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tv   Today  NBC  March 21, 2016 10:00am-11:00am EDT

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it's funday monday, march 21st. may not feel like it outside but spring actually arrived yesterday. >> we are dressing early. when it's spring, warm out we're going to be dressing -- >> hopefully. the sound, 1975. >> yeah. >> okay. we're about -- a whole bunch of fun. "my big fat greek wedding" star nia vardalos is here. >> yeah. e were love nia. >> then, it's holy week for christians around the world. we'll show you special moments and fun from my trip to israel. a place i've been visiting for 45 years. >> i can't wait to see that. >> kojak! >> omg. >> last season's winner of "the voice" here to entertain us. out with a brand new debut album. >> does he not sing like an angel? >> he's going to sing with us. and you are in luck. today's hard to believe, reese is 40. >> i wore one of her dresses last week. they're adorable.
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>> yeah. happy birthday to -- >> a cute boy. >> today's the day. >> blake? >> joel shiftman turns 5-8. >> i knew that. >> we had a little birthday party. >> how old he is? >> 5-8. >> what -- with jenna and mike. looking crazy. some of the best birthday cakes are from either giant or pub plix lpublix. >> kind of fun to see adults, and i mean adult kid, she ahe is a sweet guy. >> went down to florida. >> of course you did. >> tell me about your -- >> sick as a dog for three day, but die. but i did, saturday, so beautiful. out in my backyard and took one
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>> sweet! are those tulips growing -- >> they're daffodils. i just put out a flat of them. dick. jane d. decker. beautiful, beautiful sculptor, morning. >> oh, yeah. >> overnight. >> it will be gone -- in the morning. >> snow. dreaming of ten weeks from now. ten weeks, hod? >> i think it's ten weeks. >> memorial day weekend, ten weeks to get into your thong. if you need inspiration. >> oh, yeah. >> and we all do. >> britney spears has it for you. >> a picture on instagram of her in a bikini, and my gosh. wow. >> you know what? that's a good angle. >> people always -- >> i'm sorry. i don't get that any angle. >> i'll try that out on memorial day weekend. even if i can look good that
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i admit she looks great. >> look at klg. you looked great without -- >> but that was 20 years ago, 30 years ago. >> go back, joann. we said anyone looks good at that angle. >> all right. so i was wrong. so i was wrong. all right. [ laughter ] >> some are instagram followers thinking the curve in the lower back was photo shopped. just me. she looks great. >> can we give a big, happy, wonderful congratulations to a person who's like a member of our family? megan, her husband -- gave birth -- she gave birth to, she was there, a baby boy named william clark stackhouse! >> perfect. >> arrived saturday morning weighing 5 pounds 12 ounces. she was -- >> she -- i spoke to her on the phone a little bit. she says she was exhausted and over the moon. >> and madly, madly in love. that's just the begin, but she is truly one of the nicest human beings i've never known in my
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cares about all of us so much. this is our time too care about her and we love her. >> we love you, megan. >> can't wait until she brings him to the studio. >> we can't wait. >> little miles now. >> they'll be little best friends. >> last night if you were watching "atlanta housewives" something happened captured a lot of people's attention. during the reunion, kenya, known to stir up trouble happened to be -- she got in trouble with andy cohen. let's let andy figure it out. >> candy, now that you've actually seen what they actually said, did don juan jump to conclusions? >> clearly. it was -- shaneah confirmed it, also, so -- >> okay. are you texting during the reunion? >> matt is asking about the puppy's food. i'm sorry. >> sweetie, matt can figure it out. i mean -- you put the food in the bowl. like, with all -- >> he doesn't know where it is. >> it's in the kitchen. >> sorry. [ laughter ]
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>> ooh. by the way, you know what it was? >> "the bachelor." [ laughter ] >> all over. if you're really trying to hide a text, this is what you do. i've done it. you have it down here. this was her trying to make news. right? or -- >> we have to ask andy cohen next time. does he set stuff up, too? >> no. he does not. he does not play like that. i think she wanted more attention and i think it bugged him. he looked really annoyed. have you ever been with someone and you're trying to have a conversation with them and they're texting. >> it cost me a friendship once. >> really? >> yeah. i still care about the person but i don't get together anymore. you wait and wait for months, finally get the time and then they're on technology. and i said, you know what? life's too short? a relationship bender. it's sad.
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young people -- this is upsetting -- value a good internet connection over daylight, water, a healthy diet and a good night's sleep. >> wait. water? >> it's just unbelievable. the only thing -- the only thing that rated more, you know, higher, was freedom of speech. unless they're trying to keep you from having freedom of speech. >> but i can't believe that young kids -- first of all, i'm surprised freedom of speech was there, number one. know you how kids are and what they think. you think they'd think of things that were, i don't know. internet, i guess, but water, air? >> kanye's sneakers. important things like that. all right. you know what was important? a new attempt at telling the "passion of christ" story. fox did something i thought was pretty brave. hosted by tyler perry, whom we all adore. >> an epic production set in new orleans and they called it a live event and a lot was live but some was on tape. i thought it was one of those extraordinary things that tyler
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live" and he told it, you know, true -- through modern day songs. >> modern day songs. >> all of that sort of thing. yeah. >> chris daughtry was unbelievable. >> i had forgotten how powerful he is? >> played judas to jencarlos' jesus, they sang "demons" by imagine dragons when judas betrayed jesus with a kiss. the solo was crazy. >> and trisha yearwood played mary, she was on the show and said she was so nervous. you wouldn't know it listening to her. she sang "you'll never walk alone." she has a great voice. you saw gospel singers behind, it was new orleans, made me want to go back. listen to this note. you'll never walk >> amazing. >> you forget what a great singer she is. >> and seal played pontius pilate.
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into the crowd's wishes and gave into jesus crucifixion death. >> a great actor. >> such a believable sensitivity. doesn't he? >> so good for them. >> good for them. >> and a nice little bit of news over the weekend. >> we did. we got good news. we found out we won an award. >> actually, we won two. >> we won two awards. >> calmed the gracie awards. >> called gracies. >> what are they for, dawn? it's so embarrassing to us. go ahead. >> the gracie awards recognize exemplary programming made by women for women and about women. >> and the cast won for best tv hosts. >> it must be a mistake. >> hoda won for siris xm radio show. >> you won my award last year. you're cleaning up. >> kathie also won this. with me on the show.
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next year, i hear she's up for another academy award -- >> are you eating radishes? >> yeah. it's good. i didn't bring a toothbrush on this trip, so -- >> it works? >> uh-huh. >> see you in a little bit. we also want to see your photos of your most beautiful day ever. because next week -- >> an amazing performance. doesn't give anything but an amazing performance, from broadway. a tony nominated for my musical "scandalous." we'll show your photos during a song she's going to be singing. head to facebook page, we've posted photos and would love to share them with everybody. >> also, if you are a bride and want to get ambushed, come thursday. we may find you out in the crowd. that will be fun f. you're going to be married. not if you've been one. >> no. right. >> oh, i need to find one. >> i didn't know. >> oh, yeah. >> studio celebrity gossip and "today's buzz" when your type 2 diabetes numbers aren't moving in the right direction,
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if you want to the in the know before you go we're about to fill you in with -- >> today's buzz. >> kiss f.m. san diego radio host shelly. >> shelly is here. >> how generous is amy schumer? >> amazing. i wish i were her bartender over the weekend. you guys i'm sure love "hamilton." >> haven't seen it. >> you haven't seen it? i was going to ask you to get me tickets because i know you guys have connections. >> yeah. i'm very big on broadway. go ahead. >> so amy schumer went to see "hamilton" with family members and friends. had already seen it but went to see it again she loved it so much. at intermission she tipped the bartender for a $77 check, $1,000. >> cooking it. >> yes. >> by the way, used to be a bartender. probably know what's it feels like. >> she really understands the
10:14 am
know and give them love. >> now everybody's going to expect that. >> i know. right? amy -- >> she got herself into a dig pit. >> so reese witherspoon celebrated the big one. >> 40th birthday is actually tomorrow. celebrated in hollywood. >> happy birthday. >> happy early b.-day. a-listers shows up, nicole kidman, taylor swift performed for her. >> what a -- how sweet. >> she did? >> yes. taylor sang "sweet home alabama" guess who was her accompaniment. >> keith urban! >> i love that song. "sweet home alabama." >> josh lucas. >> by the way, taylor swift was spotted in vegas sporting her man at club. >> singing? >> hold on. sweet home alabama >> she won an oscar, remember? singing, as june carter cash.
10:15 am
you're so right. she knows how to sing. terrific. >> and looked fabulous. i love her dress. >> she always says she didn't have these people show up because they are stars she's really actually friends with people. they are really actually people who love her. >> remember seeing her on the elevator singing and performing? >> no. how did we nays and "hamilton," too? >> she seems like she knows how to have a good time. >> she was spotted dancing, having like -- she's hilarious. >> you know, when she finally gets a day off, you can imagine how much -- how good it feels. >> she loves to rock out. she showed up to show support for calvin. >> good news about ben affleck's back tattoo. >> i didn't even know about his back tattoo. >> a huge back tattoo. i was horrified, and i tried --
10:16 am
zone. that thing was terrible and people reported it was true, i was hoar firerrifyiedhorrified. however, he told "extra" a fake tattoo for a movie role. thank goodness. >> why didn't they put that up earlier? >> his exes, jennifer garner and jennifer lopez said it was awful. too much color and went on and said all of his tattoos have too much color! >> she's know every one. >> yes, she would. >> and jen garner said, oh, bless his heart. i'm so happy that it's fake, though. >> thank you very much. >> thank you. >> it is holy week. taking you on a tour of israel like you've never seen. >> want to see that. plus the real family that inspired the you can find a recipe for almost anything... baby cousin's gonna love that isn't she. oh my gosh. ... and gather all the right ingredients.
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it's a story that sounds like a hollywood script. a little girl sufficienters from an incurable illness only to make a mirror rack lis recovery after taking a fall and believing she saw jesus. >> the story is true and has been turned into a new movie everybody is buzzing everybody. everybody leaves it sobbing their eyes out called "miracles from heaven." jennifer garner gives a fierce performance as a mom who stops at nothing to fight for her daughter's life. the best acting i've ever seen her do. >> this is not acid reflux. she's not acid intolerant. >> you need to calm down.
10:21 am
you find me another doctor, you run more tests i'm not leaving this hospital until i know what's wrong with my daughter! >> the real-life family inspired the film, christy and kevin beam and daughters adelynn and about abbie. >> this must make you feel awesome. >> so grateful. >> i watched the movie last night and when finished i was sobbing my eyes out but when you -- you were so determined to help out your little girl that you actually, you drove to boston when -- when doctors wouldn't see you because there was such a long waiting list. no other choice for you. was there? >> well, that's a little bit of a dramatic license. we did have to wait six to nine months to get in to him, but we had some serious miracle take place to just get in to him. >> dramatic license. still happened, just not that way.
10:22 am
right. yeah, so -- >> for people who don't know the story, tell us what your little girl was going through. >> annabelle was diagnosed with something call the motility disorder meanering that her stomach and intestines didn't work, she couldn't process food and things didn't work their way out. >> agonizing. >> aboutgonizing. she lived on the sofa in a fetal position with a heating pad on her stomach. that was her life. >> doctors misdiagnose, as often happens. you lived in a smaller town and they didn't have that kind of expertise. what were you going through as a dad? >> so challenging. you would see your daughter, you know, hurting and there was many times we actually would literally put her to bed and kind of say, hopefully tomorrow will be a better day. >> yeah. >> and, you know, christy was such an advocate to her to continue to say we've got to find something. we've got to have an option. something. the desperation parents know
10:23 am
ill is devastating. >> a point, annabelle, you were in the hospital. a touching scene. you had gone through so much pain you were just saying to your mom, mom, i want to go home and i want to see jesus. i mean, do you remember that, that time or was it such a painful time for you? >> yes. i do remember that time, and i had grown up and i knew about heaven. i knew that in heaven everything is pretty much perfect. so it was like, well, if i'm here suffering why don't i just go to heaven with the logical assumption i made. >> in the movie you basically do go to heaven but jesus tells you, there's still work for to you do here. tell us a little about that without giving away the movie. the whole movie. >> so whenever i went to heaven, i asked jesus if i could stay and he said, no, annabelle, i have plans for you on earth you cannot complete in heaven but whenever the firefighters get you out there will be nothing wrong with you and then he sent a guardian angel to light the tree.
10:24 am
>> wow. >> you guys have to go see the movie to see the end of it. pretty special. >> we don't want to give it away. >> you are spectacular sisters. i have to say. such a great family. you want to be a part of your family, that's how cool you are. >> god bless you and happy holy week. heavy easter to you. thanks so much. we appreciate it. "miracles from heaven" is in theaters now. >> right now. plus, kathie lee's israel
10:25 am
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the time is 10:27. i'm ben thompson. i'm carolyn bruck. we're following breaking news in monroe -- where police are on the scene of a deadly two-vehicle crash on old pageland monroe road at east village drive, near highway 74. these photos from the scene show one vehicle rolled over on its side... and debris scattered all
10:27 am
we've learned this crash involves a "ford pick-up truck" and a "mercury mountaineer suv." highway patrol says the truck driver crossed the center line and hit the "suv" head-on. the "suv" driver was taken to the hospital. we've learned three children were passengers in the "suv." at this point, we're told neither of the kids were seriously hurt. the today show is next ... then keep it here for charlotte today at eleven. have a great day. tomorrow morning at 11 on charlotte
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it is funday, monday and every year more than 3 million people visit israel. >> for many a trip that happens once in a lifetime but not for my kathy pleep going to the holy land since she was 17 years old. >> 17 years old. >> wow. >> first time i made that trip was 45 years ago in 1971, and
10:30 am
frank and i visited four years ago. so it was only fitting to hold an intimate memorial service for him in a place so special to us. we're going to show you that tomorrow. on this trip for the first time in all of my visits all of these years i was a tourist and saw before. my guide was the lovely, actress. how gorgeous is she? a model and producer noah tishby. [ singing in foreigning language ] >> oh, hello! >> noah, a very big star over here. >> apparently. >> thank you. >> welcome to israel! [ cheers ] >> a pretty good room with a view. isn't it? >> one of the most glorious views in the world. it is so special to the jewish people. >> it really is. this is the holiest place to the jews.
10:31 am
the temple. >> things to do when in israel. number one, western wall. >> western wall. we're right here. >> start with a note. do you have a wish you want to wish for? >> well, it's a prayer. it's a prayer. yes. >> and i happen to have a note for you. >> a small prayer. >> hoda wanted me to bring a prayer for her to put in the wall as well. so i have it right here, which i will very graciously in her honor do. >> that's beautiful. >> and then the sun comes out. of course it does. >> this is always one of my very, very favorite places in
10:32 am
mount of oleives, which has the most specktacular jew and the garden of gethsemane where jesus spent his last night on earth, and of course, oh, my lord. oh, oh, yeah. hello, kojak. kojak -- nobody said anything about ride. >> it's friday afternoon. >> yes. >> we're in the market. >> the market. which is called the shuk. like, i'm all shook up, ah-ha, ha >> look at that. is that ruthy russo? >> hello. >> you would be considered to what is equivalent to the top chef in america. you are legendary here. >> oh, the smell. i wish everybody could smell this. >> fresh from the mealstone tahimi. >> hmm. delicious.
10:33 am
it's wine. i should get some of that for hoda. i love that. and now i've eaten my way through the shuk. [ speaking in foreign language ] >> friday afternoon. everybody's out and about having drinks, drinking coffee. chatting. >> so different from jerusalem >> yes. >> this is where they play. c'est la vie! >> israel is the start-up capital of the world. it's got more start-ups in venture capital companies than any other company in the world. >> and become the gay capital of the middle east. >> as well. friday night. everybody started to calm down. >> go and light a candle on the beach. >> let's go and light a candle. >> this doesn't happen all the tile. this is just for us. >> oh.
10:34 am
>> oh, i've never had it this fresh. this is fantastic. >> my city of tel aviv. so sababa. our common game in israel. it's called [ speaking in foreign language ] >> ah! that was -- >> score for gifford. >> i get a great mud pack in the dead sea tomorrow but i have to say good-bye to my new friend. god bless you. >> this is the lowest point in the world, and it's mineral-rich. everybody has come here from all around the world in search of -- the fountain of youth. oh, yes. i'm already feeling younger. >> ah. >> hello. >> hello. maybe that's why they call it
10:35 am
>> and that is a -- i love it. [ laughter ] >> so over you nap guy is named michael lewis, and -- >> tell you, only you. [ laughter ] >> and you know i can go from, from the secular to the silly and pretty quickly. yes. just, boom, like that. anyway, we have more for you tomorrow and wednesday. >> looking forward to it. a great spot. >> and awesome. the voice of jordan smith takes us "over the rainbow" with a
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10:40 am
back with a highly anticipated sequel" my big fat greek wedding 2". >> a secret rekhomeinigets together all the family. >> if she goes to northwestern she'll stay in chicago. >> please, oh, please, let's go over there. >> no. >> right. >> there she is. >> did you invite the family? >> i told my mom. >> i -- hi, you guys. >> so glad to see you and so glad to see the family back together. 14 long years. >> yes. it's a real family movie. about your family, come visit us at the moech movies and have a good time. >> i love how you made sure all the cousins were back together. you didn't cherry pick. and a little concerned a couple
10:41 am
>> i was concerned. john corbett said to me, how about the older cast members? >> we got to the set, they were all drinking and laughing. >> they're fine. isn't this meant to be, us three together? >> yes. >> can we discuss that a second? >> no way to talk about this movie without being with both of you. >> thank you. >> we wanted to do -- remember that one ad, in dough the hold my neck? >> yes. >> pull each other's neck. >> a hollywood face-lift you don't need it. pull your neck -- >> right back there, baby! >> yep, yep, yep. so how was it? just emotionally for you getting back together and doing it? you're the writer, producer, you're the star, but you're the heart of this whole thing. >> that's very sweet. it's the same producers. same cast. we have a very, very good time together, and -- it was very emotional, to be honest and very loud. oh, my god loud! oh, yes. our director was british. you know how reserved they are, and we were just like, shh, be quiet.
10:42 am
>> the old chemistry did it kick right back in after all those years? >> yes, it did and i remember being a little shy with john the first time we met. john corbett plays the husband ian miller, and i -- i've never actually told this story. when i was about to do my first kissing scene i waited for him outside the makeup trail perp what's up, sunshine, i'm like, ha, it's john corbett. you know that scene we're going to do now? yeah. i've never kissed anybody in a movie. when i wrote this movie i never thought it would be made and then i'm going to kiss you and i'm really, really nervous. can you just kiss me now and we'll get it over with by ourselves? he said, sure. kisses me right there. melts. i got over it. i was kbartsembarrassed. the man who does our hair opened the door of the hair and makeup trailer told us and said, hmm! they're having an affair. >> i bet you've wanted to confess that for 14 years. >> 14 years.
10:43 am
later? >> he's still, there's a lot of romance and so joyous to do and the cast is so funny. andrea martin plays -- >> love her. >> genius. >> on fire. my personal goal to write very, very strong roles for the women, gender in hollywood. the men are taken care of. there's lots of funny men in the story. >> got a little woman of your own. >> yes, you do. a little girl. game? we have catch phrases. say them in greek and you're going to get them. >> are we ready? >> yes. >> [ speaking in foreign language ]. >> ah -- >> how do we do it day after day? >> yes. >> she did it the way we do t. okay. >> [ speaking in foreign language ]. >> ah -- something about, who cares? >> it's have a great show. >> oh. >> oh!
10:44 am
>> like this -- [ speaking in foreign language ] >> more wine. >> okay. this one is -- [ speaking in foreign language ] >> do it like -- i need a dentist. [ laughter ] >> hey -- [ speaking in foreign language ] >> oh. it's -- >> nice talkin' to you. >> a hint. a day of the week. >> funday monday. >> yes. [ speaking in foreign language ] now you go, [ speaking in foreign language ] >> hoda your necka -- >> don't say it. >> your necka. >> you need to hold your neck up. >> it was hoda woman. we're going to be lucky. >> we love you, darling. >> this movie -- opens this friday. got to -- don't forget, the "today" wedding takes place right here friday including surprises you don't want to miss. get ready for something beautiful from last year's there has to be a way. carry the centimeter, divide by 3.14 something something something...
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kentucky native became champion of "the voice." >> jordan smith and the first artist of the season to hit number one on the pop charts with his rendition of "great is thy faithfulness." blowing adele's "today." you're living the dream, baby. >> absolutely. >> so happy for you. what are you sithing for ingsinging for us today? >> i'm grog to sing "over the rainbow" one of my all-time favorites.
10:51 am
somewhere over the rainbow way up high there's a land that i've heard of once in a lullaby somewhere over the rainbow
10:52 am
dream really do come true some day i'll wish upon a star and wake up where the clouds are far behind me oh, oh, where troubles melt like lemon drops way above the chimney tops that's where you'll find me somewhere over the rainbow
10:53 am
birds fly over the rainbow why, oh, why can't i if happy little bluebirds fly beyond the rainbow why, oh, why can't i >> whew! [ applause ] >> wow! >> that was perfect! >> wow!
10:54 am
>> all good monday morning from havana, cuba on this first full day of president obama's historic trip to the country. the president is arriving right now at havana's palace of the revolution. he will be welcomed with an official ceremony. he will meet with his cuban counterpart raul castro. president obama is the first sitting american president to visit cuba in 88 years. just a short time ago he took part in a wreath laying ceremony at a memorial to cuban hero jose marti. he has chosen to make a short few minute walk. where the official greeting will take place.
10:55 am
>> that is what the white house wanted. they did not want a big event, because most big airport arrivals are military and they look soviet. which is a reflection of the military past of cuba. >> it was always to be the official -- >> it was always to be the official ceremonial arrival. they didn't want a military arrival at the airport. it would have sent the wrong signal. and there's the handshake. this meeting is such a consequential meeting, while the american do in polling support, there is a lot of resistant on all sides politically. >> it's not the first time we have seen them shake hands. first time i believe is 2013 in south africa at the funeral of nelson mandela in which they
10:56 am
they have had subsequent meetings in the past. this will be their first substantive conversation. >> they had a meeting in panama. but this is their first state visit, their first bilateral meeting. there have been a lot of communication to set it up, it's their chance to talk one-on-one. it will be through an interpreter. raul castro doesn't speak english. the essence of the meeting will be president obama is time is running out. we want to get more americans here, more tourists, more business contracts. we want to make it so permanent no future president can reverse
10:57 am
it. castro says why centan't you lift the trade embargo. >> the two men shaking hands there will draw a lot of criticism from a lot of republicans that don't think it should be taken place. the cubans have not moved quickly enough this may be seen as a reward that's undeserved. >> there are dissidents who will be meeting with him tomorrow. many of them were arrested and detained for as many as eight hours yesterday and last night. that was seen by a signal that it's not backing off from its resistance to do things its own way. dissidents say cuban has gotten tougher on them in the years since normalization. that said, the white house has signaled to raul castro and the government in his speech, an unprecedented speech to the
10:58 am
make a central part of it his appeal for more human rights in cuba. >> the president has travelled here with a large delegations. members of congress, entrepreneurs, there's a great deal of interest in business opportunities. secretary of state kerry and some of the delegation, susan rice, the current head of state. jeffrey de laurentiis. head of mission here for the united states. >> we also the commerce secretary and ben rhodes. he was negotiating this in secret with the help of the pope. >> there we see the president and raul castro entering the room. >> we'll hear the national
10:59 am
>> again, that ceremony playing out here at the palace of the revolution, the beginning now
11:00 am
president as he continues the historic journey here in cuba. we'll have a lot more on this coming up tonight for nbc nightly news. i'm lester holt, nbc news, haworks. also, grow your own strawberries. and some great spring dresses... they're all less than 50 dollars. and we're making a green layered salad to go with your easter ham... tomorrow at 11. today monday rch 21st. . wcnc tv charlotte. live from nbc charlotte. this is charlotte today with your host colleen odegaard and eugene robinson. good monday morning to you! it is march 21st, thank you for joining us, you are watching charlotte today. how are you? >> i'm doing well, leen! >> good, you are looking good! good looking, lean. >> i'm trying to get in shape, that's what it is. >> you are always trying to get


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