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tv   9 On Your Side at 11  ABC  February 9, 2016 2:07am-2:37am EST

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to nine first warning chief meteorologist steve raleigh. steve. a winter weather advisory has been issued for most of the tri-state it will continue until 6 a.m. wednesday. spotty snow showers will fall tonight, tomorrow and early into wednesday. at times snow could be heavy but most snow showers will be light to moderate.snow showers could bring light accumulations of around a half inch to inch of snow tonight into tomorrow.on average the overall totals will range from 1-2 inches with isolated higher totals possible. visibility will be reduced at times and slick
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road crews across the tri- state right now are busy making sure the roads will be ready for the morning rush. cincinnati crews are busy loading trucks with salt.. and kentucky says it has about 28- thousand tons of salt ready to go. their work is paying off. this is a live picture from i-75 at mitchell. right now.. there are no reports of any major problems on the interstate. 9 on your side's john genovese joins us live from the camp washington salt barn where many city road workers were preparing for the night. john. right now - dozens of trucks are out and about. those drivers are working until 7-o-clock tomorrow morning. we're told the rain caused a later than usual start-but they're on track to keep things clear for the morning rush hour when the flakes start falling "i really try to stay off the roads"pavement turns slick. drivers turn cautious. "gotta look out for the black ice - don't drive too close to
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you" for some - monday's storm seemed on-and-off all evening "first it was a little bit of ice - like icy rain today - and then boom, we had snowflakes - i bet you they was that big around - i was like woah!" /pp sean claxton wasn't expecting it "it was cold. period." but the work for city road crews was well underway "overnight we're gonna go through and treat our primary routes - our residential also - we're gonna try to get into those" cincinnati operations supervisor 'greg courtland' says salt and plow drivers will be going 12 hours straight "typically we like to get out early ahead of the storm - do some brining - we weren't able to do that because of the weather conditions with the rain" still - will a relatively-small forecast for powder - he's not expecting any problems "give drivers plenty of room while they're on the roads - let them do their jobs, treat the roads so we can get you guys to work and school safe"safety - something tri-staters tell us- will take everyone "pay attention and watch out for the other guy - and i might be that other guy" crews have more than 20-
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disposal tonight. we're told many of the main roadways in the city have already been treated-and some drivers are getting to work in residential areas. john genovese 9oys other parts of the country are dealing with terrible weather tonight. a charter bus carrying dozens of passengers from new york city to a connecticut casino - rolled over on an interstate. at least three people are critically injured. and in parts of minnesota.. they are dealing with whiteout conditions. here at home...nine on on your side will have crews working overnight to keep you covered. join good morning tri- state starting at four-30 for new information on closings and delays.... a live look at road conditions... and where the slow-downs are across the area. breaking now in florence.... a train and a car have collided at dixie highway and maher road. we're told at least one person is hurt. nine on your side has a crew on the way to the scene. we'll update this for you on good morning tri- state.
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students are on edge...this after a note is found in school....threatening to kill all african americans this thursday if they show up to class. class. 9 on your side's ashley zilka explains how parents are not happy how the school handled the situation. parents have been talking about this threatening note on social media all fact- several say they won't send their kids to school on thursday.the school alerted parents about the note through a voice mail - but we spoke to one parent who says that's not enough. 22:27:28 this is principal cotter with middletown high schoolthis voicemail message goes out to parents.22:27:30 this afternoon a student alerted the office to the existance of a threatening racially motivated note.36take a look at the note. it uses racially charged language we can't show on television but it clearly targets african americans. we spoke with one parent who didn't want to be identified. he believes the school isn't taking the threat seriously.22:29:39 what do you do as a parent? do you risk that chance to send your kid
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the action? 44in principal cotter's voicemail- she says the school investigated, took the note, and removed the student who wrote it from school. but some parents say more students need to be questioned.22:31:09 well the note says me and my buddies. there is more than one kid that is involved in this. 14 now they want to know what middletown high school is doing to ensure their children's safety.22:28:51 it should be a big deal because we should as parents be able to get up in the morning, get our kids ready for school, send them out to school, us go to work and not have to worry all day while we are at work if our kids are going to make it home from school safe and sound. 02 we reached out to both the middletown school district and middletown police department but haven't heard the school's voicemail, it does not say if the student will be removed from school permanently.the parent we spoke to says he won't be satisfied until the district students involved. new on 11 at 11... the pink pyramid is closing in westwood... just days after it opened. the adult gift shop
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its downtown store for a year. a city memo says the store sold sythentic pot and harmful inhalants called "poppers" to undercover officers. the owners then moved to westwood on friday. now.. the landlord westwood shop. new at 11.. an arrest for the rape of a child. michael workman is accused of attacking the child in his home in wayne township, clermont county. he was arrested in blanchester.. and is now being held on 750- thousand dollars bond. also new at 11... an ohio man is rushed to the hospital after he becomes trapped in a trench full of water. the man was in the ground for more than two hours before he was freed. crews used a tarp to help keep the man from freezing in today's weather. he was working on a trench around a house in dayton... when he became trapped by the thick mud that firefighters say was like quicksand. osha is now investigating what went wrong. there is an exhausting sprint to the finish underway right now for presidential hopefulls
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even at this late hour.. the candidates are doing everything thing they can to win the undecided... which makes up more than 40 percent of voters in new hampshire. bernie sanders is leading hillary clinton in the democratic party polls. she delivered a new message today.. turning the tables on bernie sanders. "senator sanders took about $200,000 from wall street firms. not directly, but throught the democratic senate campaign committee""you have the right to determine the future of america" america"republicans were no less combative... holding town halls and meeting voters wherever they could. one recent poll gives donald trump a large lead over the next four candidates... who are bunched together within a few percentage points of each other. trump: we have to get rid of the bushes of the world, they're weak, they're ineffective. bush: donald trump, you're the looser. cruz: we are here in new hampshire competing for the votes, and at this point, it's a turnout game."rubio: i'm
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help people are doing for us out there. from the very beginning we've understood this election is a turning point." point."many of ohio governor john kasich's supporters believe he has a strong chance of coming in second... especially if the weather is bad. kasich's campaign believes his supporters are more motivated to turn out. i think a high turnout means you've got a lot of late deciders, people who are turning in later, and we're going to win those late deciders, they're not going to vote for trump. if you're not for trump now, you're never going to be for trump. the first votes in new hampshire will be cast in less than an hour in the tiny town of dixville notch. most polling places will open between six a-m and 11 a-m. the polls will close at seven tomorrow night in new hampshire. nine on your side and a-b-c news will have the results for you as they are coming in. and you can check wcpo dot com and our mobile app for continuous updates. now at 11.. an arrest in a shooting nine on your side
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police say kemonetz leonard shot a 17 year old february first on hillvista lane near colerain avenue. the 17 year old survived. that was the second of two shootings in mount airy that day. baby stolen. a mother at a laundrymat returns to find her car and child gone!the reunion that took place just a short time ago. an alligator in the kitchen of a wendy's. how did that ever happen?the bizarre story behind this picture. how accurate are those on-line reviews?we all count on them from time to time. john matarese reviews the reviews... so you don't waste your money. more flu cases are being reported in part of the tri- state. what is your best defense this late in the season.. if you didn't get a flu shot?what doctors are recommending in healthy living. you're watching nine on your
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you're watching 9 on your side at 11 dramatic video out of florida tonight... as a mother is reunited with her ten month old baby.. after she was taken stolen. the girl's mother told police her daughter was asleep in the car when she was dropping off clothes at a laundrymat. the mom left the car running.. and that's when a man walked up.. and stole the car. the mom says she came back to get more clothes.. and the car and her daughter were gone. the baby is okay tonight. the car thief is still on the run.
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before.. aggravated assault with intent to kill. but what makes this story different is the weapon. it isn't a gun.. alligator. police near tampa, florida say someone threw an alligator from a vehicle into a wendy's drive- thru window. when officers arrived. .they found the three and a half foot gator on the kitchen floor. one man is under arrest. so many of us count on reviews when deciding when to buy something on-line. the problem is.. many of those reviews are bogus. john matarese shows what to look for.. so you don't waste your money. many of us shop amazon regularly.and many of us first check the see what others are saying about the product we are about to purchase.but buyer beware. ----------------before we click the buy button....most of us go to the review page. but a new report on claims fake reviews on amazon are as big a
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shill reviews are glowing...and found some for products that have not even been released yet, such as a case for next year's smartphones. smartphones.turns out amazon allows reviews from people who receive products free.they are supposed to disclose the freebie, and be honest in the review.great review? look for a disclaimer saying they got the item free or at discount. discount.bottom line: if a product has only a handful of reviews, be careful, and take them with a grain of salt.that way you don't get swayed by shills....and you dont waste your john matarese 9 on your side. chipotle today lost a federal by three local women. the women accused the restaurant of firing them because of their gender.. and said male employees were treated better than women... regardless of the quality of their work. the three women will now share at least 351- thousand dollars.a jury could award them more money in punitive damages. a total of seven women sued chipotle.. but the other cases were
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its the class picture in hollywood everyone dreams of being part of. today they took the group picture for this year's oscar nominees. more than 150 nominees were there for the snapshot.. which was taken during the annual pre-oscar academy luncheon. you can watch the oscars right here on
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weather summary: spotty, light snow showers will fall during the day on tuesday. temperatures will only top out at 280f for a colder day. a secondary front will bring even colder air into the tri-state late tuesday into wednesday and reinforce another wave of scattered snow. snow accumulations from 1-3 inches from monday night into wednesday are expected with much of that occurring
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a few mnutes ago we told you about the first town in new hampshire that will vote in the primary.. dixville notch. these are live pictures from there as people get ready to cast their votes at midnight. as you can see... its the primary is a pretty straightforward affair in
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tonight in healthy living... flu cases are rising in young the country. country.tonight health officials in kentucky want to remind you it's not too late to get the flu vaccine if you haven't already. the number of flu cases has yet to peak in kentucky. kentucky.we're on your side with who is most likely to experience complications from the flu: children ages six months to four-years-old ... pregnant women ... people caregivers. a good sign for the fight again drug abuse and heroin... ohio doctors wrote fewer prescriptions for pain killers last year. year.just over 700-million pills were given to patients in 2015...a 12 percent drop from three years ago.some drug abuse experts say painkillers are the gateway to harder drugs -- like heroin.and those numbers also show so-called "doctor shopping" saw a huge drop... thanks to a computerized database of patients. time for sports and nine on your side's sports director john popovich. a couple of local players
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tonight.and the super bowl commericial with the cincinnati connection....why aren't we surprised? it's upcoming in, here's
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good evening local teams on the floor tonight..but some local
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school's luke kennard with duke, trying to hold off louisville ...nails a three point shot midway thru the second half-he kept them there with this improbable somehow bounces around and goes in.-louisville playing at cameron indoor for the first time since 1983 fought back to take the lead- but duke hit its free throws down the stretch..kennard leads the nation in free throw percentage...duke wins tonight by seven. both uc and xavier are on the court and out of town on tuesday. uc is at central florida...xavier is at creighton. a couple of big matchups in womens college ball...this is the pride of princeotn, kelsey mitchell putting number 7 ohio state in front of number five maryland in the first half- mitchell with a monster game....33 her buckeyes upset maryland 94 to 86 also tonight in womens hoops it was number one against number two....but it's not as close as it sounded. u-conn by a dozen over south carolina...that's the 60th
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in skies as the broncos brought back their third super bowl championship to the mile high city this afternoon. it looked pleasant as the team came down the ramp with the lombardi trophy. their win will be celebrated in a parade thru denver tuesday afternoon. speaking of parades....peyton manning was honored at disneyland this afternoon. he never said after the game..i'm going to disneyland...he told reporters, i'm taking my kids to disney land.those are his twins in front of him.....they're four....they shared the float with mickey, minnie, goofy and pluto. it was already getting dark when the carolina panthers arrived back at charlotte early this evening....-the team motored back to their home stadium and even tho the weather there was chilly and wet, there were hundreds of fans, who were cheering and holding up posters. finally....the record will show that denver won the super bowl, but the biggest winners were the sports books in las vegas. bettors wagered heavily that carolina would win..that a lot of points would be
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the mvp.aaaaach....incorrect. legal bookmakers took in a record 132 million dollars...they kept more than 13 million of that. and even a cincinnati kid made a little money....we don't know if he bet...but he made a cameo for a vegas betting serivce in an ad that had a godfather like feel nine on your side returns
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(live balcony )here is a look at downtown from nine on your side.. you can see the snow blowing around. that's 9 on your side at 11 for this monday. we're always on with breaking
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