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tv   9 On Your Side at 11  ABC  February 5, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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answered later this month. >> i'm cincinnati shutters a downtown store... but the owners won't be stopped. their plans to reopen the business and the preparations underway right now.breaking now... a deadly earthquake shatters buildings. the desperate search for survivors. 9 on your side at 11 starts now breaking on 11 at 11... six- point- four magnitude earthquake hits southern taiwan. this aerial video just into our newsroom room gives you some idea of the destruction. this is a very large apartment building that's crumbled - the quake also levelled other buildings. at least five people are dead.. among them a ten day
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the hospital. these are live pictures from taiwan of the rescue effort. more than 200 were rescued from one 17 story building. 15- hundred people have joined the search for survivors. there are reports the quake was strong enough to be felt on the other side of the island in the capital of taipei. we will be covering this overnight for you.. and will have new information on good morning tri-state starting at five a-m. also breaking at 11... a mid-air collision sends two planes plunging into the ocean off the coast of los angeles. search teams are out right now looking for any survivors. people in a fishing boat spotted one of the planes nose down in the water. it quickly sank. officials haven't said how many people were on the planes. the entrance to the los angeles harbor has been closed while the search is under way. new on 11 at 11... charges have now been filed in the case of leroy.. a dog found near death in middletown. his owner is accused of starving
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old boxer puppy was sick.. dehydrated and practically skin and bones when a good samaritan discovered him in an alley. he was taken to a vet... given food and water.. and treated for the parvo virus. he's now doing much better. new at 11.. why was the woman accused of hitting an 11 year old girl .. and then leaving the scene... not held at the hamilton county jail. tonight.. officers are trying to find ruby estepp after she failed to appear in court, nine on your side was first to tell you about this last night.. and we've been working to answer that question for you. - with evan millward live downtown - with what we've found out. in just the last hour - a sheriffs spokesman tells me jail staffers didn't know *what police say ruby estepp had hit.since then we reached out to police as well - but haven't heard back.estepp came in with a citation - a non-violent offense.nothing
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deputies followed their normal protocal.. and let her go. (covered) london smith/hit by car 120355 - i don't remember when i got hit by the car. only i remember when i got in the was a split second -(covered) smith 120438 - i was talking to my sister.- london smith thrown to the ground by a driver who didn't stop.smith 120255 - i still have pain and i my leg, my hand and my eye.she sits at home friday - leg in a cast - surrounded by frustrated family.rebecca thomas/mother 120730 - i'm still emotional and mad. i'm mad because they let her out last night -- the lady who hit her -- and she didn't show up in court today. nats - no showruby estepp was cited for leaving the scene - and driving while suspended. she was arrested for drug warrants - then left and didn't come back.and this video - prompting more calls for improvements at that intersection.pete witte/price hill civic association 132926 - it's dangerous for sure. in fact, we've had an ongoing conversation about how
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now that london is safe at home -- her family focus turns to finding the women who fled. thomas 121014 - i want you to turn yourself in -- and own up to your responsibility of what you did to my daughter because my dauthter could have died and you left the scene and you basically just left her out there to die so - there is a warrant out for estepp's arrest right now. she's wanted on those unrelated drug downtown, em, 9oys. this is the last weekend before the new hampshire primary.. and candidates are doing everything they can to win votes. helping the candidates... volunteers slogging through the snow... going door to door stumping for votes. trump leads in the g-o-p polls.. but canceled his only event because of the bad weather. jeb bush used that to take a jab at trump.. saying his 90 year old mother was out campaigning today. on the democratic side.. both hillary clinton and bernie sanders were out meeting voters. the turnout is expected to be a
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i thought that in 2008 that we might not see anything like that again for a while because that was such an incredible turnout but i believe that this one will actually exceed that. to put a number on that prediction.. new hampshire's secretary of state says he expects about 550- thousand votes to be cast next week... about 30- thousand more than in 2008. there have also been some lighter moments on the campaign trail. "i've been waiting for that. uh-huh. sound of snowballfight. as you can see here.. there is time for fun between town hall meetings and interviews. ohio governor john kasich let off some steam with reporters and aides today by having go good old fashion snow ball fight.
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into the snow. a reminder you can watch tomorrow night's republican presidential debate here on nine on your side. it starts at eight o-clock. a-b-c world news tonght anchor david muir and chief global affairs correspondent martha raddatz will moderate. we saw all the snow in new hampshire. for what to expect as you start your weekend.. we turn to nine first warning chief meteorologist steve raleigh. skies will be partly cloudy over the weekend, and each day should bring a slightly warmer high temperature -- 460f on saturday and 490f for a high on sunday. at times, we will see mostly cloudy skies as a couple of minor weather systems slide through the area. 9 first warning: a rain/snow mix will be possible on monday. but behind this, colder air will come in, and it supports light snow by tuesday and wednesday. we are tracking the system now. while it's too early to put exact numbers on the snow, it appears that light accumulations of snow are
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new on 11 at 11- it's a story you'll only see on 9 on your side. the owners of an adult bookstore shut down by the city are opening shop in a new neighborhood. 9 on your side's john genovese has the details. a longtime adult gift shop ordered to lock its doors"they was a small business who was struggling to stay open" but in a 2-page memo-city manager harry black says several times the owners of the 'the pink pyramid' sold sythentic pot - and harmful inhalants known as 'poppers' - to
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the last things we would like to see happen in the business district" this is 'gary allgeier's' booking photo three years ago - shortly after the vice unit raided the race street store. now - he and others are unpacking boxes in this new spot along harrison avenue"i definitely don't have confidence that we can expect the business to have turned a new leaf just because they've come to westwood"mary jenkins and harry frondorf with the local civic association aren't happy "its really frustrating that we've done so much work to make this a better neighborhood and people just ignore it and say - oh i'm just going to open shop with a questionable store"gary and other workers didn't want to go on camera-but say they won't be selling anything pornographic or anything illegal "what we've seen going on in the shop so far suggests a business that is completely out of line with what the residents of this area want to see happen" mary says she's already concerned giving board members and police a heads up "to think that someone would have the gall to come into this neighborhood where we've worked very hard
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thing and to revitalize this business district is very worrisome" now at 11.. the local man hit by his own stolen car.. and left critically injured. only on nine on your side.. aaron burmeister talking for the first time abouit what happened to him. 9 on your side's ashley zilka is live at the gas station in mount healthy where it all happened. plain and simple. aaron burmeister wants justice. surveillance video caught the entire hit and run here at the speedway gas station.but the quality is poor...and that's been the biggest challenge for police. the man who left aaron burmeister in a wheelchair is still out there.02:44 i am terrified that he is going to hurt somebody else the same way. 47 the 39 year old hasn't been able to walk since his last shift at this speedway gas station.03:07 i had just got off of work at 6 in the morning. my car was covered in ice so i turned the
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store for just a second. i came back out and saw the guy running towards my car. 19 burmeister tried to stop him but it was too late. the suspect ran him over in the stolen car..and took off.02:47 he obviously doesn't have any remorse or care for other humans. 52 burmeister now wonders if his life will ever be the same. he now lives an hour and a half away at his grandfather's because his house is handicap accessible... he spends his days with a physical therapist instead of his kids. 02:03 it will be probably a couple of months before i am able to walk without a walker or crutches or anything like that. 09at this point- police can't even find burmeister's car let alone the suspect. 02:30 i don't really care about the car. i am just mad that somebody could hit somebody and just leave them there like that. 36the father of two says he needs your help finding his stolen car...which could lead police to the suspect.05:02 that's the only way we are going to catch the individual who did this to me. 04 burmeister's car is a silver 2004 malibu maxx. it has an
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broken taillight. if you have any information- call mount healthy police. reporting live, ashley zilka, 9 on your side. construction disaster.. caught on camera. a nearly 600 foot tall crane collapses in new york. the procedure that kept more people from being hurt or killed. the tightest defense won't be on the field during the super bowl. the elaborate precautions being taken to make sure everyone at.. or near the game is safe. a strange discovery tonight between the super bowl.. and the flu. why people in denver and charlotte may want to be extra careful about their health during the next few days. signs tonight north korea is close to testing a new rocket. the satellite images revealing what it may be able to hit. you're watching nine on your
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you're watching 9 on your side at 11 incredible video from new york tonight... it shows that huge crane collapsing in lower manhattan. two construction workers took this video after they were told to move to a lower floor due to high winds. they pulled out a camera when they noticed the crane was starting to sway. right after the impact... witnesses pulled out their cameras and record the destruction... and people started trying to save a victim trapped inside a car. the crane was longer than a city block.. and hit several cars. one person was killed... several were injured. the 300 ton crane hit the ground so hard people in the area say they thought it was a bomb or an earthquake. nearby buildings were evacuated as a precaution. ironically.. crews were trying to secure the crane because of the high winds when it collapsed. but because, again, the crane
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secure position, and the construction workers were blocking off the area, the danger to people on the street was lessened, and thank god we didn't have more injuries and didn't lose more people. the crane passed a safety inspection yesterday. while the wind is suspected in the crash.. the exact cause is still under investigation. twitter is stepping up its efforts to stop tweets by terrorists. its already suspended more than 125- thousand accounts because of messages threatening or promoting terror in the u-s. twitter also says its using new technology to automatically find those messages and flag them for a closer look. new information tonight on a deadly plane blast in somalia that occurred 11-thousand feet in the air. a man in the plane was sucked out of the aircraft after investigators say he set off the explosive - possibly smuggled on-board hidden in a laptop computer. authorities say he knew just where to sit in order to do the most damage to the plane. despite the
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of the plane - it did land safely. it looks like north korea is getting ready to test a long- range rocket. new satellite images from the group '38-north' show the presence of vehicles, including buses for personnel-- at the launch-site. the launch tower is considerably larger than in the past.. suggesting the rocket is also bigger than before. a larger rocket would presumably have a longer range... possibly able to strike the continental united states. some of the most intense teamwork this super bowl sunday won't be on the field. it will be among the extraordinary group of agencies providing security. security.from local police to norad.. the north american aerospace defense command... all eyes wil be on the entire san francisco region. to put that in persective.. norad was created to warn us about a soviet nuclear attack. there is also an army of media covering the game. this is the scene in media row.. where radio stations and networks have established their base
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hundred reporters.. photographers.. producers.. and other members of the media credentialed to cover the game. as nine on your side has reported.. lady gaga will sing the national anthem before the game. and today... helicopters were able to get a peek inside levi's stadium as she rehearsed. of course.. because the video was shot from a helicopter.. they couldn't record the sound from the rehearsal. but it doesn't look like she'll be holding anything back. and we suspect gaga would approve of the "fashion footballs" created just for super bowl 50. designers from tiffany-and-company, betsey johnson. gold leaf and tassels put their own glitzy take on the old pigskineach piece is being auctioned online from now until february 14th. proceeds will go to the n-f-l
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various causes. weather summary: skies will be partly cloudy over the weekend, and each day should bring a slightly warmer high temperature -- 460f on saturday and 490f for a high on sunday. at times, we will see mostly cloudy skies as a couple of minor weather systems slide through the area. 9 first warning: a rain/snow mix will be possible on monday. but behind this, colder air will come in, and it supports light snow by tuesday and wednesday. we are tracking the system now. while it's too early to put exact numbers on the snow, it appears that light
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tonight in healthy living... a reason be greatful the bengals are not in the super bowl. a new study finds a link between teams that are in the big game.. and the flu in their home cities. the report in the american journal of health economics finds that for people over the age of 65.. the number of people who die from the flu goes up about 18 percent when their home team is in the championship the researchers think the reason is that all super bowl parties.. dip sharing and high - fives help spread the flu virus. for a look at sports where the consequences aren't nearly as dire... we go over to nine on your side sports director john popovich. a great friday night of high school basketball...we hit the final few weeks of the season... season...and there was a definite basketball bounce at the pit.....sports is coming
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good evening everyone...they don't mince words in price hill. no entrance
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it was elder against moeller....everyone tried to get a good look.-moeller led by 7 at the half...and when nate georgeton spun and scooped in the third quarter..the cruaders were still in front.-but not by the seconds ticked away..joey sabato with a three point shot...elder was within one-the home side of the pit was hysterical-moeller does a good job spreading it out and then finding a crack...this one finds sam mccracken along the baseline-elder tied it at 39...but then the panthers were too tall with the pass...raymon payton comes down and scores...moeller back up by four.-then it became the frankie hofmeyer show....they got him a look....he took a three...elder back within one.- a minute later...pretty much the same play..get em open...let him shoot... and elder wins a thriller 48 to 43. keenan singleton went up to kings.....some creative kids up there.....they built their own espn set.....wonder if dick v was there? two neighboring communities in this one...loveland made the
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the eastern cincinnati conference.- what a night for kings junior guard tyler mitchell...he was bombing away from deep seems one right after a's a sample of his work tonight.. he had five three ponters....21 night...that pushed the knights in front of the tigers. -and it seems that even when mitchell missed...there were positive results. it's dan sictherman with the rebound and the putback.-kings wins 69- 50, still a game back behind walnut hills in the ecc face. those two meet tuesday night. keenan with a stop on grandin road....chca and summit in front of a nice house.-it's t-j walker and zairn davis with the two men game working well....davis with the finish....-and don't adjust your sets...this looks like a replay..but it's a different play...still it's walker and davis teaming up again.-t-j walker can get up pretty well.....he's alone here...but gets fouled as he tries to dunk....-he would get another chance.....and this time...all went fact it went real well for the silver knights of summit...they win easily..their 12th straight win.
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is at memphis...florida is at kentucky...and xavier is here at home with a rematch against marquette. it starts a murderous eight game finish in the big east for the musketeers. chris mack: great of the fans to look at the schedule, it's back-loaded. that's irrelevent. we're caught in the moment. now we have to be able to go against an improving marquette team. cyclones beat indy tonight 4-3. have a great weekend..nine on
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that's 9 on your side at 11 for this friday. friday.we're always on with breaking news, weather, and sports on wcpo-dot-com.
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