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tv   CBS 2 News Saturday  CBS  April 30, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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right now a hate crime in queens. nypd said a meet was beaten and called rational slurs in historia. >> plus this. >> a detour for the donald and demonstrators protest his speech at the california gop convention. >> i screamed because i saw a big flash of light. >> sparks fly after a frightening power surge in westchester county. the blame game between residents and con edison. >> cbs 2 news this saturday morning starts now. >> live from studio 46 this is cbs 2 news this morning. good morning. it's 6:00 on this saturday, april 30th. i'm andrea grymes.
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first let's talk with meteorologist vanessa murdock. >> looking good for today with regard to the wet weather. tomorrow will be the soggier half. it's going to be the cloudier side of thing. we aren't anticipating any rain today. maybe a few spots of drizzle near the coastline. let's take a look at temperatures. it's 43 in the city, 43 in the hamptons and 47 in month -- monticello. i think it's a please ant beginning to your weekend. that's just the first half. the second half will be a soggy one. that low pressure system is moving in our direction and will bring rain tomorrow. for today, not looking at rain just a mix of sunshine and clouds. by noon, 57, at 3:00 it is 62 degrees
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that's as warm as it gets today. by 9:00, 53 and mainly cloudy. your full forecast coming up and we'll talk about wet weather not just tomorrow but for several days next week. andrea and brian back to you. >> thank you. we're following some break ing news this morning. several people have been rushed to the hospital in new jersey following an accident in clifton. this happened just after 3:00 this morning near color road. the car ended up in the woods after it crashed into an electrical poles bringing down multiple wires. fire crews on the scene. new this morning, the nypd is on the hunt for three teenagers in connection with a vicious attack in queens. >> police are now calling it a hate crime. cbs's magdalina has more. >> reporter: you can tell these teens were armed and ready for a fight. they choose their victim based on his race.
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moment leading up to this hate-filled attack you can see the group came prepared. a 19-year-old man walking along 10th street between 33rd and 34th this teen pulled a metal wife from under his sweater as they approached. what happens off camera is being described as a hate crime. police say one of the suspects punched the victim while two other threatened him with a metal pipe and a bat throughout the attack yelling isis, isis in arab. police are still looking for the three teens who got scared away when someone saw them beating up the victim before they were able to use the weapons they brought along. police say that victim is expected to be okay. magdalena doris, cbs 2 news. at least seven people are dead after a 6-story building collapses in kenya. officials
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brought down the low income residential building. an unknown number of people remain trapped. search and rescue efforts are on going. back to campaign 2016. hundreds of protesters tried to storm the hotel where donald trump spoke at the republican gop convention. it forced it to ditch his motorcade and walk the rest of the way to the building. >> protesters outside california's republican convention more than just chant their disdain for donald trump. some threw eggs while others burned the american flag. they broke through barriers and tried to storm the hotel and officers held them back. around the same time trump ditched his motorcade. he went the rest of the way walking in the back of the building. >> we went under a fence and through a fence.
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was crossing the border actually. >> also in california republican john kasich at a town hall in san francisco. ted cruz campaigned in indiana. ted cruz hit back at former house speaker john boehner who referred to the texas senator as lucifer in this flesh. >> in an interview with cbs face the nation that will air in full on sunday. >> one has been funding the cartel, the other has been giving into democrats for years which is why boehner lost his speakership. >> for democrats, bernie sanders was in indianapolis with union workers. >> stop destroying the middle class. >> hillary clinton was at a new york city fundraising pushing for all boys schools in high crime area. she said this about trump's bullying. >> demeaning me, talking about playing the woman card. we're going to talk about what we want
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continue insulting. >> when i focus on hillary she'll go down easier than any of the people we just beat. >> at the california trump protest five people were arrested and an officer was treated for minor injuries. dave carlin, cbs 2 news. new this morning, police released a photo of a suspect in the shooting death of 41-year-old man in brooklyn. he was dressed like a construction worker when he gunned down jones. jones was shot in the head and body and pronounced dead at brookdale hospital. the two men police say set off a wild chain of events in harlem are facing numerous charges. it started as a robbery in inwood. two officers were in pursuit when their cruiser collided with the suspect's car in harlem. charges against the 28-year-old
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and possession of stolen property. property. county village are still dealing with a frightening power surge that fried fuse boxes and electronics. now neighbors are wondering who will pay for the damage. this morning con edison crews will return to evart avenue where several homes are without power. a primary power line broke free and hit a smaller wire sending a huge surge into 28 homes. some homes said it caused at least $7,000 in damage. con edison said residents can submit a reimbursement claims but they don't pay for damage caused by storms, vandalism or trees. they believe tree contact triggered thursday's event. >> they didn't touch any branches, anything at all. >> it just blew up? >> yeah. >> we didn't do anything to cause this problem.
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pick up some of the damage cost. a commuter alert for drivers heading for the tapancy bridge this weekend. all but one lane of the northbound lane is closed down. the three lanes will stay closed until 3:00 while pile driving happens underneath the existing span. they will close at 9:00 tonight to 2:00 p.m. tomorrow. all southbound lanes will stay open. good news for bike riders. there's new a safer way to travel in between brooklyn and queens. chopper 2 flew over the new bike bridge late yesterday. community leaders celebrated with a ride between greenpoint and long island city. cyclists and pedestrians now have double the amount of space and separate passes for a safer trip. >> a lot of bikes on the tomorrow for the five borough bike tour. are you giving burglars easy
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the simple mistake homeowners on long island made. >> skip the commute and work from home. the new tax incentive that could make it a reality for workers in new new jersey. >> no laughs for a new movie. >> here's have that necessary -- here's vanessa. >> tomorrow it's deft initely going to be soggy. all details >> first a check on the community calendar from cbs 2 and i drive a golf ball. i drive to the hoop. i drive a racecar. i have a driver. his name is carl.
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join our conversations at and tweet us. the zika virus has claimed the first american life. puerto rico's health secretary said a 70-year-old man living on the island passed away in february due to complications from the mosquito-born virus. the fda has cleared the first zika test for emergency use in the u.s. and it could be available by next week. we're learning a little more information on the death of iconic musician prince. the carver county sheriff's office in minnesota said there were four emergency calls to the singer's home since 2013. in october of 2013 officers responded for medical assistance and again last august and september. the final call came
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found unresponsive inside an elevator at his pasley park compound. authorities still have not said how he died. >> [ music ] >> prince fans in brooklyn continue to celebrate his life. hundreds of them gathered in fort greene park for a prince party last night. in addition to dancing to his music they watched the classic purple rain. the jacket prince wore in that hit movie is now going up for auction. he wore the grayish black jacket during the romantic bike ride. it has an estimated price tag of $6,000 to $8,000. bidding is scheduled to begin in late june in hollywood. delta said the airline will present passengers from losing their luggage. they can track their bags throughout their travel experience during realtime. they use radio frequent id technology. delta plans to install that technology
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a proposed law could make working from the comfort of your home that much more likely for some new jersey residents. meg baker explains. >> how long is your commute? want to cut that down to zero? one new jersey law enforcement is here to help. kip bateman introduced a bill to let people committee. >> i feel like the traffic for commuters is difficult so working from home, especially if you have a child makes life a lot easier. >> personal vehicles, path trains, buses, taxis and bikes all on this one block near the grove street path in jersey city. it's bus lane. >> it allows employee -- employers to give their employees a break and get them off the roads which is important especially in a state like new jersey where the commute takes hours. it will lessen the wear and tear on the roads. >> bateman hopes to ease this
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a corporate business tax credit equal to 1% of an employee's salary for the hours they do their job from home. >> it's good for the environment because it cuts down on carbon emissions and allows employees the flexibility to work from home. many times it will save a lot of hours in the day because sometimes people commute 1, 2 hours each way. >> it would save commuters a whole lot of money on gas and mass transit. >> the majority of commuters here in jersey city said they would welcome the idea. >> take some pressure off the systems like path. which has jersey city has began developing that's in use. i think the more people that stay in town the better for our local businesses. >> how productive would you be? >> i would have to really discipline myself but i think some people function better at home. they're more relaxed. i think a lot of times office space creates sometimes a stressful environment. >> what if you boss said sure you could work from home?
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i have three kids at home. >> three kids would steal his attention. >> hoping that we can get a hearing for it. other states have been successful. i'm hoping that new jersey can do it. >> it's pj's across the board. meg baker, cbs 2 now . >> ohio passed a similar law. commuters in that state have driven 2 billion fewer miles n year. >> certainly going to save some money on gas. i don't think that you and i could get away from it. >> i was going to say, could we anchor from our coaches. >> skype? i don't know. vanessa murdock is in the news center. >> we need the rain. i know it's it put s a damper on things but we need the rain. let's take you live outside and see what's happening right now across the city skyline. you can see the clouds out there. they're looking okay. 47 degrees, northeast winds at 8
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headlines are this, the better half of the weekend today. the umbrella will be necessary tomorrow and it looks like pretty much for the entirety of your day. again, we could use the rain. the moral of the story, the u.s. drought monitor has us under about normally dry conditions. as you can see, most of us in the viewing area dealing with that. as far as driest april's go, we're on the list for the top 10. we desperately need some rain for the year. we're running a deficit of about 4 inches for the month. less than that. we are on that top 10 list of dryers april's. today not anticipating rain. maybe a sprinkle but that's it. we will see plenty of cloud cover today with winds in off the water it helps keep those clouds in play. then what's happening over night tonight and into the day tomorrow, this area of low pressure tracks in our direction. tomorrow we anticipate seeing a steady stream of rain throughout the
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plenty of clouds and some breaks of sun. it's not going to be completely to cloudy today but expect only some breaks of sun. so here we go. taking it through the day, more and more breaks as we get into the afternoon. some showers maybe up to the north. again, i think it's for the most part a very dry day. into tomorrow morning here's we are at 5:00 a.m. there's some concerns for the half marathon happening in new jersey tomorrow. at the start at 7:30 i expect some rain. of course for the five borough bike tour here's the look at 11:00. steady rain for most of us, pockets of heavier rain. into the afternoon and evening it's still raining. take a look at this, some heavier pockets. so rain mostly of the light variety but we can't of course rule out some stronger stuff moving through periodically. as we make our way into monday, well, we will still see lingering wet weather for the start of the,
6:20 am
rainfall goes we'll see an inch across the board with some localized heavier spots. today no rain, clouds and sun. 62 degrees. some brighter skies on the east end. winds will be out of the northeast becoming southeastern. again, jostling around that eastern mark and those winds in off the water will keep the clouds tucked in tight. winds at 5 to 10 miles per hour. heading to the ball park, looking good, 60 degrees, mix of sunshine and clouds. over night mostly cloudy. 48 with wet weather moving in very early tomorrow morning and persisting throughout the day. not only will it be raining tomorrow but it will be cooler as well a high of 54 to end your weekend. it's going to be one of those raw dreary damp days. a good movie day. a good movie day. i'm liking the idea of sleeping in but i can't do that but you can. for monday 63 degrees and lingering wet weather. tuesday 65 and partly
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friday unsettled again. here's what's happening at the end of the week, we'll v a cut off low just kind -- we'll have a cut out low just kind of hang out. that will knockout the deficit and we can stop talking about it. >> too bad it has to happen on the weekend. >> it is. i agree. my doescousin is getting married on friday and it's not the best news for her. >> hopefully things change. >> i'm hope ing ing. need to add a little green diet? >> here's tony tantillo with your tip of the day. >> the taste tip of the day will be sweet baby broccoli. the stems are nice and tender. they hold up very well. the crown haves a little light purple to them, which is great. you can feel the freshness. just make sure it's free from yellows whatsoever. when you
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broccoli you want to make sure you store it in the fridge right away. the shelf lifetime is not that long, two to three days at the most. the more you hold it the more the nutritional value will be depleted along with the flavor. sweet baby broccoli, this stuff is fantastic. even on the grill. cut the bottom off, put the whole steam in the crown on the grill, lemon, olive oil, salt and pepper and that's it. i'm tony tantillo your fresh grocer. time now 6:22. will ferrell under fire after a word of a comedy about alzheimer's. >> imagine opening this and seeing an infant inside. the new boxes designed for babies.
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morning. actor will ferrell said he turned down a role in the a controversial movie. >> the decision comes after a swift bash -- backlash. >> the out raj ge -- the outrage was front page news after will ferrell signed onto play rent nald reagan in a comedy about alzheimer's. >> his daughter said perhaps if you knew more you would not find the subject numerous. ferrell's people yelled cut saying ferrell wouldn't take part in making the film. >> alzheimer's decide is not a laughing matter for millions of families caring for relatives. >> jim lavine said ferrell was wise to stop the comedy but does
6:26 am
>> this movie or any movie for a character what would your hope be? >> if any film is done for a person with dementia it would be done with great sensitivity. >> actors dennis hasbert all participated in a public reading last month. they hint in a podcast the whole family has been effected by alzheimer's. >> i was really, really fascinated by all of the dementia stuff especially with ronald reagan. it's a very important subject to my personally, to my family personally. >> reagan starred in 53 films in his hollywood career but it's not clear if this comedy about his decide and presidency will make it to the big screen. tony aiello. >> a reagan aid said any movie portraying him in the grip of alzheimer's while president
6:27 am
been sounding out. >> tarren writing, i agree it's poor taste. >> ronnie said movie is poor taste i'm glad he stepped away from the project. coming up, how people are giving burglars access to their home. >> getting to prom can be expensive. coming up, tips to
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breaking news in new jersey, a car goes up in flames after slamming into a telephone pole. several people have been rushed to the hospital with burns. the details ahead. >> plus, burglars are trying something new to rip you off. how homeowners are giving them access without even realizing it. >> plus, dry and sunny today but tomorrow it's a different story. the rainy finale to your weekend forecast. >> cbs 2 news saturday morning starts right now.
6:30 am
it's now 6:30 on this saturday, april 30th. i'm brian conybeare. >> i'm andrea grymes. first vanessa mur duck -- murdock has a look at the forecast. >> right. what we don't get is warmth. it will be seasonable and below seasonable. highs in the 60s. tomorrow only in the low 50s. that will be coupled with rain. all right. right now though not too bad out there. let's go ahead. 47 degrees in the city , it's 37 in fern dale. most of us in the mid 40s. as we look at the vortex satellite and radar picture the clouds are steady over head. there is no wet weather at this point in time. today a little bit more sunshine to the east, but other wise it's going to be a day with a mix of sunshine and clouds. then for tomorrow that area of low pressure that you see off to the west, all that wet weather, well, it's moving in our direction.
6:31 am
soggy and it looks like it will be soggy all day long. for today no wet weather, just a mix of sunshine and clouds. 57 by noon, by 3:00 a high of 62 degrees. so looking pretty good for today. coming up, we'll talk more specifics about your sunday and about an unsettled pattern as we get into the work week. andrea over to you. >> vanessa, thank you . we've been following some breaking news this morning. several people have been rushed to a hospital in new jersey following an accident in clifton. this happened just after 3:00 this morning near color road. the car ended up in the woods after police say it crashed into an electrical pole bringing down multiple wires. fire crews are on the scene. the condition of the victims is unknown at this time. new this morning, the nypd is on the hunt for three teenagers in connection with a vicious attack in queens. >> police are now calling it a hate crime. cbs's magdalena doris has more from historia. >> reporter: judging from surveillance you can tell the
6:32 am
they choose their victim based on his race. in the moments leading up to this hate-filled attack you can see the teens became prepared. the group noticed a 19-year-old man walking along 10th street between 33rd and 34th. this teen pulled a metal pipe from under his sweater as they approached. what happens off camera is being described as a hate crime. one of the suspects punched the victim while two other threatened him with a metal pipe and bat throughout the attack yelling isis, isis in arab. police are still looking for the three teens who got scared away when someone saw them beating up the victim before they were able to use the weapons they had brought along. luckily police say that victim is expected to be okay. in queens, cbs 2 news. >> thank you. an nypd officer could soon
6:33 am
caught on camera in brooklyn. yesterday a judge convicted 38-year-old joel edward of assaulting a man during an arrest in 2014. a bystander reported him stomping on jamel coffee who had been spotted in possession of alcohol and marijuana. the police commissioner must decide in the suspended officer will keep his job. he will be sentenced in june. a taped confession is shining any light on the teenager charged with selling a fire that killed nypd officer dennis gara in 2014. in that video marcel dockery admits to starting the fire since he was bored. his attorney claims the confession was coerced. a warning for homeowners on long island. police say a burglar is breaking into houses using stolen garage door openers. surveillance video
6:34 am
two burglaries on dale and janet court. he steals the devices from unlocked cars. the homeowner scared that suspect away when she woke up. police say the man stole cash in the other burglary. a man said he was punched in the face by attacker who said quote, it's because you look like shai labeouf. the real actor reached out to his look away. mario got a voice call from labeouf and he apologized for the attack and offered to bring him suit. they posted a video of them talking on the phone. homeless advocates report a decline in the number of homeless people living on the streets. the report shows a 12% drop. city officials counted 2800 homeless people. they said it does not include the ones who
6:35 am
>> there's people who live in abandoned buildings or rooftops who hide it from society. >> what's great is we're helping so many people. our out reach teams are working with over 2,000 people who sleep on the streets. >> the city plans to do another homeless count in may. a staten island woman has been united with her wedding and engagement rings after a search. >> i was like oh, my god, he's going to kill me. >> tiffany and christopher outer out -- otterbeck will not forget the dinner. >> i took my rings off. >> i called my mom frantic and was like it's pick up day, my rings are in the garage. she said i can't they came.
6:36 am
sanitation department to see if anything could be done. >> they located the truck, pulled them off the route and instructed them not to dump the garbage. >> that truck was brought here to the staten island transfer station for the otterbecks to dial through the piles of trash in hopes of finding tiffany's ring. >> to see what we were working with, to see the pile, the massive pile. >> this is what tiffany, her husband and father-in-law saw,en estimated 7 to 8 tons of smelly disgusting bags of garbage. they brought a sample of their trash bag with them to know what they're working for. while sanitation workers are not required to help they couldn't let them do it alone. >> you can see how anxious they were. there was empathy involved. >> the department of sanitation
6:37 am
best advice is to call 311. if they can get to your trash fast enough they have a high success rate. after 45 minutes of searching. >> i knew it was a bag. i got right on the floor. i didn't let anybody help me. >> i could see the look of relief. >> relief to have her rings back where they belong. cbs 2 news. >> what a lucky woman and her husband. >> hard work though. that looked kind of thats nasty there. >> bet you she's snot -- she's not going to be making meat loaf soon. it's the night that many teenagers dream of but the price tag could be a nightmare for their parents. how much people are spending on the prom and simple ways you can save. >> [ music ] >> and an all star line up celebrates jazz at the white house. >> first here's vanessa with your weekend weather. >> all right. not looking bad out there right now. it's a dry start to your weekend.
6:38 am
a soggy end
6:39 am
6:40 am
ahead. welcome back to cbs 2 news saturday morning. looks a like dreary right now, 47 degrees. vanessa said today will be the better half of the weekend. she'll have the full forecast coming up. [ music ] >> the queen of soul aretha franklin got behind the keys and performed donnie hathaway's song for you at the white house. it
6:41 am
hosted by president obama and the first lady. other performers included sting and joel carow. joe biden met with the pope yesterday at the vatican. pope francis said faith and science can work together for cancer. the vice president thanked pope francis for comforting his family after the loss of his son bo who died of cancer last year. indiana has introduced a new way for people to safely leave unwanted newborn babies. it's the first state to introduce baby boxes under the safe haven life. they are about the size of a microwave oven. there's several alarms and motion sensors that alerts them if a baby is placed in one.
6:42 am
honored for being bone marrow donors. 179 members of the department is made the life-saving donations. one donor told us it's a simple process with great rewards. >> the donating part of it is very simple. it's nothing painful. it's to help somebody. >> when i had my transplant my kids were 3 and 4 so they really didn't understand what was going on. now they're 6 and 7 so i'm grateful i continue to see them grow up. >> members of the fdny make up the single largest group of bone marrow and stem cell donors. from the proposal to primping going to the prom can cost a lot of money. >> they call it the promposal. >> there's ways to cut down on cost and save cash. vanessa
6:43 am
>> i'm excited. it's senior way. it's what you've been waiting for. >> these young ladies ooze excitement when talking about prom. they are gearing up in white plains. >> i picked out this beautiful purple dress. >> a lot of the dresses have tags on them and cost $200 to $300. >> here they are free as long as you're passing. out fitting these young women makes their dream prom possible. >> the cost of prom keeps getting higher and higher. >> according to a visa prom spending survey families in the northeast shelled out an average of $738 on prom night. >> the more money you spend the higher your expectations of prom are. >> parenting expert erika katz said it's one night and should be about having fun. the easiest ways to save, do your own nails, make up, hair. >> will you do your own hair? >> no, i'm going to get it done.
6:44 am
spend $100. >> transportation another opportunity to save. >> don't hire a limo. they can be 7 #0 7 -- they can be $700 or $800. >> we decided to all go in a bus. >> has a lot of great promise dresses for under $100. >> or consider going vintage. >> you can have something that not everybody else will be wearing. >> at pretty funny vintage a dress with pearls will set you back $150. guys there's cuff links too. don't buy a tux, rent win. better yet, borrow one. save any way you can so you're not still paying for prom months later. >> now that same survey also revealed people are putting big money into promposal's, an average of $431. so more than a
6:45 am
is going into that promposal. >> just to ask the girl to go to prom with you spending more than $400 on that part alone. >> when i was in high school you asked a question. there was words. >> that's how it worked with us too. >> all right. start saving. what about the weather? it's going to rain sometime this weekend. >> yeah, not going to make you pay for this forecast this morning anyway. it's quiet and uncertain in regards to what you might be able to accomplish considering the second half will be soggy. today will be the better half. let's start things off with our weather watchers this morning. most of them are saying it's a cold kind of damp dreary start. yeah, that's what we've got going on. so temperatures across the region in the 40s. right now 46 degrees. this report from claire chase in yonkers. she said she got over night about .400 of an inch of rain. any
6:46 am
you prefer it not during the weekend. walter clinton reports 44. live outside let's show you what the picture looks like. not a lot of sunshine to be seen this morning. the clouds are holding steady across the sky. 47 degrees, northeast winds at 8. what can you expect from the forecast, clouds and some sun today. it won't be a completely cloudy day. we definitely expect some sunshine especially through the midday hours. then tomorrow soggy and cooler to end your weekend. today we'll be in the 60s, low 60s. tomorrow low 50s. the showers will linger into monday and then it's an unsettled pattern next week. right now tuesday, wednesday looking good. thursday, friday, saturday all looking very unsettled. it's quite possible it will help to alleviate the deficit through the next week. temperature trend looks like this, yesterday it was 58 degrees, still pretty pleasant. today 62, so a little bit warmer, closer to seasonable. normal high 66. tomorrow we'll be down into the low and mid
6:47 am
60s. as we look at what's happening over head on the vortex satellite and radar picture you can see that cloud deck. again, we will anticipate breaks of clouds for today. with winds out of the east that helps you just kind of keep the moisture tucked into the region and thus it won't be a completely sunny day but none the less some breaks of sun. as we go over night and into the day tomorrow low pressure tracking from the midsection of the country will bring some very soggy weather for us. for us a total of an inch of rain as we make our way through the day sunday into monday. let's break it down for you hour by hour so you can see what it looks like. for today, sunshine, just a little of that. you can see the green coming through. that would be the breaks of sun. at 5:00 a similar story, breaks of sun. as we go over night into tomorrow morning those clouds start to thicken up. at 5:00 a.m.
6:48 am
rain pushing into the western fringes of the viewing area. over night showers, maybe a thunderstorm. as we make our way through the day on monday, showers will linger. today clouds and a mixture of sunshine, a high of 62 degrees. we do anticipate a little more sun while east of the city at 5 to 10. at citi field the first pitch as the mets take on the giants. 60 degrees then. we'll call for most ly ly cloudy skies. winds out of the southeast at 5 to 10. over night tonight with building clouds, 48 in the city. most of us in the mid 40s out there. we may see a few upper 30s but generally above that 40 degree mark. tomorrow soaking rain, 54 degrees. winds picking up tomorrow as well out of the east generally speaking at 10 to 15 miles per hour. so tomorrow kind of a raw just dreary day. monday 63 degrees with lingering showers.
6:49 am
we should be, 65 and partly sunny. wednesday 64 degrees. we have a chance for wet weather on wednesday but it's really thursday, friday into saturday it looks like the unsettled pattern settles in and we have an area of low pressure that we call a cut off low that just sits there churning over the top of us. it could mean some significant bouts of rain as we make our way through those three days. >> we theed -- we need to rain. >> we do need the rain. i know it's about time . nobody wants to see it dampen three days straight or their sunday. >> it's a good indoor day tomorrow. >> it is. >> go to the movies or something. >> exactly. >> spring clean ing ing? >> -- spring cleaning? >> no, no. in sports, fresh off his injury a pair of franchise records. >> here's otis livingston with your cbs 2 sports update. >> good morning, everyone. just keep the good time s rolling. they were riding a
6:50 am
starts with series with the giants. a nice view from the on deck circle to watch michael fonferto leash one to right. sespedus stepped up. two rib for suspedus. the inning was just get started. walker looking for he has 10th homerun of april. just a short but it's an r.b.i. double. that's his second r.b.i. of the double. a grand slam homerun. mets score a franchise record 12 in the 3rd. sesupdus drive in 8 of them. yankees and red sox last night.
6:51 am
the year. a 2-0 lead but the pitch count around 100 for the night so his 99th would be his last. bradley junior drives in two. just hand it over to the best bullpen in baseball. maybe they will stop giving david ortiz balls to hit. a two run homer. bombers drop game one of the weekend from fenway. i'm otis livingston. have a great saturday. time now 6:51. up next, living large in soho with celebrity neighbors and a completely custom home. update. p.m. 8th avenue will be closed for the chelsea visiting neighbors festival. this is a non-profit community fair that provides support services that help seniors in lower manhattan on sunday in the bronx it's the weekend walk
6:52 am
will be closed between arthur and 187th from 11:00 to 4:00. that's your cbs 2 saturday
6:53 am
traffic report. [message beep] the average text takes your eyes off the road for nearly five seconds.
6:54 am
at 285 lafayette you find a building famous for celebrity residents such as the date david bowie. we met the real estate team inside apartment 5d. >> nick evan at compass. >> maria. >> it's a loft made into a two bedroom, two and a half bath place.
6:55 am
with wooden beams and piping. >> you have a designated dining area and living area that's popular so you can entertain. >> it facing the entertaining area with a marble island. >> the cabinets is interesting. >> yeah, keep it open. >> you have to keep it clean if you do that. >> exactly. >> there's a lot of custom details in the apartment that the owner put a lot of thought and energy into. this kind of emphasizes the industrial vibe while keeping the space open and light. you have shades here to make it black out for privacy. >> this is the master suite, which is off of the main loft area. you would think it was two separate hallways but it's one big beautiful hallway. you have incredible handmade wallpaper. >> a large bedroom has native
6:56 am
bathroom with a penny tiled floor. >> there's beautiful double sinks, incredible soaking tub and steam shower. >> this lafayette lot is for rent. to live large here it will cost you $32,500 a month. >> $32,000 a month. a little bit of my price range. >> minute too. -- mine too. >> there's four apartment s on each floor and then eight penthouses. >> you have really clean in that kitchen with no cabinets. >> there's no doors to close that stuff off. it's time to see what's coming up next on cbs this morning saturday. >> good morning. >> you took the words right out of my mouth with the no cabinets. those shelves would be a mess in my house. >> mine too. >> nina doesn't like it. >> coming up, just when the airlines you thought couldn't squeeze anymore out of you now you need to pay to avoid the middle seat.
6:57 am
doing it and why it could get worse. >> getting the last laugh. tonight will be president obama obama's last white house correspondence dinner. a look at the comedian and chiefs later hits. >> get ready for a summer slam. we'll preview the movie season that starts in just a few days. >> all that, your eye opener, the dish and music and a chat with bob mold. just ahead on cbs this morning saturday. >> a lot of people looking forward to summer. thank you. first a check of the forecast with meteorologist vanessa murdock. >> i'm looking forward to summer but not today or tomorrow. today the low 60s. okay. back to you guys. it will rain tomorrow. >> that's right. this is cbs 2 news saturday morning. coming up, how a local organization is bringing sunshine to the lives of sick children in our area. we'll see you at 9:00. pet moments are beautiful, unless you have allergies.
6:58 am
both itchy, watery eyes and congestion. no other nasal allergy spray can say that. go ahead, embrace those beautiful moments.
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. good morning it's april 30th. 2016. welcome to cbs this morning, saturday. trying to stop trump anyway they can angry protesters force the republican front runner to sneak in the back door for his latest speech. plus, john kasich gets into a heated exchange with a voter over whether people are born gay. a superfan of csi solves a murder using what she learned on the tv show. will farrell drops out of


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