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tv   Good Morning Tri- State 5 AM  ABC  February 2, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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it's the calm before the storm today.good morning, i'm chris riva. riva.i'm kathrine nero.the next big weather system is headed our way ...meteorologist jennifer ketchmark is tracking the storm on this groundhog day.
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:25 remember this is a was very very close. it was called by a coin toss: 29 in the live alert... and breaking overnight... too close to call in iowa-a virtual tie between bernie sanders and hillary clinton. while ted cruz wins the republican vote, putting donald trump in second place, with marco rubio hot on his heels. abc's lana zak is there in iowa - script: sanders it looks like we are in a virtual tie. a razor-thin margin separates bernie sanders and hillary clinton in iowa, a race too close to call? in some precincts a coin toss broke the delegate tie- nats coin toss the clinton campaign saying this morning, they believe they won. but clinton
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victory in her speech. instead she took on the republicans- hillary clinton: i will not -- i will not let their decisiveness, their efforts to rip away the progress that we've made be successful. so as i stand here tonight, breathing a big sigh of relief, thank you, iowa// by contrast, it was a decisive win for ted cruz- ted cruz iowa had made clear to america and the world, morning has come. // and trump was gracious in his second-place finish- trump i absolutely love the people of iowa.// i think i might come here and buy a farm, i love it.// and just one-point behind trump?marco rubio riding a wave of support for months they told us because we offer too much optimism in a time of anger, we had no chance. tag:
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here are some more details about last night's iowa caucuses.there are two *fewer* candidates this morning.on the democratic side... martin o'malley suspended his campaign. campaign.and for the g-o-p... mike huckabee dropped out. out.rick santorum is -quote- "taking time to think" before making a decision on his future. future.and despite earlier reports... dr. ben carson says he is *not* withdrawing from the race... blaming his loss on "dirty tricks." ohio governor john kasich skipped iowa to make a town hall appearance in new hampshire.that's where he has been focusing his time, effort and money.he told voters his administration would rewrite the tax code and ease federal regulations. be sure to stay with gmts all morning long for the lastest updates.and at 7am g-m-a takes over the coverage with live updates from iowa.and as always you can get immediate updates on our website wcpo dot com.
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runs are going on now - today the big question is: how will we pay for the streetcar? streetcar?9 on your side's kristen swilley is live with what to expect today as city leaders present the final revenue plan. right now the streetcar has some cincinnati city council members claiming funding is not on track and worried that a potential second phase of the project would take the budget in the wrong direction. council member chistopher smitherman says while the streetcar may be operational in mid-september, it could be running at a deficit and using money from the general fund to cover the cost...taking away from things like fire, police and sanitation. he says original estimates about the number of riders and the cost to get on board are down.but council member amy murray, who chairs major transportation, said no money is coming out of the general fund. she also says the hale foundation is pitching in 900 thousand dollars to help cover the costs. still, smitherman says he doesn't see how the streetcar can run without the
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"the assumptions that were articulated to the public are not panning out and we're now seeing this broader discussion of how we're going to operate this without competing with basic services and the reality is that we can't." today the major transportation regional operation committee meets at 1 o clock at city hall... where advertising efforts so far will be presented. reporting live....kristen swilley...9 on your side. breaking in the live alert center.a hearing today in the bill cosby case.the hearing outside philadelphia is the first in cosby's criminal sexual assault case.he is charged with felony aggravated indecent assault, accused of drugging and sexually assaulting a former temple university cosby will fight to get the charge dismissed. pleading with the city to stop the violence.
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stepping up during the meeting last night to ask for any kind of help.what chief isaac had to say . today is groundhog's day...we're all waiting to see if winter will last another 6 weeks...this is video from last year when punxsutawney phil saw his shadow... but if he doesn't... we should expect warmer temperatures and an early spring.we'll be checking in live on the celebration
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construction begins this week on a new connector road that will run adjacent to northern kentucky university. chopper 9 -- showed us the 1.7 mile road that starts at johns hill
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parking lots and dorms -- and connects to three mile road. the 10 million dollar project will ease congestion around campus -- and is expected to be complete next fall. parents of murdered children are pleading with the city to stop the violence. violence.that plea took center stage in the latest public input meeting put on by the police chief and other city leaders. leaders.people packed the westwood town hall, as chief eliot isaac and mayor cranley mapped out ways to get criminals off the streets. mothers of murdered children shared their stories- and asked for help with their unsolved cases. kelsie crow was killed outside a sweet 16 birthday party. 40:35 on the news is that the person who that killed kelsie? it's not fair. my 9 year olds should not have to know about this and they know more about murder than they ever should know. 44 butt to:sot: mayor cranley 59:38 if we can bring federal charges on illegal guns, we can get that killer put away on a long term basis
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murder to stick because we can't get the witnesses. 47 the chief's new "pivot" program - targeting specific crime trouble spots - got praise at the meeting. a lot of people said they are eager to see how it plays out. there will be three more public input sessions in the coming weeks. on the job front today - your chance to apply for hundreds of jobs in everything from healthcare to finance. finance.a job fair is happening at the sharonville convention center today. it runs from 10 a-m to 2 p-m. among the companies participating - breckenridge school of nursing and health science, first command financial, ikea and time warner cable. honoring a man hit while on hit bike.the event being planned now and how you can
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gmts anim"you're watching good morning tri-state at 5 on 9 on your side!" right now-- family and friends are planning a memorial bike ride in honor of the man hit riding his bike on kellogg avenue. 42-year-old michael prater died yesterday morning. police say 34-year-old melinda woodall was high on prescription drugs when she crashed into him -- then drove off. she's now facing charges for aggravated vehicular homicide.the cycling community is planning to put a 'ghost bike' in prater's honor at the site of the crash. jheri neri of northside's 'mo-bo bicycle cooperative' hopes it will serve as a memorial... and
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"i want them to remember the fact that a young, man who had an incredible life in front of him passed at this spot tragically, unnecessarily"neri says this is the sixth ghost bike inthe city. right now -- prater's family is asking for privacy. dramatic video from a group of storm chasers in sydney, australia. the two were filming a severe thunderstorm. ... when lightning lit up the sky!watch just how close the bolt of lightning came. .07 don't go outside. bleep. holy bleep. oh my god. .14 .14neither one of them were hurt but say-- they could feel the "static charge" from the lightning. they were planning on taking their boat out... just moments before this...
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we want to report breaking news now from our butler- warren county bureau....a house fire on leelah drive in mason.we have a crew on the way...and will bring you more as we know more.but now...let get your latest nine first
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and now let's take a look at the gas prices around the tri- state.we found overnight in three different areas the lowest per gallon.cincinnati
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newport 1-53 at the korger on pavilion parkwaylawrenceburg 1-52 at the conocoas always you can head to our website wcpo dot com for the lowest prices in your part of town...that's under the traffic tab. happening annual event hosted by the boys and girls club.'s the 20-16 youth of the year competition.'s a live look at great american this morning. tonight at 5-30 local teens will be filling the stands competing for the title of "youth of the year".the boys & girls club youth of the year is a program, celebrating the extraordinary achievements of club teens.they'll each give a speech to tell why they deserve the honor.
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failing.what experts are saying this morning about treatments to get rid of available. and here's what you'll see
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a plan to cut the spread of hepatitis c and h-i-v in northern kentucky is gaining momentum.independence city council has voted to support plans for a regional needle exchange's only the second city in northern kentucky to do so. so.the plan would put exchanges in clinics in each county.users could get clean needles to replace dirty ones - and get tested for diseases and counseling for addiction. critics say the program doesn't hold users accountable - and will could bring crime to the areas. sean fitzgerald/opposes exchange022645 i don't agree with the program. i think there are other options that would be better to try to
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promoting by handing out free needles. needles.hamilton county has an exchange that was bounced around before landing in northside.and pendleton county's exhcnage went unused for months prepare to start itching. chemicals used to fight bedbugs are failing! failing!a new study found bed bugs are becoming increasingly resistant to insecticides. researchers suggest more non-chemical methods,like heat or steam, may be need to be used to combat bedbug infestations. airlines are working to make your flight a little less stressful.the new boarding suggestion that might have parents breathing a sigh of relief. after a chilly start, temperatures will warm quickly
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around the evening drive. spotty showers are also possible this evening but a stronger push of storms comes in after 8 p.m. with heavy showers, gusty winds and the
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concealed guns....under a coat. the man caught on survelliance video ...but not by employees- taking guns from a local store. the number of times he got away with it will surprise you. we're working to stay on top of a severe weather threat in the tri-state for tonight.
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meterologist, jennifer ketchmark has when and where we'll get rain - and more.. jennifer? after a chilly start, temperatures will warm quickly today, topping out at 610 around the evening drive. spotty showers are also stronger push of storms comes in after 8 p.m. with heavy showers, gusty winds and the
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traffic right now police are looking for a man who tried ripping a place off one too many times. times.they say on three straight days he walked into a west chester cabela's and walked out with a gun.jordan burgess is live with how you could help police catch him.
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he'd gotten away with it... police say he tried it not once.. not twice.. but three times... in a row.but the cameras here in this cabela's parking lot saw it all. we want to show you the photos of the man that police hope will bring him to justice.take a good look at them.he's said to be in his 20's.. he's wearing that hat and that distinctive white coat that likely helped him get the guns out of the store.police say on three straight days he walked in and walked out with a gun. it's not just his photo the cameras captured.they also got his vehcile.this maroon pick up truck filled with tires in the back. if you know this guy or see him around you're asked to call the west chester police department.police are hoping the pictures will make the difference.reporting live.. jordan burgess. 9 on your side. the tri-state mother charged in the death of her two year old daughter is now a mother
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sheriff's office says rebekah kinner delivered her second child, a boy, yesterday afternoon. police say kinner did not intervene while her boyfriend, bradley young, beat her daughter kinsley to death last year. young is also charged in the case.kinsley's father, scott senft, has said he beieves he is also the baby fight for custody. at a hearing today, we could learn more about the mental state of a mom accused of beheading her infant daughter. deasia watkins' attorneys are seeking an expert opinion on her mental health and intend to pursue an insanity defense . before her daughter's death last march ... she had been diagnosed with post-partum psychosis. after her arrest she was ordered into psychiatric treatment.then in august, watkins was found competent to stand trial. timing is everything and in this case...not a good thing for the cincinnati fire department.the staff is dwindling this year because of retirement. chief richard braun said the department told city council the department
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retire... but it could lose 23 by the end of the year.the reason?the death of firefighter daryl gordon last year.he says it changed the dynamic of the department. we had... giving them pressure pressurethe department had budgeted $1.6 million dollars in overtime... but the real world number is likely $4 million by the end of the fiscal year.there is currently a recruiting class of 40 firefighters... and as soon as they graduate... the department plans to recruit another 40. are you already planning - or at least - hoping for a spring time getaway?. getaway?.if those plans include flying may be in luck.the airlines are taking a page out of their history books... books...for the first time
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airlines will offer free snacks in coach and more free movies.the snacks were shelved, in part to the recession and it's merger with u.s. airways. it saved an average of two million dollars per year. meanwhile, united is also trying to make things easier for parents.the company is reversing a four-year long policy... and allowing families with young kids to board early.the change will allow any family with kids under the age of two to get settled in before other passengers take their seats. the *updated policy starts on february 15th. and if you're flying always check our website first before heading out the door.go to wcpo dot com and click on the
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no option.which university is now "requiring" students to wear a fitbit and why officials say it's for their own good. keep moving.the trick you can use with your smartphone to help you shed the pounds. after a chilly start, temperatures will warm quickly today, topping out at 610 around the evening drive. spotty showers are also possible this evening but a storms comes in after 8 p.m.
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9 on your side is out to make your month! we're partnering with u-s bank, handing out free money!our teams are hitting the streets, handing out 100 dollars -4 days a week. you don't have to do anything, we are picking people at random all around the tri-state. and every friday, we are picking a special someone and giving
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will be a february to remember as our surprise patrol hands out free money to some of you. you can catch our surprise patrol reports all through february on 9 on your side at 6pm. trending appears dating and politics...have a lot more in common than you'd probably think.match dot-com is out with its annual "singles in america" study. are some of the key findings:the more passionate you are about politics...the better romance you tend to have.when it comes to supporting specific candidates...hillary clinton supporters are most likely to want kids. kids.donald trump supporters are most likely to have five or more ex's.also, gone are the days of **avoiding political conversations on a first date.if it's a "good" discussion...the study says your odds of a second date go up by 91 percent! are you one of those people who try to file your taxes early, to get that refund in just a few days?you may have
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year.the irs has just announced that it is adding new safeguards for prevent scammers from filing taxes in your name.thats good...but allow 21 days for a refund this year, not 14. remind yourself to move! move!according to "live science," one simple smartphone trick could get you moving more during the day. that's setting your smartphone to remind yourself to walk or stretch every 30 or 40 minutes. in a new study - this trick translated to about 25 more minutes of moving instead of sitting. speaking of moving...wearing a fitbit will now be required at one officials at an oklahoma university are hoping to eliminate the freshman 15.. by requiring its students to wear fitbits! the trackers will collect data both on and off campus.. and students will receive a grade. the students will be required to walk 10-thousand steps a
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already selling more than 550 fitbits. previously.. the students had to write down weekly excercises and take an end of the year test. the tri-state's own luke kuechly will suit up for carolina this sunday -- and get this -- his replica jersey is now the sixth best selling jersey at the nfl shop online. can read all about luke and his time at st. xavier high school right now at wcpo dot com.find out why his former coach says he is quote special.and read about the three other tri-state athelets you'll see on the field sunday.just visit wcpo dot com right now! prevention in teens.the nutrition values you can teach your young kids now that may save their lives. don't fight the urge....have
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won't cost you as much as you think.details ahead. after a chilly start, temperatures will warm quickly today, topping out at 610 around the evening drive. spotty showers are also possible this evening but a stronger push of storms comes in after 8 p.m. with heavy showers, gusty winds and the
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watching what a child eats is important, but you may think you can be more hands off when they become a teenager. wrong-keep on them to keep them healthy later in life. turns out a high-fiber diet including lots of fruits and vegetables can help fight breast cancer as adults. women who ate more fiber as teens were nearly twenty percent less likely to develop breast cancer. those high-fiber foods include apples, pears, green peas,
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that's important to keep in mind with several cancers on the rise.those include thyroid, liver, pancreas and kidney. kidney.the american cancer society projects there will be more than one-point-six million cases of cancer this year ... and nearly 600- thousand deaths. that's an increase over previous years. coffee lovers... listen up.the price for coffee beans are at a two-year low.but that for that cup of joe. joe.last year... a pound of coffee cost one-dollar and's now about a buck-11.officials in brazil say coffee farmers are having a big harvest this season.but you could wind up paying more at starbucks... thanks to higher wages for employees and college tuition for baristas. you're waking up with gmts "and" punxsutawney phil this's a live look where the famed groundhog will
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prediction.if phil sees his shadow... the u-s is in store for six more weeks of winter. but if he doesn't... we should expect warmer temperatures and an early spring.last year... phil saw his shadow.since 19-88... phil has been right 13 times, but wrong 15 times. you probably remember this movie... bill murray's classic comedy "groundhog day."well... in honor of groundhog day... britain's "sky" network is airing it... 13 times in a row. murray stars as a weatherman... doomed to repeat the same day over and over
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chat then toss to jennifer about severe weather threat tonight.. let's check in with your nine first warning weather. after a chilly start, temperatures will warm quickly today, topping out at 610 around the evening drive. spotty showers are also possible this evening but a stronger push of storms comes in after 8 p.m. with heavy showers, gusty winds and the
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traffic staying at home all day...and still earning money. money.the annual list of the top paying "stay at home" jobs
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computer and stick with us- we'll tell you the best
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after a chilly start, temperatures will warm quickly today, topping out at 610 around the evening drive. spotty showers are also possible this evening but a stronger push of storms comes in after 8 p.m. with heavy showers, gusty winds and the threat of severe storms. in today's right-this-minute video, rescue workers test a drone as a valuable way to save lives. a drone carrying one end of a
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in slovenia. rescue workers on land have one the other end. the drone flew over the ice and dropped the rope to a diver simulating being stranded in the freezing water so he can be pulled to safety.the drone keeps the rescue workers safe and provides an efficient way to get to the person stuck in the water. see all of the day's top videos every weekday on right this minute here on 9 on your side at 10 stay in your pajamas all day and earn a nice paycheck.more companies both large and small are now offering full-time telecommuting jobs. jobs."flex jobs-dot-com" has released its annual list of top 1-hundred companies that are hiring right now.they include jobs in education, health, i-t, marketing, and sales from entry-level all the way to senior management.for example, aetna says nearly half of its employees now telecommute.the top five companies on the list hiring *full-time are united health group, dell, i-b-m, humana, and aetna. if you're planning a
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for your this morning...we've learned the number of hotels with fitness facilities jumped from 63 percent in 2004 to 84 percent in 2014, this is according to a study by the american hotel & lodging association.many hotels are now offering in- room exercise equipment experts say people are trying to lead a healthier lifestyle in their daily life so when they go on the road they want to keep doing those things. watching the coin flips.we have the latest on the iowa
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breaking now - a house fire in
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there on the ground - and in chopper nine to bring you live
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