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tv   Good Morning Tri- State 5 AM  ABC  February 12, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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riva.and i'm kathrine nero. do or ...and prepare yourself ... for snow.nine first ketchmark has the forecast. today former president bill clinton will be in the queen city campaigning for his wife in her run for the white house.
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the clifton cultural arts center for the event which starts at 3 this afternoon the president will be here today. he'll be rallying voters here in the tri state to get out and vote hillary clinton he will be rallying bill clinton made his first solo campaign stop in new hampshire. this will be his first visit to cincinnati. the event is being sponsored by the hamilton county democratic party. the latest polls have bernie sanders quickly gaining ground on hillary clinton..especially among minority voters. ohio is a very important state in her run for the white house as for the other candidates. 9 on your side checked and found jeb bush, ben carson, ted cruz, john kasich and marco rubio will all be in south carolina.donald trump has an
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florida.bernie sanders is expected to spend his day in minnesota and nevada. 9 oy side will be covering the clinton event here today at the clifton cultural arts center. it starts at 3. doors open at 2 last night hillary clinton milwaukee, wisconsin. it was hosted by p-b-s newshour. the issues of health care and education were front and center. after the american people bailed wall street yes they should pay a wall street speculation tax so we can make public colleges and universities tuition free, we bailed them out and it's their time to help the middle class. senator sanders really rests making sure governors
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23 billion dollars on the first day to make college free...i'm a little sceptacle about your governor caring enough about higher education to make any type of committment like that. that. one topic discussed-the issue of race and race relations across the country. in addition, improving the relationship between police and the communities they serve. we're going to enforce the law we're going to change policing practices we're going to change incarceration practices, but we're going to also emphasize education jobs and housing. we've got to demilitarize local police departments so they don't look like occupying armies. we;ve got to make sure the local police departments look like the communities they serve in their diversity. candidates with you?nine on your side is working with the award winning people at "politifact" to double-check their remarks for accuracy. hillary clinton first
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health care -- saying the numbers of his plan don't add up and he would expand the government by 40-percent. sanders responded by pointing to the one thing millions of americans of paying are big bucks for... we pay by far the highest prices in the world for prescription drugs. one out of five americans can't even afford the prescriptions their doctors are writing. writing.our panel of fact-checkers say sanders is "mostly true." prices of prescription drugs here vary, but generally cost more than in other countries. the difference can be as much as 395-dollars. politifact found only one study that showed the u-s on par with canada when it came to generic drugs. hillary clinton also tackled the economy in her opening statement. here's how she characterized.. what is frustrating working americans. i know a lot of americans are angry about the economy, and for good cause. americans haven't had a raise in 15 years. there aren't enough good paying jobs, especially for young people peoplepolitifact says this statement is "mostly true." she is right if you look at the median household income
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reports show it's actually dropped seven-percent over the last 15-years. but pay for wage and salary workers have gone up two-percent over the same period. and these are not the only fact-checks of last night's debate. find all of politifact's "truth ratings" on wcpo dot com or our mobile app. pope francis is on his way to cuba at this hour... for what's being called an "unprecedented" meeting with his orthodox counterpart. francis and patriarch kirill will talk about reconciliation between the roman catholic and russian orthodox churches.the two churches have been split for nearly one-thousand years. pope francis is on his way to cuba at this hour... for what's being called an "unprecedented" meeting with his orthodox counterpart. francis and patriarch kirill will talk reconciliation between the roman catholic and russian orthodox churches. churches have nearly one-years. video just released from the oklahoma highway patrol. what it shows happening as a trooper investigates a crash on the side of the highway. a warehouse fire is smoldering right long this has been going and why firefighters are having such a
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breaking in the live alert center.the u-s coast guard is reporting overnight that a plane has crashed off the coast of florida...near destin. eglin air force base is located near there. no word yet if the aircraft is a military aircraft.the pictures from overnight are dark as you can see.crews are investigating right now.we do know that 'some" debris has been recovered.we'll continue to follow this story and bring
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newly released dash cam video this morning.shows an oklahoma highway patrolman getting hit by an s-u-v.this happened last month and trooper jason richardson is still recovering from injuries to his legs and head. he was walking along a cable barrier toward the scene of another accident when the driver of the s-u-v lost control -- apparently due to an icy road -- and swerved into the median.after the wreck, people rushed to help the trooper.the driver was not cited. take a look at **this video out of new was all hands on deck for firefighters...trying to put out this fire at a warehouse. it's still smoldering this morning.hard to believe nobody was hurt here.the fire is knocking out power to homes nearby.and crews are also having to deal with temperatures below 20 degrees . made in the tri-state.a local company making a product that could help you in an emergency. why the owner says the idea was prompted by his own experience.
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you can have a meal with your special valentine this weekend
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gmts anim"you're watching good morning tri-state at 5 on 9 on your side!" the tri-state has hundreds the tri-state has hundreds of businesses - large and small ...created here ...thriving here ...and employing our friends and neighbors. neighbors.we're spotlighting some of them ...we call it "made in the tri-state" ... ...our first stop: erlanger ...
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wimmer ...who realized he needed some form of i-d after he was lying in a ditch off the road by a truck as he trained for a marathon... edward and his dad created road i-d in their ft. mitchell basement ...and 16 years later ...he has 41 employees ...and says he hears daily from customers about how his product saves lives. "when i was a kid we didnt wear bike helmets .. not did i strap on a seat belt ... so those are paradigm shifts that occerred in safety ... and we're hoping for that same thing with identification and we're hoping we're the ones
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valentine's day is sunday ... ...and nothing says romance like .... sliders. sliders.{angie, "welcome to white castles, happy valentine's day to ya. i'm angie, i'll be taking your order." order."that's right -- we went on a breakfast date -- at white castle ...or what they like to call it this time of year -- the castle of love. our lovely waitress -- angie tye -- has been treating couples at white castle for 25 years now. angie tye/25-year white castle veteran "they are awesome, in a way how we come to the table and take your order because we usually don't do that. zins plumbing, they always come down here every year and they make a big thing out of, they're always wanting to take pictures of the family with the white castle signs, they make a big deal out of it. i'm even thinking about coming
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sunday." white castle has been hosting valentine's day dinner for 25 years -- and you really do have to make reservations. they're expecting more than 1400 guests at the 40 cincinnati area locations. treat "yo-self" this valentine's day.that's the message from dairy queen officials to all the singles out there.there's now a blizzard treat just for singles.the "singles blizzard" features soft-serve ice cream, cocoa fudge, peanut butter cups, peanut butter topping, and salted caramel truffles. according to the company, 50 percent of singles classify themselves as "proud singles" on valentine's day and are ready to break the "sad
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let get your latest nine
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made its return.we discuss last night's premieres-after the break. and here's what you'll see
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all month long, we've been surprising people with free money. this morning -check out the reaction of the construction crew member, working to support his daughters! daughters!julie o"four girls?" erik"i told the one she better start getting ready for a scholarship."julie o"well i don't have a scholarship for her but today i'm with the 9 on your side surprise patrol." erik"yes."julie o"and i'd like to give you a hundred dollars." erik"that's awesome. thank you very much. i appreciate that." that."our surprise patrol is handing out 100-dollars a day at random every monday through thursday in february.on fridays, we are picking a special someone and giving them a 500-dollar
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patrol report tonight on 9 on your side at 6pm. no spoilers here...but tgit is back.if you dvr'd shondaland you don't have to worry about me telling you anything big.. big..but in true shonda rhimes fashion ...the shows sprinted out of the gate ...meredith grey is recovering from a brutal attack ...olivia pope has ditched the white hat and coat and is in shades of red ... and annalise keating is holding a mystery baby,what will happen next?find out nxt week on t-g-i-t - thursdays on nine on your side. the push for narcan at local pharmacies is catching on... expected to make an announcement today about having it on their shelves in the tri-state. this morning will be rather quiet with temperatures that will be cold but not as frigid skies will give way to snow all, .5" of snow is possible
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a kroger announcement today. what locals store pharmacies could soon be carrying in house. a new place to eat when you're at the airport.the proposal that could give more flavor to
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this morning will be rather quiet with temperatures that will be cold but not as frigid as yesterday. mostly cloudy skies will give way to snow showers by the afternoon. in all, .5" of snow is possible before coming to a close late the evening. highs only hit
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we'll be watching today for another big announcement in the fight against heroin! timyka artist is tracking this story. on cam - i'm here at kroger and in just a couple of hours - the company says it will make a big announcement about *narcan*.take video - that's the medicine used to reverse the effects of heroin overdose. and if you're questioning how big this announcement really is - kroger is bringing in attorney general mike dewine and senator rob portman for the occassion.kroger is *not* coming right out to say they will stock narcan in stores. what we do know is that walgreens started stocking narcan last may.and just last month - cvs announced it will sell narcan in ohio stores *without a prescription*on cam -you can count on us to bring you the results of this announcement when it happens today at 10 a-m.timyka artist, 9 on your side. in anderson 18 year old is accused of threatening students and staff at the st joseph orphanage altercrest campus.
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will face a judge this morning after police say he threatened to bring a gun to school and shoot people. according to court papers, the incident happened on wednesday. the school's website says altercrest provides students grades 6th through 12th with mental health services and other educational support. it is not clear if bankhead is a student there. bankhead faces an aggravated menacing charge which is a misdemeanor. 9 on your side reached out to the school for comment late last night, but they were closed. we will bring you the latest information on 9 on your side at noon. a local woman says her ex- boyfriend broke through her window... threw her against the wall... then lit her clothes on fire while trying to torch her 'price hill' apartment. 29-year-old jerome brown is being held at the hamilton county justice center. in court... his attorney said he denies the allegations. early sunday morning -- brandy chivers says brown broke showed up at the apartment she recently moved into threatening to kill her. after breaking in -- she says brown
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then punched and used a hammer to hit through the walls. brandy ran outside... turned around and saw her kitchen up in flames. she says she feared for her life -- and wants this to serve as a message. "if you're being abused - get out. it's not love. no matter what - it's not. i don't care if it's verbal, physical, mental - it's abuse. and no woman deserves it because this is what could happen and you might not make it." brown is facing charges for aggravated arson and burglary. he's being held on 600- thousand-dollars bond. this morning - dayton police hope they can track down why a middletown mom drove to some apartments with her baby before she was shot and killed. killed.they say they're looking through brittany russell's phone and have interviewed several people already.russell didn't have custody of her six-month-old daughter haven but was visiting her tuesday when she left with the baby.a building manager found her later in dayton - shot multiple times. lt. andrew booher/dayton police department "right now
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information we do have and we want to get the word out to as many people as possible to keep filtering information into us." us."dayton police won't say if drugs were involved.but russell's family told us she had a heroin problem. in columbus, four people are recovering and a suspect is dead after he attacked them inside a restaurant with a machete.police cornered the suspect ...and an officer shot and killed him.all the victims are expected to survive.police are now trying to figure out why it happened. a tri-state militia member will appear before a judge today... after finally surrendering to federal authorities yesterday. yesterday.david fry of blanchester was the last holdout at the national wildlife refuge in oregon.he refused to surrender until his demands were met... but another protester convinced him to finally give up. unless my greivances are krisanne hall, activist: david, it's harder to live for liberty than it is to die for it. don't be a coward like that.david: you have no right
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coward.fry and the other three militia member all face a federal felony charge of conspiracy.they're headed to court in portland. police say a man tried to kill his ex-girlfriend by cutting the brake lines in her car. and it was caught on surveillence video. officers near west palm beach say these pictures show pierre johnson cutting the lines. you can see the car light come on when he opens the door. the next morning.. the woman got into the car with her god son to take him to the bus stop.when the brakes felt funny.. she put the car into park.. and discovered a pool of brake fluid under the car. you may soon have another option when you want to grab a quick bite at c-v-g.. there's airport. c-v-g is looking at changing some rules so the trucks could do business there. they say the trucks would give employees more food options. right now on wcpo dot com and our mobile app... why food trucks were orginally banned
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executives say things have changed. internet taxes.they could soon signature needed now. see history with technology. the new way musuem officials in the nations capitol are allowing visitors to see apollo 11. this morning will be rather quiet with temperatures that will be cold but not as frigid as yesterday. mostly cloudy showers by the afternoon. in all, .5" of snow is possible before coming to a close late the evening. highs only hit
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now at havertys furniture, it's our annual presidents day sale. which means it's the perfect time to create the perfect home. now through february 15th, everything in our store is on sale. plus, we're offering thirty-six month, no interest financing. come in today for our best prices of the year. with havertys, your home can be perfect. even when life isn't. sfx: knocking. we're early! the presidents day sale.
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havertys. the ban on taxing access to the internet is just a step away from becoming permanent. congress passed the law years ago. but it had to be renewed
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bill removes the expiration date. its now on its way to the white house for president obama's signature. ohio's internet access tax was grandfathered in to the current law. but now.. if the law is signed.. that will have to be phased out by the summer of 2020. if you're planning a summer vacation to our nation's capital... the smithsonian's national air and space museum is giving visitors a chance to get a virtual look inside apollo 11. 11.specialists with the air and space museum sent in 3-d technology to map the entire space capsule... eliminating the foot traffic inside this treasure.not just that... but the specialists also discovered hand-written messages left by the astronauts during their voyage to the moon and back. allan needell/curator"what's really exciting is to be able to find a scribble on the wall with a number and be able to find the transmission in which ground control relayed up to them."
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online in july. today many people in the tri-state will be looking for a good fish fry. fry.9 is on your side with a list of 9 locations serving the traditional friday meal. meal.take a look at our article right now on wcpo dot com.there you'll find locations, times and much more. a healthy diet can be tough to follow.but this morning experts say it's not the price that's making it hard.what for most people. hang 10.where surfers are layering up to do what they love in these freezing cold temperatures. this morning will be rather quiet with temperatures that will be cold but not as frigid as yesterday. mostly cloudy skies will give way to snow showers by the afternoon. in before coming to a close late
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a u-s olympic committee is bringing in two experts to advise athletes ahead of the olympic games in rio de janeiro. this comes after soccer star *hope solo* said she would not attend the games if they were held today - because of her concerns about the zika virus. the c-d-c says it found genetic material of the virus in the brains of two infants who died. it's the strongest evidence yet - of a connection between the virus and birth defects. we all know the foods we should eat more of.. and those we should avoid. turns out.. the problem isn't cost.. or taste. its time. a new report says many people say they are "too busy" to prepare healthy food... and reach for something that is convienient instead. researchers looked at 500 adults.... some who could afford healthy food and some who could not. the researchers found that-regardless of wealth-being "too busy" to prepare healthy food was a significant factor in failing to eat well. n-y-u scientists...on the
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pill."they say they've found the "rage center" in the brain. they've already been able to control aggression in mice... and, think it's possible in humans as well.the hope is to have a drug one day...the helps you keep a lid on your temper while many u-s cities are facing harsh winter weather - santa maria, california is definitely not one of them. them.the forecast for thursday was close to 80-degrees and sunny.but parents and kids at one college didn't want to miss out on all the fun that comes with winter -so they decided to make their own snow at the hancock college children's center. "we don't live around snow, so it's nice to be able to watch her play in the snow
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take a look at this- surfers in canada - hitting the waves yesterday. the temperature was around 28- degrees... and yeah, that's *snow on the ground. let get your latest nine first warning forecast. this morning will be rather quiet with temperatures that will be cold but not as frigid as yesterday. mostly cloudy skies will give way to snow showers by the afternoon. in
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before coming to a close late
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traffic 1-27 at the udf on madison road in cincinnati1-36 at the kroger on eads pkwy in lawrenceburg1-49 at the speedway on monmouth in newport you can find the best prices in your part of town on our website wcpo dot com. click on
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go big or go home. home.that's what one man decided to do this year for valentine's day. day."and i just started gasping and crying just like oh my gosh i can't beleive it." it."we'll show you what made her so emotional...and how her
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this morning will be rather quiet with temperatures that will be cold but not as frigid as yesterday. mostly cloudy skies will give way to snow showers by the afternoon. in all, .5" of snow is possible before coming to a close late the evening. highs only hit
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valentine's day is just two days away... and men... you've got some catching up to do... indianapolis man went the extra mile to tell the world just how much he loves his wife. check this out... patrick sullivan surprised his wife... patty with a *billboard* this reads... pat and patty forever... 27 years and counting... you complete me.. love pat. (patricia sullivan, wife)"and i just started gasping and crying just like oh my gosh i can't beleive it."(patrick sullivan, bought a billboard) "she just started crying and she just totally lost it and it was really exciting that's what i wanted to surprise her and let her know how special she is and let her know that these 27 years have been great for me." me." sullivan says patty just wanted a note or a card this year. pushing for support.president clinton will be in the tri-
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campaigning in the tri-state! where you'll find president bill clinton day - and how that visit could tie-up your commute! school shooting threat! the tri-state campus where a man threatened to bring a gun! and the charges he's facing today! restaurant attack - a man swings a machete in the middle of a restaurant! the new details we're learning overnight! good morning tri-state.happy friday morning. morning.some of you are already seeing some flurries
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jennifer calls for graphic
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