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tv   9 On Your Side News 6  ABC  February 11, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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public?nine on your side digs into your safety on tri-state streets. a woman taking out her trash... finds a *dead dog* staring at her in the dumpster! dumpster!now.. the woman who found it is talking to nine on your side. two people are charged.nine on your side has been digging into this cruel act.tom mckee joins us live... live...with how all of this happened! the dog was a one-year old miniature pinzer/retriever mix. it apparently stopped eating three weeks ago, but wasn't taken to a vet.then, the owner left it in the care of a friend while she went away to visit family for a week and the dog didn't survive. hali kern was stunned friday over what she found when she went to this dumpster at her hamilton apartment complex. complex. "there was kind of a dog crate with a sheet thrown over it. i was just throwing my trash out and i knocked the sheet over and it was just laying -- like there was a dog just laying in
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with bits of food, feces and urine. urine. "it was pretty awful. i was i checked with the veterinarans here and they tell me that a dog can only survive about a week without food and just three days without water.tom mckee, nine
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i checked with the veterinarans here and they tell me that a dog can only survive about a week without food and just three days without water.tom mckee, nine on your side. a baby in foster care -- because his mother is in jail. but tonight -- we're hearing from the man who says *he* is the father of wyatt kinner.he doesn't want his identity public, but confirms he is a family friend of rebekah kinner.nine on your side's rose-ann aragon is here -- with what he's doing to get that baby. roe: while rebekah kinner spends some time behind bars--
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foster care -- i spoke briefly on the phone with the man who is fighting to be the father--a man referred to as jason-- everybody is doing okay (pause) but you know we're obviously trying to take this one step at a time." one step at a time for "jason" the man fighting for custody of rebekah kinner's newborn baby - - wyatt-- her lawyer says jason is a family friend of kinner's and he is helping jason file petitions for custody--he refrained to reveal his identity-- but we spoke with jason on the phone. "i am going to establish..try to establish paternity for the child." but for now the child remains in foster care. his mother in jail- charged with involuntary manslaughter for the death of her 2-year-old daughter kinsley. kinner gave birth to kinsley's brother -- wyatt on february 1st. a child jason believes is his-- a child born to a family he cares for. this is a post from jason's facebook when kinsley died. he writes,"i know that i wasn't your family by blood, but i always looked at you as my daughter." jason is already a father of two from another
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called jason "level- headed"--and wyatt would be *his --*if the test came back positive-- for now jason has asked for space. "it's kind of a close...close family matter.. i just want to keep things as private as possible." roe: now if jason is not the father-- a judge would have to decided where the baby would go. kinner has given a list of family members who she believed would be able to care for wyatt--her parents at the top of the list. ra 9 oys. if you talk to the hamilton county sheriff he'll tell you he's seeing the highest level of crime he's ever seen in his law enforcement career.he admits deputies can't be there when crimes happen. the side effect he says - people arming themselves - and his office is doubling up concealed carry classes to accomadate the rush. ((nats "okay."))sheriff"you have the right to protect yourself."((nats loading gun)) brenda"with all of the events
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((gun shooting nats))sheriff "criminals are opportunists." ((nats setting gun down)) sheriff"law enforcement is not present when these tragedies occur."brenda"i want to be able to do my own public safety for myself."sheriff "these good citizens((nats of instructor "get ready))sheriff "are their first line of defense." ((nats of instructor "fire.))((nats of gun fire, shell hitting ground))an armed robbery at a gas station in falmouth kentuckywalnut hills - a man using the a-t-m is shot in the city of hamilton - a man armed with a revolver robs a guy of 180 bucks.338-44 all the violence 0304-10 the uptick what that's doing is putting more of a demand on these classes sheriff jim neil started concealed carry classes after he took office 3 years ago. 326-34 issued more permits, provided more training we had in the past because it's a belief i have. a belief in the 2nd amendment and the right for folks to be able to defend themselves in the best way they see fit. 235654-03 i bought a ruger lc9, it felt really comfortable in the hand and it was small and it was enough fire power for me. brenda
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hundred in hamilton county in 2015 who armed themselves with a conceal carry permit - tied to fear over personal safety. 1758-02-03 is concealed carry for everyone? no it's not. it's an individual decision. erik pfaffl is not only a range instructor here - he's a detective with the sheriff's office.1832-46 we've had moments with students who are sometimes struggling. 0944-50 we're talking about going into public with something that can be very deadly very quickly jennifer thorne with the ohio coalition to stop gun violence spoke with me via skype.....she says the solution is not from a holster of a c-c-w permit holder.. 1112-17 the role for intervening in those situations is for law enforcement. permits aren't for everyone - hamilton county denies the 2nd highest number of permits in the state. 235208-11 have you owned a gun up to this point. i have not while the number of first time gun owners grows - so does concern over safety.
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mistakes and range instructors are at the ready - but these new permit holders will be on their own when they walk out the door.1707-16 he can't raise his hand and wait for a range instructor to come over - absolutely - you have to be able to fix those issues when someone is breaking into the house or whatever the case may be. erik pfaffl"that's where that practice comes in."sheriff "it needs to be secondary." instructor"secure your weapon and one found round magazine." sheriff"you need to know how to perform."((nats of loading gun))erik pfaffl"if your training stops today.." instructor"shooting five rounds."((loading gun))sheriff "under high stressful situations."erik pfaffl"five years from now."instructor"you want to squeeze more with this hand than this hand."erik pfaffl"you will most likely fail."craig mckee"do you think you can make that split second decision to do that?"brenda "yes i could."((nats of gun fire)) staying on the issue of training - ohio governor john kasich lowered the required hours to get a c-c-w permit last year. dropping the requirement from 12 to 8 hours. once you obtain your certificate - you must go through a background check and fingerprint check. to learn more about the process head over to my facebook page right
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kentucky's former governor -- doesn't want the state's *new* leader to dismantle healthcare options.steve beshear is starting the "save kentucky healthcare" advocacy group.he says he's troubled by bevin's plans to roll back "kynect". special delivery...a baby born along interstate 75! 75!"is the baby ok *cries*" *cries*" the couple forced to bring their daughter into the world -- with only instructions over the phone! we'll show you the emergency response caught on traffic cameras. the 9 on your side surprise patrol looking to give away free money...see who we
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they were on the verge of closing -- sending homeless folks out in the cold. cold.but tonight -- the "prince of peace emergency
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enough money to stay open.just over a week ago -- the shelter announced it was running out of money... unable to stay open through the end of this month.nine on your side told you about the need -- and leaders at the shelter say you delivered. an antique diamond ring goes missing in west chester.... and tonight a search for the man police think did it! it!this is the man police think took the ring.that ring is valued at five-thousand dollars... it disappeared from the west chester antique mall. police say he left in a newer model silver nissan maxima or altima.if you know who that man is -- call west chester police. c-v-g wants to bring more food to the hebron airport... by allowing food trucks to set up shop! shop!to do that -- the airport will have to change their rules.but leaders say the interest is there -- they claim to have food trucks from as far as lexington willing to cook up grub for passengers and employees.
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bitterly cold temperatures... steve? steve? good and bad news when it comes to vontaze burfict....and ken broo with a big milestone in mason. signaling surprise patrol... (sot) "we couldn't help but notice that you have a big smile for everybody that passes by." the reason this father of four is so deserving of a gift. (sot) "that's awesome. thank you very much. i appreciate that." you're
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one ohio baby just couldn't wait to be born... her mother giving birth right off of interstate 75! 75!traffic cameras caught the scene this morning -- first responders trying to help the mother in that white van.but the baby wasn't going to wait for them... little "hannah" came out just about five minutes after the couple pulled dispatchers had to talk the parents through it. "that baby's being born right now -- the baby is out // is the baby ok *cries* good baby, good baby, that's a little girl" girl" firefighters say it was *16* degrees outside when the baby came out along the northwoods boulevard exit near vandalia. tonight -- the mother and baby are doing well.
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surprising tri-state folks with *free money*.and today our "surprise patrol" hit the streets -- literally -- to make the day of a hard-working father. julie o"we've been getting some video of this guy waving traffic the last couple of minutes and he's just got a big smile for everybody, so we're thinking a little fast money for the guy holding the slow up sign.""we couldn't help but notice how you have a big smile for everybody passes bye, do you like what you do?" erik"i'm outside that's what i like to do. i got to work anytime i can so i'm happy." julie o"do you have kids erik?" erik"yes, four girls."julie o "four girls?" erik"i told the one she better start getting ready for a scholarship."julie o"well i don't have a scholarship for her but today i'm with the 9 on your side surprise patrol."erik"yes." julie o"and i'd like to give you a hundred dollars."erik "that's awesome. thank you very much. i appreciate that." julie o"i hope you can put that to good use it looks like you need me to get out of the
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and don't forget -- tomorrow is the big *five-hundred dollar* giveaway. weather summary: skies will be mostly cloudy on friday and we'll see another chance for light snow. a fast- moving clipper system will swing through the ohio valley bringing .5 to 1" of snow max. highs on friday hit 270f. the weekend will be downright cold! we could see wind chills below zero on saturday and
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the bad news is that vontaze burfict didn't change anyone's mind...the good news is maybe he wants to change his ways. ways.word came today that the nfl denied burficts request to reduce his three game suspension to start the 2016 season. that's the penalty for his hit on antonio brown of the steelers in the playoff game. that came, buffict and marvin lewis met with nfl commissioner roger goodell about his overall mis behavior.... behavior....burfict according to espn wanted to discuss what measures he has to take to avoid further problems...and he did it with the support of the bengals head coach. other out of control players have had such meetings in the past, and for them, it's worked. it's the year of the mason comets in the great miami
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and this week, a personal milestone. ken broo has the story: ((broo track))he's conducted a lot of basketball practices in his time. and greg richards has seen a lot of wins. 300 to be exact...that milestone for the mason coach came tuesday night against middletown. richards key to success and his longevity is simple, he says.--sot up full 22:38:17((richards: you have to change with the kids and changes with the times))((broo track))all of richards' assistant coaches at mason played for him. his coaching tree extends wide, with former players and assistants now head basketball coaches in the tri state. and they know his strategies very well.--sot up full 22:40:23--22:40:26 ((richards: believe me, yes! and they know what i want to do before i know what i want to do))--sot up full 23:23:10 ((broo: as big a story as the coach is, maybe as bigger story is the team. mason lost its first game of the season. it hasn't lost since))((broo track))the comets are riding an 18-game winning streak. their top scorer says it's because richards never lets them take a break.--sot up full 22:44:46--22:44:51 ((lamotte: no sir, you'll find yourself on the bench next to coach richards if you take a break in the game)) ((broo track))no letting up, for a team that's won 18
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coached 300 wins. in mason, ken broo, nine on your side. in college ball tonight, nku is on the road at valparaiso....good gazme in the big ten when number four iowa plays at indiana. the uc bearcats were in the practice gym today....they have east carolina coming in saturday . not a great year for the pirates so far...only ten wins. finally.....a good scene in the nba last night as kobe bryant was making his final trip into a big roar...-and then a big hug from lebron.......-he made a few shots...then got out of there........cavs won the game. and now here's julie dolan with a look ahead at what we'll have for you on nine on your side at seven. a plea deal is reached for the tristate nurse accused of
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elderly patient. coming up at seven, why that patients death-- was almost ruled an accident. "nine on your side's surprise
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that's 9 on your side at six for this thursday. thursday.we're always on with
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tonight, the race for the white house and donald trump's bold prediction. the republican front-runner and what he said is coming, if he wins south carolina. just as his feud with jeb bush takes a new turn tonight. hillary clinton set to face off with bernie sanders, as they now battle for the south. get ready for the deep freeze. the arctic blast across more than 20 states. the dangerous commute already. it will feel well below zero across much of this country. tonight, the fbi ordering armed protesters to surrender. >> i'm a free man, i will die a free man. >> the standoff taking a


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