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tv   Mad Money  NBC  March 23, 2016 3:00am-4:00am EDT

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when those prices drop, people start buying stocks. that's how you can have a day like this one, one that started with a horrendous terrorist attack in brussels, which justifiably brought down almost everything at the opening, then a rally in the afternoon. dow only falling 41 points, s&p declining 0.9%, nasdaq advancing 0.27%. by the end of the day, the stocks getting hit were the ones directly related to travel and leisure. those companies will suffer because of a loss in business as the world is on edge. makes people want to stay at home. the rest of the market was able to mount somewhat of a comeback because of this thing i'm calling this underlying bid. it seems to be there since the bottom of this market on february 11, when murky issues involving energy losses, weak european banks and insurging populist politics to the satisfaction of the bulls, not the bears.
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terrorist attacks didn't cause a more lasting decline in the stock market, at least for this day? first, these attacks have sadly become the thing we expect to happen. they are tragic and gut-wrenching. but they are now accepted as part of the firmament. later in the show we'll go over a game plan for those stocks most directly impacted. when the horrific paris attacks occurred, you saw a decline in stocks like starbucks. people reassessed after the ceo howard schultz told us that the decline in european sales post the paris attacks had run its course and stock vaulted back to where it was before the awful news. given the potential for mayhem out there i understand this. you may think stocks simply aren't for you because the world is senseless, reaction is meaningless and the cure seems nonexistent. all i can say is know thyself.
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risk in your life. what i care about isn't risk per se, but calculated risk. you calculate risk by looking at what's happened in similar situations, whether they be the london, madrid or new york bombings. we'll never be away from tragedy. we can understand the direction of a company's stock. can diverge based on these events. what did people buy? the concept of the roving bear market i've been trying to teach you for months now, the one after they peaked in the summer of 2014, the one that knocked down the cyclicals because we thought china was falling off a cliff back in august 2014 yet the fed was going to tighten. the same roving bear that
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reported at the beginning of the year. we saw the dangerous loans they made to the oil and gas companies. the fed wasn't going to raise rates. or the bear that killed the cloud stocks and brought all of technology to its knees. the one that crushed the media and entertainment stocks because of higher content costs. as each resolved themselves positively, the money that greeted the resolution and caused that cohort to move higher came from the next sector being mauled. the last bear market, the health care bear market in place much of this year may seem to be coming to an end. at least it's turning more from a grisly to a polar bear, rarer and restricted to some colder climates. what caused this bear market to begin with? a host of things. first the political rhetoric. every politics has been prepared to demonize the banks at any given moment. banks test badly. if you are looking for a sure-fire way to move up in the
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paid the price, said they could bring down the system. that litany is out there the pharmaceutical industry jumped ahead of the banks when it comes to public loathing. after a couple of errant drug companies we were vocal about price gouging. it turned into the best thing bernie sanders could harp on and hillary clinton jumped on it from the left. donald trump talked about $300 billion in medicare costs that could be saved if the government would negotiate with the drug companies like every other country does. biotech companies revealed to be serial price races, pharma took prices up when they could get away with it. one company valeant built a business model buying other drug companies jacking up drug prices and slashing research and development budgets to make a big profit. i don't necessarily believe in irony as an investing style. yesterday michael pearson, the man behind that valeant business model was fired.
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pressure seemed to be lifting from the group. i don't want to pronounce the big bear market over all of health care, however, it does seem to be the case the pressure is off for now with big pharma and fast-growing biotech stocks having reached levels with the sellers seem to have gone away. buyers worried and having a bit of an appetite. even when the market was down off the belgian tragedy this morning, you saw these health care stocks starting to go that was happening because valeant was rallying at the get-go. as investors increasingly seem to think it's over the hump, i worry about the $30 billion in debt valeant has. while you may want to trade it because the stock has fallen too far, i don't have a handle how the company is doing. i can't recommend it to you. i saw it popped 10% today like everybody else. i think there is enough quality pharma to reach down the food chain for something like valeant. i think it's worth noting something else that suggests stocks are under value.
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from giant oil bellwethers. transocean, a rig company and schlumberger, about how it could be years before things get better in the oil patch. i couldn't imagine a better reason to take profits in the oil and gas stocks than these two companies seeing siren songs for the near term. the stock's barely budged. some went higher. ones downgrade. that's called resilience. and tech. we've been devoid of tech news lately but the group keeps climbing. the pre-february bottom days, the choice of direction was down, now seems higher. what's the significance? once again when you have groups that rally on no news, that is a sign of money flowing in and belief the world is getting stronger, not weaker. hey haven't had nasty news out of china. we had bullish figures from europe last night. apple, so important to the complex rallied on what many said was a nonevent of a meeting
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smaller phone which judging by the reaction today many people do. so here is the bottom line. bid underneath is real. buyers were ready for the down draft. they used weakness to put money to work, which is exactly what happens when big money thinks that individual companies are indeed undervalued. brooke in oklahoma. >> caller: how you doing today? >> i am doing quite well. how about you? >> caller: greetings from tulsa, oklahoma, man. just want you to know i'm a big fan of the show. i'll make this brief. >> sure. >> caller: with all this chaos going on today with the brussels attacks, i wanteded your intake and opinion on defense stocks, in particular lockheed martin. >> lockheed martin is a large holding of action we trimmed it. now it's too big a part of the portfolio.
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would address some of the terror actions. i think that lockheed martin is the best one to own. action alerts, like to play with an open hand did, sell some and yield almost 3%. i think it's in very good shape for the future. arnold in oregon, please. >> caller: i've been in the market almost 60 years. you make life for the demented ancients in your audience excited. >> my dad and i got a kick talking about stocks. it's something parents and kids can do. it's a nice neutral ground what's up? >> caller: i have substantial positions in both celgene and regeneron, purchased back about five years ago when you recommended them. with the recent threats on biopharmas by certain presidential candidates, both are down significantly from their highs. is this a good entry point to
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i be considering reductions? >> no. i have been saying, i wrote a piece for "real money" last night and articulated it today. i think the stocks have come down so much that it is too late to sell. is it too early to buy? i know it sounds like a copout, but i would say in some cases no. in some cases yes. the two you own, i would not be a seller. i'm more inclined to be a buyer. thank you for watching all these years. buyers are lurking underneath the current prices. the bid is real. we saw them in action today. on "mad money" tonight, we can't hide from reality that terrorism affects the economy. i'm going to take a closer look the at airline, cruise ship and online travel agencies. they were hit. and the brain behind taco bell and pizza hut has been on a tear this year. if yum! brands found the recipe for success. is the recent rally in commodities for real? i'm tackling the technicals to find out if the upward momentum
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why don't you stick with cramer? >> announcer: don't miss a second of "mad money." follow @jimcramer on twitter. have a question? tweet cramer, #madtweets. send jim an e-mail to or give us a call at 1-800-743-cnbc.
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ohhhhhh! do you have to do that right in my ear? in the wake of this morning's horrific terrorist attacks in brussels, we need to do some serious thinking. painful as it may be, these events are starting to become
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especially when these lunatic jihadists go after public transportation, every stock in the travel and leisure space goes lower. that is a fact and understandable. the same thing happened to the airlines and priceline and expedia and the cruise ships stocks after the attacks in paris in november. eventually people stopped being quite so scared. they don't want to let the terrorists win and travel stocks start to rebound. going into today's action, the big three airlines, delta, united, continental and american were all up to where they were trading before november. consider the london subway attacks in 2005, priceline lunged, but the stock made up all its losses then some. most of these travel and leisure stocks have become cheap at these levels. that was true before today's pullback. i would like to highlight a
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there is real dichotomy in the group that's been going unnoticed. let me tell you why it could smart to own an airline stock or even buy a company like priceline. it could be foolish to bet on a cruise township like carnival or royal caribbean, a dichotomy within travel is what i'm talking about. the difference has to do with another scary story in the headlines lately, the zika virus. it can cause potential parents to give birth to children with severe birth defects. let's start with travel stocks which mill be immune to zika, the airlines and online travel agencies. today they got cheaper. delta trading 6.8 times estimated earnings estimates. best of breed southwest at 9.8 times earnings. we know the two airlines most impacted delta and american could see near-term earnings pressure from canceled bookings because of the substantial overseas business. i believe a bounceback will be in store.
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they sell 16 times next year's earnings estimates. that is absurd given their fabulous growth rates. priceline is good, expedia is great. which brings us to the big issue. if i'm willing to bust the airlines, despite worries about the zika virus and new-found fierce regarding terrorism, why not the cruise lines? i think it's too soon to sound the all-clear. i think the zika virus will impact upcoming bookings. i've heard some experts say within a year, 25% of people living in puerto rico could be exposed to the disease. that's alarming. it isn't like the ebola scare from the fall of 2014 when one person on the cruise was exposed, but turned out not to have the disease. the zeka virus may not be lethal like abowla, but it spreads faster and can be transmitted sexually. it's certainly frightening to anyone who wants to have children. that matters because right now
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over the caribbean. given that the caribbean represents the majority of can valley revenues, only 43% of royal caribbean and the lion's share of norwegian cruise's business, that is a big deal. granted both carnival and royal caribbean said zika hasn't been much of a problem yet. carnival hasn't seen material negative impact on bookings. this outbreak has only just started. i fear the headlines will get worse before they get better. people will be less willing to go on vacation in this crucial region for the cruise industry. don't get me wrong. carnival is well run. cruise stocks are extremely cheap. carnival trading 12 times earnings, royal caribbean is 11. until we have a clearer picture of the potential damage or vaccine or cure, you have to steer clear of this group. bottom line, the space has gotten cheap. with. travel and leisure section you pulling back in response to the tragic terror attacks in
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stocks you buy in the weakness. airlines gets two thumbs up, priceline and expedia, they are worth buying. the cruise lines, why take the chance the zika virus proves to be a real problem when you have so to choose from among airlines and travel agents? if you love taco bell, kfc or pizza hut, don't move. from copper to iron ore, aluminum to oil, the whole commodity complex is moving hire. i'm going to go off the charts to find out. >> he was the only man the late steve jobs said he would work for.
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roaring higher. stock up 20% since six weeks ago. yum reported a strong quarter in february. even though it took the market a while to appreciate just how well the business is doing. but it's breaking itself up in a unlock a tremendous amount of value. if you've been on the sidelines watching this stock rally, i've got news for you. you are looking for stocks still worth buying? it's not too late to buy yum. i think you need to own this stock going into the pending spin-off of this chinese business as a separate company. it will be a real money maker for shareholders. it's all about china. bigger than the united states, representing 34% of total sales. for a long time that was a huge positive, propelled the stock steadily higher. then in the summer of 2014, yum chinese business started to slow dramatically. it was in part because of a tainted meat issue at kfc but the chinese economy was starting to roll over.
3:23 am
up tremendous growth in overseas market aside from china, investors had a hard time seeing past the chinese weakness. fast forward a couple of activist investors got involved. these activists began to push yum to break up the company. maestro arguing it could be worth $40 to $70 a share on its own. royalties could be equal to $16 per share for the legacy yum! brands. the stock surged to an all-time high of may 20th because activists trying to make something happen. yum delivered two ugly quarters in a row and even though the chinese business finally stabilized, by october, investors gave up on the stock. guidance was hideous. that was enough to push ceo greg creed to embrace a break-up.
3:24 am
entity focused on china and more consistent entity focused on everywhere else. the legacy yum! brands plans to become more of a franchise with getting 95% of its restaurants into franchisees. the erratic nature of china's division masks the consistent performance of the rest of the company. plus the new yum! brands is generous to shareholders. returning $2 billion to shareholders before the break-up. i bet the china for yum brands gives you a stronger yield after the spin-off. not just because the stock goes down. i don't expect that to happen. the nonchina part of yum will be far more geographically diversified than the consistent yum! brands. with the strong dollar showing
3:25 am
2016, u.s.-based international companies could get a nice tail wind from currency translation. however, i don't want to make this break-up sound like one of those spin-off situations where a company is desperate to unload a lousy division or make wall street appreciate the rest of the company. yum china has more going for it. if you're getting hammered, yum's chinese business seems to have turned. after being down double digits since the second half of 2014, same-store sales were up 2% during the last two quarters. i think yum china will be better able to focus on delivering powerful growth by putting up new stores and making the existing ones more profitable. there is plenty of room for new stores. yum stock has run up 22% since the bottom of february, you've got to remember the stock is $17 off its highs from last year. i'm looking for stocks well off their highs. since then we learned that the
3:26 am
stabilized. those are two major positives. how much should yum! brands be worth after it breaks itself up? how much value is the spin-off likely to unlock? we have not given you that number. now we have it. let's work it through. we do have currently public available information here. consensus on wall street is yum will earn $3.54 a share. the nonchina portion of the business accounts for roughly 2/3 of its profit. say they earn $2.33, what a good comparison? why don't we take a high end and reach for the stars and go for dominoes? a fabulous global growth brand. dominoes has a higher growth rate. new yum! brands will give you a better dividends deal. let's give it 27 times earnings.
3:27 am
new china-free yum could be worth nearly $63. how about the chinese businesses? when the activist investors started clamoring for a break-up, they made the case yum china could earn $3 per share next year, $40 to $70 a share. we are assuming yum china can be worth $40, though to get that value, pizza hut which has been having a rough time has to get back on track. that is something i think could be in the cards by the end of the year. put them all together, $103 a share. that represents a terrific 30% gain from where the stock is currently trading. this whole equation ignores the company is going to return $4.4 billion capital investment. no wonder it's been buying back stocks so aggressively. the business is worth a lot more remember, that is a continual theme i've been bringing up on "mad money." the business is worth more than
3:28 am
if you missed the recent rebound, this stock was beaten down in february. the break-up plan has potential to unlock a tremendous amount of value, which is why i believe yum has a lot more up side. if you're wondering if it's too late to buy this stock, the answer is no. the stock is absolutely still worth buying. yum might be the cheapest name in the entire group, if not one of the cheapest in the entire stock market. john in connecticut. >> caller: boo-yah, jim cramer. long-time viewer and action alerts subscriber. >> yes, thank you! >> caller: what is your opinion on the kitchen. hit a 52-week low today despite a one cent earnings beat last month and decent guidance? >> popeye's. this is a quandary to me. we had the company on. she tells a good story. here is my issue so you know. i think that there is pressure on the actual chicken part of the industry.
3:29 am
louisiana, but if you look at buffalo wild wings, that's been under pressure, too. we had been staying away from the chicken place and far more leaning to panera, as you know. that is probably the better bet even up here and yum which we think is terrific and inexpensive because of the break-up. ian in new york. >> caller: thanks for taking my call. want to ask you about square and recent rise in their stock. do you think they've grown as much as their current platform will allow them? and will they extend to peer-to-peer payments? >> when a square reported, i went on "squawk on the street" and said it was good quarter then the stock went down. maybe i don't know how to read a conference call. of course, i rethought it. the market has taken a second
3:30 am
think it is. i think square is decent. it moved up a couple of bucks. have no fear, you haven't missed the move in yum yet. which is why i went back to the well to tell you this. the bulls will continue to feast on this one even as popeye's and buffalo wild wings will not be what you want now. much more "mad money" ahead. i'm going to go off the chart to see if commodity rally is for real. he arrived in the u.s. with less than $20 off his profit. i'm paying my respects for andy grove. with so much uncertainty in the market, i'm here to help in tonight's very special
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ever since the market bottomed back in february, the whole commodity complex has been rebounding dramatically off its lows, from copper to iron ore, aluminum to oil. the rally took a breather today. until the bottom last month, commodities have been in freefall for years. at this point, it's hard to say whether we are dealing with a genuine rally or an oversold bounce long overdue. that's why tonight we are going g off the charts. going to be with the help of carly garner, commodities expert who is the co-founder of carly
3:35 am
garner's view. it's been a long and difficult road for anyone bullish on commodities. she thinks they might be showing promise. that matters. the strength of the commodity complex in oil is a huge part of the reason the stock market has been able to roar higher since february 11th when crude was trading in the $20s and $30s. leading to hundreds of billions of dollars worth of defaults. something would spread the pain around to the banks. oil isn't the only commodity that matters. we might not be worried about in iron ore is headed higher and climbing commodity prices could signal resurgence in the global economy. when carly garner says the commodity complex is on the brink of a breakout, you better start listening. her thesis, check out the weekly chart of the dow jones index made up of 23 commodity futures contracts. the energy, metals, agriculture
3:36 am
while there are a handful of indexes out there garner prefers this one. it isn't as overweighted in crude oil as some of the others, making it a better barometer of the commodities basket. when she looks at this chart, it is right on the verge of breaking out above its multimonth down trend line. if the commodity index clears the hurdle of resistance just below $15, only a few cents above where the $14.68 where it's currently trading, this could soar to $20. that's a level it hasn't seen since 2014. wouldn't that be incredible? there are a number of factors that could make this commodity break out a reality. why don't we look at the relative strength index. that is a powerful momentum indicator. the rsi has been roaring higher in recent weeks after spending months down in the dumps. we could get an even bigger
3:37 am
that is a definitive breakout. here's the moving average divergence which we call the mack-d. that is a tool to predict changes in the trajectory not as they happen, but before they happen. not only is the mack-d surging higher as well, but we recently got a bullish crossover. this is tight there. that's a bullish crossover where the black line crosses above the red one and that is really important. because it's one of the most reliably positive signals you can get from the technicals. garner believes the charts paint a positive picture. lots of potential up side. can you imagine? ought to be in that one. despite all the nay-sayers, commodities caught a bid. garner thinks the big institutional money managers are making their move which explains why copper and gold quietly rebounded from the january lows.
3:38 am
it's agriculture commodities, live stock products. this is the broad-based rally that could indicate the worst is over from this incredibly long-term suffering commodity. depending how you measure it, the commodity complex may already have broken out from its brutal down trend. now take a gander at the weekly chock of the goldman sachs commodity index which has traditionally been heavily weighted toward oil. it broke out above its down trend three weeks ago and rocketing higher ever since. the relative strength index and mack-d indicator are both on fire here and that suggests this move is the real deal. look, i know there have been fakeouts. i know there have been fakeouts. this one does feel different. at the moment, the conventional wisdom on wall street says the current commodity bounces is nothing like a bear market blip. garner suspects it's more than
3:39 am
she doesn't think it's going to be a repeat of that. seasonal patterns are typically bullish through late may and the move could continue a couple more months if not longer. let's not forget about the dollar. the super freakish strong dollar hurts commodities because they are priced in dollars. with the greenback weakening, garner says the commodity prices should continue to rise even if the fundamentals aren't all that great. if there isn't all that powerful demand, a weaker dollar does matter that. commodities went onto freefalls and the dollar pulls back higher. here is the bottom line. for those suspicious of the recent run-up in commodity prices, the charts interpreted by carly garner suggested it could be the real deal. while i personally believe the price of oil is likely to stay lower for longer, that doesn't mean the metals or grains or pork bellies can't go higher from here.
3:40 am
argument, the idea this commodity rally could have another big leg up should not be dismissed out of hand like so many are doing. instead, i think it should be considered both a reasonable and a distinct possibility. "mad money" is back after the break. someone's hacked all our technology. technology... say, have you seen all the amazing technology in geico's mobile app? mobile app? look. electronic id cards, emergency roadside service, i can even submit a claim. wow... yep, geico's mobile app works like a charm.
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the lightning round. rapid fire calls and i tell you buy, buy or sell, sell. i play till this sound and then the lightning round is over. are you ready, skee-daddy? let's start with richard in ohio. >> boo-yah, jimbo. i'm curious first. how come you don't wear short-sleeved shirts then you wouldn't have to roll your sleeves up. >> my mom never liked short-sleeved shirts. she said they made you look like you weren't doing as well as you should be. go ahead. that's why i don't wear them. >> caller: okay. michael kors. >> kors, stocks are doing better and i like kors, but i think coach is in better shape. i would pick up coach here. nike trading down in the after hours.
3:45 am
>> amd? >> no. the personal computer space is hurting. that is bad news for amd. i would not take advantage of sell the stock. john in connecticut. >> caller: how you doing tonight? >> i am doing very well. how about you? >> caller: not too bad. jim, i've been looking at this company hsbc. >> no. i don't like that yield. i don't like the banks here. i do want you to stay away from that situation. let's go to pennsylvania. >> caller: boo-yah, jim from poconos. >> okay. not far from where i grew up. what's happening? >> caller: my stock is azaz. >> i like this stock. i like the drone smaller man aircraft space, you want to own defense.
3:46 am
lockheed martin but i think that they have a greater mosaic of defense spending. dennis in rhode island. >> caller: dr. den here or self-proclaimed. i have an autopsy for you to perform. upco health. i could not see any institutional buying of this. i've been liking it but i feel as if i'm missing something. >> no. you're fine. it's coming back. they did an acquisition. people thought it was diluted. i believe in frost and the stock is making a comeback. peter in north carolina. >> caller: jim, boo-yah. i have a baby girl coming in june. should her college fund own corning? >> corning's fine. it's been doing well of late. i just don't have an edge there.
3:47 am
company that is historically did really well then had a big down turn. don't have a feel for it at this level. although technically, i know everyone says it's breaking out. nick in florida. >> caller: boo-yah, jim. shake shack, please. >> good one next to the barclay center. here's the problem. it has good numbers, but each store is valued too highly if you look at the market capitalization. i can't recommend shake shack other than to tell you if i ate burgers, i would go there. let's go to pat in texas. >> caller: this is pat from texas. i'd like a sandt check, short and long term on alrm. >> i do not know it well enough to give you either a short or long term. i have to come back on that one. bill in new jersey. >> caller: a big new jersey boo-yah to you jim.
3:48 am
going on? >> caller: you had quintiles. >> it's fantastic. there is a very good article talking about how expensive it is to get a drug through and people should recognize quintiles is one of the parts of the process that actually is reasonable and really does help you get through. a very difficult system with the fda. herbert in pennsylvania. >> caller: hi, cramer. a first-time caller. i enjoy your shows. all the guys send their regard and congratulations on your 11 years there. >> thank you very much. >> caller: cpxx. >> they just reached stage 3. i have a biotech bible i had the staff put together at the
3:49 am
i have to come back for more information. i don't like to cuff one of these. let's go to zach in texas. >> caller: boo-yah and salutations from the lone star state. tsra, analysts have 250 price target. >> we like skyworks solutions more and we like broadcom which is the old avago. those are our favorites in that space. we are not wavering. that is the conclusion of the lightning round! >> the lightning round is sponsored by td ameritrade. mmm... i can't believe it has 40% fewer calories than butter. i can't believe it's made with real, simple ingredients. i can't believe... we're on a whale.
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the tech industry lost a titan yesterday and we are all the worse for it. talking about andy grove, one of the founders of intel and a man who understood business better than anyone else i ever met. there is a whole generation that's going up on the web and understands the technology bundled in today's smart phone can put a man on the moon. there was another time would you have had to pay millions of dollars for that computer power and it would take up the floor of a big office building. andy grove changed all that. they created a chip that made a
3:53 am
into something more powerful than anything. they did it at a price affordable to you the consumer. they democraticized technology. anyone could access computing that was only previously available to a superrich company. i remember when the most flamboyant said intel would develop a computer chip the size of that pen that would have more power than an ibm mainframe. a critic squawked. no one would pay $2 million for a device the size of a pen. the reaction explained it all. people wouldn't pay $2 million, they would pay a fraction of that, maybe $200. even less than $200. ended up being about $150. andy grove became ceo of intel in 1987 and stayed ceo until 1998. during his tenure, market value went from $4 billion to $197 billion. that's an astronomical 4,500%
3:54 am
during that time, grove refined and refined the chip. each time making it more powerful. reasonably priced so intel inside meant value and fantastic computing for any buyer of a personal computer. grove was the most exacting businessman insisting intel become the greatest manufacturer of any product ever made. factories were incredible. you could argue he succeeded. he was constantly looking over his shoulder of what others were offering, spending fortunes in research and development. perhaps the legacy of his escaping the holocaust and soviet tyranny of hungary before he immigrated here as a young boy. he wrote the book "only the paranoids survive." anyone who wants to start or run a business or analyze a business should buy only "the paranoids survive" tonight because it's remarkable in its intensity and
3:55 am
succeed. grove was tough on himself. he was no softy. when i met him, he had just used some of my writing for his annual report. i wanted to thank him and he shrugged his shoulders. i what hoping he would sign the annual for me. he looked away from me. what is crushed. a mutual friend apologized for him and said that's andy. he had no time for small talk. he is running a business and was way too rigorous to waste time on any nicety. when he got sick with prostate cancer, he shared his work with everyone. thank you for making it possible for everyone to enjoy computing and creating wealth for many and showing raw intelligence, hard work and honesty can indeed pay off in this great between you and life's beautiful moments.
3:56 am
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said a bottle couldn't see the ocean. "give up." "go back to the dumpster." but i didn't listen. i made my way. and now... i'm what i've always wanted to be. [waves crashing on beach] so this year, i ordered my prom dress from shady deals and when it came it said some assembly required. i ordered these batteries for my digital camera but the batteries weren't included so i had to draw all of our family memories. i ordered a 60 inch tv from shady deals.
3:59 am
you can't sit further than 60 inches away. i should've checked with the bbb. [male announcer] be a savvy consumer. research businesses, report false advertising and settle transaction claims with the bbb. terror suspects in brussels terror attacks continues. and the split primary contest in three western states. a special edition of show starts right now. good morning everybody. and thanks for joining us today. right now a massive manhunt is
4:00 am
police believe these are the men behind the airport explosions. he is on the run. police say he fled the scene after the explosions and just in, nbc news has confirmed the names of the two attackers on the left as brothers. authorities say they blew themselves up. counter terrorism officials say that the men wielded suitcase bombs, two exploded, the third later did not. overnight, raids yielded what is believed to be a bomb making factory. and isis flag was also found. isis has claimed responsibility for the attack. hundreds more injured. bill neely reports. >> reporter: terror in the airport terminal. it's 8:00 this morning moments after an explosion.


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