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tv   9 On Your Side News 6  ABC  February 6, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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tonight ... riding in his memory ...hundreds of cyclists take to the streets to honor one of their own ...why they say change has to happen to prevent future tragedies. and ... on the trail in new hampshire ...the g-o-p candidates get ready for the final debate ahead of the big primary. plus ... taking the plunge ... why hundreds of people were so willing to leap into freezing water this morning! tonight...hundreds of friends, loved ones, and fellow cyclists all paid tribute to michael prater ... in a memorial "ghost ride" to the fallen cyclist who police say was hit and killed by a driver
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that woman is now facing charges ... but tonight, it was about honoring prater. 9 on your side's rose-ann aragon joins us now at kellogg park with how he is being remembered today-- rose-ann? roe: from lunken airport -- to here--- more than 500 cyclists rode for miles-- to remember prater-- a fellow cyclist they say is inspiring change. 49-58 1:27-1:34pkgnats: bikes every pedal -- every mile (nats) --is a route of remembrance"we're here to have a memorial ghost ride for the fallen cyclist michael prater" --a 42-year-old beloved rider - --who was tragically hit and killed sunday here on kellogg and asbury--in a hit and run-- the driver--34-year-old melinda woodall --now being charged with aggravated vehicular homicide. -- a horrific scene turned to this- --a place now adorned with signs of love --a family remembering-- but they're not alone. nats: bikesby their side-- more than 500 strong.
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community. whether we know each other personally or not. we're all bothers and sisters..."from lunkin airport to the kellogg park-- the cincinnati bike club, queen city bike, and cincinnati off road alliance-- hosting this event--doing what this man frank henson - queen city bike president/friend"he was very interested in helping teenage riders learn how to ride a bike.and he would spend his off work time helping 15, 16,17-year-olds learn how to be safe and secure on a bicycle." the mobo bicyle co-op--made this ghost bike-- nats poem at gathering: "today's ride is to make all of us aware-- the road is there for us to share."derek driftmeyer- cincinnati cycle club president"it could be any one of us. it could be my brother, my best friend, it could be me, and there's nothing at all that michael could have done to prevent this."police say the driver was distracted and on drugs-- she fled--cyclists now pushing for house bill 110- making the penalty for hit and runs a 2nd degree felony--with at least 5 years behind bars--steve magas- ohio bicycle federation - bike attorney"there's a sense of justice that's missing in these hit and run cases... there's a feeling that it's better to hit and run than to hit and stay and until we reverse that in the motorists then you're going to get more hit and runs."
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gathered where the bike was placed -- a forever reminder--a legacy of a man who loved--doing this.nats: bikes a man was killed this morning in park hills .. after being hit by a car. car.police say the crash happened around 7 this morning on dixie highway near covington catholic high school. the victim is a man police believe is in his 60s ... and he may have been hit when running to a nearby bus stop. the driver remained on the scene with police ... who tell us he is cooperating with their investigation. this deadly crash is just two days after a young girl was struck in a hit-and-run on glenway avenue thursday night. 11 year old london smith is recovering from injuries including a broken bone in her face ... after police say ruby estepp hit her in the crosswalk ... then drove away.
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estepp's arrest after she missed a court apperance friday.these recent crashes come as cincinnati city council say they've ordered a review of the most dangerous streets and intersections in the city. above normal temperatures are in play for the entire weekend. we warm to near 50 degrees sunday but a cold front will bring a chance of light rain and snow showers late sunday night into monday. partly cloudy to mostly clear skies tonight with lows near 31. that's about seven degrees
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crews were on the scene of a water main break early this morning ... ...police say a driver suspected to be under the influence took out a hydrant on west fork near parkwalk in green township...causing a main break.west fork road was
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shepherd creek while crews repaired the break. tonight's the night's the final republican debate before voters head to the polls in new hampshire.our own marci gonzalez is in manchester with a look at what we can expect. the stage set-for what's expected to be a slug-fest.. republican presidential candidates- stumping todaysot - ben carson / (r) presidential candidate"what we have to do is save this country."before facing off for the last time before the new hampshire primary.sot - gov. chris christie / (r) presidential candidate"on that stage tonight you will see a difference we will make sure you see the difference between those who are prepared to lead and those who are just continuing to talk." the latest polling showing donald trump with a 19 point lead - going into the debate?followed by marco rubio- (quick rubio nat if we have one)the target on his back - getting bigger sot - sen. ted cruz / (r) presidential candidate"he's willing to break his word to the voters and make deal with democrats."ted cruz - supporters out - hoping to push ahead for a repeat of iowa?sot - meredith"it's, if
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on the democrats' side- today- hillary clinton going door to door too?nats - "?.hillary clinton?."fighting for momentum as she leads bernie sanders in the latest national poll by just two points - but is behind by double digits here in the granit state.sot - sen. bernie sanders / (d) presidential candidate"?if we can bring out a significant vote on tuesday, we're gonna win."marci gonzalez oncam close:a lot of confidence from candidates on both sides-the republicans - hopeful that success in tonight's debate will translate to votes here on, abc news, manchester, new hampshire. suggested anchor tag:seven of the republican candidates will face off tonight - in new can see the debate right here on abc at eight o'clock (seven-central). john kasich is betting it all on new hampshire.ohio's governor has said that if he doesn't put in a strong showing in tuesday's primary ... he's prepared to pack it in. kasich had a little fun yesterday with members of the media ... taking a break between his 99th and 100th town hall events for a snowball fight with some journalists.a c-n-n w-m-u-r
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kasich in a statistical tie with senator ted cruz for third can see kasich in the gop debate tonight here on 9 on your side. this morning ... hundreds of brave men and women showed their support for the special olympics of kentucky and ohio ... by taking the plunge! plunge!1-2-3 (cheers) (cheers)volunteers pledged to leap into the 46 degree water at the pool set up at joe's crab shakc in bellevue ... in return for donations ...many donned costumes for the annual costume contest as well. organizers say they expected anywhere from 800 to 900 plungers ... raising as much as 130-thousand dollars. the money goes on both sides of the river ..... everything that we do
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this is the 11th year the polar plunge has supported the kentucky and ohio special olympics. a handy printer! printer!a special afternoon for two little boys ... whose lives are being changed with
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you never know what you'll learn at the public library. library. here you see two tristate boys getting a lesson in how a 3d printer...with the right software...can make a hand for someone who needs one. but it gets better. both boys now actually have these hands to wear after being born with a condition that causes a hand to stay small. here you see peyton with his new friend lucas showing him how to play catch with the new prosthetic hand
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an emotional sight for peyton's dad. i'm so encouraged because of his response. he is see his face light up just very great for a dad to see his son kind of get what he needs. needs. the story of how all this came to be is quite the amazing one. i'll be working to put that together for you this evening to see tonight on 9 on your side at eleven. coming up, ken broo is in tonight with the latest in sports. three local college teams were looking for afternoon wins. wins.including the xavier musketeers, looking for some gold against the golden eagles on marquette. sports is
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you're watching 9 on your side at 6 above normal temperatures are in play for the entire weekend. we warm to near 50 degrees sunday but a cold front will bring a chance of light rain and snow showers late sunday night into monday. partly cloudy to mostly clear skies tonight with lows near 31. that's about seven degrees above normal.sunday, we'll see an increase in clouds during
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rain chances arrive after 9 p.m. as an arctic front heads our way.monday, we'll start out with a chance for rain showers, but rain will gradually mix with and change over to snow showers as we head into the afternoon. after sunset monday, some accumulation is possible, but right now, it appears to be fairly light.tuesday another blast of cold air moves it. the chance of light snow showers will continue with light accumulation possible. there could also be a few isolated snow squalls, sudden burst of heavy-to-moderate snowfall with gusty winds, that could result in white out conditions, so keep that in
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wake up calls are better in the middle of games, than after losing a game.the xavier musketeers got the better end of that equation today. they spotted marquette 20- minutes....then the alarm went off. marquette had xavier down four at the break. but super freshman edmund sumner was just starting to warm up. and he had a terrific day..with two-29 to go before the break, trevon bluett his this to cut marquette's lead to two. it was 39-35 golden eagles at the half.tied at 60 with seven-16 to play. j.p macura, who had the game of his xavier life connected on the lay up. xavier by was tied at 72 with three-39 to play.
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20-points. he was seven of eight from the field. three of four from behind the arc. 75-72 xavier.and off the bench, myles dave tossed in eleven points. his layup here with one-eleven to lay, and four ensuing foul shots iced it.sumner with 20. trevon bluiett with 23. as xavier goes to 21-2 with a 90-82 win. trt :24outcue:...can do it ((chris mack: been saying it for awhile. if our players shoot like they're capable from the 3-point line, our team has a chance to be really special. ))((steve wojciechowski:i've been on coaching staffs that have been to multiple final fours, multiple national championships. this xavier team can do it ... )) after today's uc loss....and the loss today at memphis was a bad loss....mick cronin said he walked into his team's locker room, looked at his players and said...where's my team? let's go to memphis, where the
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shots, and were down 21-9 after the tigers' dedrick lawson made was memphis by 15 at the half. the tigers led by eight with nine and a half to play, when troy cupain made this. caupain was six of 12. the bearcats shot 36-percent for the game. and when caupain made this layup, the memphis lead was cut to two. but he missed the free throw.with under two to go. and down four, caupain nailed this three point shot to bring uc within one. it was as close as they got.when the tigers' avery woodson made this with just four seconds on the shot clock, that was that.uc held memphis to just 30-percent shooting. but the first half killed the 'cats. 63-59 was the final. memphis has an 'rpi' north of one hundred. the rpi is the holy grail of college basketball. and after today's loss, uc's rpi slipped to 68. that's not good for an at large team looking to make the ncaa tournament.the bearcats
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has to win their conference tournament, to make the field of 68. at rupp today, 'he' was the big story. freshman jamal murrsymurray buried eight three point shots....dropped 35 on flrida...and in doing so, he becomes the first fresham in uk history with two 30-point games in on season. the wildcats beat florida, 80-61. straight ahead, the countdown to the super bowl. when nine on your side continues in just
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here's how bad it's gotten for johnny manziel. today, charlie sheehan was giving him advice.sheehan sent manziel a tweet:'s time to refocus all of your energy on health and football.and last night, dallas policed announced they are beginning a criminal investigation into a complaint filed by manziel's ex girlfriend. he allegedly struck her several times. and there's the seeming lock for the national football league's most valuable player award....and maybe the super bowl newton and his carolina panthers remain five and a half point favorites tomrrow night. over/under on the game is 44-and a half. what's keeping the line tight? that denver defense. it's the real deal. but it hasn't thinking big. trt :17outcue:...try to put a we really didn't really care who we played. we just wanted to play. we just wanted to be
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time, to be able to say we made it to the super bowl and we won a super bowl. obviously they're a tremendous, tremendous defense. but we have a good game plan. and we're gonna try to put a whuppin' on 'em)) of course, the broncos have taken steps to prevent all of that. their workouts in california have been low key. there isn't any real drama around this team.newton has drawn a lot of criticism this season for the way he celebrates wins, and touchdowns. if it happens at some point tomorrow night, it sounds as though the broncos will pay it no mind. trt either accept him or you don't" ((ware: i think it's just cam being cam. when you're a quarterback, one of the top teams in the nfl, the spotlight is going to be on you whatever you do. and he's just being himself. and you either accept him or you don't)) don't)) super bowl 50 kicks off
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that's 9 on your side at six
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