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tv   9 On Your Side News 530  ABC  February 16, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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gun charges. the result will be spending a very long time behind bars. they have wreaked havoc on our neighborhoodsand now the united states attorney for the southern district of ohio says they won't be out on the streets anytime soon. the cases are part of an anti- violence initiative that involves local, state and federal law enforcement. donald soranno: special agent in charge (atf)21:00:49 they are not going to be going to a local prison here locally. they are going to be sent to colorado, north dakota, places far away from their network so they cannot continue to have an impact on the violence that is happening. 02this is just the beginning...officials say the 15 people represent the first group of offenders indicted as part of the initiative. christy muncy: assistant united states attorney21:06:04 their criminal histories, their commit crimes and their violent history which is why they were targeted. 10vikki phillips alexander's son is among the 15 offenders. she says her son 41-year-old keno phillips has a criminal past. 1:16 he's been in and out of
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arrested. 21phillips is accused of trying to shoot a lockland police officer during a traffic stop in september. now faces additional federal gun charges.vikki phillips alexander12:19 oh lord i just said they are never going to let him out. they are never going to let him out and that's how he feels. 26it's that very message that these law enforcement officials hope to send to other criminals. these gun charges carry sentences that range from 5 to 20 years in prison. reporting live, ashley zilka, 9 on your side. local, state, and federal the arrests. arrests.all 15 people face at least five years in jail.those with more serious charges could spend up to 20 years in prison -- if convicted.they can also expect to pay at least 250-thousand dollars in fines.cincinnati mayor john cranley says he hopes this problem.
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these guys we are gonna see a drop."> drop.">all 15 cases will be heard in federal court. a butler county judge is ruling in favor of a sex club. club.the champagne club is one step closer to opening its doors today.west chester township took back the sexually oriented permit it first granted to the the club owners took the township to court.and late today a judge said the township improperly pulled the business license.
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morning on the beechmont levee. the deputy was not hurt!the person who hit the cruiser is being cited. a family is on their way to seeing justice served in their son's killing. killing.cameron clemmons died on january 29-th.he was found in front of a bond hill apartment complex with five gunshot wounds.police are charging william chambers with his in court - a judge set chambers bond at 250- thousand dollars. 9 on your side's dan carroll is live in chopper 9 - the only local helicopter getting
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nearly seven hundred new video cameras are coming to the streets of cincinnati. - city manager harry black reviewed plans by the police department to equip its officers with body cameras.the cameras from two vendors will be tested this spring on officers in district three.after that one will be chosen. accountable."> body cameras for every officer will be phased in starting in july.the goal is that every officer has armed with a camera by december. funeral plans are being made for the young girl who battled a rare form of brain cancer. for grace white will start on thurdsay.a visitation is from two until
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in independence.her funeral is at noon on friday.grace passed away over the weekend after a long battle with d-i-p-g. the fairfield city school district is opening the first "full service" suburban school health center in the country. country.the center handles primary medical care, dentistry, vison care and behavioral health in a state of the art facility.organizers say there is a real need to make health care more accessible to families. provider.">the services are available to all families with a student or staff member in either public or private schools in the district.fees are charged on a sliding scale based on income. next at 5-30...a former miss america contestant crashes off the highway. highway.a look at the dangerous weather that's being blamed for causing two thousand crashes across the east coast. and a former performer on
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facing sex charges tonight. what he's accused of doing - coming up. i'm john matarese. could you soon fill up your car free at kroger....if gas drops to a dollar?would kroger pay you to fill up, if gas drops below a buck?i'm on your side with important information for kroger plus card members just ahead. you're watching 9 on your side
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former miss new jersey cara mccollum is recovering tonight after a crashing her convertible. convertible.authorities say the former miss america contestant spun off a highway in new jersey and hit a couple of tree.she was wearing a's believed that roads. that news comes as mix of snow, sleet, and freezing rain is causing major travel troubles across the east coast. two thousand wrecks in 24 hours over 17 states are being blamed on mother nature. 16 families are searching for a new place to call home after a huge fire rips through a texas apartment complex.the intense flames filled the night sky.everyone inside was able to get out alive... barbara bush is hitting the presidential campaign trail again.the former first lady is stumping for her son -- jeb-- this week in south carolina. the former florida governor is making a strong push in the state... after coming in fourth in new hampshire. hampshire.she is not the only
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for jeb.former president george w. bush attended a rally in north charleston. tonight - we're learning new details on n-f-l commissioner roger goodell's nine million dollar pay cut. tax filings show goodell took the hit during the 2013-2014 season.he still made 34-point-9 million dollars... that's more than all but one n-f-l player. there's no telling what goodell made last year because the league ended its not for profit status... which means his salary doesn't have to be reported. your nine first warning forecast is coming up. almost free fillups... "im getting 70 cents today for a gallon. probably saving about a buck a gallon." john matarese is on your side with the lowest price you could pay... to fill up your tank...
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and hijacked on facebook... (sot) "i mean literally, he kicked me out of my entire old facebook. i can't get into none of it." (sot) ""it happens a lot. it happens more than people think." important information to keep you in control of your profile online. you're watching 9 on your side
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how would you like to fill up your car free at kroger! kroger!if gas drops to a dollar, and you have enough kroger fuel points, why not? not?consumer reporter john matarese investigates whether this could happen.john has that story - plus there's a big change for time warner customers. john? craig and tanya, ifyou have time warner're soon going to have to add a set top box for every tv in your house. of april 16th 2016, time warner is dropping analog cable in the ccincinnati area. so you will need a mini box for every set, or you won't see anything.for two years, the mini boxes will be free: after that you'll have to pay 3 dollars a month per tv. every day now, thousands of tri staters are filing their taxes.once that's done, you'll is coming. coming.tonight he irs is warning you to beware eamils
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all phishing scams.instead it says go to the irs website, irs dot gov, and click that says wheres my refund. a kroger plus card can mean a dollar off per gallon of gas. but what if gas prices fall below a dollar?will you get your gas free? could they have to pay you to fill up?we're on your side with answers. will reece has been filling up for below a dollar a gallon at the newport kroger. kroger."here's, 99 cents. you got it for 99 cents? i have." kroger's plus card gives customers as much as a dollar off a gallon.thats bringing pump prices down to 1980's levels levels"im getting 70 cents today for a gallon. probably saving about a buck a gallon." gallon.""with gas prices now at a dollar 30, 40 or 50 a gallon...a lot of people are actually filling up for 50 cents at kroger. so what
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falling?----------- it's possible! this past weekend, a price war in toledo dropped prices as low as 17 cents a let's dream: if gas falls to a buck a gallon....would kroger give you free gas? "that would be best. yes, free is best!"not exactly, though. kroger's patty lesseman tells me in that case you would pay a penny a gallon. gallon."our technology doesn't permit a sale below a penny a gallon. its still a great deal no matter how you look at it:" what if gas goes below a dollar? would the store pay you to fill up?sorry, for the same reason, you would still pay a penny, and the store would deduct only 800 or 900 points from your card, not a while they wont pay you to fill up....drivers say it would still be... be..."awesome of course!" unfortunately, this scenario wont be happening this we speak many tri state gas
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a gallon, because of oil's recent price suirge.our wcpo deal of the week: your first uber ride free! its for you dont waste your money it would have been nice to see the sun today...but life goes on. on.9 first warning chief meteorologist steve raleigh is here with when we could see the sun!hi steve! overcast is the weather word for tonight and tomorrow, but conditions over quickly heading into the weekend. in the meantime, cloudy skies with temperatures in the 30s
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overnight before heading back
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manny pacquiao says gays are worse than animals. animals.the backlash that's forcing him to back down tonight - after the break. the "surprise patrol" grabs some lunch -- and everyone's attention!see who gets money for nothing -- coming up at six. and here's what you'll see
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new tonight.a disney cruise ship performer is being arrested on sexual battery charges.andrew pogson worked on board the cruise ships as a magician.he is now in jail after a woman said she woke up with him on top of her in a hotel room!disney is putting him on suspension. new tonight... boxer manny pacquiao is backing down after saying that people in gay relationships are worse than animals.he told a philippines t-v station on monday that animals don't have male-to- male or female-to-female relations.after going on the record - pacquiao came under fire - forcing him to make an apology. he says that he is still against gay marriage - but loves everyone in the
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a mother gives birth in a subway bathroom - and leaves the newborn in the toilet. workers found the baby boy sitting upright in the toilet crying.his head was barely above water.a trail of blood led officers to the back of the los angeles sandwich shop where they found the mother. she is facing attempted murder and child endangerment charges tonight.the baby is being checked out at the hospital.he is being placed in the care of family services. and how about this...a four hundred carat diamond is found in angola.the flawless, 20-million dollar jewel is about the length of a credit card!it is going down in the record books as the 27-th largest diamond ever! a tri-state man's facebook hijacked... inmate photos shared online... and all he can do is watch.
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with more on this troubling story -- that's new at six. the man says it could be *anyone* that took over his facebook account. account.and now -- he doesn't know what to do to stop it.but hear why he *thinks* it happened -- and what you can do to prevent this. *dozens* of whistleblowers -- including doctors -- coming forward about problems at the cincinnati v-a.nine on your side's i-team digs into the
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cincinnati veterans put at risk at the va hospital. dozens of whistleblowers - including doctors- are coming forward with that allegation. what they say is going so wrong - in a 9 on your side iteam investigation. embarrassed online...a man's facebook and cell phone compromised -- now embarassing photos are leaked online! "he's ruining my life and i told him-i asked him to stop." the struggle to find who's responsible -- and how you can protect yourself on social media. the surprise patrol finds out what's cookin' downtown...see who gets a nice lunchtime
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a delhi township man is trying to stop a hijacker... who's taken over his facebook page -- and posting intimate pictures! and tonight -- all he can do is watch as someone posts on his behalf.nineon your side reporter jason law talked to the man about why he's having a hard time getting help. how many times do we go on facebook a day? two, three, sometimes ten times? facebook has become such a big part of our lives. this poor guy says he noticed someone else posting personal information on his own page, and right now he can't do anything but watch. "he's ruining my life and i told him to stop." stop." somebody is posing as john roberts, and the real john roberts can't do anything about it. "i mean literally, he kicked me out of my entire old facebook. i can't get into none of it." roberts says the problems
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