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tv   Good Morning Tri- State 5 AM  ABC  February 17, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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forecast. we're on top of breaking news...southbound lanes of interstate 71 are closed right now at dana... after a wrong way driver caused a deadly three car crash.
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for hours...9 on your side's jordan burgess is live at the scene with the very latest. jordan? right now you can see police cleaning up from this crash. officers say the driver of the van was going the wrong way. she hit the car here. that driver a man was killed. the female in the van we're not sure of her condition. this is a look at the crash shortly after it happened......
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breaking in the live alert center.police are looking for dayton, ohio.'s a picture of 88- year-old lillian jones.she was last seen yesterday at 5-30 leaving her home.she is 5-6, weighs about 120 pounds ...has brown hair and brown eyes and wears glasses.she drives a 2003 silver toyota camry with the license plate d-k-53-n-p. call police. a cincinnati man is expected in court this morning after police say he led them on a
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backseat.that driver is also accused of trying to run down an officer. according to court documents, police attempted to stop 24 year old kevin choate in colerain township on tuesday, but instead he kept going and ran officer roger mitchell off the road..nearly hitting him. choate had two children in the backseat of his car. police say the suspect made his way through traffic until he stopped at bahama terrace in mount airy. court records show choate was involved in a police chase back in november. he also got a ticket in 2011 for not having a child in a booster seat. new this morning, apple says it's going to fight a judge's orderto help the fbi investigate the san bernardino terror attack that judge is ordering apple to help unlock syed farook's phone.he and his wife opened fire at a holiday party in december, killing 14-people. the two were later killed in a shoot-out with police.the f-b-i has says it's been trying to unlock the phone for
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judge's order requires apple to disable a certain feature, allowing f-b-i experts to try millions of password combinations without threatening the data. this morning swingers club is one step closer to opening its doors in west chester. a butler county judge ruled the township was "improper" in revoking the club's license. an attorney representing 'the champagne club' says the township used a delay in processing a background check to try and push out the club - leaving the owners on the hook for a 5-year lease. so far - nothing has been moved into the location off 'harwood court.' in november - residents packed a trustee meeting in support of a moratorium that's now in affect against so-called 'sexual encounter establishment s'. "our clients when they went in there were very open - they said precisely what it was they were going to do - they were assured they were in compliance - then the trustees got public pressure"
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suit regarding the zoning license that has yet to be heard by a judge. he says it will be "a while" - even if that case is won - before the club can open. voters in south carolina and nevada have just a few more days to make their decisions. decisions.the g-o-p candidates are firing at each other... with marco rubio taking on ted cruz... ted cruz taking on donald trump... and donald trump taking on everyone.he also took aim at president obama... actually *complementin g* the president for driving his numbers up. sot - president obama "i continue to believe mr. trump will not be president. and the reason is because i have a lot of faith in the american people.sot - donald trump / (r) presidential candidate "this man has done such a bad job, he has set us back so far, and for him to actually say that is a great compliment, if you want to know the truth." truth."democrats bernie sanders and hillary clinton are battling over the african american vote... with clinton meeting with civil leaders in harlem today. a new poll gives donald trump
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in their respective primaries in south carolina. the c-n-n survey gives donald trump 38 percent to ted cruz's 22 percent. hillary clinton leads bernie sanders among democrats 56 percent to 38 percent.the g-o-p primary is saturday, februry 20-th.the democratic primary is a week after that.
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new regulations for stores accepting food stamps.what the u-s-d-a is proposing...and the loophole for people actually using them. setting up inside the duke energy center.what will be rolling in today to take their
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a major shift is coming to the way people can use their food stamps in ths u-s.stores that accept food stamps might have to start stocking healthier options to stay in business. business.yesterday the u-s agriculture department proposed new rules that would require retailers to offer a wider variety of fresh, healthy food in order to continue accepting food stamps. the rules, however, don't dictate what people buy or eat. a person using food stamp dollars could still buy as much junk food as they wanted. but the u-s-d-a says fruits and veggies should at least be an option.
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are cruising inside the duke energy center ahead of the cincinnati auto expo. is move-in day. you'll be able to find more than 400 new vehicles... brought here by 35 different manufacturers.admission for adults is 11-dollars... and children ages 12 and under are free with a paying adult.the auto expo runs through the weekend. the world is about to meet one of the three lucky winners from last month's one and a half billion dollar powerball drawing. drawing.happening today... the florida winner will revealed himself... or herself.that ticket was sold at a publix grocery store in melbourne beach, florida.a tennessee couple was the first to come forward.a third winning ticket was sold in california... but that winner hasn't come forward. standing firm.president obama making an executive decision in wake of supreme justice scalia's passing. and ladies this may be the most important news you hear all day. the major shift happening right now in households across the country - and why it means more work for people like you, chris
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gmts anim"you're watching good morning tri-state at 5 on 9 on your side!" this morning... president obama is standing firm... saying he *will* name an "indisputably qualified" supreme court nominee. nominee.the tough talk comes in response to republicans' threat not to vote on a nominee to replace justice antonin scalia unless it is chosen by the next president. but he says he'll nominate one... no matter what. (president obama): "i intend to nominate somebody, to
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people, to present them to the senate. i expect them to hold hearings. i expect there to be a vote." vote."democrats are defending the president's position. hillary clinton personally fired off at least 11 tweets... supporting the president's right to nominate a justice and calling any threat -quote- "disgraceful." you may soon notice something new on ohio's state seal.a plan to add the historic wright flyer to ohio's seal has cleared a house committee. the idea has been proposed before... but it didn't get anywhere. anywhere.the wright brothers designed the flyer at their bicycle shop in dayton... but it flew for the first time at kitty hawk, north can see the real deal at the smithsonian national air and space museum in washington d-c. hollywood is going old school... at least when it comes to the academy awards. the statuettes for this year's academy awards are being created from the same mold... first used in 1929.they
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look using digital scans and 3-d printers.the 88th academy awards air live february 28th... right here on 9 on your side. let get your latest nine
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changing roles-or sharing them? the new study about laundry in american households...we want to know where you can stand on the issue-just ahead the new study and the numbers being reported. a picture of a teen is going viral this morning. morning.what his family is saying about him standing on an american flag at school. school.and what the high school student has to say to
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been called out by many. and here's what you'll see
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a phenomenon being dubbed "suds and studs."a seismic shift in household responsibilities...sending shockwaves worldwide! worldwide!we're talking about the laundry.decades ago, it was a chore primarily handled by women. women.but new research shows: 67 percent of men... ages 18 to their own laundry. that's up from 23 percent in just the past 3 years. years.the laundry industry is changing its products to appeal to guys.everything from dryer sheets like "bounce for men" buttons on washing machines to avoid "bleeding colors"...because research shows:men don't like sorting
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ohio primary is just about a month away... but you don't have to wait to cast your you can make your presidential selection today. home invader... shot and killed...what police are saying this morning about the robbery gone wrong... that left a would-be criminal dead. no snow or rain falling this no snow or rain falling this morning.i saw a dusting of snow on my way into work. work.i didn't see anything in northern kentucky...jenn ifer...what can folks expect
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in the live alert... and middletown police are looking for the man who robbed a gas station with a *butcher knife.* it happened early this morning at the speedway on roosevelt boulevard.our media partner... the journal-news reports says the man flashed the knife at a clerk...he got away with some cash... and some scratch-off lottery tickets.he was last seen speeding off in a gold town and country minivan. starting today... your vote
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march primary.absentee or early voting begins this morning.9 on your side's kristen swilley is live at the hamilton county board of elections with how you can cast your ballot. starting at 8 a.m. anyone who is registered to vote in ohio and lives in hamilton county can come to the board of elections office and cast their ballot early in the march 15th primary. and local democrats including cincinnati city councilman chris seelbach and state senator cecil thomas are celebrating starting right here at 7:45. early voting will be from 8-5 today through march 4th excluding weekends...then continues right up until election day with varying hours that can be found on the hamilton county board of elections website. that website also where you can find out if you're registered and if not you can download the form to make that happen as well as find your polling location.reporting live at the board of elections....kristen
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police say he was defending himself in his own home... and it ended with the suspect... dead on his living room floor. lockland police says the man... who's identity hasn't been released... was on his phone when he was attacked by a knife-wielding suspect at his front door.they also say it appears to be a robbery gone wrong... and a case of self defense.neighbors are describing the victim as well- known and well-liked in the community. palmore 5035 i do know that if the guy kne whim personally, this wouldn't have happened because he isn't the type of guy, you know, but he's a defender. defender.police are still looking for a gold getaway car... with as many as three people inside. just hours after that shooting... lockland police were honored for helping another community. a few years ago.. when lincoln heights dissolved its police department because of financial lockland decided to start patrolling the streets there
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representative alicia reece today presented the lockland p-d with a commendation for its extra public service. hamilton county sheriff deputies now patrol lincoln heights. its billed as a victory in getting guns off the streets.. and keeping citizens safer. this morning.. 15 men described as habitual gun offenders are in jail. federal and local officials announced yesterday the suspects all face federal gun charges. that means they will have to serve at least 80 percent of their sentences. federal and local officers started working on this when gun violence surged last year. police say one of those suspects tried to kill lockland officers matt kurtz and travis moyers. the u-s attorneys office says more indictments can be expected as the investigations continue. a local firm is cited by osha after part of a worker's finger is cut off. osha says "republic wire" didn't have all the required safety equipment... didn't have enough safety training..... and didn't report the injury to osha within 24 hours as required. part of a workers left pinky
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clamp of a machine used to weld copper cables. it's a photo that's gone viral, and is sparking outrage across the country. country.the picture shows a high school student standing on the american flag. can see here the boy in class standing on the flag holding the pole in his hand. now the student's family is speaking out, saying the boy is sorry for what he did. (woman)"after the picture was posted on social media, he messaged me right away and he told me that he was extremely sorry for what he did and that he knew that there was going to be consequences for his actions." actions."the school district is investigating the incident. it has also increased security in response to online attacks and threats made against the boy and his family. playing doctor!a teen accused of running his own medical clinic - all until *one* important patient showed up. the story is straight ahead on good morning tri-state. and your spaghetti dinner
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the f-d-a investigation you'll want to know about before you
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a real-life doogie howser is in hot water this morning... after police say he pretended to be a doctor. doctor.police say 18-year old malachi love-robinson was so successful... he actually ran his own medical clinic in west palm beach... how was he discovered?he gave a physical exam to a female undercover officer. "i'm hurt because of all of these allegations but this is not the first time i have been accused and i will pursue this." this."despite this... he's *still* claiming to be a doctor.according to love-
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specializes in *naturopathy*.. . psychology and mental health. the duchess of cambridge is taking on the world of she will be trying her hand at editing an online magazine... magazine...hello magazine dot com is employing kate middleton for the day.she tells huffington post-uk that she's excited to write her first blog post today.her article will be on talking to kids and encouraging them to share their feelings...and how that helps maintain mental well being. a best in show has been awarded in new york city. city....the german shorthaired pointer cj...) cj...)new video from the westminster dog show!and "best in show" this year... 3-year-old "c-j"... the german shorthaired pointer!the breed... known for its hunting skills.c-j beat out more than 27-hundred other dogs. and one dog was more interested in the snacks his owner was carrying than the actual competition."dario" didn't seem to concerned he is at one of the most famous dog
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in the ring trying to get treats from his handler's pocket a bobcat is being treated in port charlotte florida this morning.that's near sarasota. according to the facebook post by "big cat rescue" in tampa it took two people to capture the cat.the facebook posts said that one person netted the "cat" and then another person came in and doubled netted him. him.take a look.he's recovering from this surgery just a few hours ago.doctors say it appears he may have been shot "at".now the group is looking for donations to help treat him for those injuries.. lou pininella is headed back to the queen city in a big way.
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former reds manager lou piniella will lead the 20-16 team the opening day parade. parade.piniella is the grand marshall for the parade on april 4th. pinella was the last reds skipper to lead the team to a world series title 19-90 ...but he's probably just as well known for his theatrics ...on the field and in the clubhouse.this will mark piniella's return to the reds in more ways than one ....he was recently hired as a senior advisor to the reds baseball operations. pitchers and catchers report to spring training tomorrow... but john fay of wcpo dot com
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did reds shortstop zack cozart. he needed reconstructive knee surgery six months ago after this misstep in running to first base last june. but he tells john that he's a "full go" for spring training. he told john...."i don't anticipate there being any problem. i feel really good..i feel strong..i feel pretty quick taking ground balls." read john's full story on wcpo dot com. john fay covers the early stages of spring training ...he'll be joined by ken broo and keenan singleton when the full squad reports next tuesday. let get your latest
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1-46 shell at loveland madeira rd. in cincinnati1-49 bp on state line road in lawrenceburg 1-62 speedway monmouth street in newportfor the lowest gas prices in your part of town head to our website...wcpo dot com. new guidelines just released. what experts say now about routine checks and how it
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an important health alert if you have young children..most parents are on the lookout for autism... and may wonder if doctors should be too.. too..but this week a top advisory group issued a new guideline that essentially says there's not enough evidence to support routine screening in toddlers who appear to be healthy.the u-s preventative services task force says they looked at all the existing research before making the recommendation. a warning for anyone taking widely used drugs for gastric reflux. a new study links some of the drugs to a higher risk for dementia. dementia.the group of drugs are known as *proton pump inhibitors* or p-p-i' includes brand names such as *prevacid,* *nexium,* and *prilosec.* *prilosec.*a german study found seniors who regularily took those drugs were 44 percent more likely to end up with dementia. the big question mark in this study - is whether participants had a higher risk for dementia prior to taking the drugs. the number of hepatitis "c" cases in grant county is exploding. so now.. the county has approved a needle exchange
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the spread of the disease. hepatitis "c" is spread by people sharing dirty needles... so its another symptom of the heroin epidemic in the tri-state. from 2014 to 2015 hepatitis "c" infections increased 30 percent in grant county. williamstown has already signed-off on having the exchange. a deadly crash shuts down interstate 71.the latest from the scene and alternate routes just ahead. ad lib look from mount adams this morning.just ahead jennifer will have your
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breaking at 6 - a deadly crash overnight and police say a wrongway driver is to blame! and this could tie up your commute for hours! we're tracking every update for you! and *apple* now part of a terror investigation. what the f-b-i is demanding from the tech giant this morning. a police chase with children
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the car. what we're learning about the suspect - and what's happening in the case today! we start your good morning tri-state on this wednesday with breaking news. can see these flashing lights - that's southbound i-71 where all lanes are shut down at dana. police say a woman driving the wrong way hit another car, killing that driver. we're going to take you live to the scene for the latest in just a second - but first - your 9 first warning forecast! jennifer calls for graphic full at keyhazy conditions have developed again this morning but we shouldn't see a repeat of dense fog. temperatures drop to the mid 20s for our lows this morning with mostly cloudy skies. while we start the day with cloudy conditions, we should see a slow decrease in clouds this afternoon. while it only reduces us to mostly cloudy conditions, it does mean that we'll see a few rays of sunshine coming in between those clouds. highs are expected in the upper 30s with a few flurries today.
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seasonal levels on thursday, with highs in the low 40s. skies will be partly cloudy so we'll finally have more sunshine to enjoy during the day. winds shift to the south on friday as a warm front lifts over the region. southerly winds will push temperatures to the upper 50s that afternoon along with partly cloudy skies. there's a slight chance we could see a few isolated showers late friday night into saturday morning but it's a minor chance at best. saturday is the pick day of the next several, and you should make your outdoor plans now. highs will be near 60 degrees before dropping back to the mid 50s on sunday as another cold front approaches the area. we will see a better chance for rain on sunday which may limit your chance to get outside at times.
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