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tv   Good Morning Tri- State Weekend  ABC  February 14, 2016 8:00am-9:00am EST

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winter weather advisory begins at noon (excluding fayette & union co in se in) and expires tomorrow morning at 10 a.m. snow looks to be heaviest from 3 p.m to 10 p.m., where 1-2" is expected. overnight, an additional 1-2" is expected. storm totals will be in the 2-3" range, with a few spots seeing a little more (mainly se of cincinnati).
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now is the perfect time to remind your to download our "snowcast" app for i-phones and's the best way to keep track of the snow fall totals in your area. it costs just under three dollars. investigators are still on the scene after a piece of tri-state history goes up in flames.the rabbit hash general store in kentucky pre dates the civil war but now it is just a memory. just to give you some idea this is file footage from the first opened in 1831. while times have changed, rabbit hash seemed like the the little shop that time have forgotten.but one that will always be remembered. 2:40- its not only a general
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community.. rabbit hash 3:04 its full of antqiues..that go back to the beginning of the store... a general stgore..3:18 - its just all the history...being lost.. from the mid 1800s . to the early 1900s. the rabbit hash general store in kentucky went up in flames's been a tri- state staple since it opened in 1831. 1831.9 on your side's kristen swilley joins us live from rabbit hash.kristen what can ou tell us? as the sun comes up were getting a better glimpse of whats left of the iconic rabbit hash general store that caught fire last night and took firefighters more than
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a good look at the scene from last night shows why. flames shot right through the roof of this more than century old building.... and by the time firefighters got here it was already fully engulfed. the fire chief says it was difficult to tackle safely and had to be handled from the outside in. the rabbit hash general store was built in 1831. members of the historical society tell us it was the longest continually run general store in the country. jeff hansel has lived a few doors down from the landmark for 28 years. he says it held antiques dating back to the store's opening in the 19th century. "it is a museum in many ways. it's had something to do with almost everybody's life in this whole community for generations." there is no word yet on an exact cause. the president of the historical society tells
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the fire chief. they believe the fire started internally and dont have any reason to think its arson. reporting live in rabbit hash kristen swilley... 9 on your side. this morning, loved ones and lawmakers are mourning the loss of the longest-serving judge on the u-s supreme court. and the showdown over his replacement already brewing on capital hill. antonin scalia passed away yesterday. he was 79 years old the news: both shocking and surprising. scalia was appointed by ronald reagan in 1986.he was the first first italian american to be seated on the high court. scalia was on a hunting trip in texas..but was said to have been sick when he went to bed on friday night . he was found unresponsive yesterday afternoon.the question th is morning is who will succeed scalia and who will make the appointment.president obama says he intends to make the
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republicans say that decision should be left up to the next president . justice scalia's passing played a major role in last night's g-o-p debate.the debate starting with a moment of silence in honor of of the late judge. the debate held just days before the south carolina caucus.the field now dwindled down to six republican candidates.the focus last night, foreign policy and the bush administration's handling of the war in iraq.things got heated. (donald trump, (r) presidential candidate) we should've never been in iraq. we have destabilized the middle east. (jeb bush) while donald trump was building a reality tv show.. my brother was building a security apparatus to keep us safe. and i'm proud of what he did... (trump) how did he keep us safe? the world trade center... excuse me. me.well that person who wanted no part of the scramble...ohio governor john kasich. gov. john kasich, (r)
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gotta tell ya... this is just crazy. this is just nuts... interesting stuff..nine on your side is working with politi-fact to check the candidates' statements for accruacy. our team worked overnight on this. you can see their findings on wcpo dot com and on our mobile app. firefighters battle another massive fire yesterday in it started who was
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we told you about rabbit hash..but there was another massive fire in aurora last night.this picture was sent to nine on your side by tyler man-beck. you can see the inferno raging.. and pillows of smoke rising into the air. dispatchers tell us this started in the garage. amazingly... no one was hurt. firefighters are stil investigating the cause. indeed it was a busy night for firefighters all around the tri-state. nine on your side first brought you the story about this fire in amberley village as it was breaking yesterday at six o' injuries in this fire on long-meadow lane near ridge
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and in oakley--a one-alarm fire at this home at the corner of madison and woodland...started in the back kitchen.we got this video from a neighbor.firefighters were able to keep the fire from spreading. again no one hurt this morning police say they have a peson in custody in connection with a murder in cove-dale yesterday. yesterday.police have arrested 23 year old donta williams. that arrest made just hours after the body of 23 year old derrick johnson was found. found.his body was found in a car on tulsa court near anderson ferry. police first responded there because of a call that someone had been shot. call crime stoppers at 513- 352- 3040 if you can help police piece thing together. we followed her story as she battled a dibilitating disease. 7 year old grace white passed
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you're watching good morning tri-state weekend at 8 on 9 on your side friends and loved ones are remembering and celebrating the life of grace white.a 7-year-old girl who bravely fought a rare brain cancer. her parents informed us she passed away on friday night--
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aragon sat down with her loved ones, who say her legacy lives on, even though she is gone (pkg)her loved ones called her extraordinary.(rob tewes- godfather & operation grace white foundation) "sees life from the perfection of a child. there's no way you can be in a foul mood for more than 5 minutes when you're around that kid."(eileen jones- operation grace white foundation)"she had a great spirit. she was a true fighter."a 7-year-old girl-- diagnosed with d-i-p-g -- a brain cancer affecting mostly children--making the most basic human functions difficult. grace fought.(tewes) "it's devastating. it's the most unfair thing you can imagine."(cg eileen jones- operation grace white foundation)"it quickly became..we had to get the word out of helping. we had to help other people. but first we had to help scott."her father lt. colonel scott white was serving in afghanistan when he got the news in 2014. the family moved back here from north carolina for the best possible treatment. --here #22 lauren hill would be fighting the same battle.(cg jennifer carbon-family friend)"until
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was just not even on the map-- 0 survival rate. it's not one of those cancers that get any research."grace's friends and family quickly formed the operation grace white foundation. (cg steve epplen- operation grace white foundation)"we've got to find a cure. we've got to beat this. as we said--no one surviving is unacceptable." after 15 months--friday--she passed away in the presence of friends and family. friends and family got a message-- "the fight is over.grace won." (epplen)"she won because she showed us how to fight. and how to live."(tewes)"being part of the movement. being part of the education that has to happen."(epplen)"she's going to win because we're going to continue the fight. it's out turn now. we have to continue the fight, to fight dipg and to cure cancer." rose ann argon reporting.a big day is planned at cincinnati childrens hospitalmore than 15 hundred toys will be handed out today.. today..the toys were collected
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it's part of the program "cheer for savannah"it was started three years ago by sisters who had treatments at cincinnati childrens. in addition to those toys...the ben"gals" will present a check for 71-hundred dollars to help "cheer4savannah's" next big project.the money will go toward renovating and building a playground at the hospital just in case you haven't figured where to go or what to do today with your sweet about white castle? castle?they're giving folks just what they crave this valentine's day.they are still excepting dinner reservations at all of their tri-state "love castles"this is their 25th year hosting the event skip the burgers today! they've got special sliders, shrimp nibblers... strawberry and cream waffles.they will have hosts and table side service. valentines day is all about love.and there are a lot of
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cincinnati's largest pet adoption continues at the sharonville convention center. it's the "my furry valentine" mega-adoption event.animals from across the tri-state are featured. one couple flew in from ontario yesterday to pick up their little poochits the fifth year for this event.he goal is to make it easy for people to find a pet they just can't live with out.. and take him home. the doors will be open from 11 a-m until five. admission is three dollars.
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monday, snow ends in the morning with a slight chance of rain or snow showers during the day. temperatures will begin to climb, reaching the upper 30s by afternoon. the pattern stays pretty unsettled for the beginning of the week, with rain/snow chances through early wednesday. any snow accumulation after monday morning would be minor with no major problems. temperatures will climb all week, and by the time we reach the weekend, we'll see highs in the upper
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9 on your side is now woirking to find kids in need a home. today we want you to meet mona-rika.she is a lovely 16 year old who says she's curious, adventurous and smart.
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if you would like to provide a home for mon-arika or one of the other kids in need, you can call "grant me hope" at (513) 6-3-2-6-3-6-6. a kentucky landmark goes up in smoke.a look at the massive fire that destroyed the 185 year old rabbit hash general store in burlington.a live
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, more than 2 dozen firefighters battle the extreme cold..while fighting a fire at the iconic rabbit hash general store in kentucky. investigators still on the scene assessing the damage to this community staple..a staple built before the civil war. good morning...i'm timyka
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snow will begin to develop after 1 p.m. and overspread the entire area by 3-4 p.m. a winter weather advisory begins at noon (excluding fayette & union co in se in) and expires tomorrow morning at 10 a.m. snow looks to be heaviest from 3 p.m to 10 p.m., where 1-2" is expected. overnight, an additional 1-2" is expected. storm totals will be in the 2-3" range, with a few spots
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the rabbit hash general storein kentucky went up in flames overnight. it's been a tri-state staple since it opened in 1831. 1831.9 on your side's kristen swilley joins us live from rabbit hash.kristen what can ou tell us? it took firefighters about 3 hours to extinguish this more than century old general store that those who live here call the center of the rabbit hash community. this building was a social center that hosted concerts and events. it contained several antiques dating back to the 19th century. the rabbit hash general store was built in 1831. members of the historical society tell us it was the longest continually
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country. this fire was not easy to battle. fire chief jeff hermes explains. there is no word yet on an exact cause. reporting live in rabbit hash kristen swilley... 9 on your side. this morning we've learned that three of the five people killed early yesterday in a crash on i-75 just north of dayton, ohio.. were in a band
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kyle canter.. and earl miller were members of the group "counter flux. "police say james poh-la-beln' likely caused the crash.. and he was probably drunk when he started driving the wrong way in the northbound lanes. he was also killed. poh-la-beln' was just arrested on thursday after police say he caused another crash while driving drunk. the flag at the u-s supreme court flew at half-staff overnight in honor of the passing of justice antonin scalia.the longest serving judge on the high court..died unexpectedly yesterday in texas yesterday.the president addressed the nation soon after. nine on your side's julie oneil reorts. a brillian legal mind...with an energetic style...decisive wit...and colorful opinions. on a saturday night the president speaks... of a legal giant...whose views could not have been more different. supreme court is the
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course.justice antonin scalia nominated by president reagan...delivered the dissenting opinion on obamacare...and gay marriage among other social issues. he was *the* conservative voice for 30 years-- the first italian-american member of the court- a devout catholic- the father of 9 had passion for his convictions but valued friendships that transended them-- justice scalia was both an avid hunter and an opera lover- a passion for music that he shared with his dear colleague and friend, justice ruth bader ginsberg. nicknamed "nino"- he was widely known for his high intellect, elegant writing and caustic wit. chief justice john roberts issued a statement calling his late colleage "an extraordinary individual and jurist, admited and treasured by his colleagues."he influenced a generation of judges, lawyers and students and profoundly shaped the legal landscape.
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reporting.this morning some 880 adults and children will seek entrance into the roman catholic church.'s called "the rite of election", followed by the continuing conversion.the archdiocese of cincinnati will celebrate with those preparing to be baptized. continuing conversion celebrates those already baptized.this year there are four celebrations in the tri state.two at the cathedral of st. peter in chains at 3:30 and 7:30 pm.and at our lady of immaculate conception, also at 3:30 and 7:30. pope francis was welcomed to mexico was an elaborate ceremony with the president of mexico.. and a long list of government officials. the pope had stern words for the clergy... he told them not to use their postions to avoid confronting the violence and corruption that has plagued the nation. the stiff formality of that event is in sharp contrast to the pontiff's reception in the streets of mexico city.
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by large exuberant crowds. the pope appeard to enjoy the change... getting out of the pope mobile to kiss babies and greet others it's bitter cold outside.and now we are tracking snow moving into the tri state.what to expect and who will see the worst of it.your nine first
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just weeks after record snow fall across much of the east coast,
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plummeted and the wind chill made it feel like it was negative 25 degrees.the mayor warned residents to stay inside if possible.. adding it's dangerous for seniors. an earthquake centered in seven other states. the u-s geological survey says the five point one magnitude tremor was the third most powerful ever recored in the state. at least ten smaller quakes followed. but there are no reports of any damage or injuries. back here in the tri-state... kids doing there part to help those in need.students in harrison held a water-dirve to benefit residents in flint michigan yesterday. yesterday.they took up donations at the harrison kroger yesterday. the hope was to collect four- thousand cases. j-t-m has donated a semi to haul of that water to flint next week. the red cross will be in charge of handing it out. if you would like to
8:41 am can still drop of water at the junior school at 9-8-3-0 west road. the super bowl may have been last weekend but today you can root for your favorite team at the super bowl of chili cook-off! it's the 9th annual event and you are welcome to sample more than a dozen different chili's! the cook-off starts at 3 p-m at the edge inn on edwards are five dollars. even better.. all the money raised will go to "tender mercies" mission. with all the money you're likely spening on that special someone, parents we've got some relief for your wallet. for the entire day kids can eat free at the rusty bucket restaurant and long as they're under 10 that is. the rusty bucket is located in the rookwood shopping complex. the nba's all-star weekend is in full swing.the slam dunk
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shootout both taking place. we'll tell you who won in what
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nba all-star weekend is in full swing.last night it wasall about the three point shootout and slam dunk contest. contest.getting right to the nitty we showcase the final between the orlando magic's aaron gordon and defending champ minnestoa timberwolf zach lavine.and once again it's lavine taking home the trophy with 50's across the board. while the slam dunk went to the favorite, the threepoint shootout was some what of an upset.golden state warrior klay thompson took home the trophy last night.beating out teamate and everyone's m-v-p steph was quite the display for thompson who drained every shot on the final rack to wrap up the win. it's time to check weather
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let's get one last check of your weekend forecast from meteorologist
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that's good morning tri-state for this saturday.we're always
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starting right now on "this week" with george stephanopoulos. battle for the bench. justice antonin scalia, conservative legend, dice at 79. the fight to fill his seat already under way. successor. >> it's up to mitch mcconnell and everybody else to stop it. it's called delay, delay, delay. >> as both sides dig in, will the presidential election become a referendum on the court. plus, trump targeted in the nastiest debate yet. under fire. >> i am sick and tired of him


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