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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  March 21, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm EDT

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found hidden in carry-ones after a woman ran from screeners. you won't believe who investigators are looking for. hitting back. serena williams leading the charge against a powerful tennis executive who said women players should get on their knees and thank the men. and getting money. even with bad credit or debt piling up, how people are getting the loans they need at rates they can actually afford. "nightly news" begins right now. >> announcer: this is "nbc nightly news" with lester holt reporting tonight from havana. good evening. it has been a day rich in historic symbolism, brass tacks diplomacy and a silver anniversary of raising half a century of mistrust will be tough. president obama met face-to-face on cuban soil with 48-year-old
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the first meeting on cuban soil since diplomatic ties were re-established. afterwards they emerged for what turned out to be a tense give and take with the press, ending with this awkward clasping of the hands showing this relationship is still very much a work in progress. our andrea mitchell was among the few called on at the press conference and joins me now. it was uncomfortable to watch this. >> reporter: it's uncomfortable and it's clear raul castros does not do press conferences. that's was part of it. the two leaders agreed to disagree on the u.s. and cuba, chiefly the u.s. trade embargo which president obama would like to end and cuba's treatment of dissidents, testing the boundaries of a new relationship. it was a day of historic firsts. the handshake on cuban soil. the cuban military band playing "the star spangled banner." >> this is a new day teen our two
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troe's blistering criticism of the u.s. trade embargo and social policy did not feel new. >> translator: we find it inconceivable that a government does not defend and ensure the right to health care, education, equal pay. >> reporter: after pressure from president obama, castro did take questions from the press, a rare occurrence, but when a cuban-american reporter asked about cuba's political prisoners. >> translator: what political prisoners? give me a name or names. >> reporter: it is an issue overshadowing the visit. >> there were dramatic arrests of peaceful protests, the ladies in white. what signal does that send? >> if i engage, frankly, clearly stating what our beliefs are but also being clear that we can't force change on any particular country, ultimately it has to come from within. >> and president
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future of our two countries given the different definitions and interpretations of profound issues like democracy and human rights? >> translator: it's not correct to ask me about political press prisoners in general and please give me the name and with this the this is enough. >> reporter: some say mr. obama is normalizing relations too quickly. antonio was detained briefly during sunday's protests. the president's position is if we come and i talk we can make progress. >> the american government is giving too much to the regime and the regime is telling clearly we are not going to move. >> reporter: clearly this is a relationship that is a work in progress, but there are new business deals today in the works for american firms here. starwood today, carnival cruise lines expected soon. a lot going on. lester. >> the two will be together at a state
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>> exactly, tonight. >> andrea, thank you very much. as events continue to unfold here, it is a very busy day in the race for president. donald trump convening a secret meeting of top republicans in washington, speculations swirling as hillary clinton unleashes a stinging attack on trump over support forle and elizabeth warren unleashes an attack of her own using trump's own words against him. we have it all covered started with nbc ekaty tur. katie, what's the latest. >> reporter: donald trump is on stage behind me in washington addressing the country's largest pro-israel lobbying group. it's his chance to prove that he has international credibility after a day spent trying to prove that he has political credibility in the town he wants to call home. mr. trump goes to washington, spending the day in the nation's capital. this morning attending an off-the-record meeting with, quote, influential republicans including newt gingrich, senator jeff sessions and tom
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livingston livingston. >> he's gettingest mo of the votes and for me that's very, very important. i want to see the people heard, and i want to see donald trump president >> reporter: gathering was hoped to mend fences with the establishment, but house and senate leadership like mitch mcconnell and paul ryan tell nbc news they were not invited. paul ryan didn't know about the meeting. they said they weren't invited. was that on purpose? >> no, not at all, not at all. we're very inclusive, and frankly jeff and some of the other people just invited a small group. you have a lot of people out there that you think are against politicians. they want to make a deal. >> reporter: address construction hotel trump who has been criticized for being out of his depth internationally was trying to clarify his positions. >> this is how we're wealth back. >> reporter: outlining a non-interventionist questioning the country's long-standing involvement in nato. >> i think we have to reconsider, keep nato but maybe we have to pay a lot less towards the nato itself.
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serious proposal because we want friends, we want allies who are legally committed to come to each other's self-defense. >> reporter: gop front-runner addressing aipac tonight as his campaign continues to address ongoing violence at his rallies. another protester sucker-punched over the weekend, this time in arizona. katy tur, nbc news, washington. >> reporter: this is peter alexander in washington where donald trump faces today one of his toughest challenges yet. aipac bills itself as america's bipartisan pro-israel lobby drawing speakers from both sides of the aisle. its theme tailed come together and some here blame trum for inciting violence and hatred. >> we're coming together to stand up and say this is not who we want to be. this is not who we are. as people of faith we don't believe in divide and conquer. >> reporter: trump has previously raised concerns among american jews, first with his casual remark. >> look, i'm going to negotiate like you folks, we're negotiators. >> reporter: then saying he wanted to be
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approach to pursuing middle east peace. >> let me be a neutral guy. i'm going to give it a shot. >> reporter: hillary clinton slamming that strategy without mentioning trump by name. >> we need steady hands, not a president who says he's neutral on monday, pro-israel on tuesday and who knows on wednesday. israel's security is non-negotiable. >> reporter: another leading democrat, elizabeth warren, on twitter citing him a loser. trump this afternoon accusing warren of dividing the country. here today's attendees want more details from the front-runner. trump this evening looking to silence his skeptics. eight months till november this primary season already beginning to feel like a general election. peter alexander, nbc news, washington. a manhunt is on for a newly named suspect allegedly linked to the paris
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he's identified as a potential accomplice of salam abdeslam who had been on the run for months. now we get a new look at the moment abdeslam was taken down last week. nbc's keir simmons has more. >> reporter: stunning images of the moment when europe's most wanted terrorist was captured. this is salam abdeslam. the dramatic video shows his safehouse surrounded by police. he bursts out and runs down the street. officers open fire. shot in the leg, he is led away. and tonight police launching a new manhunt for another suspect, najim nashwari, described as dangerous, his dna found at reising locations housing explosives. belgian officials say despite arresting abdeslam who drove
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stadium they are far from solving the puzzle of how isis carried off the massacre. abdeslam telling investigators he was preparing more attacks. filmed from a rooftop the arrest of abdeslam fleeing from this doorway shot here on the sidewalk raises multiple questions. why did it take four months to find him and how many others are planning attacks? intelligence failures before the paris attacks include allowing known isis operatives to return to europe, buy guns and prepare explosives. the agencies that fail to track him now scrambling to find other isis recruits. >> to my mind this does strike me as an intelligence failure. abdeslam has been able to hide how the roughly four months in the middle of belgium. >> reporter: abdeslam's lawyer says he is talking, but he is fighting extradition to france. last time he was there he was orchestrating a massacre. lester?
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thank you. back in the u.s., to an investigation at los angeles international airport where a person thought to be a jetblue flight attendant took off running after being selected for a random secondary screening. it happened on friday, and investigators say today she left behind her shoes and a bag with 60 pounds of cocaine. nbc etom costello has details. >> reporter: in plus custody at l.a.x. neatly wrapped and stacked bricks of cocaine, 60 pounds of it confiscated after a flight attendant allegedly tried to get a security checkpoint in terminal four. police say the suspect not in uniform flashed a jetblue i.d. but was randomly selected for a secondary screening. that's when she grabbed her bags and began running from the checkpoint and quickly dropped the bags and kicked off her gucci shoes and ran down an up escalator. last seen running towards terminal five. experts saying the fact that she got away
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through are big red flags. >> today it's employee smuggling drugs. tomorrow it could be be a employee smuggling guns. the day after tomorrow it could be employees smuggling a bomb. >> at l.a.x. known crew members are not wroird to go through the same full screening passengers do and can be pulled aside randomly. fearing an insider threat like the one that may have brought down a russian jetliner last fall, veteran aviation security experts have long called for many more random checks of all airline and airport employees. jetblue says it's cooperating with investigators. police are still looking for the suspect and whether she planned to meet anyone on the other side of the checkpoint. meanwhile, the l.a.x. airport police union says the case underscores why all airline employees should be required to go through full security. lester? >> all right. tom costello, wild story. a rough start to spring for millions of americans hit with a nasty snow storm right as things are supposed to start warming up. ugly conditions have
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boston. that's where we find nbc's miguel almaguer. hi, miguel. >> hey, lester, good evening. today's early spring storms delivered had a late winter blast. millions wake up to steady snow an treacherous road conditions from maryland, maine, cars, even a school bus were sliding all over the road. at cape cod this nor'easter clipped the coast, but this was no knockout punch. last year at this time homes were igloos. this season though in part because el nino blew in warmer temperatures out east, boston had the warmest december on record. the city was buried under 108 inches of snow last season and this year only 25 inches. this is what it looked like this morning where we're at. now tonight a much different scene. the snow is all but evaporated. still in places like the plains and in other parts of the midwest they are blaising for more wild weather in the days ahead.
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there's a new kind of lending based more on your future potential than your credit history. nbc's olivia sterns explains. >>. >> reporter: six months ago dave collier ditched his job in the sagging industry and signed up for computer coding school. >> people need apps to be built and data managed and people who can do that israel valuable. >> reporter: but the tuition put him $16,000 deeper in debt. just 26 dave are more than $50,000 in loans and needed to refinance fast. that's when we found upstart. >> i was able to consolidate 22,000 worth of credit card debt and cud my rate in half and accelerate my time line for getting out of debt in three years. >> reporter: it brought dave's rate down from as high as 19% to 8%, saving him more than $5,000. it's the brainchild of dare jurard, his goal to help people just like dave get cheaper credit. >> we're in the business of seeing
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people don't see it. >> reporter: instead of focusing on your credit history or fico score, upstart looks at your future. >> what you've done with credit in the mast, like to identify somebody's potential an where they are going. >> reporter: upstart asked where did you go to school, what did you study, and how much will you make in the future and is this a reliable career? upstart is just one of a growing number of companies shaking up the lending industry? but experts warn these new business models aren't proven. >> the jury's going to be out until we're in a recessionary environment and delinquencies and defaults go up and that's where you can really see, you know, what form of lending was worth of risk and which was not. >> reporter: risk dave gerard is willing to shoulder while dave collier is looking forward to the future. olivia sterns, nbc news, san antonio. and we're back in a moment with the american
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obama began his historic remarks here in havana with a tribute to a fallen u.s. marine. staff sergeant louis carden was killed in an isis rocket attack in iraq on saturday. he was 27 and on the fourth deployment of his decade-long career. tonight a top tennis official is under fire over comments about what he called lady players saying they should get down on their knees and be hankful for men. serena williams is leading the charge against what he said. next's steve patterson has more. >> today top tennis in the spotlight. first round of play at the miami open and the tennis world is distracted after controversial sexist comments by california tournament director raymond word. >> in my next live when i come back i want to be someone in the wta because they ride on the coattails of the men, they don't make any decision and they're lucky. they are very, very lucky. >> moore told reporters male stars have carried the sport.
6:52 pm
player, i'd go down every night on my knees and thank god that roger federer and rafa nadal were born. >> reporter: sport's top female player serena williams quickly took the offense. >> women have come a long way and we shouldn't have to drop to our knees at any point. >> reporter: moore later apologized in a written statement saying in part, quote, i made comments about the women tennis association that were in extremely poor taste and erroneous, but the damage is done. tennis legend billie jean king who once defeated bobby riggs in the famous battle. sexes matches more than 40 years ago treated he is wrong on so many levels. every player, especially the top players, contribute to our success. >> these types of comments almost take you back in time to things that i thought tennis and all of us were way past, and it's very, very disappointing. >> reporter: a sport that has come a long
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one of havana's famous moving tourist attractions, the old cars like cigars and baseball, famous around here, and speaking of baseball, the president tomorrow will attend a game here between tampa bay and the cuban national team. if there's anything that unites our two countries it is the love of the sport of baseball and here in the u.s. little boys growing up of wanting to some day play in the major leagues. baseball. it is also cuba's national pastime. they start young and like 13-year-old noah tortollo they dream big. what do you want in your life? >> for me i want to be a good baseball player. like i would like to get to the major leagues and play. >> reporter: as a kid tampa bay rays outfield er outfielder had the same team and today
6:57 pm
defecting he got a hero's welcome as he practiced for tomorrow's exhibition game speaking to us through a translator. >> it's wonderful, i'm so appreciative to be here in my home breathing in the cuban air. it's a huge deal for me. >> in ballparks and dusty fields across havana. junior, you play every day? >> yeah. >> passion for the sport runs deep, often driven by a shot at the majors. what's your favorite team? >> yankees. >> we love baseball since we are little boys. we, you know, watch baseball on tv and we listen to radio and people play baseball and it's part of our tradition already, you know. >> there are currently around 18 players in major league baseball. until now defecting was the most common route to the majors, but the u.s. has announced changes that could soon provide a legal path for american teammates to directly sign cuban players, putting the
6:58 pm
cuban athletes on a whole new playing field. >> we'll great some day, cuban players can play in the major league baseball but legally. >> do you think he'll make it to the major leagues? >> maybe, i hope so. >> noah, who is coached by his father, says when his time comes he'll be ready. >> how good are you? >> really good, yeah. >> one local baseball expert told us there are 11 million people living in this country, and the he expects about 11 million to be watching the game tomorrow between the rays and the cuban national team. that's going to do it for us on a monday night from havana, cuba. i'm lester holt. for all of us at nbc news, t hi, guys! spring is almost here and you know what that means!
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and our returning champion, a leadership trainer from decatur, georgia... and now here is the host of "jeopardy!" -- alex trebek! hey, johnny, thank you. thank you, ladies and gentlemen. welcome, everyone. another half-hour of answers and questions. steve, very impressive in his debut last week, but today he defends for the first time. let's see how things work out against kim and melissa. nice to have you with us. good luck. here we go into the jeopardy! round.


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