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tv   9 On Your Side News 530  ABC  February 17, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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now at 5-30...when former u-c police officer ray tensing shot sam dubois last july - he had days where he didn't have to say anything about what happened! national investigative correspondent, ross jones looks at police across the nation who have the "right to remain silent." take package-- for most of his life, mental illness was the biggest terror bobby bennett ever fought. but on a day in november , in a cul-de-sac at the end of a quiet dallas street, bennett faced terror of a different kind. don tittle: bobby, he was having a psychotic episode. bennett was screaming...armed with a small knife. when police arrived, they found bennett outside. seconds later, police say he attacked, raising the knife above his head and lunging towards the officers. (sound effects: four gunshots) one officer opened fire, hitting bennett in the stomach. he was rushed to the hospital, charged with assaulting an
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police custody for days a neighbor's surveillance camera proved he shouldn't be. it shows that bennett never approached the officers. instead, he stood still, his arms at his side...before he was shot. the officer who pulled the trigger was criminally charged. his partner, who gave a false statement, was suspended. bennett survived his injuries. don tittle attorney for bobby bennet runs = 1:05 - 1:10 you would think the police response would be, let's make sure officers are trained properly or let's look again at the policy on dealing with the mentally ill. ross jones runs = 1:12-1:20 but instead, dallas' police chief came up officers involved in shooting should be afforded 3 days before having to answer a single question. it even gave them a chance to review video of the shooting before making their statements. don tittle: you're concerned about whether they're going to be truthful, or whether they're going to and dallas is not alone. a scripps news investigation reveals that 19 of the nation's 50 largest police departments call for some kind of waiting period-either for a criminal investigationor an
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whether an officer followed policy. in most cities, the waiting period is two or three days. that's the rule in albuquerque, where 19 officers surrounded and later killed a homeless man camping in the mountains holding a knife. the officers responsible weren't interviewed until two days later. they've since been charged with murder. but in other departments, the wait can be much longer. in baltimore, where 25-year-old freddie gray died in police custody, officers there and throughout the state of maryland are afforded 10 days before having to answer a single question. none of the waiting periods apply to civilians. advocates for the police-only waiting period cite studies showing memories can improve after a night's rest. frederick frazier is vice president of the dallas police association. frederick frazier vice president, dallas police association runs = 2:27 - 2:33 we want to give him the chance to make the accurate statement, give the best information he can of exactly what happened. but plenty of memory experts say it's not that simple. dr. deryn strange john jay college of criminal justice runs = 2:38-2:42 there is some very good science,
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and using that science badly. dr. deryn strange is an associate professor at the john jay college of criminal justice. dr. deryn strange: when you're in the middle of an investigation we absolutely know that the best thing as far as memory is concerned is to get those details as soon as possible. today, it's been more than two years since bobby bennett was shot. he sued the city of dallas, settling his case for $1.6 million. while his attorney is happy bennett received justice, he says the community would be better served police were treated like everyone else. don tittle: it serves the purpose of the police. it does not serve the purpose of justice. ross jones correspondent runs: 3:22 - 3:30 last month, a legislative committee in maryland voted 10 day waiting period in half. it now moves to the state legislature. for scripps news in washington, i'm ross jones. trt: 3:33 outcue: i'm ross jones to learn more about how officers are defending this practice-and see if officers in your community are afforded
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website at wcpo dot com for investigation. new at 5-30.scary moments for a local police officer. authorities say christopher laugle pointed what appeared to be a gun at the happened outside laugle's mount healthy home on tuesday. the officer says he feared for his life.turns out it wasn't actually a gun.laugle is facing menacing charges the morning. a young man is making a generous donation and is giving away his collection of action figures. figures.9 on your side's rose- ann aragon is here with why this simple donation is much more than meets the eye! rose-ann? craig and tanya, his eyes would light up every time he talked about each of his toys. those were precious items he had been keeping his whole life. nats: (sounds of spinning) you just spin him like this ..and you click like this... for brandon wical (why-cul) these toys are his world. nats:
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a ranger.. "he's been collecting them for at least 20 years...and he knows every name of them. and when he got it." he's autistic. and took an interest in action figures. "with part of his autism he plays a lot in his imaginary world. and in his world these are his friends." this is just a portion of his colelction.he knows each one of his 200 figures. nats: he's part asteroid. you can tell by the design. see the wings? but his love for these toys-- couldn't match his love to help-"he was saying how it was time ot move on and how he wanted to make someone else very happy." "we talked about it and says some kids might need some of these action n figures." so they decided to donate them to st. joseph orphanage-- giving *most of these toys new homes- "i feel like i'm giving a part of myself."brandon wants to give the same joy he gets from playing with these to others... "i was on my way to work i was crying a little bit because he said, "mom, part of this is giving away a part of me, but it's the part of it that's making him grow as a
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mother hopes inspires others. "there's nothing different than him working differently and he's got the biggest heart a person can have." his mother couldn't be more proud. now, brandon did have *one condition-- that whoever *received those toys-- *handle them with *extra care. back to you. 9 on your side is following breaking news in cheviot.there is an officer involved shooting on harrison avenue. avenue.chopper 9 - the only helicopter getting you breaking news first is over the scene.we'll bring you new
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we are staying on top of breaking news in cheviot. cheviot.chopper 9 - the only local helicopter getting you breaking news first is over an officer involved shooting.lets
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your nine first warning forecast is coming up. don't buy that gym membership just yet!... john matarese is on your side with specific steps to avoid getting caught in a contract trap... so you don't waste your money.and (sot) "very troubling
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va." dozens of whistleblower s... claiming dangerous and unethical cutbacks compromising veterans' care.... rignt now a 9 on your side i-team investigation prompts washington lawmakers to take action... "i'm writing a letter today to the office of the inspector general."
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9 on your side is back with
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is a deadly officer involved shooting on harrison avenue. chopper 9- is the only local helicopter bringing you breaking news first.the call started as a gun run.9 on your side has a team of reporters and photographers on the ground and in the air working to bring you new developments as soon as we get them! gyms are all trying to get us to sign up this time of year. year.but consumer reporter john matarese has one tri state womans cautionary tale. first, though....why have gas prices gone up twice in just one week? john? just when we were getting used to gas prices at 1.50 a gallon ....they are now up to their highest level in a month.some viewers are sending me photos and asking why? why?gas prices across the tri state are moving back up to 1.79 this week.historically that's a bargain.but oil prices are up 10 percent in
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announce cuts in oil production.triple a says we may have bottomed out. january was gym signup month. february is when many people try to back out.that's when we discover the fine print may leave us paying....and paying. tonight a hyde park woman has a caution for everyone. emma colella wanted to take some workout she signed a deal for a boxing fitness gym called "the punch house." house.""it was kind of a new year's resolution."emma says the owner told them if she didn't like it, she could cancel after 3 months. months."and after that i could quit whenever i wanted."that's what she decided to do when the gym moved .... from norwood to north avondle. avondle."after a few months i wanted to drop the personal training."but emma soon got a "punch" of reality.the gym kept billing her credit card. card."on the 15th, he had charged me the full 128...again."so i visited the gym, where the owner told me their contracts are clear: if you want to break the contract early, you still have to pay
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owe....which is what he was billing in emmas case.sandra guile of the better business bureausays many people get trapped this way by their contract.chyronsandra guile better business bureau bureau "what is included in that memberships, how long that membership lasts, if something happens to they gym if it closes, what are the contractual agreements?"the bbb and the financial website says before you sign any service contract: --ask about penalties you may face if you cancel your membership early.--don't believe verbal promises about classes, child care, or how you can cancel anytime you want.--and pay the bill monthly by check or credit card: if you give a gym your checking account number, billing can continue long after you try to cancel.emma has a string of text messages telling her "no problem" with canceling.turns out there was a problem, a big problem. the owner of the punch house says he has been very fair, given the contract.emma though has told her credit card to stop accpeting any more charges. charges.finally its you win lib deals
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those and mopre on wcpolcom so you dont watse your money. we are continuing to watch for updates in the deadly officer involved shooting in westwood. westwood.but first, lets get to 9 first warning chief
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9 on your side is following breaking news in cheviot.there is a deadly officer involved shooting on harrison avenue. avenue.chopper 9 - the only helicopter getting you breaking news first is over the scene.we'll bring you new
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9 on your side is following breaking news in cheviot.
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officer involved shooting.dan carroll is live in chopper 9 - the only helicopter getting
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staying on top of that breaking news in cheviot.9 on your side - on the ground - with breaking developments on that officer-involved shooting. and a nine on your side i-team and scripps d-c bureau investigation is prompting action from lawmakers. lawmakers.carol williams joins us with what's happening now -- to address alleged wrongdoing at the v-a. so many of you reached out to us after our investigation -- and it caught the eye of ohio's senators as well. well.their reaction to whistleblower claims of wrongdoing -- and the letter one of them hopes will speed
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local lawmakers demanding quick action at the v-a.... after a 9 on your side iteam and scripps dc bureau investigation uncovers allegations of senator's plan to get an investigation moving. wrong way on i-71... i-71..."just finished his shift and was headed home so it's very very sad" coworkers in shock -- a tri-state man killed shortly after they say goodbye to they're coping with the tragic news.
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queen city company making an up-and-coming artist look li ke a star.go behind the scenes. nine on your side at six starts now. we start with breaking news right on the cheviot - westwood line. an officer involved shooting on harrison near urweiler.tonight -- that suspect is dead. dead.nine on your side's john genovese joins us live from


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