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tv   Late Night With Seth Meyers  NBC  March 16, 2016 12:37am-1:37am EDT

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the season finale of " bachelor" was last night, and lopee rep tt tng o s ma. while other people were up aungtea society was spoiled by "th bachelor." [ laughter ] the season finale of "the bachelo ltgh i didn't see it but i cat tell you what happened. there was an intense conversation in front of 150 candles, chrhais a it seem like everythingss e lted cried like this. [ laughter ] [ crying ] the season finale of "the bhraasn of course, the season isn't really over until everyone gets their t ss c [ laughter ] [ [ applause ] in an interview yesterday bernie sanders admitted that h ran as democrat ratherha ipeteoma coverage and it worked. but if you really want to get
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sct. [ laughter ] [ audience ohs ] you're on the news all em [ps like all the time. in a new interview, former republican hopeful mike huckabee said that donald trump hilyinw nightmare, which is ridiculo. hillary clinton's worst nightmare has already b eefsna [ laughter ] in a new profile donald trump's butler has revealed th m coordinates his hats bad his mood, with a whit signifying a good mood, anr meaning trump is angry or upset. huh, so i wonder what orange hat means? [ laughter ] it means he has a secret. [ laughter ] according to a new report dr. cswanpn to endorse any of the rig ndsuheisi after being offered a positio itrpwheus he would run the departm neg [ laughter ] and finally -- [ applause ]
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eih neo to make a new "indiana jon" sequel set for release in 2019. it will be like the other movies, but now when hea siho aa m me [ laughter ] ladies and gentlemen, wha gt oooonht [ cheers and applause ] from the newest film in e irtesagit naomi watts is with us tonight. [ cheers d plse the wonderful naomi watt he is the t 'n day", chris cuomo is with this evening. [ cheers anpus] ve m great english rock band, bloc py e nt. [ cheers and applause ] but before we get to that, in this era of internet news in the 24-hour news cycle, inri travels fast. the problem is that incorrec informatitrelju quickly as correct infoan dtel tm the past week was "incorrect fa." everyone was guilty of spreading
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everyday people iea. well, we're gonna set some of it straig rhtownsee we c "e c." [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: former fir ly nancy reagan was laid to rest on friday and the'a t t praise about her like her efforts to end drug abu support for alzheimer's scahait dress like an extremely styli cad u. [ laughter ] but at mrs. reagan's fe hillary clinton praised h f s >> it may be hard for your viewers to remember how difuitaoee talk about hiv/aids bacne 1980s. and because of both psn am g pia mrs. reagan, we started a national conversation. i really appreciate -- withr very effective low-key advocacy. >> seth: for the recor nancy reagan was not ani advocate. she and president reagan avoided dealing with the aids cris during reagan's presidency, d many say that's a big part of why the epidemic got soapr
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conversation about aids the w your dad's affair start family conversation abo fidelity. [ laughter ] but clinton's commenten . even though they were 1% o. and then in an attempt correct clinton's revisionist history, gay rights supporters over the weekend flooded i media with this meme. "it is appalling to see ad in san francisco and elsee proclaiming 'gay pride' and a what in the world do they have to be proud ?" nancy reagan to the "boston globe," 1981. what a terrible, terribltg for nancy reagan to say. but for the record, ther proof she ever said it. i know it's tricky, the fact that it's made into a meme makes it seem true. [ laughter ] i mean, look at that. that practically looks like a primary source document. [ laughter ] but just because someth made into a meme donma real. otherwise we'd all have to believe this. [ laughter ] so, for the record, nancy reagan never idhis no confirmation yet on the
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now, hours after the clinn story blew up, "the newr times" reported on it th headline, "hillary clintonu raoi gay twitter erupts." for the record, there's no app called "gay twitter." [ laughter ] there's twitter. and sometimes gay people use i but aren't we past the point of putting the word "gay" ifn of everything gay people do? we don't havtalt "y weddings" anymore, they t weddings. your "gay best friend" can just be your best friend. and if brenda and karen vit you for thanksgiving, the thin th sves sttuey [ laughter ] [ applause ] just as dry. and while we're at it, let's set a few other things strg ft o di marco rubio's comments during id'seplinba, there is proof that cla change is r. for the record, despite m claims, the protesters at his chicago rally were not st r d.
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[ cheers and applause ] >> seth: welcome back, everybody! please give it up to the an rhetr [ cheers and applause ] okay, back with us tonhh ihreowoed rock bands, pearl jam an soundgarden. matt cameron is here! [ cheers and applause ] and he has excellent side project going on. the band is called "ten commandos." their debut self-titledl on be sure to check out for more information. thank you so much for bei hea >tk u. [heds swm r something that i have en
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a while. i usually try not to bring my personal opinions to the show, but this one just needs b adds scarves are the worst. >> at this point in the broadcast, seth launched t 60-second obscenity-laden tirade about scarves, which in opinion, are for lame-aw adding it's pretentious for a country, a srfou bt flag. [ laughter ] nerkoes broadcasting his commentsu dt hls, were forced to air this portion of the show. essentially, seth be scarves were designed foro kinds of people, fancy-pan sw-fnldim avt. [ laughter ] and if you don't fit in to either category, you're pba hiding a hickey, a goite worse,cce [ laughter ] seth then said that g orn c fool'sra op always too long, but two loo sr he then stared off into t stcnolari story about a time his scarot ut ev r,n as he stood trapped and suffocating inside his glass-walls prison, a nr police horse saw him anted to laugh.
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then seth began naming things would rather wear arou nk tanda bowtie, a dog collar and a noose, clarifyint st with a noose you know whero stand. on a stool, briefly." [ laughter ] he then slammed botho the desk, shouting, "scarf don n nlaa wo!" he paused a moment to consid this, and then, as if pv itaitw a te "scarf, scarf, scarf, scarf, scarf, scarf, scarf, scarf scarf, scarf, scarf, scf scarf, scarf, scarf, sca, scarf!" on that last one, he b tongue. [ laughter ] finally, seth implied knina scarf for someone was the best way to show them that you don't understand what love is. [ laughter ] at which point, he notice single tear roll down ec of a woman in the audien [ laugh ] "well, i'm sure that scarf is beautiful,e ckacd.
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[ laughter and applause ] nbc would like viewers to disregardes innou scarves, as they do not re t w'oiad nm s we now resume our broadca. >> seth: you can't fool me, scarf! because i know you're just a blanket that gavup! woo-hoo-hoo! that felt good toey chest. we'll be rigkt naomi watts. [ cheers and applause ] this... is a cat. and this... is a live photo of a cat. live photos are more than just photos. they come alive when you touch them. and then they go back to still when you let go. so every time you take a picture, you get more than just a photo. you get to relive the moment.
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[ cheers and applau hematl g"eo su acm deouowr films like "birdman" andth iob" she stars in the latest installment th:en series, "allegiant," which opens in theaters and imax this friday. let's take a look. >> the allegiant, that'w u l rv >> amity just doesn't seem prre y >> so what exactly are you allegiant to? the faction system? >> the factions kept cc aulr lgm >> well i wouldn't know about that because i was ford t
12:55 am
i gave up my life, my child everything. >> i understand your anger, evelyn, i do. but the way forward -- >> the way forward has already g. i know i said i'd be alone, but i'm not candor, and i'm n at so i will lie and i wili if i have to. >> seth: please welcome to show naomi watts. [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: how are you? >> i'm great, thanks. [ cheers and applause ] >> sethyol utu now i know you a little bit. you're a very nice person. you seem very villainous in this clip. you were playing -- is this vill? >> slightly nasty. >> seth: yeait n y sligh t >>e >> seth: i would imagine. >> i think it is.
12:56 am
you know -- >> seth: you can work out the uftllheeoe unt t n ym leaoa. >>a >> sethoar the good kids of "divergent >> yeah. >> seth: now, there are a lot of stuntsn isi shailene woodley has a u you are left in the acof i does that, as an actor, y ledrsoeh you don't have to do the stunts? >> well, both probably. i mean i have n stunts. and i get hurt, you know. >> seth: yeah. >> you do get hurt. and as youtde more hurt. >> seth: yeah. [ light laughter ] >> and i don't want tha anymore. >> seth: i don't do stunts, an on things that don't eve qualify as stunts. >> right. yeah, they are bad too i wake up in the morning and i feel ke'mun >> seth: yeah. >> yeah. >> seth: i hurt my f it's hurt for two years. and i don't know how i hurt >> well >> seth: it just one day was like we're not a good heel anymore. >> right, it's not going to work r u. >> seth: so that's why t
12:57 am
>> seth,dt n i have a casting issue with the l y y e t ofo. the character four. played by the actor theo jame and the actor theo james is 31 years old. you cannot be the mother of a 31-year-old. [ light laughter ] >> yeah -- >> seth: come on. >> i should have looked him u om. >> seth: yeah, that is no good. they like flipped a coi they were like, either ' play her fatheohl play -- >> that's good. listen, this is the world of scii. anything can happen. >> seth: exactly, yeah. >> and you can just change it up. >> seth: that would be af ecikwoh film is his mother is n [ laughter ] in the future, mothers aree n [ light laughter ] >> that rh yeah. good surgeons, all kinds i. >> seth: i want to ask you about sometng idet wh per like this they are reboi "ie." and i understand that you c' tell me anything about it, b it's be rod atour going to be in it. >> that's correct. it has been reported. >> seth: okay great. [ uer fantastic.
12:58 am
now. your honor, combative wits. now, you have worked w david lynch before. >> i have. >> seth: so that's good. that's a truth. that is a truth as well. syhcy e do this, would that lead us to believe that you enjoyedong with him in the past enough kiimgi >> yes, i would absolutely be in agreement with that. [ laughter >> seth: now i want toey n r because "muholland dr.", for most of us, first time we saw u. a david lynch film, a fantastic david lyncfil what was it like? obviously, when you met him,u had to have been awarefo v ca >> correct. >> seth: and you're sort o early in your career. what was ite erst you sat down with him? >> well it was great. he didn'ataue like, you know, do the lines. he just wanted to talk. that's very lovely to a conversatioiso often it's like, here's th paper.
12:59 am
then, you know, we didte get to meet the director necessarily. >> seth: of course. >> especially not one as fa as this. so i felt very disarmed by his generosity and his spirit and charm, and so we just go chatting and he allegedly s goes on his gut and says this person's got the part. and this particular day everything was feeling good, he was asking questions. it was very relaxing an walked away and felt pretty good. and then i got a call that afnoo i just got off the plane dnk tgot character. and so i just went as m c is no makeup, jeans and t-shirt. and basically at the end ofh d,eaddi "well, you did great. he loves you, but could you g the next day and be a little more drseupndipo at e glamour, i think they are okg r [ laughter ] i was like, oh no, i'm going to
1:00 am
attractive or sexy and thi is -- i'm going to go to a super model or something. anyway. so later he told me that i loo rieaa >> seth: oh that's nice. [ laughter ] when a director can be honest, that's very nice. >> yeah. he said, "you looked yrr naomi." >> seth: that's a good way start though. you come in your worst r da and then you blow them away with tne mt. >> well no, which i did. >> seth: that's great. i believe it. >> blow them away. [ laughter ] >> seth: and now i will sat film, that was not a je t-shirt part, so i get hea wanting to see the whole deal. you have many credits oru care. i want to ask you about ot i saw today that i -- it's a film i saw and did not recognize you froit. you are listed as "otheos" in the film "babe: pig t city." [ laughter ] so how early in it your career is this?
1:01 am
>> seth: so you didn't eveo voice. >> --where i really had no right to have that listen s. >>e c noefisat had a name? >> no. no, no. >> seth: so what animals were uvoe i"be:in the ci >> i mean, i was a mouse. and i think i was one of abt 50. >> seth: okay. >> and so i just showed up for the day. and they said, well, okaj all you need to do is -- >> seth: did they sendme to get ed er r yo? [ laughter ] were you okay for a mouse -- [ laughter ] >> as long as nothing w-- yeah, thanks. [ laughter ] >> seth: did you have to audition for mouse voice? >> no, no, no audition. they just needed voices, ranm voices. so i really had no right to have that dioy su. >> seth: gotcha, and dio j rnd c >> no, it wasn't random. it was -- i had to suck on helium. >> seth: really? >> yeah. >> seth: that doesn't seemk it should be legal. >> no, i don't think itu
1:02 am
and, yeah. lawsuit, no. i mean, for six hours i think was taking hits on that. [ laughter ] >> seth: that's not good. you juwo uin le with a check and note aa "if you find this woman, she played other voices in 'babe: pig in the city.'" >> that's right. >> seth: "please return he h. >> i should follow up on that. i stl tgrn [ laughter ] "babe: pig in the city." you were also in "king kong." and you met fay wray, ww the original actress wha played your part. and she was 95 when you met >> yeah, yeah, way up there. >> seth: so what was th the diio l was it exciting? >> yeah, it was betil. we were in this tiny apartmei iohp td and peter jackson had falnn love with "king kong" w w ieyd uy made his own version back the maybe when he was eight or nine.
1:03 am
this for lg me. so it was a really special mnoi and he was quite emotian hwfihaan her questions and she hadl her marbles. she was sharp as a tack and odha. >> seth: that's fantast. it must have been excitin someone who's going toa loee and years from now thela to come and meet you. >> and i can toss that baton [ laught] you can be -- it's your turn now. >> seth: here's y hi >> you can be an ugly mouse. >> seth: thank you so much for being here. it's always such a delight to see you. naomi watts, evebod [ cheers and applause ] the "divergent" series' "allegiant" opens everh iry. we'll be right back wit ciu.
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[ cheers and applause ] >> seth: welcome back, everybody. our next guest co-s day" weekday mornings on c please welcome to the sh chris cuomo. [ applause ] >> seth: how are you? >> r >> seth: yeah, i bet. you wake up very early to d youri. >> i wake up very early. >> seth: and tomorrow will be et. u e y e. >> yes. >> seth: to watch everytn and then how many hours of e toy e a aon >> not enough. have you watched the elen? i have to watch you. it's a very busy frame t. >> seth: yeah, that's true. don't think secsets, you know, mega tuesdayr p ts we r calling >> can you give us a betrrd rty ey? this is super tuesdayr
1:09 am
>> seth: yeah, i thought sepaneysn . [ light laughter ] i got the blues day. >> i got the blues day. >> seth: because let's honest. this has been a fascinatin- certainly for me doing wh do. i imagine doubly fascinating fo yodog atouein have you seen anything e trumpai exceeded your expectations f what it would beei started? >> no, no. >> seth: okay, yeah, sot st ce once you -- >> i could have never expected anythingithi half the time that i watch your clips in the morning, becso be honest, that's when i seet. we use you in t swl time. >> seth: thank you very much. >> you're soma. thk atwhyo laughing? he's very, very smart. [ laughter ] >> seth: quiet downye ayl >> like my family is out tr that's what they do to me wn twah mni. like, my show is not a comedy. so when i'm watching in th[w morning i'i h exaggerating. oh, he's not. >> seth: yeah. >> and i keep getting h h v th uhaw seein >> seth:t y
1:10 am
with donald trump. and certainly, i think e ensot k hearing more of is has the ia made more of trump than they should have? is trump using the media? you seem to press on him mor than mttir what is your strategy when you talk to hi because it has to be different than your strategy with everyone else. >> well basically what do is i y uow i can ask him that will get the steoe simea y kl thh >> seth: yeah. [ laughter ] >> that's been my strat or at least say they wt kile h >> seth: yeah,ig, gh because after a trump interview is your twitter feed -- lo i >> not after, during. it's in realtime what is happening. like, if you have any noises on your phone, you'll be kh b ten. you know, because you'll start looking at it. and i think that what y s is, one, interviewing him is very difficul he's very smart, mr. trump, about how to use the med i would say it approacs n
1:11 am
he says, but his ability to control interviews through the use of the telephone, hi ability to repeat points, t ignore questions and to understand what will trigger his supporters is very, ve effective. and you have to give him that. >> seth: i agree with you 100%. i think his handling of t >> you don't. you do not agre >> seth: no, i agree witho ly. >> you mock me all theim that's why i'm here. [ laughter ] >> seth: i think my chair' high. >> why do i feel like ne a tw christmas. [ laughter ] that's much better. >> seth: i think anyonwd r 'tehm [ applause ] [ laughter ] so, but -- i'm too low nono so the other thing i feelk he does is nukm ckenlhhle time. >> oh, absolutely. >> seth: and so it bes incumbent upon you to intert him, which then he can then frame as a certain rudeness on
1:12 am
>> yes. >> seth: i think this io j sba l d this idea of, you know, do yo be polite to donald trump and just ignore and not go th level or do you have to be to him and sink to his level. like, as an interviewer whe you bnisu k t >> difre. it's not my role to be combi and you have to rememberh your job is to test. that's going to draw enou criticism as it is. it's not the match policy. the candidates have a different mc th tarusg. a different basis of analysis tyvog be better than dol.wdga n criticism, they have n e a and the idea that saying tt trump is fill in the blank a negative thing, is not onlt late in the process to t but it's also playing his o game and you're seeing that it's not working. as a journalist, you sh difference. first of all the guy is the fro rne donald trump, if we're talking about m. and he has a big base o so over 75% of his supportes
1:13 am
that's unheard of in politics. so what you want to do is try to get a word in edge wise and try to test him with a proposition where it doesn't become amae. that's not easy to do. or so i n >> seth: yes, and alsof test him and get him to sa something, if turns out that wasn't what he wanted, hl just change it the next >> or, and i think that you should do this, he will threaten to sue you also, and ima once he threatened to sue the companies, which you should always do. you always want to get as ma big cs se you're going to sue someby. never waste money. go for all of it. and he then threatened to sue my parents in parenthesis, "damning you back to the womb." [ laughter ] >> seth: really? now it's interesting you say ises- >> and that hurt, by the way. >> set t rt h. and i don't believe that's a legal term, damning you k the womb. >> but it is effective. >> seth: yeah. so your brother is the governor of new r >> for now. >> seth: for now, righ yrt er new york. and your family knew therps
1:14 am
>> seth: so you knew them. >> they grew up in jamaa estates in queens. we grew up in hollis in en our fathers were close. our mothers were close, a mr. trump says all the time. they got their hair done in the same plac >> seth: and yet he would still d k tm. [ laughter ] >> yes. but he likes my mother dat i he can damn me back to the wb but when you ask about my mother, hel ioh except for the womb. [ laughter ] >> seth: contradictions neve s hirle your father, who sadly s ayse t think he would make of all of this, not just the trump but the tenor s mpgvel >> he'd be depressed. >> seth: yep. >> pop was a romantic wh came to politics. he really did believe that the process was about bringing people togeth a minthe understand the potentia you vomehes you know, first generation, cloman, t had been given so muchyi country th d'ev e p you doing?" "better than i deserve." he would always say that and he
1:15 am
and that's what politics waf him. the speeches that he's remembered for were all thematicay nstn we are interconnected,ee tdnteet when we are strong, and america'sesn h always been her diversity. that now gets you mocked in this election. and that's a very sad thing. pop would have a hard time dealing witatse acquainted as he was wit game. >> seth: i imagine that be tca. you have done some of the town halls. youavinrvweso candidates after debate what is the -- what are w missing watching it on tv tha you're seeing being there through the commercial a and the preamble and post be? >> the key is when you go to comrlouuc you pretend you're tygu s,tuc because sometimes they j e at you with a hay mak and then we don't report it. >> seth: it's your the caidaomainibo how it'-- >> oh, yes. candidates, their families. no, none of that ever ps uo miaw ps no is. hillary clinton is veryud
1:16 am
very attentive to the crowd. senator sanders does not sp twhe ntes kgfo t commercial. so he will say, "chris, you understand why i'm saying thi you know what the numbers are iii o i'm just waiting for this to -- i'm not not listening to you, i just want to make the poi n eoe h." very passionate. and you get to see behind scen g thds. this is like a prize fight. wheho t e,y a often very calm, very i own zone about what they ha d imagine the pressure for all t sport of it and all the ctsmhwift failings of the process a dialogue, there's so much one line for these guys and women when they have to go oute and give those closing ra, especially if they are in th zone. and it's really interesting to watch because you rememri is no game. we may treat it like a m0 emtt eg too much, but this is a big deal. >> seth: yeah. >> seth: thank you so much ih. rlpce. va i.
1:17 am
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[ cheers and applau >> seth: welcome back to a t,eyby! i know a lot of college sden were on spring break lasw and maybe missed what's gg itne. so, i thotd eooo they missed if they weren rgea also, one of my writers, ben warheit, is here. and he's going to catchop to speed on the news y s if you weren't on spring br [ laughter ] okay, you ready, ben? >> so you want to do ito >e >> oh. [ laughter ] >> seth: so, last sunda peasr r anniversary as pope bytsi the importance of mercy and giving away 40,000 copies of the gospel of .k >> also, last week, a howler monkey stole a mango off t back of my atv.
1:23 am
i tried to chase him, but he ran up a tree. and, so, i jumped in a hm and took a long snooze. and by the time i woke didn't even remember about th monkey or the mango. so, case closed. [ laughter ] >> seth: that's your news? >> that's what happened. [ laughter ] >> seth: follonig tensions at donald trump ls tnpt a anti-trump protesters, e of violence and anti-semiti language have taken an upswg. tensions rose when a 78eo trump supporter sucker ch a black protester as he was bg escorted out of the arena. >> and following a chill and very short intro into scuba equipment, me and someus underneath an underwaterv tensions rose when we rana shark -- [ laughter ] but it turns out that thea was just asleep, and th all sleep with their eyes op. like, like -- you can see what i'm doing. [ laughter ] so yeah, that was pretty craz
1:24 am
>> seth: it was a relief a tensions dissipated so icy. >> it was nuts. i got to touch a star fish. it was bumpy. [ laughter ] >> seth: what were s eyes like again? >> oh, just my -- hold on. [ laute do you see that? >> seth: yeah, no, youe have been open the whole time. >> but not like -- >> seth: show me the difference again. >> it was a shark. >> seth: show me your e i s,oey,n' say, "shark eyes." >> wow, okay. >> seth: your e shark eyes. all right. [ laughter ] surfaced ofod us campaign manager, corey lewandowski, grabbing a female reporteritsu fce, that bruises remained for da aer >> uh, so also last week >> seth: why did you -- how are you not ready? >> what? >> seth: how are you not ready? >> for what? >> seth: this, go. >> all right, also last week,
1:25 am
your story of this insane australian dude, arlo, and h did this double back flip off a 30-foot waterfall, which s crazy enough as it was, nobody knew he was going d it, so the fact that somebody was filming at that moment was super clutch. [ laughter ] >> seth: that is super t dyh e >> unfortunately, no, thi who was shooting it drph phone in the margarita mix. [ laughter ] but it's not such an en bummer because after that,o ukrainians that we met onir showed up, and they brought a big baggy of mushroomsne all went body surfing in th cool moonlight. it was insane. the moon was so big. [ laughter ] >> seth: okay, i'm going toet back to t reane. >> i was starting to think about, like, how big it was. >> seth: okay. >> i was going to descbt. >> seth: you're trying th ooh ee [ laughter ] >> i was -- i know it's big. the moon is big. >> seth: we all know.
1:26 am
right? >> seth: okay, anyways, i'm sorry, this is not news. >> you want to do real news? real news? seth, this is one of the most beautiful nights of my eir life. okay, do you hear me? the stars were reflectinof the tide pool to such a degr that you couldn't even tell where the water began and where the sky ended. [ laughter ] no but you know what? you're right. what's really important is we got to know whatever b [ bleep ] is going on in washington. [ laughter ] >> seth: you know what? that's enough. that is not cool. >> sorry. i'm sorry, everyone. i cursed. [ laughter ] and that was bad. so i guess i've just been gone for so long. >> seth: you have been gone seven days. [ laughter ] >> right, yeah, look, i know.
1:27 am
living in the moment. >> seth: oh, man. [ laughter ] >> follow me. >> seth: i can follow you. you're incri plt follow. [ laughter ] >> like, sometimes it should be abo nifnd >> seth: oh, yeah. >> and people you love. >> seth: wait, i'm going to wtehdow this is good. [ laughter >> no, i know. i know. >> seth: stop touching me. [ laughter ] >> i know. i know i'm wrong. what life is really about is dissecting the daily talking points of a handful ofn [l >> seth: okay. >> it's also -- you kn else it's about? >> seth: what's it about? it's about buying taco bell. >> eat fresh! >> seth: wait, what? ho what was th did you sell ad space in i bi [ laughter ] >> my friend, corey, works at the drive through. [ laughter ] >> seth: it's not -- >> he said if i mentioniti would get the $1 bkft >> seth: so, instead of -- what
1:28 am
>> i don't know. >> seth: oh, so you'reu gnetr ? >> well, thaoeia really super good deal, m. [ laughter ] >> seth: all right, you kno w >> you like breakfast, set >> seth: don't give me u shark eyes. >> do you know what they cal "late night with seth mesn costa rica? >> seth: no, what do y it? >> "late night-en seth mejor." [ laughter ] >> no, they don't. >> seth:hdti. e llt anythin they don't tevo. >> seth: they don't watch tv? >> eyuwhr bs cl t and they're . >> seth: they're happier than we are? well, give it up, everybody. we'll be back with music from bloc party.
1:29 am
your buddy ron once said he could install your ceiling fan. he couldn't. d that one time ron said another chili dog was a good idea. yeah, it wasn't. so when ron said you'd never afford a john deere tractor, you knew better. now ron does too. the e series. legendary john deere quality. unexpected low price. now you can own a 3e series tractor for as low as 135 dollars per month.
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1:31 am
[ cheers and applause >e coh musical guest on their current north arin uriudg ssot veo ball. here to perform "the love with,it r op. [ cheers and applause ] lord give me grace
1:32 am
as i conquer all anxiety the angel told me not to fear that the power too is in me for i have learnt the way to pray like a muscle growing taut now bind the past into a knot and let the love consume us let the love consume us let the love consume us can you hear the stars now sing resounding in d major
1:33 am
vibration resonates and pulls us up towards h take your shoes off feel the earth beneath your feet respond to touch and let our laughter now ring forth as the love consumes the love within is moving upwards sweeter than any drug the melody is taking guide my hand through this path pull back the veil let your eyes meet this world the love within is moving upwards so don't you want to get high
1:34 am
oh come on don't you want to geth don't you want to get high don't you want to get high)o[u the love within is moving upwards sweeter than any drug the melody is taking over
1:35 am
through this path pull back the veil let your eyes meet this world the love within is moving upwards don't you want to get h don't you want to get high oh come on [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: bloc party, even their new album "hymns" o n. my thanks to naomi watts, chrisu,la, matt cameron and of crs 8g band. stay tuned for carson d
1:36 am
1:37 am
a wchg c md of the night, which means' t s. 'l l,'c thanks for er we are at the lovely skylark in ney y. here's the rundoftso wolf alice is gonna perrr thfa. we've got anya taylor-joy an robert eggers, they're gon bntwhora call" spotli. but we'll start things off wit j k ass. who are here toalk t n tbo s "togetherness." we'll take you now to the el p otl hf seasons hotel with moroh >> i am most commonkt pouhei s in an airport they don't y anynt a e, right, this close to my face and they scream, "the league," into my face. >> i'm just a guy who becomes, like a, secret service agent in order to sheppard my brother


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