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tv   9 On Your Side at 11  ABC  February 14, 2016 2:00am-2:30am EST

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(laughing) (machine beeping) (laughing) (machine grunting) (laughing) (audience applause) well, that's our show! thanks for watching, and we'll see you next time!
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- mommy! it's over! (upbeat piano music)
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breaking now.. the rabbit hash general store going up in flames. there are no reports of any injuries... but a piece of tri-state history is disappering minute by
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more from there in just a moment. but first... cold..and more snow is on the way. meterologist sherry hughes joins us to prepare you for that. sherry. another cold night with below zero wind chill. lows near 6 degrees. sunday morning will be cloudy and dry. we could see a few flurries in our western communities by 10 a.m.
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early part of the afternoon. from noon until monday morning, it will be a 9 first warning alert day as much of the tri-state will see 1-3 inches of accumulating snowfall by early monday
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and a reminder this is a good time to download our "snowcast" app for i-phones and i-pads. it can help you see how many inches of snow will likely fall in your location giving you an edge in beating the winter weather. it costs just under three dollars. breaking now... the rabbit hash general store catches fire. these are live pictures from the scene. four fire departments were called to help put out the flames..... belleview - mcville... burlington... petersburg.. and union. the fire was first reported a little after nine o-clock. 2:40- its not only a general store...its the center of our community.. rabbit hash3:04 its full of antqiues..that go back to the beginning of the store... a general stgore.. 3:18 - its just all the history...being lost.. from the mid 1800s . to the early
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we return to the live pictures from the store. its clear firefighters will be on the scene for quite sometime to come. we don't know yet what started the fire. but we're told it does not appear
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this is file video from the store and rabbit hash.the store's history in the tri-state goes back before the civil first opened in 18-31. and while the world has changed a lot since then... it seems the rabbit hash general store is the little shop that time forgot. nine on your side will stay on this story for you through the newscast.. and we'll have more on good morning tri- state starting
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the flag at the u-s supreme court flies at half-staff tonight in honor of the passing of justice antonin scalia. the longest serving justice on the high court...died unexpectedly today in texas...the president addressed the nation tonight. a brillian legal mind...with an energetic style...decisive wit...and colorful opinions. on a saturday night the president speaks... of a legal giant...whose views could not have been more different. getting nominated to the supreme court is the culmination of a dream of course.justice antonin scalia nominated by president reagan...delivered the dissenting opinion on obamacare...and gay marriage among other social issues. he was *the* conservative voice for 30 years-- the first italian-american member of the court- a devout catholic- the
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his convictions but valued friendships that transended them-- justice scalia was both an avid hunter and an opera lover- a passion for music that he shared with his dear colleague and friend, justice ruth bader ginsberg. nicknamed "nino"- he was widely known for his high intellect, elegant writing and caustic wit. chief justice john roberts issued a statement calling his late colleage "an extraordinary individual and jurist, admited and treasured by his colleagues."he influenced a generation of judges, lawyers and students and profoundly shaped the legal landscape. the republican debate tonight began with a moment of silence in honor of justice scalia. the debate in greenville comes just days before the south carolina primary. the debate started with the candidates asked about the passing of justice scalia.. his impact.. the qualifications his successor should have.. and whether
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new justice to the high court right away.. or let the next president do that. "if i were the presdietn now i would certainly try to nominate a justice.""the country is do devided right now and no we're going to see another partisan fight take place.""i looked at some fo the remarks that people made after justice scalia had died and they were truly nasty remarks""he will go down as one of the great justices in the history of the republic." "the next presidetn needs to appoint someone with a proven conservative record, similar to justice scelia, that believes in limited government.":"justice scalia was a legal giant he was somebody that i knew for 20 year. he was a brilliant man he was faithful to the constitution." constitution." the debate went on to cover other issues such as immigration.. the economy... and how the campaign has turned bitter. the latest polls have trump leading in south carolina. cruz is in second place. nine on your side is working
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candidates' statements tonight for accruacy. our team will be working overnight on this. you can see their findings on wcpo dot com and our mobile app. tonight friends and loved ones are remembering and celebrating the life of grace white-- a 7-year-old girl who fought a battle with a rare brain cancer. her parents informed us she passed away last night-- 9 on your side's rose-ann aragon sat down with her loved ones--who say her legacy lives on. we introduced you to grace when she was diagnosed with dipg in november of 2014-- since then she's touched the lives of so many other people--people who called her energetic, strong -- people who are *continuing her fight today. (pkg)her loved ones called her extraordinary.(rob tewes- godfather & operation grace white foundation) "sees life from the perfection of a child. there's no way you can be in a foul mood for more than 5 minutes when you're around that kid."(eileen jones- operation grace white
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spirit. she was a true fighter."a 7-year-old girl-- diagnosed with d-i-p-g -- a brain cancer affecting mostly children--making the most basic human functions difficult. grace fought.(tewes) "it's devastating. it's the most unfair thing you can imagine."(cg eileen jones- operation grace white foundation)"it quickly became..we had to get the word out of helping. we had to help other people. but first we had to help scott."her father lt. colonel scott white was serving in afghanistan when he got the news in 2014. the family moved back here from north carolina for the best possible treatment. --here #22 lauren hill would be fighting the same battle.(cg jennifer carbon-family friend)"until lauren hill was diagnosed dipg was just not even on the map-- 0 survival rate. it's not one of those cancers that get any research."grace's friends and family quickly formed the operation grace white foundation. (cg steve epplen- operation grace white foundation)"we've got to find a cure. we've got to beat this. as we said--no one
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after 15 months--friday--she passed away in the presence of friends and family. friends and family got a message-- "the fight is over.grace won." (epplen)"she won because she showed us how to fight. and how to live."(tewes)"being part of the movement. being part of the education that has to happen."(epplen)"she's going to win because we're going to continue the fight. it's out turn now." the family is still working on final arrangements, but expect services to be at the end of the week. now, her family's push for research won't end. the foundation's last event in january raised more than 25 thousand dollars and they aim to make that event an *annual one. back to you. going back to the fire in rabbit hash..these are our live pictures from the scene. most of the firefighters right now are in the rear of the building.. where the flames are most intense. there are no
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a piece of tri-state history is disappering minute by minute.... message. those are the two themes of the pope's visit to mexico. where the pope is drawing the line tonight.
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pope francis was welcomed to mexico today in an elaborate ceremony with the president of mexico and a long list of government officials. the pope had stern words for the clergy... telling them not to use their postions to avoid confronting the violence and corruption that plague the nation. the stiff formality of that event is in sharp contrast to the pontiff's reception in the streets of mexico city... were large exuberant crowds welcomed him to their city. the pope clearly enjoyed the change... getting out of the
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another cold night with below zero wind chill. lows near 6 degrees. sunday morning will be cloudy and dry. we could see a few flurries in our western communities by 10 a.m. snow will develop during the early part of the afternoon. from noon until monday morning, it will be a 9 first warning alert day as much of the tri-state will see 1-3 inches of accumulating snowfall by early monday morning. sundayafternoon snow around 2" possible by 10 p.m. high: 27sunday nightscattered snow continuestapering through overnightlow: 30mondayspotty snow after 6 a.m.cloudy with
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(julie )the general store in
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when you can go to your bench and get 36 points, most times, you win. and that kind of bench strength was no small reason why xavier went to one of the more difficult places to play, and came home tonight with a win. in large part because of good shooting and hustle. look at j.p, murca force the jump ball with this block.xavier was up 43-29 at the half. the musketeers shot almost 60- percent from the floor. look at remy abel, who was five of dight from the field todayand the muskies controled the paint. the feed inside here to jalen reynolds. only took four shots....made three of them.macura was strong again off the bench, five of nine, three of five from outside the arc and 13 total points.and xavier ran its set plays well. the inbounds, not the cleanest of handles, but kaiser gates got the end result. xavier got 36 points
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butler, just 14 points.and 12 of those bench points, courtesy of edmond sumner. 74-57 final, xavier goes to 22-3 with a win over butler, trt :13outcue:...changed the momentum of the game."((mack: really excited about our bench play. i know ed normally starts. edmund, jp, sean o'meara kaiser gates, larry austin. those guys did a tremendous job and really changed the momentum of the game.)) it was a little bit more of a game than what uc wanted today. east carolina isn't good. the pirates had lost nine of their last eleven before today. but on this day, it was a different kind of a dance....and it wasn't pleasant for the east carolina pirates.uc hit just one of its first eleven shots from outside the arc. but warmed up in the second half. jacob evans had one of uc's eight three pointers.and evans was one of six bearcats in double figures, finishing here with authority. the bearcats trouble shooting from the outside was off set by some strong inside lay, kevin johnson was five of ten for 13- points.johnson fueled a large
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the bearcats, three, three point shots, all of his points came in the second half. octavius ellis had 16, gary clark 15and the bearcats are now 19-7, 9-4 in their conferenceafter a 75-60 win. not the same kind of day for the nku norse. in chicago, against u-i-c, the norse falls, 79-77 was final. and that's despite 21-points from
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