deadly weapon. 's team? >> thank you. developing story now, violent crash on a jersey city street, police say around 6:00
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on union street near martin luther king drive, hitting a woman and also bringing down a light pole. witnesses say it appears the woman was intentionally run down. the victim was rushed to the hospital in critical condition and had to undergo surgery. female driver was also taken to the hospital. it's unclear what her condition is. also developing police searching for a man wanted for a sex assault at the historic stonewall inn. the mannatech a 25-year-old transgender woman inside the bathroom saturday night. the victim says the man barged in claiming he needed to wash his hands, then sexually assaulted her. the bar was the site of the 1969 demonstrations that marked the start of the modern gay rights movement. >> it's a very disturbing incident. taking place in a site that's very important historically. where something good happened in terms of creating more
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their lives and see a violent incident like this is very troubling. >> the mayor says police know who the suspect is and that an arrest is imminent. new tonight governor cuomo drawing a line with north carolina, banning all new york state funded and sponsored travel there unless it is essential. governor is protesting a law passed in raleigh that limits put -- protections for members of the lgbt community. last year cuomo issued a ban on travel to indiana after the state passed a religious freedom law. a vigil was held to honor the victims of yesterday's terror attack in pakistan. a suicide bomber killed at least 70 people in a park jammed with families. more than 300 others were wounded. cbs2's lou young reports from midwood where many pakistani americans are grieving. >> reporter: a vigil in a hard wind, this is coney island avenue been a part of brooklyn known as little pakistan where images of the bombing cut deep.
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the victims are women and children, this woman's family missed the disaster by 30 minutes. >> not only an attack there, it's an attack on humanity. >> reporter: the funerals have already gone -- have already begun back home. only steps from children playing on swing sets, it was intended to target christians celebrating the holiday but most victims were muslim. president of the pakistan christian association. >> they are not religious. they do whatever they want. >> reporter: the scene of the attack is far from the tribal regions where extremism is common. pledging allegiance -- a splinter group pledging allegiance to isis claimed responsibility. it is enough to make an immigrant fear for the country left behind. >> i'm scared of like now all the stuff and like telegram. i don't want something to happen.
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to uproot the very fabric of society. so obviously anyone who has got some connection back home, would feel terrorized. >> the message quite simple, >> reporter: although these americans live in new york, their roots are in pakistan, they are victims of terror too. we are all one. lou young, cbs2 news. now to the latest in the belgian terror attack investigation, authorities released surveillance video of the man in the hat scene with the suicide bombers. he is still at large. a man taken into police custody believed to be that man in this video has been released. prosecutors say there was a lack of evidence. meantime four people wounded in the attacks have now died. raising the death toll to 35. also, new video of the two brothers accused in the paris terror attacks, it shows salah and ibrahim abdul salaam partying at a brussels nightclub. nearly nine months later,
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attacks on paris. salah survived and went on the run, he was captured this month. fbi says it has successfully opened the iphone used by san bernardino terrorist syed farook. no word on how they did it. but the justice department says it 100 its lawsuit against apple. apple had refused to unlock the phone saying it jeopardized customer privacy.'s tracking down on aggressive costumed characters, a new push to end harassment. a proposed law would corral costumed characters and those painted topless ladies. into certain zones and pedestrian plazas. this comes after one of many different spiderman characters and a tourist both arrested saturday for fighting over a one dollar tip, city leaders say it is a recurring problem. >> elbow arrested for aggressive solicitation. cookie monster nabbed for groping a teenager.
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creepy is not. >> this city council will hold a hearing on the proposed regulations wednesday. txu trouble still ahead at 11. >> i was honking in front of the door. >> a woman takes a $600 cab ride then allegedly ditches the driver without paying. tonight she is talking to cbs2. stolen cars leave the lot one by one.
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off this massive crime. it was a long strange trip for a new york city taxi driver. at the end of the road his passenger refused to hand over $600 fair. tonight she is saying sorry but will she ever pay up? cbs2's tony aiello reports. >> reporter: five years a taxi
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a ride saturday night. >> she said i'm really tired. you want to go to pennsylvania? i said no problem but it's going to be costly. >> reporter: he has driven long- distance fares before and was not surprised when kelly boyer agreed to pay $600 from the 140 mile hall to denver, pennsylvania. during the more than two-hour drive -- >> she was talking nicely. like this is my first time. >> reporter: when they arrived after midnight, she went inside to get a credit card but never came back out. >> i was waiting 10 minutes. then i was honking the door in front of the door. -- in front of the door. >> reporter: the local police can. boyer refused to answer the door when police knocked repeatedly. they charged her with theft of services. by phone, boyer offered an apology but no real explanation.
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i never ever meant -- as soon as possible, i'm going to figure it out. >> reporter: did you learn a lesson here? >> of course i did. >> that lesson, collect an out of town fair as soon as the taxi his past the city limits as tlc rules allow. in jamaica queens, tony aiello, cbs2 news. heartache and outrage for visitors as a new jersey cemetery after they find their loved one's great -- greystone submerged in water. other veterans are buried in the jewish section of forest green park cemetery in marlboro. he tells cbs2 for the past several years, every time it rains, water and muck ends up pulling on the gravestones. miller says the condition of this section of the cemetery is appalling. >> these people were our best generation and i think it's very disrespectful that the graves were left like that.
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but did forward us to their contractor. the contractor says there is no drainage issue, he says top soil and seed will be added in may the way they do every spring. now to some new video of a car heist in florida, it shows two men as they steal keys to cars on the lot of a tampa dealership. outside about eight others take those keys and drive off in those cars. the dealership owner says eight cars were stolen, more than a dozen others damaged, he will now leave the keys in a more secure area, police have arrested one suspect and recovered three of the vehicles. is this one a stink over nothing or a reason to sweat? allspice is facing a class- action lawsuit. a man in virginia claims he wound up with rashes and birds from the deodorant, thinks they -- there could be thousands of other guys that had the same problem and they each deserve at least $25,000. the company says a small number
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the alcohol in allspice products. rosacea, eczema, rosacea, could the key to be a remedy for indigestion? >> cbs2 explores inside-out beauty, see why many people are now swearing by it. >> i've tried about everything on the market. >> reporter: by his mid-20s, john james miller says his acne was worse than ever. >> nothing worked. >> nothing until he started taking probiotics. >> it changed drastically. >> reporter: probiotics are live bacteria found naturally in some foods like yogurt and are often recommended to aid the digestion system. >> they help to regulate the balance in the microenvironment of our intestines. >> when your gut is overrun, by that bacteria, studies show it can lead to a vicious cycle of weight gain and fatigue says specialist dr. raphael tillman.
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that's perpetuating the overgrowth of those bacteria. causing us to be addicted, to crave all these foods. >> reporter: this bacterial imbalance can also lead to inflammation. which can contribute to a number of adverse health problems including those with your complexion. >> the skin is one of the largest organs of detoxification. so when our bodies are overwhelmed with inflammation, sometimes inflammation is manifested in the skin. >> reporter: which can lead to conditions like adult acne, eczema, rosacea, premature aging. says this cosmetic surgeon. >> reducing inflammation will help to reduce those manifestations in the skin. >> reporter: the best source of probiotics are from hole, leafy greens. yogurt, and fermented foods like sauerkraut. but there are other options. >> you can experience science driven healthy skin that emerges from inside and out. >> reporter: now some beauty companies are incorporating a
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skincare lines. which you can take orally. >> in as quickly as two weeks, clinical results have shown improvement in several benefits. >> reporter: since starting to take a probiotic supplement daily, mueller says his skin is finally free and clear of acne. >> i certainly gave it a shot and it worked. >> the american academy of dermatology agrees, probiotics have been shown to help with clearer skin, decreased skin sensitivity as well as a reduced appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. something to the yogurt. >> i'm going to get an extra helping. weather picture tonight, winds blowing. corner getting blown around pretty good. >> it's got a good little gust going right now. i tell you what, mobile weather lab parked right here on the corner on 57th and 11th. all of my equipment doing its work, but the one i'm most concerned with and what you should be concerned with is the
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machinery that measures wind speeds and wind gusts, pretty good gust right there, around 26.2 miles per hour. let's take a peak outside, show you what it looks like, different vantage point of our city, partly cloudy sky overhead, 51 degrees, the almanac shows us the high temperature was 60 which is six degrees above the average. now, my headlines will tell you that it's going to feel colder for your day tomorrow. significantly colder especially in the morning, we showed you that earlier at the top of the show but there will be nice mild days this week but the cold air returns in force by sunday, wait until you see that number. the radar picture, the air is starting to dry out now and with wind like this, you can't help but dry out. that's what wind does. not seeing too much activity, i don't think see if any kind of precipitation during the overnight hours. the wider picture will show big batch of clear error, all compliments of a high-pressure system moving in.
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that's interacting with the low- pressure system that gave you raindrops today, giving you that type pressure gradient that produces the wind out of -- as of right now. our next chance for rain, look out west, that would not be here until what looks to be late thursday, going into friday. so let's recap everything, wake up tomorrow morning, the sun has returned, 39 degrees, but now throw in some of these winds, it will feel like you are below freezing anywhere in the tri-state area. for tomorrow afternoon, bright and breezy at 53 but feeling like you are in the 40s. extended forecast will show you wednesday is a nice sunny day with less wind, 56, that looks like a really great day right there. been on thursday and friday, in the warm sector of the storm, i talked about the rain chance late thursday into friday, well, ahead of that, you get the burst of warm air so you would be 69 on thursday, 68 on friday, late thursday overnighted friday, where you could find some wet weather, saturday now on the backside of this front, we are going to drop you down by 10 degrees, 68
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sunday you go down another 10 down to a high temperature of only 48. so this is what you expect in april, a real up and down month. it's going to give us that as we venture into the first part of the month. guys, live with mobile weather lab, right here as a told you, on the corner of 11th and 57th. back to you inside. >> thank you, lonnie. get ready for the ultimate primetime party. tomorrow night, james corden is going to air his hour- long carpool karaoke special. >> [ singing ] all leading up -- tonight, we'll give you something great. >> the clip shows how he is kicking off the big show which as you saw will feature jennifer lopez, jenny from the block and the bronx, the primetime karaoke special airs tomorrow night, 10:00 p.m.
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livingston. otis livingston is here now with news about the the dark knight.
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strength of the team. we hope this has nothing to do with jenks associated with the magazine cover. matt harvey will miss his final spring start tomorrow, may have to come back to new york to see a specialist. sandy alderson stressed it is not orthopedic, doesn't involve the shoulder or tommy john surgery repair elbow. alderson said the issue came up this morning. as far as he knows there will be some follow-up tests and consultation that will take place over the next couple days. as you know harvey was scheduled to make the opening day start in kansas city. as that news was breaking, the mets were in jupiter, florida. bartolo colon hoping to build off his last start. matt holliday takes care of that in the first inning. solo shot. three runs over six innings while striking out five. how about the newest matt? after starting off the spring hitting .129, he is hitting
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the mets those 3-1. yankees hosting the tigers tonight, mark teixeira says he feels great, help-wise but his timing has been awful spring. right on time with that pitch, his first homer of the spring, yankees win 3-2. time for a quick break. the night on the hardwood, it
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both nicks and the nets. welcome back, everyone. york doesn't have a first-round pick to look forward to. still excited getting stuff out of last year's first-round pick. porzingis. throwing it behind his back on the bounce to robin lopez. the knicks fall 99-91. the nets playing in miami, dwyane wade averaging 27 a game. he didn't get 27 tonight, he got 30. the heat beat the nets 110-99. finally tonight, while kids raced around for hidden eggs, my favorite easter race was in sacramento, that's right, the final kings baby race of the season. kristine and maurice, i'll give you a few seconds to pick your winner. there's your four choices right there.
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they are off, jeremy gets off to the fast start making a beeline. michaud reluctantly starts his krol, a few of the babies wanted no part of the race. checkout chase, out of the gate late but he's off and going. looks like he's going to run away with it. he's going the wrong way and in the end, michoud crying all the way to the finish line, gets a boost from some organic banana chips. takes home the trophy. [ laughter ] crying. >> as did the drooling. a mouthful of drool. >> down in the right corner. >> i thought the little one -- >> i thought that was cheating at first with the simba dolls but it was actually the kings mascot. >> oh, my gosh. a lot of tears happening there. >> what was the difference? >> aerodynamics. >> the crying, you are in the
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>> i know. a lot of pressure. >> that's right. in new york state, we believe tomorrow starts today. all across the state, the economy is growing, with creative new business incentives, the lowest taxes in decades, and new infrastructure for a new generation attracting the talent and companies of tomorrow. like in rochester, with world-class botox. and in buffalo, where medicine meets the future. let us help grow your company's tomorrow -
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thank you for joining us tonight. >> up next, "the late show with stephen colbert". >> jon: stephen colbert! captioning sponsored by cbs ( band playing intro music ) ( cheers and applause ) >> stephen: hey!


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