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tv   Today  NBC  March 20, 2016 8:00am-9:00am EDT

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out at a donald trump criminally in rally in arizona. at least one arrest. this morning the man is speaking out. >> what was going through my mind was put your arms over your head because this political movement has gotten to the point where you may get beat to death inside of a rally. >> trump's campaign manager wading into the crowd to grab another protester. this as the race to stop the billionaire becomes more frantic. we're live on the campaign trail this morning. historic visit. president obama set to arrive in cuba later today, first visit by any sitting president in nearly 100 years. what it means for the relationship between the united states and our long-time cold war foe. terrifying crash. a race car driver walks away after this scary accident during the australian grand prix. >> and oh look how far it's gone! >> amazingly both drivers doing okay this morning after being able to get out of those cars on
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and the eagle is here. breaking news on this sunday morning, eaglet number two has hatched. all eyes remain on the eagle's nest, glued to the live camera that captured the country's attention. we'll check in on mom and babies today, sunday, march 20th, 2016. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> welcome to "today" on this sunday morning. i'm craig melvin. >> i'm sheinelle jones with dylan dreyer. erica is enjoying the morning off today. i love the songs we're coming up with. >> i missed the hatching of the second eaglet. i've been watching it for 36 hours straight. and i missed it. >> happened a few moments ago. dc 3 was hatched, we saw dc 2 hatch yesterday.
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eaglets but now going with dc 2 and 3. >> did you watch a little bit yesterday? >> i did. >> i did. i'm getting -- i was getting updates through the night, people telling me the mom has flown off, tianaken a break, the dad is sitting on the eggs, everybody is being cared for. i appreciate everybody on twitter that has gotten hooked on this dc eagle cam and updating these throughout the night. >> we'll get back to the eagles in a bit. >> right it our top story this morning, another day filled with protests and violence at donald trump's rallies. this morning we're hearing from one of the men injured in the protests. jacob rascon is in tucson this morning. good morning. >> reporter: the front lines of the immigration debate, where donald trump and ted cruz spent a lot of time recently. that protester sucker punched and beaten while on the ground. he tells me his only thought was to protect his head and he says
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the anger is palpable. violence is seen now inevitable. scores of protesters at every donald trump rally. >> there is a disgusting guy, put the ku klux klan hat on. >> reporter: in tucson, one protester in a white hood led out behind another, brian sanders attacked by a man in the crowd, repeatedly punched and kicked. what is going through your mind? >> protect your head. what was going through my mind was, put your arms over your head because this political movement has gotten to the point where you may get beat to death inside of a rally. i almost got my [ bleep ] kicked. i just got beat in the middle of a political rally in america, right. >> reporter: this is trump's campaign manager, looking more like a bouncer at the rally, grabbing the collar of one protester. another man pulling the young man back. the front-runner meanwhile hoping his tough talk on
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>> you know, this country has a big, big problem with illegal immigration. >> reporter: a key issue in arizona where sheriff joe arpaio and governor jan brewer rallied with him. last ditch efforts to stop trump growing desperate. millions in ad money against him in utah and beyond. and reports of a 100 day stop trump campaign led by the ever unpopular establishment, whose captain mitt romney is now voting cruz. >> republicans are coming together behind this campaign. >> reporter: in utah, cruz now showing a sizable lead over trump, while despite his difficult road ahead, john kasich telling chuck todd he won't be anyone's vice president. >> under no circumstances. are you kidding me? >> reporter: and the trump supporter who beat up was arrested. the opposition to his candidacy,
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opposition is growing louder, bolder and more organized than ever before. >> jacob rascon, thank you. chuck todd is nbc's political director, mediator of "meet the press." good morning to you. spent the last three weeks in various parts of ohio, went to a trump rally in youngstown on wednesday, struck by the depth and the intensity of the support for donald trump. no violence there. but at the beginning of the rally, they make these announcements, to not touch a protester. they seem to go out of their way. why does this keep happening at his rallies? >> i think you can't help but it is ignited his candidacy, ignited something. you see it. look, his own words ignites something. yes, they are now including warnings at the top of these rallies, but, you know, this is not the way the candidate speaks when he's at these rallies. i think that you can't help but
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he is helping to stoke the fire here that in his audience and then, look, that -- in turn that invites other protesters who want to respond in the same violent way. i think it is -- i think we see an escalation that is taking place here that at the end of the day, the candidate himself is probably the best person to de-escalate. >> looking ahead to the next contest on tuesday, trump is doing well in arizona, ted cruz is doing well in utah. but according to the new york times, it is the wisconsin primary on april 5th, gop leaders are focusing on. that's when they're going to do this 100 day plan to stop trump. can you talk about this? what is the theory here and how will this really work? >> well, that's the -- you hit the question. i don't know how it is going to work. they have not figured out -- there have been plenty of people who are desiring a strategy to stop trump. but there is no single strategy that anybody wants to unify around. and there is a reason for it. it is the antipathy that
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ted cruz is the logical anti-trump vehicle. he's the guy that is most likely to be able to stop trump. he's sitting in second place. but because so many of the big money people, so many u.s. senators and republicans think trump is -- thinks cruz is as unelectable as trump, so they're not ready to do it. i think that's why this anti-trump campaign can't get off the ground. >> really quickly here, chuck, the confirmation battle for supreme court nominee merrick garland now, we saw mike kirk there, the republican, who has quite the re-election battle ahead of him. the first republican to come out and say, we should give this guy a hearing. is this the beginning of something? or is this nomination still very much dead in the water? >> you know, i think i want to know what happens to chuck grassley. i think at the end of the day, it is in his hands. he's the republican senator from iowa. he's the guy in charge of the judiciary committee. he can schedule the confirmation hearing if he chooses to. he also happens to be up for re-election.
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south, and he suddenly feels vulnerable in iowa, then, craig, i promise you merrick gets a hearing. if he feels politically safe holding firm on the no confirmation hearing front, garland will not get a hearing. >> chuck todd, thank you, sir. we'll see more on "meet the press," where john kasich, the two-term governor of ohio, will be among chuck's guests. president obama will arrive in cuba later this afternoon, a first for any sitting president since the 1920s. there is a lot on the line during this historic visit. andrea mitchell is already in cuba with more on that. andrea, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, sheinelle. just 90 miles separating the u.s. from cuba, but it has been nearly 90 years as you point out since the last u.s. president came here. calvin coolidge in the 1920s. and while this trip mashes an historic high point in the with countries' relationship, differences remain, differences that keep the two close
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s oceans apart. on the eve of the president's historic visit, the white house released this video, of obama playfully speaking with one of cuba's best known comedians. here where the cold war once got hot, life rolls on. like the rusted chevy, but the 21st century is arriving, slowly. e-mails still a challenge. but this week, snail mail including a letter from president obama to a cuban woman, promising a bright new chapter. in the blistering caribbean sun, cuba, small but proud, refuses to live in america's shadow. the number of u.s. visitors up 77% last year. direct flights start soon. american cell phones now allowed. on this isle of revolution, change comes slowly. the punishing u.s. embargo takes an act of congress to lift.
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obama's overtures for private investment. >> ice lakssolation has not worked. it is time for a new approach. >> reporter: an unprecedented, uncensored speech. the two countries divided since fidel castro's revolution has always shared a passion for baseball. president obama will watch the cuba national team play the tampa bay rays and approved a new rule that could soon allow cuban stars to play for the mlb without having to defect. as 1 50 of them did last year to reach their field of dreams in the u.s. but dissidents are still jailed and elections are not free. firing up republican critics of the obama diplomacy. after fidel castro outlasted ten u.s. presidents, president obama hopes to win this cold war, not with nuclear warheads, but with the power of ideas and the mighty dollar. for all that, president obama has done by executive action,
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of the u.s. embargo. president obama will be bringing a congressional delegation, business leaders as well, and michelle and the obama daughters. this is part of a charm offensive the president hopes will make this new relationship personal and permanent. sheinelle. >> andrea, thank you. and a remind, lester holt will be reporting from havana tonight for nbc "nightly news". we're learning much more this morning about the suspected paris attacker and the bombing plans on that deadly day back in november. nbc's keir simmons is on the story in belgium. good morning. >> reporter: hey, craig, good morning. as you can hear, there is still a fair amount of emergency services activity here in this community. saleh abdeslam spent his first night in a prison since he was discovered in this neighborhood where he grew up. we can show you for the first time up close, the property where he was discovered. this nondescript gray building, incredible, really, he was
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now he's spending 23 hours a day locked up, just an hour able to walk around, not allowed at any time to get close to any prisoners. we're learning new details about how he was discovered here. we're told on thursday there was a funeral for his brother, who was one of the suicide bombers. there family and friends had their cell phones confiscated, perhaps that helped to get the police evidence that then led them here. and abdeslam too has been, according to the french prosecutor, talking about his involvement saying he did drive some of the suicide bombers, saying he did plan to take part in the attack, an attack on the south of france where a soccer game was taking place. people, craig, are saying today what if that had really happened? there were many, many thousands of people there. that massacre in paris could have been even worse. >> far, far worse. keir simmons in belgium, keir, thank you. to the weather now and the first day of spring there is
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millions in new england set to say snow today. say it ain't so. >> i'm sorry, but yes. 12:30 this morning, we're going to see heavier snow around 12:30 tonight. we're looking at our best chance of snow across southeastern massachusetts, though you see the yellow in central new jersey, we have a winter weather advisory. we are still going to see some snow. it is not going to be all that much. across southeastern massachusetts, back to rhode island island, that's where we see our higher snow totals. here is the storm as we go into this afternoon. you see a few spotty showers. into tonight, lighter snow through central and southern new jersey. as we continue through the overnight, we see the snow fill in, especially across eastern long island, rhode island and southeastern massachusetts. now, this storm backs a little further to the west, we'll see higher totals in boston and across long island. the storm itself looks like it is going to stay far enough to the southeast of nantucket. that is where we see our heaviest snow. so close to cape cod and the islands that will help cause a
8:14 am
we'll see highest totals right in through here, down near say foxborough into easton and mansfield, massachusetts. providence will see snow as well. eastern long island could see 6 to 8 ivlgnches because it is closer to the storm. we'll see that mixing out across cape cod. boston, 6 to 8 inches. the track is so fine that if it goes further to west, we'll see higher totals in interior massachusetts to rhode island across central rhode island. but further to the east, we'll see lesser amounts. >> it will all plan out. thank you, dylan. tragedy in iraq this morning. a u.s. marine was killed, three others hurt when their outpost came under attack by isis fighters. it happened when isis fired a rocket at them. american forces are there advising iraqi service members. pope francis wrapped up his service. he touched on the refugee crisis, urging people not to turn their backs on it.
8:15 am
ahead leading up to easter. by the way, as we told you on saturday, he's one of the newest members on instagram. the pontiff already has 1.2 million followers, racking them up in less than 24 hours. nearly two dozen high school basketball players are lucky to be alive this morning after the school bus they were on rolled over on the side of an indiana interstate. check this out. police say another driver lost control of the car, after spilling a drink on herself. she sideswiped the bus you see there. several other vehicles as well. 29 people were on the bus at the time including the player and coaches. there were some injuries, but everyone on board is expected to be okay. a scary scene at the australian grand prix today, two cars collided at high speed. look at this, sending one of them tumbling through the area multiple times until it crashed into a fence, a catch fence. the race had to be suspended temporarily. amazingly, both drivers able to walk away.
8:16 am
tournament, march madness, kicks off today. saturday, heavy underdog yale put quite the scare into the duke blue devils. bulldogs came from way behind to pull within three points in the last minute. but the duqueke dukies ended up winning. the hoosiers topping the wildcats. kansas kept rolling along, they beat connecticut by eight. and bad news from our friends and colleague sheinelle jones, wichita state lost to miami, 65-57. they kept it close for a while. they looked good toward the end. but there goes your bracket. >> no crying in tv news. news anchors don't cry. i must move on. no doubt fans of losing teams everywhere are sad this morning but no one more distraught than a saxophone player in the kentucky band. have you seen this? dylan has more in the orange room.
8:17 am
here is video that went viral of the saxophone player reacting to her team's loss. breaks your heart. in the words of yogi berra, it is deja vu all over again. she's reminding a lot of people of the villanova piccolo player from last year, and, of course, fans have twitter to react to all of this. one twitter user writes, is it just me or does the kentucky crying saxophone girl look exactly like the villanova crying flute girl? long lost twins? my vote is easily villanova piccolo girl, she played through the tears look a champ. the saxophone girl just stopped. i don't know what i would do in that situation. but nobody felt too bad for the piccolo girl because as you remember she got to sit in with the roots on "the tonight show" with jimmy fallon. jimmy, if you're watching, maybe to keep it fair, we can invite the kentucky saxophone player to play with the roots as well.
8:18 am
no more crying. >> people don't realize how invested everyone gets. the band and the boosters. court. >> everybody. whole thing. >> check of the forecast. >> yes. so check off the orange room, now to the forecast, where we have some heavier rain starting to develop with this whole storm system that is moving in. you see the heaviest rain across northeastern north carolina. we have scattered showers and storms back through florida. we have a little bit of snowy weather that really doesn't have a lot to do with the storm that going to develop through southern illinois. on west coast, we have another storm system that is going to bring rain, one to three inches
8:19 am
and now check weather. >> check. >> now moving on. thank you, dylan. up next on "today," check, baby number two is here. we'll take you to eagle cam. that's captivating the country. that's right after this. i use what's already inside me to reach my goals. so i liked when my doctor told me i may reach my blood sugar and a1c goals by activating what's within me. with once-weekly trulicity. trulicity is not insulin. it helps activate my body to do what it's supposed to do release its own insulin. trulicity responds when my blood sugar rises. i take it once a week, and it works 24/7. it comes in an easy-to-use pen and i may even lose a little weight.
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8:22 am
there, dylan. hatched around 7:00 this morning and everybody is captivated by this. >> we should dispatch you down to d.c. >> i'm not getting near that mama eagle. she will take my finger off. >> the first egg hatched friday. we showed you that egg. that is known as dc 2, mom and dad known as mr. president and the first lady, and have another baby, the aforementioned dc 1 that hatched last -- >> i don't like it. sounds too robotic. >> i think it will get a name eventually. >> look at that. look at that. >> so the second one that was born this morning not as strong as the first one that has been around for a couple of days, been eating fish. >> #eaglename. folks can send in -- >> dylan is trying to explain something, craig. >> forget it. >> we really care. >> go ahead. >> we got to move on. >> i hope that -- >> #eaglename. >> still to come --
8:23 am
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llllll\\\\\\lllllllllllllll[l[llh scared now.
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good, dylan. >> now i don't know what to do. >> you're good. >> how do i get down? >> don't fall on her. >> the top of the wall. >> fall on the little girl. our trusted meteorologist dylan tests her rock climbing skills. if you look closely, you're doing that without a rope. >> it is called callboulderings. >> dylan will introduce us to the 14-year-old sensation breaking records for rock >> yes. she's amazing. you got to see that. >> how is this the first day of spring? it is freezing outside? do we have a wonderful crowd on rockefeller plaza on this sunday, march 20th? >> a lovely crowd. >> they are lively. >> folks from brazil, from south carolina. >> a lot of birthdays this morning as well. >> frequent birthday stop. >> birthdays and hi, moms, the
8:31 am
>> always got to say hi to mom. >> let's look at what is making headlines on this sunday morning, more violence at donald trump's rally with one arrest after the huge fight at a rally in tucson, arizona, saturday. meanwhile, new reports this morning of a 100 day stop trump campaign led by some republican leaders. >> mark zuckerberg took time out in beijing to sit down with china china's propaganda chief. it comes at a time when china holds a tight authority over internet use in the country. facebook and other social media outlets are banned there. lights out saturday night at some of this country's biggest landmarks, places like the empire state building, billboards in times square, the i've eiffel tower and others turned off their lights for one hour in honor of earth hour, an annual event that raises awareness about climate change. and silicon valley buzzing this weekend, holding its own
8:32 am
this is the brain child of steve wozniak. olivia sterns talked to him about comic con and the battle with the federal government over their refusal to unlock iphone. >> welcome to comic con. >> reporter: superheroes, villains, even storm troopers all descending on silicon valley this weekend as comic con converges here for the first time ever. all thanks to this man. >> we're going to show up with technology that goes along with pop culture, enjoy the show. >> reporter: for steve wozniak, co-founder of apple, hosting the festival in his hometown, a dream come true. >> three days. >> get off my tail. >> what do you think is the technology that is going to change our lives most over the next five years? >> recently i've been playing with virtual reality and i think that's going to be the winner because it just takes you into new worlds.
8:33 am
the real life controversy at apple, their refusal to help the shooters' iphone. >> what if there is something on that phone that could help possibly prevent another terrorist attack? how do you reconcile that with your views on civil liberty? >> this is not the way to think about life. all the bill of rights was against the what ifs. it said you have the fourth amendment, you are to have good strong evidence of what you'll find and that is really going on there before you can penetrate it. >> reporter: that debate over privacy versus security rages in the valley, the focus here at comic con is on fun. woz's partner in crime for the weekend, stan lee, creator of marvel comics. >> my favorite character probably of the comic characters is spider-man! >> reporter: he says technology is finally catching up with him. >> the minute something happens that you read about in the paper, that a technical
8:34 am
oh, i read that in one of stan's stories months ago. >> reporter: also at the show, celebs who play heroes on the screen. even william shatner. >> brainiacs here are -- got a lot of their imagination from science fiction. >> reporter: the woz himself a huge fan of captain kirk. you feel technology gives you super powers? >> absolutely. oh, my gosh what you do, that's what we did with computers from the personal computers on, you could do more than you ever could as a person. >> reporter: olivia sterns, nbc news, san jose. >> you know what craig is doing now? he's hanging out with this woman in a bathing suit, out on the plaza. >> anyone who wears that outfit deserves to be on television. >> at least you have something underneath. >> i do. >> you're not freezing. >> first day of spring anyway. >> well, happy spring, speaking of, and it is going to be warm out in the southwest. temperatures actual little be running about 20 degrees above average.
8:35 am
las vegas, about 88. pasadena, california, 78. even up across the northern rockies, and into the northern plains, temperatures running about 15 degrees above average. highs today well up into the 50s and 60s. we have rain that is going to basically hit the coast from seattle to portland down through medford, oregon, reading, california, where we could end up with one to three inches of rain. a storm making its way to new england, massachusetts to down east maine, that's where we see prap perhaps 6 to 8 inches, tonight into tomorrow morning.
8:36 am
commuting across new england @ and that's your latest forecast. >> all right, dylan, thank you. up next, our sunday stories from a 14-year-old breaking barriers as she climbs her way to the top of great heights to the woman behind a new tattoo movement that is making people of all ages feel cool again. also we'll see dylan and sheinelle -- >> we'll take you to the playhouse where many of the famous actors got their start.
8:37 am
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8:40 am
getting to the top. at just 14 years old, ashima shirtaishi is the best female rock climber in the world. >> i'm on the wall, i don't have to think. i just climb. >> reporter: and she's climbed all over the world, shattering records from texas to spain. when did you start doing this? >> i began climbing when i was 6. i saw people climbing and thought it was just so weird and interesting. >> reporter: she specializes in a sport called bouldering. >> climbing is almost like solving a puzzle. you have to think about how you're going to move to each hold. >> reporter: and cheering her on from the sidelines is her coach and dad. do you climb? >> sometimes i climb. >> reporter: she's better? >> of course. >> reporter: bouldering is different from rock climbing because no ropes or harnesses are allowed. the climbs are usually no more than 15 feet off the ground and the only thing bracing your fall, a gym mat, even when you're outside.
8:41 am
and sometimes actually think that something is impossible, and then i remind myself that it is possible. >> reporter: the levels range from b 0 to b 16 with 0 the easiest and 16 the hardest. ashima is the only female ever to reach b 14 and she's done that twice. five days a week, ashima climbs to stay in shape. her eyes set on a new goal, the 2020 olympics in japan, where rock climbing may be include ed for the first time. >> that would be, like, my dream come true. so-so excited. >> reporter: when i decided it was time to give bouldering a try, who better than ashima to show me the ropes? or lack thereof. >> want me to show you? >> yeah. >> okay. and you get to the top. >> reporter: then came my turn. >> yeah. >> reporter: a cramp. my coach didn't want to hear any excuses. >> yeah. there you go.
8:42 am
and then your left hand on the that one. >> reporter: this one? >> yeah. >> reporter: this one? i'm scared. >> come on, you can do it. >> reporter: after freezing for just a moment, i looked up and reached for the top of the wall. >> good, dylan. >> reporter: now i don't know what to do. >> you're good. >> reporter: yeah, but how do i get down? ashima talked me through it until i was back on solid ground. i'm just going to jump. >> good job. >> reporter: thank you. >> i've never done rock climbing before. >> we could tell. >> but she was talking me through it. i was so sore the next day. remember i told you the levels, 0 is the lowest level. by the end of the day, i got up to 2.
8:43 am
i was so determined, because she was just climbing all over everything. >> what makes it harder, dylan? >> the spaces between the grips are a lot further apart. you see now i was going around the wall. >> you're still competitive. >> i almost -- it is almost a personal competition. >> if you fall what happens? >> there is a mat underneath you. you get used to falling from 13 to 15 feet up and then you drop to the ground. it was great exercise. i need to say, ashima not only is she so good at what she does, breaking records, she loves outdoor climbing, indoor climbing, she was the sweetest girl i ever met. she was just really wonderful. >> good, dylan. celebratory tattoo. >> new rock climber. >> speaking of which, why in the world would this man, craig melvin, get this tattoo? will you explain after these messages? >> i will. i will. to the couple who set aside the whole day to sell their old car
8:44 am
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we're back on a sunday morning with a big resurgence in the number of people getting tattoos these days. but why? >> for many people, it is a hot accessory. it is a hot accessory to have, but some can't commit to putting ink on their bodies forever.
8:47 am
a way for noncommittal folks like myself to jump on the tattoo bandwagon. bikers, hipsters, rebels. those are the people who get tattoos, right? well, they're not the only ones. >> i got hearts, i got flowers, snakes. i got a wristwatch. i got about 100. >> reporter: topaz is not your average 81-year-old. she just can't get enough ink. what do your friends say when you showed up all, like, tatted up? >> they said, you are insane. >> reporter: but topaz, all these tattoos are temporary. no longer just a must have at a kid's birthday party, celebrities everywhere are sporting fake ink, from the tallest to the smallest. and many of them are tattly tattoos. >> i reached out to my designer friends and illustrator friends and said why don't we just make
8:48 am
i was blown away i'm selling temporary tattoos around the world. and not only to kids, but to grown-ups. >> reporter: tina's daughter inspired her to launch tattly when she didn't like the temporary tattoos she was bringing home in party goody bags. these are the companies that sell temporary tattoos. why has this one taken off? >> we're the first ones that licensed the designs from professional artists. that elevates the aesthetic and quality of the design. we look at skin as a new canvas. >> reporter: every time a tattly tattoo is sold, a cut goes to the artist. she's attracted major clients along the way. at the white house easter egg roll and everyone from sesame street to christie's auction house to museums have climbed on the tattly bandwagon. >> they want us to go through their collection, what can we turn into temporary tattoos. >> reporter: diane rocks a real tat but loves these.
8:49 am
look. the ultimate accessory. it makes me feel awesome. i'm a buyingiker mom cool chick. >> our kids love them. when i have one on, they think it is absolutely hilarious that daddy has a tattoo. and that's the fun of it for me. >> reporter: so, i had to see if the hype was real. live today. i like live today. you should get every day a hustler. >> oh, yeah, right. right. >> reporter: look at that. >> cool. there we go. >> reporter: look at that. >> really nice. ready? here we go. that is so awesome. >> i could see that. >> i'm too much of a coward for a real tat. >> why? >> you know, pabin and needles and things like that, but these are pretty perfect.
8:50 am
>> it looks real. >> i went with the black and white. yours looks real. >> you know friendship bracelets? i was trying to do that. this one is harder. >> you put it in the right spot. i have to do "nightly" tonight, so i decided i couldn't put one right here. >> pretty reasonable too so -- >> i don't know why anyone would put a pile of poo. >> i don't either. but it is smiling poo. >> at least it is smiling. still to come on "today," some of your favorite tv and movie stars. but first, these messages. earning unlimited cash back on purchases. that's a win. but imagine earning it twice. you can with the citi double cash card. it lets you earn cash back twice. once when you buy and again as you pay. it's cash back then cash back again. and that's a cash back win-win.
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another live look at mama eagle there. there she is. your name suggestions are flying in for the eaglets, pun intended there. we're going to show you some of the suggestions in a moment. but, first, our final sunday story this morning, this one about a gathering place for actors and theatergoers that withstood the test of time. >> the cleveland playhouse, which has seen numerous big names come through, is celebrating its centennial season this year. and erica tells us those who run it have big plans on the horizon. >> reporter: for more than 100 years, the cleveland playhouse has helped give the arts alive in northeast ohio. introducing countless young stage. >> you had a young joel gray at 9 years old making his playhouse.
8:55 am
calista flockhart, alan alda. >> i discovered her -- >> i think when you belong at a theater with so much history, you feel a sense of belonging. you feel a part of the continuum. >> reporter: founded in 1915 by an eclectic group of artists, bohemians and business people, the cleveland playhouse has been more than 1300 productions. the lights never dimming, despite world wars and the great depression. if you had to describe the playhouse in a few words, what would it be? >> bold, thrilling, provocative, necessary. >> reporter: actor and director austin pendleton, whose parents met at the playhouse, performed here in the early days of his career. >> that kind of name value acquires something, it attracts actors. it is always been associated with equality. >> reporter: winner for best theater, they have been known
8:56 am
nearly every element produced in house. there is so much work that goes into each production. we see the agenter eractors on stage, but you have a production department. how common is this? >> over the course of the season we employ over 100 different people. but it is pretty unique that we are able to consistently make the work right here for cleveland. >> reporter: the playhouse has also seemed up with case western reserve university to create one of the country's most well respected masters of fine arts programs. and each year thousands of young students across three states are introduced to the art through cph. >> we're 100 years old and we have just begun. we have so much more that we are anxious to do. >> reporter: ensuring this legacy will continue far beyond
8:57 am
>> in cleveland a few weeks ago, back. >> i want to visit cleveland. i've never been. >> fantastic place. >> well, before we go, one more cam? >> the second egg has hatched. >> is this still live or is this from earlier? this is live. this is live. >> dc 3 hatched earlier this mom has been taking good care of both of them. >> sitting on both of them, keeping them warm. >> can we get to the names? >> a slew of them coming. >> you guys, this is all thanks to the #eaglename. some suggestions so far. stars and stripes. i like the next one. >> cherry and blossom, the cherry blossom festival coming up down there in d.c. in a week or two. >> the last one, freedom and liberty and dylan. >> i'm pushing dylan. >> name one of them dylan. >> or both of them dylan. male and female. >> we should. >> i like it. >> i think it is great. we should get on the phone and call somebody.
8:58 am
>> i'll call mama eagle. >> one dylan and one dreyer. tune into "meet the press." one of chuck's guests, john kasich will join chuck. >> that will do it for us on this sunday morning. thank you so much for watching. have a fantastic day. going away to watch eagle cam or -- >> i missed the hatching of the second egg. i'm a little disappointed. i will check in on it today.
8:59 am
>> enjoy first day of spring. now, a group of students ban
9:00 am
own from being deported. can the students do anything to stop it. >> and two shootings leave two people dead within hours of each other. good sunday morning to you. we're going to get to our top stories in just a minute but first the forecast, this is a live picture of uptown charlotte where the sun is not shining. thanks for joining us this morning. first day of spring. spring. the last two weeks we've had temperatures in the 70s and 80s, spring gets here again. you go from air-conditioning back to heat that's the wrong direction. weather wise we have cloudy


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