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tv   9 On Your Side News 6  ABC  February 16, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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a delhi township man is trying to stop a hijacker... who's taken over his facebook page -- and posting intimate pictures! and tonight -- all he can do is watch as someone posts on his behalf.nineon your side reporter jason law talked to the man about why he's having a hard time getting help. how many times do we go on facebook a day? two, three, sometimes ten times? facebook has become such a big part of our lives. this poor guy says he noticed someone else posting personal information on his own page, and right now he can't do anything but watch. "he's ruining my life and i told him to stop." stop." somebody is posing as john roberts, and the real john roberts can't do anything about it. "i mean literally, he kicked me out of my entire old facebook. i can't get into none of it." roberts says the problems
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he was careless with his email passwords, and now he's locked out of his facebook account. "i'm extremely frustrated. whoever hijacked john's account has access to everything: his cell phone pictures, his friends, facebook messenger. john says the hijacker found and posted naked pictures of his girlfriend nicole...the last post was a menacing smiley face. "yeah, he's taunting." he's also made lewd requests. requests. "he wanted a video of me and him having sex together while he watches." it sounds scary, and computer expert kamal (kuh-mel) cook says it happens all the time. "it happens a lot. it happens more than people think." cook runs "allpro technologies" in western hills. hesays the first thing to do is to contact facebook and let them know someone is impersonating you. "the problem is facebook isn't a paid service for you or i, so our page being hacked when they've got 50 million users is at the very bottom of their to-do list, and you need facebook to fix it it "what i've seen is facebook normally just takes the whole
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really don't have a good way of knowing who's who." cook says you have to take better care of your passwords. change them every couple months and use different passwords. he uses a key analogy to prove his point. you wouldn't use the same key for your car, your house and your gym locker. why do it for your passwords online? *dozens* of whistleblowers are coming forward alleging widespread problems from inside the cincinnati va veterans at risk.. the nine on your side i-team -- in partnership with the scripps washington bureau has also uncovered evidence of serious conflicts of interest involving leadership.mark greenblatt has the troubling report. i been going to the va hospital for a good 30 years vietnam veteran ted dickey has
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cincinnati- for all of his care. i have a rapport with a lot of people at the va hospital. but when he needed his 2nd hip replacement, the v-a didn't have a surgeon and referred him outside becausee they their way of running a hospital is not doing surgery and farming it out." but 34 whistleblowers doctors, say veterans are getting short changed and even put at risk. many services are being devastated and are incapable of carrying out their necessary functions. longtime surgeon richard frieberg joins other whistle blowers who say many problems began when acting chief of staff barbara temeck came on board two and a half years ago and went right to work cutting costs and some say cutting corners. there is unrest throughout the hospital. he says temeck got rid of every specialist in total joint replacements. the va confirms it is now left with just "an orthopedic surgeon who can perform non-complex total knee
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can do shoulders or hips. she pushed them out. they've all left. frieberg still volunteers at the va. mike brooks brooks i've seen surgical instruments that once we open that steril pack they will have pieces of bone or other debris from previous surgeries - still on the instrumentation. mike brooks is a 20 year navy veteran and has workked here as a nurse anesthetist since 2008.he and others have witnessed recurring problems during surgery and say dr. temeck has failed to invest the resources to correct the problems. it's the microscopic things that we can't see. that's what the potential infections problem for that poor patient on the table. and in fact, we found under temeck's tenure, the rate of drug resistant mrsa infections has increased substantially, turning cincinnati into one of the worst performing v-a hospitals in the nation. nurses and technicians will
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feel terrible about this. they'll fill out the proper forms to get things corrected, but the forms don't seem to go anywhere but while whistleblowers criticize her cost cutting measures... they also have concerns about her pay. it's certainly common knowledge at the hospital that she's gaming the system. temeck earns $137 thousand for her management position. ( but she is also paid as a cardio thoracic surgeon. getting $194 thousand in pay for that. but what's at issue? she's in the room when surgeries happen, but i can't say that i've ever seen her pick up a scalpel. multiple sources tell us, temeck serves only as an assistant and has never worked as the operating surgeon since arriving in cincinnati. so who oversees her? at a regional level that would be network director jack hetrick turns out, hetrick and temeck go back more than a decade together in hines, illinois.
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temeck wrote a prescription for 50 pills of a generic form of vallium bac in 2012 for hetrick's wife. in may of 2013, just 8 weeks before temeck landed the cincinnati job, she gave mrs. hetrick another prescription for 100 pills of hydrocodone, an opiod classified as a controlled substance by the d-e-a. each time, temeck used her authority from an address linked to the v-a back in illinois illinois regulators say her controlled substance license expired back in 2011. :"was the person allowed to receive the prescriptions? from what i can gather, they were not." representative jeff miller of florida, chairs the house committee on veterans affairs. i believe that it needs to be fully investigated. . . hi. dr. temeck - mark greenblatt i'm with scripps news we've been trying to talk to you. temeck declined repeated interview requests. so we caught up with her on her way in to work. work. temeck walkup interview [clip mvi_5462/2:13]we understand you've written
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us anything about why you did that? now when we asked hetrick about the prescriptions, he walked out of the interview but just days after we met with officials at v-a headquarters, the agency launched an internal investigation, and called for a second inspector general investigation. the v-a also removed hetrick from all oversight of the cincinnati hospital, pending the outcome of those investigations.mark greenblatt, scripps news, in washington we have much more on the four-month long investigation on our website... w-c-p-o-dot-com. p-o-dot-com.and head to our facebook to weigh in on the facts we've uncovered... and any experiences you or a loved one has experienced at the cincinnati v-a. looking for a getaway driver. lockland police say someone took off in a gold car after the town's first homicide of the year. year.but they are also calling it self-defense.chief james toles tells us three or four men came to a maple street
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at knifepoint.but that guy shot his would-be robber in the chest.that man died in the living room.the others ran off. tri-state folks who were scammed by thieves using moneygram -- could get their cash back.the company is paying into a nationwide restitution program.con artists used moneygram to trick folks into sending money to them. here's who's eligible for restitution -- anyone who sent money through moneygram between july of 2008 -- and august of 2009... *and* filed a complaint.a third party contractor will be mailing folks who are eligible to get their money back. too many levies?*four* tri- state groups could ask voters for more tax money.nine on your side digs into the issue -- who benefits and will all of them pass? the "surprise patrol" giving out free money while folks grab their lunch!see who gets one-hundred dollars -- just for being in the right place
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how much is too much?hamilton county voters could see *four* tax levies on the november ballot...and experts think all of those proposals could work against each other! we won't know for sure for a few months...but right now those levies would benefits cincinnati public schools -- children's services -- hamilton county parks -- and "preschool promise".experts say presidential years are a great time to get levies on the ballot -- because of voter turnout. but do voters have an appetite for *four* tax levies? w-c-p-o insiders can read why the tax increase proposal last fall -- may have hurt the chances of this year's levies. a butler county police chief says "good police work" led to a drug bust... marijuana soon to be sold on tri-state streets! streets!a drug task force found this -- four pounds of marijuana at a home on park started as a simple traffic stop...a fairfield township officer stopped a car with fake plates.police say jeffrey paynter and derek
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weather and sports are ahead, what do you guys have coming up? up? steve had a promising forecast...i'll make it even and racing are closer than you's in sports. "i deal with a lot of depression issues. that's why it's really difficult to find and maintain full employment at this point." ... surprise patrol gives a gift to a deserving woman doing her best.
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of good times and good drinks...that's getting quite a following in the tri-state. this group of bourbon lovers calls themselves the "51 percent"...named for both the world's population of women -- and the amount of corn necessary in the mix that makes bourbon.the women say they started the group to learn more about the drink -- and now a few dozen women join them at organized outings. and for the first time -- the group is allowing men to attend one event.w-c-p-o insiders can read what's next for the "51 percent". we're giving away free money *every day* -- with the nine on your side surprise patrol. some folks are getting one-hundred dollars -- others get a *five-hundred* dollar gift card.and today -- the surprise patrol went downtown to spread some cheer. julie o"whatcha got cookin.'" worker"i got mets and polish sausage and bratwursts. it's fun, it's a lot of fun, i meet a lot of interesting people, i'm normally down at the jobs and family services site." ((nats sound cooking))worker"i
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deal with a lot of depression issues so i see people for that, but so that's why it's really difficult to find and maintain full employment at this point." julie o"so are you wondering why we're asking you all about your job here today?"worker"yes."julie o"i'm with the 9 on your side surprise patrol today, abnd we'd like to surprise you with a hundred dollars."worker ((laughter)) ohhh my gah, oh, oh my god, for real? ((laughter)) you just made my whole year, oh my gosh. thank you so much."customer"can i get your autograph?"worker "hah, shut it, hahahaha" weather summary:
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mid 30s. a quick moving clipper system will pass to our south this evening but it currently looks like any of this rain/snow mix will miss the tri-state. skies will be cloudy again on wednesday along with the chance for a few flurries. temperatures top out around 380f for another below average day. but a warm up is coming! temperatures return to seasonal levels on thursday with a high of 430f
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it's been a pretty bearable winter...but it's always good to see that first sign of spring. we got a couple of them today. one from the reds who said that former reds manager lou piniella will be the grand marshall for the opening day parade. the other came from wcpo dot com's john fay who arrived at reds training camp and saw zack cozart cozartyou rememer the last time we saw cozart, he was off to a terrific start until he ripped up his knee on this play in early june. he needed reconstructive surgery six months ago..but he told john today that now he's quote..."full go."
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grounders, ran and lifted weights in goodyear today. he said...."i don't anticipate there being any problem. i feel really good..i feel strong..i feel pretty quick taking ground balls." john's full story is at wcpo dot com. john fay covers the early stages of spring training as pitchers and catchers report on thursday...he'll be joined by ken broo and keenan singleton when the full squad reports next tuesday. and if that doesn't make you feel like spring is around the corner...maybe this will. speed week is underway at the daytona international speedway...young chase elliott has claimed the pole for the 500..but now the fun begins. the college basketball season kicks back into gear tonight...both here and on the road. nku is playing at home against is home against ball state...ohio
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game with michigan. it's the xavier musketeers getting back to work wednesday night after a strong overall effort to beat butler on saturday afternoon.-now with 22 wins...and holding onto second place in the big east....the muskies have a tough test when providence is here wednesday night. xavier is home twice this week....while uc plays thursday at tulsa....and then the cats are back home saturday against u-conn. the nfl says the annual hall of fame game in canton will feature the colts against the packers. it makes sense...colts former head coach tony dungy is one of the hall of fame inductees as is former green bay quarterback brett favre. the date of the game is august seventh. and now here's julie dolan with a look ahead at what we'll have for you on nine on your side at seven. a federal grand jury has thrown the book at some of the tri-state's most dangerous criminals!how many people are now facing serious charges..
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safety. ill see you after world news tonight. "the 9 on your side surprise
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that's 9 on your side at six
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tuesday.we're always on with breaking news, weather and
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breaking news tonight. storms slamming both coasts. in the east, treacherous driving, a dangerous mix of sleet and rain. the pileups. 60 60-mile-per-hour winds. across the south, 20 reported tornadoes. the woman trapped under her home, rescued. and in the west tonight, bracing for a major system, too. also breaking tonight, the new polls coming in now. where do donald trump and hillary clinton now stand in south carolina? and former president george w. bush taking aim at trump. also developing, the supreme court. the president just moments ago,


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