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this security camera video shows smith and friends in a crosswalk after leaving carson the white car at the top right of the screen go right into the crosswalk, hit the young girl and then drive away.police later arrested the driver, ruby estepp, and charged her with leaving the scene of an accident and driving under suspension.for some reason, she was released from jail and didn't show up for an 11:00 o'clock court appearance this morning.a warrant has been issued for her arrest. city council has called for a report on the most dangerous intersections and crosswalks for pedestrians ... we are watching for those results but in the meantime we want to hear from 'you' ... can join the discussion right now on our 9 on your side facebook page and tell us your experiences from both the walking and driving points of view. right now a mom is in jail accused of doing heroin in the car with her kids in the back seat.she's not the only one
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jordan burgess is live in price hill with how she was caught. according to police reports she was in a car with a friend here in the lot of the price hill kroger.her kids in the seat. that mom.. crystal hall was in court just a few hours ago on drug and child endangering charges.she looked liked she wanted to be anywhere else but there.her lawyer says the kids were asleep in the car.police say they found heroin and a needle inside.hall wasn't the only one in court this morning. her friend who was also in the car.. jacqueline polston is facing the same charges. her lawyer says she's a mom as well.. but her kid was not in the hall was ordered not to have any contact with supervised. right now the kids are staying with grandparents.the two were both given bonds of 10- thousand dollars.reporting live.. jordan burgess. 9 on
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here's a first check of your
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a high profile custody battle has taken a turn ...the father of a two year old who police say was beaten to death by her mother's boyfriend ... now says he is 'not' the father of her mother's new baby. baby.the mother of kinsley kinner just had a new baby while in police custody.she's charged in the death of kinsley ... along with her boyfriend.earlier this week kinsley's father scott senft told us rebecca kinner's new baby was his ... he'd even decorated a nursery for the boy.then yesterday ... he posted on facebook that he learned he was 'not' the newborn's father based on d-n-a results. we talked to rebekah kinner's attorney who says she had a brief relationship with a friend before she found out
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the baby monday.. she named him wyatt.. the same name as a boy who got kinsley's donated lungs. a death penalty trial scheduled to get underway this starting until 'august.' 'august.'terry froman is charged with killing his estranged girlfriend's 17 year old son in kentucky ...then kidnapping her and bringing her to lebanon ... where he allegedly shot and killed her on i-75.he pleaded not guilty in september 20-14 to charges of aggravated murder and kidnapping.his trial was scheduled to start on february 22nd .... but due to medical issues with a mental health expert, it's now set for august fifteenth.a new expert is set to testify. a springfield couple is in jail today on 45 charges, including child rape and child endangerment. the u-s marshals caught up with christopher and tamara remy wednesday.a grand jury indicted both of them on charges involving three different children.the couple in court. new at noon ... firefighters
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in the clifton neighborhood .. ..the fire started this morning in the home on henshaw ave near bates.the upper floor was damaged.... but no one was hurt.firefighters are still trying to figure out what started the fire. we have a traffic alert to tell you about this afternoon ... right now the inbound lanes of columbia parkway betwee baines street and torrence parkway are 'closed' .. while crews work to remove loose soil from a mudslide. mudslide.there's no set time for the work to be complete right now ... though crews finished work on the 'outbound' lanes about half an hour ago ... those are now open.crews have been dealing with the issue since it started thursday morning ... when heavy rain pushed soil from the hillside down onto the officials and 9 on your side are monitoring the situation and we'll make sure to alert you when the road opens back up. dental insurance can be very expensive, but today some dentists in the tri-state are giving parents a big break. today they're offering free preventative care to kids 18 and under, who do not have insurance 9 oys timyka artist
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on north bend road where've they've pretty busy today. healthy smiles are great but free healthy smiles are even better. they've already had more than a dozen people drop by lifetime smiles to take advantage of this opportunity ((take vo))there were plenty of smiles to go around today insurance. and it didn't cost parents like tiffany stewart a thing. through the give kids a smile program , 8 yr old daughter maddyson is getting her teeth cleaned and examined for the very first time..and its all free of charge! everybody nice coming in and she wasn't apprehensive as much as i thought she would be did they do a good job were they nice to you?since 2003 more than 12 million dollars have been donated to help more 17,000 kids. dr sunny explains why these first experiences are so important that routine care is so important because they used to
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experience now come 456 they are so much more comfortable in that chair in monfort heights, timyka artist, 9 on your side there are two locations where kids can get dental care today through the give kids a smile program ... springdale dental center on springfield pike is offering cleanings and care from noon until five ...and lifetime smiles on north bend road is participating in the program until two this afternoon. coming up 'explosive eruption'!where this volcano is spewing hot lava right now ... and ... crane collapse ...the shocking scene on a manhattan city block at this hour.... as crews try to figure out what happened. and ... on the trail ...we are following the presidential candidates through new hampshire just days before the primary ... you're watching 9 on your side
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at least one person is dead and several people reportedly injured after a massive crane collapsed in lower manhattan. manhattan.the crane crushed parked cars and stretched for a full city block's unclear what caused it to come down.more than 150 firefighters from 33- units responded to the scene this morning. two n-y-p-d officers are hospitalized after a shooting incident in the bronx. authorities report the cops were on a routine patrol inside a public housing complex when shots were fired. one officer was struck in the head.....he is listed in stable condition.neither officer is facing life- threatening suspect died at the scene from a self-inflicted gunshot wound. a second is in custody.mayor bill de blasio arrived at lincoln hospital to see the officers. a japanaese volcano about thirty miles from a nuclear plant erupted today ...the island volcano apparently has
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nuclear plant is located on the same isalnd and just started operations again last year ... after it was shut down following an earthquake and tsunami in 20-11. our 9 on your side surprise patrol is out in full force.4 days a week, we are picking people at random all around the tri-state and handing out some cash. cash.then on fridays, we are picking a special someone and giving them a 500 dollar will be a february to remember as our surprise patrol hands out free money to some of can catch another surprise patrol report tonight on 9 on your side at 6pm. coming up ... the fallout from last night's democratic debate the remaining g-o-p candidates prepare to square off for the final time before the new hampshire primary.we are on the campaign trail, next. a fight in the you won't want to miss!hear
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you're watching 9 on your side at noon short forecast tease.i'll have the complete check of your nine first warning forecast in
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bernie and hillary come out swinging on the debate stage their counterparts on the right campaign hard in the granite state.a-b-c's marci gonzalez is in manchester with today's developments in the presidential race. today - back on the trail- after - a fiery night on the debate stage-sot:clinton: "let's talk about the issues that divide us."sanders: "lets talk about the issues!"the democratic presidential candidates facing off for the last time before the new hampshire primary-hillary clinton - trying to overcome bernie sanders' 15 point lead in the latest poll..with another poll also showing - sanders closing in on clinton- nationally.sot sanders: secretary clinton does represent the establishment. i represent, i hope, ordinary americans // clinton: senator sanders is the only person who would
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running to be the first woman president as exemplifying the establishmenton the republican side- marco rubio on the rise- -in 2nd place behind donald trump karl sot: jk: "do you think donald trump is ready to be president?"rubio: "// i don't think being president is the same as being a real estate developer. and on national security he hasn't shown to date a deep level of depth on those issues."but trump - still holds a exeter: "this is really crunch time." ready to take his place at center stage - in tomorrow night's debate here on abc. tag-but trump is also looking ahead to the next big vote after new hampshire.canceling his only event here today because of this snow?holding a rally tonight in south carolina?mg abc news manchester, nh we're celebrating a big deal today... a very special day
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day... here's a picture of 9 first warning meterologist jason adams... on his first day as a meteorologist!hes a baby!
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a unique commute for this man...on a device you've probably never seen before! what do you call that thing? and hear why that rider thinks it's the way of the future. and some unbelievable video you *have* to see...two gators -- fighting it out!but what's more impressive -- *where* it happened.hear who captured
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when it comes to traffic, people will do just about anything to get around delays... including one texas man who's found this unique way to get from point a to
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it's called the "ninebot one." these devices are apparently all the rage in asia ... and jason garcia thinks they could be the next big personal transportation trend in the u-s.he says it takes about four or five hours to get comfortable using the gyroscopic balancing system ... and now he takes it everywhere, from the gym to the's got a range of about fourteen miles ... but just like those popular hoverboards ... there are some safety concerns. dr. kyle shelton / rice university- they raise a lot of the same questions about //butt to // getting those modes, just like bikes and pedestrians to safely use the streets and safely use the sidewalks and make sure all of those modes can interact well together. but if you think you can safely master one of these things ... your next big hurdle might be the pricing ... they start at about eight hundred dollars. do yourself a favor. if you're not right next to your t-v, right now ... come over and watch this ... you're about to see - i would bet - the craziest piece of video at least this week.
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- in the wild! this is not a zoo or preserve. a professional photographer happened to catch this in clearwater, florida. that's near tampa.this fight looks - and sounds - **brutal** but we're told neither gator appeared to be badly hurt there's a manhunt underway in ohio ...more accurately ... a monkey hunt.a police officer reportedly spotted a monkey just hanging out ... sitting on a fence in a park, near columbus.based on the officer's description ... they are searching for a howler monkey. in case you're unfamiliar ... 'this' is a howler monkey.police and the state department of agriculture say they haven't found any pet owners in the area who are missing a primate ...and wildlife officials say people should 'not' try to handle the monkey ... since they can be aggressive and territorial.should the monkey make its way to the cincinnati area ... do not approach the howler monkey. call police. a mother found with heroin in her car -- and her *kids* in the backseat!a story we've heard too many times.but she's not the only parent involved.
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the youth pastor accused of sex crimes against a child -- had contact with *another* group of kids.what we're learning -- that has some parents concerned. the concern over the "zika virus" growing right now.the problems one state is having -- as they try to keep the
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we're getting new information this afternoon ...about the extent of the injuries suffered by an 11 year old price hill girl who was hit by a car. car.her family says london smith has a broken bone in her face, she's scraped up, and has a torn ligament.she was hit by a car on glenway avenue ... this security camera video shows smith and friends in a crosswalk after leaving carson the white car at the top right of the screen go right into the crosswalk, hit the young girl and then drive away.police later arrested the driver, ruby estepp, and charged her with leaving the scene of an accident and driving under suspension.for some reason, she was released from jail and didn't show up for an 11:00 o'clock court appearance this morning.a warrant has been issued for her arrest. right now a mom is in jail accused of doing heroin in the car with her kids in the back seat. seat.crystal hall was in court just a few hours ago on drug and child endangering charges. her lawyer says the kids were asleep in the car.... when police say they found heroin
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wasn't the only one in court this morning.her friend who was also in the car.. jacqueline polston is facing the same charges. her lawyer says she's a mom as well.. but her kid was not in the car. hall was ordered not to have any contact with her kids unless it's supervised.right now the kids are staying with grandparents.the two were both given bonds of 10-thousand dollars. the northern kentucky church leader accused of sexual abuse rape and sodomy ...was also a volunteer at a local middle school. kenton county district officials confirm 54- year-old 'joseph niemeyer' volunteerd at twenhofel middle school for 3 years. niemeyer also worked as a youth ministry leader at 'new banklick baptist church'. the senior pastor there says he confessed to him about inappropriately touching a young girl. district officials say despite his involvement with the school club - at no point was niemeyer alone with students. "we are definitely following up with those students and any concerns they might have because they've seen it on the
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niemeyer remains at the kenton county jail this morning. right now there is no evidence of any wrongdoing on church or school property. the first case of zika contracted through a blood transfusion was confirmed in brazil by health authorities thursday. meanwhile in the u-s ... florida has expanded a state of emergency to a fifth county, and cases of the zika virus reach more than 50 nationwide, spanning 13 states and the nation's capital. that's according to state health departments. abc's lauren lyster has more. this morning, florida feeling the zika anxiety -- declaring a public health emergency in five counties ...reporting at least 12 casesgov. scott sot "while all the cases in florida are travel related, the mosquito that causes zika virus is common in florida. [gfx] the state has 20 mllion residents and over 100 million tourists a year?.but they have less than a thousand zika test kits... the governor
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another obstacle? sot- dr. bobby kapurkapur: only one in five individuals who have been bitten and infected by a mosquito actually show any signs or symptoms. [gfx] the symptoms that can show up: fever, rash, joint pain, conjunctivitis. this virginia woman -- battling some of those still after catching zika - she believes it happened last fall in guatemala heather baker/contracted zika"after i got home from my trip, i discovered as swollen lymph node on this side of my head and so i just knew immediately that my body was fighting m.d., chief health and medical editor, abc newssot -- tba [[gfx another worry, in dallas this week news the virus was transmitted sexually and as two million people flock to rio for the start of carnival - mosquitos aren't the only zika concern - brazil confirming the first case of infection from a blood transfusionalso, puerto rico reporting three more cases, totaling 22- the latest including a pregnant woman in her first trimester ll tag: doctors in brazil tell abc news the first trimester is the riskiest - the cdc, working with brazil on creating a study to answer that question and more... a
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virus being its suspected link to birth defects in babies of infected mothers. lauren lyster, abc news, los angeles. :23 casey verkamp/uber cincinnati gm "normally you can push a button and get a ride. today you can push a button and get a puppy!" puppy!"you heard that right -- it's puppies on demand brought directly to your office -- and it's happening right now!uber has partnered with the league for animal welfare to bring those adorable little faces for some friday playtime. we ordered our own set of puppies this morning -- they loved the wcpo studio -- and we wore them out!you could always order the pups to surprise your co-workers -- it's easy to do! :30 "we've partnered with the league for animal welfare here locally and when you open your app today between 11am and 3pm, if you slide over, you'll see an icon that says,
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if you see a car available and you're lucky enough get matched with a vehicle, a couple puppies will arrive at your office ready for 15 minutes of play time. there is a $30 snuggle fee with that and all of that we in turn support the league for animal welfare." welfare."there's about 18 puppies making their way around the city today -- and adoption. if you aren't lucky enough to get some puppy playtime today -- you can check out those pups and more than 700 others -- at the 'my furry valentine' adoption event next weekend. more than 30 shelters will bring their four-legged friends to the sharonville convention center. the event runs from 11 to 5 next saturday and sunday -- it's just three dollars to get in and you'll surely fall in love with your next pet. kids around are the tri state getting free dental care today. it's all part of the "give kids a smile" program for childen under 18 who have no dental insurance insurancethere were lots of
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lifetime smiles in monfort heights.more than two dozen people stopped to take advantage of free cleanings and stewart brought her daughter to the dentist for the very first time. and the fact that it better it's hard either way. it's just nice to know you can come some place that's kid friendly like you're being rushed rushed there is still time to get an appointment at lifetime smiles on north bend avenue. they're also providing free dental care for kids at springdale dental on springfield pike. you must call to make an appointment first dedicated volunteers preparing little gifts for newborns in the tri-state.well tell you about the special occasion -- to help women stay healthy. but first ---looking for a quick dinner to feed your family?consumer reporter john matarese has a warning about food prepared at the supermarket.why the fast and fresh meals may not be *healthy*.
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more people than ever are buying prepared foods from the supermarket. it's so convenient... dinner in minutes! but are those foods fresh? are they healthy? 9 on your side consumer reporter john matarese shows us how a new report has some big surprises. surprises. tri state shoppers looking to save time making dinner have helped turn supermarket prepared foods into a 29- billion dollar a year
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consumer reports magazine say be wary. wary. "these foods aren't required to have nutrition labels. so you might be eating more fat, calories, and sodium than you think." consumer reports' secret shoppers purchased dozens of popular prepared foods from six major supermarkets and had them analyzed. one thing they found: lots of sodium. this mini turkey meatloaf packed an average of 891 milligrams of sodium in a 6-ounce serving. that's the same as you'd get if you ate all these potato chips! and one cup of this healthy-looking orzo salad averaged 938 milligrams of sodium.without a nutrition label, you'd never know that this 6-ounce of tilapia has 19 grams of fat.other surprising ingredients? this chicken parmesan has added sugar.and these mashed potatoes are made with preservatives and a color maintainer. not ingredients you'd add if you made it at home. another surprise: many supermarkets don't actually make all their prepared foods. foods."according to the clerks who were quizzed by our secret
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only about half of what we tested was actually made on- site."and you pay a price for convenience. some of the foods consumer reports checked out cost twice the price of making them at home.consumer reports did find one great deal - rotisserie chicken. it's often far cheaper to buy it at the supermarket than to make yourself. on you can read my story from last night that everyone is still talking abouttoday: 10 companies that are hiring people right now for work from home jobs.thats on so you dont waste your money. money.john....zika virus affecting tri state travel plans later today? today? today starting at 5: can you get a refund on a trip if you are worried about zika virus?plus: why those low priced murphy usa gas stations
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these newborns are *going red*! special gifts for more than *a thousand* babies in the tri-state.see the hard work put into those little hats -- and what it means for women. puffs knows winter... hard on your nose there's the endless runny noses. the sneezes that just won't quit and of course, the biting cold of snow day play. that's why puffs is soft. puffs plus lotion tissues... ...are gentle on skin. they help soothe irritation by locking in moisture better. so you can get out and enjoy winter a nose in need
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you're watching 9 on your side at noon big news coming out of the latest u-s unemployment report--the country's unemployment rate dropped to 2008 levels.... at 4.9%the u-s economy added 151-thousand
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by now you've noticed i'm wearing red - and you should be too. today is go red for women - part of heart disease awareness month. to make sure even the littlest babies have their red on this month - a group of dedicated volunteers has put their crochet talents to the test. these volunteers have hand- crafted more than a thousand tiny red hats. that's enough to give to every baby born this month at christ hospital. there's actually so many this year - they're sharing the 'love' with babies at u-c - good sam and other local hospitals. the volunteers just finished the final hats. lisa thomas/volunteer "knowing that you did something for someone else, it comes from the heart. so it makes you proud knowing with anything, you crochet, whether it's for a special cause or just for a loved one, it's the love that you put into what you make, that's what counts." counts."they'll start handing out the little hats this
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to have enough hats to give every baby across every maternity ward in the tri- state. heart disease can be a weighty matter - but is your scale the only measure of your heart health?with more, here's abc news senior medical contributor dr. timothy johnson. your doctor's office will always get your height and weight. they need these numbers to calculate a body mass index, your bmi. it's the number that officially defines who is overweight or underweight - and you may not know it has come under fire for not treating pounds of fat differently from pounds of bone or muscle. researchers used national survey information and blood tests to see how well bmi represented blood markers of heart disease risk. they looked at blood pressure, blood sugar, cholesterol, triglicerides, insulin resistance, and
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of inflammation.what they found might surprise you. higher bmi often came with less healthy blood markers, but not always. severely obese people were the most likely to have unhealthy blood profiles with at least 2 abnormalities. but that left 1 in 6 people with healthy markers. and being normal weight didn't necessarily mean heart healthy. 31% of people with normal weight also had at least 2 abnormalities.a proper diet and physical exercise may trump the number on the scale, decreasing your risk for heart disease. so, people with normal weight, don't sit on your laurels.with this medical minute, i'm dr. timothy johnson. let's turn to your forecast now with a live look from skycam 9. 9.i'm joined now by meteorologist jennifer
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everybody is looking forward to the 'super bowl' on sunday ...but there's 'super firkin saturday' coming up first! that's happening at the christian moerlein brewery in
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eric bauman are here from the brewery to tell us about it.- what is a firkin, first of all?
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firkin saturday?- is this for craft beer nerds or craft beer newbies?- what other local breweries are participating?- when is this
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a look out over the city from the nine on your side skycam. we'll have a final check of the nine first warning
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later today at 4 on the now cincinnati... cincinnati... we take a closer look at why the marijuana business is being called the "new gold rush".
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tell you the 4 money questions you should ask your mate mateand, pet adoption. . where cute little guys like this. . come to you!join tanya o'rourke and me for the now cincinnati... today at 4. let's get one last check of your forecast. that's 9 on your side at noon for this xx.we'll see you again at four for the now cincinnati. cincinnati.and don't forget - keep 9 on your side - at your side - everywhere you go.
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