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tv   Good Morning America Weekend Edition  ABC  February 13, 2016 7:00am-8:00am EST

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good morning, america. happening right now -- life-threatening cold. 100 million americans chilled to the bone. >> it's terrible out here. >> how many layers do you have on today. >> 4. >> the struggles to stay warm for man and beast. in this dangerous weather. everything you need to know about the frigid forecast. setting the stage. republicans ready to rumble again in the next debate. and with donald trump threatening to sue ted cruz, get ready for fireworks. >> as it gets closer it's going
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>> cruz taking aim at hillary clinton in this spoof and bernie sanders trying to take her down. fears on the field. the feds focusing on the artificial turf. does it contain dangerous carcinogens. and straight out of the movie. two brothers charged with recruiting and training this brazen jewelry theft. where the trio allegedly hatch their plot. did they lure her? we'll have the latest from investigators overnight. hey, good morning on this frigid valentine's day weekend. here's something to warm you up. >> do you really? maybe for four seconds.
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one of the fearless surf contests. sara will have this big story coming up. >> you're right. it doesn't warm me up at all. we'll start with the 100 million americans who will not be surfing this weekend from florida, to maine. a massive blast of arctic air. check out the windchills as we come on the air this morning. >> this is an extremely dangerous situation. people are being warned to stay indoors. and indra peter owens is in the frozen heart of story, buffalo, new york. good morning, indra. hope you're staying warm. >> good morning. right now the wind chill here in buffalo is 20 below. this is dangerous kind of cold. my eyes are watering. your skin starts to burn. when you start to lose your
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for hype poe therm ya. overnight a dangerous arctic air blast. whiteout conditions. >> i definitely don't like it when it's this cold and especially tomorrow with the wind chill it will be very cold. >> reporter: new york city so frigid even fountains are freezing over. friends and family taking the time to bundle each other up in the cold weather. these moms had the right idea. lots of layers and a warm hat. >> jacket underneath his coat and his shirt. >> i have two shirts on. >> reporter: even our four-legged friends need extra protection from the cold. >> we won't see you until monday morning. until the temperature comes back up. it's too low. >> reporter: the record for the coldest high in buffalo is 5 degrees.
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number today. meaning we'll break a record from 1899, over 100-year old record to ever e enter this region. temperatures, as low as 30 below. now, you understand the danger and this cold air is still making its way into places like the northeast. new york city, you started the day off in the 20s, by the time you get to the afternoon, temperatures will drop to below 0, 4:00 in the afternoon. they do not stop there. by the time you go in through tomorrow, you could potentially drop another 20 degrees. places like boston tomorrow, 30 below with that wind chill. you have to understand the dangers of cold air. check on your neighbors and pets. this is a dangerous cold. dan, paula. >> i think the woman who said she wasn't going to come out until monday, she was on to something.
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we want to move now to red-hot race for the white house. no love lost among the remaining six gop con tes andidates. and abc's mary bruce is south carolina. >> reporter: hi, paula. this is state known for picking winners and those bare-knuckle politics. we're seeing signs of that on the air waves and online and likely here tonight, on the debate stage. first showdown in the south. don't expect the candidates to act like southern gentlemen. >> as it guesses closer, it gets nastier and nastier. >> you have cruz, find out where he gets his money. >> reporter: after his big win in new hampshire, donald trump took a positive turn. >> i won't use foul language. i'm not going on do it. >> reporter: but no more. this morning, donald trump is
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against ted cruz and threatening to sue. tweeting -- if ted cruz doesn't clean up his act, stop cheating and doing negative ads. -- >> there's irony in donald trump accusing anyone of being nastier. >> reporter: cruz is hitting back. pummelling trump on the air waves. after his dismal debate performance, marco rubio is paying offense. >> when i'm the president i don't want divide you against election. >> reporter: john kasich coming off a strong second-place finish in new hampshire, keeping his vow to keep it clean on the trail. >> i didn't have any anyone in the politics. nobody in our family was rich. but my mother and my dad taught me one thing -- never accept failure. >> reporter: kasich, rubio and
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tonight. and while there will certainly be fireworks, one thing you won't hear tonight is cursing. donald trump is swearing off swearing here in south carolina. lasts. i think it's going to be dig any fied affair. let's go to the woman asking the tough questions, mary catherine ham. good morning to you. >> mary, we don't expect the candidates come out and holding hands and singing. who has the most on the online and most incentive come out of swinging. >> they're going to be fighting on the trail and trump -- cruz laid off trump in the last debate. i think he'll be looking to differentiate this time around.
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spotters, it will nope happen again. as we know trump is coming as the front-runner here, mary mentioned just a few moments ago, mary bruce, that he's swearing off swearing. i got -- i wonders in a state that's heavily evangelical, is his use of profanity going to hurt him? >> two things at work here. we're not afraid of a little rough and tumble. we love a great tailgate party but we're going to wear dresses and heels. i will say, a guy who doesn't suffer the normal politics defeats as trump has, won't suffer -- >> he can swear as much as he wants and shoot people on 5th avenue and he's fine. >> he defies political rules and will continue to do. thank you. by the way, let's not forget the democrats.
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right now for nevada, when the caucuses will be held one week from today, in fact, hillary clinton needs to bounce back from her big loss in new hampshire and bernie sanders needs to show that his campaign has real legs. abc's devin dwyer. >> reporter: the democratic race heads west today. both clinton and sanders in colorado and nevada as they battle it out as to who would better handle race equal my. this morning, the democratic candidates are gearing up for a long-haul campaign. >> thank you for everything. >> reporter: bernie sanders was in super tuesday state minnesota. >> it ees 's a hard life. >> reporter: after photos and a sandwich with his wife jane. >> want the scoop? it's tuna fish, lettuce and tomato on rei. got it, abc?
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also in minnesota overnight, talking about a different kind of appetite. >> they're hungry, hungry for solutions. >> reporter: the next battleground is the nevada caucuses on saturday. both candidates hungry for a win in south carolina later this month. clinton's superpac and a new radio ad says she'll be like president obama. >> we need a president who will build on all that president obama has done. >> reporter: clinton telling south carolina african americans that sanders promises won't come true. >> i woempbt promise something that i cannot deliver. >> reporter: a topic sanders went after clinton for during the democratic debate. >> let us be clear, that every proposal that i have introduced has been paid for. >> reporter: clinton also being targeted by republicans. this ted cruz spoof of the movie "office space" mocks clinton
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6 >> reporter: and the e-mail headache continues for mrs. clinton. later today, the state department will release another bunch of e-mails from her time as secretary of state. giving fresh fodder to her critics, dan, before the next round of voting. >> yeah, devin, thank you. reminder the place to be for the best coverage for the white house is abc this weekend. fresh off being republican debate, martha will go one-on-one with both marco rubio and john kasich. an alarming story for millions parents and children. they're examining the safety of those popular synthetic field. do these fields compromise the health of our children? >> reporter: federal officials
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this kind of turf every day. parents, lawmakers and at least one star athlete raising serious concerns about potential exposure to chemicals and finally getting action. this morning, a major step towards answering a crucial question for athletes across the country -- could the fields they play on be a hazard to their health? espn's e:60 series addressing the concerns last summer. >> i want them to be safe. i want to know the ruth. tell me, is it good or is it bad for us? >> reporter: three federal agencies are now looking into whether a popular artificial turf called crumb rubber contains dangerous carcinogens. athletes say during a game, those little black pellets are
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>> they get in our sores, we eat them. >> reporter: more than 10,000 athletic facilities nationwide from school playgrounds to public parks. even stadiums including this one where the women's world cup was played. >> there's some serious health concerns, what's in those little rubber pellets? i don't know. >> reporter: prompting this high school in washington to make a costly last-minute decision to switch to a different type of turf because nobody is sure what, or how serious it is. >> reporter: the epa, the cdc and consumer product safety commission now investigationing, to see what's inside recycled tire crumb and whether it's harmful. more than 50 studies have reported no elevated health
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what's being done now is the first official. let's take a look at the other headlines this morning. for that, that's over to dr. ron claiborne. good morning, sir. good morning to you, dan and paula. we begin with that storm-batter storm-battered cruise ship scheduled to set sail this afternoon. the coast guard has yet to decide if the vessel is safe to return to the open seas. officials will inspect the ship this morning. more than 4,000 passengers hunkering down in their cabins while the vessel encounter ed ed 30-foot waves. the pontiff is ready, donning a sombrero, his visit to mexico comes off a historic
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during that stopover in havana, abc's terry moron on the assignment traveling with pope francis, blessed by the pope. an ohio mediterranean restaurant. the suspect tried to make a getaway in the white car. his name was in a database, potentially related to terrorism. the owner of the restaurant from israel, he feels that he was targeted. barry was shot and killed by police. a freak and deadly accident on a highway there, 35-year-old teacher on her way to work was killed friday when a manhole cover somehow went airborne and crashed through her windshield. officials say she was killed instantly. a nevada man is giving a thumbs up after surviving a
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his pickup truck broke down after he got lost in the middle of a desert for weeks. he rationed a small supply of can food. couple of local sergeants stumbled upon the man on a patrol. top honor for bob iger, inducted into the toy industry hall of fame, the impact on work has hard worldwide. toys have been a part of his life since his grandfather was a door to door toys salesman. >> i dedicate this to my grandfather who brought a carload of happiness to me and wherever he went. >> congratulations from all of us. big all-star game.
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court for their annual game. high drama. kevin hart is refusing to shake hands hands. hart found his team down, he took matters into his own hands. calling his own numbers. lacing it up. entering the game to the tune of rocky, the movie. drake leaving the bench in outrage. hart gave it his best shot but fell short. no pun intended there. 74-64 f you're keeping score at home. >> canada beat? >> canada beat team usa. >> impressive. >> impressive yeah. >> i love it. >> if they call me on the cell phone. >> that's a great drake reference. >> i bet indra knows her pop culture enough.
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we're concerned about you right now. even though you're in the sub zero temperatures right now of buffalo. are you okay? >> i'm trying to smile for you. every time my teeth hurt. do you see this is lake-effect snow in february. the lake should be frozen by now. we shouldn't be able to see this. thanks to a warm start to the winter is only 9 % frozen right now. this cold arctic air is moving in right now. very dangerous air mass, temperatures right now 20 below. places here, just north of us, upstate new york, 50 below. the temperatures are only continuing to drop from the midwest into the northeast as we go through this weekend. places like chicago, 20 below. new york city, temperatures this morning, started below freezing, 20s, in the afternoon, those
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you'll be below zero by the time you get to the afternoon. overnight hours, look at this danger by tomorrow morning. sunday morning. valentine's day. 20 and 30 below for places like >> dan and paula, what happened to december? when we had these warm temperatures. what happened? right. this dangerous cold air is
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moving in fast. >> indra is wearing more layers there than lasagna. sara. i was always wonder if meteorologists on these day questioning their career. out west, they're hitting the surf. it was canceled last year due to lack of waves, but this year, those waves were back with vengeance. watch as pro surfer greg long gets the ride of his life as he drops in on this 35-foot wave. >> whoa! >> absolute massive. >> greg long just stomping it right after the horn. >> reporter: all for a shot at winning the titans of mavericks surf competition, known as one of the most dangerous contests on in the world. this year's conditions were
7:21 am
24 surfers hit the swells. take a look at the sheer power of those waves taking down surfer after surfer >> i was choking on water. >> veteran maverick surfer forced to pull out after this brutal run. >> going down. >> i felt the whole ocean land on me. >> reporter: as the day went on, the waves just kept growing. nick lam outlasting his fellow big wave junkies. securing the big win by carving his way down this massive wave. the dare devil run earning him $125,000 and bragging rights as this year's titan of mavericks champions. >> i have so many people to thank. >> i have added surfing to the list of things that my son will
7:22 am
i'm setting out rules. there may not be football even though i'm from the midwest and there may not be sur going. >> she'll be the best mommy ever. besides you're wife. >> yes. a woman caught on camera robbing jewelry stores. specifically recruited and trained allegedly and the mother of the columbine killer speaks out to diane sawyer, were there any warning signs? what every parent needs to know. "good morning america" is
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good morning, i'm timyka artist. time now 7:27sad news to pass along, overnight the father of a young girl battling an inoperable brain cancer says she has passed away. 9 on your side introduced you
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when she was first diagnosed with dipg. thats the same brain cancer lauren hill died from. grace's father writes that she has earned her spot in heaven. the whites are from northern kentucky but were living in carolina while scott was overseas. they the tri-state after the grace could possible care. compelled to do so, you can cure starts now - online.
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we want to welcome you back this saturday morning. right now a bitter blast of arctic air has 100 million people bracing for bone-chilling weather. wind chills, we're talking as low as 40 degrees below zero in responsible spots creating life-threatening situations. stay inside if you can. the world health organization said the zika virus could be more than a year away as the head of the international olympic committee said no
7:31 am
olympics over concerns over the zika virus. and george and amal clooney front and center in the syrian refugee crisis. they held a private meeting with german chancellor angela merkel. and also ahead -- an important story adding to the national conversation. breaking her silence. the mother of dylan klebold is sharing her story with abc's diane sawyer. what every parent needs to know. advice you want to hear. >> absolutely. an extraordinary conversation happening in america this morning. but first, a developments in fast-moving story. >> this is like out of a movie. a young woman caught care rying
7:32 am
now we're hearing that she was allegedly trained. >> reporter: new details this morning on how investigators think a former model and bartender became a alleged theft. taking more than $4 million across 5 states. we're finding out who was in really charge. >> reporter: the infamous robber caught on cameras across the south. >> wanted for six robberies. >> reporter: this morning, a newly released court documents fbi investigators this 24-year-old was just part of a four-person team behind the string of violent robberies. >> i need you to respond to an armed robbery. >> reporter: these brothers appearing in court on friday. officials accusing the pair
7:33 am
entraining the kemp. the three men taught her to manipulate a handgun, zip tie workers, what merchandise to steal and speak in code words. the group routinely practiced until they thought kemp had the plan down. >> when you watch her behavior inside the store it's very deliberate about what she does. >> reporter: kemp's family and former coworkers stunned when she was named as the woman wielding the gun in surveillance image. >> reporter: i hate it for you and her family. but, you know, you do these things, you make your bed you got to lay it in. >> reporter: kemp and jones would go to the stores and the brothers would serve as lookouts. cell phone pings put them near the crime. jones talking to the brothers before and after each robbery.
7:34 am
tend to gather more information. cell phone activity, informants, et cetera, lead to your capture at some point. >> reporter: kemp and louis have played not guilty to the charges. the gilmore brothers have not entered pleas. >> eva, thank you. the weather is no joke, no laughing matter. back out to indra petersons, she's in buffalo, one of the coldest places right now. >> and she's holding flowers. >> reporter: reminder this is valentine's day weekend. dan, i'm assuming you're a procrastinator, get your roses today today, you might want to be aware, these guys freeze very quickly.
7:35 am
spoiling a >> that was brought by ashley home store. dan, if you haven't gotten roses yet, i can lend these to. >> i appreciate the hookup. i'm going to say to my wife, i brought you roses, they froze.
7:36 am
dangerous petal chardz. >> petal chardz? >> i just made that term up. indra, thank you very much. >> we feel for your wife. bianca -- >> she has a tough, tough ride. coming up a serious and sad story, what the mother of the columbine killer dylan klebold said she would have done differently. spot trouble signs in your own children. soup and sandwich and clean
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welcome back, everyone. the mother of columbine shooter dylan klebold broke her silence overnight to abc's diane sawyer. speaking out after 17 years that left 15 people dead in columbine. were there any warning signs. >> could you have prevented what happened at columbine? >> if i had recognized that dylan was experiencing some real mental distress, he would not have been there.
7:41 am
>> we want to extend this conversation. joining us is psychiatrist and dr. janet taylor. what can he do as parents when we think something is wrong. what are the warning signs? sue noticed maybe in hindsight that her son was depress zbld any time a student makes a direct threat to themselves or others, you have to get them assess. if your child exhibits difficulties with school, which could include school work and friends, they have difficulty sleeping, they have big change in their sleep patterns and also mood swings where they have high highs and lolos. intuitively you know there's something different, there could be stress. >> how do you give them that privacy they desperately want but also keep tabs on them.
7:42 am
but as a parent, you have the right to monitor their social media as you should. but you should actively engage them. notice what they're posting. remember that face to face time is critical and the relationship, they need you. they're pushing but pulling at the same time. >> very important to talk with the siblings and teachers. at the end of the day, it's all about communication, isn't it? >> it is. sharing your own stories as it was like for you as a teenager. canary in the mine, it's typically a family issue, it's not just pointing fingers at the child but looking at the behavior and communication within the family. >> sharing stories that everybody can em fa these and sympathize with. >> dr. taylor, thank you. valuable advice.
7:43 am
morning america" -- the leading death among women, heart disease. how can you protect yourself? dr. jen ashton is here with us after this quick break. is my family. being a part of helping people in need is who i am. working at brookdale for me is not just a job, it's a life for me. i love it. i formed many connections with the residents. i feel like i am part of their family and they're part of mine. if you can get up in the morning, ya know, shake the dust and go up there and make somebody happy, when i go to sleep, i did my job. quilted northern works so well people can forget their bathroom experience. just like they forgot conductor randy, who sees all and forgets nothing.
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with valentine's day tomorrow, no better time to remember take care of your heart, especially if you're a woman, heart disease kills more women than anything else. steps to stay healthy and here to discuss that is dr. jen ashton. first of all, what issues do you see in patients. you're an ob/gyn.
7:47 am
right now, there's a big push for awareness, on part of women and their doctors and health care providers. there are certain conditions, ob/gyn issues. name namely pcos. something that happens in 20s, 30s, 40s increases your risk later in life. >> any way to prevent this. >> good news/bad news. bad news 1 in 3 women will die of heart disease. the good news is, 80% of heart disease is preventable. so, control what you can control and in terms of modifying those risk factors, they are so important, don't smoke, keep your weight in a healthy range,
7:48 am
east obesity as a chronic disease. exercise at least three to four times a week, 30 minutes. this is the news that you can truly save your life. the answer does sex matter when it coms to the heart is a resounding yes. chest pain is the most common symptom in men and women. women are much more likely to have other symptoms, shortness of breath, fatigue. and then, we're more likely to deny or dismiss or ignore those symptoms even though in our mind we know we might be having a heart attack. >> thank you so much. >> happy valentine's day. new song. all the deets up ahead in "pop
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"good morning america" is brought to you by smooth melting lindor. chocolate beyond compare. >> what are we doing right now. >> px pnks "pop news." >> this is moment we wait for. >> not only does every dog has its day. it also has a human doppelganger. website what dog, what dog do you resemble? ron, you're a bull terrier. strong and driven. driven to prey on smaller creatures. >> oh, my gosh. >> prey on smaller creature -- >> wait a second. paula, you're a sheetland sheepdog.
7:54 am
agile, sturdy and loving with family dan, you're actually a cat lover but a cat. but you matched up with a labrador retriever. which warmed my heart. >> i'm a overretriever. >> please don't steal my thunder. i resemble the cocker spaniel. >> i would have called a golden retriever. >> can you finish today? >> i don't know. >> i can pick it. there's an international toy fair happening right here in new york city this weekend. getting buzz are the did disney princesses taking a bow. they include rapunzel, princess tiana and princess amanda. another toy rolling into the big apple is making a "pop news"
7:55 am
here it is, it's the hot wheels play tape, allowing kids instantly create roads. >> how does this work? do i not need a track? >> you can make a little road with the tape. >> these are toy vehicles, anywhere any time. the good news is for parents, when you peel it off, it doesn't leave any residue. >> does it stay on the road, though? and rihanna put her best fashion foot forward, no umbrella in sight. she made her debut at new york fashion week with her collection in collaboration with puma and even modeled new designs. she shared the runway with the model of the moment. did i say that correct?
7:56 am
>> vogue's anna wintour was there to check out this sporting collection as well. gwen stefani is proving she's a rich girl just in time for valentine's day. she released "make me like you" the song in reference to blake shelton. the they're a cute couple i really need them to work. >> i think. >> sara, you work. great "pop news." you're awesome. we'll be back with more "good morning america" tomorrow morning.
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a fire rips through a kentucky mobile home overnight. a look at the damage and wether or not anyone was inside when the place went up in flames. 02;32:42 "he took the gun - put it to my temple - and said
7:59 am
car"forced from her cab and her liveli-hood at gunpoint. a 13 year old arrested. this morning that victim speaks only to 9 on your side. that's right temps are in the single digits in some places as you wake up this morning but how long will the cold stick around before warming up? we'll fill you in...good morning tri state weekend starts right now , good morning tri state...i'm timyka artist...and i'm jason adams expect a few flurries today with partly cloudy skies. morning wind chills will be at
8:00 am
reach the mid to upper teens with wind chills in the single digits. tonight, lows will fall to the mid-single digits with wind chills at or below zero. breaking news


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